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CHAPTER 2 (18 th September 2011)

Through faith life is coming in us, and faith is coming into us through the word of God. Once we receive life, then we will reach to a mind make up stage. So we can say in short, faith leads to mind make up stage. We should study Jesus, 100% as a human being. Then only we also receive the faith or confidence that we can also attain what Jesus attained in His life.

Hebrews 13:12

Jesus the 100% man died for my sins, not Jesus the God. HE sanctified the people through His blood, and my name is also in that list. The people, who are the list of Jesus, will slowly start to follow him.

1. We should believe that Jesus suffered for my sins

2. Believing this we should enter into the real spiritual life.

3. Then our journey should be always with Jesus (Acts 13:13)

4. Study for Jesus.

Acts 13:48

Every person in the world cannot accept the faith in Jesus, only those who are appointed for eternal life will build their faith in Jesus. No one should try to demoralize in spiritual life; that is why word of God teaching us, the person who attained life should possess light in him.

If we look at Jesus, we can see a struggling person in Him. Jesus came to earth to fulfill the wish of God.

Mathew 16:15-17

When we come close to Jesus, God will reveal to us that who is Jesus. For that God will open our eyes to see Jesus through our spiritual eyes. When we study Jesus, then only we will be able to know about ourselves, why we are here in this earth, what is the purpose behind that, etc……

Mathew 16:18

Even we get revelation about Jesus from God, Jesus was the person who said: “I will build my church”. Jesus will start build the spiritual home (church) on person who got the real knowledge about Jesus.


Psalms 119:18

To see the wondrous things in the word of God, God will open our eyes. For that we should pray to God, we should pray like a person who really needs that.


Corinthians 4:4-6

As God open our eyes, there is black power in this world to bind our eyes to not to see the miracles in the word of God. Devil is always trying for an opportunity to make us away from presence of God. So we should do a needy prayer to God to open our eyes to see the miracles in word of God. Once our eyes are bind by devil, we will not be able to attain the glory of God in our life. For that our inner man should be renewed day by day (2 Corinthians 4:16).

We should keep our heart with all diligence (Proverbs 4:23). This is a decision making time. We should choose the way of Jesus. If you chose to remain in the world you will continue your life in darkness.

Mathew 7:14

The way to Jesus (life) is narrow. Our aim is to prepare the people to receive the duty of gospel from Jesus.




If my answer is YES, then I will go to the eternal light. In this journey with Jesus, there is no questioning in between (there is no time for questioning); only we should obey the commandments of God.

If my answer is NO, we will cast out into the lake of fire or we can say into the world of darkness.

2 Corinthians 2:19, 20

God will not say yes one time and No after that. If God says yes means that is YES only. Our words also should be yes/no only. If we said yes; we should stand for that yes, same for no also (Mathew 5:37 & James 5:12).

Mathew 17:24-27

For giving tax, even Jesus can say no to that, but He said yes for paying tax. Jesus always have a positive (or yes) attitude in all matters, which shows the real obedience in His life. Same like, when we obey only, we will able to come to the light of the God.

Luke 19:30-35

Here we can see Jesus saying 7 special teachings to His disciples.

1. Go opposite direction

2. Tied donkey

3. No one entered

4. Loose the tied donkey

5. Bring close to Jesus

6. Questioning from others

7. Jesus needs him

There are many donkeys in nearby places. But Jesus asked them go to opposite direction and brings the donkey from there. Jesus asked them to do that bcoz to see their attitude towards obedience. Jesus will always test us to see our attitude towards obedience to God. We should submit our life obedience to God, and then only God will allow us to do HIS ministry.

The donkey got the privilege bcoz, Jesus was upon him. Same way Jesus wants to use us to travel from town to town and spread the light of the world.


God revealed Jesus to the world as a guiding light (John 12:46).There are many lights available in this world, but we have to give the world a special light, which is from heaven.

Mathew 4:14, 15

Jesus was a guiding light for the world. The light came from Jesus was able to give life to a person who is even in dead stage. Any person in this world should be able to see and receive the light through us. Our aim is to bring a person to the first point (Jesus), who is now in last point of life (really struggling in his/her life). Those who have faith in Jesus should not abide in darkness (John 12:46). He should start his journey from darkness. We should go towards the great life - that is JESUS.