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Supreme Master Ching Hai

A Master from the Himalayas

Three-time invited lecturer for the United Nations
Recipient of the World Peace Award and the World Spiritual Leadership Award

1993 World Lecture Tour

Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom

A collection of spiritual teachings by
Supreme Master Ching Hai

Contents and original words in this book are permeated with

grace and blessings of Supreme Master Ching Hai
The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association
Offices in all major cities and countries around the world
Headquarter: PO Box 730247, San Jose, CA 95173-0247, U.S.A.
P.O. Box 9 Hsihu Hsiang, Miaoli Hsien, Formosa (Taiwan 36841)
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 2


Introduction 4

A biography of Supreme Master Ching Hai 5

1993 World lecture tour – Rediscover our supreme wisdom

The Far East

* What makes a country great – Singapore, March 8 8
* Back to the golden era – Singapore, March 9 30

* To be one with God is to do without doing – Melbourne, March 14 47
* How suffering can lead us to happiness – Sydney, March 16 67
* Seek you first the kingdom of God – Sydney, March 17 82
* You are the Supreme Master – Brisbane, March 20 99
* It is you who bless yourself – Brisbane, March 21 114

Hawaii and Mexico

* Be practical and spiritual – Honolulu, March 27 131
* We are the Supreme Master – Honolulu, March 28 154
* The communication with God, all of us can attain – Mexico, April 1 166

The United States of America and Canada

* We must find our real self – California, April 3 177
* Master power brings enlightenment – Washington D.C., April 7 194
* To appreciate life, start with enlightenment – Colorado, April 10 213
* Enlightenment is the tool for everything – Washington D.C., May 14 234
* Turn inward and listen to the heavenly teachings – Quebec, April 17 252

* Let God serve through us – Switzerland, April 20 262
* Perceive the Truth by inner wisdom – Switzerland, April 21 270
* Rediscover the Truth, goodness, and beauty – France, April 24 285
* For a happy life, go in my direction: 297
Master speaks with journalists – Austria, April 27
* Retrieve the language of God – Austria, April 27 303
* God gives the most beautiful gift to the people of the world – Belgium, April 29 313

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 3

* Escape the vicious cycle of reincarnation: 328

Master speaks with journalists – Germany, April 30
* The true meaning of initiation – Germany, May 1 339
* Bring heaven into our lives – Germany, May 4 358

* The spirit that dwells within – South Korea, May 8 368
* Above the intellect – South Korea, May 15 379
* Live a balanced life in this world and heaven – Japan, May 22 388
* Rediscover the supreme power within yourself – Hong Kong, May 28 398
* Enlightenment: The way to get out of the life and death cycle – Malaysia, June 4 414
* The heavenly melodious teaching – Thailand, June 12 431

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The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 4

Master Ching Hai, the prominent spiritual Master from the Himalayas, in an effort to bring the
heavenly message of Truth to the people around the globe who have been longing for
liberation from the cycle of transmigration while experiencing heaven on earth at the same
time, undertook the arduous task of a worldwide tour to 16 countries from the Far East to
Oceania, from South to North America, from Europe to Asia in a period of three and one-half

Yet all of these words of wisdom are only secondhand information. Master encourages us to
get first hand information by finding the supreme power within us, and allowing that power to
take care of our lives and regulate all things.

The entire contents of this book are the original words of Supreme Master Ching Hai,
recorded verbatim. Since one volume can only contain a certain number of pages, we had to
select various topics from the many in Master’s 30 lectures. (It was extremely difficult to
choose, for every word of Master is important and precious.).

A little message:

In speaking of God, or the supreme spirit, Master instructs us to use original non-sexist terms
to avoid the argument about whether God is a She or a He.

She + He = Hes (as in Bless).

Her + Him = Hirm (as in Firm).
Hers + His = Hiers (as in Dear).
Example: When God wants, Hes makes things happen according to Hiers will to suit Hirmself.
As a creator of artistic designs as well as a spiritual Teacher, Supreme Master Ching Hai
loves all expressions of inner beauty. It is for this reason that She refers to Vietnam as “Au
Lac” and Taiwan as “Formosa”. Au Lac is the ancient name of Vietnam and means
“happiness”. And the name Formosa reflects more completely the beauty of the island and its
people. Master feels that using these names brings spiritual elevation and luck to the land and
its inhabitants.
The logo’s characters, SM, stand for Supreme Master, signifying the Supreme Master power
within everyone. The logo is an interweaving of red and gold colors. Red symbolizes the
physical body, while gold represents the radiant Buddha nature or kingdom of God within.
Abbreviations - “Q”: Question; “M”: Supreme Master Ching Hai.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 5

A biography of Supreme Master Ching Hai

Master Ching Hai was born in Aulac. Her father was a highly reputed naturopath. He loved to
study world literature and was especially interested in philosophy. Among his favorites were
the writings of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu, and these were available to Master Ching Hai as a
young child. She read these and other Buddhist texts before She entered primary school.

Although Her parents are Catholic, they were open to Buddhist thoughts. Her grandmother
was a Buddhist. Master loved to spend time with Her grandmother, and she taught Her the
scriptures and Buddhist worship. Master Ching Hai developed a very open attitude toward
religions due to this background. She would attend a Catholic church in the mornings, a
Buddhist temple in the afternoons, and in the evenings would listen to lectures on the holy
teachings. This left Her with many spiritual questions, such as “Where did we come from?
What is life after death? Why are people so different?”

At one time, there was a shortage of doctors and nurses in Her town, so Master helped in the
hospital after classes. She washed patients, emptied bedpans and did errands in Her efforts
to ease people’s suffering.

Master has always had a soft spot for animals, and would often take a wounded animal home,
care for it and release it. When She saw an animal slaughtered, She would cry, wishing that
She could prevent such unnecessary suffering. She has been a vegetarian, and has always
been repulsed by the sight of killing or of meat, all Her life.

She worked for a time in Germany as a translator for the Red Cross. She translated between
the Aulacese language, German and English, and also volunteered to work long hours in the
service of Aulacese refugees. She did so at the expense of Her own health and comfort. Her
work with the Red Cross put Master Ching Hai in contact with refugees from many countries.
She was continuously faced with the suffering and turmoil brought on by wars and natural
disasters. Master suffered a great deal trying to alleviate the pain She saw, and She realized
how impossible it was for any one person to stop the suffering of humanity. This drove Her
more strongly toward finding enlightenment, as She realized that only this could help alleviate
mankind’s pain. With this as Her goal, She practiced meditation even more seriously. She
sought out new teachers, read everything She could find, and tested many different methods.
She felt, however, that these efforts were not working, and that She was not experiencing the
spiritual phenomena She read about in the scriptures, nor was She reaching the enlightened
state. This was extremely frustrating for Her at the time.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 6

While in Germany, Master Ching Hai was happily married to a German scientist, with
doctorates in two fields. He was a kind, attentive and supportive husband. He became a
vegetarian, traveled with his Wife on pilgrimages and was very supportive of Her charitable
works. Eventually, Master felt that She needed to leave Her marriage in order to pursue Her
spiritual goals. She discussed this at great length with Her husband, and their separation was
with his agreement. This was an extremely difficult decision for both of them, but Master felt
very strongly that this was the right decision. She needed to devote Her undivided attention to
the pursuit of enlightenment.

After leaving Her marriage, Master sought to find the perfect method which could lead one to
attain liberation in one life time. In the Surangama sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha said that the
Quan Yin method is the highest of all methods. None of Master’s teachers knew it, so She
traveled and searched everywhere for the right Master. Finally, after many years, She found a
Himalayan Master who initiated Her into the Quan Yin method, and gave Her the divine
transmission that She had sought for so many years. After a brief period of Quan Yin practice,
She became fully enlightened. She continued practicing and improving Her understanding,
and remained in retreat in the Himalayas for some time.

Eventually, Master Ching Hai traveled to Formosa. One evening, during a typhoon with heavy
rain, as She meditated in a room behind a small temple, a group of people knocked at Her
door. Master asked them why they had come, and they answered, “Quan Yin Bodhisattva
(The Goddess of Mercy) replied to our prayers and told us about You, saying that You are the
great Master and we should pray to You for the method to reach liberation.” Master tried to
send them away but they would not go. Finally Master, touched by their sincerity and
devotion, agreed to initiate them, but only after several months of purification and their
agreement to adhere to a vegetarian diet.

Shy by nature, Master Ching Hai did not seek out students to teach. In fact, She ran away
from people who sought Her initiation. This happened in India, and in the United States where
She was living the unassuming life of a Buddhist Nun. When She was “discovered” for the
third time in Formosa, She realized that She must not run away from the inevitable tasks that
lie ahead. She began sharing with all who wished to hear Her message of Truth, and She
began initiating sincere students into the Quan Yin method.

Master Ching Hai’s work has spread by word of mouth from this first small group in Formosa
to many millions of people around the world. She has traveled and taught throughout Africa,
Latin America, the United States, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Many people from all walks of
life, and from many different religious backgrounds, have made great spiritual progress with
Her help. Grateful friends and disciples are to be found all over the world, ready and willing to
help others learn from their beloved Supreme Master.

In addition to helping countless numbers of people through Her spiritual teachings and
initiations, Master Ching Hai has used Her boundless love and energy to assist those who are
suffering or in need. In recent years, Her humanitarian efforts have touched the hearts and
lives of millions of people all over the world. Master does not discriminate between suffering
caused by spiritual ignorance, material privation, or circumstantial events. Wherever there is
suffering, She will help.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 7

Some of Master Ching Hai’s humanitarian activities in the past few years include aid to: The
homeless throughout the United States; victims of fire in southern California; victims of many
floods in the Midwest United States, central and eastern Mainland China, India, Malaysia,
Aulac, Holland, Belgium and France; disadvantaged elderly in Brazil; those displaced by the
eruption of Mt Pinatubo in the Philippines; disaster victims in northern Thailand; destitute
families in Formosa and Singapore; lepers in Molokai, Hawaii; spiritual communities in India,
Germany and Uganda; families of mentally retarded children in Hawaii; victims of the 9-11
tragedy in New York and victims of the Los Angeles, Turkey and Formosa earthquake;
veterans of the United States; orphanages in Aulac; institutions of medical research on AIDS
and cancer in the United States; and many, many others. Of course, we must also mention
Master Ching Hai’s never-ending and tireless efforts to help the Aulacese refugees, those
both inside and out of refugee camps.

Although She has not ever sought acknowledgement of any kind, Master Ching Hai has been
recognized and honored for Her humanitarian work by government officials throughout the
world. For example, October 25, 1993 was proclaimed “The Supreme Master Ching Hai Day”
by the Mayor Fasi of Honolulu Hawaii, and February 22, 1994 was likewise proclaimed by the
six Governors of the States of Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri and Minnesota. She
also received the “World Peace Award” in Honolulu, and the “World Spiritual Leadership
Award” at a ceremony in Chicago on February 22, 1994. Congratulatory messages were sent
to Her at the Chicago ceremony by many government officials worldwide, including
Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Reagan.

In recent years, Master Ching Hai has also devoted Herself to creative expression of the
beauty She enjoys within. Her creative works include paintings, decorated fans, lamps, dress
and jewelry designs, and songs. Many of these items are made available for purposes of

Master Ching Hai has told us that She is not always enlightened. She lives a normal worldly
life, and knows from experience about our problems, our heartaches, passions, desires and
doubts. She also knows the heavenly realms of kingdom of God, and how to get there from
here. Her sole function at this point in Her life is to help us with our journey from the suffering
and confusion of the un-awakened state to the bliss and absolute clarity of total divine
realization. If you are ready, She is here to take you Home.

Master Ching Hai takes an unusually broad view of all religions. She has studied and taught
the words of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Lao Tzu and many others. She always emphasizes
the similarities among the great teachings, and lets us see through Her eyes how all the great
Masters are preaching the same Truth. She often explains how different religious opinions
have arisen, due only to the difference in opinions of different people in different countries at
different times.

Master Ching Hai gives initiation and a variety of lectures to interested students and people,
according to their backgrounds and cultures, including Christians, Moslems, Buddhists, Jews,
Hindus, Taoists, or atheists, etc. She speaks fluently in English, German, Chinese, French
and Aulacese languages. Those who wish to learn and practice the Quan Yin method with
Master Ching Hai are welcomed to receive Her initiation.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 8

What makes a country great

Singapore Conference Hall, Shenton Way, Singapore
March 8, 1993 (Originally in English)

Thank you for your love and welcome. I like Singapore. I think the people in Singapore are
already in heaven, [Master laughs] so what do I have to teach you that you want to hear so
much? This trip was originally canceled because I was not in very fit condition at that time.
Also, I thought that since I came to Singapore last year already, I wouldn’t want to make
trouble again so soon! [Master and audience laugh.] But due to repeated pressure from
enlightened people, here I am.

I’m very happy to see Singapore develop better and better each day. I love to be in
Singapore. In fact, this morning I thought that maybe I would stay here, but I don’t think that I
have the fortune like you to stay in Singapore all the time and enjoy this luxurious
surrounding. I have learned so much from your country, which is so much like most of our
meditation centers. We plant trees, big ones with leaves, roots, branches and everything, and
then we manage the space so that everyone doesn’t feel so cramped even though we have a
lot of people.

Yes, I feel very much in common with the Singapore system; therefore, I like it very much. I
hope the world is learning many things from you – the Singapore people and the Singapore
governmental system. And now also, I have learned that your government is a very clean
government and that pleases me most. Without clean government, we cannot really serve the
people. So I’m happy that you have your paradise on earth. Also I have heard many good
things about Singapore, but you know it already, so I don’t need to repeat it.

But sometimes we take things for granted, and we don’t appreciate the beauty that other
people take the effort to create. For example, yesterday, a disciple said to me that he got
initiation and practiced a little bit, he appreciated more the ex-prime minister Le Kuan Yew.
Because I talked to him about how wise he was, and how he had made Singapore become
one of the top leaders economically and safety-wise in the world. He said that, yes, now he
appreciates it more than before. Before, he didn’t know much about how difficult it is for the
government and so on. And then one of the other disciples said that before he practiced the
Quan Yin method, or before enlightenment, he didn’t even appreciate that the government
planted trees for them, or made the roads and the surroundings become so clean and orderly.
Only after he became a practitioner of the Quan Yin method and he became more
enlightened, did he appreciate more the environment and the service that he gets from this
country. So actually, at the mundane level, it is also good to be enlightened.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 9

Suppose I came here maybe ten years ago, I wouldn’t have appreciated that much your
country. I did come here before, in 1972, a long time ago. How long ago – twenty years? Yes,
twenty years ago, I came here once as a tourist from Au Lac. At that time the war had not
ended. I came here as a tourist, but I didn’t have such a wonderful feeling that I have now
toward your country and your people. I just looked around without even seeing. You look but
you don’t see. The trees might grow in front of you, but you don’t know they exist, and the
people were so nice to you, but you do not have rapport with them. You just hang around on
the street. You buy fruit and stuff yourself with everything that you get when you are hungry,
and then you just run around aimlessly sometimes. Maybe you see this and that spot when
you’re sightseeing, but you do not appreciate that much the true beauty of the land. And the
last time I came here was only for a few days, and this time also a few days, but I do
appreciate more than I ever have before. It is probably due to the inner opening of love that I
had after the initiation, after the practicing of the inner wisdom. Therefore, from my own
experience, I can say to you, confidently, that it doesn’t matter in what position we are, we
should also try to get back our wisdom, to rediscover our own greatness.

There are many kinds of consciousness, many levels of understanding. We may be very
shrewd, and then, we might be intelligent, but we must be wise because wisdom is the
highest point in the universe and in human life. If we are intelligent, then we may have some
very valuable degrees in the society or have a high position in the country or among the
people on earth, but if we have wisdom, we can attain heaven even while on earth.

To develop appreciation, get enlightenment

I was surprised to hear that some of the Singaporeans, like my disciples, didn’t appreciate the
work that the government did on the roads. They have only appreciated it recently. And I
thought, “Even I appreciate it,” but then, I remember twenty yeas ago when I first came here
to your land, I didn’t appreciate that much. I was here, but it was just like I wasn’t here. I still
felt like a stranger in your land. But this time or last time I came, I feel I’m part of your land. I
feel very much in common with the people. I appreciate the beauty and the organizational
talent of your people and the discipline of the whole country, also the loving enthusiasm of
people toward higher values of life such as spirituality, discipline, virtue, and the more inner
values like our own self, our own wisdom, which we really wish to discover.

So actually, after all, we need enlightenment. We need to get deep down into our own
greatest resource in order to appreciate everything, in order to live a truly good human life, to
be a good guest on earth and then to be at home in heaven. We are here only as guests.
Everyone knows that, but even as guests, we should enjoy the hospitality of the host on earth.
Therefore, if we are too busy searching for happiness in the material world, we will forget the
happiness within. If we are too busy searching for happiness outside, we will not truly
appreciate the inner beauty of all things if we are not in possession of true wisdom.

Since ancient times, many sages, saints, enlightened Buddhas, and Christ, have graced our
earth and have taught us the same message: That we look within for all the answers and
happiness that we ever imagine or crave to have. Truly, it is only since I have been somewhat
in touch with my own inner resource that I appreciate life more, that I understand things
deeper than before, and so do many of the disciples on our path.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 10

It is because of this very deep, unimaginable power of penetration that we have after we get
in touch with our inner self that we have the opportunity to see each other today. It is just
because my fellow practitioners believe that what they got, you should also have, or that you
may get to know, at least, about it. And then you might think about it: Whether you want it or
do not want it. Therefore, they arranged this meeting today. I have to thank them, specially
the Singaporean practitioners, for all their loving care and the time that they spent to make
this grand gathering come true. It took a lot of work. And also I especially thank the
government, the police department, or whoever was concerned, that gave us permission very
fast, with no bureaucratic “turtle” delay. [Master and audience laugh.] Therefore, we got
permission this morning and we started tonight. In some other countries, it probably would
have taken longer or maybe we would not even get it. Therefore, it’s not that we don’t want to
share with you the highest happiness and power on earth; it’s just that sometimes we are not
allowed to do so.

People of spiritual consciousness make a country great

To the Singapore people, I feel very close and grateful. I’m grateful to you and grateful to the
almighty power that blesses our country. I do not feel a stranger in your land; I never feel for
one moment to be a stranger. I’m very much at home because of the cleanliness, the beauty
of the land, the many trees, and the people who live a safe life, and are not very much
nervous or anxious about the future and their living standard. It takes good government and
people to work together, but it is maybe because the consciousness of your land is higher
than other somewhat less developed countries. I have been in some places other than
Singapore around the world, and I have noticed that the mentality of the land, the spiritual
consciousness of the people, goes very much with the way the country looks. I don’t mean
poverty. I don’t mean that poverty makes people have a lower consciousness. It’s not true; it’s
not that. For example, India is not a so-called very rich land, but their spiritual consciousness
is high. What I mean is the mentality of the people of that land: Whether they are open, they
are easy, they are disciplined, and they are eager for higher values of life; not materialistic,
no, no, no.

There is a difference between a materialistic country and a high consciousness country. For
example, in Singapore, I feel a very high consciousness. You just enter, and you know it. This
is not something that I can put to you in black and white. You just feel it and know it. But
anyhow, that’s why the country is more open and you can come in; you didn’t need a visa.
You can stay for two weeks doing whatever is necessary or seeing the land without much
trouble waiting in the queues or begging for a visa for many days for nothing. Sometimes you
want to come in only for one week, but you have to wait four, five days for a visa. And in some
countries, if you want to go from one part of the country to the next, you have to obtain
permission in the same country. And even in that country, they give you maybe one week or
two weeks maximum stay, but then you have to wait one week almost for another visa to go
to a different part of that country. This I have experienced. Some other countries are more

What I mean is that is the total appearance, the total mentality, of the land. Of course, there
will be some exceptions – the minority of the people. But then, most of the people, like in
Singapore, are very open and very eager for higher spiritual values. And that you can feel
also from the administration, not only from the people, but also from the government itself.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 11

You also see the surroundings, how they keep their houses and their streets in perfect order
and things like that. But these are outer values that we can learn. For example, other
countries may come to Singapore and see that your house is very clean, your street is clean,
and you plant trees, very big trees, you organize, etc. They may learn from you to do these
things, but the inherent quality of the people is difficult to learn – that we must have or we
don’t have. This inherent quality is the wisdom, or the higher consciousness inside. This, we
can also learn, but it takes inner discipline, inner awareness to learn this, not the outer
discipline like planting trees, making roads, or keeping things nice and in order. Some other
countries also keep things in order and clean, and they keep their environment green, but
they might not have that higher consciousness.

