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October – The PA Jaycees ROAR!

State Core Team

Sherry Cracium Hello Pennsylvania Jaycees! The US Junior Chamber has been working with
(717) 227-0051 (H) the Junior Chamber International this year to Wow! Is it autumn already? We are heading roll out a new online awards submission
into the busy Jaycee month of October as I program. This system will be used for this
write to you this time around. year’s project and chapter notebooks. Since we
just received the information, we are playing
Chairman of the Board around with the site to see how best to pass the
Kim Melachrinos
A lot has happened since my last article and
there are plenty of exciting happenings coming information along to our chapters. Stay tuned
(717) 512-9265 (C) up between now and the end of the year. I for more information!
would like to thank the Littlestown Jaycees,
Greater Johnstown Jaycees, and the Scranton Another very important change that chapters
Jaycees for their hospitality as I visited these need to be thinking about is the IRS filing
Vice President
Mark Gibson great chapters over the past two months. Thank requirements for non profit organizations. The
(717) 880-0711 you for keeping me informed of your events so Jaycees are a tax exempt organization under
that I can visit! IRC 501(c)4. Under the old rules, those
organizations receiving less than 25,000 in
I would also like to thank all those chapters that revenues were not required to file an
Secretary information return with the IRS. That will
Holly Zulick attended the August Board of Director’s
(570) 385-4346 Meeting and allowed us to have our first true change at the end of 2007. All tax exempt business meeting of the year. It takes your organizations will need to file something with
participation to make things happen in the IRS. I have included more detail later in
Pennsylvania! the newsletter.
Deb Baber For those of you unable to attend, we had a few We are wrapping up the plans for our
(717) 624-9239
chapters attend that we have not seen for years November 2007 Pennsylvania Jaycees’ State
and they brought a motion to the table, which Convention. Please come out and support the
appointed a bingo review committee consisting candidates for 2008 office, participate in
of past members familiar with our bingo training, competitions, planning for our future,
Administrative Assistant and meet other Jaycees from all over
Tony Patte fundraiser. The committee action was approved
(570) 347-0835 by the board of directors and results were Pennsylvania. We hope to see all of you reported at a special board of director’s meeting there!
on September 9th. There were not enough
chapters in attendance to approve the PENNSYLVANIA JAYCEES…
Executive Presidential recommendations by the review committee; LET ME HEAR YOU ROAR!!
Advisor however the recommendations and opinions of
Andrew Bolin the chapters in attendance were reported to the In Jaycee Spirit,
(717) 521-1400 Sherry Cracium, 71st President executive committee. The executive committee
accepted the recommendations of the review
committee. As a result, the Pennsylvania
Jaycees will continue to operate the bingo
Newsletter Editor
Donna M. Hurd fundraiser and will implement many changes in
(717) 866-6087 hopes to make the fundraiser profitable once again.

