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An overviewof basic theory,
analysis procedures and actual self use instructions
Founder- and Developer of R everse S peech Technology
"Reverse Speech - The First Steps"
An audio documentary
I ncludes: study book, eight audio tapes, video tape, dictionary.
Copyright (C) 1995 by David John Oates
All rights reserved. No part of this work, audio or text, may be
reprinted or copied in any form or by any means without permission
in writing from the publisher.
Published by Reverse Speech Enterprises, I nc.,
P.O. Box 1037
Bonsall, Ca. 92003-1037
Telephone/Fax: (619) 732 3097
I nternet Web Site: http://www.reversespeech.com
E-Mail: RevSpeech@4dcomm.com
Reverse Speech
i s the term used to describe the phenomenon of
reversed messages from the unconscious mind that are automatically
i mbedded backwards into human speech. Reverse Speech is a
trademark and service mark owned by David John Oates.
Australian, David John Oates, born 1955, founded and developed the
Reverse Speech technology. I t has been his full time career since
1984. His research began investigating claims of backward messages
n rock and roll. He was the first person to document backward
phrases in human speech and has since developed technologies,
theories and procedures to locate, decode and restructure reversed
unconscious messages. David John Oates has full and sole ownership
of all rights pertaining to this technology, intellectual or otherwise.
Such rights go beyond the boundaries of copyright protection and will
be vigorously enforced.
Other works on Reverse Speech by David Oates...
Backward Masking - Reverse Speech and The Voice Of The
Inner Mind"
Paperback, Published 1987
"Reverse Speech - Hidden Messages In Human Communication"
Hardback, Published 1991
"Reverse Speech Analyst Training Manual"
Study Book and Training Tapes, Published 1992
"An Introduction to Reverse Speech"
Audio tape, Released 1994
Copycat 1995 by David J. Oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide
page 3
"This may turn out to be a discovery that could turn our knowledge
of languages, and how the mind works with language, into a world
shakerl" Journal of Aust. NLP Society (Dec '87)
"He is onto something big here - new insights into human
communication with implications for police interrogation and
psychiatric analysis. He's dubbed it Reverse Speech and suggests it
may be humankind's seventh sense."
The Adelaide Advertiser (Aust.
March 1988)
"As Oates played back some famous speeches you could hear audible
gasps of recognition in the audience."
Dallas Times Herald June '89
believe that his work is of the highest importance, breaking entirely
new ground and with significant implications for the way we
understand and utilize our human capacities for communication ...
David is single minded and relentless in his pursuit of the field he has
developed." Dr. Timothy Pascoe, PhD (Cantab.), M.B.A. (Harvard)
"This is a form of communication lying completely outside of
conscious awareness. If it is validated, as I suspect it will be after
examining the evidence thus far, this discovery may prove to be of
Nobel calibre." Dr. Larry Dossey, M.D.
"The theory reached the courts in the 1980s ... (however) neither
legal team wanted to put a guy on the stand who would say of
course Stained Class had backward messages, and so does Sesame
Street, and so did the Judge's conversation with his wife that
morning." Discover Magazine (July 1992)
Copyright 7995 by David J. Oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide
Dedicated to my Grandfather.
The late Frederick Eric Oates (1905 -1991).
A kind, generous man who left many wonderful memories.
I kept my final promise.
Copyright 1995 by David J. Oates

Important Notes
8 Introduction
Reverse Speech Study Guide

Tape One: Reverse Speech Defined

The Beginnings Of Reverse Speech
What Is Reverse Speech
Some Basic Examples
Old Explanations And Superstitions
The Theory Of Reverse Speech And Speech Complementarity
First Steps To Finding Reversals
First Training Examples
I nitial Check Points
Reversal Location Practice
The Seven Reversal Check Points

Tape Two: The Structure Of Reverse Speech

Points Of Caution
The Principle Of Complementarity .
Reverse Speech Categories
Notes On The Unconscious Mind
Some Comments On Unconscious Communication
Determining Reverse Speech Categories
The Transfer Of Unconscious Knowledge
Tape Three: Location Techniques
Sharpening Your Hearing
Reversal Practice Session
Reversal Validity Factors
Factors That Cause Speech Reversals To Occur
Tape Four: Children - Music
Point Three Of The Theory Of Reverse Speech
Reverse Language Development In Children
Twins Birthday Party
Reversals In Music
Notes On Reversals In Music
Copyright 1995 by David J. Oates

Tape Five: Reverse Speech Metaphors

An Overview
Reverse Speech Metaphors
Some Basic Points
The Prime Categories Of Reverse Speech Metaphors
The Three Main Reversal Types
Metaphors In Action
Lecture Notes
Further Examples

Tape Six: Practice Tape

Main Transcript
Reversals In Order
Reverse Speech Study Guide
Tape Seven: Sex, Clusters, Prompting
The Nature Of Sexual Reversals
Some Basic Examples
Sex And Love
Sex And Business
First Level Sexual Reversals
Reverse Speech Clusters
Determining Clusters
Prompting For Speech Reversals
Prompting Lecture Notes
Overview - How To Find And Understand Reversals
Closing Comments

