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The Mini-Grant Program was created to fund innovative teaching and learning projects, programs and/or endeavors that would directly benefit the students of Clayton County Public Schools. Clayton County education personnel should submit applications to the A Plus Grant Review Committee at the address below. All applications will be considered. Each response to the question is worth 20 points. Each Mini- Grant will be issued in increments of $500.00 not to exceed $1,000.00. Send completed applications to PO Box 962753, Riverdale GA 30296 or www.aplusclaytoncounty.org.
Applicants Name: ___Jennifer Wilson________________ School (s): ____McGarrah Elementary School__________ Grade/Position or Title: ___Media Specialist________ Length of Teaching and Learning (T&L) Exp: _Ongoing__ Date: ___10/17/2011_______________ Phone Number: __770-968-2910______ Email:jennifer.wilson@clayton.k12.ga.us Amt. Requested: $ ___1000.00_____

1. Describe the T&L experience you will develop/conduct/construct. Include number of students, content area and any other relevant information. Students will create video podcasts about a variety of books to post on the school's media center website for other grade levels and schools to use. These video podcasts will also air on the school's morning announcements. Students will use writing, media, and visual literacy and technology skills to create the video podcasts. It is expected that with the airing of the video podcasts on a frequent basis, the featured books will aid to increase circulation throughout the media center. Funds will be used to purchase USB microphone headsets and digital video cameras for podcasts and PhotoStory and Movie Maker projects. Teachers will be offered training through a lunch and learn format on the use of the microphones and digital cameras, as well as a how to seminar on for video podcasts, PhotoStory, and Movie Maker. Instruction will also be available on the Media Center website. There are 120 second grade students in my school who will be participating in the lessons/activities. The 120 students will be integrating technology and reading in order to promote reading and the use of technology throughout the school. Outline how this T&L experience supports the districts strategic plan. Include goals and objectives. Strategic Goal 1 To increase circulation throughout the media center and to promote lifelong learning, for ALL students in Clayton County, standards based instruction, based on the use of

rigor, will be used to make video podcasts about a variety of books. Strategic Goal 2 Use 21st-Century Classroom tools and strategies (such as video equipment and computer programs, i.e. PhotoStory and Movie Maker, in order to make video and audio based projects video podcasts). 2. Explain how this T&L experience supports your schools improvement plan. Include goals and objectives. GPS Standards: ELA2R4 The student uses a variety of strategies to gain meaning from grade-level text. The student a. Reads a variety of texts for information and pleasure. ELA2W1 The student begins to demonstrate competency in the writing process. The student 1. Writes text of a length appropriate to address a topic and tell the story. ELA2LSV1 The student uses oral and visual strategies to communicate. The student 2. Begins to use oral language for different purposes: to inform, to persuade, and to entertain. d. Listens to and views a variety of media to acquire information.

Standards for the 21st-Century Learner: 1. Inquire, think critically, and gain knowledge. 1.1 Skills 1.1.8 Demonstrate mastery of technology tools for accessing information and pursuing inquiry. 1.2 Dispositions in action 1.2.2 Demonstrate confidence and self- direction by making independent choices in the selection of resources and information. 1.3 Responsibilities 1.3.1 Respect copyright/ intellectual property rights of creators and producers. 2. Draw conclusions, make informed decisions, apply knowledge to new situations,

and create new knowledge.

2.1 Skills 2.1.6 Use the writing process, media and visual literacy, and technology skills to create products that express new understandings. The second grade students will create a video podcast on various books. The students video podcasts will be uploaded to the media center website and broadcasted on the morning announcements, on a frequent basis, promote learning and increase circulation throughout the media center. From this video podcast, students will be introduced and become familiar with various computer programs and 21st-Century Classroom tools/equipment. 3. Describe your student assessment plan for this T&L experience and the benefits for the students. The project is an ongoing activity/lesson throughout the school year. Each book (lesson) is videotaped and presented by the students to inform and educate others about their particular book. Students will also work towards creating a website controlled by the students (with teacher assistance and monitoring) in order to present the video podcasts that have been made. They will choose, locate, read, and develop a short lesson to be presented for each book presented. 4. Itemize your budget that includes total cost of project and timeline. The timeline of the project is ongoing throughout the school year. The budget is as follows: 30 iMicro SP-IM942 Multimedia Stereo Headphone with Microphone.$236.40

1 SD 80GB Hard Disk Drive Camcorder Red.$329.99


1 SD 4GB Flash Memory Camcorder blue..$249.99 (http://store.sony.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10151&l angId=-1&productId=8198552921666294265#additionalImage1") DXG-5B1VO HD 1080P Underwater Camcorder, Orange...$169.99 (http://www.dxgusa.com/products/sportster/dxg-5b1vo.html)



By signing below, I acknowledge that the funds, if granted, will be spent as indicated above.

______________________________________ Applicants Signature Date

By signing below, I acknowledge that the T&L experience aligns with the strategic plan and the schools improvement plan.

______________________________________ Principals Signature Date

NOTE: All activities must be aligned with the districts strategic plan. The principals signature acknowledges alignment with the strategic plan as stated in this application. If needed attach additional pages.