Just exactly what makes a country in a higher consciousness than another country? First, the
government must be wise; they let other good influences come to their land, and they’re
willing to learn and to sacrifice for the people. They show the people an example. And they
will learn more from wiser people and develop more their own wisdom. Therefore, since
ancient times, great kings are worshiped by people and beloved by all for many, many
thousands of years. Their names will be engraved in the heart of the universe. And if the
governmental system is good, then the people will feel more free and at ease. They will look
for a higher value of life because their material side is satisfied; their life security is being
looked after.

It takes more to be wise than just looking after people materially, yes, but that is one of the
starting points. Then when we are open to all kinds of good influences, wisdom will come to
our land; blessings will flow forth into our country. We will feel better and better because the
people are united and in one heart to develop the country and also to bless the nation. In
some countries, the policy is too restrictive and even wise people or good people can hardly
enter. Because they fear criminals and so on, they also make restrictions on wise and good or
saintly people. Then, even though our country is much developed materially, we hardly can
keep it very long because we lack the blessing from God.

But I feel Singaporean people have this blessing. I know so many religious groups exist here,
and all religions grow together in harmony. Nothing is forbidden in this land as long as it is
good, moral, clean, and uplifting for the people at large. And this is truly a very wise system.
I’m not coming here to praise you. I am just talking in general, maybe for the people of the
whole world, that they should know how to make their countrymen happier; how to protect
their land without having to use armed forces and spend much money on guns; how to be in
harmony with the neighboring countries and all the countries of the world, not having to go
into conflict with them by giving them freedom to come and go, but still at the same time,
protecting their own country’s interests and keeping order in the land. If every country were
just like your country, then it would be nice. Our world would be nicer.

I hope one day Singapore will develop even in a higher value – better, more inner discipline
and more virtuous, to enhance your already stable and high civilization standard, because we
still have more to take from heaven. We still have more to receive from God, or from the
Almighty, from heaven, from Buddha power, from our own inner resource, because our inner
self is connected with heaven. That’s why Lao Tzu said, “Ten thousand things are one.” And if
we reach that oneness, that greatness within us, then there is nothing we cannot do. We will
have all kinds of miraculous powers. We will be able to solve all kinds of situations in life. We

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 12

will be able to understand all kinds of religious scriptures without anyone having to preach to
us. We will keep all kinds of virtuous disciplines without anyone having to impose them on us.
We will be loving with each other without anyone having to teach us to do so. We will have
peace within our hearts, and then peace will radiate outside and help more to make peace on

Talking about miraculous power, I think you Singaporean people have already a lot of
miraculous power – “Yi San Tao Hai.” You cut down the hills and put it in the sea. I think you
have miraculous power. You cut the hills and leveled the sea. This is great power, which we
call, “Yi San Tao Hai.” Move the mountains and level the sea. That’s great miracle power. I
haven’t been able to do that. [Master and audience laugh.] And you move trees so big!
Overnight you make the whole park green, for example. These are miraculous powers, but if
we practice the Quan Yin method, we will have even more than that.

I feel very much in sympathy with Singaporeans. You know why? It’s because of your
miraculous power. I love a green environment, cleanliness, but natural; not like every tree is
cut like a monk. All the leaves are cut off like a monk, and then the plant over there has to sit
just there, and the other one has to be a little bit higher, the other one shorter. Too much
order is also no good. But in Singapore, they plant trees that look like they have stood there
for many hundreds of years, and look very natural. Clean, orderly but not artificial and that’s
what I like. And you know why I like it? Because we do the same in our meditation centers
around the world. Where there are no trees, we will plant trees, and we plant big trees
overnight, the same as you do. So we have miraculous power in common. [Master and
audience laugh.]

That’s why I liked it when I heard about the Singaporean people, how they plant trees and
they look after the trees. I feel I like it so much! I love it! And every month, I will give them an
injection: “Take care of trees like people.” Really, you have a loving nature. That’s why many
Singaporeans say that when they go out, they appreciate the country more. They don’t want
to stay outside; they want to come back because the air is clean. The trees and all this
greenery make the air fresh, absorb all the toxins and give fresh and nutritious air for the
people. And even here you have a lot of high buildings but it doesn’t feel oppressive because
you planted trees in front. It looks just spread out and we don’t feel very oppressed. It’s very

Midnight strolls on the beach

And also the security system is very tight, very good. Last night, I went to the beach about
eleven or twelve o’clock at night. I know in the daytime there will be many people, and if I go
out, people will look at me. I am very shy. Of course, when I have to see you, then I see you,
but if I can avoid it sometimes, then I would feel better alone. I very much like to be alone, but
God plays jokes on me. Since I was a child, I loved to be alone, but God plays jokes on me.
Hes makes me do this job where I see thousands of people all the time, but never mind. If we
can sacrifice anything at all for the good of other people, we have to do it, even if you can call
that a sacrifice. For me it is, just because I have this obstinate nature – I want to be alone! For
you, probably it’s not worth to be called a sacrifice. It’s just for me, my selfish person that it
looks like a sacrifice. But never mind. I am happy to see you. Don’t feel that I don’t want to
see you. It’s not true! It’s just that I love to be alone whenever possible. So even I love your

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 13

beach and I love to have fresh air, but I chose midnight to go out. Then I just sat. I thought I
would be left completely alone.

I have three guards, the three guys; one is driving, and the other two are just standing around,
in case I have to protect them. [Laughter] They are supposed to protect me, but that is good
way of looking at it. I thought I would be alone because at midnight no one would be there.
And I sat there, enjoying the ocean air and the expanse of the water. In fact, I wanted to swim
because no one was there, and your ocean is so calm, so calm, no waves – just a little bit. I
wanted so much to swim but I forgot to bring my suit. So I didn’t, although I was very much
tempted. If I were completely alone, I would have done it! But then there were two, three guys
around. You know what it’s like being a woman! [Master and audience laugh.] I didn’t swim,
and I sat there and meditated for a while. And then, boom, boom, boom – here come the
policemen. They wanted to know what we were doing there. They didn’t believe that I’m the
Master, and that the three guys are my guards. [Laughter] We had to answer their formal
questions and all that. But still, I feel that they were just doing their duty. They worried that
maybe something is happening to me that I am alone with the three guys, and they didn’t look
very handsome or maybe they didn’t look very peaceful. [Laughter]

Some of my so-called disciples are very protective with me. They know it’s very valuable for
me to be alone sometimes – a very valuable time, and I recuperate during the tour and hectic
times when I am alone. They know the value, so they protect me very much. They even
stopped the police car. They said, “You can not come in here!” [Laughter] I was so scared! I
was not scared of the police; I was scared that the police might misunderstand that we are
some kind of gangsters or something that we dare try to stop the police car. [Laughter] I sat
on the beach, and the police had a motorcycle, so they could drive up to where I was. But my
guard stopped them and said, “You don’t come near! You don’t come near! You stop here.
You turn off your car.” And they were startled! They didn’t know who the police were. The
police were very surprised! They wondered just who are the police here. I was so afraid we
might cause trouble, so I immediately stoop up. I was afraid they might cause trouble.

I said, “Please don’t stop them!” But I could not. I had no time then. It was too late. I said,
“Don’t stop them! Let them do what they want because we are only guests here.” But they
became the hosts. That sometimes will cause trouble. I immediately stoop up, and said, “We
are leaving anyhow. We are just taking the fresh air. Please, it’s all right. Everything is all

So by the way, I learned that your system of security is also very, very, very good. Of course,
we cannot avoid some trouble sometimes, but even then, consider that it is a very good
security system.

One good thing about this meditation system is that you can meditate anywhere, except when
the police come, and you have to answer to them why you are meditating here. [Laughter] It
was too late; that’s why the police came. If I had come earlier, it wouldn’t have been that way,
but I didn’t want to be among people.

So actually, in this world, even though we have a good system, it’s also never good enough. If
we want to be alone, then we will see the police, and if we see the people, also we are not
alone. Anyhow, with this meditation, we can sit in the park to do it even with people around

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 14

us. For you, no problem, but for me, just because most of the time I see people, I love to be
alone, and therefore, I choose some of the lonely times.

If every day I have to sit in my room, the air conditioned room, I feel, sometimes, it’s very
lacking of some freedom. Therefore, I love to be in the natural air. But when I go around the
world, it’s not possible to always be in the natural surroundings like in Formosa or in other
meditation centers. But for ordinary people, if we study this meditation method, we can do it
anytime, anywhere, even while standing waiting for the bus, or sitting on the bus, or sitting on
the airplane, sitting in the office, waiting for work, or anywhere while we have time. Five
minutes even, or ten minutes, sometimes really gives us refreshing power and clearness of
mind so that we can continue to solve the next question, next problem, or to serve in the next
job, next work.

The meditation method or the practitioners of meditation, since ancient times were sometimes
misunderstood. Some people would think meditators are just sitting in the Himalayas or in a
cave somewhere or in a monastery and doing nothing. It’s not necessarily so, especially for
Singapore people. You have to take care of your land. And for everyone as well, we have
duties to perform. I was in the Himalayas, it is correct, but I didn’t stay there all the time. I
didn’t have to stay there. Also it was maybe my destiny that I should be there for a while, but
you don’t have the same destiny like me. So, you can sit anywhere: At your home, at your
office, on the train, on the bus, if you want to get in touch with your inner greatest power,
which we call “kingdom of God within” or the “Buddha nature,” inside each sentient being.

We have heard so much about the inner kingdom of God – the almighty power, the God that
lives within you, or the Buddha that is in your heart. But we don’t experience it. Therefore, if
we practice the Quan Yin method, get the initiation, then we will realize that the kingdom of
God is truly within us; the God-Father, the Father, is really within ourselves; that the Buddha
nature, really we possess. That is the purpose of studying the Quan Yin method. And this kind
of experience, we can almost immediately know at the time of initiation. That’s why we call it
“immediate enlightenment.” We get some taste of this kingdom of God or the power of God or
the Buddha nature. Each day we practice, we get more and more, and then finally, we will
become one with God. We and God are one. “I and my Father are one.” We will see that all
sentient beings are truly Buddha, truly have Buddha nature, whether they discover it or not
yet discover it.

I think because you are so many in number, I will be short in my speech and let you have time
for questions so that I can be leisurely answering you, and you can be leisurely listening to
your own queries. Thank you for your attention. [Applause]

By the way, it is good that you Singaporean people all know English. It is very international
and very useful for business or any kind of transactions. I like that! I think many countries
should learn the same; choose one language to be international and your own language also
at the same time. Like this, there would be less wars in the world. We can communicate with
each other better.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 15

Questions and answers

Q. Master, is the Quan Yin method of meditation similar to that of kundalini yoga or raja

M. It is different. It is different because with the Quan Yin method, we will teach you how to
get in touch with your own nature, and the highest one, instead of relying on a lower
power and then developing further up, like in the kundalini system.

Q. Master, must one have a living guru?

M. Yes, sure. You must have a living teacher to learn English or anything else. It’s the same
if you want access to the kingdom within. You have to find someone who also has
access to the kingdom within and who has experience in this direction to guide you. We
need a living Master, a living wife, a living husband; everything must be living because
we are living. [Master and audience laugh.]

Q. I heard from a video speech that spiritual power is better than money power. Kindly let
me understand what spiritual power is, and how I can gain or achieve it.

M. Spiritual power is the same as God power, Christ power, or the kingdom of God within,
or the Buddha nature within. If we have someone who already knows how to get in touch
with that and we learn with that person, then we immediately know how. At the time of
initiation, I will show you how, and you will know it immediately. It’s very easy, very easy
because we already have it. For example, I have my fan here. Is it easy for me to take it?
If I have eyes, I see where it is and I take it. It’s the same if we open your wisdom eye,
you will know where your spiritual power lies and then you will know it. Like this [Master
waves a fan.] [Applause]

Q. Master, what is immediate enlightenment? Can You kindly elaborate on the Quan Yin

M. It is that we can contemplate on our own nature. Our own nature is without form, without
sound, but it is the inner form and the inner Sound that are invisible to the eyes and
inaudible to the ears. When we get initiation, we get in touch with that inner power; then
we may see our own true self, which is manifested as great Light and heavenly Sound
like music, but you cannot hear it with the ears and you cannot see it with the eyes.

It’s similar to what Jesus said in the bible, “Seeing you see but you do not perceive.
Hearing you hear but you do not understand.” And Lao Tzu also said that the Tao cannot
be touched and you cannot get hold of it. You don’t have to use the eyes but you can
see it; you don’t have to use the ears, but you can hear it. It is the same in the Buddhist
scriptures which also mention that when you open your inner wisdom, you can hear all
kinds of heavenly Sounds inside and you can see all kinds of Lights, all kinds of
Buddha’s lands inside. Most of the great religions of the world mention the same thing.
We have to experience this inner essence of religion, not just study the experiences of
the people from the past.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 16

Attaining peace of mind through the Quan Yin method

Q. Could You please help me or teach me how to have more peace of mind, to forget and
remove my miseries and painful personal suffering? I am now trying to practice
Buddhism but get frustrated because I am unable to achieve peace because of all these

M. We cannot get peace of mind unless we get in touch with the source of peacefulness
inside us. Peace, you have within you, and if you look outside, you can never find it. It
doesn’t matter how great the temple, how big the church, if you cannot get in touch with
your own church and your temple inside also, then the outer church and temple cannot
help you much. They can, maybe to a little degree, help to calm you for the time being,
but then you have to get in touch with your super power inside, your super peacefulness
inside, in order to draw the eternal peace from that. That is everlasting. If we look
outside, everything is ephemeral, even the body, even the church, even the temple,
even the bible. They are all ephemeral. We have to look within for the kingdom of God
inside and for the Buddha nature inside.

We have to do what our prophets have told us. Just like Jesus said, “Seek ye first the
kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Or the Buddha said, “I
have come to teach you to be a Buddha because all beings have Buddha within.” He did
not tell you anything else, but just to look inside and find it. Then you will have peace,
you will have intelligence, and you will have satisfaction without even having to have
anything of this world. That’s why many sages of old have forsaken their kingdoms, they
have forsaken their wealth, they have forsaken their whole nation – just because they
are satisfied inside, like Shakyamuni Buddha, like Jesus Christ, like Lao Tzu, who was
offered so many positions but He never wanted them. They didn’t need anything of this
world because they had arrived at the depth of peacefulness; they had peace within.
They were satisfied with everything. Similarly, you have to do like that in order to call
yourself a true Buddhist, a true Christian, or a true Hindu, or whatever religion that you
so much love to follow and believe.

Q. Master, since we have many bad karmas, is it possible to be enlightened in this life or
immediately? How do we know if we are enlightened already?

M. If you don’t know, that means you are not enlightened. [Master and audience laugh.]

And no one has so bad karma as not to be able to know his self, because the self is
“karma-less”. There is no one who has karma at all; everything is illusion. So please
come to the Truth and forget the illusion. But even if I tell you so, it’s difficult for you to
do. You don’t know the Truth, so you cannot forsake illusion. First you have to know the
Truth, get enlightenment, and then the darkness will automatically leave you. The
illusion, the so-called karma, the burdens of this cheating, will leave you. It’s just like
when you turn on the light, it doesn’t matter how many days it is dark in here, how many
years it’s dark in here, when you turn on the light even once, all darkness will disappear
completely. Actually, karma is only illusionary but you don’t know it until you switch on
the light, and all illusions will depart.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 17

Q. Master, may I know if God and Buddha are of the same status in this universe?

M. You still ask this question by now? Okay, for your information, I think both of them never
have any competition about their position in the universe. [Master and audience laugh.]
They are both very satisfied with each other. Whether they are two or one, they would
not care.

Q. Master, can You talk about Amitabha's western paradise? Is it actually the kingdom of
God that is heaven?

M. Yes, it’s one of the heavens, one of the mansions in the kingdom of God. On Amitabha
Buddha’s land, you can get information from Shakyamuni Buddha. He has spoken about
it and people have printed it in a book that is called the Amitabha Buddha sutra. You
may get it in any temple. But for your information, I would suggest that it is better if you
see it yourself because this is only a kind of menu, no food. You can read the menu but
you can never taste the food.

In our Quan Yin method of immediate enlightenment, we offer you the food and you may
see the Amitabha Buddha’s land one day yourself. You may see it at the time of initiation
or you may see it some other time, according to your sincerity and level of
consciousness. Some of our disciples have seen Amitabha Buddha’s land exactly the
way Shakyamuni Buddha described, and they are very happy. Sometimes they drive
cars and they see it also. After you practice meditation for a long time, you become
automatically tuned in with the inner kingdom or with the inner Buddha nature and then
you don’t have to sit quietly in order to see. That’s why people say, “See heaven on
earth,” or “The Buddha’s land is in front of you or in any corner.” Sometimes the Zen
people speak like that. It is true. The land exists, and there are more, much more
wonderful lands, even more wonderful than Amitabha Buddha’s land. I invite you to join
our group and see it for yourself.

Q. Dear Master, how do I request urgent spiritual aid, help, protection, grace, love, mercy
from You, Master Ching Hai?

M. Whenever you need it, then you request inside you. If the request comes, it must be
spontaneous and sincere, and then you will be granted it. I will ask God to help you
immediately. I, myself, don’t have any power, but I will ask God to help you. Hes granted
me that any request from me, Hes will grant, so I will give it to you. Secondhand is better
than nothing. [Master and audience laugh.]

That’s why I have invited you to come and meditate. Join in the initiation, have
meditation practice, and get in touch directly with Hirm and ask Hirm, and you don’t have
to go through me, the third-person-agent. It’s better to know your own power and bless
yourself and do everything in the blessing of your self, of your Godself, of the kingdom of
God within you, then you don’t have to even rely on me. Whether you believe me or not,
I am exactly the same as you. It’s just that you don’t know how to use your power, so
you become like a beggar. If you know it, you are just like God because you and God
are one; at least you are the children of God. You are entitled to have most of God’s
power, at least. Why don’t you claim it?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 18

Q. Dearest Master Ching Hai, I am fourteen years old. I am a student and my mother is an
initiate. I’m really looking forward to getting initiation from Master. Will Master allow me to
get initiation?

M. Sure, sure, welcome. From twelve years old, if you have your parents’ approval, you
may get initiation completely. From six years old, if you have your parents’ approval and
you have parents who are also initiated, then you may also get initiation – 50 percent.

Q. Master, what is Buddha nature?

M. The Buddha is this. [Master waves a fan.] You see it? You see Buddha nature? No? The
Buddha nature is the one that makes you sit here and listen to me. The Buddha nature is
the one who makes you eat when you’re hungry. The Buddha nature is the one who
makes you love one person and not the other. The Buddha nature is the one who seeks
enlightenment. The Buddha nature is the one that seeks the Buddha nature itself. It’s
very confusing but that’s the best I can explain to you. [Applause]

Q. Master, does the Quan Yin method involve chi as in chi kung?

M. No, it doesn’t involve chi but then all of your chi will open.

Q. Master, can You teach me how to meditate correctly?

M. The meditation itself is a part of the whole process of self improvement or wisdom-
opening or wisdom-rediscovery. And then accompanying meditation, we should have
moral discipline and we should have a high ideal for life; therefore, meditation alone is
not very sufficient. I would suggest that you also keep to a very good standard of ethical
living; like you try to avoid harming sentient beings, you try to avoid too much meat and
liquor which dull your intelligence and your higher power of spirituality; also, you should
try many other virtuous deeds. Then when you meditate you should concentrate on the
inner wisdom or on Amitabha Buddha or Jesus or Mohammed or whomever you worship
and believe the most.

But those are just general guidelines. When we initiate people, we teach more deeply
and in more detail and then you will know how to meditate better. And also I will look
after you daily until you fully grow up and develop yourself. Sometimes just to teach you
to meditate at random and later if you lose touch, you may feel a little bit confused and it
might not be very good for you. If you truly want to learn some kind of convenient
method without having to be fully vegetarian or fully initiated, you may get in touch with
our practitioners in Singapore. And like this, we are in touch with you in case you have
more questions in the future, or you develop some more intelligence or some other
questions, then we have to take care of you. Getting initiation is the best, then I can look
after you, inside and outside. It’s safer. [Applause]

Q. How do we achieve power through meditation?

M. After you meditate, you will achieve the power. It’s not a question of how. It will come
automatically because the super power, the Supreme Master power inside already

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 19

exists. We just kind of dig into it, rediscover it, and use it partially or wholly according to
our need and position in life

Q. You mentioned that the Buddha nature and the kingdom of God are all within us. Are
there an external God and an internal God?

