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The Woman on Los Feliz By Centrifugal Studio

UCA CGAA Narrative Project Group 1

THE WOMAN ON LOS FELIZ SCENE 1 - EXT. STREET - LATE NIGHT An empty street corner in Los Feliz. Its night and theres a slight mist in the air. A shaded figure is seen beneath a streetlamp. Around him is darkness. DORIAN (Voice-Over, husky) You know what? He lights a cigarette, the light revealing his eyes beneath his low-brimmed hat. He is DORIAN DAYLE. DORIAN (Voice-Over, husky) I didnt have time to think, or even time to catch my breath... The sound of high heeled footsteps can be heard. DORIAN turns and watches as MAVE makes her way across the street. MAVE looks up and catches DORIANS eye. DORIAN (Voice-Over, husky) Her first glance had stolen that away. SCENE 2 - INT. CAFE - AFTERNOON A empty cafe. DORIAN is sitting next to the window, smoking and reading the paper. It light outside, yet somehow the room seems smokey, dark, cramped. TEXT: Who is she? MAVE walks past the window and DORIAN does a double take, tracking her with bewilderment in his eyes. STATIC - A short image of a blood spattered room - STATIC SCENE 3 - EXT. STREET - LATE NIGHT A corner on an empty street, a streetlamp in the empty night; DORIANs silhouette can be seen, waiting beneath it. TEXT: This mysterious, confident woman! A pair of headlights appear, DORIAN looks up, alert. Its a taxi, and although its not lit as vacant, he attempts (CONTINUED)



to signal it anyway. The taxi pulls up and the rear window rolls down to reveal MAVE. DORIAN stares, pleasantly surprised and taken back. WOMAN (smiling) Hey, looking for a cab? DORIAN smiles and nods. DORIAN (grinning) Not anymore! MAVE (suggestively) I dont mind sharing... DORIAN grins and gets in. SCENE 4 - INT. TAXI - LATE NIGHT DORIAN and MAVE are sat in the back of the cab, an intimate distance apart. MAVE reclines against the door, while DORIAN looks over her appraisingly. DORIAN (with charm) So, wheres a dame like you off to at this time of night? MAVE (coyly) A dame like me? Whats that supposed to mean? DORIAN A dame that can stop a guy in his tracks with a look, Im like rabbit caught in a pair of beautiful headlights. TEXT: And... The car screeches to a sudden stop. DORIAN (concerned, leaning forward) Hey, what the... SAMMY, the driver, turns round and cracks DORIAN across the temple with a pistol, knocking him out. Text: Who will be the man to save her? STATIC - A woman screams, blood trickles across the floor - STATIC


SCENE 5 - INT. TAXI - EARLY MORNING DORIAN stirs awake in the back of the taxi. He rights him self, dazedly taking stock of his surroundings. The realisation of what has happened hits him, and his determination to find MAVE is clear on his face. He sets off to find her. SCENE 6 - EXT. ALLEY - LATE NIGHT We see SAMMY poking his head of an alley door way, suddenly DORIAN is upon him. Their dark silhouettes tussle in the alleyway. Their fight knocks over trashcan and rubbish piles. DORIAN gets the better of SAMMY, sliding him up against the alley wall. TEXT: Dorian Dayle! A strong left hook sends SAMMY crumpling to the floor. DORIAN makes his way inside to the gangs hideout. TEXT: No case left unsolved... SCENE 7 - INT. GANG HIDEOUT - LATE NIGHT A dark and cold basement. Light pierces the room as DORIAN kicks open the door. The light illuminates MAVE, tied to a chair in the centre of the room MAVE (in relief) Dorian! TEXT: And no dame left unsaved! SCENE 8 - INT. LIVING ROOM - LATE NIGHT The view distorts, as if the audience had passed through curved glass. The border surrounding the film closes in, forming the edges of a TV screen. Its revealed that the audience have been watching a film trailer, a movie within a movie. The view travels further back, revealing a cluttered room. DORIAN is sat in the only chair, positioned straight in front of the TV, a glass in one hand, a bottle in the other. His mobile rings, he answers. As they talk, the view pans up to and approaches a movie post of MAVE on the wall above the TV.




DORIAN (tentatively) Hello? SAMMY (gloating) Dorian, can me and the boys still count on you for tonight? DORIAN (resigned) Yeah, Ill make sure me and the cops are nowhere near. SAMMY Good... good. Theres the sound of a gunshot and a bullet rips through the poster, which begins to leak blood. STATIC - A womans body lying in a pool of blood - STATIC END