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Personal Conflict

Personal conflict refers to the inner conflict a person goes through when he faces a situation in which he cannot the right course of action among different alternatives. For example, a simple, poor person finds Rs 20,000 in a missing bag. He now faces the dilemma, whether to go to the police station to return the bag or not. He needs the cash a lot and if he takes the money nobody would ever find out. So, he would face the inner struggle, whether to take the money or not. We would explain this through some examples, in the best way possible.

Lionel Messi: Lionel Andrs "Leo" Messi (born 24 June 1987 in Rosario, Argentina) is an
Argentine footballer who currently plays for FC Barcelona and captains the Argentina national team as a striker or winger. Considered one of the best football players of his generation, Messi received several Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year nominations by the age of 21, and won in 2009 and 2010. His playing style and ability have drawn comparisons to Diego Maradona, who himself declared Messi as his "successor".

Messi began playing football at a young age and his potential was quickly identified by Barcelona. He left Rosariobased Newell's Old Boys's youth team in 2000 and moved with his family to Europe, as Barcelona offered treatment for his growth hormone deficiency. Making his debut in the 200405 season, he broke his team record for the youngest footballer to score a league goal. Major honours soon followed as Barcelona won La Liga in Messi's debut season, and won a double of the league and Champions League in 2006. His breakthrough season was in the 200607 season; he became a first team regular, scoring a hat-trick in El Clsico and finishing with 14 goals in 26 league games. Messi then had the most successful season of his playing career, the 200809 season, in which he scored 38 goals to play an integral part in a treble-winning campaign. This record-breaking season was then eclipsed in the following 200910 campaign, where Messi scored 47 goals in all competitions, equalling Ronaldo's record total for Barcelona. He surpassed this record again in the 201011 season with 53 goals in all competitions.

Messi has won five La Liga titles, three Champions League titles, scoring in two of those finals, against Manchester United in both 2009 and 2011. He was not on the pitch as Barcelona defeated Arsenal in 2006, but received a winners' medal from the tournament. After scoring 12 goals in the 201011 Champions League, Messi became only the third player (after Gerd Mller and Jean-Pierre Papin) to top-score in three successive European Champion Clubs' Cup campaigns. However, Messi is the first one to win the Champions League top scorer titles for three consecutive years after Champions League changed its format in 1992. Messi was the top scorer of the 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship with six goals, including two in the final game. Shortly thereafter, he became an established member of Argentina's senior international team. In 2006, he became the youngest Argentine to play in the FIFA World Cup and he won a runners-up medal at the Copa Amrica tournament the following year. In 2008, in Beijing, he won his first international honour, an Olympic gold medal, with the Argentina Olympic football team. At international level Messi has scored 17 goals in 61 games. He has won many accolades while playing for his club Barcelona but as an Argentinian he was not as successful. He knew that because he has been playing continuously for his club he was tired and could not focus as much as he would have liked while he played for the national side. Since, he got less time to prepare for the national side he did not have the level of understanding with his teammates which is absolutely essential for success in football. Most people felt he looked tired for the overexposure in club football and he even agreed to that. He thus faced the personal conflict of whether he should devote more time for the national side or play for Barcelona. Naturally, the pay package while playing for Barcelona is much more, than playing in World Cup qualifying matches as an Argentinian player. Now, lets analyse the intra-personal conflict that Lionel Messi faces. The causes of intra-individual conflict arises from: a) Conflict due to frustration b) Goal conflict c) Role conflict a) Conflict due to frustration: Frustration occurs when a motivated drive is blocked before a person reaches a desired goal. The barrier may be overt (outward, or physical) or covert (inward, or mental sociopsychological). Traditionally, psychologists felt that frustration always led to the defence mechanism of aggression. Frustration may lead to any of the defence mechanism used by the human organism. Although there are many such mechanisms, they can be grouped according to four broad categories:

aggression, withdrawal, fixation and compromise. The frustration model can be useful in the analysis not only of behaviour in general but also the specific aspects of on the job behaviour. In case of Lionel Messi, he was too overawed by the situation. He felt that his team members were not playing as well as they should. He got frustrated that nobody was able to forward the ball to him and he resigned to the fact that he had to do it on his own. At the later stages of the final match that Argentina played, there was complete withdrawal from his side, he was simply going through the motions. This was evident from the fact that their manager later said that not everybody plays like Lionel Messi. b) Goal Conflict: Another common source of conflict for an individual is a goal that has both positive and negative features, or two or more competing goals. For ease of analysis, three separate types of goal conflict are generally identified: 1. Approach approach conflict, where the individual is motivated to approach two or more positive but mutually exclusive goals. 2. Approach avoidance conflict, where the individual is motivated to approach a goal and at the same time is motivated to avoid it. 3. Avoidance avoidance conflict, where the individual is motivated to avoid two or more negative but mutually exclusive goals. Lionel Messi can fall within the approach approach conflict because he is motivated to do well both for Barcelona and Argentina. But the thing is if he plays too much for Barcelona then he would not have the time to acclimatize with his teammates in the Argentina team. This is what happened when he tried to play for Argentina in the World Cup. So, when he could not perform in the World Cup most people said he was underprepared. c) Role Conflict: this type of conflict arises when a person is not able to fulfil the different duties that he has been asked to perform. This may be for short period of time or a comparatively longer period of time. Lionel Messi joined Argentina as the Player to Watch. He was a larger than life persona both for Barcelona and Argentina at the time of football World Cup and even now also. He was player of the year before the World Cup. He was expected to singlehandedly win the matches for Barcelona. This put a huge pressure on Lionel Messi to perform at his very best every time he entered the field. But, as he played every match for Barcelona at very high intensity he got drained after that. The World Cup was just round the corner at that time. The expectation from him was sky high. He also wanted to succeed and fill in the shoes of their legendary coach Diego Maradona. He

was so pressurized by the expectation from the people and from his own belief that he faltered in the World Cup. He could have prepared well with the Argentinian team rather than play for the more lucrative club football. This was a choice that he had to make before the world Cup. He never got the chance to adapt to the team.

In general from real life example we can say, Personal conflict could be as simple as a girl having a crush on a guy who isn't interested, or an underage guy wanting to drink with his friends except his sister watches him like a hawk. Global or community conflict can be big--Palestinians feel the creation of Israel denied them a homeland, or the arbitrary borderline drawn to separate Pakistan and India sparking three wars so far. Or it can be smaller; my city wants to spend 50 million creating a downtown transportation complex combining bus and rail terminals with shopping, and many voters would rather the money be spent to improve streets and parks. Looking past through the history we can also found such cases like, ISWARCHANDRA BIDYASAGARA introduced widow marriage in India but when his son married a widow at first he was disturbed. RAMMOHAN ROY always was against the cast division but he had never left wearing the sign of BRAMHANA poite. RABINDRANATH TAGORE was against the dowry system but later in case marriage ceremony of his own daughters he gave a good dowry to his son-inlaw. So ,above results are some good examples of role conflicts in real life situations.