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Registration of Vehicle
The vehicle can be driven or allowed to be driven in public place only after registration by registering authority as under the provision of section 39 of motor vehicle Act 1988.

A. New vehicle registration

Owner of a vehicle residing in this district and KMDA area either private or commercial has to approach Motor Vehicle Department for registration at Barasat or Barrackpore. The registration procedure includes the vehicle to be inspected physically by Inspecting Authority for its particulars and followed by registration. The documents required to apply the registration are as follows :Form-20 duly filled up. Form 21 (Sale certificate) issued by the vehicle dealer Form 22 (Road worthiness certificate) issued by the which manufacturer Copy of valid vehicle insurance policy/covernote Copy of address proof at which vehicle is to be registered. Form 34 duly signed by owner and the financier in case vehicle is bought on Hypothecation One time road tax as applicable Prescribed fee for registration Form 60 & 61 in lieu of PAN Card On submission of all above documents duly filled in alongwith signature and requisite fees the vehicle should allotted a registration number and thereafter the Road Tax & other tax shall be charged as applicable vide W.B. Motor Tax Rules. The registration certificate i.e. Form &ndash 23 is being issued in smart card format.

B. Temporary Registration(TR)
As per the provision of section 43 of the central motor vehicle Act temporary registration certificate can be given to a vehicle only in case when owner of a vehicle wants to take his vehicle to the other state. Maximum period of validity of temporary registration made under this section is one month and it is not renewable. The temporary registration is also known as transit registration because the destination point is also mentioned in it where the vehicle has to reach. The Motor Vehicle Department can also delegate this Registration power to the Dealer.

C. Hypothecation endorsement & deletion(HPA/HPT)

If a vehicle is purchased on loan from a financier the same could be endorsed in the registration certificate when the loan is repaid and following are the documents required. Registration certificate in original Form No. 34 duly filled (for endorsement of Hypothecation). Form No. 35 duly filled (for deletion of Hypothecation) A certificate from financier for having retained full dues from the financier (for deletion case only) Copy of valid insurance. Copy of address proof of the registered owner. Copy of valid pollution under control certificate. Prescribed fee

D. Transfer of Ownership of a vehicle (TO)

The transfer of ownership of a vehicle is to be applied in the concerned zonal office where vehicle is already registered and following are the documents to be submitted :Registration certificate in original Form No. 29 duly filled in duplicate (attested one copy) Form No. 30 duly filled in duplicate Copy of valid insurance certificate Copy of address proof of buyer Copy of valid Pollution Under Control Certificate Prescribed fee

E. Transfer of Ownership(TO) in case of death of the Registered Owner

In such case the application is to be made by the first legal heirs/the person succeeding to the possession of the vehicle with following documents. Registration certificate in original Form 31 in duplicate with endorsement of the financier if the vehicle is held on hire purchase agreement along with NOC from financier. Copy of death certificate of the registered owner. Certificate issued by SDM. Affidavit by the applicant to this effect and from the other legal heirs relinquishing their right in favour of the applicant. Copy of valid insurance certificate. Copy of address proof of Applicant. Copy of valid PUC(for commercial vehicle) For Commercial Vehicle in addition to above Permit surrender slip issued by STA branch. Tax clearance. Valid Fitness Certificate.

F. Transfer of Ownership (purchased through public auction)

Any person who has acquired vehicle at a public auction conducted by or on behalf of the state or central Govt. shall by or on behalf of the state or central govt. shall apply with in thirty days of taking possession of the vehicle to the registering authority in whose jurisdiction applicant is residing alongwith following documents and The Vehicle would be re-registation provided it complies the EURO -II norms. Application on Form No. 32. Form No. 20 dully filled in. Certificate of Registration in original. Sale certificate in form 21 issued by the Auctioning authority in favour of the owner of the vehicle. Or. The certificate or the order confirming the sale of the vehicle in his favour duly signed by the person authorized to conduct the auction. The certified copy of the order of the Sate or Central Govt. authority auction of the vehicle. Copy of the insurance in favour of purchaser.

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Copy of pollution under control certificate. Copy of address proof. Road tax as applicable. Registration/Re-registration fee.

G. Alteration Motor Vehicle

Under the provisions of section 52 of Motor Vehicle Act, the alteration of Motor Vehicle is allowed after prior permission of registering authority. If registering authority feels the sufficient ground to alter the vehicle, the permission is granted. The conversion like from fuel Petrol to C.N.G. is also allowed after the permission in case of engine assembly.

H. Re-Registration of motor vehicles brought to West Bengal from other states

If a registered owner of a vehicle brings the vehicle to Delhi, which is already registered in some other state after obtaining a N.O.C from the concerned state can apply for re-registration in Delhi, The documents required are as under: Other state registration certificate in original. Form No. 28 (NOC in duplicate) Form No. 27 Form No. 20 Copy Local of address proof. Copy of valid insurance. Copy of pollution under control certificate. Fitness certificate. Road tax (as applicable) Prescribed fee for registration.

I. N.O.C. for Other State

If a registered owner of a vehicle intends to take his vehicle to some other state & get the same re-registered there, can apply for NOC on prescribed form-28. The following are the required / formalities to be completed. Application on Form No. 28 (in Quadruplicate) Copy of the registration certificate. Evidence of payment of road tax up-to-date. Or no road tax dues certificate from the tax-collection authority. Valid Insurance.

J. Duplicate Registration Certificate

Any registered owner can apply for a duplicate registration certificate in case the original one is either lost or mutilated after submitting following documents. Application on Form No. 26 (in duplicate and with the endorsement from the financier of Hypothecated). Original copy of the F.I.R. Copy of valid insurance policy. Copy of pollution under control certificate. Copy of address proof. Prescribed fee. Tax clearance.

K. Exhibition of Registration No. of Vehicle

All letters of the Registration mark/ Number shall be in English and the figures shall be in Arabic numerals and the letters & figures shall be painted in reflecting colours and be shown.

Size of Exhibition Board

Sl. No. 01 02 Vehicles Height Thickness Space In MM

For Motor Cycle or Scooters For All Motor Vehicles

35 65

07 10

05 10

Color of Exhibition Board

Sl. No. 01 02 03 04 05 Type Registratiom Exhibition of Registration No.

Non-Transport Transport Temporarily Registered Vehicle Vehicles in the possession of dealer Transport vehicle under rent a cab scheme, 1989

Black on White ground. Black on Yellow ground. Red on Yellow ground. White on Red ground. Yellow on Black ground.

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