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Radha Kalyanam

Slokas from Garga Samhita

The Divine Wedding of Radha & Krishna

www.astroved.com/specials/radha-krishna/ This Vishnupati on May 15th was incredibly powerful, as it was also the day of the spiritual wedding between the Divine couple Radha and Krishna, the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu respectively. A symbolic re-enactment of the wedding of Radha and Krishna to establish a heart-to-heart connection with this Divine couple and access the power of unconditional love and bliss was performed at the Pandi Temple.

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Dear All: I have attached here a word document which includes some slokas from Garga Samhita which states that Radha is none other than Mahalakshmi and that She then expanded Herself as Rukmini and Satyabhama. (Garga Mahrishi was the official guru and priest of the Yadu clan and, according to the Srimad Bhagavatam, he was asked by baby Krishnas father Vasudeva to go to Gokula and perform the naming ceremony for baby Krishna.)

According to Gaudiya Vaishnavites, Radha was the daughter of King Vrushabhanu and also a married woman, like most of the gopis were. One explanation given is that these marriages were "child marriages" and the gopis were too young and still living with their parents when Rasa-lila was performed by Krishna, who was also a child at that time. Following is a direct quote from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radha Radhas connection to Krishna is of two types: svakiya-rasa (married relationship) and parakiya-rasa (a relationship signified with eternal mental "love"). The Gaudiya tradition focuses upon the latter parakiya-rasa as the highest form of love, wherein Radha and Krishna share thoughts even through separation. The love the gopis feel for Krishna is also described in
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this esoteric manner as the highest platform of spontaneous love of God, and is not of a sexual nature.

Proponents of the Gaudiya and Nimbarka schools of Vaishnavism give the highly esoteric nature of Radha's relationship to Krishna as the reason why her story is not mentioned in detail in any of the other Puranic texts. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radha Radhas love towards Krishna in the terrestrial or customary meaning is not just the relation between a man and woman. The feeling of this love is divine and phenomenal which gives this love a pious form. The philosophical side of this reduces the distance of the support and supportive, also the difference between the worshipper and worshipful is not there. Krishna is the life of Vraj; Radha is the soul of Krishna. That is why, it is said, Atma Tu Radhika Tasya (Radha, you are His soul). One form of Radha is, she is a devotee, worshipper of Krishna and in the second form she is the worshipful, devoted by Krishna. Aradhyate Asau itii Radha. Radha Krishnas love is the symbol of the feeling of being united. When two souls are united, the difference of the other or the second vanishes.Her father Vrsabhanu was the king of cowherds GopYadavas. Vrsabhanu was a partial incarnation of Lord Narayana while her mother Kalavati was a partial incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

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Now, pasted below are brief translations of some of the slokas from Garga Samhita (the document attached here, see below) which deal with the svakiya-rasa, favored by the Vaishnavite traditions of South India, hence the title Radha Kalyanam for this article. he f r ten ies f rd K a, the S reme ers na ity f G dhead, be ame His f r wives: , Bh, r, and Viraj. Be a se a these g ddesses have n w entered the f rm f r Rdh, the wise say that r Rdh is the riginal supreme goddess of fortune. When are the ayf king f G ka and She is r ayf m ani n. hen are the king f Vaik ha, She, the da ghter f V abhn , is G ddess ak m. hen in this w r d are Rma andra, She is Janaka's da ghter Sit. hen are rd Hari, She is Kama . hen are aj aavatra, She is r ak i , the best f wives. hen are si ha, She is Ram. hen are ara's friend rya a i, She be mes G ddess nti and follows You like a shadow.

hen are Brahman, She is rak ti. hen are ime, the wise kn w She is radhna. hen are the Mahat-tattva, from whi h the niverses have s r ted, Rdh is the ten y My, fi ed with the three modes.