M. No! No, no, no. Yes and no. The external Gods are the ones who sit in front of me and
the internal God is the one you find within each one of you. But actually, the external
God and the internal God are one, the same. The internal God makes the external God.
Hes just maybe multiplied so that the internal God can see the outer God, just maybe for
fun. Actually it is the same, only one, only one.

Q. Dear Master, I am a convenient method meditation member. During meditation, once I

saw a bright yellow Light and another time I saw a bright white Light. Can You please
explain these?

M. What else can I explain? If you saw the Light, that means you saw your own nature.
Even if I just teach you the convenient method, meaning not the complete initiation, you
still have the taste of the kingdom of God within. The more we see the Light, the more
intelligent we become, and the more loving we will be. That is the result of meditation.
Not that we see the Light or not that we hear the Sound that it is good. It is good
because of the result of it. Just like when the food is tasty, it is fine, but then our bodies
also derive nourishment from it. That is the best part of eating food – that we have
nourishment apart from good taste. Similarly, the inner food, if we taste it, it not only
uplifts our spirit, makes us feel happy and charged with energetic power, but also opens
our inner wisdom. It makes us see things in a better light, makes us endure hardships in
a better way, and we can solve problems in a quicker way and in better light. We
understand everything better than before, and we become more loving and tolerant with
other people.

Q. Dear Master, is it true that it is easier to meditate in the U.S.A.? Some authors claim that
the energy is higher there? [Master and audience laugh.]

M. Why do you look down upon the Singaporean people after I have praised you so much?

This is a problem of complexity. That’s the problem with looking outside and not looking
inside. If you look inside, the Buddha is here right now. The Buddha’s land is in you, and
in Singapore, also in America, also anywhere, even in your toilet, excuse me.

Yes, some of our disciples, sometimes they have to do their duty as citizens and they
have to go into the army. In the army they have to sleep all together, and sometimes it’s
noisy and there’s smoking, and they cannot be quiet to meditate, so they go into the
toilet, lock themselves in there, and meditate for a while. They see everything they want
to see, Buddhas and all. Buddhas never feel that they should not come into the
bathroom. [Master and audience laugh.] Only we discriminate. Singapore is all right. I
would like to stay here. Don’t dream about another land. Singapore is the best land for
you. [Applause]

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 20

Q. Dear Master, one day when I was walking up the stairs to my room, I suddenly wanted to
cry. When I reached the room, there were tears in my eyes. Why? I’m sorry if You think
I’m silly, but there is something inside me which I don’t understand; there’s a force.

M. And they want a silly answer. [Master and audience laugh.] If you don’t know why you
cry, how should I know? Never mind! We don’t need to know every silly thing. If you cry,
have a good cry. If you want to laugh, have a good laugh and forget about it.

Q. What happens during meditation and what do you hear and see?

M. It depends on your level of consciousness. If you are in the elementary level, you
probably will hear some different Sounds and see a little bit dimmer Light or see some
different scenery, etc. If you are on a higher level, you will hear different Sounds, higher
pitched or more beautiful, more selective, more exquisite, more exclusive. You will see a
brighter Light or higher civilizations in the universe, a higher plane of existence.

There are many levels, could be up to many long levels, but we will bring you up to the
fifth level and then there you will be on your feet. You will become Buddha, all knowing,
all pervading, omnipotent, omnipresent. Then we will leave you, and you will study
further yourself. There is more to explore in the universe.

Q. What is the highest nature? Is it a state of being or feeling?

M. Actually, human language is not adequate to describe the highest nature of ourselves.
The best way is to know it ourselves, but then at that time, we don’t know anything. First
we don’t know anything and then we have to learn to become enlightened, and later on
we know everything, but it seems like we don’t know anything. So now if you tell me to
explain the highest state of the universe, I am speechless. I just know it, but I cannot
explain it to you, so please excuse me very much.

Q. Is the Quan Yin method the same as Zen?

M. It used to be the same as Zen, but nowadays most of the Zen is not like the olden Zen;
therefore, I can say yes and also no. Yes before in ancient times, no in modern times.

Q. Master, what does one experience after death?

M. Oh, you can’t wait? I don’t know yet. After I die, maybe I will come and tell you if I have a
chance. Please give me your address and telephone number in case. [Master and
audience laugh.]

Q. Master, are UFOs true? Who are these people?

M. UFOs are true. These people who belong to UFOs are those people who are from other
planets. Some of them are more civilized than ours are; some are also peopled like our
earth. Some of them are more invisible to the human eye, but they are very civilized.
They are more technically civilized so they can invent many machines and many flying
objects, which our earth has not yet been capable of making. That is all. They are true.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 21

There are numerous planets in the universe. We can explore them when we come

Q. Master, is the method of meditation the same one as practiced by the Quan Yin
Bodhisattva in the Surangama sutra spoken by Shakyamuni Buddha?

M. Yes, exactly the same.

Q. Can You please explain the process of initiation?

M. There is nothing actually to explain to you because when I transmit to you the so-called
initiation, I don’t speak at all. We will sit in silence and perceive the Tao. But before that,
some of my disciples will explain to you the way to keep the precepts so that it will be
better for you in some way, how to sit so that you will be more comfortable, and where to
concentrate so that your thoughts will not stray, etc. But I cannot explain it here.

Q. I am a follower of Mahikari and I have been a vegetarian for eight years. I like meditation.
Can I be initiated?

M. Sure, welcome, please.

Q. Master, how do you get to know your inner self and how do we reach that supreme

M. Through initiation and sincerity. I will show you how because I know the way.

Q. Is our present life related to our past life?

M. Don’t you think so? Is your today related to yesterday? Yes, sure! It’s the same. Our
present life is related to our past life.

Q. I was a sailor. Once Jesus came to my side in order to solve the problems on board the
ship. I was so truly happy that for three days I went without food or sleep; I only drank
water. But that happiness is fading day by day since five years ago. How can I get that
happiness back?

M. Get initiation! You will see Him again. [Applause]

Inner food nourishes body and soul

Q. Master, if one day we see the western paradise through the Quan Yin method, how do
we know it is not just an illusion due to our wish to see it?

M. Visions, of course, are of two kinds: Illusion or Truth. If you see hallucinations or
illusions, you will feel very tired and exhausted afterward. You don’t feel fulfilled or any
enjoyment. But like the sailor just mentioned, he saw Jesus truly appear to him;
therefore, he was happy for three days. He didn’t even need food, but that is a short-
lived experience. If we practice meditation according to the instructions of an

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 22

experienced Teacher, we will preserve this every day. Maybe less, maybe more, but
somehow you preserve some part of this joyfulness in life, and then you can do
everything in this joyful mood. That’s why we have to “Seek ye first the kingdom of God,
and all these things shall be added unto you.”

We have to see face to face with Jesus; we have to see God face to face. We have to
know our own kingdom and then we will be always joyful. We will offer service without
any complaints, and we will be more intelligent, more efficient, more loving in every way.
Our lives will be completely fulfilled, without material possessions, even. It’s truly like
that. Because you’re happy, you don’t need them.

I can tell by my own experience that even though I have a lot of work and my physical
body is not very strong. I’m smaller than most of you and lighter, even. I can work a lot
and am happy. Even though I have pressure from the karma of the different people and
different mentalities and demands, but still, inside, I am very stable and happy. And you
don’t need much food; therefore, the more you practice, the more economical it is. I ate
only once today, and even that made me feel tired. But I have to put some fuel into this
car so that it runs. After I ate, I just felt so tired – same with you.

Therefore, the inner food is very good for you. You can eat once or twice a day,
completely enough and you work very hard but you don’t feel so tired. I’m only tired
when I eat the food. After I eat the food, I feel tired. Even only once today, but I feel tired
afterwards. I had to rest from eating. From eating, not from working, mind you. And I ate
very little then, for the whole day, for twenty-four hours. I can understand the sailor who
said that he didn’t eat for three days. That is true.

Just like when Confucius heard the music, they say music, but it must have been the
inner heavenly music because in Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu and Con Tzu, they often mention
the heavenly music, when he heard that, he didn’t know the taste of food for three
months. That’s what it is; three days, three months, or three weeks; it’s according to the
strength of the samadhi, of the joy that we receive from heaven. It’s according to our
inner discipline and our outer discipline that we can keep that state of mind for a very
long time or short time. That’s why when we teach our fellow practitioners the Quan Yin
method, we teach them also moral discipline and also how to protect themselves every
day from the so-called influences of this world, of the non-practitioners, and also how to
keep our inner happiness, to make it last longer.

But then you don’t even need to keep it because if you meditate today, you get it. You
get joyful today, and if you meditate tomorrow, you get it again. It’s just adding more and
more all the time. It’s just like when you earn so much money and you don’t know how to
spend it. You will leak it out into the worldly environment and help uplift the
consciousness of the whole world and then the whole universe also. We are all linked
together in the universe; therefore, many other planetary people came to our world in
UFOs in order to try maybe to connect with us so that we can develop together. If our
earth is underdeveloped, it affects also other planets. We cannot work together; we
cannot cooperate. It’s just like in Singapore. If the citizens of Singapore do not cooperate
with the government in the higher positions, then also it’s difficult for the government to
work. [Applause]

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 23

Q. I practice spiritual healing as an act of mercy for the salvation of beings. Must I refrain
from getting initiated?

M. No, not actually. You don’t need to, but then you waste all your energy on healing;
therefore, your meditational practice might not improve very fast. Whatever we do with
the ego will sap our inner strength because we do it with the limited resource of power.
When we study the Quan Yin method, we have to learn to rely on the greatest power,
which heals without healing, which does without doing. Therefore, you should maybe
refrain whenever not necessary from doing this kind of healing so that the people who
come to you have to look inside themselves, to look for their own great power to heal
themselves. You also will develop this great power and later you will heal without
healing; you will heal without knowing, even.

In many cases of my disciples all over the world, for example, they will see me come and
heal them or help them. There are many cases like that, but I don’t know about it. I
cannot be proud because I’m not doing it personally, individually or intentionally, in order
to heal someone. But we will heal the whole world. Whoever has affinity with us and
sincerely prays to us, we heal them without healing; we know we do things without
doing. At that time, you are not entangled in the karmic patterns of the lower universe.
You will not be in any trouble, but your help extends to the whole world without you
feeling proud, without feeding your lousy ego.

And we help more numbers of people instead of one by one, two by two, exhausting our
resources. That is why I say, better to refrain from so-called “spiritual healing.” I don’t say
refrain from healing, but I just tell you to heal in a higher level, with a more vast power
that can heal at the same time thousands of people, not only one or two or three. It’s up
to you. You can come for initiation, but I suggest this way.

Q. Master, please help me. I find no meaning in life. Can You please let me see You in my

M. [Master and audience laugh.] What happens if that day you don’t dream? Or that you
dream and you forget all about it? It happens. It happens that we dream and when we
wake up, we just remember that we had a dream, but we don’t know what the dream
was. And then you will blame me that I did not come. How can I argue with you? [Master
and audience laugh.]

It is not the best way to see the Master in a dream. If you see it, it’s good for you. But
you might not even remember it. The best way to see your own Master is that you,
yourself, become a Master, and Master of your own house, Master of the whole world
and the whole universe, Master in discipline, in wisdom, in loving kindness. No need to
see me. I and you are one. [Applause]

Q. How can we enlighten a selfish person?

M. I don’t know who is selfish. What is the definition of a selfish person? I don’t know who is
selfish – maybe me. I love to be alone all the time; therefore, sometimes it feels very
difficult to come and lecture here and there. My disciples ask me a year ago even, or half

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 24

a year, or sometimes two or three years before I come to see them. So, I think I’m the
most selfish person in the world. And don’t blame yourself for anything else.

Selfish person – how can it be? We cannot be selfish because more or less you work for
the world. It doesn’t matter what you do; you are working for the whole world. There is no
selfish person in this world. Even if he doesn’t love anyone, he loves a dog or cat or he
loves himself. His self is the whole universal self – the whole Buddha-system, the
kingdom of God. How can you say a person who loves himself is selfish?

Q. In a boy-girl relationship, we may give a lot of love toward the other, but it can turn to
hated. Why is this so?

M. It is because we always look outside, and don’t look inside. If we all look inward and find
our loving kindness, the eternal source, then we can never hate anyone. We can only
love. The love without possessiveness, the love without knowing that we even love,
without feeling proud that I have loving kindness in my heart, without having to practice
loving kindness, we will just have it.

Just like Buddha or Jesus or the great Masters of old, they never hate anyone because
you will see that each one is yourself. All are one. Ten thousand things are one. You will
see that and feel it in your heart – no more separation; therefore, hated cannot breed
itself in that circumstance.

Q. If a person, after initiation, doesn’t practice diligently, will he lose the enlightenment he
got from Master? If he continues again, will he regain the enlightenment that Master
gave to him?

M. Yes, but it will take a little bit more effort and longer time after you fall down. After you fall
down, it’s harder to climb up, but I would not bar anyone from that. You always have to
try again. Whenever we fail, in any kind of situation or any circumstance, we have to rise
up and try it again until we succeed.

Q. Master, can this meditation cure our illness?

M. I cannot promise you, but in many cases it does. But if you look forward for initiation
because of your illness, then it is not very ideal. You should look forward to the freedom
from all illnesses, all the time, in all ages to come. That’s the best way – the everlasting
health, not only temporary relief of your physical condition, but the eternal blessing,
happiness for your soul. That’s the best way to come for initiation.

Q. Is meditation necessary before initiation? How will initiation help me in my everyday life?

M. Meditation and experience about meditational practice are not required. If you have it,
it’s okay. If you don’t have it, it’s okay. You might have to start all over again because
you didn’t meditate in the right way anyhow. We start to help you from A, B, C.

And after your initiation, you will see miracles every day. It helps you in all aspects in
your life, whether you work better or you take better care of your family, you’re more

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 25

loving toward your family members, more loving toward yourself, more self-confident,
everything, one thousand and millions of things. I cannot tell you all. You have to
experience it. It helps you; otherwise, what is the good of meditation, and suffering every
day waiting for heaven? We have to bring heaven to earth by meditational practice. We
enjoy some part of heaven here, and then when we quit this earth, we will enjoy even

Q. Apart from being vegetarian, must we also try not to use leather products?

M. Now, I will not forbid that. We are not so fanatic; if you have them, use them. If you don’t
feel like using them because it will remind you of the suffering of the animal, that’s fine.

After you practice for some time, you will feel the atmosphere of the things that you use.
Even though it became dead matter, it will remind you of some suffering of the animal,
and out of compassion or peace of your own mind, you will not like to use it anymore.
But that is up to you, because actually animals were not killed for these skins, or the
shoes that you wear. They are killed for meat and the skins and horns and all these
things are left over. It is not that we intentionally kill the animals for these, so you may
use them. But some people don’t like it. [Applause]

Q. I have never been a religious man, but after reading Your books, I am deeply drawn to
Your teachings. Can You please explain why?

M. It is because what I say in the book is the same as what you think. It agrees with your
inner wisdom and your own self; therefore, you like it. That means I teach the Truth,
which you accept. [Applause]

Q. Does everyone who is initiated get enlightenment?

M. Yes. [Applause]

Q. If man and God are one, can man reach the level of God through meditation?

M. Yes. [Applause]

All religious scriptures advocate a vegetarian diet

Q. Compassion has been taught in every religion; therefore; the practice of vegetarianism
seems to be a rightful prerequisite. Suppose a religion does not expound on such a
practice, do we still consider it to be a good religion?

M. Every religion expounds on this subject. It’s just that we do not understand, and we
overlook it. For example, in the bible, I have told you many times, God said, “Do not kill
all these bullocks, lambs, and he-goats to make offering to me. You have to repent your
sins because your hands are full of innocent blood; otherwise, I will never listen to you
when you pray to me, and when you look upon me, I will turn my head away.” That is
advocating vegetarian eating, no? [Audience: Yes.]

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 26

Also, it is said, in the first chapter of the Old Testament, that God made all living beings
and food for them and God made human beings to rule over animals. And the animals
will be friends of human beings, but Hes didn’t say, “You eat them.” Hes said, “I made all
the fruit in the field, which is beautiful to the eyes and delicious to the taste, and all the
herbs in the field. These shall be your food.” Hes didn’t include animals in the diet, so
don’t blame God or religions for nonvegetarian food. Blame our own misunderstanding.
Every religion, even the Koran, Buddhist scriptures, Hindu scriptures, Christian – every
scripture advocates a vegetarian diet, never anything else! You go home and study
deeper into your own religious scriptures and then answer your own question. Study
deep; look in every page.

Q. I practice meditation. Sometimes I see hills or mountains and I ride around the hills. Can
You please explain?

M. Why do I have to explain? When you see a beautiful girl, do you ask me to explain?
[Master and audience laugh.] That is what you call enlightenment without enlightening,
knowing without knowing.

Q. Is there a law of karma in the universe?

M. No, nothing. No karma at all, but just our own mind which misunderstands and deceives
us. And our own judgment makes things look like karmic burdens, otherwise, nothing –
only love, compassion, Light, and heaven. [Applause]

Q. The world seems to be repeating its mistakes of making people suffer. What advice
could You offer?

M. Enlightenment! Get initiation, practice the Quan Yin method, keep the precepts, eat
vegetarian. If that’s worth any of your attention.

Q. One of Your disciples related her experience before Your talk. Don’t You think it is just
imagination or a dream she had?

M. Can you imagine like that every day, with your imagination? It is not true that you just
imagine and then you have everything. Even if that is imagination, it’s a good one. Try to
imagine like that every day and then you will be in heaven. [Master and audience laugh.]

No, there is a difference between hallucinations and the Truth. Hallucination is when you
lack oxygen, or you take drugs or things like that. And this hallucination or vision makes
you suffer more later, but the true vision of God, or of Buddha’s land, or your own inner
self, will rejuvenate you and make you better, elevated, more intelligent, happier,
younger, more enthusiastic, more energetic. And it lasts very long, sometimes three
days, sometimes one week, three months, or one year, and then it continues. It brings
you more youth, wisdom, and happiness every day. That is the true vision.

Q. I’m a Taoist. I pray to Tu Di Gong (local deity, earth god) and other small gods. If I get
initiated, will there be a clash with my religion?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 27

M. No. I will only teach you how to see the Tao in the right perspective, and you will become
a better Taoist. After you can hear the Sound that doesn’t need the ears to hear, after
you see the Tao that doesn’t need the eyes to see, you will become a better Taoist, and
the small gods will pray to you. [Laughter and applause.]

Yes, it’s true. When I was in a Taoist temple, some of my disciples saw that your Taoist
god came and bowed to me. Someone asked if I feel very proud about it? No, this is just
to let you know you will become a living Tao Master instead of bowing and worshiping
the dead or small gods, as you have called them.

Q. Many prophets are saying that we are entering a new age. What and when is this new

M. When is this new age? Now! When you get initiation, you enter into the golden age.

Q. Why do religious people want to fight against each other, killing innocent men, to honor
their God? Is there such a thing as a devil?

M. It is just because they misunderstand the message of their messiahs, of their Masters,
who have already passed away. They need a living Master to clarify all their
misunderstandings about what is in their religious scriptures. They need a living Master
to put them in touch with their own God inside, so that they will know that they are God,
all are Gods, everyone is God. There is only one God. And then they will not kill each
other anymore. So that is your duty. You should get in touch with your own God, then
spread this message to other people. Help them to understand also their own God
nature, and therefore stop the fighting and killing.

Q. Can You please explain why one has the ability to see auras and is it a sin to do so?

M. No, it’s not a sin. It is just that you are gifted with some degree of heavenly vision that
you can see peoples’ auras, but that is not the highest degree. That’s all. Perhaps you
have been in touch with some Master who blessed you with a gift of heavenly vision that
you can see things that other people cannot see. Perhaps you have been a good
meditation practitioner in your last life; therefore, some left over power is still there. It’s
not a sin.

Q. What is a mantra? Is it the same as Quan Yin meditation?

M. No. A mantra is part of, maybe, Quan Yin meditation of the ancient times. For example,
“Om Mani Padme Hum,” is the most popular mantra. When you meditate in the Quan Yin
method, you may hear it inside. Perhaps your master teaches you that in some specific
level so that your wisdom will open until that level. But then when you pass above this,
you have other, different, so-called mantras, or you don’t probably need a mantra
anymore. So, you can call it a part of the Quan Yin enlightenment result, not like the
Quan Yin method – a very small part of it, a very, very, tiny, sometime no-need-to-
mention, part of it.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 28

Q. How can we get rid of war and reach eternal peace?

M. Practice the Quan Yin method. We must reach our inner peace first, and then we can
bring peace upon earth. Otherwise, we will still struggle, still have “I” and “you,” still have
the ego, still be concerned about fame and position, hence, causing wars.