I traveled to Nebraska 2 weeks ago to represent

Pennsylvania at the US Junior Chamber
convention. Elections were held and Denise
O’neil from Tennessee was elected the 2008
USJC President. Eight National Vice
Presidents were also elected. Dave Brooker
from Georgia is assigned to Pennsylvania and
I’m sure you will have the chance to meet him.
From the desk of JCI Senate 2000 President, Pennsylvania Jaycees
As the weather begins to turn a little crisper and
school bells toll, Jaycee chapters enter into some
of the busiest months in their calendar year.
With all of these activities, it is a great time to
activate the JCI Senators in your chapter to
provide the extra knowledge and manpower that American Cancer Society
can help to make your events as successful as
possible. Please remember to let us know when
the Senators have been of assistance and Wow, how time flies when you are having
“Returned The Favor” to you or your chapter. fun. It is hard to believe it is already
The Pennsylvania and USJCI Senates work to September. Back to school is here and
maintain a database of the assistance that soon the leaves will be falling from the trees.
senators provide to their local chapters. Please
recognize these individuals for the support that The American Cancer Society is a very
they provide by submitting their information to important organization to all of us in some
Tom Muir, PAJCI Senate Return The Favor way or another. I am sure all of us were
Chair. His contact information is: affected by cancer in one way or another,
Tom Muir perhaps a loved one or a friend. Getting
517 W. Morris Street involved in the local Relay for Life is a great
Frackville, PA 17831 way to support the American Cancer Society
(570) 874-3019 or other funds raisers are great too.
I know of at least 3 or 4 chapters that
Additionally, over the next few months, your participated in the local Relay for Life this
chapter will begin to plan for 2008 Jaycee year. past summer. Also the Myerstown Jaycees
As you plan for your Installation and Award hosted an All You Can Eat Pancake
Banquets, it is an appropriate time to think about Breakfast and all proceeds will be donated
those members who have provided exceptional to American Cancer Society.
service to you for the past several years and
consider recognizing them for all of those years Also, when your chapter does raise money
of service with a JCI Senatorship. You can get a for the American Cancer Society, get
senate application from Jaycee Liaison, Kim recognition for it by filling out a simple form
Melachrinos (, which is included in this newsletter.
PAJCI Senate President, John Robinson
( or from the In conclusion, I am asking all the chapters
Junior Chamber International Website that if you do participate in any form of
( The fundraising for the American Cancer Society
application fees are $30 to the PAJCI Senate, to please let me know. If you would like any
$75.00 to the US Junior Chamber and $300 to ideas of fundraisers, please do not hesitate
Junior Chamber International. Many chapters to ask me for some ideas. I eagerly look
conduct special fundraisers and solicitations to forward to hearing from all of you!
gather these funds. Those considering a
presentation at a December or January banquet
should plan submit the application to the In Jaycee Spirit,
Pennsylvania JCI Senate by the November State
Board Meeting. Kathy L. Main
Program Manager
The members of the Pennsylvania JCI Senate are American Cancer Society
here to help you do just that! Please let us know
how we can “Return the Favor” to the 717-451-8515
organization that has given us so much. We look
forward to hearing from you!!

John Robinson (#55768)

2007 – 2008 President, Pennsylvania JCI Senate
September 2007 Individual Awards Article

We continue to look for All Star Competitors for the November 2007 State Board Meeting. These
quarterly competitions are scheduled to take place at 8 pm on Friday evening. Competition
area options for November are as follows:

 Springboard of the Quarter (Interview/Resume Competition)

 Jaycee of the Quarter (Interview/Resume Competition)
 Rich Parks Jaycee Jeopardy (Jaycee Knowledge/Quiz)
 Robert A Standish Speak Up Novice (2 1/2 to 3 min speech for new speakers)
 Durward Howes Speak Up Regular (5 to 7 min speech)
 Master Speak Up (5 to 7 min speech for professional speakers)
 Write Up (500 word essay)
 Jaycee Debate
 Jaycee Idol (singing competition- accompaniment must be music only) – may take
place on Saturday

The topic for the November Competitions is as follows:

“It was high counsel that I once heard given to a young person: Always do what you are afraid to
do,” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

We are looking forward to the Master Speak Up competition and the debate competition that we
have heard will take place. We need competitors in other areas as well.

Year End Competitions will also take place on Saturday at November Boards. Year end
competitors are eligible to compete at Nationals. Any competitor that has won a quarterly
competition in one of the following competitions is eligible to compete in the year end

 Rick Parks Jaycee Jeopardy

 Durward Howes Speak Up Regular
 Master Speak Up
 Write Up
 Jaycee Debate

The following competitions are also available for individuals to compete in as a year end

 Brownfield/Shapiro Outstanding First Year Member (Interview/Resume Competition)

 Armbruster/McCandless Outstanding Jaycee of the Year (Interview/Resume Competition)
 Mungenast/Davis Oustanding Jaycee Family of the Year (Interview/Resume Competition)

If your chapter will have competitors, please let Beth Newill, IA Program Mgr, or
Beth Muir, Judging Coordinator, know by October 20, 2007. We will need to know by this
date in order to have the judges on Friday evening.

