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Course Title: Higher Nitec in Hospitality Operations Class: HA Index No: 15 Name of teacher: Mr David Chin

Report on Photography Workshop

Last year, I attended a photography workshop jointly organised by St Andrew Secondary School, and The Photographic Society of Singapore. The 3-hour workshop Foundations of Photography was held at Centre of Excellence Design, St Andrew Secondary School on the 9th of April 2010. The workshop was opened to all secondary school students. Each student has to pay $100 for the workshop fee. The workshop aims to equip participants with the photography techniques and elements required as a photographer. The workshop was conducted by the members of The Photographic Society of Singapore. The workshop consists of two parts; classroom & outdoor session. For the classroom session, instructors gave participants sufficient knowledge on the various photography terms and the working principles (shutter, aperture and ISO) of a DSLR, techniques and ways of handling the camera. At the end of the course, participants were able to handle and manipulate the function of the camera easily. For the outdoor session, the organizer held mini photo contest that let participants to actually go out and shoot images within the specified location or area. Participants will get the chance to compete against one another. Participants thematic creative instincts, as well as the ability to work under tight timeline pressures will be thoroughly tested in the mini contest. Lastly, participants will submit the captured images to a panel of judges for evaluation and critic. The workshop is a platform where photographers can network, exchange best practices and share what inspires them. For example, the workshop debrief gave me quite a good insight on photography. Other participants shared their photos on the screen, and also their thoughts, while taking the photos. It makes me aware that there are so many ways to look at things which something a photographer must have in order to have picture perfect shots that also stand out from the rest. Another plus point for the workshop is its venue. The classroom can accommodate large group of participants and support a good learning experience (for example, air conditioned, available power points and space for the use of a projector, etc). Lastly, the instructors were very professional and very well prepared. They were excellent in demonstrating insightful knowledge about photography, patient and continuously provide positive encouragement to the participants throughout the course. However, the workshop duration that comprises of 2 hours of outdoor session and 1 hour of classroom session seems short. Only of theory were covered as more time was allocated for outdoor session. Refreshments were not provided and participants ended up buying food from the school canteen. Since no shuttle bus service was provided, participants had difficulty finding their way to the school. The school is 30 minutes walk from MRT station and no direct public bus service to the school is available. For the areas of improvement, firstly, the organizer should revise on the timing. The workshop duration should be extended to 5 hours since participants have paid a lot for the workshop fees. The duration will then comprise of 3 hours of outdoor session & 2 hours of classroom session which will be enough to cover the theory part in the classroom session. Secondly, after long hours of learning, participants should be given meals and refreshments to replenish their energy .The organizer should cater meals & refreshments for participants and foods catered must be halal as some participants are Muslim. Thirdly, two-way shuttle bus service between MRT station and the school should be provided. The pick-up point for the shuttle service must be

located near to the MRT station and the bus must drop off participants at the school compound. The journey costs for the shuttle bus service should be included in the workshop fee or the shuttle bus service should be provided for free.

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