Tape Eight: The New Frontier

Some Practical Applications
Practical Test
Training Programs
Reverse Speech Dictionary
I ntroduction
Main Text
Copyright 1995 by David J. Oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide
Page 7
(1) The six hour audio documentary that accompanies this manual contains vivid,
clear audible communicative signals from the unconscious mind. These signals are
in plain English. Due to the verbal nature of the unconscious mind and its apparent
and occasional tendency not to conform to our conscious code of proprietary
l anguage, certain audio examples of reversals, and the accompanying written text,
contain profanity and sexually explicit terminology. The author has chosen to
include some of these examples in this presentation so that the integrity of the
phenomenon, as it occurs in spoken language, will be maintained.
(2) The audio presentation has been compiled from the private research library of
David John Oates and contains hundreds of reversals from a variety of differing
audio sources. The audio quality on the tape series is not consistent. Audio levels
may vary significantly, as well as noise and distortion. The prime concern of this
author has been to present the Reverse Speech technology accurately, and speech
reversals as they actually occur and sound in real life. Therefore acoustical
perfection has been sacrificed in some sections so that reversal and theoretical
integrity can be maintained. [In other words, sections of the recording are not
studio perfect.)
(3) The majority of speech reversals included in this presenation are of excellent
quality. Some reversals, however (approximately 10%), are vague, sometimes
very faint, and hidden amongst audio noise and hiss. They have been included to
challenge your hearing and improve your location abilities.
(4) The detailed study of Reverse Speech, and its associated technologies, is a
complex and time consuming task. This audio documentary is offered as an initial
presentation of the technology only. While It contains basic steps for home study,
in no way is it intended to replace professional training courses (ranging 1-3 years
i n length) offered by Reverse Speech Enterprises in San Diego, California. No
guarantee of compentancy is offered with this tape series, and reverse Speech
Enterprises will not be responsible for the consequences of any counseling using
speech reversals, any publication of reversals that a reader may claim to find, or
any other work done based on information contained herein.
(5) All examples of reversed dialogue have been shown in text with bold print. The
precise section of forward dialogue where the speech reversal occurred has been
marked with brackets - [ ]. In some reversals, a single word may be imprecise.
These words are separated in the reversal with (brackets).
Copyright 1995 by David J. Oates
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Reverse Speech. The study manual
and tape series you now have in your possession has been developed after ten
years of research and practical experience with Reverse Speech. They have been
designed to be used in conjunction with each other so that the analytical aspects
of this technology may be presented in simple, easy to follow, steps.
Using actual examples of speech reversals, the tape series takes you through the
technological aspects of the phenomenon, while it begins to give you simple self
use instructions. To take full advantage of this program, I suggest that you listen
to these tapes with headphones on, in a quiet location away from all distractions
and noise, while you follow the steps detailed in the study guide. I suggest
listening to them over and over again until the sounds of Reverse Speech become
almost second nature to you.
The study guide and tapes should become your constant companion as they begin
to teach you the steps you will need to begin experimenting with the technology
yourself. However, they are a guide only. Your success in this process will depend
entirely on your desire to succeed and the amount of time you are willing to
spend. It takes many hours of study and practice to become proficient. Based on
the collective experiences of hundreds of students of Reverse Speech, you should
set yourself a minimum study program of ten hours a week listening to tapes, and
an equal amount of time preparing and studying transcripts.
You must follow the analytical steps detailed precisely. If you try to take short
cuts, or deviate from them, your final results will be inaccuarte at best. If you
spend the time suggested, you can expect to achieve a basic level of proficiency
after about three months of study.
I wish you good hunting,
Reverse Speech study Guide
Copyright 1995 by David J. Oates
Pop a
Reverse Speech Study Guide
To be used in conjunction with the eight "First Steps" audio tapes
"...the conscious mind is usually reluctant to see or admit the polarity of its own
background, although it is precisely from there that it gets its energy..."
C.G. Jung (Mvsterium Coniunctionisl
Copyright 1995 by David J. Oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide
"...if human speech is recorded and played
backwards, these unconscious signals can be
heard amongst the gibberish as quick intelligent
phrases that usually occur once every ten or
fifteen seconds... "
1) The first announcement of the discovery of Reverse Speech in November 1987
was syndicated across Australia by the National Ten network. The breakthough,
made by two South Australian researchers, David Oates and Greg Albrecht, was
dubbed as the discovery of the seventh sense.
2) David Oates, continuing alone, created a media storm and in 1988 he appeared
on many Australian talk shows. The psychotherapeutic and i nvestigative
communities picked up on Oates' work and some initial successes propelled
Reverse Speech onto the international scene.
3) He began to lecture extensively in both Australia and the United States, finally
moving to Dallas Texas in 1989 to establish a permanent research base. His work
quickly spread from there, attracting much academic and media interest, including
CNN's The Larry King Show. Well known lecturer and author, Dr. Larry Dossey
had this to say about Oates' work:
"...1 was utterly fascinated by the possibility that one could decode unconscious
messages frompeople by playing their speechin reverse ... this is possibly one of
the most important breakthroughs in human communication that has emerged in
recent years ... it certainly would be one of the most stunning pieces of evidence
for the unconscious that has ever been put on the table..."
Page 10
4) David began conducting training classes in 1990, attracting students from
across the United States. His work and teaching methods were praised by his
students, and he was encouraged to develop this audio documentary.
Copyright 1995 by David J. oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide
1) Neil Armstrong on the moon
"... thats one [small step for man]... "
Man will space walk
Note: (i) The "slip-up" in Armstrong's prepared speech.
(ii) How the reversal relates directly to the forwards.
3) Dallas Evangelist Robert Tilton
"...you make the decision [if you're going to listen] ...
I' m selling your grief
"...not to be big [but just to help and reach more] people..."
Keep on stealing it. 1 have sinned
Note: (1) The letter "k" on the beginning of the word "keep" is not precise.
(ii) Another reversal in this section says, Forgive me.
Copyright 1995 by David J. Oates
Pa g e 11
Quick intelligent phrases that occur backwards in human speech.
Another human sense, a function of the brain, like sight, sound and touch.
A covert form of human communication woven into forward speech sounds.
The unconscious mind speaking backwards.
A means to understand the psyche and access thought.
2) Ross Perot running in the 1992 Presidential elections
"...they [will make that decision]..."
This is a g a mble
"...[we'll give them every opportunity. It's the best we can do]..."
I am willing to give service. I make fire round with eagles
Note the metaphors "eagle" and "fire". Reverse Speech is rich with metaphor.
1) Up until the announcements in 1987 of the discovery of Reverse Speech,
audible backward messages were thought to only occur in musical soundtracks.
Reverse Speech Study Guide

Pass 12
2) The phenomenon was entitled Backward Masking. A general description was:
"Messages hidden in .a song that could that could only be discovered when the
sequence of music listening was reversed."
3) Some of these backward messages are placed intentionally onto the musical
soundtrack as a recording gimmick. Note the example on tape one that contains
an intentional backward message superimposed in the recording studio. Listen to
the example backwards and the hidden message can be heard.
4) Most backward messages usually appear unintentionally with no-one knowing
how they got there. The main explanations given are: (1) Coincidence; (ii)
I magination.
5) Religious fundamentalists have additionally called these backward messages
Satanic, claiming that the devil put them there.
1) Human speech has two distinctive and complementary functions
and modes. The overt mode is spoken forwards and is constructed
by conscious cognitive processes. The covert mode, spoken
simultaneously with the overt mode, is a reversal of forward
speech sounds and is constructed by automatic cognitive
2) These two modes of speech are dependent upon each other.
They form an integral part of communication. In the dynamics of
i nterpersonal communication both modes of speech in combination
communicate the total psyche of a person, conscious as well as
Forward speech is conscious and capable of manipulation.
Reverse Speech speaks the truth.
Copyright 1995 by David J. Oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide
Page 13
1) Be prepared and relaxed
Speech reversals are very quick and often hidden in the gibberish. I t takes many
hours of patient, persistent work to learn how to find them.
( 1 ) Find a quiet place away from all noise and distractions.
( ii) Place your yourself in a relaxed position.
( iii) Have your reversing machine next to you with the headphones on.
2) Be critical with your findings
Backward sounds can be elusive and illusionary. Be critical with yourself. You may
hear any of the following when tapes are played backwards:
( i) Genuine speech reversals.
( ii) Coincidental sounds.
( iii) I magined phrases.
3) Look for typical reversal characteristics
Genuine speech reversals can be recognised by certain common factors.
( i) They will frequently have a sing-song rhythmic sound.
( ii) There will often be a shift in tonality between the reversal and gibberish.
( iii) The phonetic content of the reversal will not change if the speed is varied.
4) Check the reversal for phonetic content
Whenever you find a word that you think is a reversal, recheck it several times,
asking questions from the following reversal check points:
( i) I s the syllable count correct?
( ii) Are the consonant and vowel) sounds distinct?
( iii) Are the beginnings and endings of words clear and precise?
1) Clinton Inauguration Ceremonies
"...today our nation bids a gracious goodbye (to an outgoing) administration... "
You're fired
Note: The phrase "Yeltsin" heard in this soundtrack backwards is a coincidental
sound always heard in the forward phase "administration".
Copyright 1995 by David J. Oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide
Page 14
2) David Koresh at Mount Carmel
"...saying [this and saying that about the meaning of these seals].:."
We see the meaning with my blood. The answer's
":..a lot of statements [the past couple of days]..."
We're sad. Look what's happened
Note: Another reversal occurs in this soundtrack thats says "Who shoots the
germ." It is a little unclear though. The word "people" can also be heard
backwards, but it is coincidental with the word
"people" forwards.
There is a high tendency to imagine, or "project", meaningful sounds into
gibberish following a coincidental sound.
1) Every reversal must be checked for syllable count, vowels and consonants.
. 2) Especially note the beginnings and endings of words. I s it a D? or S?
3) These points are of high importance. Always remember them.
4) Every reversal you find must be checked with these points.
5) If one of these points are not met, then the reversal is not documented.
1) The following ten reversals are played, first twice, then an audible interpretation
is given. Without following the script below, try and hear the reversal before the
prompt is given.
You pacify me
You must sin
Sad Momma
Now woman
Now I don't get the gun
Here I amwith rubbish
I will miss (the/your?) money
That's so real
You shock with fire
Cry reversals
Copyright 7995 by David J. Oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide
Page 16
The following check points have been carefully designed to increase reversal
accuracy. If you follow them carefully, you will greatly reduce the tendency for
i magaination.
Another good check is to have several independant people check
your reversals, as well as becoming thoroughly familiar with the list of coincidenal,
sounds found at the back of the Reverse Speech dictionary.
1) Is the syllable count correct?
2) Are the vowel sounds in each syllable clear and precise?
3) Are the beginnings and endings of words clearly defined
and distinguishable?
4) Are the spacings sufficient between each word so that it
i s distinguishable from other words in the reversal?
5) Is the reversed phrase distinct from the surrounding
6) Does the entire phrase have a continuous, melodious
tonal flow?
7) Does the phrase have a definite, constant beat or
Copyright 1995 by David J. Oates
Reverse Speech Study GuideP a g e 1 7
"...complementarity is the single most
important word in R everse S peech
theory .. the forward and reverse
complement or relate to each other...'
1) Spending a large amount of time listening to tapes backwards has been known
to cause some side affects. This is possibly due to an increased stimulation of
right brain activity. If youbegin to notice any of the following symptoms, take a
break for a day or two before resuming tape work. These symptoms are only
temporary and usually pass within one or two weeks.
(1) Increased dream activity, sometimes lucid dreams.
(ii) Sleep walking.
(iii) Emotional irritability.
(iv) Reversals playing over and over in your mind.
(v) Lethargy, drowsiness.
2) DO NOT listen to your own reversals or reversals on spouses for several
months. This practice has caused severe and sometimes long lasting emotional
disturbances. There is an emotional cost associated with hearing on a conscious
level what is usually only heard on an unconscious level (speech reversals). This
effect is intensely exaggerated with your own reversals.
1) Complementarity is the most important principle of Reverse Speech theory. It is
the foundation stone upon which all theoretical analysis is built.
2) Complementarity means that the forward speech and Reverse Speech relate to,
and complement, each other. I n complementary relationships ' a reversal can:
(i) Confirm what was said forwards. (C ongruent)
(ii) Deny what was said forwards. (Incongruent)
(iii) Add information to what was said forwards. ( E xpansive)
(iv) Reveal the intent of what was said forwards. (internal)
Copyrig ht 1995 by Da vid John Oa tes
Reverse Speech Study Guide Page 18
The complementary relationships of Reverse Speech can be divided into several
main categories. All reversals must be assigned a category as they are
documented. This will enable you to accurately interpret your findings.
1) Congruent reversals: The reversal communicates the same message as the
forward dialogue, thus confirming it.
"...[You are go]. All systems go..."
We're going
Note: An extra reversal can be heard in this soundtrack .that says: "What an
expensive show."
2) Mirror Image reversals: These reversals are rare. In these cases the last
words of the forward and the last words of the reverse contain exactly the same
words and are, therefore, a mirror image of each other.
"...everything is fine and [we'll see you soon]..."
We'll see yousoon
3) Expansive reversals: These reversals add additional information to what has
been spoken forward. This can be in the form of deleted facts or unspoken
"...[cos then they wouldn't] be able to deal with them..."
Remember when they're sexual
4) Contradictory reversals These reversals contradict or communicate
opposing information to what has been said forward.
"...[now you're talking],.."
He forced me on
"...II think I'll put a pat stroke] perg at the side..."
What's that? I don't want this stuff
Note: Three extra reversals can be heard in this soundtrack. They are: (1) "1 hate
this smile"; (2) "I'm not hearing you. You need it"; (3) "Near fatal someone."
5) Internal Dialogue: These reversals show internal thinking and strategies -
plans, observations, motives etc.
"...after recent [reconstructive surgery] on my scalp..."
I reverse the person's view
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide

Page 1 9
6) Se ml Formed reversals: In a small percentage of speech reversals, the last
half of the last word of a reversed sentence will disappear into, or merge with, the
gibberish. These reversals may be documented but this is the ONLY occasion that
a semi formed word is to be considered (the last half of the last word).
"...1 think, bloody hell ]you're asking me, all 1 do is play tapes backwards]... "
Look at that. (gibb) All I am Insl(de)
7) Sentence Building reversals: In these reversals the forward and reverse
dialogue combine to form a complete sentence.
"...fl think Sir Joh]... "
Must be senile
8) Trail and Lead reversals: These reversals are significant, showing the
unconscious mind thinking and planning. They will appear in conversation either
before or after a topic is discussed in forward speech. When they "lead" the
conversation, they can sometimes appear several minutes beforehand. As the
unconscious mind plans the conversation in advance, it is released as a speech
reversal. When they "trail" the conversation (the topic is continued in reverse after
the discussion has ended), it is a clue that this topic is of high importance.
"... fit was just through word of mouth]... "
I have an older sister
The unconscious mind is alive, active, highly logical and intelligent.
It is the Central Processing Unit of the psyche.
It is the primary decision maker and leads the conscious mind.
All conscious thoughts, actions, decisions and strategies, etc., will
appear in the unconscious (tracked with reversals) before
they occur or are discussed in consciousness.
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide Page 20
9) External Dialogue: We are constantly having conversations in reverse every
minute of every day. These can take the form of requests, demands, negotiations
etc. Unconscious reversed communication may explain many aspects of intuition.
( I) "How long have you been smoking?"
"Since l was 17"
". . . land you' r ear e] ?"
How old?
"1'm 47."
Note: The reversal verbalises the implied question forwards and completes the
unfinished forward sentence. ( In fact, It Is almost a Sentence Building reversal.)
(ii) "!Have you seen the letter ] ?'
I want to see that letter
"Yes ! have. Do you want to see it?"
(iii) ". . . [for malities and liter gies and chants and hymns] . . . "
Pete Marsh. He's still the, the, the, rival
"[l agr ee. l agr ee] . 1 cannot cope with that either . "
You're wrong. You're wrong
The previous sampling of reversed dialogue, 9 ( iii) , is also an example of another
category entitled: Compar ative Rever sals. Comparative reversals will discuss a
topic that has the same emotions as the forward dialogue. Even though the
forward and reversed may dicusss different topics, the emotional content of the
reverse will be the same as that of the forward. This signifies an emotional
connection ( or complementarity) between the forward and reverse - which differs
from the normal connection with the subject matter.
(iv) ". . . fit' s like that with ever ything] . "
Hear what I say
"[Since our inter est] is only in a cur iosity level. . . "
Now lets listen
"...do you r eckon that might just [be enough] . . . "
This is funny
"Who knows? 1 might have even said it [backwar d s] . . . "
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
(v) (1.) Man:
(2) Woman:
(3) Man:
( 4) Man:
(5) Woman:
(6) Man:
( 7) Man:
(8) Man:
(9) Woman:
(10) Man:
(11) Woman:
(12) Woman:
Reverse Speech Study Guide
Piss off wolf
I believe (you) can't be trusted
She don't trust this
Well why
Look and see, you make it up
Does not trust me
You lousy shit
Need a cigarette. Must have it
I' m upset
I need wisdom
I've seen wisdom
I don't believe there's much on earth
It provides an explanation for many aspects of human intuition.
Allows people to be honest in spite of themselves.
Serves as a safety valve. We cannot NOT tell the truth.
It is the ultimate Truth Detector.
1) What is the precise forward dialogue responsible for the reversal?
2) What is the sentence and -paragraph in which the reversal appears?
3) What is the emotional content of the forward dialogue and is it similar to the
emotional content of the reversed dialogue?
4) Is the reversal congruent with or contradicting the forward?
5) Is the reversal communicating extra i nformation?
6) What extra insights does the reversal give you?
Without an understanding of complementarity and categories, reversals
will be misinterpreted or appear to be meaningless.
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Page 21
It is common in Reverse Speech to see knowledge and information being
passed along with speech reversals. In other words, information of which you
have no conscious knowledge can be transferred to the unconscious mind with a
speech reversal and thus be stored for future access, or transfer.
Reporter: "...you would write your own script [like an actor would basically].."
37. It came up

"...[I've got some really clear ones]..."

