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The New Generation Medium Utility Helicopter








A superior military, multi-role capable platform designed to meet the challenges of 21st Century operations, the AW149 sets new standards for utility, speed, range and safety delivering exceptional tactical superiority and maximum battleeld effect. High performance engines and rotors enable the AW149 to outperform every other medium twin-engine helicopter in its class High volume unobstructed cabin enabling a variety of layouts for multi-role versatility State-of-the-art avionics and mission systems minimise pilot workload allowing the crew to concentrate on mission objectives Powerful CT7 engines deliver high performance for operations in hot and high environments. The AW149 is specically designed as a military helicopter to achieve the multi-mission demands of expeditionary warfare and Homeland Security. This new generation utility helicopter meets both todays stringent military standards and the latest civil certication requirements. The helicopter delivers capability across a broad spectrum of tasks, including: Troop Transport CSAR Special Forces Operations CASEVAC / MEDEVAC Command and Control Re-supply / External load lift SAR / Humanitarian Assistance




SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE IN CHALLENGING CONDITIONS The AW149 delivers best-in-class performance, including superior hover performance, a cruise speed in excess of 150kts, a maximum range greater than 650 nm (1,200 km) and endurance of up to 5 hours. With powerful CT7 engines, the AW149 assures superior performance and controllability in extreme hot-and-high environments or harsh conditions, allowing maximum payloads in all challenging operational theatres. The AW149s exceptional power margin provides even in OEI conditions the performance capability needed to achieve mission success, whatever the mission. NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR OPTIMUM CAPABILITY The ergonomic low-workload, high situational awareness Glass Cockpit philosophy is based upon four large Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays (8 x 10 inches) with integral input keys and a track ball on the inter-seat console for rapid selection of functions. Mission capabilities are further supported by a state-of-the-art integrated digital avionics system with powerful mission computers. The ARINC 429 and MIL-STD 1553B data bus, enable easy integration of mission equipment for maximum operational effectiveness. The dual channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) and 4-axis digital AFCS further contribute to reduced pilot workload and increased situational awareness. The AW149s ergonomic cockpit design, outstanding external visibility, excellent handling characteristics and low vibration levels together with innovative instrument solutions minimise pilot fatigue to allow the crew to concentrate on mission objectives. Advanced open avionics architecture, mission processing, tactical displays and data link ensure the AW149 is fully integrated into todays Network-Enabled operating environment.

SAFETY BUILT-IN Engineered to the highest safety and survivability standards, the AW149 is constructed incorporating the latest advances in aviation technology for greater dependability and safety whilst ensuring completion of the mission objectives. In particular, these advances include: Advanced integrated avionics improving both systems monitoring (HUMS) and operational capability Low detectability due to low radar cross section, IR and acoustic signatures in all phases of ight Damage tolerant, fail safe design Transmission with tested 30 minute run-dry capability Complete redundancy of all vital systems High survivability based on energy-absorbing landing gear and crashworthy crew seats, fuel tanks and airframe High main and tail-rotor ground clearance providing added safety for troops and crew during ingress and egress Provision for Obstacle Warning System (OWS), Terrain Avoidance and Warning System (TAWS) and Trafc Collision Avoidance System (TCAS).


EXCEPTIONAL CABIN VERSATILITY The AW149 has a large (11.6 m), easily-accessible, unobstructed main cabin. It has the capacity to carry heavily laden troops quickly to their drop-off point in support of high tempo operations with all the equipment for the task. The Customer can choose from modular fuel tank options to suit the mission type. The generous 2.4 m cargo area can also be made accessible from the main cabin. This enables ready storage for mission equipment such as stretchers and medical kit whilst keeping the troop cabin free of carry on equipment. The cabin layout can be quickly converted to suit changing tasks, such as CSAR, CASEVAC and troop transport. Options range from an 8-man section in full battle order with section support weapons plus two door gunners to 18 soldiers in ferry conguration. Alternatively, the ample space may be utilised for a wide variety of tailored mission and role equipment including NATO standard litters. The AW149 has large sliding doors on both sides making the AW149 an excellent platform for rapid boarding and egress. This design ensures fast recovery of stretchers on the ground or in ight using the hoist whilst allowing simultaneous cover re from window-mounted weapons (7.62mm/ 12.7mm machine gun). Low oor height enables ease of loading and unloading cargo through cabin doors. Hard points enable fast roping and rappelling from both sides of the cabin.

FERRY - 18 troops


TROOP TRANSPORT - 12 troops - 2 gunners


CASEVAC / CSAR - 2 medics - 4 ground protection - 2 gunners/crew - 2 stretchers


MULTI-ROLE CAPABILITY Rugged utility capability in support of special and conventional forces operations Easily adaptable for a range of roles from peace keeping to combat operations and for paramilitary-style operations in support of Homeland Security Multi-role capable with quick turnaround of missionessential role equipment Flexible cabin layout to meet Customer requirements with easy access, stowage and fast egress and ingress on both sides of the aircraft Role-t ballistic protection and armoured seats.


A TRUE UTILITY WORKHORSE Maximised for Day/Night and All Environment (DNAE) operation and from low level nap of the earth to ight in controlled air space (single pilot IFR capability) High useful internal and external load and high speed for increased mission effectiveness Power margin available to operate in difcult Out of Ground Effect conditions or One Engine Inoperative (OEI) High survivability design features including low noise signature, reduced infra-red signature and reduced radar cross-section Exceptional self-deployment range Optional De-icing/ Anti-icing enables ight into known icing conditions Deployable by strategic air and sea transportation with minimum disruption to operational tasking

MISSION EQUIPMENT The AW149 is a multi-role helicopter platform with an extensive range of role and mission equipment including: Fast rope and abseiling points Internal pintle-mounted gun provisions Secure voice and data comms Tactical mission console in cabin CASEVAC / MEDEVAC installation including medical equipment for en-route casualty care Cargo hook 6,000 lb (2,720 kg ) maximum load In addition, for maximised situational awareness and mission effectiveness: Nose-mounted radar Electro-optical Device (FLIR) with Low Light Level TV and eye-safe Laser Range Finder Datalinks Fully NVG compatible internal and external aircraft lighting Defensive Aids Suite including IR Suppression System and chaff and are dispenser System Helmet Mounted Displays Provision for a range of customer furnished equipment

CUSTOMER TAILORED TRAINING & WORLDWIDE SUPPORT AgustaWestland places great emphasis on customer satisfaction. The AW149 benets from an extensive customer support network. Training solutions are tailored to each customers specic requirements.


DIMENSIONS Length overall Overall height Rotor diameter 17.57 m 5.14 m 14.6 m 57.64 ft 16.86 ft 47.90 ft

PROPULSION 2 x General Electric CT7-2E1 Turboshafts with FADEC ENGINE RATING AEO Take off power 2 x 1,477 kW OEI 2.5 min contingency power 1,570 kW APU WEIGHT Max gross weight PERFORMANCE Max cruise speed (*) Hover OGE (35C/95F) (*) INTERNAL VOLUMES Cabin Rear cargo hold Rating 60 kW

2 x 1,980 shp 2,105 shp

8,600 kg

18,959 lb

278 km/h > 1,830 m

150 kts > 6,000 ft

11.6 m 2.4 m

409 ft 85 ft

(*) Mission weight with 12 troops in full combat order for 150 nm radius mission


14.60 m

8.85 m 2.90 m

4.00 m 3.01 m 2.55 m 3.02 m 4.79 m 14.60 m 17.57 m

5.14 m


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