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It is a good opportunity for any aspirant who wants to enter

the corporate world to work on a project like this. The
project enables to understand the importance of recruitment
and selection in the functioning of an organization.
First of all I would like to thank Ms. Netra Motadu who
gave us this opportunity to learn the subject in a more
practical manner. I would also like to thank Col. Retd. V.K.
Sharma (Head - HR) from Genus Overseas Electronics Ltd.
and Mr. Binod Duggar from Virachi Filter Pads Pvt. Ltd.
who helped me in understanding the selection and
recruitment processes in a more practical manner.

Genus overseas Electronics Ltd., an ISO 9001:2000 Public

Ltd Company is a part of reputed 100 million USD Kailash
Group. It was founded by Mr. I.C. Agarwal in 1994. Driven
by sprit of innovation, the company is committed to make
complex technologies simple and more affordable for
consumers. Already a leading name in Hybrid microcircuits
and Electronic Energy meters in India, the company is
today gaining increasing global acceptance, as a contract
manufacturer of choice, for leading international OEM’s.
The success of Genus is a fascinating story of innovation
and path breaking product developments. Armed with
globally competitive R&D and manufacturing facilities,
Genus is a leading company offering turnkey design-to-
end-product solutions in its chosen product segments. Some
of the major clients of Genus Overseas are Reliance energy,
Ahemedabad Electricity Company, Surat Electricity
Company, Tata power, KSEB, ASEB, RSEB, MSEB,
MPSEB etc.

The total manpower strength of Genus Overseas Electronics

Limited is 850, which includes all the employees from top-
level management to the ground staff. The number of
unskilled labour force is 100 out of the 845, as the manpower
of the organization mainly constitutes of skilled engineers and
MBA’s from reputed institutes with extensive work
The employee turn over ratio was slightly high last year due
to some internal problems, but now it’s balanced. There is no
particular season for the recruitment in the organization, it is
done as and when the need arises and according to the orders
which the company gets. Recruitment planning is done by the
HR department on a regular basis, which informs about the
manpower requirement of the company.


Recruitment is basically attracting the potential candidates for

employment. The company relies on internal sources as well
external sources for recruitment.
Internal sources for recruitment include promotions and lay-
offs; transfers are not induced, as the company is still new.
But company cannot rely on internal sources all the time as
the internal sources may dry-up in the due course of time and
sometimes it also leads to inbreeding, i.e. preventing outside
blood to enter the organization. Hence the company also has
to seek the external sources also for recruitment.

External sources for recruitment are:-

Advertisements are posted in newspapers giving the job
description and the job specification; the suitable candidates
contact the company on the specified date and time.

Placement agencies and job websites:

The company has also registered it self in numerous private
and govt. employment agencies which keep a record of a
number of candidates and those who suit the requirements of
the company are directed towards the organization for further
The co. also has tie ups with many job websites like:,, etc. The co. posts
their requirements on the sites and the suitable candidates
may contact the company.

Campus recruitment:
Through this method co. comes to the campus itself of
reputed engineering colleges and business schools and selects
the candidates by interviewing them or by some written tests
followed by group discussion and personal interview. This is a
very important source of recruitment for the organization, as
the co. requires highly skilled engineers and MBA’s, which
can be directly picked from such reputed institutes.

Sometimes the co. also relies on the recommendations staff
members and recruits individuals.


Selection process of the candidates involves an extensive 4

way process which includes:

 Filling of application form

 Checking the references
 Written tests
 Interview

Firstly all the candidates are required to fill an application

form which includes basic information about the individual
e.g. name, address, age, sex, education, work experience,
interests, hobbies, references etc. It’s basically like a bio data.
Once, the application form is duly filled by all the candidates,
the candidates not suiting the requirement of the job are short
listed and those who are apt are further undergone with the
In the second stage, the references, which are given by the
candidates, are checked via telephone, mails or sometimes by
personal meetings.
In the third stage, there are certain tests, which the candidates
need to qualify. These tests include aptitude test,
specialization tests, knowledge tests, IQ test, physiological
tests etc. These tests are conducted because Genus Overseas
Ltd. generally requires highly qualified personnel suiting the
requirements of the jobs. Once the tests are conducted, those
who qualify the tests are called for personal interview.
This is the last stage for selecting the employee. It includes an
extensive interview of the candidate by a jury panel. It’s a
detailed interview considering all the aspects of the job for
which the candidate is suited. Each and every aspect of the
job is considered and discussed upon. Sometimes more
rounds of interviews also may be carried out to further short
list the candidates depending on the nature of the designation
of the job.
And finally once the interview is conducted and the
appropriate candidate is selected for the job he is sent for a 3
to 4 days induction program in which he is familiarized with
the nature of job and the functioning of the organization.

NOTE: - The selection process depends on the nature of the

job and is different for different posts.

Name of the organization : Genus Overseas Elec. Ltd.

Address : SPL-3, RIICO industrial area,

Tonk Road, Jaipur-302022

Telephone number : 0141-2770003/4/9

Web site :

Scale of Operation : Large scale

Total Capital invested : 600 crores.

