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& A.t desktop typographers should study this book. It is not A ‘one more publication on typography, like so many others on the market. It is, instead, a must for every- body in the graphic arts, and especially for our new friends en- tering the field. Written by an expert, Robert Bringhurst’s book is particularly welcome in an age where typographic design is sometimes misconstrued as a form of private self-expression for designers. As Bringhurst puts it: Good typography is like bread: ready to be admired, appraised and dissected before it is con- sumed: I wish to see this book become the Typographers’ Bible.” — HERMANN ZAPF “It is rare to find a book on typography that successfully com- bines the personal with the practical, the philosophical with the truly useful. But Bringhurst has brought both worlds together in what is sure to become a typographic classic, a book for both Practitioners of the typographic arts and those who wish to know the reasons behind what Stanley Morison called ‘the most, ‘conservative of all the crafts?" = DAVID R. GODINE “A classic inthe field” ~ Library Journal “Wonderfully comprehensive.” ~ Aldus “Alovely and thought. provoking look at typography today” — Step-by-Step Graphics “A milestone in bookmaking and book history.” pasa “Gesbeautifully produced. t's lucidly written. t's full of wisdom. It ‘was an honor to read it” ~ The Editorial Eye ROBERT BRINGHURST is one of Canada's most highly regarded typogra- pphets and book designers, a well as one of its most respected and best ‘known poets. He has taught literature, art history and typographic history at several universities and held fellowships from the Canada Council and the Guggenheim Foundation, 9 wn Nn ISBN 0-88179-133-4 34.95 in the Usa / $39.95 in Canada Pe cORe NIUd LSYNH m faa] rc = ™ VA 4 nv ° cl 4 ~< ian) ie) a) vo] Da a] x le) 7) — ~< a m -ABTHECD ELEMENTS JKLOFUV WTYPO-X GRAPHIC QSTYLEZ Aaaddeaaaaa b Robert Bringhurst 3 SECOND EDITION ¢ THE ELEMENTS of voern | TYPOGRAPHIC STYLE ‘The Shipwrights ag «972 ( second edition Robert Bringhurst Selec Poems 1970-1995 +1995 4 mantuey & Manns, Publishers Copyright © 1992. 1996.1997 by Robert einghurst Secoadedition 7.65432 Alright esr. No pact this ‘book maybe reproduced in any fom corby any means without perion from the publisher (rin the case of photocopying in Canad, without & cene rom Cana the Canadian (Copyright Liensing Agency) Critics however ar welcome to quote if usages by way of crim and Pont Rabe wa 98281 3661 Wes Broadway Typeset in Canad printed 8 bound inthe wa. “This printing ofthe second iin Incorporates additions and conection wo the following pages: 7.9847. 886,193,207,228,232, 79,308 38, 316,317,338335, rary of Congres Catling in Pabication Data Binghurst, Reber. Theelementof ypographistyle/ Robert Bringhust.— sade pm Indes inde. ssi 0-88179-135-4 (loth: 534.95.- ss 0-88179-122-6 (pb): S495 1 Layout (Priting) 2. Typeand ype founding. 3. Book design 1 Tite stex's4-dero 96-3241 Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Dat Bringhutst, Rober, 1946 The cements of typographic ye Indes index tony 0-88179-133-4 (bound) 150s 0-88179-132-6 (pbk) + Layout Prati) 2 Type and type-founding 3, Book design ‘4 ritng~ Specimens. 1 Tie for my colleagues 6 friends in the worlds of letters: writers & editors, ype designers, sypographers, printers & publishers, shepherding words and books on ther lethal and innocent ways