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Cod. 04.07.850

TECHNICAL FEATURES 78.5 x 156 x 30.5 mm. 8(3)A / 250V Commutated On base with benches +5C to +36.5C 0.2C +5C (position Off) 0C to +50C II IP30 1 year 2 x 1.5V LR06 8 per day Unitary or per blocks hour minimum 0.5C minimum Manual or automatic 1 hour till 99 days Every minute Reset Control ITCS Signal in screen

ITCS TEMPERATURE INTELLIGENT CONTROL SYSTEM The thermostat you have purchased has a Temperature Intelligent Control System, enabling to control the operation and the stoppage of the system, in the weekly program mode, in order to offer you the temperature you want, the time settled. This system acts as follows: When you operate the thermostat for the first time in your system, or when introducing a new instruction to your personal program, you will always want to have a settled temperature, at a settled time, some days settled. In order to run the program correctly, the thermostat must make a calculation to decide the advance it must perform the connection of the system, in order to have the selected temperature at the selected time, according to the instructions of the program. This way, you should make the programming without calculating the advance you must introduce the temperature changes, as the thermostat will do it for you. Next time the thermostat will follow the instructions of the program, it will directly apply the calculations made for the first time, so you will see a slight difference in the time values regarding the values introduced in the program.

Size (large x high x deep) : Contact capacity : Contact type : Assembling : Temperature range : STARTING IN 4 DIRECTIONS FOR USE Temperature diferential : Anti-icing protection : 1. Place the batteries. Working temperature : 2. Press the stop / running button (10) until the running symbol will appear . Electrical protection : 3. Press the manual / automatic button (11) until the manual symbol will appear Batteries life : on the screen . Batteries (included with the thermostat) : 4. Set the selected temperature by means of the setting temperature button Number of instructions : (18)(19). Days programming : Time programming temperature : Programming : Operation mode : Holidays function : Congratulations . You have purchased the new XELUX Full Function electronic Temperature reading : thermostat with total programming. This new electronic thermostat is designed to : Autotesting : Temperature control : Keep your house in a maximum comfort atmosphere all along the year. Batteries status : Save the maximum energy thanks to its powerful and easy programming, enabling you to select the most suitable temperature for every time of the day and for every day of the week. INSTALLATION AND ASSEMBLING

The intelligent control system runs both in winter (heating) and summer (cooling) modes. In order to cancel the calculations of the temperature intelligent control, press the reset button (17), but having in mind that the thermostat is The XELUX Full Function electronic thermostat that can be programmed must be going to be reoperated and all data will be lost. For more information concerning your XELUX Full Funtion, and concerning the most fixed at 1.5 metres approx. over the floor, far from draughts or heat sources, in order relevant features and programming instructions, please refer to the corresponding to avoid the detection of temperatures different from the real ambient temperature of page. the hall, due to its high sensibility level. The thermostat should be fixed at the wall, directly through its back side, by means of the holes in it, or assembled to an embodied electrical connection box. The assembling must be performed on a plane surface, in order to avoid deformations of the thermostat, that could seriously damage the device. TIME AND DAY SETTING The thermostat connection is done by advancing the wires through the hole in the back side, where the connection benches are located. Pressing the corresponding buttons D (14), H (15) and M (16) you will be INDEX able to adjust and modify both the time and the day and minutes of the In order to perform an accurate wiring connection, please consult the clock. These buttons must be pressed by a sharp instrument, i.e. the tip - Signals displayed and buttons connection diagram in the inner side of the thermostat. of a ball-point pen. - Technical features - Installation and assembling To change the day of the week, press button D (14). - Batteries placement and replacement To change the time, press button H (15). - Temperature Control Intelligent System To change the minutes, press button M (16). Connections : - Setting the clock - Manual operation If the buttons remain pressed during 2 or more seconds, day, time or - Holidays program minutes will faster change. - Thermostat reoperation - Factory standard program in memory - Personal program - Maintenance and cleaning - Problems and solutions - Guarantee conditions MANUAL OPERATION Pressing the manual operation button (11) the thermostat will change the operating mode from automatic into manual, and vice versa. If the thermostat is operating in the automatic mode, it will change into manual operation, showing the temperature settings in the screen, with its symbol.