Q. It is said that people have soul and spirit. How does it relate to our life?

M. It relates. Without the soul and spirit, you can’t live.

Q. Is it a universal law that there must a guide for us to attain full enlightenment? Is it
impossible for us to reach it by self cultivation?

M. It is too difficult because you don’t know the way. You don’t know where to go. Of
course, with a guide who knows the way you can walk faster. Our life is so ephemeral
and short. You grope in all directions. How can you find the way in time? Sometimes you
go in wrong direction, fall into a deep hole, and hurt yourself.

Q. Master, is fate predestined?

M. It is predestined, but it can be changed somewhat. If we practice the Quan Yin method,
we are enlightened and we will be able to see how it can be corrected. Hence, we can
change it a little bit, and thus we can improve our life somewhat.

Q. Why can’t God prevent wars?

M. Why should Hes interfere with our game? Wars are caused by us human beings. As long
as we still don’t realize that others and all creatures are ourselves, we still have wars.
Until we are bored, we are hurt, or others are hurt, we will not get enlightened.
Eventually, we will long, from inside, to search for the Truth. We will understand that
wars are useless. We should have peace. We should love others as we love ourselves.
This is our lesson. So, God lets us learn this lesson. Hes does not prevent wars. Hes
could terminate wars, but that will not do us any good because then we would not learn
our lesson. We should prevent wars by ourselves. We should get together and end all
wars. Only then will we truly understand what true eternal peace is.

Q. You have so many disciples; is there anyone who is already fully awakened? Is there
any disciple who is enlightened?

M. Every one of them is enlightened. They attain enlightenment at the time of initiation, and
have greater and greater enlightenment day by day. They realize their greatness daily.
One can get enlightenment right away; that is why we say “immediate enlightenment.”

Q. I am a follower of Buddha. How can I stand in the middle way between good and evil?

M. After enlightenment, you can stand anywhere!

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 29

Q. Master, will the past five generations truly be saved and lifted to a better realm if we
practice the Quan Yin method?

M. It’s true. Not only five generations, but many more! [Applause] Even your friends and
relatives will all benefit.

Q. Will one get possessed while meditating?

M. It might happen if you grope by yourself in all directions or in a wrong direction. If you are
guided by a competent Teacher, you will be all right.

Q. Does spiritual practice mean escaping from reality?

M. Nonsense. I work very hard to earn the air ticket to come here to talk with you, and you
are saying I escape from reality! Besides, my disciples work very hard to earn their living
to be able to afford this venue for your sake. We don’t even ask a penny from you. So
what on earth are we escaping from?

After we practice, we can serve the public and the country better. I have told you already
about the trees that are so beautifully planted by your government, but my disciples did
not appreciate them before. Only after enlightenment did they start to appreciate the
effort by the government. Even in such a little thing, if we do not have real contact with
our inner wisdom, sometimes we would ignore it easily. So we do not escape from
reality, but we do become a better person and a better citizen.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 30

Back to the golden era

Singapore Conference Hall, Shenton Way, Singapore
March 9, 1993 (Originally in English)

We have many prejudices, many so-called preconceived ideas, about life, about
enlightenment, about religion, about how we should lead our lives, about how religious people
should be, about how an enlightened Master should lead His or Her life, about how She or He
should dress, eat, and even speak. I had also, many preconceived ideas before and after
enlightenment as well. Before, of course more, but after a little bit of enlightenment, it was
less, and it will become less and less each day. God made me more humble, more humble
each day, until I had no more of my own ideas left, except God’s idea. And I have to do
absolutely what Hes wants. Just like you, I had to learn by mistakes.

Some people asked me, “Why do You wear such beautiful clothes? You’re supposed to be a
practitioner. You should wear rag clothes,” or something like that. I used to think that way.
Yes, I used to think that way – that an enlightened person should just wear some kind of rag
clothes. At that time, before enlightenment, I criticize some of the enlightened people who
wore nice clothes. So now God has punished me by saying, “You must wear beautiful
clothes.” So you know what it is. And by the way, I don’t like the red color at all. I never liked it
before, but today Hes made me wear it in spite of my protest.

But anyhow, since long ago, I have learned to give up protesting because I know it’s no use.
Sooner or later God will have Hiers own will, and will make you do it whether you like it or not.
You will do it today, or you will do it tomorrow. The sooner you get over with it, the better.
That’s all. It’s just like you owe a debt to someone and then whether you pay it today or you
pay it tomorrow, you will have to pay it. Maybe you pay it faster with less interest, but if you
delay your payment, you have to pay more due to the interest rate. Since then I have learned
to be more humble and obedient to the will of heaven.

And sometimes in doing so, I have also some misunderstanding from the people, but I cannot
do anything else except to go through this. What I like or don’t like doesn’t matter anymore,
and whether I have a good reputation or a bad reputation, I can no longer choose. In that
case, you might ask me, “Well, we thought after enlightenment, we become free, that we
could do what we want and very freely decide what we do in our lives?” Yes, we are free, very
much free, because we don’t take any more responsibility upon our shoulders. Everything is
arranged by Providence, and we absolutely have no fear of doing whatever is arranged for us
to do. In that way, we are absolutely free. Then we know the will of Providence; we know the
plan of the universe, and we can go along with it smoothly, without any hindrance, without any
hard feeling or protest in our hearts.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 31

Why we cannot achieve perfection in our work

Before that, we also did the will of Providence, but we didn’t know it. We protested a great
deal and we delayed our duty and action because we thought it would be better tomorrow. It
would be better to do that instead of this, because what we are supposed to do, we don’t like.
We thought if we did it the other way, it would be better because it was more suitable to our
habitual thinking or preconceived ideas. After a great deal of trouble and lessons, we will have
to surrender at last to the will of the Most High – call it Buddha nature, the Almighty, God, or
whatever name that you see fit to worship as the Most High.

Sometimes we think we are the “doer” in this world, and therefore we take all the burdens
upon our shoulders. That’s why we get exhausted. We get tired, and then we get nothing
done sometimes. If we get enlightenment, we will know how to use the greatest power, which
is already provided within us, from which we came, and also to which we will return, and in
which we live our lives. Then we will have less confusion, less and less each day, until no
more confusion is left in our hearts, except to do the will of the Almighty. Jesus Christ also
mentioned that, “I do, but not I, it is the Father in me who does it.” And Hinduism always
mentions, “Not I, but Thou.”

Every religion mentions the same thing. I don’t want to demonstrate my knowledge of different
religions; therefore, I have mentioned just a few. Please forgive me if I have not mentioned
your religion – like Sikhism, Islam, Buddhism, or Taoism. I have studied all of them with
reverence and sincerity since my childhood, and I can say I understand most of the famous
religions. That’s why I know that all religions point to the same Truth, which is within us. They
point to the same Supreme Master power, which we possess. The only difference is that
sometimes we forget to look to this Supreme Master power inside, and instead we worship
the Supreme Masters of the past, or we go to the church to worship God.

We are the temple of God

The church – the outside church, mosque, or temple, is the symbol of the kingdom of God
within us, which is built to remind us of our own temple. Jesus said, “Know you not that you
are the temple of God, and the holy spirit lives within you.” If God resides within us, if the
Buddha nature is within us, then it is very obvious that we must look for it within ourselves.
Most of the people have not been shown the way to look inside – inside the kidney, or the
liver or the heart? [Master and audience laugh.] It is not the material level that Jesus or
Buddha meant to point out to us. It is the super consciousness within us. I have not enough
words to praise this super power, which loves and nourishes all things without even ever
mentioning or murmuring one word.

The worldly power we do have, and the worldly people can do many miraculous things also,
but then everyone knows about it. Everyone remembers the heroes, the great kings, or the
great benefactors of mankind when he or she does some good deeds or charitable works. But
we forget to remember the great charity, the greatest loving power, which nourishes and
sustains the whole universe. And in every scripture it is mentioned that we have this power,
we possess this power, that God lives within our hearts, the Buddha is inside us. We all have
read it, but we don’t know how we can be so great. How can we, such ordinary people,
become so great?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 32

God has made me, a very humble person, very possessive of shortcomings, become a
vehicle in order to let me know that everyone can become one with God, in order to let me
reassure you that you, who are better than I, could even become one with God quicker. That
is the only reason why you see any shortcomings I have – if the dress I wear doesn’t please
you, doesn’t satisfy your expectations, or anything I do at all doesn’t measure up to your high
standard. That’s the only reason. In God’s eyes, everyone is Heirs child; everyone is great.
And so often I have had this experience that truly everyone is greater than I am.

Why did God choose such a humble person, this very imperfect person, to become Hiers
vehicle? I often pondered over this. Then, later I knew it was just so that I could truly
understand how to be humble, how to know that there are many other people much better
than I am, and that they can be one with God. If such a person like myself can become one
with God, then everyone else can. That’s perhaps the main reason God has chosen me.

Learn by our mistakes and preconceived ideas

In the process of enlightening, each day after initiation we come to learn many great lessons
through our mistakes, through our own prejudices and preconceived opinions about other
people’s actions, appearances, and ways of life. Before enlightenment, of course I also had
criticism in my mind. I also had dislikes and likes of how other people should live their lives. I
had my opinions about many things in this world. Even though they didn’t concern me, didn’t
harm me, and had absolutely nothing to do with me at all, I would even venture to criticize
them or to try to make them right. And that’s how we have been busy all of our lives.

After becoming so tired with criticizing the world and trying to make people right, I have to
come to realize that I am the only one who should improve, and everything else will be all
right. God makes us learn by our mistakes, by lessons, and by other people’s examples.
That’s why the old Chinese proverb says that when we walk with three persons, at least one
of them will be worthy to be our teacher. This is the Truth that I have learned up to now. Even
other people’s mistakes also strike some memories within us, reminding us of something that
we might have done in the past that we should never forget and should learn from to improve
ourselves, and that we should never criticize other people.

Enlightenment comes by practice and in dealing with other people. I was enlightened in the
Himalayas, that is correct, but my view about life did not broaden enough until I came in
contact with you, or my so-called “disciples.” I call them fellow practitioners, or “xian sheng,”
and “shih jie” because I respect them. “Xian sheng” means elder brother, and “shih jie” means
elder sister. Of course, sometimes when they make me mad, then I call them disciples, just to
use some of my authority. [Master and audience laugh.] When they do things and obstinately
think that they are right even though they might hurt other people or make trouble for another
person, then I would sometimes use my “Master’s degree” just to settle the situation. But in
my heart, God makes me more humble each day to learn from each situation and to accept
everything as the will of Providence. In this way I’m more free, more free than before when I
tried to take care of the whole world.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 33

Let great burdens fall from our shoulders

An American philosopher, Emerson, wrote in one of his books, “A great burden falls from our
shoulders if we let God run the universe.” But we always run everything, and we run God as
well! Is that not so? [Master and audience laugh.] Look at our prayers! When we go to the
temple, or we go to the church, we dictate immediately, “Oh God! Please make my business
more lucrative.” [Laughter] Please punish my little child because he is not very obedient.”
“Please, my wife is spending too much money! Tell her to stop it.” “And please,” one thing
after another. I did the same thing. I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing at myself, at my own
foolishness, when I tried to tell God what to do, even to let me pass the driver’s license test.
Yes, I bothered Jesus and got angry with Him because He didn’t let me pass the first time.

We have to learn through all this that it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s all right to be different
and to choose different religions. As long as you study very deeply into your own religious
scriptures and know what your religion wants to teach you, you are all right. I think the church
and the temple are very holy, sacred symbols of our devotion to God. And every time we pass
through a church, a mosque, or the temple of any religion, we should truly remind ourselves
of the reverence we have for this symbol of worship. But it probably would be better if the
people who come to these temples, churches, or mosques truly could find their God within –
within this temple also, [Master points to Her body.] not only in the brick temple, but in the true
temple of God.

Solve the problems of this world at their roots

I never read newspapers or watch the television news. Well, I won’t say “never,” but very
seldom, except when I am on an airplane for thirteen, fifteen, or twenty hours. You know what
it’s like! At that time I watch TV or look at the news, and every time I look at the news, there is
not much in it. There is no good news, or very little good news, and more bad news. Is that
not the truth? You read newspapers every day, you know if that is not so. There is some good
news in it, no doubt, but the bad news is so much that sometimes I think it is better if I don’t
read newspapers. I wouldn’t do it out of habit or out of detesting them. It’s just because I feel
that I don’t need to read those. It’s just like some of the clothes you don’t feel you need to
wear, or some household items that you don’t need to have in your house. But even then, I
know something about the world. I just know, and sometimes act according to the world
situation and also to the development of the whole planet. Thus, I’m not very much out of

But now I have started to read newspapers more regularly since I’ve been in Singapore. So,
please, news media, don’t be angry with me. I have started to read now. [Laughter] I do not
advocate people not to read newspapers. It’s just that I did not read them before – very
seldom. It’s very depressing when you read about the news in the world with its many
unsolved problems. The governments of all the nations try their best to improve the
environment of their countries as well as the neighboring countries. Also, they try their best to
negotiate with one another and even with those who have not been in a good relationship with
them before. They try sincerely to make up with each other and to improve each other’s
standard of living. That is very good, but even then, according to the newspapers, there is
much less hope than we expect. And things are done in such a slow way that sometimes the

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 34

people of the nation feel frustrated, so they demonstrate on the street and protest one thing or

But on the general outlook, I think the world has improved a lot. Don’t you think so?
[Audience: Yes.] We now have much less idealism than before, less conflict between the
theologies of different nations. Each nation is trying very hard now to come together with each
other, and this is a good thing. But even then, I was thinking while reading the news that
actually we all need enlightenment if we truly want to settle the affairs of the world.

Back to the golden era

I was also somewhat enlightened after thinking like that. I thought, “Ah! I know why God
makes me do this and that and other things, including wearing beautiful clothes.” It is so that
we may go back to the golden era, where everyone is beautiful, graceful, and does things
nicely but effectively, leisurely, but very, very successfully. Where we don’t need to always
run around in our jeans and eat sandwiches on the road to work, or have a quick cup of
coffee and just gulp it down to wake ourselves up before work. Maybe we should think and
dream a golden dream again. Maybe we should go back to the golden era of ancient times –
where God and humans lived together – where all the fairies could talk to us in our own
language and could instruct us how to have a better value of life – where everyone looked
upon enlightenment and wisdom as a very natural way of living, when no one would doubt a
Master like Jesus when He came to earth to grace our world – where no one would ever
criticize another great being like that again – and where no one would ever have any doubt in
his heart about any Master who graced our earth, because the Master is our self. I very much
hope that this dream will come true, and that every one of us becomes a Goddess, God, or
fairy. Then our planet will shine with the halos of all of the earthlings who have become
enlightened, wise, graceful, and beautiful.

We have been living in rags and poverty for a long time. I think we deserve to enjoy some of
the golden atmosphere – the beautiful, royal style of a high standard of living, in which
everyone is graceful, royal and beautiful, like the queens and kings of the ancient times, with
dignity and virtues fit to be Gods. I do not see why we have to represent poverty. This is why I
have corrected my mistake. I became a nun, wore rag clothes, and I didn’t feel disturbed by
that. I thought that it was great. I thought that’s how enlightened people should behave. But
afterwards, God made me see differently. Hes said, “No! Why should You represent poverty
and disgrace? You should represent the glory of heaven, or at least a symbol of glory and
grace because all the fairies of heaven are beautiful and graceful.” The Quan Yin Bodhisattva
is beautifully adorned with all kinds of jewelry and beautiful dresses.

When we ascend to heaven, we see glory, richness, everlasting happiness, and joyfulness.
Nothing there is like our earth, nothing at all. If we want to have access to heaven, we should
do it from the inside, but maybe we also can do it from the outside. And why not? Most people
can only see from the outside, so we should start from the outside. Whatever we can
reconcile inside, of course people will feel it; people will smell it; people will accept it by their
wisdom because we cannot cheat a person’s wisdom. That is the best judge, the most
intelligent and the most correct judgment. We may be able to cheat people outside but not

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 35

Only enlightenment enables one to see the Truth

Sometimes we find in our experiences with life that we are doing some transactions and we
have been very cleverly designing a scheme of cheating the opponent in order to win a little
bit more of the share of the possession for ourselves. But then we will be surprised to see that
we cannot deceive them, even though no one knows about our plan. Somehow the plans are
corrupted and cancelled. We could not achieve our wish. It is because the inner God, the
inner wisdom, understands it. If it is unjust, and if it’s not in our store of karma, then it cannot
be carried out. So sometimes we see injustice in this world, but actually it is not always
absolutely injustice. It is probably that we have done something unjust in our past, previous
experience on earth; therefore, now we have to reap it in order to learn our lesson. Just like in
the bible, it says, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

Many things on earth cannot be rearranged for the better benefit of mankind if we don’t use
wisdom. If we only use our own power of the computer brain, then we can do something, but
not the perfect thing, not the complete thing according to the will of heaven. We don’t have
complete wisdom. We have not rediscovered our own complete wisdom; therefore, we
sometimes resist the will of heaven, and do things in a clumsy way, or in a resisting way. We
cannot carry out our duty in a perfect manner. Therefore, if we get enlightenment, then we
truly see the whole picture with our wisdom, not with the human brain. Then we do things just
naturally, automatically correct. Even if we don’t know why we did it, it always turns out
correctly. This is why we need enlightenment. This is why since ancient times all the sages
and saints have encouraged us, emphasized to us, “Seek you first the kingdom of God, and
all these things shall be added unto you.” This is why an ancient Chinese wise sage said,
“You first improve your own self, then you can take care of the family, then you can govern
the country, and then you can pacify the whole world.” [Applause]

I was a very lazy person and loved loneliness, as I have confessed to you last night, but God
made me come out and do this “seeing-many-people” business against my will, my obstinate
will. But now I have accepted it fully, and I shall do whatever there is, as long as my body is fit
and my mind is in order. If I can drag myself around the world and share this message with
you, I will do it.

Everything comes from God

Many people do not understand God’s will, do not know what God’s will is. That’s why we are
clumsy in life, and even though we have the best intention, we always make mistakes. God
tells us to do this, but because of prejudice, we think we should do it the other way. Even if we
are forced to do that in the beginning, we struggle inside, and are not concentrated enough to
carry out the task that God wanted us to do in the beginning, or we delay it and upset the
plan. But then God will force us to go around, and we will have to do it sooner or later
anyhow. It’s just delayed or spoiled somewhat because we are not concentrated enough. We
are not willing enough to carry out that plan, which according to our preconceived opinion is
no good because our society says that it is no good, because our grandmother or parents say
that it is not very good, or because our teacher in the school says so, or because we have
learned from books that it is no good. We do things without happiness because we don’t know
the will of Providence, of the Almighty. Only after enlightenment will we know, more and more

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 36

each day, how to accept the things that are assigned to us while we are here, and by the way,
get access to heaven at the same time.

We don’t need to forsake our family, and we do not need to go to the Himalayas. Oh, I did,
but I was stupid then. You don’t need to; you are wiser. Therefore, I have to come here to
serve you at your doorstep, and I had to go searching a very long way. You are better, more
fortunate, more virtuous, with more merits; therefore, God spoils you. God brought me all the
way here just to serve you. So, no need to worship me. If you want to know God, just accept
my teachings, accept God’s gift for you, nothing to thank me for, and no need to worship me
at all. I am a humble servant and God made me to serve you. In this world if someone
teaches you something, you call him a Teacher or a Master, that’s the only reason. In my
heart, I’m only happy if I can serve the whole of mankind, and make them elevated, make
them know their own greatness. And if even I, one person, go to hell for that, I will smilingly
stay there.

Heaven on earth is possible in this lifetime

We don’t have to go to the Himalayas or forsake our family and we don’t need to even forsake
our makeup, or our beautiful clothes. You have to wear nice, good things in order to face the
world, to beautify the environment of our earth; just like you plant colorful flowers in your
house, or put out some flower arrangements when the guests come. So be a good guest on
earth and treat others as good guests. Just do everything as God has given to you to do and
that you are happy to do, but get enlightenment. Then you can do it in a better way, and you
can accept all things without criticism, without protest, without any obstacles and struggling in
your heart. And that is what we call “Hsien Shi Jiei Tuo” – we are liberated even in this life
already. We will have heaven in this life because we will be free from every preconceived idea
and from every responsibility. We will do things but without doing. We will be loving but
without being proud that we possess love. We will give charity but never claim any credit
because we know everything comes from God, and we only distribute as an agent.