Contact information for Beth and Beth is as follows:

Beth Muir, Judging Coordinator

Home 570-874-3019
Cell 570-691-8069

Beth Newill, Indiv. Awards Program Mgr.
Cell 717-808-2645
September 2007 Individual Awards Article

Congratulations to all those competitors that participated in the individual awards program at the
August Board Meeting. These "All Stars" stepped outside their comfort zone to better themselves and
those around them. Our competitors included: Karen Sentz (Hanover) in Write-Up, Jayne Livergood
(Northern Schuylkill) in Write-Up, Nicole Dapp (York) in Jaycee Jeopardy, Ed Gundrum (Myerstown) in
Jaycee Jeopardy, Mark Gibson (York) in Master Speak Up, Amy L. Newton (Northern Schuylkill) in Master
Speak Up, Matt Boyer (Hanover) in Master Speak Up, Damien Heisy (Myerstown) in Debate, Sheila
Evans (Myerstown) in Debate, Krista Muir (Northern Schuylkill) in Debate, and Jerry Fessler (Myerstown)
in Jaycee Idol. Also thank you to Kai Hermansen (Past President), Fred Baber (Past Member Hanover)
and Mark Gibson (PA State VP) for helping with the Debate Competition.

Individual Award Winners in August 2007 were:

 Jaycee Jeopardy – Nicole Dapp (York)
 Write Up – Jayne Livergood (Northern Schuylkill)
 Debate - Damien Heisy & Sheila Evans (Myerstown) & Krista Muir (Northern Schuylkill)
 Jaycee Idol – Jerry Fessler (Myerstown)
 Master Speak Up – Amy L Newton – Northern Schuylkill

Winning Write Up from Jayne Livergood:

Joshua J. Marine’s quote, “Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what
makes life meaningful,” describes the Cinderella story of the 2007 PIAA Class AA girls softball state
championship team from Phillipsburg-Osceola, my high school alma mater.
This team faced challenges even before the season started. These challenges definitely made
their lives interesting, but did not dampen their spirit or their resolve to persevere. The girls faced the
possibility of losing their respected coach, James Gonder, who had a massive heart attack and nearly
died. Two young ladies faced an even greater challenge, not only losging a coach, but losing a dad.
Coach Gonder survived, but it was touch and go for a time. They also had to overcome the stigma of
being a young team comprised of only two seniors. It was said they lacked experience: it was a building
year. Next year would be their year! Would Coach Gonder’s heart attack affect his coaching skills?
These comments had to make these young ladies wonder if it was worth trying at all.
The season began, and it seemed as though all those negative comments were holding true.
The team started the season by losing three out of its first five games. However, like a rubber ball, this
team bounced back with great determination. The came together, played well, and did what needed to be
done to overcome the challenges that were set before them. After the dismal start in April, the girls rallied
to win every game for the remainder of the year.
Granted along the way, many obstacles stood in the team’s way. It was not an easy run to
achieve that all-important gold medal. Our hometown newspaper, The Center Daily Times, dubbed these
girls “Rocky with ponytails.” Comebacks became this teams’ specialty. At times it seemed as though the
challenges were too much for this group to endure, but they looked inside and found the inner strength to
go on. Whether they were throwing the tying run out at home or facing bases loaded, no out situations,
the team rose up to the challenge. It was definitely interesting to see how these young ladies remained
cool and calm during these high stress events. Major leaguers could take lessons from this group of
young, fresh-faced ladies.
Even during the championship game, the girls had challenges to face. Their opponent had only
allowed five hits or less in each game. After going down by two runs in the first inning, they, again, called
on their inner strength for support. They rallied to score 11 runs and beat the only undefeated team left in
the state. This team of young ladies realized their dream – they were state champions.
As Coach Gonder placed those gold medals around the necks of his team, one can be certain he
understood what Marine meant when he said, “Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming
them is what makes life meaningful.” His girls just lived it; they did not just dream it!
PA Jaycees November Convention
And Elections
November 2nd – 4th 2007
Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center
148 Sheraton Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17070

Room Rate $84 per night

 Be sure to tell the hotel you are with the PA Jaycees
 Make reservations directly with the hotel (717)774-2721
 Please make room reservations by October 3, 2007

Jaycee Package
 Training Sessions
 Saturday Awards Luncheon
 Saturday Night Party
 Early registration $50 if paid by October 20th 2007
 On-site registration $60
 Board of Directors Meeting, Elections, and 2008 Planning

Senators and others not of Jaycee age

 Saturday Night Party Only $12
 Join us for Saturday’s Awards Luncheon for $35
Please send registration and payment to:
Andrew Bolin
38 Ridge Avenue
Hanover, PA 17331
Checks Payable to: Pennsylvania Jaycees
Questions: Contact Andy at 717-521-1400 e-mail:

Chapter: Full Party Luncheon

Name Package Only Only

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Phone #: _________________________