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Curriculum Vitae

Aaron Tolentino
74a Bradbury Road Howick 021 2583906 or (09) 534 6808

CAREER OBJECTIVE Seeking an entry-level position that will further develop my knowledge in Information Technology and use my skills as a team player in a challenging work environment

I am technically minded and have a passion for Information Technology. I also have vast experience and knowledge in specific network, hardware and software systems. I can process, design and implement interfaces with various applications and databases and have a sound understanding of, and the ability to generate documentation of workflow, procedures and application changes along with some unit and system testing. I have excellent communication skills and can deal with a wide range of people. I am currently training with the New Zealand School of Education and working towards completing a National Diploma in Computing Level (7). KEY STRENGTHS AND SKILLS Quick to learn, Patient, Team player, Capable of multi-task Computer skills Basic computer hardware servicing, knowledge in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Internet tools Proficient in English and Filipino languages Strong focus on delivery of high quality service Installing and configuring hardware Enjoy teamwork but also able to work autonomously Troubleshoot and fix PC and network cable issues. Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills Flexible and adaptable with ability to learn quickly Positive and logical approach to problem solving

QUALIFICATIONS & ACHIEVEMENTS Diploma in Computing Level (5) - NZSE .Diploma in Web Development Level (6) - India Certificate in Design - USA

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY 2008 - 2010 WEB Design WEB Designer Meet with a client to find out the requirements for their website Work out the purpose of the website and talk over ideas with the client Develop the website's content and visual design

Work out the website's structure and how the user will find their way around it Develop a technical plan for the website and ways to promote it online

Suggest production methods and necessary equipment, and investigate costs for the website Liaise with writers, designers, system administrators and other staff

Integrate the technical, visual, and content aspects of the site to produce the finished product Ensure the client is satisfied with the end result

Maintain or update the website once it is completed by adding new content, illustrations or features 2006 - 2008 Micro-soft International Limited Database Developer

Design and build databases, which store an organisation's records for later use Ensure integrity of the data, that it is clearly designed, and remains consistent across the database Ensure that database information is always available to all users in a form that suits their needs Monitor the performance and security of the database, and minimise the risk of the database failing Monitor the growth of the database and plan its capacity

Fix any database problems such as software failures, and provide database recovery after hardware failures Test new systems, and commission and install new applications Tune and optimise the performance of databases

Ensure that storage, archiving, backup and recovery procedures are functioning correctly Write database documentation, including data standards, procedures, and definitions. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION NON Smoker Own Vehicle Full Drivers License Excellent Communication skills Sound technical knowledge and experience

REFEREES Jack Desmon Microsoft Ltd 0800 666219 John Rich Custom NZ 09) 820 2222