Questions and answers

Q. May I ask Master, does our soul exit from the deva eye or from the pai-hui chakra on the
top of the head?

M. Our soul doesn’t go out from anywhere. We don’t go out from anywhere in the first place.
Since we know nothing about liberation or freedom, we say for the time being that we
exit from here or there, from the heart or other lower organs. This is for the ordinary
people. As for the people who have attained a high level in their spiritual practice, their
souls are completely free. Their souls are not bound by this physical body. Their souls
are free as soon as they meditate. Sometimes their souls are also free even when they
are not meditating. Simultaneously they live in this world and keep contact with heaven.

Q. Is it possible to open one’s wisdom eye through meditation?

M. You have to open your wisdom eye before you practice meditation. Otherwise, how can
you see the right way to go? [Master and audience laugh.]

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 37

Q. Master, if good people have good karmic retribution, then why do some good people die
young and some bad people don’t? [Laughter]

M. Then should we wish all these people to die? It’s all right. We should be happy for
anyone who has a long life.

Good or bad, God knows, and the Buddha understands, but we cannot judge correctly.
Our preconceptions are mostly not correct. Perhaps the so-called “bad” person is here to
reclaim what he was deprived of in his previous life, but we will blame that person
without knowing the cause and consequence. We don’t see the whole picture but we
blame him. Perhaps the so-called “good” person owed someone something in a past life,
which he has to repay now, whether he wants to or not. Therefore, Shakyamuni Buddha
said, “True charity is giving without giving.” This is the reason. We don’t know whether
we are good or bad. It is best for us to try our best to be good, forgive the bad person
and exhort him to become better. Give him your blessings if he lives a long life. Do not
pray that he will die as soon as possible! [Laughter]

Q. Is learning to be a noble and highly cultivated person the purpose of practicing the Quan
Yin method that You teach?

M. You are already a noble and highly cultivated person. I only help you to recognize the
inner, greater quality – the omnipresent and transcendental wisdom within you. It doesn’t
relate so much to how a person behaves, but to the inner wisdom and getting close to
the qualities of a Buddha.

Q. Master, when we are learning to meditate, should we put our attention on the heart

M. No, I don’t think so. The heart helps our blood circulate to other parts of our body. This is
its only function. Our wisdom, intelligence, or any achievements are all attained through
our minds, so we’d better focus our attention on our minds. Isn’t this more logical? If you
focus on your heart center, it might cause a “traffic jam.” [Laughter] Your blood
circulation might be blocked, so you’d better not do that.

Q. Master, vegetarianism is very common in Singapore, however, the older generation

cannot accept it completely. Most of them are Taoist. They kill a lot of pigs and chickens
for their ceremonies. Growing up in this kind of background, they can’t be convinced to
become vegetarian right away. How can I solve this problem?

M. Then let it be. Whoever wants to become a vegetarian can do so. If they don’t want to, it
is all right. You can suggest that they minimize their killing and eat vegetarian meals
more often whenever it’s convenient. This will at least benefit their health. Very often the
karma of killing could lead to shortening one’s life. I am speaking according to the
scriptures. Don’t blame me. [Laughter]

Q. What was the world like before the appearance of humankind?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 38

M. None of us were here at that time. Why do you ask me? [Laughter] It is more appropriate
to be concerned about the present.

Q. Master, how can one dissolve one’s karma quickly?

M. By practicing the Quan Yin method and getting initiation. After receiving initiation, you
will understand gradually. Maybe you will understand immediately, or maybe you will
take some time, depending on the extent that your inner wisdom is opened. What will
you understand? You will understand that karma doesn’t exist originally, and then you
will forgive yourself. Also, we won’t continue to create any karma in the future, so we
don’t have to reincarnate again. That’s the fastest way, so far as I know. If you know a
quicker way, please inform me. [Laughter]

Q. Which religion does the Quan Yin method belong to and how does it differ from other

M. All religions are actually the same. They all talk about the supreme power, the noblest
and most compassionate quality within us. So all good religions are included. I never
taught you to attack each other’s religions. This is not the proper attitude for ordinary
people, let alone for spiritual practitioners.

Q. Is it true that when a person dies, the family members can, through a psychic medium,
invite the deceased’s soul to speak with them?

M. I haven’t died yet, but you keep asking things about death. [Laughter] I teach you how to
live a good life, but you prefer the death subject.

[Master sighs] Even if we could really summon a dead person and talk to him, wouldn’t
we be bothering him too much? He has finished his worldly work and duties and has
gone to take a rest finally. Why keep bothering him all the time? We’d better liberate
ourselves from the cycle of birth and death before we die. When we have already been
liberated from it and understand completely what it is, then we ourselves are not only
liberated but can also lead others to be liberated. Otherwise, there is little we can do for
the dead ones. Better to get enlightenment immediately, then we can understand.

For all these questions, I have no proof as to whether it is true or not. Sometimes we
can’t tell if it is really the deceased who came back or the living who are deceiving us.
[Master and audience laugh.] I fear that I might ruin some people’s businesses by
speaking the truth. You are welcome to play any game you like. Don’t involve me in it!

Q. How can a person help himself when he is in despair or extreme sorrow?

M. There are many ways. The first one is to pray immediately to the inner supreme power
for help. [Master points to Her wisdom eyes.] Secondly, have a closer look at the
situation to see why we are in despair and whether it is really hopeless. Sometimes we
are too nervous. We hastily make a wrong judgment and think that there is no solution,
while in fact there is a solution. Sometimes our preconceptions and habits could also
cheat us for we have learned many different things in our past lives and our brains have

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 39

recorded them like computers do. They play back the corresponding material and
responses when we come across similar situations. In fact, these similar situations are
not exactly the same. Sometimes there are differences; therefore, we should calm down
and pray to our inner self for help. [Master points to Her wisdom eye.]

If you believe in Buddha, pray to Buddha or the Quan Yin Bodhisattva for help. Pray to
Jesus Chris if you believe in Jesus Christ. Pray to Allah if you believe in Allah. Pray to
Brahma if you believe in Brahma. Pray sincerely as if you are crying for help while you
are drowning. Only through such intense sincerity can we reach our innermost, highest,
lifesaving power. Then we sit down quietly for a while, ponder over our problem to see if
there is really no solution; take time to analyze the situation. Sometimes the situation
changes the next day, or after an hour, better news comes and the problem is naturally
resolved. It is best to calm down and pray first, and then solve the problem in your own
time. Of course, the Quan Yin practitioners always know what they should do – just
leave all their problems to the Master! [Applause]

Q. Why do we feel so assured upon receiving Your photographs? Why do we naturally

close our palms and bow to You when You enter the hall?

M. I don’t know either. If any of you get any benefit through me in any respect, it is due to
the grace of God, the love of Buddha for you. There is no need to ask me why. I’m not
related to most of these things; I don’t know anything about it.

Q. Master, what is spiritual practice and how does a person practice?

M. Come for initiation and we will teach you how.

Q. Isn’t it enough for a person to be kind and benevolent? Why should one get initiation?

M. It is enough if you feel it is enough. I won’t force anyone. I only worry that it is not
sufficient! Sometimes we think it is enough, but actually it is not. How can we tell if it is
enough or not? In this world there are so many people suffering. Can we help them all?
In this world there are so many places which are politically unstable. Can we settle them
all? In the universe there are so many mysteries that we don’t understand. Have we
apprehended everything? Is it enough? Do you think that you are good enough? If you
do, I have nothing to say and I will ask you to be my Master. [Applause]

Q. Will an enlightened person transmigrate again in his next life?

M. It depends on how much he is enlightened, and whether his master has enough power
to take him up and teach him gradually in the higher levels. If his master is not powerful
enough, then both the master and the disciple have to transmigrate again.

Q. Master, is our suffering in this lifetime the punishment for our mistakes in past lives?

M. It seems to be the case according to the explanations found in the scriptures of

Buddhism, Hinduism, or other religions. However, my understanding is that our greatest
mistake is ignorance. Once we are enlightened, we can solve any problem and eliminate

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 40

our karma. We realize that karma doesn’t really exist. The universe is nothing but an
illusion, a dream. Therefore, any obstacles, the so-called karmic hindrances, are caused
by our ignorance. Once we know the Truth, the whole universe is ours; we can do
whatever we like. How would we still suffer? Even if we still suffer, we will know that it is
only a drama. We won’t feel so deeply hurt, we won’t be so ignorant, and we won’t have
so much attachment as before.

Q. In order to earn my living, I have to kill beings every day. Although I can’t bear it in my
mind, I can’t find another job. Master, how can I rest my heart?

M. In order to make a living, we often do many things that are disturbing to us. If you are
uneasy, then you can take time to find another job. Before you can find one, try to ease
your mind. Try to do your work contentedly. Perhaps you are destined to do that job for a
while, so there is no need to blame yourself too much. If you kill for your living and have
no alternative, the Buddha won’t condemn you. It is just that maybe you will have an
uneasy conscience. Try to find another job. Before you can find a new job, don’t blame
yourself too much. That will only make you feel more painful, and won’t help improve the

Q. Why must we be initiated in order to get enlightenment?

M. Because you don’t know how to get enlightenment yourself, otherwise you’re welcome to
try without initiation. If you already know how to get enlightenment, then don’t come,
please. I will have less work.

Q. Should an unfaithful husband be treated with love, tolerance and more understanding?

M. Sure. There was a lack of love, and that’s why he was unfaithful. [Laughter and
applause.] So forgive him and improve your appearance. [Laughter] Love him more
sincerely. And look into the family’s affairs to see whether anything needs improving,
apart from your own appearance. I’ve told you already, make-up in the evening only
[Laughter] and only wear beautiful clothes for him.

Because, even if the whole world loves you and you only care for your husband, then if
he’s the only one who doesn’t love you, you are surely in trouble and in misery. Right?
So take care of him more, love him more. Give him the best of everything.

See if your cooking is still as lousy as last year, and then improve it. If your clothes are
too lousy, then improve them. Take care that the children are nicely bathed, and smell
nice, and you yourself also. Buy a little bit of new perfume, new make-up, new clothes,
and take care of the house.

Q. As a practitioner, can I enjoy dancing and listening to loud music?

M. Yes, you can, but you must meditate apart from that. If you do two and a half hours of
meditation, and then do other things, I do not forbid it. But after some time of meditation,
you won’t feel like listening to it any more. You have inside music, which is more
enchanting, more cleansing, more refreshing, and more energizing – that I tell you.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 41

Before, I also liked music very much. Since I was young, I was chanting all the time and
loved all this music. Also, I loved to go out dancing with my husband but now I only
dance once every ten years. And in my place, wherever I go, I don’t have a radio,
television, music or anything. It’s not that I hate them. It’s just that I don’t feel that I need
them. It’s not that I leave them, but they just leave me. They just forsake me because
they feel I’m too boring, and I’m not fit for the music of the world anymore. So do
whatever you like until you’re completely satisfied, but meditate and keep the precepts
so that you will progress.

Q. I always meditate on silence and emptiness to contact my inner self. I was bothered by a
spirit one day. Once I witnessed a spirit meddling with the mat I was sitting on. I no
longer dare to meditate alone. How can I protect myself?

M. Then let him sit there and you can find another mat. [Laughter] What’s the problem? Is
the mat so expensive you couldn’t donate it to the spirit? Maybe it’s because he sees
that you’re meditating so nicely so he wants to learn also. You should teach him –
become his master. [Laughter]

Well, this is the problem when you sometimes meditate by yourself, alone, without a
Master, or sometimes with a not very highly competent Master. Try to find another way
to do it, or try the Quan Yin method. And then we and the spirits and whatever are all in
harmony. There will be no fear between any beings. If they ever come, they will be just
loving and harmonious.

Q. How can I remember my past life so that I can retrieve the knowledge that I have learned

M. No, it’s enough to learn the present, because in the present life, we haven’t even learned
enough yet. The past life is gone. God has drawn a curtain between the past and
present. It’s for our own benefit. Therefore, it’s not always necessary to trace the past. If
we know too many things about the past without enough power to handle it, or to
improve it with concern to the present, then we will be in trouble. That’s why people
sometimes fall into a kind of possessed state of mind. Knowing too much about the past,
they will be miserable living in the present.

Suppose you knew that in the past life, you were the sultan of such and such country,
and now you drive a taxi. Would you like it? [Laughter] Or suppose that you knew that in
your last life, you and your wife were having some kind of bloodshed with each other,
and now every time you see her, would you be afraid? And because she killed you last
life, could you ever be loving to her again? It would affect very much your family
harmony and your personal relationships as well as your own happiness. Therefore, we
don’t need to know the past. We take care of the present, and the future will come

Meditate on your inner self or choose whatever method you like. I only recommend the
Quan Yin method because I know from all the studies that it is the best, the highest, the
quickest, and the safest. We offer it to you in case you want to gain more knowledge in

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 42

the present and for the future. The past takes care of itself. The past is gone. The past,
we can just forget.

Q. My husband is not a vegetarian. Can I get initiated or should I divorce him? [Laughter]

M. No! Why? Each one has his own opinion about how to live his life. I only suggest the
vegetarian diet and the saintly way of living. But should you not want to take it, or if your
husband or wife doesn’t want it, don’t force them. You can reason with them in the
course of time, or just show them, and let them choose. If they don’t choose the
vegetarian diet, it’s all right. You can cook for him lovingly, and then hope God will bless
him one day that he may go on the same path with you. That would be better for both of
you. That is all. But we don’t force, or we don’t divorce our husband or wife just because
they are different from us. It’s okay to be different.

Q. Can You please describe what heaven is like?

M. There are so many descriptions of heaven already in the bible, in the Hindu scriptures, in
the Buddhist sutras, in the Koran, and in all kind of scriptures. Please refer to them. They
have better literacy talents than I have. I can only experience them, but when it comes to
describing them, I am completely helpless.

It’s so beautiful that I cannot speak. I’m afraid to degrade it by talking. Just like a
beautiful woman, when you saw her, you were speechless. And then your friend asks
you, “What does she look like? And you say, “Oh, her nose is very straight, her eyes are
big, and her lips are very red.” And that’s it. When the friend goes out to look for the girl,
he would say, “Oh, the girl looks… the nose is straight, the lips are red, and the eyes are
big.” Is that enough to convey the beauty of that woman? No, because the imagination of
that friend is different from the reality. He might have misunderstood the beauty of that
lady. That’s the difficulty.

Also, can you describe the love between a man and a woman, or a mother and a son?
No, it’s very difficult, so I’d better keep quiet. But I invite you to see it for yourself. Make
an effort to learn to know heaven by your own will and your own sincerity. Everyone can
do it. There’s no need to ask me. Secondhand stuff is no good. You are a first-class
citizen. You have to know everything firsthand.

Offer unconditional love to our family

Q. Can You please tell us how to cultivate unconditional love toward our family?

M. There are two levels of unconditional love. In a mundane way, we should serve our
family in whatever way is beneficial to them, not to us. We should not demand but
instead always give and sacrifice. And if each member of the family does the same thing,
then of course there will be harmony and love in the family. Most of us serve with a
motive. When we love someone, we expect love in return. Or we want to love the way
we want, not the way they want it. For example, if your mother-in-law wants a banana,
you would force her to take apples. Even though they are the best apples from Japan,

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 43

the biggest and the most expensive, she doesn’t like them. So just buy a banana! It’s so

You don’t have to always force your way with your family members. Whatever they want,
give it to them. Therefore, just as I’ve said to you before, if your husband doesn’t want to
eat vegetarian, then cook meat for him. I would not, for my sake and my belief, forbid
him to eat meat or force him to eat vegetarian just because I think it’s good for him. I
think it’s good for him but if he doesn’t like it, then he is okay to choose his own way.

Similarly, that is how we can treat other people unconditionally with no motive. Let God
deal with them and teach them in their own time to come around, to do whatever God
thinks is proper for them. Maybe he wasn’t ready for that thing; maybe his stomach
cannot digest apples, for example. Therefore, it is a very simple thing to take care of the
family. Whatever they want, do it for them as long as it doesn’t harm other people or isn’t
a criminal action. You should obey and serve them with love and devotion just like you
would serve God. Then that is unconditional love.

On another higher level, after you’ve become enlightened, your love inside will grow at
such an incredible, unlimited speed that you can serve your family members without
even knowing you love them. You just automatically do things right – that is, if you’ve
already put down your ego and have completely surrendered to God.

Q. I am so afraid of losing You as my Master. It is indeed a rare opportunity to be initiated

by You. I am not a vegetarian but yet I want initiation. Even after initiation, I may not be a
full vegetarian. Can I still be initiated by You today?

M. You know the answer. I am also very touched by your honesty and sincerity. But we
have another way for you. We won’t completely reject you. You can practice the
convenient method, and you can try vegetarian food whenever it’s convenient for you,
ten days per month, or twenty days, or fifteen days, whenever convenient. Until you’re
completely satisfied with the idea that God comes first, God comes before everything
else in life, before every reason, before all logic, before any price at all, and then you can
get initiation.

Otherwise, it’s not fair for everyone else and I must initiate the whole theater, the whole
hall! Why you alone? Most people like my teaching and would love to follow the initiation
process, but they cannot eat as a vegetarian. So why you alone? Then I just make it
cheap and wholesale where everyone is welcome. It’s not that I care whether you eat
meat or vegetables, but you must know what you want and pay for it. [Applause]

Light and Sound are food for our soul

Q. Master, why is seeing Light and hearing Sound so important in meditation?

M. It is because that is our own real self. Light and Sound are the manifestations of our
wisdom inside, which is invisible to the eyes and ears. Hearing the Sound doesn’t mean
that you hear with the ears. It’s just the inside awareness of your own self, of your own
glorious nature, that we are Light, we are a beautiful melody and that we are not the

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 44

body. And the more you hear this invisible, inaudible Sound, the more you see this
invisible Light of heaven, the wiser you’ll become, the more loving you’ll become, the
more satisfaction you’ll gain, and then the more efficient you will be to serve the world.

It’s not because the Light and Sound are important; it is because it is our self. It’s just like
food. We don’t eat it because of the taste only. It is because it will give nourishment that
will later manifest as strength and energy so that we can work for the family, we can
think, we can read books, and we can do other things. That is the importance of food.
Similarly, the importance of the Light and Sound is that it makes us wiser, more loving,
and more capable in all aspects.

Q. Master, You said that the supreme wisdom is within us. When we are dead, where will
the wisdom be?

M. We never die, just the body decays. We change our clothes, the fleshly clothes. Just like
yesterday I wore white and today I’m wearing red. Similarly, we change the bodily
clothes to another kind of clothing that is maybe more beautiful, maybe less beautiful,
according to our choice in life. We choose it by being enlightened. We know which
choice is better, which clothes are better for the next activity. If we choose beautiful
clothes, we’ll go to heaven. If we choose ugly clothes, we will go to a little bit lower level
than human beings. If we choose human clothes, we will come back again. But only the
enlightened person can choose. One who is free of the karmic force can choose;
otherwise, most people will be forced to be born wherever their karma or their deeds
from the last birth lead them. They have no control whatsoever about their future or
about the new clothes that they will buy.

Q. My dearest Master, I was initiated last night. Since I came in contact with Your teaching
in Sydney six months ago, I realized You are the Master I have been searching for, for
many lives. All I would like to say is “Thank You. I wish You good health!” [Applause]

M. Thank you.

Q. Is it true that a relationship and marriage will distract us from immediate enlightenment?

M. No, no. It’s not true. It’s not true at all, but it might make us a little bit sidetracked for a
while, for a while only. If you are completely enlightened, or are very strong on your
spiritual path, very much enlightened, not completely even, it doesn’t matter what you
do, how attractive the world is, you will always remember what you want.

But by the way, enlightened people will not become metal or wood. It’s all right to take
care of your family and your marriage. Most Masters were married, had children, and
raised a family just like you. And I say it’s absolutely normal. Anyhow, it’s absolutely
normal to fulfill our duty in life, and at the same time, aspire to heaven. God doesn’t put
us here just to be lonely, or to endure hardships, or to be “feelingless,” or lifeless. It’s all
right. Whatever happens naturally, accept it, without struggle, condemnation, or
rejection. Just accept it and do things in a moderate way. We practice the middle path.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 45

It’s all right if you don’t want to get married or if you don’t want to take responsibility for a
family life. But if you want to get married, if you love someone, it’s all right. It’s part of the
universal love. Any love is part of universal love. Just accept it as God’s gift to you
should you find a good partner. If God doesn’t give to you, even if you look throughout
your life, you won’t find any. So don’t worry about it. [Laughter]

Q. Dear Master, are our soul and our mind the same?

M. No, they aren’t. The soul is likened unto the chauffeur, the driver, and mind is likened
unto the car. Also, like a computer and a secretary.