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When You become the four things in the heart, She becomes the power of understanding something from a hint. When You become the universal form, which includes everything, She becomes the earth. Note: The four things in the heart are the heart, mind, intelligence, and false-ego (hrud, manas, buddhi, ahankaram). Greater than the greatest and perfect for each other, You are already a loving husband and wife. Still, following the ways of this world, I will now perform Your wedding-ceremony.

hen Brahm rose, ignited the sacred fire, and performed the Vedic wedding-ceremony of the divine couple. Brahm erf rmed the wedding- erem ny f rd Hari and r Rdhik. He had hem ir mamb ate the sa red fire and b w

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d wn bef re it, and then Brahm, the kn wer of the Vedas, recited the seven mantras. a ing r Rdhik's hand n rd Hari's hest and rd Hari's hand n r Rdhik's ba k, Brahm re ited many mantras.

Temple Priest Preforming Pooja

www.astroved.com/specials/radha-krishna/ May 15th was the day of the spiritual wedding between the Divine couple Radha and Krishna, the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu respectively. The Pandi Temple in South India is where Krishna gave the rarest of the rare 'Darshan' accompanied by Goddess Radha. Devotees, eager to have a glance at the divine couple are standing in a queue and the priest is performing the Poojas.
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hen with b th hands r Rdh a ed n rd K a's neck a lotus garland filled the the humming of bees. Then with both hands Lord Hari a ed n r Rdh's ne k a simi ar gar and. hen Brahm had Them bow down before the sacred fire. O king, then the demigods showered flowers, and the demigoddesses danced with the Vidydhars. he Gandharvas, Vidydharas, ra as, and Kinnaras sang a s i i s s ngs g rifying rd K a. gain and again the great demig ds in heaven s nded many m da gas, v s, m r s, ya is, ve s, a khas, anakas, and t akas. Calling out "Glory!" they made an auspicious sound. hen rd Hari said t Brahm, ease ask whatever y wish as dak i , Brahm re ied t rd Hari, rd, as dak i ease give me devotion for Your feet." Placing the silent divine couple on two thrones, with folded hands Brahm re ited five mantras. hen, as a father gives away his da ghter, Brahm gave away r Rdh. hen rd Hari said S be it , Brahm again and again a ed His head at the beautiful and auspicious feet of Lord Hari and r Rdhik. hen, ha y and h mb y b wing d wn, Brahm eft f r his own home. hen, in the f rest gr ves the S reme ers na ity f G dhead, rd K a, ate f r kinds f de i i s divine f ds His be ved ffered, and r Rdh hewed bete n ts K a ffered. aking His be ved's hand, rd Hari wa ked in the f rest gr ve. aking sweet y as He ga ed at the bea tif am n, V ndvana forest, and the many flowering vines, He walked.

Very sincerely V. Laxmanan October 17, 2011

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Many thanks to the original sources for the texts, photos, and pictures that have been used in this and other accompanying documents. I have done so unhesitatingly since this work has no commercial interests and is motivated entirely by desire to share this Divine Nectar with all devotees. http://connect.krishna.com/node/3584

Query on Lord Krsna & Radharani

Mon, 09/01/2008 - 16:58 Saumil_J Hare Krsna & Dandavat Pranam. Since I have always been an admirer and devotee of Lord Krsna & Radharani, I am not able to find anywhere as to why did Lord Krsna & Radharani not unite together and why was it that Lord Krsna married Rukmini. Though I have tried my best to figure out an appropriate answer, have not been able to find a relevant & convincing one. Please advise with your knowledge. Haribol Tulasi Japa beads . . . yes or no? does a temple have to be affiliated with ISKCON Tue, 09/02/2008 - 07:55 NitynandaChandra On point to note is that On point to note is that just as Krishna is the fountainhead of all incarnations so similarly Srimati Radharani is the fountainhead of all incarnations of shaktis. It is from Radha that Rukmini appears, actually Satyabhama is a direct incarnation of Radha and Rukmini is indirect.