SIGNALS DISPLAYED AND BUTTONS Signals displayed : 1. Programmed temperature / ambient temperature signal. 2. Programmed time / present time signal. 3. Programmed day / day of the week signal (1-7 = Monday-Sunday). 4. Batteries replacement signal. 5. On / Off thermostat signal ( / ). 6. Automatic / manual operation signal ( / ). 7. Heating / refrigeration operation signal ( / ). 8. Connected / disconnected relay contact signal within the heating / refrigeration symbol. 9. Holidays program signal. Buttons : 10. Thermostat general On / Off button. 11. Automatic / manual mode button. 12. Heating / refrigeration mode button. 13. Holidays program button. 14. Day setting button (clock). 15. Time setting button (clock). 16. Minutes setting button (clock). 17. Reset button for reoperating the thermostat. 18. Programming button to increase the temperature. 19. Programming button to decrease the temperature. 20. Programming button for setting the selected day or daysblock. 21. Programming button to increase the time. 22. Programming button to decrease the time.

Terminal n. 1 : Utility Terminal n. 2 : Optional Terminal n. C : Line

To modify this temperature, simply press the button T+ (18) or T- (19) in order to increase or to decrease the temperature, as needed. The new temperature settings will start operating after 5 seconds, and the screen will show the ambient temperature, and the manual operation blinking symbol will remain lighted. The adjusted temperature will be kept until the operation mode will be changed from manual to automatic.


To modify the temperature in manual mode, just press the increasing or decreasing buttons, and the screen will show the new adjusted For a proper placement of the batteries, remove the thermostat from the back side, in temperature, and after 5 seconds, the ambient temperature once again. order to see the batteries bearing in the inner side. Then, place the batteries in the right position, showed in the bearing, and replace the thermostat in its back side once again, until a click will be heard, confirming the right anchoring of the thermostat with its base. When replacing the batteries, there is one minute time, more or less, during which the thermostat will keep all inner data in memory, both programming and clock data. Elapsed this period, if the thermostat runs out of feeding, it will loose all the stored data.

HOLIDAYS PROGRAM The XELUX Full Function electronic thermostat that can be programmed has a key (13) to enter into its holidays program. The function of this program is to stop the thermostat during the hours or the days settled by means of the button, and the device automatically re-starts operating the following time or day, without having to modify the own program of the thermostat. Starting of the holidays program : Press for the first time the holidays key and the screen will show if there is any hour or day already introduced, or the 0h signal will appear, telling us that the holidays program is not running. The second time you will press the holidays key, the screen will show the hours (from 1 to 24) first, and the days (from 1 to 99), you want to introduce. Furthermore, the graphic signal will appear in the screen, indicating that the holidays program is operating. Cancellation : If you want to cancel the program before its end, simply press the On-Off button (10), or the Automatic-Manual button (11), and the graphic signal will disappear from the screen. It is important to remember that the holidays program will not modify any data in the memory of the thermostat, nor the personal program or the standard program. Enlargement of the holidays program : In order to modify the period of the holidays program, you should press the holidays key two times. The first time, it will show the present holidays time already introduced and the second time, it will increase this time.

STANDARD PROGRAM The thermostat contains a standard programme which comes into operation if the user desires. When you install the batteries in the thermostat for the first time it does not have the manufacturers programme in its memory. Introduction of the manufacturers programme :

If you wish to introduce the manufacturers programme into the memory of the thermostat, press the D(20) key followed by the H+(22) and H-(21) keys pressed down together for at least 15 seconds. At the end of this period PROG will appear By pressing the D key first, and the H+ and H- keys then, all the temperature changes on the screen, indicating that the manufacturers programme is in the memory. This programme can be partially or entirely modified and provides an ideal example introduced will be displayed day by day and time by time. of programming. The first time it is used this programme will not contain any calculation for Intelligent Temperature Control (ITCS). This starts working when the Cancelling the personal program : thermostat carries out the study of the installation. The personal program can be cancelled changing its instructions by the factory program ones, or reoperating the thermostat by means of the reset button. Factory standard program : Including new instructions : Days Time Temperature If you want to include an instruction between some other two, or at the end of the Monday to Friday 07:00 20C instructions given for one day, select the day when you want to include the new 08:30 18C instruction and the time and the temperature. 12:00 20C 14:00 15C As already explained in the programming features, the maximum number of 18:00 20C instructions for one day is 8. If you have already introduced 8 instructions for one day 22:30 19C and you want to include a new one at the beginning, between two other instructions 24:00 17C or at the end of the day, this new instruction will delete the last instruction given for this particular day. Saturday - Sunday 08:00 20C 10:00 19C 14:00 20C 22:30 19C 24:00 17C Cancelling the standard program :

