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Madrigal Singers
Scarsdale, New York Church of St. Pius X September 25-27, 2011

5:00PM SHOW TIME Madz enters the church through the narthex. There is a staircase from the dressing room to the narthex. Eni will cue
REPERTOIRE: PT1- Ubi/Caritas, Suscipe, DPMagnificat, Sospir, La Bomba, Clementine, Look What, I Can Tell PT2-Twa Tanbou, Oblivion, Maracatu, Koyu, Kaisa, Pangarap, Contigo, Warrior, How Beautiful, Better World

9/25 SUNDAY 11:00AM ETA at Church of St. Pius X (ETA may change but should be in church before 12noon) Madz will be dropped off at the parking lot of the church/school Madz will enter at the back door of the church/school Madz will stay in two classrooms that will serve as their dressing rooms for the rest of the day Snacks will be served 12:00PM Noon mass Madz will sing Prayer of St. Francis for Post communion meditation Host families will be hearing mass 1:00PM Mass ends Madz will be distributed to host families for lunch, siesta, and washup 2:45PM Call time at the church Upon arrival, Madz will go to the clasrooms/dressing rooms 21 chairs will be ready for setup by Madz in charge 3:00PM Rehearsals/Soundcheck Madz will do soundcheck/rehearsals program also with GP Eleria Rehearsals end at 4:00PM Madz will rest in the classrooms/dressing rooms Snacks will be served Right after rehearsals: Sir Mark, Alfred, Chi, Pearl, & Leo will attend a Social at the Rectory hosted by Father Sebastian. Due to limited space and in accordance to FDNY rules, only these five could be accommodated in the Social.

7:00PM CONCERT ENDS Madz will meet and greet as usual 7:30PM DINNER Dinner will be served by the Filipino Community of Scarsdale in the Parish Hall (basement) aka dressing room 9:00PM DINNER ENDS Madz go to their respective host families homes 9/26 MONDAY FREE DAY REST Dinner at Dr. Antonios residence- details TBA 9/27 TUESDAY Departure for Boston, MA 2:45PM CALL TIME Madz will meet at the Churchs parking lot Hosts have already served Breakfast and Lunch 3:00PM Depart Scarsdale Madz departs Scarsdale in 3 passenger vans that will be driven by Father Mark, Leo, and Eni please refer and follow the pre assigned car distribution for easier reference GOODBYE SCARSDALE ----------------------------- WHOS WHO Father Sebastian Bacatan Parish Pastor Father Mark Riomalos Assoc. Pastor Father Mike GP Eleria Music Director Lucy Brusco Parish Council President

HOSTING ASSIGNMENTS Dr. Antonios residence Chris, Pearl, Bianca, Jet Dr. Kennards residence Marvin, Tim, Sherwin De La Pena residence Kit, RJ, Mavic Amurao residence Ily, Enzo, Tomy Ferraris residence JC, Saunder, Ervin, Vell Forde residence Jacquie, Meg David residence Chi, Riva Leal residence (in Queens) Mark, Alfred VAN DISTRIBUTION Father Marks (3PAX) Ervin, Enzo, Vell Pieces of luggage: Estimated 10 and more big luggage; and trolleys; personal bags Leos (10 PAX) Mark, Alfred, Kit, Meg, Riva, Mavic, Sherwin, JC, Tim, Marvin Pieces of luggage: Estimated 10-12 big and small Enis (10 PAX) Chi, Pearl, Chris, Bianca, RJ, Jacqui, Saunder, Tomy, Ily, Jet Pieces of luggage: Estimated 10-12 big and small
NB: Your luggage doesnt have to be stored at the same place as to where you were assigned to sit. We will fit as many big luggage, trolleys, personal bags per van. Est travel time to Boston: 4 hours

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