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Garga Samhita: Canto One, Chapter Sixteen

Desc pt o of
Text 69 rasya parasypi caturdh tejaso 'bhavat l l-bh r ca viraj catasra patnya eva hi

's We g

The our potencies o ord K a the Supre e ersonality o His our wives: l Bh r and Viraj. Text 70 sa pral n ca t sarv rdhy u ja-mandire parip r ata rdh tas d hur an i a

odhead beca e

Because all these goddesses have now entered the or o r Rdh the wise say that r Rdh is the original supre e goddess o ortune. Text 23 goloka-nthas tva at va-l lo l lvat ya nija-loka-l l vai u ha-ntho 'si yad tva eva la

s tadeya

v abhnuj hi

You are the play ul ing o olo a and She is our play ul co panion. hen ou are the ing o Vai u ha She the daughter o V abhnu is oddess a . Text 24 tva r acandro jana t ajeya bh au haris tva a allayeya yaj vatro 'si yad tadeya r -da i str prati-patn - u hy
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hen in this world ou are R acandra She is Jana a's daughter Sit. hen ou are ord Hari She is Ka al. hen ou are aj a-avatra She is r a i the best of wives. Text 25 tva nrasi ho 'si ra tadeya nrya as tva ca nare a yu ta tad tv iya ntir at va s c chyeva yt ca tavnur p hen ou are N si ha She is Ra . hen ou are Nara's riend Nrya a She beco es oddess nti and ollows ou li e a shadow. Text 26 tva brah a ceya pra tis ta asth lo yade a ca vidu pradhna ahn yad tva jagad-a uro 'si rdh tadeya sa-gu ca y hen ou are Brah an She is ra ti. hen ou are Ti e the wise now She is radhna. hen ou are the Mahat-tattva, from which the universes have sprouted Rdh is the potency My illed with the three odes. Text 27 yadntart vidita caturbhis tad tv iya la a -r pa-v tti yad vir -deha-dharas tvam eva tad hila v bhuvi dhra eya When You become the four things in the heart, She becomes the power of understanding something from a hint. When You become the universal form, which includes everything, She becomes the earth. Note: The four things in the heart are the heart, mind, intelligence, and false-ego. Tue, 09/02/2008 - 08:00 NitynandaChandra i

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Inconceivably simutaneous Inconceivably simutaneous pastimes have taken place. Such as Radha's wedding to Sri Krishna in Vrindavana taken from the same chapter Text 28 y a ca gaura vidita dvidh ahas tavaiva s t puru otta otta a golo a-dh dhipati pare a part para tva ara a vraj y aha I take shelter of You, who are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, greater than the greatest, the master of Goloka-dh a and who now appear as a air and a dar splendor. Text 29 sad pa hed yo yugala-stava para golo a-dh a-pravara prayti sa ihaiva saundarya-sa ddhi-siddhayo bhavanti tasypi nisargata puna A person who regularly recites these prayers describing the divine couple will go to the transcendental abode of Goloka. Even in this world he will be endowed with handsomeness, opulence, and many perfections. Text 30 yad yuv pr ti-yutau ca dam-pat part parau tv anur pa-r pitau tathpi lo a-vyavahra-sa grahd vidhi vivhasya tu ray y aha Greater than the greatest and perfect for each other, You are already a loving husband and wife. Still, following the ways of this world, I will now perform Your wedding-ceremony. Text 31

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r -nrada uvca tad sa utthya vidhir hut ana prajvalya u e sthitayos tayo pura rute ara-grha-vidhi vidhnato vidhya dht sa avasthito 'bhavat Then Brah rose ignited the sacred ire and performed the Vedic weddingceremony of the divine couple. Text 32 sa vhay sa hari ca rdhi prada i a sapta-hira ya-retasa tata ca tau ta pra a ayya veda-vit tau p hay sa ca sapta-mantrakam Brah per or ed the wedding-ceremony o ord Hari and r Rdhi . He had The circu a bulate the sacred ire and bow down be ore it and then Brah the knower of the Vedas, recited the seven mantras. Text 33 tato harer va asi rdhi y ara ca sa sthpya hare ara puna r -rdhi y ila p ha-de a e sa sthpya antr ca vidhi prap hayan lacing r Rdhi 's hand on ord Hari's chest and ord Hari's hand on r Rdhi 's bac Brah recited any antras. Text 34 rdh arbhy pradadau ca li i jal in a-gale 'lindin hare arbhy v abhnuj gale tata ca vahni pra a ayya veda-vit Then with both hands r Rdh placed on ord K a's nec a lotus garland illed the the hu ing o bees. Then with both hands ord Hari placed on r Rdh's nec a si ilar garland. Then Brah had The bow down be ore the sacred ire.

