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Golmen Gazette

e Volume 3, Issue 11 October 27, 2011

The November character trait is

Demonstrating honor & value through actions

Homework News
Multiplication Incentives: As soon as your child passes all levels, I will reward them with a special treat from the PTA Treat Box in the Teachers Lounge. This is NOT on the healthy list. If you choose for your child to opt-out, please let me know. I can come up with healthy lists. I would love to be able to provide some incentives from local businesses. If you should know of any business who would like to donate little treats, I would greatly appreciate it! Next week I will begin sending home math homework packets. These packets are strictly voluntary. As students return graded packets, new ones will be sent home. I will keep track of students choosing to participate and have extra privileges available for them in the classroom. Answer keys will be included with the homework because its important for students to practice correctly. As students complete each practice sheet, it should be graded before they begin working on the next one. The practice sheets will not include new skills. Instead, theyll reinforce learning that has already occurred in the classroom.

Weekly Quizzes
Monday Editing Quiz Thursday-Spelling Test Friday Math Check-up, Reading
FALL PARTY REQUEST PTA is requesting toilet paper for a craft activity for our Fall Festival. If you have an extra roll or two, please send it in to our class.

Mark Your Calendar

October 28 - NO SCHOOL Nov. 3 Health Fair Nov. 4 Fundraiser Kickoff Nov. 4 - FALL Party from 11:30- 1:00 Nov. 7 Academic Pep Rally (wear RED) Nov. 8 No SCHOOL (PD Day) Nov. 9 Veterans Day Assembly @ 9 am Nov. 18 PTA Movie Night Nov. 23-25 No School Nov. 29 Boot Camp

With this being said, the math homework is something students should be able to do independently, but if youll help with grading or at least occasionally double-check that theyve graded correctly, I would greatly appreciate it.
VETERANs Day Program Please review the information in your childs folder regarding : 1. Veterans Day. It is on November 9 at 9 a.m. 2. Academic Pep Rally 3. Supplies needed for art class on Tuesday

Next Week Reading: Compare and Contrast Writing: Transition Words, Writing Process Revising Working with Words: everything, dont, our, continuous, swimming, queen, quilt, quick, quart, quiz [Suffix ous, Ending ing, Never spell q without u] Math: Two-digit by two-digit multiplication Science: Soil, Diary of a Worm,