Q. Yesterday when I saw You for the first time walking down to the stage, I started to cry
and my heart was calling, “Master! Master!” How much I wanted to hold You! I don’t
know why. Master, is this okay?

M. Maybe we have an affinity. Maybe your soul is longing for liberation. Maybe your soul
inside, the wisdom inside you, recognizes, “At last, I’ve found my own self, my own
comrade!” So you are happy. Call me Master, friend, whatever you like and be happy
that you have found something you’ve been looking for, for many centuries.

Q. Master, what happens when heaven becomes overcrowded? [Laughter]

M. It’s not Singapore or Hong Kong. It’s heaven, please! When you say heaven, its expanse
is limitless; it can never be overcrowded. Hell can be overcrowded, but heaven – rarely.

Q. Dear Master, how does a man cope when he’s married unhappily and falls in love with
another married lady?

M. You have to see to your own marriage – whether it absolutely cannot be rescued or
improved, or whether you seek love in another relationship just as an excuse for your
own pleasure. It’s already bad enough if you have one marriage – troublesome enough.
It is better that we can take care of our marriage relationship. I know it is difficult.
Everything is difficult in this world but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Talk to your wife about where the problem lies. But don’t talk to her about your affair,
please! [Laughter] If you talk about that, there may be no more solution. It’s all right if
you think that it is a mistake, you may try to cut it down or forsake it. But talk to your wife
about how to improve your relationship – where she fails, or where you fail, and where
you need her attention or improvement, or where she needs you.

Talk to each other. Buy new presents for her; buy a beautiful dress for her. Adorn her
with beautiful things; make her beautiful. Make her a beauty of your life instead of
spending your time and energy on someone else’s woman because you don’t possess
her anyhow.

It’s better to take care of what you have than to waste time and energy on other people’s
possessions. It doesn’t matter how much you like the neighbor’s car; you don’t go and

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 46

spray gold on it. Spray it on your car! Is that not so? Take care of your car because you
drive the car. You need the car every day; the car is necessary for you. The neighbor’s
car, you can admire silently, quietly, but don’t spray gold on it. Don’t look after it so much
and neglect your car. One day, maybe the neighbor will drive the car away and suddenly
you’ll be without anything. Your car will be in the garage, broken down, uncared for, and
then you will be in trouble.

Work for your marriage if you think it’s worthwhile. And then also, at the same time,
respect other people’s marriages. It hurts to forsake the things you love, but think of the
other man. If you were in his position, would you feel happy? Would you not prefer your
wife to be faithful and devoted to you? Make your wife a good wife; make yourself a
good husband. And make the neighbor’s wife also become a good wife to her husband.
That would be the best solution. [Applause]

Thank you for trusting me with your personal, family problem. This is also very important.
If your heart is not peaceful, it doesn’t matter how many wives you have, your business
and everything will go wrong. It’s better to be satisfied with what you have, to take care
of it and beautify it. Make it more beautiful and more suitable for your taste. Just like you
cultivate your garden, plant your roses. Make it more beautiful for yourself.

Q. If I am honest, how do I deal with people who are not honest? Will I lose out?

M. Even if you lose out, you must be honest. Honesty doesn’t mean stupidity. Deal with
people the way you should, but keep your dignity and keep your own honesty because
you are the one who lives with yourself. Even if you can cheat other people, you yourself
know what you are like. It’s best to protect ourselves. To be honest with other people is
the best protection for our dignity and our conscience. It’s the best way for us.

Okay, I will take leave of you now but I will take you in my heart. [Applause] And please
keep me also in your hearts – sometimes – when you’re in trouble. [Applause]

Thank you these days for your love. I truly enjoy being in Singapore. You feel very free
here, no repression, no hard feelings at all in Singapore. I congratulate you for being in
such a good atmosphere. Keep your country better and better each day. Thank you for
your love.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 47

To be one with God is to do without doing

Dallas Brooks Hall, Victoria Pde, Melbourne, Australia
March 14, 1993 (Originally in English)

I congratulate you for having a new, old prime minister. [Applause] Your country is the envy of
many other nations. That was my impression when I first landed at the airport and as we
drove to my temporary residence. It’s so clean, fresh, and big, vast. People don’t have the
pressure of living close together without space. So clean, and the people are so friendly. Even
the police at the airport were friendly and trusting – expert in knowing who is who. They only
take care of the law and check on the so-called “not very law-abiding people.” When they saw
us, they know nothing happens, so we just passed through without any checking of the
luggage. This very rarely happens for such a group like us with many people and a lot of
equipment, and wires, microphones, earphones, and so on. It was a very, very warm and
welcome feeling at the airport. I have traveled a lot around the world and this rarely happens,
so I also would like to thank you. Maybe some of the policemen are sitting here today. If not,
please be reminded of the goodness of your country and your people again. [Applause] If all
the countries in the world become just like Australia, then we don’t have to worry much.

I’m happy that your country is very liberal concerning the different faiths of different religions.
When I came the first day, many people came to visit me. Some were native-born, and some
were immigrants to your nation, but speaking perfect English. They have informed me of the
different faiths in your country, the different groups of meditational practice and different
beliefs, or different so-called “religious sects.” That shows that the people in Australia are very
spiritual, and very open-minded to all kinds of good influences.

They also asked me what kind of religion I represent or try to advocate. I was asked already
at the airport by the police who were interested to know. I told them that I have no intention to
advocate any particular religion in your country, because from what I have gathered, your
country has enough religions already. By the smiles on your faces, I know it is true. So they
asked me, “Then what have You come for?” I said, “First to get to know your country.” I have
heard so much about Australia, this very interesting and charming land. Many people know
about it and I have heard about it since I was a child, but I had not the opportunity to come.
So first, to get to know the country and the people; also, second, to share with them what we
know, and also to learn from them what we don’t know.

In these days, I have been busy learning but have not had the opportunity of sharing. Today
is the day that I may have a chance to share with you what you might already know, or some
of you might not yet know. In this age of very progressive communication systems, most
people in the West, for example America or Australia know about many systems of meditation

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 48

or religious devotion. So, religions, we have plenty and we have enough. All religions have
encouraged people to be good, to do good, and to remember God or the Buddha; therefore, I
do not intend to remind you about this again. The reason my disciples invited me to come to
this beautiful country is that they thought because they are living in such a peaceful country,
they owe so much to the Australian people for this happiness and freedom that they
sometimes don’t have in other lands. So they wanted me to represent them to share with you
the happiness that they gained through our meditation practice, which is called the Quan Yin

Quan Yin is a Chinese term from where I started, in Formosa. Well, I’ve got to start
somewhere! Therefore, most of the terms sometimes seem very Buddhistic, also a little bit
Chinese. But in the Western countries, we don’t need to discriminate over these
terminologies. Quan Yin is the Chinese term for observation of the vibration, observation of
the Word inside us, the Word, which was mentioned in the bible, “In the beginning was the
Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” By observing silently with our
wisdom inside, we will come in contact with God. That’s the reason for all our happiness, and
all our desires will come to an end. We do not leave our desires, but our desires will leave us.
Some people call this the supreme power inside. When Jesus came to earth, he declared
that, “I do, but not I. It is my Father in me who does it,” and “Whoever prays to the Father
through my name, that will I do.”

What I can do, you can do also

Why had the people at that time prayed through Jesus? Why through His name and not
directly? It is because at that time the people had not discovered their own Christ within. But
later on, when He imparted the supreme wisdom to His disciples, He again told them,
“Whatever I do, you can do also, and you can do better.” Why better than the Master? It is just
because it’s the nature of every Master to be very humble, and also to encourage people to
stand on their own feet, to know their greatness, to recognize God who dwells within them.
That is why He mentioned it this way. And also why “better”? It is because He knew that in the
generations to come, the freedom of religion, of spreading religious faith, would be greater
than at the time of His life. He knew that His disciples, going through their own experiences
and speaking in His name, would have more freedom to express the greatness of a living
Master, as well as the kingdom of God, which they themselves experienced. It doesn’t matter
how great a Master like Jesus is, he would not venture to glorify himself; also, he’s too
humble to do that. But most of the disciples can speak better of him, and more freely express
the greatness of the Master.

The reason why the Master does not glorify Himself also is because when a Master is one
with God, the Master has no more self to proclaim. There is no feeling of being the doer with
the Master, if He is a true Master. If we believe in Jesus or any of the saviors who have
graced our earth, then we must know that we are great; we are the sons and daughters of
God; we are, ourselves, the Supreme Master. But because we do not discover this power
within ourselves, we have doubts, we have anxieties and we have desires that are hardly ever
completely fulfilled as long as we have not come in contact with the God power. The reason
for my disciples inviting me here is to share with you the knowledge of how to get in touch
with this supreme God who is within you, of whom you have heard much about, and which all
the bibles, all the scriptures, in different religions have mentioned.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 49

I have not come to alter your belief, your religion, to make you to become a Buddhist, or a
Christian, a Muslim, or whatever. Whatever faith you have belief in, that is correct. If you have
not the opportunity to get in touch with that supreme power on which your faith is based, then
we will help you to recognize that. It’s very easy, just like you receive flowers from beloved
friends, because it’s always there. “It is very difficult to know God,” some people say to me.
But to me, it’s very, very easy; it’s like a child’s game. I am always surprised whenever I am in
contact with some people who have not tuned in with their supreme power. I’m always
surprised, again and again. Why don’t they know it? Why have they forsaken their greatness?
Why do they go around in life in some kind of negative feeling, or suffering, not knowing how
great they are?

After the initiation, many of my disciples claim that I am the Buddha, or the Master, or
whatever God’s daughter. Okay, that I accept, but so are you. So are all of you, from the child
to the old man. None of you are different than I am. Everything I have, you have. Everything I
have gained, you can gain. And that can be proved very shortly after you have accepted your
greatness through the symbolic process of so-called “initiation.” My disciples have testified to
this fact; just like we say, “By your fruit shall you be known.” If we say something only by
hearsay, or only by theology, by speaking, by reasoning, or by debating, then it’s only half of
the truth. We have to have proof of what we say and what we hear. That’s why Jesus said to
the people, “Seeing, you see, but you do not perceive; hearing, you hear, but you do not

The reason why we see without perceiving is that we see with our physical eyes only a part of
the creation of God, but we do not see the creator. We do not completely perceive what is the
meaning behind all these beautiful creations, and what is truly the meaning of “God is love,”
or “God is almighty,” “God is omnipresent.” Of course, some of you would have perceived
that. Nowadays communications are excellent and everything is made known to the public at
large. Many of the systems have been introduced to you, to your country, and to other people
in different countries. Perhaps you have known some of the teachings similar to ours, or the
method that can show you the kingdom of God.

A precious method

When I mention the method, it isn’t a method at all, because when we transmit the Light and
the Sound, we don’t speak, both of us. The kingdom of God doesn’t need human language to
be revealed. Just like in the bible, it is stated that it is not by praying loudly on the street or
making a lot of noise that you know God, but by praying in a secret corner, there your Father
will know you. And what you do in secret, the Father will reveal to you openly. What is it that
we do in secret? When we meditate, we come into the secret closet of our wisdom, of our
self. Then, the more we come into that chamber, the more it is manifested outside as
intelligence, as wisdom, as loving kindness, as the more effectiveness of the way we work
and serve in this world.

All of my disciples, or most of them, because some of them probably are dragging behind a
little bit. I wouldn’t boast that all of them immediately know everything, but most of them do.
They have experienced a lot of miracles in their lives. Many of us love miracles. Wherever I
go, people keep asking me, “Do You know this or that man or woman who makes miracles?”
“I always heard about this healer; he’s the greatest healer; he puts his hands on you and you

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 50

are healed.” I said that it will be great and then all the world don’t need hospitals anymore. We
all love miracles; that is the weakness within us. It’s all right. I told some of these people, “All
these healing powers, all these miracles are yours. If you want them, you will have them; no
need to worship any miracle workers, or any healer even.” It’s great! What they do is great,
but you can do the same. You can do the same. Jesus has promised it, and so it’s for us now
to verify if what Jesus said is true or not.

I have verified this, and many of my disciples, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of
thousands of them around the world have verified this. If you, yourself, want to verify, it’s
nothing very difficult and it can be done very shortly. Most of our fellow practitioners, I don’t
call them disciples. It’s just because I am just talking to you and I forgot. I call them fellow
practitioners; brother or sister is what we call each other. But they call me Master, so I am
only one and they are too many. I can’t win, so sometimes I forget. [Master and audience
laugh.] I call myself Master also, but this is not in a proud sense. It’s just a very natural,
spontaneous reaction. You may call yourself Master also after you have mastered the art of
life and death through the practice of the heavenly Light and the heavenly Sound, which are
the Word and the Light of God in the bible.

We know so many things in life already; we know so much already. Many of us have a great
position in the society and possess great knowledge about science, biology, and every other
thing, but there is much more to learn. We should not stop at the worldly level of discovery,
but we should go on farther into the higher dimension of the kingdom of God, and then
choose where we go after we leave this physical world. Just like many of the immigrants to
your country, they have chosen your land because it’s peaceful, it’s more secure, and more
loving than probably some of their original countries. Similarly, our world is beautiful; beautiful,
but there are more exquisitely beautiful, absolutely fantastic worlds beyond our world. And
this we can choose, because in the kingdom of God, there are many mansions. After the
initiation, should we practice this method, we will know immediately some part of this

Most of our disciples know this. That’s why they like to invite me here and there all the time to
share with other people the same happiness. They thought they couldn’t do it alone. They can
do it, but they thought I probably could speak about it better. That’s sometimes their mistake,
but if people request me too many times repeatedly, then I cannot say “no.” I have to come.
Otherwise, each of them, each of you, after knowing God, after knowing the kingdom of God,
you have also the power to share it with other people. To do it or not do it depends on your
confidence. After you practice for a longer time, you have greater confidence and you have
greater knowledge, and then you know what you are speaking of.

Before I knew the kingdom of God, I always thought if I do good things and bow to the
Buddha or go to the church, that would be enough. But afterward, there was something
missing within me. Something, I cannot tell why, it just pushes me so that I have to know
further, so that I have to know more. Before, I went to the church and I never asked for
anything much. I always prayed to God that “If You truly exist, please reveal Yourself to me.
Please somehow let me know Your greatness.” And I prayed to the Buddha in the same way.
At that time, God didn’t reveal Hirmself to me; God did not care about me, and the Buddha
also ignored me. After much suffering and praying for the Truth, I have got it, but I got it

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 51

through the transmission, through the practicing of the Quan Yin method, observing the Word,
the vibration which is our own self.

Our world is getting better and better because there has never been, in history, such an open
disclosure of such a precious method. Not that the Masters did not desire to share it with the
people in the world, it was just due to persecution and difficulty in communication in the old
time. Now we have television, we have telephones, we have newspapers, we have radios.
Therefore, the people in the world at large are now practicing this precious method that in the
ancient times could only be acquired through secret, through hardship, through years of

I am not the only one who teaches this method. There are several more; therefore, the world,
our world now, is full of people who are enlightened, who know the kingdom of God, and who
live a saintly way of life. That’s why, I guess, our world is getting better and better. Even all
the conflicts between nations are being slowly minimized. Many of the political struggles that
have bothered the whole world have become less in a very short time. If we practice the
heavenly wisdom, we will see that there is a reason for it, and that it is because so many
people are enlightened. There are so many new discoveries that are better for people’s
health, for the people’s spiritual welfare, and for economic growth. Everything has a better

Turn our world into heaven

If more of the people turn to heaven and truly get in touch with the source of all healing
power, of all magical fantasies, then the world will become heaven. At that time, probably we
don’t need to aspire to go to another planet or to go to heaven even, because our Father will
be here among us, because all of us will become one with the Father. It seems a very
fantastic dream, but it may come true. We would have no need to fear for the end of the world
because we will turn this into heaven. God will not destroy our world if it becomes a fit, a
better and more glorious place for Hiers children to live in. You only pull down a house when
the house is rotten, and build a new one. Otherwise, if the house is repaired and intact, then
you would not pull it down.

Many people ask me about the end of the world. Do I believe in it? Am I afraid of it? What do I
do about it? I say, “Yes, I believe in it.” God has the power to create, and should our world
become unfit for Hiers children to stay, then Hes would destroy it. But no, I’m not afraid of it
because I have the kingdom of God in my pocket. I can take it anywhere I want. In this life or
the life after, I will never lose my paradise; therefore, it doesn’t matter if the world ends or
doesn’t end. It doesn’t concern me. But what do I do about it? I do nothing. Of course, if you
come to me and ask, then I will remind you that you don’t need to fear it, because if we die,
the world ends anyhow. So the world may end any time, sometimes even in an accident.
What we worry about is not the end of the world, but the end of ourselves. If we are not
prepared for a longer journey to heaven, we might have to worry. Otherwise, there is nothing
that we should do, but to leave it to the will of God.

Because so many are here today, I will shorten my speech and you probably have something
to teach me that I can learn, or something to inquire about what I know. If you have any

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 52

questions or anything to say, please write it on a piece of paper and then we will answer it for
you. Thank you very much. [Applause]

Questions and answers

Q. Is one ever too old to start being a vegetarian?

M. Probably, yes. Maybe your biological system will not so quickly adjust to the new diet.
So, sometimes in our system, at about age sixty-five or seventy, it would be better for
you to start next time, when you change your clothes and come back again.

Q. If you have already a Christian mantra, does one have to change it?

M. No, you don’t have to if that works for you. If you truly can get in touch with God through
that mantra, and you can see the Light of God, and you can hear the Word of God, then
you don’t need to change. If you do not experience this God power manifested through
the Light and the Word, then you should change, if you desire to. If you do not desire, of
course, you don’t.

Q. What does fear of the Lord mean?

M. Fear of the Lord means to respect Hiers laws, Hiers commandments. It doesn’t mean
that you have to be scared of Hirm or be afraid of Hirm. Fear of the Lord means that you
respect God, who is the creator of all things. We try to be righteous and virtuous in order
to please Hirm who is our true self. When we fear the Lord, it means we respect the
Lord, we know the wisdom. Then we can never do wrong things. It’s not that the Lord is
so fearsome that we have to stand far apart from Hirm.

Q. Why do you have to meditate two and a half hours a day and become vegetarian to be

M. No, you don’t have to be vegetarian, and you don’t have to meditate two and a half
hours a day to become enlightened, but you have to in order to keep the enlightenment.
You can be enlightened without these, but you can’t keep it if you are not fit to go on with
it. There is some great power within ourselves which, when tapped, can bring confusion,
can bring shattering experiences to our body and mind, should we not have prepared
our purity to keep it or to endure it.

Q. With respect, Master, may I ask why You wear makeup and jewelry?

M. May I ask you, “Why not”? [Laughter and applause.] It’s not jewelry, anyhow and my
disciples like me beautiful. This is very cheap; it’s only crystal of some kind. They are not
true jewelry. If you want, I’ll give them to you right now. Who was it? If you want them, I’ll
give them to you. If you don’t like them, I’ll throw them away. You want me to throw them
away? [Audience: No.]

It doesn’t matter what you wear. Why are you attached so much to the material
appearance? Whether you’re attached to a beautiful appearance or a beggar

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 53

appearance, it’s all attachment. Throw them both out, okay? I can wear this today and I
can wear jeans tomorrow. It makes no difference to me. Why should it make a difference
to you? It’s I who wear it. [Applause] Don’t worry about me. Worry about yourself. Get
enlightenment, that’s the best, then wear what you want.

But I understand what you mean. You mean a practitioner should be very modest. Dress
like a monk or something like that. I have done that for ten years and I got
enlightenment, but not through the monk’s robe. Now I try to wear different clothes to
see whether my enlightenment become less or not. It doesn’t. You have to experience
something; otherwise, how do you tell people? I do everything through experience, and
then I tell other people what I know. Should some other people who wear makeup and
jewelry and have a glorious appearance not get enlightenment or what? It’s nonsense.
God never says so in the bible, does Hes? No. Actually, I don’t wear things beautiful
enough; I tell you the truth, because from what I know, we are more beautiful than this.
We are more glorious in heaven. We have degraded ourselves already into this stage.
So this is just a reminder of some glorious state in heaven. I can wear it, or I can not
wear it. It doesn’t matter at all. Don’t you agree? [Applause]

What we wear also has some effect. For example, before, I was wearing monk’s clothes,
and I forsook my husband. I wasn’t enlightened. I don’t regret leaving him. I have more
time to dedicate to people instead of having a lot of kids and having to burden my
husband to look after the kids while I am going on tour for many months, or I never go
home, for example. Then, I just let him free, and I am free to dedicate myself to people
and to serve God. I don’t regret leaving him, but I was very sad leaving him at that time. I
felt sorry for him because he loved me very much. Also, I loved him very much. We had
a very beautiful marriage. So, I left him and then I thought that in search of Truth I have
to be dressing like a monk and all that in order to serve people.

