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The work of the night receptionist starts during the night. He is responsible for most of the work of the reception including other activities which are required to be completed during the night duty. The main duties & responsibilities of the night front office staff are: 1. To take handover from the outgoing person. 2. Read log book 3. Read arrival list, tally all blocked rooms for them 4. To be responsible for early morning wake up calls & departures. 5. Slots to be cleared for messages at midnight 6. Filling GRC for the next days arrivals, making their keys ready & preparation of meal cards if any 7. Check for any requisitions for night arrivals 8. After midnight check for all keys & also check all are in correct slots 9. To check that all public areas & front office area are rightly cleaned 10. Switch off extra lights of the lobby & around. 11. No show to be done early morning & their GRC are void & removed from slot 12. To check that arrival register for the day has been completely filed in. 13. To report any suspicious happening of night to the GM 14. To keep the records of the room sales 15. To keep records of house count & other occupancy reports, for the day 16. To prepare the night room sales report 17. To check that all the windows, doors, etc of the ground floor & basement are properly closed & make the surprise check of the security from time to time

NIGHT CLERK REPORT: This report is prepared daily by the night receptionist from the information obtained from different racks maintained at the front desk and the cahier. This report helps night auditor to prepare his night auditor report.

NIGHT REPORT FOR: Total saleable rooms: _________________ Rooms vacant: _______________________ Rooms resold: _______________________ Hotel guest: ________________________ Rooms complimentary: _______________ Staff: ______________________________ Room under repair: ___________________ Rooms occupied: _____________________ Single: ____________________________ Double suites: ______________________ Occupancy percentage: _______________ Revenue: __________________________ ARR: _____________________________ Total guests: _______________________ Indians: ____________________________ Foreigners: _________________________ Walk ins: ___________________________ Cancellations: _______________________ No shows: __________________________ Position: ___________________________


NIGHT AUDITING Night audit: the control process whereby the financial activity of guests accounts is maintained and balanced on a daily basis Night auditor: the person who balances the daily financial transactions of guests who have used hotel services, acts as a desk clerk for the night shift, and communicates with the controller Night Auditing demonstrates the importance of producing an accurate summary of the financial transactions that occur in a hotel on any given day. The components of the night Audit includes posting room and tax charges, assembling guest charges and payments, reconciling departmental financial activities, reconciling the accounts receivable, and preparing the night audit report. SOP (Standard Operating Procedure Night Audit) Arrive early for your shift. Go through the Pre-Shift Meeting check list. Prepare your Daily Log Report. Read previous reports and initial. Check Current Status. Check out expected arrival on screen and print. Do a bucket check against your computer print out. Follow up any discrepancies. Check for pre-registration. Check expected departures. Should be 0 before continuing. Check the interfaces for the Telephone and Movies to see that they are operational. Do a printout of charges and put in check-out drawer. Count your cash. Shortages are the clerks responsibility. Post incoming functions to the board in the lobby. Change the date. Check for incoming reservations. Allocate to rooms. Provide guest with all promotional information on check-out. Any rooms checking in after your audit will be recorded on the new day sheet. The computer must be adjusted to show NCI as occupied/dirty. Also record the room numbers and times on the Housekeepers Report. Prepare a wake call Sheet, a log of changes and a shag sheet for the new day. Check wake-up calls that have been entered onto the system against the telephone record sheet. Do a wake-up call audit from the telephone system. Leave the work area neat and organized. Do your deposit and put it in the safe. Date for the new day. Count the petty cash if you have made change during the shift. Key audit to be done every night. Complete the Daily Log listing all exceptional occurrences.