Cost of capital` : 10%


In 1990 Mr. Binod Duggar started a company under the

name of Virachi paper mill to manufacture hand made
paper, so as to satisfy the demands of local consumers. In
the year 1993 it diversified to manufacture the filter papers
on a customized automatic plant. Following the great
success it was decided to manufacture Filter pads, so they
formed a company called Virachi Filter Pads Pvt. Ltd.
Virachi Filter Pads Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9002:1994 company
manufacturing filter pads and filter papers. It manufactures
42 types of filter papers and 34 types of filter pads sold in
different shapes with varying thickness and width. These
products find applications in the paint industry, distilleries
and brewers, IV fluids, gelatin industry, chemical and
pharmaceuticals etc. It has been awarded 27 awards both at
state level and national level. It has a base of over 1200
customers. There are 200 full time workers working right
now in the factory both skilled and unskilled. The
company’s turnover is around 65crs per annum, which by
sheer hard work is increasing every year. The company has
its marketing operations spread all over the country. The
brands of the company are so well established that the
company only has to create awareness of its existence and
the rest all the brand name does.


Name of the organization : Virachi Filter Pads Pvt. Ltd.

Address : C-30, Lajpat marg, C-scheme


Telephone number : 0141-5110110/5120502

Scale of Operation : Medium scale

Total Capital invested : 45 crores.

Cost of capital` : 8.8%


The total manpower composition of Virachi Filter Pads Pvt.

Ltd. is 200, which includes all the employees from top-level
management to the ground staff. The number of unskilled
labour is 142 out of 200, as the manpower of the organization
mainly constitutes of unskilled labor force indulged in
extensive production of filter pads and hand made paper.
The employee turnover ratio is very balanced and less as the
organization mainly consist of unskilled labour force who get
satisfied with their small needs and demands and thus, are
retained in the organization for a much longer tenure. The
employees are recruited as and when the need arises and
depending on the orders, when the season is low they are sent
on lay-offs also.
The skilled manpower consists of personnel employed in
various departments like Marketing, Finance, HR, and
Accounts. The company has 5 full time Accountants who
keep the books of the organization on a regular basis. It also
has Marketing head, Finance Head, HR head, with skilled
juniors working under them.


The company depends on external sources as well as on

internal sources for recruitment of individuals. As for the
unskilled labor force the co. depends on external sources only,
where as for the skilled manpower it uses both internal as well
as the external sources of recruitment.
Internal sources of recruitment are again mainly promotions,
lay-offs, transfer, etc same as Genus Overseas Electronics

Whereas, the external sources are:-

Job Contractors:
The Co. is in contact with a number of job contractors who
are further in contact with the potential labour force in
different villages specialized in manufacturing of a particular
product. These job contractors for a small margin get these
skilled labourers to the factory and the co. keeps them on a
daily wage basis.
Like other organizations Virachi Filter Pads Pvt. Ltd. also
depends on media as an external source of recruitment. They
post advertisements in various English and Hindi news papers
so as the advertisement can even reach the villages where the
actual potential labour force is, and can also reach the
specialized skilled personnel.

Factory gates:
In this process a number of unemployed unskilled labour
forces gather outside the gates of the factory who are ready to
work for minimum wage rate possible. This is also a good
source of recruitment for the company.

Job websites:
The co. has registered it self in a number of job websites,
where the individuals post their specifications and if it
matches with the job specification of the co. then they are
further invited to contact the company. Example:,, etc.

As majority of the manpower of the company consist of

unskilled labour force, the selection process is not that
stringent as of Genus Overseas Electronics Pvt. Ltd. The
unskilled labour is selected as and when the need arises and
on a checking basis. Where as, the specialized manpower of
the co. is selected on the basis of a personal interview
conducted by the panel of jury members. A detailed interview
is held in which every minute point is discussed, the
capabilities of the individuals are realized and accordingly
he’s assessed for the job.
Generally a training program is conducted for a period of 2
weeks where he trained for the job, and made familiar with
the functioning of the organization.


Recruitment and selection plays a very vital role in any

organization. It helps in selecting the potential employees
from the whole pool of candidates. It’s a very extensive
process and requires a clear set of framework to select the
employees. Recruitment and selection of employees depends
on firm to firm, some firm require highly qualified manpower
whereas some require just unskilled labour force.
From the above given information on recruitment and
selection processes of two manufacturing units, one indulged
in making inverters and micro circuits and other
manufacturing filter pads, we can see the difference in their
recruitment and selection process. Genus Overseas Ltd. is a
capital intensive company, whereas Virachi Filter pads Pvt.
Ltd. is a labour intensive company. It can be analyzed that the
ratio of skilled labour to unskilled labour in Genus Overseas
is much higher than of Virachi Filter pads, because Genus
Overseas is a capital intensive co. where highly qualified
manpower like engineers, MBA’s, technicians constitute a
major chunk of the total manpower of the company. On the
other hand as Virachi Filter pads is a labour intensive co.
where majority of the manpower constitute unskilled labour
force as they are indulged in manufacturing of handmade
paper and filter pads.
Thus, this discrimination in the manpower pattern affects the
overall selection and recruitment process. Genus Overseas
need to go for much more stringent selection processes as it
involves in selecting highly qualified engineers and
technicians who can operate their costly machinery properly
and also get high outputs for the firm. Therefore their sources
of recruitment also differ from Virachi Filter Pads Pvt. Ltd.
Where as on the other hand the selection process of Virachi
Filter pads is not that stringent as it involves selection of basic
labour force who are capable enough and have the art to
manufacture hand made paper. Their requirement of highly
skilled manpower is much less than of Genus Overseas Ltd.
as it’s a labour intensive company.

Therefore we can conclude by analyzing that the recruitment

and selection process of a manufacturing firm depends on
type of firm it is, i.e. labour intensive or capital intensive and
the kind of commodities it is manufacturing.