But then it had some kind of side effect. Many people left their homes and followed me.
They left their children and their husbands, and made a lot of trouble for me. Their
children came and made trouble, their husbands came and threatened to kill me, their
wives wrote many letters scolding me, etc. I don’t mind all this scolding or accusing. It’s
just that I should not break up the family through my dress. I understand, but they did not
understand. By setting this example many family people follow, and then they break up
their family. I’m supposed to bring them happiness, not sorrow; therefore, I changed my
dress. If that bothers you, then you go and look for another Master.

Q. Do You believe in reincarnation?

M. Yes, I do, but then I don’t, because reincarnation is only our habitual thinking that binds
us. Our true self is never born, never dies, and never reincarnates.

Awaken our own Supreme Master within

Q. How can You explain or justify the existence of people suffering illness through no fault
of their own?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 54

M. If you believe in the reincarnation theory, that explains it. This is what the bible says, “As
you sow, so shall you reap.” Sometimes we have made some mistakes in our previous
life or even in this life, then we get the illness.

Sometimes we suffer the collective so-called karma, meaning the collective effects of the
whole society. For example, if you don’t smoke, but you always have to go around the
world in airplanes or on buses that are full of smoke from other people, then you’re also
having some kind of collective effect. It’s called karma in the Sanskrit term. It means you
suffer what the society, what your environment, inflicts upon you. Therefore, we have to
clear it up by having a purer life and encourage other people to do the same. We should
not need to wait for the neighbor to do it; we do it first. We start with a clean diet, a
vegetarian diet, which has been scientifically proven that it is even good for our health.
Apart from compassion, enlightenment, and all that great deal, it’s good for your health.
And stop smoking; do meditation instead.

After initiation, most of my disciples quit smoking immediately. They just quit it on their
own. I say quit it slowly if you cannot bear it. I do not ban cigarettes, but they quit it. Most
of them quit it immediately after reading my book only. There is such a power, which is
awakened inside that helps them to go through all obstacles in life. That is the supreme
power. It’s not I who help them. It’s the Father who helps. It’s their own Father who helps
when they awaken to themselves and want to claim their greatness again. That’s why I
say, “Awaken your own power. Be your Master, be the Master.” I’m telling you, I’m trying
to show you, the way to be a Master, not to be my disciple. Therefore, after initiation, all
the miracles come to you, all the things good that happen to you, it is your own Supreme
Master at work. So, I never claim credit for this. Even though the disciples praise me that
I do this and that for them through manifestation bodies, I say I know nothing about it. It
is because your own Master power is at work after the initiation. Be the Master, be a
Christ, be a Buddha! [Applause]

Q. If we have followed another master, can we follow Master Ching Hai?

M. It depends. If you think you need it, then you follow. If your master has already imparted
to you the Light and Sound, and you have experienced the kingdom of God within and
you’re satisfied with it, then you don’t need to follow me. Only follow me when you don’t
know it. If you already know and you have a good master, please don’t. But you’re
welcome. I don’t reject you. [Applause]

Q. If we become one with God, does it mean that we lose our individuality?

M. Yes, but no. In the worldly level, you are still Ms. or Mr. so and so, and if you happen to
be the prime minister, you keep your post. God will not take it away from you. You still
have your wife and kids, all the possessions that you need, and all the jobs that you
have to do. And you still have your character. But then, you are one with God and that
means you “do without doing.” You don’t claim credit for anything because you know it’s
not you who do it, and you don’t have any more ego to glorify yourself. That’s the only
thing. Our individual self doesn’t mean the ego. What we lose is the ego, not the

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 55

Q. If I realize my own enlightenment, can I help those close to my heart who have a
negative attitude toward life?

M. Yes, definitely. We have helped many, and our practitioners have also helped many. So
can you. It’s not by word of mouth that we convince people; it’s by our own greatness,
the great wisdom within which awakens that transmits this atmosphere to their wisdom
inside and they perceive it. That’s how we help other people in a more effective way,
apart from just talking and consoling them.

Q. Is God personal or just a universal power?

M. Both. If you want Hirm to be personal, God will appear because God can do everything.
God is your own self. The universal power is also your own self.

Q. Is there a devil, like satan?

M. What do you think? In Australia, maybe no, but in other countries, yes. When you see a
lot of disgraceful things that happen through some individual, some very destructive
power at work, this is the so-called “satan.” But the sooner we practice the heavenly
Light and Sound, the better. Then the so-called satan will also become an angel. We will
initiate him, and make him vegetarian. Then he will do no more destructive work. But I
need your love and force together. I, alone, cannot turn this world into heaven. I can only
turn myself into heaven. But you, yourselves, have to also turn each of you into a
heavenly atmosphere before we can abolish satan. We have to work together.

Q. Many ancient Masters, for example, Lao Tzu and Quan Yin, described the ultimate goal
as a void where there is no attachment, no method, no sound, nothing. So, may I ask
why You place so much emphasize on exterior things like hearing Sound and seeing

M. Does he say “no sound”? Really? No. Oh, I have some books here. Lao Tzu, look; let’s
see what he says. [Master opens the Tao Te Ching.] He talks a lot about heavenly
music, about the Tao. The Tao, you don’t need to use the ears, but you can hear it; you
don’t need to use the eyes, but you can see it. These are the invisible Light and invisible
Sound. He didn’t say anything about “no sound.” He said that you don’t need to use the
ears, but you can hear it, and you don’t need to use the eyes, but you can see it.

The Quan Yin Bodhisattva became Quan Yin because She practiced the Quan Yin
method, which means observing the Sound. It’s full of this evidence in the Buddhist
scriptures. Like when you practice Quan Yin, you can hear the sound of the sea waves,
the sound of Brahma, or the sound of thunder. Even the sound of many waters, etc. You
hear without the ears, but the more you hear, the more you know what God wants.

Then we can do the will of God instead of blindly doing things and clumsily following our
own instinct and making a chaos of this world. So Quan Yin Bodhisattva is the one who
practiced on the Sound. That’s why Her name is Quan Yin. It is stated very clearly in the
Lotus sutra that She is called that because She practiced the Quan Yin method.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 56

Q. Does everyone get enlightenment eventually?

M. Yes, eventually, maybe in a couple of aeons or so, in thousands of billions of years, if

you haven’t met a Master who is experienced and who shows you the quickest way.

Q. How did You become a Master? Did You train with a Teacher?

M. Yes.

Q. Can You describe God?

M. No, but I know Hirm intimately. Just like I see you, I can see Hirm.

Q. Before we descend to this world of matter, we were pure as God. But why were we
asked or forced to descend to this world to experience these everyday difficulties?

M. So that we learn to be God. We are born from God, but then we are not God. Just like
you are born from your parents, but you are not yet grown-up, so your parents send you
to school with difficult examinations and all kinds of homework, which give you
headaches. And sometimes you cannot sleep enough and you cannot play because of
the schoolwork. But they have to send you there. It’s the same way with God. All these
are experiences for us to grow; otherwise, we become just like spoiled angels; doing
nothing, knowing doing, and having no inheritance of God’s power.

Q. Thank You for this experience. You spoke of no longer being the doer. Master, please
expand upon this.

M. It’s very difficult to explain to you, but this comes through experiences. It has two levels
of understanding: First through meditation experiences, and later through grace, just
living in the presence of God. And you don’t even know that you have healed people
thousands of miles apart. You don’t even know that you bring goodness to those near
you, but you do all these things and people know it. So it is to “do without doing.” The
first stage, before I met you, I had the experience of being one with the whole universe,
but this I cannot describe to you. You just know it in the state of meditation called
samadhi. You can call it samadhi; you’re just being in the state of “non-desire.” You can
call it nirvana, the kingdom of God, or whatever you want. You’ll be one with God. You
just know it. In that state, you can only exclaim, “I and my Father are one,” and all the
beings in the universe are one, but you have no way to explain or to describe it. I regret
to disappoint you, but I invite you to come to me and let me show you how to experience
it yourself, because I cannot describe in the human language what I know.

Q. Does being a vegetarian include not eating animal-derived products, for example, milk
and cheese?

M. No. We’re not fanatics. Milk and cheese are good for the children; they have plenty of
calcium and are good for your teeth. You may eat them in large doses, if you want.
There’s no such things as a prohibition on milk products. But sometimes you don’t feel
that it’s very tasteful, because you probably think that a cow’s suffering for it and things

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 57

like that, so you don’t drink it. If you are grown-up enough and you have enough calcium
and vitamins in surplus, then you don’t need to drink milk, but it’s not forbidden.

Q. Can the Quan Yin method be used for healing the body?

M. No, but yes. If you are supposed to be healed, then you’ll be healed. Most of our people
are healed, even from cancer, after initiation. Just now I was in Singapore; one of the
girls just sat there, crying, and thanked me for helping her. “But I don’t know anything
about it,” I said. She said that after initiation the doctor discovered that she had stomach
cancer and wanted to operate on her. She was even administered the anesthetic, but
she was still fully awake. The doctor examined her stomach, and it was gone! No more
operation needed, so she was pushed out again, just like that. Many of these situations
have happened. Therefore, I told you that all the healing powers are within you. If you
practice well, if you are sincere, if you seek the kingdom of God, all things shall be added
unto you. But sometimes the time is not proper; therefore, probably you experience
some illness. But the God power will take away already half or two thirds of it in most

I do not boast about this because I don’t want people to come to me, or to come to God,
with the motivation that they just want to take care of their body alone. If we come to God
with sincerity, then God will give us a lot of things. But if we come to demand just one
thing or another, probably we will be disappointed. That is because we should surrender
our ego. We should let God run the universe and not dictate to God what to do.
Therefore, I don’t advocate healing power or miracles on our part. If we have it, we don’t
use it even. We just let God grace whomever Hes wants, whenever Hes wants, in
whatever situation is fit. I don’t use healing power myself. Even though my disciples
claim that I have a lot of healing power, I don’t know. I don’t use it.

Q. This is not merely a moneymaking exercise, based on a cult personality, the Supreme
Master Ching Hai, is it? It looks that way to me, what with the books, video and
audiotapes, posters, photos, and magazines You are selling in the foyer.

M. Thank you for your compliment. I don’t make any money. This tour costs me
USD400,000 personally with the crew and all the equipment. And we don’t charge
money for initiation. We don’t charge money for this auditorium. For the books, you just
repay the printing costs. And the audiotapes, we sell at the cheapest price. We don’t
make any profit from the audiotapes or videotapes. You look at the price, please. It’s
even cheaper than if you buy them outside as empty tapes in some cases. We don’t
make money, ever.

I earn money by my painting, handicrafts, interior designs – lamps, bedding, clothing,

and all that. Please, I don’t want any money from you. If you want to give, it’s all right.
We can donate it to charity, but I don’t spend money on me. Even my jewelry is just
imitation. I don’t have a car. I don’t have a house, even! I have only a tent in my
headquarters. It cost about USD50 or USD100, I guess. So don’t be afraid that I will get
money from you. If you don’t want to buy the books, all right, we will donate them to you.
We donate more than we sell. We give to everyone who needs. And, even if we earn any
money from these, we give it to charity. We gave to the Philippine disaster relief last

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 58

year; we gave to the refugees and we gave to the poor around the world and in the
countries where we live.

All of our so-called immediate disciples live in tents, I may inform you. We don’t have a
house or a temple, even. We don’t have even a roof above our heads. We have only
tents. We don’t have a meditation center in our headquarters in Formosa. Mostly, I don’t
like to live in rooms. If I have a room, I will live in it. But I don’t want to build; it takes too
much time. By the time I build a house, I will die already. Therefore, please don’t be
afraid. We don’t make any money. If you don’t want to buy the book, we’ll give you
everything you need. If you have the money, then you just exchange it so that we can
print further. We print billions of copies of free booklets. It costs a lot of money, all from
our own pockets, because all of my disciples work. Apart from going on tour, when we
are at home or anywhere, we work. We earn money by handicrafts and all kinds of
talents that we have. We don’t take money donations from the public. But sometimes
people like to donate. You can’t stop people from being good. So if they donate, we give
it out again. Or we do something for you, or for the country that needs it. [Applause] But
you’re right. The one who works for God should never take money. Should give only,
never take. But thank you for reminding me. I will try to keep to that principle all the time.
Thank you.

Q. What is Your attitude on abortion, contraception, sterilization, and the abortion pill?

M. Abortion pill? They have that in a pill even? What do you want me to say? These are the
affairs of you human people. I come to teach you the kingdom of God. And should you
follow it, then you will know the answer yourself, according to the circumstances.

Q. Why is it that, even when living the way God has told us, loving our neighbor, not killing,
not desiring material things, there is still an emptiness in my heart?

M. Yes, because you have not come in contact with God within you. You only do Hiers
commandments, but you have not known the Commander-in-Chief. Get to know Hirm,
and then you will feel fulfilled.

Q. Plants do have life also. What is the reason to become vegetarian and why?

M. Well then, we should die, all of us. Eating nothing would be the best, I agree. If you can
do it, welcome. [Master laughs] Well, we have to eat something, no? Jesus ate
something, and Buddha ate something.

It’s all right to take vegetables because in the bible, even in the Old Testament, it is said
so. God said, “I made all the beautiful fruit which is pleasing to your eyes, and pleasing
to your taste, and all the herbs in the field. These are your food.” No, Hes didn’t forbid us
to eat a vegetarian diet, so why not? You don’t study the bible well, that’s the trouble
with you!

Q. Why is it detrimental to our spiritual progress to practice any meditation that involves
breath control?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 59

M. Because breathing is ephemeral. Everything we use concerning ephemeral phenomena

will end in the ephemeral. What we practice is using our own kingdom of God, our own
wisdom, which is eternal; therefore, we can get eternal lasting happiness.

Q. What is mind?

M. What is mind? You operate on your head and see! [Laughter]

Mind is the one that makes you drink coffee when you don’t want to drink it, that makes
you have two wives when you know you should have only one, and causes a lot of
trouble when you know you should have peace. It’s very stubborn, obstinate.

Mind is only the computer. It registers all things that happen around it, and puts out
again the same information whether the circumstances have changed or not. Therefore,
sometimes we make mistakes and we have very harsh judgment in some cases
because the mind has registered the same information, but in two different
circumstances. We have not learned to be flexible, therefore, we stumble and we suffer.
That’s why we have to learn to get in touch with the real source of wisdom, and then
handle every situation accordingly, without condemnation, only with love and with

Q. How can the majority of people find two and a half hours daily to meditate? Can this time
be reduced and be effective?

M. You don’t have to sit straight two and a half hours. You can get up early one hour in the
morning, half hour at lunch break, and another hour in the evening. Less television, less
rock and roll, etc. maybe, or less talk on the phone and save the phone bill. Then we will
have a lot more time. Actually, we have more time than we suppose we do. We just
waste it because we don’t have anything else to do. But now we have a purpose, we
have other work to do. We will concentrate, and we will have time for that.

And even when you sit on the bus, you can meditate. I’ll show you how later at the time
of initiation. When you sit on the airplane, you can meditate. When you sit on the beach
to enjoy the breeze, the fresh air, you can meditate. When you sit in the park, you can
meditate. But not when you drive the car, please. [Laughter] It’s very easy to get two and
a half hours. In fact you can have more, more, more time.

Q. Do You believe in marriage?

M. I do. Why not? If I don’t believe in marriage, where do I come from? [Laughter and

Q. If one is fully enlightened, is she or he still subject to the law of causation?

M. No, but he respects the law of causation. He or she will probably suffer also because of
sharing the burden with the disciples. Just like you yourself go around empty handed,
but if your friend or neighbor carries too much stuff that he needs, probably he is ill and
takes a lot of medicine, or he needs special food and takes a lot of stuff with him, then

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 60

you cannot bear to see your best friend burdened with all this stuff. You share half of the
luggage; therefore, you’re burdened also. Even though you don’t need this medical stuff,
you don’t need extra food, you are burdened with these because of love for the friend.
Therefore, the enlightened person may undergo some apparent effects from the karma,
but actually he or she is free from it.

Q. About almighty power, can it change the movement of the sun or planets? Or should we
understand almighty power as having spiritual meaning, because I cannot believe the
miracles written in the bible.

M. You should. You can experience these miracles right now, and then you will believe.
Anything, the almighty power can do, but as God sees fit, not at our dictation. All the
miracles in the bible are true. These are children’s play. There is nothing that is such a
big deal that you could not believe it. There are much more than that. These are just very
fragmented records of what a Master can do.

Even nowadays I’ve seen with my eyes some of the Hindu monks walk across the water,
and not just walk halfway across a swift flowing current. And they wanted to teach me
how to do it. But I refused. I said, “I use the boat, it’s cheap. Very cheap.” If you read the
book from Alexandria David Neel, you will see that she recorded many miracles in Tibet.
People can fly around in the air right now. They have to chain themselves to a lot of
metal blocks so that sometimes they can land; otherwise, they fly all the time in the air.
Many such things are very simple. To turn water into milk and all that, this is there. You
can buy them in India, these miracle tricks. If you want, go to India and search for some
sadhus and learn with them.

No need to doubt the bible because Jesus wasn’t very proud of these miracles anyhow.
For example, when His mother tried to demonstrate His supernatural power by telling
people to prepare the jars of water and put them outside and then told Him to turn them
into wine, He said, “Mother, why do you make me do this?” “Why do you force me into
doing this?” He wasn’t very pleased about it. And then when someone was sick and
touched His garment and became healed, He said, “Your faith has made you whole.”
And sometimes when some miracle happened, He said, “It’s not I, it’s my Father who
does it.”

So these things should not be obstacle to you to put faith in Christianity or Jesus, in His
greatness. He is greater than these miracles. These are just by-products and He was
forced to do it in some circumstances. For example, He healed some people because at
that time the medical treatment was very expensive and rare. People were poor and
needy. If He were born here now, probably He wouldn’t do it to attract you. The teaching
by Him is important. The imparting of knowledge is important, not the miracles.

Q. How were souls created and can they be destroyed?

M. No, the soul cannot be destroyed because it is not material. Anything that is born and
has a material shape will be destroyed, but not the soul. Space cannot be destroyed.

Q. Why did God create this world?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 61

M. So that we can know each other today, at least.

Q. I agree with what You say. It’s my opinion, not that God created human beings, but that
human beings created God. Do You agree?

M. Yes and no. It depends on what you mean by God. God is our own wisdom, and God
has no need for any creative power. It exists alone. It exists before all things. That is
God. From that power we came, and to that power we return.

Q. Didn’t Your disciples just needlessly kill those flowers that they presented to You?

M. Oh, what a pity! Shall we cry? Shall I repent for it? They don’t kill. These flowers are
already sold in the market. If you don’t want them, then tell them next time not to buy
any. I’ve told them many times not to buy anything for me, but I can’t always stop people
from expressing their love. Actually, the flowers are sold plenty in the market whether
you buy them or not. We are not so fanatic. It’s all right, just be ordinary.

Flowers will be withered one day. We don’t kill by cutting flowers. There will be more. But
if you cut an animal’s head, it won’t grow a second head. That’s the difference. You cut
one flower, and it becomes five next. The flowers like to be trimmed sometimes. If you
ask the florist not to cut his flowers, his roses, he will say you’re an idiot. But cutting it, it
will grow again next year. He has to do it. Please, there will be more. [Applause]

I seek your blessing. I am only of good will. I mean no harm, even to flowers. But I
cannot stop people who want to present them to me, and I cannot make the florists
bankrupt because of my teaching. They mean no harm to the flowers. They just please
you with all these reasonable things that you can express your love with.

Q. What is sexual misconduct?

M. It means you take a neighbor’s wife or husband without their permission. [Laughter]

Q. Is it true the teacher cannot teach until the pupil is ready?

M. Right, it’s true.

Q. What is it that You have that I don’t have?

M. No, nothing. I told you already, what I have, you have. It’s just that probably I know what
I have, and you don’t know yet what you have. But you will know if you let me show you
how and where. [Applause]

Q. Could You please give a briefing on meditation, and how You go about it?

M. Meditation itself is an empty word if you don’t have sincerity and perseverance. If we
truly want to know our true self, that is the true meditation. Whether you sit, you stand,
you lay, or you go about with your business, you are always centered in this sincerity,
wanting to know God, wanting to know your real self. That is meditation.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 62

We just show you how to collect your scattered attention and focus it on the wisdom
center within our so-called, apparent “body,” within the brain. It is the human language;
actually, there is no center, but I have to start somewhere to tell you to focus. And later
on, you will even not know that you have a body. When you are in samadhi, you
experience bliss, Light, and all the wisdom, and all the questions will be answered for
you, and all the desires will drop off. You’ll still continue to serve the society in a greater
capacity and love, but you desire no fruit. You just carry on your business without

And the meditation practice is very easy, but you need an experienced friend to teach
you. That’s all. If you already know it, or if you know an experienced Teacher, then no
need. If you don’t, I may help you. But we have to explain it in detail because if you do it
wrong, or if your motive is not pure, you might have side effects. That’s why it is better to
have commitment to a Teacher and learn the whole course in time. That’s all.