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Text 35 sa vsay sa su-p hayo ca tau t jal auna-yutau pit aha tau p hay sa tu pa ca- antra a sa arpya rdh ca piteva anya Placing the silent divine couple on two thrones with olded hands Brah recited ive antras. Then as a ather gives away his daughter Brah gave away r Rdh. Text 36 pu pni dev vav us tad n pa vidydhar bhir nan tu sur gan gandharva-vidydhara-cra ala sa- innar a-su- a gala jagu O ing then the de igods showered lowers and the de igoddesses danced with the Vidydhar s. The andharvas Vidydharas Cra as and Kinnaras sang auspicious songs glori ying ord K a. Text 37 da ga-v - uru-ya i-ve ava a hna dundubhaya sa-tla nedur muhur deva-varair divi sthitair jayety abh n a gala- abda ucca ai gain and again the great de igods in heaven sounded any da gas v s urus ya is ve us a has ana as and tla as. Calling out lory they ade an auspicious sound. Text 38 uvca tatraiva vidhi hari svaya yathepsita tva vada vipra da i tad hari prha vidhi prabho e dehi tvad-a ghryor nija-bha ti-da i a

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When Lord Hari said to Brah lease as whatever you wish as da i Brah replied to ord Hari O ord as da i please give e devotion or Your feet." Text 39 tathstu v ya vadato vidhir hare r -rdhi y ca pada-dvaya ubha natv arbhy iras puna punar jag a geha pra ata prahar ita hen ord Hari said So be it Brah again and again placed His head at the beauti ul and auspicious eet o ord Hari and r Rdhi . Then happy and hu bly bowing down Brah le t for his own home. Text 40 tato ni u je u catur-vidhnna divya anoj a priyay pradatta jaghsa a prahasan part ena datta ra u a ca rdh Then in the orest groves the Supre e ersonality o odhead ord K a ate four inds o delicious divine oods His beloved o ered and r Rdh chewed betelnuts K a o ered. Text 41 tata are pi ara priyy harir g h tv pracacla u je jag a jalpan adhura prpa yan v ndvana r -ya un lat ca Taking His beloved's hand ord Hari wal ed in the orest grove. Ta ing sweetly as He ga ed at the beauti ul a un V ndvana orest and the any lowering vines, He walked. Tue, 09/02/2008 - 01:54 Namacarya das

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Hare Krsna. Hare Krsna. Here we are dealing with highly elevated transcendental topic. Svakiya and parakiya bhava (mood). Krsna and Radharani in Vrindavana and their expansions in Dwaraka. Srila Prabhupada writes: The parakiya-rasa of the spiritual world should not be discussed except by one who is very advanced in pure devotional service. >>> Ref. VedaBase => Madhya 13.24 ~~~ I don't dare say something but am sure that here there are advanced devotees who could tell more about this. Tue, 09/02/2008 - 08:09 NitynandaChandra So yes while both pastimes So yes while both pastimes are there we are the disciplic line of worshiping Radha and Krishna as un-wedded lovers due to the greater manifestation of Prema found in this relationship. This is a very elevated topic and I am not qualified to reveal any realizations on this matter. Hare Krishna Your humble servant, Nityananda Chandra das Radhikesh prabhu is a good scholar so perhaps he could give us a hint, whatever may be appropriate for the Krishna.com audience. Tue, 09/02/2008 - 00:52 abrennan

Here is a question looking for an answer I would say that Radha and Krishna are eternally together
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Radha is an expansion of Krishna. They are not seperate. Can anyone help us here? ________________________________________ Visit the Food Channel @ Krishna.com Mon, 09/01/2008 - 22:16 Jaaaay I won't bother trying to I won't bother trying to narrate any of Krsna and Radharani's pastimes here; instead I will point you to the Krsna book written by Srila Prabhupada. Krsna and Radha most definitely unite! In fact, I don't think there is anyone more united than RadhaKrishna. Also, just because Krsna married Rukmini does not mean that he could not spend time with any of his other wives or with the gopis. He can enjoy unlimitedly with all of his wives/girlfriends/fathers/ mothers/ friends/ servants etc. simultaneously. Would you like to find out more about Krishna and Krishna consciousness? Browse our catalog of books about Krishna published by the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust.

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