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Global Crossing provides one of the most powerful and versatile managed IP VPN solutions available today, providing
your business with the reach, reliability, performance, and customer support you need to increase employee mobility
and productivity leading to faster decision making and speed to market. Our IP VPN network was built for the ever-
increasing demand for converged IP services. Learn how you can benefit today from our converged IP VPN service
offering including support for data, VoIP, IP Videoconferencing, and Internet Access services delivered over a single
VPN connection and local access loop.

Global Crossing IP VPN Service™

helps join remote customer premises GC IP Video
into a single protected corporate GC VoIP
network with a broad range of Ethernet
Site B
telecommunications services and
guaranteed quality of service. It is Customer
Site A
ideal for building your converged Provider Global Crossing Provider
IP VPN Service
business applications such as VoIP, Sonet/SDH,
Routers (MPLS)
Routers Extranet
IP Videoconferencing, Internet DSL
Access, or a combination of all three. GC ATM/
Frame Relay
Global Crossing’s IP VPN service
offering provides you with a cost- IP Gateway DSL
effective, flexible, secure, and reliable
network to meet your needs. Global Customer Mobile Customer
Internet Site C
Crossing IP VPN Service is a true Site D IPSec IPSec Work Site

MPLS-based service built directly over Remote VPN Access Remote VPN Access
Mobility Option
SOHO Option
our global DWDM fiber optic network
operating above five-nines (99.999%)
availability 365 days a year.


Increases employee mobility leading to faster decision making that allows your company to bring your products or
services to market faster than your competitors
Reduces your overall costs of operations allowing you to focus your resources on more important business critical
Offers flexibility through three classes of service to help you properly budget for diverse application needs
Gives you the scalability to support as many sites and users as needed with service availability in more than 600
cities and more than 60 countries on six continents increasing your employees’ business productivity
Unparalleled support as Global Crossing provides the answers and assistance you need to continue your
company’s operations and you can rely on us to not face your daily business challenges alone
Available within Global Crossing’s Converged Services Portfolio that reduces your overall costs of operations
enabling you to focus your resources on important business critical matters while allowing you to leverage and
make the most of your legacy equipment
Flexible pricing options that allow you to maximize your VPN resources while minimizing your monthly costs

Global Crossing’s IP VPN network is built for the ever-increasing demand for converged IP services. A Converged
IP solution is an end-to-end managed services environment where data, voice, video and multimedia applications
are supported on a single IP-based platform. The convergence of these applications provides simplicity in network
design and administration, as well as connectivity, billing and customer care. Allowing Global Crossing to manage
your converged IP network further simplifies your solution and enables you to focus on managing your core
business. Global Crossing has operated a global MPLS based IP VPN service since 2001 and is in more than 600
cities in over 60 countries on six continents worldwide. Our IP VPN network was built
Standard SLAs
Flexibility to meet your total service needs Network Availability - 100%
Full-Mesh Layer 3 IP VPN service connectivity ideal Packet Delivery – 99.999% - Premium CoS
for any-to-any corporate networking needs Jitter – 5 ms – Premium CoS
Service Availability - 99.999%- Premium COS
Point-to-point Layer 2 service connectivity for
Service Availability including Local Access –
transporting traditional protocol traffic (HDLC, PPP,
Frame Relay, ATM, Ethernet). Ideal for high-speed
Latency – End-to-end round-trip latency SLAs
virtual Private Line and Extended Ethernet
A combination of L2 and L3 connectivity over a single IP VPN ADDITIONAL SERVICES
port for maximum flexibility
Features Include Global Crossing Managed Services
iMPLS™ Global Crossing Managed Services (GCMS) provide
MLPP fully managed, end-to-end service and lifecycle
support for our IP VPN service. GCMS provides you
Dynamic allocation with the experience and reliability needed to ensure
IPv6 your service is designed, installed, managed, and
Multicast maintained 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. GCMS
provides the following services and support
MPLS Sham Links
Scalable access to meet your range of location and Solution Design. End-to-end technical design,
business application needs. CPE furnishing and configuration, coordinated
DS0 up to OC48/STM16 service order and delivery (equipment, access,
VPN service), project management support.
Fast and Gigabit Ethernet
Service Installation. Equipment staging, on-site
NxT1/E1 installation, service turn-up, acceptance testing.
NxT3/E3 Service Management. 24x7 global coverage and
DSL (currently available in North America and the technical support, proactive monitoring, fault
U.K. – expanding in Europe soon) management, reporting, complete life-cycle
Frame Relay and ATM access and interworking
24x7 Customer Support. 24x7 customer contact
Remote VPN Access ensures secure VPN centers and support, uCommand® web-based
connectivity for your remote locations and mobile self-service management portal
workforce from any geographic location in the world. On-site Maintenance and SLA Support. On-site
Site and Mobility Connectivity option uses secure maintenance options for 4-hour 24x7 coverage or
IPSec encrypted tunnels across your designated next-business day coverage.
Internet provider to interconnect fixed-location sites UCOMMAND¨ ONLINE ACCOUNT AND SERVICE
or mobile workforce MANAGEMENT
With uCommand®, you are in control. Our leading
Hosted Radius server – a high performance with tier online account management tool provides you with
one level of support for reliability and scalability secure access to the information you need 24 hours
Converged Multi-Service Support provides integrated a day.
support for the following services: Access and manage your account history and
Global Crossing IP VPN ServiceTM services, obtain or review invoices, view detailed
traffic performance reports, manage your hosted
Global Crossing Remote VPN Access Radius server, create and track trouble tickets, order
Global Crossing Dedicated Internet Access new services, or contact customer service. And best
Global Crossing Secured Internet Access of all, it’s provided for you at no additional cost.
Global Crossing VoIP ServiceTM Contact your Global Crossing account representative
to find out more.
Global Crossing IP Videoconferencing Service


For more information on the Global Crossing IP VPN please contact your account
representative or visit www.globalcrossing.com.

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