If the first keypressed is not the D(20) key, you will not enter into the thermostat PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS programming. The thermostat doesnt start the system : After 1 minute without pressing any programming button, the thermostat will show ). automatically the present temperature and time in the screen, storing automatically 1. Check the position of the thermostat On ( 2. Check the mode of the thermostat (winter / summer). in memory, and without pressing any other button, the program made. 3. Check if the thermostat is in manual mode with a too low temperature in winter mode of too high in summer mode. 4. Check if the holidays program is running. Displaying the program introduced : 5. Check the wiring connection and the contact (On / Off) The thermostat shows a wrong temperature : 1. Check if the program is in the automatic mode. 2. Check if the thermostat is in the manual mode at a temperature not desired. The thermostat doesnt apply the temperature settings according to the program introduced : 1. Check the programming instructions. 2. If the temperature changes are previous to the program introduced, perhaps the Temperature Intelligent Control (ITCS) is acting. The screen doesnt show anything or the signals are very weak : 1. Check the status of the batteries and replace them if necessary. 2. Check the screen batteries signal.


Provided that is it used in normal conditions and installed in accordance with current regulations, the XELUX Full function. MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING ambient thermostat that you have acquired is guaranteed against all THERMOSTAT REOPERATION manufacturing faults for a period of 18 months from its date of purchase. If you want to cancel the factory program to introduce your personal program, keep pressing the D(20) key during 15 seconds, at least. After this time, the programming The XELUX Full Function electronic thermostat cleaning must be made with a damp To make use of this guarantee, in all cases the acceptance of the fault by The thermostat reoperation is made by pressing with a sharp instrument the signal will blink in screen, CLEAR, telling us that the factory program has been cloth and water, to preserve the device.Never use aggressive products as soaps, our Technical Department shall be necessary, and the thermostat must Reset (17) button : sprays or solvent agents that could damage the device, destroying the protection be returned with the required documentation duly completed for deleted and that we are ready to introduce the new program. cap of the screen and erasing the graphic signals of the buttons. approval. The reoperation of the thermostat means : The maintenance of the thermostat is accomplished by the replacement of the Our guarantee covers the replacement of the material free of charge to 1. To cancel all the data stored in memory, excepting the standard program. batteries as soon as this is shown in the screen, by means of a blinking battery signal. the purchaser in the terms of current legislation. Thus it only covers 2. To perform an autotest to verify the correct running of the thermostat. Two batteries are supplied together with the thermostat, assuring one year manufacturing faults, never defects in installation or handling 3. To perform a test of the signals in display. operation, approx., depending on the system.We suggest to use always the same independent of the first party. PERSONAL PROGRAM kind of batteries, alkaline, to reach the same life span. It is very important to notice that any change in the temperature control and all the WATTS GRC Control reserves the right to make modifications and programming made manually by you will be deleted from the memory, and the The XELUX Full Function thermostate programming is easy and clear, supported by The official guarantee will not assume any damage due or arising form the improper improvements in the products without being obligated for that reason to the graphic symbols of the programming keys, as well as for the size of the screen, maintenance or cleaning of the thermostat. data will be lost, without any chance to recover them. modify thermostats that have already been manufactured. where the changes introduced are shown. After established your program, remove

When the thermostat is reoperated, or when placing the batteries for the first time, the thermostate from the base fixed at the wall, to easily manipulate the device. the thermostat will remain in Automatic mode, and in position Off. Programming features : - 1 program in summer mode. - 1 program in winter mode. - 8 instructions per day. - Change day by day or by days blocks : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 1-5, 6-7, 1-6, 1-7 - Change time every half hour. - Change temperature every half degree.

Important This sheet must be filled in and attached to obtain the guarantee offered with the product. Date of purchase : Stamp of the establishment :

Steps for programming the XELUX Full Function : 1. To enter into the program, press the D(20) key to select the day or the days block desired for the first instruction. 2. Press the H-(22) or H+(21) keys until finding the time desired of the day already selected.

XELUX Full Function

PPL IMP 5044 v. 0804

3. Finally, press the T+(19) or T-(18) keys until finding the desired temperature, within the day and time already selected. 4. To introduce a new temperature modification at a different time, within the same day or days block, please repeat steps 2 and 3 to select the new day first and the new temperature after. 5. To introduce a new temperature change at a different time and at a different day or days block, please repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 to select the new day or days block, then the time, and finally the temperature.

Cod. 04.07.850

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