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Man’s best friend – Glossary

ancestor noun [count] Labrador noun [count]
someone who is related to you who lived a long a large dog with short fur that is very popular as a
time ago family pet
Her ancestors went to America with the Pilgrims.
loyalty noun [uncount]
belong to phrasal verb support that you always give to someone or
to be owned by someone something because of your feelings of duty and
The car belongs to the woman next door. love towards them
I was impressed by his loyalty to his brother.
breed noun [count]
a group of animals that have particular mixture noun [singular]
characteristics that make them different from a combination of two or more different things,
others of the same species. people, qualities etc
What breeds of dog are especially good with Her face showed a mixture of fear and excitement.
mongrel noun [count]
collie noun [count] a dog that is a mixture of different breeds
a dog with long hair, kept as a pet or used as a
sheepdog pet noun [count]
an animal or bird that you keep in your home and
comic book noun [count] look after
a magazine for children that contains stories told in a pet dog/rabbit
a series of drawings
population noun [singular]
company noun [uncount] the number of people who live in a particular area
the activity of being with other people Los Angeles has a population of over 3 million.
I thought you might be glad of some company
tonight. regular adjective
used for describing things that people frequently
dozen determiner do or things that frequently happen
a set of 12 things or people Regular exercise is essential for good health.
a dozen red roses
search noun [count]
famous adjective an attempt to find something
if someone or something is famous, a lot of people Many people had left their homes to go in search
know their name or have heard about them of food.
He dreamed of becoming a famous footballer.
settlement noun [count]
get on with phrasal verb a place where people have come to live
if people get on, they like each other and are permanently
friendly to each other They discovered the remains of an early
Richard and his sister don’t get on. Anglo-Saxon settlement.

greyhound noun [count] situation noun [count]

a tall thin dog that can run very fast and is used in the set of conditions that exist at a particular time
races in a particular place
The country is facing a very difficult economic
guard dog noun [count] situation.
a dog trained to guard property or people
social adjective
guide dog noun [count] social animals live in groups instead of living alone
a dog that is trained to lead a person who cannot
see. star noun [count]
the main actor or performer in a film, play,
television programme etc
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