Now you're 37
Note the process
Reverse Speech Study GuidePage 22
(1) Reporter sets up test with a Lead reversal.
( 2) Reporter delivers test with no reversal.
( 3) Analyst receives and confirms information with Trail reversal.
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide
"...there are no magic formulas for
learning Reverse Speech. The only tried
and proven method is to practice and
practice, spending. a t least 10 hours
every week on tapes..."
Page 13
1) Amateur radio signals have a similar "tonal signature" to those of speech
reversals. If you transcribe the soundtrack in this tape it will help to enhance your
reversal listening abilities.
2) Multi track recordings, like the one played on this tape, will help you to become
proficient with your reversing machine, as well as teach you to distinguish
between multiple sounds that may be on top of each other.
Printed below is the complete transcript for this practice session. Listen to the
tape first without reading the reversals. Each reversal is indicated on the tape with
a tone. As soon as you hear the tone, reverse the tape and note what you hear.
Notice the definite shift in tonality between the reversal and the gibberish. This is
i mportant "reversal cue" for you to remember. At the end of the forward
conversation each reversal is played individually, at three speeds, with an
explanation given for its assigned validity factor. Note the verbal comments. Their
purpose is to point out the inconsisties in each reversal. This will teach you to
become critical with your own findings.
"...1 thought he respected my work and he trusted my judgement. [After
approximately] three months of working there, he asked me to go out socially..."
Give them the stuff Validity 4
"...1 declined the invitation to go out [socially with him] and explained to hire that 1
thought it would jeopardize what at the time 1 considered to be a [very good
working relationship]. 1 had a normal social life with other men outside of the
Copyright 1995 6y David John Oates
1 feel your source loud Validity 4
This is shallow. We both know Validity 3
"...my working relationship [became even more strained] when Judge Thomas
began to use work situations [to discuss sex]. His conversations [were very
vivid] ... "
Helps no one to be naked Validity 2
Have sex with It Validity 4
They let me rave Validity 4
"...because l was extremely [uncomfortable talking about sex] with him at all, and
particularly in such a graphic way, I told him [that 1 did not want to talk about]
these subjects... "
I feel cursed. I've been careful Validity 2
(I will fuck) ..(but?).. No one can doubt It Validity 1 (Not documentable)
"...1 remember him saying that some day I would [have to tell him] the real reason
1 would not go out with him..."
My heart is black Validity 3
"...he also spoke on some occasions of the pleasures he had given .to women
[with oral sex]..."
Asshole Validity 5
"...he said that if 1 ever told anyone of his behavior it would ruin his career. This
was not an apology [nor was it an explanation]. That was his last remark about
the possibility of [our going out], or reference to his behavior..."
The shame of standard is the wound Validity 2
Why no loving Validity 3
Reverse Speech Study Guide Page 24
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Reversed phrases will not always be clear and precise. The following chart has
been prepared, therefore, to provide a standard for documentation and a way to
easily recognize the validity of a reversal. This chart is to be used in conjunction
with the Seven Reversal Check Points shown earlier in this study guide. All
reversals you find must be checked using the check points and assigned a Validity
Factor according to the following criteria.
Do not document any reversals less than validity two.
1) I can see your fondling Validity 4
4) Reversals make sense Validity 5
Reverse speech study Guide
2) Use the ambulance. She's not going to live Validity 3-4
3) I'm so full of shit Validity 3. The following reversals can also be heard:
( 1) Screwed with this girl Validity 3
( ii) You feel wet Validity 4-5
Copyright .1995 by David John Oates
Page 25
Validity Five All seven check points can be heard. The reversal Is.very clear.
"...gibberish - This is an example - gibberish..."
Validity Four One only of check points 5,6, or 7 may be imprecise.
"...gibberish - this is an exa-a-a-ample - gibberish..."
Validity Three Doubts over ONE of 1,2,3,4 and ONE of 5,6,7.
"...gibberish - This isan ex-a-a-a-ample - gibberish..."
Validity Two Doubts over TWO of 1,2,3,4 and TWO of 5,6,7.
"...gibberish " - This z inanets-a-a-a-amplegibberish...
Validity One There are doubts over most of the reversal check points.
"...gibberishThiz iss ab escampeshgibberish..."
1) Reverse Speech is a function of the right brain hemisphere. The number of
reversals that will occur in any given minute of conversation (reversal frequency)
is directly determined by the amount of right brain activity transpiring at the time.
This activity can vary from conversation to -conversation. The graph below gives
some indication of reversal frequency compared to the nature of the conversation.
Conversation Type
High Emotion
Casual, Private
Prepared, Private
Public, Spontaneous
Public, Scripted
Reverse Speech Study Guide

Page 26
1/60 1/30 1120 1/10 1/2-3
Reversal Frequency ( per second)
(i) Reversals will occur at varying rates depending on setting - see chart.
(ii) The "preparedness" of a conversation (pre-thought, repetitive
statements) can be determined by the frequency of reversals.
(iii) Not every sound backwards is a reversal.
Z) There are certain predicatable events in speech that will cause a speech
reversal to be formed. Some of them are:
(i) Dialogue Alterations
It is common for people to start a sentence, change their minds in mid sentence,
then move onto another topic. Speech reversals in these situations will usually
communicate the origonal, unspoken, topic.
"...yeah, probably [this is hitting it on the head], let's say, what I'm saying is..."
Believer who leaves you should not hate him
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide

Page 27
I I I ) Pauses, stutters
It is thought that the brain manipulates speech, using pauses, stutters any other
speech fluctuations to allow speech reversals to form.
"...1 just, er, [the other states] I lived in 1 could adjust..."
1 say its chilly
"...1 come from a, er, [mid western background] - pause - blue collar..."
1 guard my soul wind
Note the metaphor. An approximate translation is "1 guard or protect the essence
of who 1
(iii) Rapid Alterations I n Volume or Pitch
It is common to find speech reversals in soft speech, faint under the breath
comments or sentences trailing off into a whisper. Reversals can also be found in
rapid increases of volume or pitch. In fact, any area of speech that has an obvious
alteration from the normal pace of conversation is likely to contain a speech
"...that's the last place 1 go to look to [find a girl to date]... "
Had to work on the offer
"...Deep Ellum where l [hang out and stuff like that]..."
Hide your face lying down
"... C. L. You won't get it. [You might but 1 doubt W..."
Rave on John
Notes (i) The letter 'n' on "John" is very faint.
(ii) Listen to the second reversal, "Tell me what it is."
(iv) Change Of Spontaneity
A sudden change in the spontaneity of conversation is an excellent place to find
speech reversals.
"...[well ah], [let me say] that all those who said..."

I see a fella
".. ,[ah, several cups of teal..."
Used to smoke the best marijuanna.
Note: This reversal is past tense.
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
"...if Reverse Speech really is another
form of communication, at what age
do we first begin to use it...'
The process of language development in children commences backwards before
it does forwards. Children first develop Reverse Speech and as forward speech
begins these two modes gradually combine into one forming a bi-levelled
communication process.
Reverse Speech, like forward speech, is a learned process. Reverse Speech,
however, commences much earlier than forward speech.
1) Four months
"... [yerar, yerarml... "
Mummy, mummy
Note: Australian pronounciation.
Reverse speech study Guide
2) Seven months
"... [Uga, ahl... "
What's that?
Note: The reversal occurred as the twin reached for the tape recorder.
3) Twelve months
"...[Mum, Baddy lubl..."
Daddy loves Mum
4) Thirteen months
"...[Oooh. Bwup. Daddy]..."
David. Help me
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Page 18
Reverse Spssch Study Guide
5) Two years
"...[Daddy, Daddy]..."
Here Father, here Father.
"...[1 want a cuddle. 1 want a cuddle]..."
1 love you. 1 love you.
Note: Another reversal occurs on this soundtrack that says: "Loving him."
6) Three years
"...[to make you better]..."
1 hated them
Note: Categories can be clearly seen in speech reversals at this age.
7) Five years
"...Daddy is a [very important man]..."
Man with a beard
S) Eight years
"...1 [never knew that]..."
Daddy never knew
9) Reversals fromparent to child
"...[you've gotta] what you, would like to learn..."
Do you still love me
"... what you mean and [how to talk so you don't get into trouble]... "
You must admit Daddy is cross today
Page ?9
The following reversals occurred during the second birthday party of Twin girls.
The marriage of mother and father was collapsing and both parents were moving
to different cities. The twins had not been told of this event, but the speech
reversals revealed unconscious knowledge, as well as the twins working through
difficult emotions around this forthcoming event. Note how the differing needs of
the twins can be seen in reverse, with Twin One needing support, and Twin Two
trying to offer that support.
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates

I won't speak with David. (Anger? Recognition?)


Jaye will need this.


I sad.

Now help. Help me.

Step Daughter:

You're leaving. (Step daughter responds to Twin One)


Car. (I mmediate connection. We leave in the car)


Come Michael. (She calls her half brother by name for support)

Mom come. Here mom. (She calls her mother for support)

Mom. Give me some healing.


Leave me. (A strong reaction)


1 will come.

Daddy. You're not home. (Recognizing the emotional distance)


Daddy. You run. (Accusation)


He's not home.


I love.

Be home. (Command directed to Dad)


Daddy, he loves. David, he runs.


I 'll be down. (Future patterning begins)


Daddy love. Power, power.

