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BISAC U13 GIRLS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT 2011 Venue: Shrewsbury International School Date: Friday 5 and Saturday 6 November


The tournament will be run with 2 pools of 5 teams. This will be followed by subsequent cross over semi finals and play-offs.
Pool A International School Bangkok (1) Bangkok Patana School (4) Harrow International School (5) Thai Chinese International School (8) Traill International School (10 )
Court 1 ISB ISB TCIS v v v Court 1 v ISB NIST ISB ASB HIS v v v v v Lunch 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 3rd A 1st A Winner SF Presentation v v v 3rd B 2nd B Winner SF 4th A 1st B Loser SF BPS RIS HIS NIST TCIS SHB HIS SHB BPS RIS BPS TCIS TIS TIS NIST BPS NIST

Pool B New International School, Thailand (2 ) Ruamrudee International School (3) Shrewsbury International School (6) International Community School (7 ) American School Bangkok( 9)
Court 2 v v v Court 2 v v v v v v Lunch v v v 4th B 2nd A Loser SF 5th A ICS TIS ASB TCIS ICS TIS Court 3 v 5th B ICS HIS SHB RIS RIS ICS Court 3 v v v ASB SHB ASB

FRIDAY 3.30 4.30 5.30 SATURDAY 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 12.00 1.00


As a result of back to back games extra time has been built into the schedule. Maximum time of 60 minutes per game. Games will all start with a central hooter.

RULES: All F.I.B.A. rules and regulations are in force with the following variations: 4 x 8 minute quarters. Running clock except for time outs and shooting fouls. Last 2 minutes of each half a stop clock will be in use. 24 seconds shot clock Half-time 5 minutes, 2 minutes between quarters 1 time out per quarter In all play off games, when a game is tied, there will be a two minute break followed by a two minute period of over-time. Following this the next basket scored is the winner. Jump ball to start the game with possession arrows throughout the remainder of the game.

SCORING: 4 points for a win / 2 for a draw / 1 for a loss.

Head to head result: In the case of a draw or multi-way tie the following shall be applied to break the tie:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Points differential exclusively involving tied teams only; Points for, exclusively involving tied teams only; Points differential involving all teams; Points for involving all teams; Team with fewest technical fouls; Toss of a coin (1 set of three followed by sudden death).

AWARDS: Medals - 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, trophy for Champions. GENERAL INFORMATION: Entry fee of 3000 baht is due upon check-in at the Tournament. Any checks should be made payable to Shrewsbury International School. Rosters are due to Nick Dunn, Tournament Director, as of Tuesday, 2 November. Refreshments will be available during the day at the caf on the ground floor outside the sports centre. BNH Medical staff will be on stand by in the Sports Hall.

Nick Dunn Director of Sport and Activities Shrewsbury International School