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The fast and simple way to ISO 9001 Certification

Why do I need ISO 9001?
The major benefit that ISO 9001 Certification brings to most businesses is a significant competitive edge over their rivals. In three simple steps ISO 9001 can be a cost-effective way for you to demonstrate to your customers that quality assurance is of paramount importance to your organisation. You will also receive a Quality Manual plus advice on obtaining maximum publicity and marketing benefits from your achievement. An annual external audit is required to maintain your ISO 9001 Certification.

Who is QMS?

What our clients say:

The method used by Q.M.S. supports what you already do in your business and takes a minimum amount of time to implement and manage. Having the accreditation will give us the opportunity to move our business to another level, both in operational efficiencies and increased sales opportunities
David Paley, Managing Director - Countersales UK Ltd.

QMS Quality Management Systems (a division of QMS International plc) is an International Organisation specialising in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Assessment and Certification. We have issued more than 15,000 Certificates in over 50 countries. We have been inspected and accredited by the International Accreditation Council. All our Assessors are experienced business people who use a practical and no-nonsense approach. Our clients come from a wide range of activities including Government Departments, Local Authorities, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Engineering, Distribution, Construction, Service Organisations, the Professions and Charities.

Why use QMS for your ISO 9001 Certification?

Our Keep it simple approach completely eliminates the jargon, red tape and petty rules often associated with ISO 9001. This means we can: Reduce the time taken to obtain Certification Cut the cost of Certification Eliminate red tape and bureaucracy Reduce management time required Reduce the cost of maintaining Certification On Certification, you will receive the following: Registration Certificate Quality Manual Artwork for Logo Publicity Advice Our unique assessment method saves you 000s and greatly reduces the time required. The fully inclusive fee shown is ONLY payable if you achieve ISO 9001 Certification. No certificate - No fee. So what have you to lose, contact us today and give yourself that competitive edge!

Our conversion rate from initial enquiry to actual contract status has increased by at least 50% since you helped us.
Geoff Howard, Partner - Security 2000DJS.

How long does it take?

Youll be surprised! It only takes 30 days. QMS has developed a unique approach to ISO 9001 Certification by effectively eliminating the need for you to employ a consultant. Our proven method combines the task of preparing the Manual and undertaking the assessment at the same time. We have developed a unique one-stop shop concept to ISO 9001.

We compared (1) period of time for certification, (2) cost, (3) disruption of our management working day, from several well known sources of BS 5750 certification. We decided that QMS offered... the right price... on the right terms. We were right and received certification and registration in 30 days.
Sam Newton, Sales and Marketing Director - Cartwright Sales Limited.

No Certificate - No Fee
Our unique Assessment method saves you 000s and greatly reduces the time required. The fully inclusive fee shown is only payable if you achieve ISO 9001 Certification

Whats involved?
Our assessor examines the activities of your business that directly affect quality. Where necessary, a programme will be developed and agreed to rectify areas of non-compliance. Because of our Keep it simple approach, the assessment normally takes between one and two days. On successful completion of the assessment, we issue an ISO 9001 Certificate and include your firm on the QMS Register of Quality Assured Businesses.

The benefits of holding ISO 9002 have become very apparent in our relationship with many of our blue chip clients. I am convinced that achieving our ISO 9002 has been one of the most positive steps this company has made in recent years.
Michael Rees, Managing Director - Drive Alive UK Limited

Our last experience with a QA Consultant (about 10 years ago) cost us 20,000, over three solid mindnumbing weeks of management time, all to produce a completely unusable door stop! QMS by contrast, gave us a refreshingly simple service that produced a QAM that actually works at a fraction of the cost.
Gerald Tobias, Group Managing Director - GTA Consulting

Annual Turnover (Per organisation) Up to 75,000 75,000 to 500,000 500,000 to 1 million 1 million to 2 million 2 million to 10 million Fee 799 999 1299 1999 1999**

Would highly recommend any business attempting accreditation to use services of QMS and will duly pass my comments to business friends etc on the commitment and assistance of QMS.
Peter McGill, Director - PTM Limited.

For a no-obligation discussion on how ISO 9001, and our service can help your business, call QMS on (01603) 630345

**Plus 125 per each additional 1 million turnover above 2 million. The annual external audit fee is either 360 or 475. Over 10 million turnover or group companies are subject to individual quotations. All fees are subject to VAT. *Fees apply to GB mainland only