Reverse Speech Study Guide

Page 30
1) The BBC's first radio commercial
"...put [on your earphones. Tune in your set]. Listen in at half past three... "
This is not a noose. No it's really not.
2) Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Play backward. Hear words sung.
Note: This was the first reversal I ever heard in April 1 984.
3) Revolution Nine - The Beatles
Turn me on dead man. Turn me on dead man.
Note: This reversal sparked a rumor in the late 1 960s that Beatle, Paul
McCartney, had died.
4) Help . The Beatles
Now he uses manjuanna. Madjuanna. He kissed me once.
Note: The Beatles were high on marijuanna when recording this song.
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide

Page 31
5) How Do You Sleep - John Lennon
Hey Poor Lindy. So mean. Gets him nowhere.
Note: The song forwards is a satirical dig at Paul MacCartney. 'Lindy" presumably
refers to Linda McCartney, Paul's wife.
6) 1 Don"t Know How To Love Him - Jesus Christ Superstar
He's the savior. Loves me. He's the one.
7) The Night Comes Falling - Bob Dylan
Satan. You're not the lamb that I see.
Note: The reversal refers to Dylan's christian beliefs at the time of recording.
8) Nanook Rubs It - Frank Zappa
There's no-one except the sheik that remembered we had the mumps.
9) J.E.S.U.S. - Leon Patillo
I serve you Satan. He's the Lord that 1 see. Serve you Satan. Everywhere I've
10) The Sky's The Limit - Leon Patillo
I n a li mousine. I serve for him.
11) I will Follow - U2
Jesus Christ said, mercy sinner. Man believe it. I myself still believe.
12) Night Prowler - AC/DC
His name is Satan - gibberish - Listen to me, I'm from hell. They killed (me or?
there), my illusion. I'm the Lord. I said so - gibberish - I 'm evil. I 'm the Lord
Lucifer. White owl yesterday.
Note: The phrase White Owl Yesterday is a complicated metaphor, that refers to
the mythological accounts of Satan's fall from heaven, when he was known by
the name Lucifer. He was said to be the most beautiful of all God's angels,
possessed with great knowledge - "White Owl". Yesterday is the past.
13) Popeye The Sailor Man
Afuzzy woman / Give me a fuck. Give me a fuck now
Note: Extra reversals can be heard just as the song fades out on the last track.
They are: "You hate the wee horse" & "Answer now ma'am."
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide

Page 32
14) The Flinstones
Who died today?
Note: Reversals on the chorus in the background can be heard to say: "More
sympathy, more sin."
1) Reversals in music are commonly known as
Backward Masking.
2) Reversals in music are complementary with the song.
3) L istening to reversals in music enhances your ability to
hear reversals in speech.
4) Reversals in music contain a high proportion of metaphors.
5) Reversals in music frequently contain a strong
religious theme.
6) Reversals in music may also reflect the beliefs and
opinions of the singer.
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
" . . . t h e vast majority of all speech
reversals speak in metaphors, using
pictures and stories to describe the state
of the unconscious mind. This is because,
at the base level of behavior, the
unconscious mind thinks in pictures..."
Reverse Speech Study Guide
1) When tape recordings of speech are played
(i) Imagined phrases.
(ii) Coincidental sounds.
(iii) Genuine speech reversals.
2) Some methods to test for genuine speech reversals are:
(i) Check points.
(ii) Validity factors.
(iii) Tonal shifts.
Page 33
i n reverse, three things can be
3) Reverse Speech is complementary in nature. That is: the forward speech and
reverse speech are intricately related and connected to each other. One cannot be
fully understood without the other. Complementary speech relationships can be
divided into several main categories. These include:
(i) Congruent reversals.
(ii) Contradictory reversals.
(iii) Expansive reversals.
(iv) Internal Dialogue.
(v) External Dialogue.
NO Comparative reversals (emotional relationship).
(vii) Mirror Image reversals.
(viii) Sentence building reversals.
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide
4) There are several common areas in forward speech where speech reversals can
occur. These include:
(i) Pauses.
(ii) Stutters.
till) Dialogue alterations.
(iv) Sighs and laughter.
(v) Emotional conversation.
(vi) Slips of the tongue.
5) Reverse Speech is a learned process, appearing in children well before forward
speech begins.
Reverse Speech uses a high proportion of metaphoric or pictorial language. On
average, 70% of all speech reversals will contain some form of metaphor. Some
examples are:
(i) "...[we could talk about Miko but that would be
Lassie friend, walking out of the door
(ii) "... [soft mutters]..."
I miss my little pony, my little pony, little pony
1) A metaphor is a picture that is used to describe a thousand words.
2) Reverse Speech metaphors are single words, or short statements, that
communicate a complex message by using or accessing pictures within the
unconscious mind.
3) Reverse Speech metaphors are a direct communication from the unconscious
4) Unlike the conscious mind, which primarily communicates and thinks in
l anguage, the unconscious. mind primarily thinks, operates and communicates with
Copyright 1995 by David Join Oates
Page 3<
Reverse Speech Study Guide
5) Reverse Speech metaphors are similar to the images of dreams which are also a
reflection of the "thoughts" of the unconscious mind.
6) Reverse Speech metaphors are verbal descriptions of pictures that are currently
being viewed on an unconscious level.
7) The metaphoric content of Reverse Speech will increase as the conversation
becomes more emotionally charged.
8) Reverse Speech metaphors are like a mirror that describe in pictures the inner
workings of the unconscious mind.
9) To understand the metaphors of Reverse Speech is to begin to understand the
secrets of human behavior and personality.
1) Structural Metaphors - Third Level Speech Reversals
Those metaphors that describe the mental functions that cause behavior.
2) Operational Metaphors - Second Level Speech Reversals
Those metaphors that describe emotional states - or the effects of behavior - how
personality affects and interacts with the environment.
3) Examples
( 1) That man is a salesman. He makes money
Structure Operation
(ii) That man is a clutz. He breaks things.
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Page 35
Structure Operation
(iii) Ride the Hawk
Operation Structure
(iv) Serve the woman
Operation Structure
(v) Kill the serpent
Operation Structure
(i) First level speech reversals. These reversals use plain english
and communciate conscious thoughts.
(ii) Second level speech reversals, also known as Operational
metaphors. These reversals describe how behavior is played out.
(iii) Third level speech . reversals, also known as Structural
metaphors. These reversals describe the parts, or structures, of the
mind that cause specific behavior.
Reverse Speech Study Guide

