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Quinox: 20/06/2007

1. Class vs Interface?
2. Abstract Class Vs Interface?
3. OOP's Concepts? What are the pillars?
4. Collection API?
5. Vector vs ArrayList? What is Synchronization?
6. Abstract class A {}
class B extends A {}
class C extends B {}
What will be the all constraints?
7. How to achieve the Thread in your program?
8. Which will you prefer among extending Thread and implementing Runnable? why?
9. Can you implement run() without using Thread ?
10. How it invoke run(0 method ?
11. Can you use run() without using start() method ?
12. Which collection is used to store the key-value pair? What about key-value pair ?
13. Describe Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism?
14. What is JVM?
15. What is Layout Manager? Explain all of the types?
16. When we use GridLayout and when we use GridBagLayout? Give such situation.
17. What are the Swings Containers?
18. What is Window container?
19. What is JTable?
20. What is JDBC?
21. What are the Steps to implement JDBC?
22. What are the types of statements? What are the differences among them?
23. What are the Connection, ResultSet, Statement either Class or Interfaces?
24. What are the types of Drivers?
25. Which one is preferred among the drivers and why?
26. class A
private void sum() {}
class B extends A
public void sum() {} or protected void sum() {}

Is it possible to override the sum () method like that?

27. What are the access specifiers in java?

28. Which collection is used for unique elements?
29. How to call run () method directly?
30. How event handling you do?
31. What are Anonymous classes?

32. How to implement event handling without implementing the Listeners ?

1. doGet () vs doPost?
2. When we should to use doGet () or doPost ()?
3. If you do not have awareness about which type of request method defined if JSP page,
Which method will you implement in your Servlets?
4. Do you will put the same code inside the both methods?

1. What is your current project does?

2. Which application servers you used? What is the version of Weblogic you used?
3. What is your role in your project?
4. What is your role in gathering client requirement?
5. What are the contents in Technical Specifications?
6. Is Test Case the part of TS?
7. What are the new functionalities added in your application on which you worked?
8. What is the front end components used in your project?
9. What are the Test Cases? What it actually contains?
10. Any question forms me?

Other Important Ask:

1. What is the Domain?

2. What do you understand by Retail Domain?
3. What is the reason behind your job change?
4. What is your expected salary? Why these much hike?