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Dear Sir


Readers may have seen publicity recently concerning the issue of the name Sally Malay
Mining, and the concerns of my family which has led to pressure on the company to
change its name.

The company announced its decision to change its name to Panoramic Resources, on 30
April 2008. The circumstances which led to the name change, and the issues which
concerned my family, are outlined below, and I put these to your readers in the public

I originally wrote to the company in December 2006, expressing my family’s serious concerns at
the miner continuing to use the name of our late father.

The issue goes back some years before that, however, when family members noticed the name
of our late father at the entrance to the miners’ nickel operations near Halls Creek. Following
pressure from our family, the company changed the name of its Kimberley operations to
“Kimberley Nickel Mine”. This had been our first knowledge of the use of our late father’s name,
and we assumed that the name-change had also been carried out across its entire operations.

This wasn’t the case however. Subsequently I was made aware that the company has continued
to use the name globally, through the press, television, on the stock exchange – in short, we have
been reminded of the existence of the name every day. The name is in use, I understand, in such
diverse countries as the Eurozone, America and China. I discovered on my recent visit to Perth,
for a meeting with the company, that there is a building which also bears my late father’s name in
the Central Business District of Perth, and that the name is prominently displayed in the foyer,
and as you enter the company’s reception area.

Aboriginal people have strict protocols about using the names of deceased persons. These
continue to be observed by us today. It is customary that when a person passes away that their
name is not used. Any person who may have been given that name must use an alternative
name. To publicly use the name of the deceased, without the consent of the family concerned is,
in our eyes, to mock the deceased person and is an affront to the family.
There are severe sanctions against the continued use of the name. Both to the family of the
deceased, who are seen to be responsible for not taking steps to stop the use of the name, as
well as potentially for the persons who continue to carry the name.

I understand that there are cultural differences between European Australians and us, such that
naming practices may be condoned, and even glorified, by Europeans in remembering the lives
of non-indigenous people. But in our culture and society such practices are strictly taboo.

The company uses the name as a flagship for its highly profitable commercial operations. It is
seen by our family as associating our fathers name with a pecuniary and financial advantage to
persons not associated with the family; this is seen by other indigenous people as a slap in the
face to our family, it is humiliating to our family, and has falsely led to the belief, in some quarters
of the indigenous community, that our family is somehow profiting from the mining operations
which bear our late fathers name, which is not the case.

I advised the Managing Director of the Company, Mr Peter Harold, of the prohibition of the use of
the name, and the possible risks that may attach to the use of the name. He initially chose to
ignore the concerns of my family, however the company advised me in March of this year, and
has now made a public announcement on 30 April 2008, that it would be putting a name change
to a meeting of its shareholders on June 10 2008, to replace our late fathers name with one that
is not so offensive.

This is a decision that should have been made years ago. If accepted by the shareholders, from
June of this year, going forward, this issue will be resolved. The decision is a final
acknowledgement by the company that the unauthorised use of my fathers name was
indefensible, reprehensible, and a violation of our traditional laws and customs. In the event of the
Shareholders not accepting a name change, our family will continue its struggle.

I have advised the company that I will be seeking compensation on behalf of my father’s family
for the distress caused us by the unauthorized use of the name over the past 8 years. If we are
successful in gaining compensation, this would right the wrongs we have suffered over the past 8
years, and provide us with legitimate entitlements that would be the due of the family.

Only then would this chapter be closed forever.

Yours truly,

Elder and Linguist
06 May 2008