Page 36
1) "... (1 blew it this weekend]..."
I'll make you sin
"... will cause me to be able to [release that weight]..."
Feel I seal you
2) "...[the ups and downs through the seasons]..."
This is mind rape
3) "...(that's his biggest joy. He has] to be destroying someone..."
Satan. I always see his system
"...[he spends his time killing] small creatures..."
Lick Master's lips
4) "...[Cos he's scared death] to take it..."
Fed thegreat Caesar
5) "...[just implement the programthat I've got] in my mind.."
I've got a new wolf within me
6) "...as l make me happy, [that love can overflow]..."
Wolf would want a full life
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
1) Structural metaphors use primarily nouns.
2) Structural metaphors indicate the cause of behavior.
Operational metaphors describe how behavior happens.
4) Structural metaphors occur in the deepest part of the mind.
5) Reverse Speech metaphors are universal in their meaning.
6) Structural metaphors remain relatively constant in each person,
7) Operational metaphors alter from situation to situation.
Unique combinations of structural metaphors create personality.
Reverse Speech Study Guide
1) Serve youth 1 guess: Serve - to help.
2) Smite on the sun: Sun - Energy source.
3) Feel the darling goddess: Goddess - the ability to see possibilities.
4) See the wolf fallen In the lake: Wolf -
Hunter and Protector of the psyche.
5) (You'll or? He'll) erase the sin:
Erase - to remove; Sin - to fall short of a goal.
6) War within: War - turmoil, conflict.
7) Your man reveal the source: Source - strength gained from others.
8) I don't serve money:
Money - personal emotional resources.
9) Make sweat. Forgetting I n the surf: Sweat - sexual attraction; Surf - life.
10) Thou would fear not: Thou - strong emphasis.
11) Ask within a friend, your wolf: Wolf - see above.
12) I love sourcing with you: Source - see above.
13) Feel some coal. Coal will get knowing: Coal - latent talents?
14) They will serve. Roll down your surf: Serve/Surf - see above.
15) Let me get the Rocelin: Rocelin - a destructive, draining personality.
16) Get married demon: Demon - mischevious nature.
17) The war was wet: Wet - sexually stimulated.
18) Make love with me: Make love - connect, interact.
19) Poor little face: Face - the center of being.
20) Let's see it, shit: Shit - negative sexual energy.
21) You feed wisdom: Wisdom - knowledge from the deep self.
Copyright 1995 by DavidJohn Oates
Page 37
"... with Reverse Speech, not only are
truth and hidden motives revealed,
but also the truth behind the truth,
the motive behind the motive, and
even the parts of us which causes it
all to happen..."
One reversal every 8-9 seconds
Reve se Speech Study Guide
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Page 38
Woman One:
"Excuse me, I didn't, I didn't..."
Man Three: "This is an open forum isn't it?"
"That's my biggest fear. I'm scared this is going to become another
one of
the new age, you beaut, little therapy tools. I'm
trying very hard not to let it go
that way."
("New beaut" is Aussie slang meaning "great" or "wonderful".)
Lord give birth. Woman, baby. Validity 3-4. Internal dialogue. Commences theme
of birth in this tape. Complementarity suggests that this birth relates to Reverse
Man One: "if
we get it to the level of, OK, [what I've been doing is
reading a lot
how the idea of the unconscious mind came about, cos it was real difficult
and [there were a lot of different things that went on] back in the 16006 [and
1700s and 18006] to finally bring it up to Freud's level. That is what I am looking
at towards the way Reverse Speech is going, so, um, if it's [approached and
delivered in that] manner then I think it has a better chance of acceptance."
Why? Then 1 will run your zoo in the groun(d). Validity 2. Expansive, semi-formed.
Shows reason for research. Control with disastrous end results.
I know the sniff will feed our woman. Validity 2-3. Internal dialogue. Shows
personal needs - the nourishment of creativity.
Still I need answer and I need lessons. Validity 2-3. Internal dialogue. He is on a
learning path.
Handing a bill with it. Validity 3. Internal dialogue. His involvement comes with
emotional baggage.
David: " Well, that's how I'm trying to approach it."
Man One: "As long as it stays that way."
David: "it will!"
Woman One: "Did Freud have trouble getting his ideas accepted, [does anyone
Wine now with us. Validity 4-5. Internal dialogue. Noting the creative and positive
nature of the conversation.
Man One: "Freud? Yeah, there were a lot of people that didn't, and still don't."
David: "Oh yeah, I'm not out of, !'m no different [than anyone else who's ever
come up] with some crazy bizzare idea. [it follows the same history]."
Now back to business. Soaring the wind. Validity 2-3. Internal dialogue.
Continuing theme, following intuition.
You sing Isis, the love. Validity 3. Internal dialogue. Intensely involved with
creative side, bringing Reverse Speech to life with a strong protection and
Man Three: "It's not about the quality of [idea, it's about the way] people respond
or chose not to respond to things."
Your purpose, Dave. Validity 4. External dialogue. Responds to, and remains in
rapport with, the previous reversals.
David: "l use the example of Einstein [all the time]. He flunked high school, wrote
his [theory of relativity out when he was 25] years of age and people didn't even
start listening to him until he was 40."
I feel honorable. Validity 3-4. Expansive. A personal identification with Einstein.
1 feel lost in my uterus worries. Validity 3-4. Expansive. Comparison of creative
energies, overwhelmed with the task.
Man Three: "Thomas Edison was considered retarded]. The word was, addled
was the word that they used. And he was partially deaf, or mostly deaf in one
ear. He did OK [for a white guy]."
You lost your verse, Nixon. Validity 3, External dialogue. Keeping David on track.
Hide our wolf. Validity 4. Lead reversal. Internal dialogue. Feeling weak.
Man Two: " Well, it induces a stress response in people in terms of fight or flight
Woman Two: "Oh yeah. 1 asked my daughter to do a recording and she said 1
don't know Mom, I don't know. 1 don't think I want to do that. "
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide
Man One: "I had one [ask me today], she said will you tell me the truth, and 1
want the truth, land I said, well hey] you know if someone tells you they're telling
you [the truth, you probably] don't want to believe them. And she said [I want
you] to tell me if you've ever recorded any of our conversations. 1 said no,
absolutely not, and you hear this, [sigh]."
This is shedding inside. Validity 3. Expansive. The next four reversals refer to
feelings towards the woman being discussed forward.
Honey you hold this sign. Validity 2. Expansive.
Love refused me. Validity 3. Expansive.
Be no Isis. Validity 3. Internal dialogue.
Woman Two: "People are afraid of the truth."
Man Two: "[lt's a stress inducer]. "
You're seeing the sexist. Validity 2-3. Internal dialogue.
Page 40
Woman One: "Well, [they're afraid there's something they might not be able to
face]. "
Safe with me and I know when it must be near fertile. Validity 2. Internal
dialogue. Positive support for Reverse Speech.
Woman Three: "[Well they know that's true]."
Find your surprise. Validity Five. External dialogue.
David: "I've never yet, I've never, well, I've hardly, [wonder what the reverses are
on this]? Mostly, when 1, mostly, mostly when people see stuff in Reverse Speech
that is a real shock, [quote unquote for a better word], it's stuff they have
suspected anyway. I've never yet really found reversals that people have not
suspected on some level to be true. [So the biggest] fear that people throw up at
me is, what if I see some stuff about myself I just can't face? 1 just never, just
don't know. That's never happened to me. It never has. They always know it on
some level."
(Feel some) Jesus sufferer. Validity 3-5. Internal dialogue. These reversals may be
a response to the previous reversal - Find your surprise.
No-one ever felt my love. Validity 3. Internal dialogue.
So give the best. Validity 2. Expansive.
"Jesus" is an Active Metaphor i n this situation. Active Metaphors are those
metaphors that are primarily used by the individual. Much can be determined
about a person's personality by the Active Metaphors that they use.
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Man Three: I think it's the negative ego talking. It's a bunch of crap."
Man One: "[I
think it's the fear oft peeling off the mask to somebody else, or
someone having the ability to peel off the mask. It scares them more than
anything, cos, [you know, you build stuff and cover yourself to a comfort level
but if somebody can], 1 mean, that's why, even when you're around a
[psychiatrist, you know], you're kinda, are they watching me? Are they noticing
ya? It's the same thing."
Worried with me singing. Validity 3. Internal dialogue. Concerned about his
Girl must fill up a well. Will fuck this rosary. You wrecked me. The fast sword
with the eye. Validity 2-3. I nsistence for Involvement, sabotage in that
i nvolvement.
Fucking answers there. Validity 3. Expansive. Reinforces self sabotage.
Note: The word "Fuck", and other similar words, is common. The unconscious
mind is not polite.
Man Two: "He's right. "
Dave heaven. Validity 5. I nternal dialogue. An acknowledgement of the
significance of the technology.
Man Two: "I mean, when 1 was around Becky 1 was always wondering what, you
Man One: "Ah, they're covering up feelings, they're giving you internal dialogue."
Man Two: "[But then when you see] the statistics on suicide you realize you're
OK in the comfort of a psychiatrist's office."
Its silly seeing your heaven. Validity 4. External dialogue. No respect, or ethics, for
the technology.
Man Three: "Oh well, just remember just because you're paranoid [that doesn't
mean] they're not out to get you."
This thing about honor. Near livid. Validity 4. Internal dialogue.
R e v e r s e S p e c h S t o d v G u i d e P a g e 4 1
Reversals may also be analyzed separately from the main dialogue. This can reveal
another perspective on the transcript as the reversals are analyzed as a separate
conversation in their own right. What will usually emerge in this analysis is a
reasonably accurate 'portrayal of underlying interplays, motives and games that
transpired during the conversation - or the conversation behind the conversation.
Co pyr i g h t 1 995 by Da v i d Jo h nOa t e s
O ne reversal every 9 seconds. 30 reversals

Lord give birth. Woman, baby. (Creation theme.)

Man One:

Why, then 1 will run your zoo in the ground. (Aspirations.)

1 know the sniff will feed our woman. (Selfish motives.)
Still I need answer and I need lessons. (He is not ready.)
Handing a bill with it. (It will cost.)
Woman One:

Wine now with us. (Positive encouragement.)


Now back to business. Soaring the wind. (Keeping on track.)

You sing Isis, the love. (Creative theme continues.)
Man Three:

Your purpose, Dave. (Personal reinforcement.)


I feel honorable. (Worthy of task.)

1 feel lost with my uterus worries. (Confused and concerned.)
Man Three:

You lost your verse, Nixon. (A warning to stay on track.)

Man Three:

Hide our wolf. (Weakness appears, as reversals discuss woman.)

This is shedding inside. (He is hurting.)
Honey, you hold this sign. (The woman mentioned.)
Love refused me. (This is what is hurting.)
Be no Isis. (An acknowledgement of the situation.)
Man Two:

Your seeing the sexist. (Unsure. May be a personal description.)

