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"We now have 17 players w'lo rave represented tne r courtry at one eve' or another.

with 11 full internationals .. and we now have nine players in tne first team squad who are romegrown"
It wasn't the fact that we beat Doncaster Rovers last Friday night; it was the manner in which we did it. A great team performance, the players displayed guts, aggression, withstood the physical challenge and simply out-played and out-ran the opposition on live TV, watched by millions. I hope you didn't suffer nosebleeds as we reached the dizzy heights of fifth position - albeit only for 19 hours - but with our second consecutive clean sheet, our first away league win of the season and the second highest scorers in the Championship, we can look ahead with confidence. It is great news that Tom Lees has Signed a new contract and followed by Ramon Nunez and Zac Thompson. As I have said before, player negotiations are not always straightforward and I recognise some fans' impatience, but often it is not easy. However, we now have no less than 17 players who have represented their country at one level or another, with 11 full internationals. The really pleasing aspect is that we now have nine players in the first team squad who are homegrown and have come up through the ranks. We have achieved this at a time when Aston Villa have stated that they must reduce their annual wage bill by an average of O.Sm a player, Chelsea have declared that they will reduce their wage bill and must increase commercial, corporate and ticket income and the new QPR owner has stated that he doesn't intend to buy success, the club must be self-supporting. This evening, I am pleased to announce two new commercial partnerships which will be a benefit to the fans. With the help of our main club sponsor, Enterprise Insurance and its partner Motorway Direct Pic, we are now able to offer our fans a range of vehicle-based insurance products which should show a saving on your current premiums log on to www.lufcinsuranceservices.com for more information on warranty cover available Our official Gaming Partner EA Sports recently launched FIFA 12 with an exclusive Leeds United PS3 and Xbox cover. Thousands of Leeds fans have downloaded and I'm delighted to announce that we were their third most downloaded cover of EA Sports' portfolio of football club partnerships. We were just behind Arsenal and Chelsea which demonstrated that we are above most other so-called "big clubs". EA Sports are here this evening, just outside the Centenary Pavilion with their Dugout so call in to have a go on FIFA 12. I wonder how much of YOUR money was wasted by the BBC (Biased Bloated Corporation) on their disastrous Look North so-called documentary on Leeds United last week? Hosted by the unfortunately named David Conn, it was a typical BSC documentary which told us nothing at all. This was followed by a so-called fans forum on SSC Radio Leeds in which the aforementioned Conn was on the panel. Unfortunately for the producers, nobody was very interested in the ownership issue; it came down to the usual fans' concerns with ticket prices and concessions. Also on the panel was a Rob Wilson, a soccer finance expert from Sheffield and Hallam University. He commented (and here I quote verbatim): "Looking at this completely objectively and looking at the accounts over the last few years, Leeds as a business, which is what this football club is, is doing okay. So, however the club has been owned, whoever owned the club, whoever owns the club, the bottom line is that Leeds are dOing okay. 'The key question for any fan is, and I'm not a Leeds fan, will we go back to where we were in 2007 or will we go back to where we were in 2003? And the accounts at the moment are suggesting not. "I set someone on to look at the accounts. Improving turnover, improving profitability, improving liquidity of the business, they have more money to pay their creditors than they used to have. There's no significant interest-bearing creditors so no one is calling the money in on anything borrowed. There's no interest bearing loans. There's no wages going over ratio so 45 per cent of Leeds' turnover is spent on wages. So, effectively as a model, what he is doing or what he appears to be doing, is sound. " This is a ringing endorsement of the way we run the club and comes after the comments of Mr Damien Collins MP who said (through gritted teeth) that, "Leeds United is financially secure and upwardly mobile". As I said on Yorkshire Radio, William Shakespeare wrote a play about the programme, namely Much Ado About Nothing. Mr Conn was described as an investigative journalist. Perhaps after six years of working on this case, he should consider a career change or more significantly, his employer the Guardian newspaper (which is losing 40m per year) should consider it for him. The government, or more specifically. the Minister of Sport Mr Hugh Robertson has published his response