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Practical outline of Medical Cell Biology for Nepalese Students

No Contents period
Practical 1 Morphological Structure of Cell 3 hours
Practical 2 Micrometer of the cell 3 hours
Practical 3 Cytochemistry and Cytophysiology 3 hours
Practical 4 Cell Mitosis 3 hours

Practical outline:
Practical 1 Morphological Structure of Cell
I. Objective:
⒈The student will master the following skills:
⑴ preparation of cells for examination on the microscope
⑵ staining cells with standard stains
⑶ setting up the microscope for contrast enhancement
⒉ The student will be able to:
⑴ acquaint with the structure of light microscope
⑵ Learn proper handling and become familiar with the use of light microscopes for biological
⑶ Master the morphological structure character of cell under the light microscope.

II. Content:
⒈ The usage of optical microscope
⒉ Practise using general optical microscope and observe differient type of tissue cell.
⒊ The main practical slides are provided with:
⑴ human blood smear
⑵ toad blood smear
⑶ mouse small intestine pillar epidermal cell
⑷ skeleton muscle slide
⒋ Manipulation
Make onion epidermal cell temporarily slide
III. Homework:
⒈ Please write down the procedure of the manipulation.
⒉ Make drawing of the onion epidermal cell and label the structure.

Practical 2 Micrometer of the cell

I. Objective
Master the principle and the usage of micrometer
II. Content:
Micrometry the toad red blood cell
III. Homework:
⒈ the calibration of your ocular micrometer (10x,40x)
⒉ the radius (a and b) of the toad red blood cell and the nuclear ,use your 40x objective lens.
⒊ Calculate the volume of the cell and the nucleoplasmic ratio (NPR)

Practical 3 Cytochemistry and Cytophysiology

I. Objective
I: observe some kinds of chemical components and their distribution in cells.
II: master methyl green-pyronin staining method to show nucleic acid.

II. Content:
⒈ Observation of cellular chemistry composition by optical microscope

⑴ glycogen---animal liver smear, PAS reaction
⑵ acid protein---toad blood smear, acid fixed green staining
⑶ alkaline protein---toad blood smear, alkaline acid fixed green staining
⑷ DNA--- animal liver smear, fulgen staining
⑸ lipid---animal liver smear, Sudan Ⅲ staining
⑹ Alkaline phosphoric acid kinase---mouse kidney slide
⒉ Manipulation
Make toad blood smear, using methyl green-pyronin method to show DNA and RNA.

III. Homework:
⒈ Procedure of the manipulation.
⒉ Make drawing of the toad blood smear to show the position of the DNA and RNA.

Practical 4 Cell Mitosis

I. Objective
⒈ Be familiar with the stages of both mitosis and meiosis
⒉ Be able to identify the stages of mitosis in both animal and plant cells via the microscope
II. Content:
⒈ Observation by the microscope:
⑴ amitosis---paramecium enclosed slide
⑵ mitosis of plant cell---the slit slice of onion root tip
⑶ mitosis of animal cell---equine ascarid zygote slice
⒉ meosis---photograph of the grasshopper spermary
III. Homework:
Please make drawing of the mitosis of the onion root tip cell to show the character of the
prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase.