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Curriculum for the elementary to pre-intermediate level students /100 hours/

1hls currlculum ls deslgned Lo lnLroduce young adulLs and adulLs Lo Lhe elemenLary Lo prelnLermedlaLe level Lngllsh 1he course covers
Lhe four skllls of llsLenlng speaklng readlng and wrlLlng as well as lmprovlng pronunclaLlon and bulldlng vocabulary 1he prlmary goal of Lhe
course ls Lo Leach communlcaLlve compeLence LhaL ls Lhe ablllLy Lo communlcaLe ln Lngllsh accordlng Lo Lhe slLuaLlon purpose and roles of
Lhe parLlclpanLs
@ hours
@opns nours lunnons 6roor Lsnnq/ Pronunnoon wrnq/kodnq
Un|t 1 Introduc|ng and
greet|ngs names and
LlLles counLrles and
lnLroduclng yourself
lnLroduclng someone
checklng lnformaLlon
asklng abouL someone
exchanglng personal
Wh quesLlons and
sLaLemenLs wlLh be yes/no
quesLlons and shorL answers
wlLh be conLracLlons
sub[ecL pronouns
possesslve ad[ecLlves
Lngllsh alphabeL
LranscrlpLlon vowels and
consonanLs 8ecognlzlng
formal and lnformal names
llsLenlng for personal
lnLonaLlon of clarlflcaLlon
WrlLlng quesLlons
requesLlng personal
lnformaLlon MeeLlng
and CreeLlng CusLoms"
Un|t 2 now do you spend
your day
CccupaLlons workplaces
and school dally
schedules clock Llme
uescrlblng work and school
asklng for and glvlng
oplnlons Lalklng abouL dally
Slmple presenL Wh
quesLlons and sLaLemenLs
Llme expresslons aL ln on
around unLll before afLer
early and laLe
LlsLenlng Lo descrlpLlons of
[obs and dally schedules
unsLressed words
WrlLlng a descrlpLlon of
an occupaLlon 1he ually
Crlnd" 8eadlng abouL
sLudenLs wlLh parL Llme
Un|t 3 now much |s |t?
Spendlng hablLs shopplng
and prlces cloLhlng and
personal lLems colors
and maLerlals
1alklng abouL prlces glvlng
oplnlons Lalklng abouL
preferences maklng
comparlsons buylng and
selllng Lhlngs
uemonsLraLlves Lhls LhaL
Lhese Lhose one and ones
quesLlons how much and
whlch comparlsons and
LlsLenlng Lo people
shopplng llsLenlng for
lLems prlces and oplnlons
Llnked sounds
WrlLlng a comparlson of
prlces ln dlfferenL
counLrles Shop 1lll ?ou
urop" 8eadlng abouL
dlfferenL klnds of
Un|t 4 Do you ||ke [azz? 3 1alklng abouL llkes and Slmple presenL yes/no and ldenLlfylng muslcal sLyles WrlLlng lnvlLaLlons and
Muslc movles 1v
programs enLerLalners
lnvlLaLlons and excuses
daLes and Llmes
dlsllkes glvlng oplnlons
maklng lnvlLaLlons and
Wh quesLlons wlLh do
quesLlon whaL klnd ob[ecL
pronouns modal verb
would verb + Lo + verb
llsLenlng for llkes and
dlsllkes llsLenlng Lo
excuse 1he sound of
muslc" 8eadlng abouL
muslclans from around
Lhe world
k of uns 4 ond ss /2 hours/
Un|t S 1e|| me about your
amllles and famlly llfe
1alklng abouL famllles and
famlly members
exchanglng lnformaLlon
abouL Lhe presenL
descrlblng famlly llfe

resenL conLlnuous yes no
and WP quesLlons
sLaLemenLs and shorL
answers deLermlners all
nearly all mosL many a loL
LlsLenlng for famlly
relaLlonshlps llsLenlng for
lnformaLlon abouL famllles
and famlly llfe
WrlLlng a descrlpLlon of
famlly llfe 1he Changlng
amlly" 8eadlng abouL
an Amerlcan famlly
Un|t 6 now often do you
exerc|se? SporLs and
exerclse rouLlnes 3
Asklng abouL and descrlblng
rouLlnes and exerclse
Lalklng abouL frequency
Lalklng abouL ablllLles
Adverbs of frequency
quesLlons wlLh how how
ofLen how much Llme how
LlsLenlng Lo people Lalk
abouL free Llme acLlvlLles
llsLenlng Lo rouLlnes
llsLenlng Lo descrlpLlons of
sporLs parLlclpaLlons
WrlLlng a descrlpLlon of
favorlLe acLlvlLles SmarL
moves" 8eadlng abouL
flLness for Lhe braln
Un|t 7 We had a great
ree Llme and weekend
acLlvlLles vacaLlons
1alklng abouL pasL evenLs
glvlng oplnlons abouL pasL
experlences Lalklng abouL
asL Lense yes/no and Wh
quesLlons sLaLemenLs and
shorL answers wlLh regular
and lrregular verbs pasL
Lense of be
LlsLenlng Lo descrlpLlons and
oplnlons of pasL evenLs and
WrlLlng a posLcard
1elllng a sLory uslng
Un|t 8 now do you ||ke
the ne|ghborhood?
SLores and places ln a clLy
nelghborhoods houses
and aparLmenLs
Asklng abouL and descrlblng
locaLlons of places asklng
abouL and descrlblng
nelghborhoods asklng
abouL quanLlLles
reposlLlons of places
quesLlons counLable and
uncounLable nouns
LlsLenlng for locaLlons of
places llsLenlng Lo
descrlpLlons of places ln
WrlLlng a descrlpLlon of a
home ClLy Scenes"
8eadlng abouL
nelghborhood llfe ln
clLles around Lhe world
kev|ew of un|ts S8/2 hours/
What does he |ook ||ke?
Appearance and dress
cloLhlng and cloLhlng
sLyles people
Asklng abouL and descrlblng
people's appearance
ldenLlfylng people
CuesLlons for descrlblng
people modlflers wlLh
parLlclples and preposlLlons
LlsLenlng Lo descrlpLlons of
people ldenLlfylng people
WrlLlng a descrlpLlon of
someone Plp Pop
ashlons" 8eadlng abouL
cloLhlng sLyles
nave you ever r|dden a
asL experlences unusual
uescrlblng pasL
experlences maklng plans
exchanglng lnformaLlon
resenL perfecL yes no
quesLlons and sLaLemenLs
regular and lrregular pasL
LlsLenlng for Llme and place
of an evenL llsLenlng Lo
descrlpLlons of evenLs
WrlLlng a descrlpLlons of
an unusual acLlvlLy
1aklng Lhe rlsk" readlng
evenLs abouL pasL experlences and
parLlclples presenL perfecL
and pasL slmple conLrasL
abouL unusual and
dangerous sporLs
It |s a very exc|t|ng c|ty
ClLles homeLowns
counLrles 6
Asklng abouL and descrlblng
clLles asklng for and glvlng
suggesLlons Lalklng abouL
Lravel and Lourlsm
Adverbs and ad[ecLlves
con[uncLlons and buL
however and Lhough
modal verbs would verbs
LlsLenlng Lo descrlpLlons of
clLles and homeLowns
llsLenlng for lncorrecL
WrlLlng a descrlpLlon of
an lnLeresLlng clLy
amous clLles" readlng
abouL famous clLles
around Lhe world
It rea||y works
PealLh problems
medlcaLlons and
1alklng abouL healLh
problems asklng for and
glvlng advlce maklng
requesLs asklng for and
glvlng suggesLlons
lnflnlLlve complemenLs
modal verbs can Could
and may for requesLs
LlsLenlng Lo advlce llsLenlng
Lo requesLs ln a drugsLore
WrlLlng abouL a home
remedy Crandma knows
besL" 8eadlng abouL
home remedles
kev|ew of Un|ts 912/2 hours/
My I take your order?
ood and resLauranLs

Lxpresslng llkes and
dlsllkes agreelng and
dlsagreelng orderlng a
So nelLher Loo and elLher
modal verbs would and wlll
for requesLs
LlsLenlng Lo people make
dlnner plans llsLenlng Lo
resLauranL order
WrlLlng a resLauranL
revlew 1o Llp or noL Lo
Llp" 8eadlng abouL
Llpplng cusLoms
1he b|ggest and the best
World geography
counLrles proLecLlng
uescrlblng counLrles
maklng comparlsons
expresslng oplnlons Lalklng
abouL dlsLance an
ComparaLlve and
superlaLlve of ad[ecLlves
quesLlons wlLh how how
far how blg how hlgh
LlsLenlng Lo a 1v game
show llsLenlng for
lnformaLlon abouL a counLry

WrlLlng abouL an
lnLeresLlng or beauLlful
places 1hlngs you can
do Lo help Lhe
envlronmenL" readlng
abouL Lhe envlronmenL
I am go|ng to see a
lnvlLaLlons lelsureLlme
acLlvlLles Lelephone
1alklng abouL plans maklng
lnvlLaLlons accepLlng and
refuslng lnvlLaLlons glvlng
reasons Laklng and leavlng
uLure wlLh presenL
conLlnuous and be golng Lo
messages wlLh Lell and ask
LlsLenlng for lnformaLlon
abouL lnvlLaLlons recelvlng
Lelephone messages
8educed forms of could you
and would you
WrlLlng a requesL Lo glve
a message Ways Lo keep
phone calls shorL"
8eadlng abouL Lelephone
A change for the better
Llfe changes plans and
hopes for Lhe fuLure 6
Lxchanglng personal
lnformaLlon descrlblng
changes Lalklng abouL
plans for Lhe fuLure
uescrlblng changes wlLh Lhe
presenL Lense Lhe
comparaLlve Lhe pasL Lense
presenL perfecL conLlnuous
LlsLenlng Lo descrlpLlons of
changes llsLenlng Lo hopes
for Lhe fuLure
WrlLlng abouL fuLure
plans 1he fuLure looks
brlghL" readlng abouL Lhe
plans for Lhree successful
kev|ew of un|tes 1316 ]2 hours]