Woman One:

Safe with me. I know when it must be near fertile. (Safe motives.)
Woman Two:

Find your surprise. (Prompts next reversals.)


Feel some, Jesus sufferer. (Concerns and troubles revealed.)

No-one ever felt my love. (A loneliness.)
So give the best. (Continues anyway.)
Man One:

Worried with me singing. (Continues content of earlier reversals.)

Girl must fill up a well. Will fuck this rosary. You wrecked me. Fast
sword with the eye. (His' zeal for fulfillment is destructive.)
Man Three:

Dave heaven. (Recognizes the significance of Reverse Speech.)

Silly heaven. (No respect, or ethics, for the technology.)
Man Two:

This thing about honor. Near livid. (Anger at lack of respect.)

R e v e r s e S p e e c h S t u d y G u i d e
Cop y r i gh t 1995 by Dav i d Joh n Oat e s
Ps " 42
"...the knowledge that Reverse Speech
gives comes with a price. That price is
time and persistence..."
Sexual reversals rarely talk about physical, or first level sex, but rather talk about
our need for power, fulfillment and stimulation. This is "Sex" to the unconscious
mind. It is a major theme in Reverse Speech. Sex, Reverse Speech sex, would
appear to be as essential to our being as is eating and breathing. One of the main
functions of the unconscious mind is to create life situations whereby Sex can be
obtained. Anything that is powerful and stimulating can be used as Sex.
Reverse speech stu dy Guide
1) Madonna
"...l1 have every thing I want, right]..."
I want you to rub my ass
2) Jane Fonda
"...[1'd love to if y ou 'd remove that damn cat]..."
I made that rumor, the show's vulgar
3) David Oates
"...[correlating them u p with all the manu scripts and I've done] thou sands..."
And I was vixen. p am) the Lord with cum
"..,[is developing] the training manu al..."
I n love with this
4) Sandra Bernhardt
"...[1 saw her before I left the other night]..."
They pulled out the grass
like a dru g addict, y ou know]..."
Wine, And I love to cum
Copyright 7995 by David John Oates
Page 43

Feel the war. Sex is war. Serve this wolf.

Woman: I see power.

Sex is oxygen. Feel the power. The wolf says trust.


1 feel lust. You will not escape.


The wolf thrusts. It's a safe war.

Woman: This is sex, I know.

Making a Lancelot. I'll be your sweat.

Woman: Ya'll sweat.

I want Goddess.
Woman: I' m your Goddess. I'll allow you.
Man: Power.
Reverse Speech Study Guide
Copyright 1 995 by D avid John Oates
Page 44
The drive and need for sex appears in reverse through other common metaphors
like power and money. Frequently the drive for these desires are displayed in
reverse as warfare with the metaphor, Wolf, being symbolized as the warrior who
is fighting the battle of possession. The following example shows a man in the
process of courtship. The unconscious mind uses the metaphor, "Wolf", to relay
his desires to the woman he is attempting to capture in the war of love.
Here is sex in the business arena. The following reversals are taken from a man
and woman (not sexually involved) who were considering forming a business
partnership. N ote the similar sexual dynamics that are operating In both this, and
the previous, examples. The game Is the same. The prize is different.
Power. Feel it there. A sexy war.
I must be careful.
Goddess, Goddess. That's censored me.
I'm not stupid.
I have power.
Power you used. Anevil fuck.
Lost at the ocean. The fuck was in my surf.
Nuding. You're forcing.
Reverse Speech Study Guide
You break my heart. Slay your weapon.
1 fear for you there. Look at his hell.
Power. I war you now.
Sex. Lonely mission boy.
A man who lost the war.
A nude man.
Want a war with you.
I must sit. We can't do it.
1 ) My box is open and gives love.
2) Love this Darling. Kiss my lovely bit.
3) Girl. I love you beside me.
4) Honey, I need your zipper.
5) You're so soft, Honey, I 'll, I 'll woo the dick.
Page 45
Speech reversals frequently occur in a batch, or small group, of reversals that
appear together in a space of only a few seconds. These are called clusters. I n
Clusters, reversals will usually relate to each other. All reversals should be
considered as a whole, with each individual reversal being only a small part of the
overall larger picture that is represented by the cluster.
1 ) Clusters help with reversal analysis by allowing the Analyst to view, at a
glance, which reversals relate to each other.
2) Clusters help to determine the level of speech reversals because reversals in a
cluster will usually be of the same level.
3) Clusters separate reversed conversational topics. As a different topic or
agenda i s generated in the unconscious mind, a new cluster will be formed.
Copyright 1 995 by David John Oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide
Page 46
In this example between a therapist and her patient, the following reversals
occurred in the last seven minutes of conversation. The reversals about "Peter"
refer to the therapist's son who died a few months before this recording was

I'm the one who he loves.


The force is not such a heavy wisdom.


1 do not wish to shoot.


With someone.

We promised Peter. No we didn't.


We saw Peter.

Peter. I feel shame.


Peter. You must leave.


I give in.

I don't need him.


See my rotten sin.


You do not need to shoot.

1) To determine clusters, first prepare a standard session transcript with the
reversals listed separately.
2) Then time out the conversation using a stop watch, noting the precise time that
each reversal occurred.
3) Then determine how many reversals occurred altogether and arrive at a reversal
occurrence rate. For example, if the conversation was 60 seconds long and ten
reversals occurred, the average rate would be one reversal every six seconds.
4) Then prepare an amended session transcript with the reversals separated into
5) As an example, in the transcript printed above the average reversal occurrence

rate was one reversal every 25 seconds. With clusters determined, the transcript
is amended as shown on the next page.
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Reverse Speech Study Guide

Page 47
# 1 - 33:49 - Patient:

I' m the one who he loves.

# 2 - 34:25 - Patient:

The force Is not such a heavy wisdom.

# 3 - 36:55 - Patient:

I do not wish to shoot.

# 4 - 37:01 - Patient:

With someone.
# 5 - 37:58 - Therapist:

We promised Peter. No we didn' t.

# 6 - 38:03 - Therapist:

We saw Peter.
# 7 - 38:07 - Therapist:

Peter. I feel shame.

# 8 - 38:15 - Therapist:

Peter. You must leave.

# 9 - 38:50 - Therapist:

I give in.
#10-38:55 -Therapist:

I don' t need him.

#11 - 40:10 -Patient:

See my rotten sin.

#12 - 40:20 - Therapist:

You do not need to shoot.

With the reversals now separated into clusters, a trend can be seen.
(a) Reversals #1 and #2 are isolated reversals on the patient showing issues she
i s dealing with in her marriage ("force" relates to male/female support dynamics).
(b) Reversals #3 and #4, also on the patient, are in a cluster with each reversal
directly connected to each other - - I do not wish to shoot (or have intense
emotions) / With someone.
(c) Reversals #5, #6, #7, and #8, on the therapist, are in a significant cluster of
four reversals in 15 seconds, which is a tight cluster considering the average
reversal occurrence of one reversal every 25 seconds. Note the trend in the
cluster. All reversals speak of her son. They show confusion as she still wrestles
with her grief, and the last reversal (Peter. You must leave) show her trying to
clear her mind of the issue, so she can be effective in the counseling situation.
(d) Reversals #10 and #11 are also in a cluster that occurred 35 seconds later
and show that the therapist has cleared her mind of the personal issue.
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
(e) Reversals #11 and #12, occurring in a cluster 75 seconds later, then center
back Reversals the task at hand and show quick therapeutic exchanges between the
therapist and her patient. Note how reversal #12 directly deals with an issue
brought up by the patient in reversal #3.
Clusters can reveal a wealth of information when an analyst Is trying to determine
the exact significance of vague or imprecise reversals. Reversed phrases that use
non-specific terms such as, "it feels bad" - (What feels bad?), "I want some" (1
want what?), "You must not do that" (Who is "you," what is "that"?), and "Do k"
( Do what?), should always be considered with the entire cluster. Frequently the
cluster will reveal the significance of the non-specified reference.
"...1 think it would be interesting to actually hear what 1 say. !t may take me a
step further in dealing with what 1 am dealing with. And I'm not just dealing with
. er, [I'm dealing with myself not just my grief]. There's more than that [and 1, um,
that interests] me greatly. [Part of me just feels that], not be here and it's that
easy... "
Feel a certain force. I'm feeling it.
Sydney helped me. I must say.
Have grief. Set me back.
It is possible to take control of a conversation in such a manner that you can also
take control of the reversals. I n other words, you can direct what kind of reversals
and information you are seeking. Some basic points to remember are:
(i) Complementarity
What is discussed forwards is basically what will be discussed in reverse.
(ii) Conversationstyle
Many factors can be controlled simply by the manner in which the conversation
takes place. For example: (1) the level of reversals will vary depending on the
i ntensity of the conversation and the topic discussed; (2) the frequency of
reversals will increase as the conversation becomes free flowing and unprepared.
Copyright 1995 byDavid JohnOnes
(iii) Language
Certain key words that you use in forward speech will trigger certain reversals.
(1) Establish rapport.
(2) Be in control of the conversation.
(3) Change the subject frequently, so that the conversation keeps
at a fast moving pace.
( 4) Make the person stop and think.
( 5) Have them think about things differently.
(6) Be very specific with questions. The more specific someone is
with lying, the more specific will the reversals be with the truth.
(7) Be aware of the sensory systems. Discussions about someone's
emotions will tend to produce second and third level reversals,
whereas discussions about facts, using visual terms, will tend to
produce first level reversals.
(8) Challenge statements made. How do you know that?
Reverse Speech Study Guide

