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Here are a hundred quotes I have written.

1. I was born amongst the lumpenproletariat and I shall die amongst the lumpenproletariat. 2. I am at war with the world and there is no truce on the horizon. 3. If Man be but half as grotesque as God, then he be more monstrous than all. 4. God is good and evil. 5. Technology is a god to the trivial, a Satan to the profound. 6. Madness is more in tune with reality than reason. 7. Science is humbuggery. 8. Organised religion is but an embarrassing footnote to God.

9. A vegetarian is someone who murders mercilessly those who do not resemble the idols of his gods. 10. God is a eunuch at best, a sadist at worst. 11. Only in its ancient graveyards is India of great. 12. Every man dies ignorant of God, and even more so if he proclaims otherwise. 13. 14. 15. Innocence lost is ignorance gained. God is the organised killer in our disorganised universe. History is either a beautiful preface to everything or the ugly afterbirth of nothing.

16. Man is God on His deathbed. 17. Sometimes the gentle hand of Providence is an unmerciful iron fist. 18. Hegels philosophy is an excuse for Germanism and an apology for God. 19. God is the irrational. 20. Our barbarous nature beyond reason and morality is the essence of our true selves. 21. Western civilisation is God. 22. Rationality is our greatest temptation of evil. 23. Religion is our mecca of irrationality.

24. If Torquemada is God, then I am an atheist. 25. For God to exist reality must cease to be. 26. Human nature is neither human nor of nature. 27. Hell be as much as hallowed ground as Heaven. 28. There are a lot of reasons to be evil, but an egregious childhood is never one of them. 29. He who would not murder Christ is also he who would not save him. 30. Neither is God appeasable nor man pacifiable. 31. Mount Olympus has given us gods from above and demons from beneath. 32. The Fascisti are always among us. 33. Horror is eyeing reality without blinders. 34. Liberation theology is neither liberation nor theology. 35. He who champions the Devil worships God. 36. Organised religion is Man vainly and arrogantly pretending to be God. 37. He who would rejoice at the death of Hitler is also he who would celebrate at the crucifixion of Christ. 38. The Almighty is our holy terror without rhyme or reason.

39. A humanist is an ape worshiping his own feces as he is eating it. 40. The ultimate triumph of reason is only horror and more horror. 41. God is the woman who gently and kindly feeds you as you are starvingyet, He is also the unmerciful cancer that violently eats at you while you are dying in agony. 42. His Holiness has become a simpleton of childish wishful thinking against an uncaring and darkening sky.

43. Man is the enemy alien of the cosmos. 44. All things fame are all things evil


Franklin Roosevelt was too ignorant to be a socialist and too moronic to be a capitalist. God is always the hangman in our shadows. World history has often been little more than a continuously repeating insignificant battle for Schleswig-Holstein. I have met the Antichrist and it is Man. When it comes to theology, Pascal was at best a shallow hedonistic whore and at worst a diabolical Machiavellian hypocrite. An existentialist is simply a spineless apologist for the meaninglessness of life. Salvation is damnation.

46. 47.

48. 49.



52. Childhood is a waste of consciousness. 53. Either we are the maggots of God or the gods of maggots.

54. Matter is not only hard to describe, it is also impossible to define. 55. The more civilised a man is, the more monstrous he must become to experience God. If Sherlock Holmes had used his logic and powers of reasoning to investigate the depths of the ultimate nature of reality he would have been transformed into a mystic.


57. True intellectualism always leads to anti-intellectualism. 58. 59. 60. Everyone who praises Africa is an apologist for Africa. If Buddhism is religion, then God is masturbation. Every man and woman should long to have fought and died alongside Che Guevara in the trenches of a war against social injustice; yet, all should thirst even more to have gotten the opportunity to murder him when he was but a baby as his mother held him gently as he slept. No amount of a zest for life can overcome its horror.


62. Children should be raised with a compassionate and merciful and loving God: adults, with a cruel and pitiless and hateful Creator. 63. 64. Liberalism and conservatism are both devouring dogs of liberty. Entertainers are the archenemies of intellectuals.


Historically, God is overwhelming fear, irrational superstition, political oppression, economic exploitation, social enslavement, blinding ignorance, and relentless horror.

66. Good in bed, happy in wed. 67. I am at war with the vanity and humanism of the Renaissance, the objectivity and progress of the Scientific Revolution, and the pitiable hope and shallow optimism of the Enlightenment.

68. Barbarism denied is savagism maintained. 69. Reason and Logic and Science are as fictional as Cyclopes and Angels and Demons. 70. If Man has any integrity at all, he will destroy himself.

71. The beast of monstrous work and boring toil that degrades and oppresses still devours and enslaves the majority of humanity. 72. Religion must be a barbaric transformation to the monstrous, irrational self. 73. 74. The profound threatens to destroy, the trivial does. The curse of capitalism must always be compared to the Satan of socialism. Hopefully, Western civilisation will die a profound death. Picasso is that ugly, wretched syphilitic whore one cannot bear to gaze upon without feeling ill who gradually becomes the most beautiful woman in the whole world that we fall madly in love with.

75. 76.


Every act of good the government does no matter how much good it does is always an act of evil because it is always and every time an act against liberty. There is nothing so immoral as intellectuals who praise a cultures greatness of yesteryear while ignoring its evils of today. In theory, reason and science and logic are good, but in practice they are always pure evil. If the Jews are Gods choosen people, then the Holocaust was the hand of Providence. Philosophically, Hinduism is our greatest religion; socially, it is our worst. The Fairies that haunted Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are my demons. I am a missionary from God and an apostle for Satan. A man needs a Mother society and a Father civilisation to be raised with before he can learn to commit matricide and patricide against them. If your anger and wrath be not aimed at God, then it be a blind rage of no importance. A womans equality is the longing to be of the same worth as a beast with testicles and a brute with tapeworms.





82. 83. 84.

85. 86.

87. The crutches of religion are easy to seewhile the crutches of reason and science are nearly invisible but far worse. 88. Tell me what the ultimate nature of matter is and you shall be the god of gods of gods.

89. Moderation dies at the altar of God and the footsteps of reality. 90. If reality is not what you are warring against, nor God your foe, nor the universe your adversary, then how can you say you are fighting with the right enemy?

91. Science is a peasants Antichrist and an intellectuals whore. 92. God is our euphemism for the Devil.

93. Man is Caligula without the cessation of lust. 94. 95. Politics is the worldly theology of an ignorant man. Hell is reincarnation.


There are two types of people in this world: those who are conscious of the madness, and those who are ignorant and blissful. If your God does not lead you to madness, and if your godlessness is not an unbearable horror, then you are neither a theist nor an atheist of any honesty. Satan is that attribute of God we still have not figured out yet. Tragically, religion has often been merely the cowardly worshiping of the will to power in others.


98. 99.

100. God is our vile Hun of ill fame.