Page 49
The lecture on this tape was taken from the 1991 Reverse Speech Analyst class
and was conducted by Reverse Speech Trainer, Becky Thompson.
Copyright 1995 by David John oates
1) Record a conversation, asking specific questions.
2) Analyze the tape for genuine reversals, constantly checking for imagination and
coincidence, and assigning validity factors.
3) Prepare a transcript and check for complementarity and categories.
4) Examine each metaphor carefully, arriving at a hypothesis concerning its
meaning using the Reverse Speech dictionary in the back of this manual.
5) Make a separate list of just the reversals in order and check for hidden agenda
and reversed conversational flow.
6) Time out the conversation and separate reversals into clusters.
Reverse Speech Study Guide

P a pe 5 0
1) With Reverse Speech it is possible to see all parts of the psyche, or the whole
being - conscious, unconscious and even deeper.
2) Needs, thoughts, operations and structures appear and are addressed
constantly as people interact with each other on all mental levels.
3) Using the precise methods detailed in this training course, and not deviating
from them, it is possible to gain an accurate insight into the thought processes of
any person whose voice is recorded on tape.
4) The responsibility for correct analysis is extremely high.
5) Every section of the tape must be analyzed meticulously before endeavoring to
offer conclusions.
Copyright 1995 by Da vid John Oa tes
"...Reverse Speech can be used in any
situation where extra information is
required about a person or people and
their voices are recorded on tape..."
1) Unsolved Mysteries
Reverse Speech Study Guide
Reverse Speech could offer solutions for many of society's unsolved mysteries.
For example:
( A) The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy
( 1 ) President John F. Kennedy's Inauguration
"...ask what [you can do for your country]..."
Give Jack all your food
( iii) Live Commentary of the JFK assassination
"...[Parkland hospital. There has been a shooting]..."
He's shot bad. Hold It. Try and look up
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Page 51
( ii) Lee Harvey Ozwald in New Orleans
"...[gives me excellent] qualifications to repudiate charges that Cuba... "
Ozwald angry
"...land the Fair Play for Cuba committee] is communist controlled..."
Hear them. Wish to kill President
( iv) Lee Harvey Ozwald after his arrest
"... given me a hearing without legal [representation or anything]... "
That killer was gifted
Note: An extra reversal can heard in this track that says, "There will be love
on their game."
(B) The Death of White House Aide, Min cent Foster
Bill Clinton
"...because he had some riles that were relevant [to it, he has to look into
what's there, and he'll just], whatever he wants to do... "
Silly hit. Nerves are worn. They killed to stay. Get out of It.
2) Law Enforcement
Reverse Spew* Study Glide

Page 52
Reverse Speech is a powerful information gathering tool. Notice how much more
I nformation the following reversals give compared to the lie detector or other
speech analysis techniques. These reversals were found on an interview with a
man suspected of murder. All reversals are between validity 3 and 4.
I killed him.
I ' m owed money.
1 rubbed him out, him.
I ' m gonna lose the farm.
I need a gun.
Around tower, I 'm a grown up.
This man fucked with me.
My love's been with him. Power was the lover there.
I dare seize the lover from him.
Someone saw where I left the gun.
Someone saw the weapon.
Here are the reversals found on the inverviewing officer in the preceeding
We're not stupid.
He did it.
You're the guilty one.
I 'll now be home in a minute. Love all the family.
Copyright 1995 by DavidJohn Oates
3) Therapeutic
Unravelling the client's mind to find the root cause of a problem is often the
therapist's most time consuming task - and, ultimately, a task that cannot be
fully achieved using current methods. Reverse Speech can give you a precise
picture of the internal workings of the mind and often reveal the root cause of the
problem in just one half hour session.
Case One: Money Blocks
"...[bus, my businesses], 1 say business..."
Censored mom's sin Validity 4
"...are expanding [rapidly]..."
Heal the girl Validity 2
"...there's a lot struggle going on [in my mind]..."
I'm in our mommy Validity 2-3
"... whenever 1 was a kid [I was crippled]... "
I saw birth so I ache
Reverse Speech Study Guide

Page 53
"...it happens enough to get in my way and [it makes me stumble]..."
I want some skin now Validity 3
I n the above example a man was seeking the cause of blocks he felt he had to
making money. The reversals revealed a deep seated conflict going back to his
birth and unresolved differences with his mother. The reversal, I want some skin
now, gives us some Idea of the direction to take. He wants some distance and
protection from these experiences. Thus, in this short three minute tape, we have
an entire therapeutic direction layed out for us - a direction that undoubtably
would have taken many months to uncover using traditional techniques.
copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Case Two: A Troubled Youth

'...] Sunday night, 1'd taken a] run..."
I will get that hurt. 1 need this bed Validity 3-4
"...[they've done a] electrocardiogram..."
They love real war Validity 3
"...[a cat scan], a bone scan..."
They expect it Validity 3
"...[I haven't gotten a hold of him yet]..."
They made the war and I never have love Validity 3-4
Pg . S4
These reversals give us much insight into this youth. First we see that the pain is
needed and created on an unconscious level ( I will get that hurt. I need that bed).
The reversals further tell us of an issue with his parents, and a lack of love he is
receiving. Further reversals, not shown here, indicate that the pain was created as
a means to receive attention from parents. Thus, speech reversals cut through
hours of therapeutic time to zero in immediately on the central cause.
The test on side two of tape eight is an optional part of the entrance requirements
for Reverse Speech Analyst Training classes. This will give you an indication as to
whether you have a good ability to hear reversals. If you want to go further with
Reverse Speech, professional training is the next step. Complete the audio test
and send it, together with other necessary forms, to Reverse Speech Enterprises,
P.O. Box 1037 Bonsall, Ca. 92003. And if you just want to know how well you
are doing, without taking training, send us the test together with a stamped self
addressed envelope. We will evaluate the test and send you the results. Further
i nformation about training, and additional forms, can be found in the back of this
Reverse Speech Study Guide
Page 55
1) Ten reversals are played. Write down your interpretations on a separate sheet
of paper. Don't forget to use all the check points and validity factors.
2) Two soundtracks are played. Find five reversals only on each track and
document them on a separate sheet of paper. Also note the precise section of
forward dialogue where you heard the speech reversals by marking the text with
brackets - ( ].
3) Four musical soundtracks are played. Find one reversal each track.
(1) Tattoo you, Rolling Stones.
(ii) Star Of The Morning , Leon Patillo.
(iii) Saturday Night Fish Fry, Louis Jordon.
(iv) What's My Scene, Hoodoo Gurus.
4) This is an Australian radio advertisement. What does the commentator think
about Paul Simon?
1) Reverse Speech can change the world as surely as the car and computer
have changed the world.
2) It is a technology in its early infancy. Its future is open and it needs people
to make it work.
3) Reverse Speech enhances what we already know.
4) Reverse Speech allows us to see the gestalt of language and the wholeness
of the human psyche.
5) Reverse Speech allows us to see the very Soul of our being.
6) With Reverse Speech, humanity has the opportunity to revolutionize its
understanding of itself, its heritage and its future.
7) Reverse Speech is a scientific and reliable to way to listen to, or "read"
human thoughts.
Copyright 1995 by David John Oates
Copyright 1995 by David JohnOates