Q. I have been through the experience of enlightenment, but now need to know how best to
maintain my oneness with God’s Light.

M. If you did it through a teacher, then ask him. If you don’t have a teacher, then come to
our initiation so that I may help you further to maintain that.

Q. Many times You have quoted the words of Jesus as mentioned in the bible. How do You
regard the bible?

M. What a question! How would you answer this question? Please, this gentleman with
curly hair or that one with straight hair. You answer him. “Words of God.” He said these
are words of God. Are you satisfied? Yes.

Q. I would like to be initiated, but I live far away from here. After I have been vegetarian for
three months, how are You going to give me initiation?

M. I will send someone if I am not there personally. Initiation doesn’t need language and
doesn’t need my personal appearance at the place. We do it regardless of space and
time. Any time you’re ready, we are ready for you. We’ll find the means to do it.

Q. Master, I have been vegetarian and have been initiated, but my family is still eating
meat, and I’m still cooking meat dishes.

M. It’s okay. Do what is required of you. You cannot let them starve.

Q. I have a question that no other monk has explained to me satisfactorily: Where does the
human being come from?

M. Even the Buddha did not answer this.

Q. Where are we going to go after death? Someone says that we are going to paradise,
and some others say that we’ll go to hell.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 63

M. You’ll go to paradise if you are virtuous. You’ll go to hell if you are registered there.
[Laughter and applause.]

Q. In the five precepts, there is something that prohibits us from putting makeup on our
face. If we do so, do we violate it?

M. No, it didn’t say so. The five precepts are only not harming other sentient beings; not
killing; not stealing; not committing adultery; not drinking alcohol or taking drugs and
things like that, not gambling; and not telling lies. These are only five. The Buddha didn’t
say, “Don’t put on makeup.” [Laughter] Don’t make it more complicated than it already is.

Q. Dear Master, what is the essence of the Quan Yin method that You are teaching? What
is the important point? What is the benefit for our current life and what is the good for us
when we leave this life?

M. The essence is that you will be getting in touch with your Buddha nature, God nature, or
your kingdom of God. And it will benefit you right now as well as in the life after because
you have wisdom and you will handle every situation in life in a more proper way. After
you leave this world, you will go to your proper place in heaven or nirvana and continue
to serve the whole universe in your capacity there.

Q. Dear Master, there are many people who say that the husband should not eat a
vegetarian diet because if a male eats a vegetarian diet, he cannot fulfill his duty as a
husband, so the family will not have happiness. What is Your opinion? [Laughter]

M. Is that true? You answer me. Is that true? You didn’t fulfill your duty as a husband?
[Master speaks to a male initiate and audience laughs.] Did you fulfill your duty? Yes, he
did. [Laughter] So, please, you accuse me for all the things I never know. All my
disciples are lay persons. Some of them are husbands and wives, and they continue to
have children. I have not banned anything. I just advise them to be more moderate in all
things. That’s all.

Q. Dear Master, is it true that when human beings commit many sins they have to be
downgraded into animals in the next life?

M. The Buddha said so. The Buddha said “yes.”

Q. Why is it that the more material things we get, the more obstacles we have in our
spiritual progress?

M. It is not that the material things obstruct our spiritual progress. It’s our attitude toward
them that obstructs us. If you remember at the time of Buddha, there were many kings
and many rich people following Him and they attained enlightenment all the same. In
fact, one of them, they called “Yiu Mor,” was a lay person. He was very rich, and he was
more or less equal to the Buddha because he was so highly enlightened and powerful. It
was because he had a lot of possessions but he was not attached to them. So take care
of your attitude, and do not put away your possessions. Put away your attachment, not
your possessions.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 64

Q. Can the wisdom eye open by itself through diligent spiritual practice, or do we have to
rely on the Master’s blessing?

M. Both. Rely on both. It’s the best and the most insured.

Q. Can You tell me the progress of the soul since the beginning until the end?

M. If I have time and if you have time, if we stay here forever, then I will tell you.

Q. Dear Master, if my husband has a concubine and I divorce him, do I commit some sort of
sin against my children? I feel scared to live with him.

M. That’s why I have told you, “No sexual misconduct, no adultery.” It is to protect your
family and the happiness of your children. I think you should not divorce him yet, but talk
to him first and see where probably you go wrong. Maybe you neglect him. You don’t
love him enough. Maybe you don’t take care of the children enough. Maybe you don’t
dress yourself beautifully. Put clothes, and be a good wife to see if it works first. You
don’t just forsake a marriage at random and so quickly. You have maybe gone wrong
somewhere or maybe something is missing in the family. So please, rescue your
marriage first.

When it absolutely cannot be mended, then maybe you consider divorce. Otherwise, of
course, you don’t sin against the children, but they will suffer a separate family and a
split-up loving atmosphere. If you want to sacrifice, and you consider the children that
much, then consider talking to your husband. Be loving to him and be beautiful. See
what the opponent has that you don’t have and learn to be better.

Q. Master, these are questions from a young girl. Why do I have to eat a vegetarian diet? If
I eat vegetarian food, does the Buddha help me to become smarter, more intelligent? If I
eat vegetarian food, can I see the manifestation of Buddha?

M. You eat vegetarian because you learn to love, to love all the beings in this world.
Whether you see the Buddha or not depends on your sincerity and practice. And of
course, you will be less sick and more intelligent. That is scientifically proven.

Q. Would You please let me know about Caodaiism? Is Caodaiism the religion of God who
open it in Au Lac? If I follow this method, is it good? Do I get enlightenment?

M. Every good religion is from God. If you follow any so-called religion, you should see
whether the head of that religion, the founder, is still alive or giving you satisfaction that
you see God, that you can see God’s Light and hear God’s voice.

Q. Dear Master, I have a family and I have two children. I do want to eat a vegetarian diet
because I understand the good of eating vegetarian food as You have taught in Your
book. But, if I eat vegetarian foods, sometimes I waste the food with meat because there
is some left over from my two children. If I do so, is it a sin?

M. No, it isn’t.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 65

Q. How can I be a permanent vegetarian? I want to be vegetarian very much, but I still want
to eat meat.

M. Then wait until you’re ready and pray that God will help you. We don’t force anyone to
be vegetarian if you’re not ready, if you don’t want to. We only help you if you want to.

Q. Dear Master, while doing meditation, is it true… [MC: I’m sorry, my English is bad, so I
cannot translate.]

M. What is it? Come and give it to me. You have to do things quickly because we waste the
audience’s time.

She said that when she meditates, not in our method, she just meditates, she empties
her mind and recites the Buddha’s name, but she does not get into samadhi, meaning
the trance, peaceful-like state. She asks me whether meditating like that is effective or
not. Well, I say it has some effect, but very minimum. If you have samadhi, it will be the
best. Then you can get in touch with the real Buddha nature.

Q. About not killing, if a tiger wants to come and eat me, then what?

M. Where do you go to see the tiger anyhow? Is that so easy just to meet a tiger on the
street? Your imagination is fantastic!

Q. In the kitchen, there are many ants. How do we fix this?

M. Be hygienic. Clean your kitchen all the time so the ants will not come.

Q. Is Quan Yin male or female?

M. Neither.

Q. A Buddha or Bodhisattva?

M. I don’t think She cares so much about Her rank. But in the scripture, it says Quan Yin
was an ancient Buddha.

Q. Can we change our destiny?

M. Yes, somewhat, if we practice the Quan Yin method.

Q. After initiation, if I eat meat or drink alcohol, will that affect or trouble Master?

M. Yes, because we are one. But it affects you more; it troubles you more. I can go free with
all this, but you may not. The person you should be most concerned with is yourself.

Q. I’m a follower and believe in Quan Yin Bodhisattva. If I study the Quan Yin method, will
there be any problem, any conflict?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 66

M. No. It would be better.

Q. After initiation, can we read Buddhist books?

M. Sure, you can. Only, you understand better than before.

Q. After initiation, is it a certainty that we will be liberated?

M. Yes, if you follow the practice.

Q. Master, I’m from mainland China. There are many spiritual practitioners there who are
very anxious that Master go to mainland China to spread the dharma. We don’t know it.
Can Master help us?

M. I go wherever God wants me to go. I cannot make the decision. I would like to, but if
God’s willing then it will happen.

Q. One of the Chinese said that Melbourne is very beautiful and they hope that Master can
come back again. [Applause]

M. Yes, Melbourne is beautiful and I surely love to go, but again, it depends on God’s will
and the affinity between us. That is God’s will.

So, thank you. I thank them for their love and supportive spirit. And I also thank you, the
Australian residents and natives, for giving me such a warm, open and loving welcome.

I wish you all the best in everything you do.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 67

How suffering can lead us to happiness

Bankstown Civic Hall, Sydney, Australia
March 16, 1993 (Originally in English)

Good evening, my brothers and sisters. It is a great pleasure for me to be in your great
country and in the great city of Sydney. You have taken for granted how beautiful your
country is, but I appreciate it probably better than you do, since I just came here for the first
time. [Master laughs] It’s so beautiful and clean and friendly. I think the people of Australia are
very lucky to have at least the outer paradise on earth. Should we have the inner paradise as
well, then we are perfect. We would have the perfect condition and we would not wish to be in
any other heaven.

I’m happy and grateful that you have reserved some precious time to come here so that we
can get to know each other. I have not the desire to come in such a way, or I have no desire
to come at all, even though I like Australia. It’s just because of the invitations, the repeated
requests, from my fellow practitioners in Australia that I have the honor to come here at all.
But even then, in my heart, I have always the strong conviction that you and I are not different
– that there is no distinction whatsoever between each of us – and that I have absolutely
nothing to teach you except to exchange the love and all things that God has given us. But
since some of our fellow practitioners in Australia were so loving and so earnest in their
request for my presence, I have been brought here, perhaps by the love of the disciples, so-
called disciples, and by the will of God, that I may get to know your country, that we may link
with each other at least through my humble presence. Maybe that is the only purpose that I
should be here. But wherever I am invited to go, there will always be people who are perhaps
humble in their attitude or perhaps have forgotten their origin that is their own kingdom of
God, their own wisdom. Therefore, there will always be questions about how to seek the
Buddha or God or the Christ power within themselves. It seems that my purpose of coming to
some places is to share with the people in that native land some of my collected knowledge
about how to return to our own wisdom or the supreme power within ourselves.

Many times I’ve been asked why I use the title of the Supreme Master: Am I so arrogant to
call myself the Supreme Master? I said, “No, it’s the name of my Father,” just like if you are
Mr. Smith, so your daughter is also Miss Smith. It is also the name of your Father, so you can
also call yourself the “Supreme.” I actually forgot all about it, but people just keep reminding

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 68

Enlightenment brings true happiness

In this world, we have found a lot of suffering as well as happiness. Most of the people would
like to know why there is suffering and how to find happiness. The question, to me, is not to
eliminate so much of the suffering and not to gain more happiness, but to gain the supreme
power through which we see happiness and suffering as just a stage play. Then we will see
things in life as we see the movies. We may have a little emotion through the characters in
the movies, but we will not be overwhelmed by this emotion and get drowned in this emotion.
Therefore, the difference between the so-called enlightened person and the so-called non-
enlightened person is the wise outlook as regards the different phenomena in this world as
well as in the world beyond.

When we say the world beyond, it is actually not correct because there is no world beyond.
Each world is within us. And when we say within, it’s also not correct because there is no
outside and no inside. But because of our human language, we have to express somehow the
inner feeling or the inner intuitive understanding. Actually, there is a very strange feeling after
enlightenment because you feel that everyone is all right the way they are. You know that
everyone has this supreme power, or the Buddha nature, within them. Why don’t they know
it? They don’t, and therefore they identify themselves with the suffering, within and without.
And because of that, many of the people of the world like to seek enlightenment so that they
may know. After enlightenment you will be just the same as before. There is only one
difference: You accept everything that comes to you and everything given to you as holy, and
everyone else as holy.

Maybe in the course of teaching or guiding, the enlightened person might point out some
direction that perhaps is useful for the true seekers of the kingdom of God. Therefore, we
have heard of, perhaps, the vegetarian diet, or the ten precepts in the bible, the five precepts
of the Buddhists, etc. These are helping factors for the spiritual seeker so that he or she may
achieve the quickest result and the safest way to attain the so-called liberation. If we knew
that we are already liberated, then perhaps these things are not absolutely necessary. But
because most of us do not know that we are liberated, we need some tools like meditation
practice, the vegetarian diet, and ethical precepts.

Sometimes people keep bargaining, saying, “Well, I want the initiation, but no precepts, and
no vegetarian diet. Is that all right?” I say to them, “It is all right as long as you want to play
football with other people, but you bring along tennis balls and tennis equipment.” You will not
be playing football at all! The game is spoiled and you, yourself, will not be enjoying the
football game, but will just be in a messy condition.

There is such a thing as enlightenment. As long as we are still in the ignorant state of mind,
that means that we do not know that we are enlightened, then we need enlightenment. What
for enlightenment? So long as we want to seek peace and happiness within ourselves and to
grant this happiness to other people, we need enlightenment. Should we think this world is
perfect the way it is, and if we still continue to go on without caring whether we will be here
next life, that we will be reborn as what or not, then of course, we do not need enlightenment.
If we still care for the welfare of the world and peace on this earth, of course, we need

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 69

Before my so-called enlightenment, I was having a so-called good life, very harmonious –
well, I mean, not one hundred percent, but comparable to others, a harmonious life. There
was nothing that I needed or desired to have that I didn’t already have. But somehow, there
are many things in this life, like richness, fame, health, a happy marriage, friends, etc. that do
not seem to completely fill the emptiness within our hearts. That is because we are lacking
the knowledge of our own super wisdom. After we have found our own super wisdom, maybe
we will still continue to live a household life, to enjoy our marriage, to raise our children, to
fulfill our social obligations, but the total outlook is completely different from before. We’ll be

The cause of all suffering

The contentment that I have mentioned is not similar to the contentment that we feel after we
eat a nice meal or maybe meet a good friend or are having a very merry party. This
contentment is everlasting – whether we have a party or not, whether we are married or not
married, whether we have a good position or not a good position, whether we are wealthy or
we are not wealthy.

The cause of all suffering is not through any external condition, but it is truly from our own
attitude. For example, many Indian monks or monks of other countries, live a very simple life.
They probably live in a cave or a tent, or they just sleep wherever they can, but they are very
happy and contented, and they don’t ask for anything. But to an ordinary person, if he is
forced to spend his time such a condition, he will feel very unhappy. He will be forever striving
to gain more riches, or more fame, or whatever in his mind appears to be desirable. Similarly,
also in spiritual practice, if we do not find a best way, the fastest way, to achieve our highest
enlightenment goal, then we will be also forever desiring spiritual experiences. Not that many
other methods cannot offer us enlightenment. It’s just probably that it takes too long and we
will be exasperated waiting too long and nothing happens, or it happens just too little and it
can’t satisfy our longing for God, if you call that God.

What is God? Many people ask me, “Is that a person or is that an impersonal power?” I
always tell them, “It is both.” If it should appear to you as a person to satisfy your longing,
then it will be that way, and if not, then you will perceive through intuitive understanding what
God is. We imagine God is the fulfiller of our wishes, of our promises. That is true, even
though it is too materialistic a way to express what God is. We don’t find God as a person
who sits there and grants us every candy or cake that we want to have, but through God
automatically our life will be fulfilled. But we will be fulfilled even with or without candies. That
is the paradoxical way of God, because God is our own fulfillment self, our very own self.
When we attain to our self, we will never feel lacking in any way at all. All those so-called
siddhi powers, meaning supernatural powers of any kind, will automatically come to us. Most
of the Masters do not advocate supernatural power for fearing that we will attach ourselves
too much to the spiritual materialism and, therefore, we will not have the interest and the
strength enough to go farther into higher realms of realization.

In India, there was a story about a king. He was a very good king and loving to his subjects.
One day he arranged that all his possessions, treasures, will be given to the people at large.
Whoever needs anything can just come and satisfy him or herself at the exhibition without any
condition at all. He had no children and no family ties, so he loved his people as his own. Now

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 70

everyone comes; everyone came. Sorry, I am always in the present, and forgot that I am
telling the story in the past. Everyone came and picked something of his heart’s desire. But
there was one girl who came and went straight to the back of the room or the place where the
king exhibited all his possessions, and put her hand on his shoulders and asked, “Are you
also available?” The king was surprised and said, “Why? Didn’t you like any of the things that
I have laid outside?” So the girl said, “No, I only like you.” Then, of course, the king was very
happy that someone liked him for himself alone and not because of his treasures. The king
then went with her and they got married, or something like that, and lived happily ever after,
as it should be.

And do you know what happened? The girl did not want anything, but the whole nation
belonged to her, including all these subjects and all these objects. Therefore, in our path, we
also do not advocate miracle powers; it doesn’t mean we don’t have them. After the great
enlightenment, or even small enlightenment, we have all the powers that we want. But then
we will have so much that we don’t even know how much power we have. Instead of clinging
to a corner of the house, we have the whole house, including that corner.

The obstacles of siddhi powers

Some people, before coming to learn this immediate enlightenment method of the heavenly
Light and Sound, have also tried to practice many other ways of meditation. They have
achieved probably somewhat of the siddhi powers – meaning the power of seeing very far
away or hearing something that is not in the vicinity. For example, I sit here and I can see
what happens in London or I can hear what happens in Paris. This is a so-called siddhi
power; or probably we can read the other person’s mind and see what he is thinking about us.
This probably is good for a spy, for the people who are doing 007 or something like that, but
after they have become initiated into our path, somehow they lose these powers. Or maybe
they have seen more better things or know better knowledge so that they have begged the
Master to take away this siddhi power from them.

There are two reasons for these things. First, probably they have gone too high, higher than
the siddhi power level, so they have overlooked the previous miracles that they have
possessed. The second reason, while they have not lost these powers, why do they beg the
Master to take them away? It is because they probably still cling to these powers somewhat in
their minds, and so the Master lets them have the choice of forsaking it themselves or not.
After you have gone into a little bit further region of consciousness, a higher level of being,
then you will feel that these so-called siddhi powers are more hindrance than help to your
spiritual progress; therefore, we automatically do not want to use them.

Suppose you sit here in samadhi, in a very tranquil state of mind where you are in a super
awareness of your true self, and you have no desire absolutely for heaven and earth. Then
you see something happen in London which is very gruesome, terrible, and you can do
nothing about it. Would that make you feel comfortable? [Audience: No.] You feel more
frustrated and then you get more upset. You have tried to attain the state of peace of mind,
and here you are, feeling very frustrated and miserable about the condition somewhere else
about which you can do absolutely nothing at all. Or maybe you see into someone else’s
heart or mind when you’re doing transaction business, or you see into your wife’s heart and

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 71

see that she loves the neighbor, and not you! And then could that be helpful when you are
sitting in meditation? [Audience: No.]

Suppose someone is bearing a lot of hatred against us and we have the power to penetrate
his mind; that would be a very uncomfortable feeling for both. Most people have a lot of,
sometimes very uncomfortable feelings, uncontrollable emotions, within themselves that
might or might not have anything to do with us. If we get to know all these things, it is only
useless and then we always worry about this mundane level. We can never get into the
beyond in order to merge ourselves in the greatest wisdom.

There are a lot of spiritual happenings in our century, and therefore it is good for us, very
good for our people in this age, to know so much about the super power within ourselves. But
sometimes it also confuses us as to which direction to follow. Mostly, we will be tempted by
the so-called immediate results, like miraculous power, healing ability, seeing through the
walls, or walking in space, etc., so that we forget the main purpose for practicing meditation or
for getting to know spirituality at all. It shouldn’t be, really. When we know our true self, the
supreme wisdom inside, we will know everything. That, I think, is the best measurement, the
best standard, to judge which path we should concentrate on. Therefore, Jesus also said,
“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be added unto you.” The kingdom
of God is not something that is very far away in heaven; it is here right now. We have it all
within ourselves. We only have to unlock it and use it every day. Then we will see how much
better a person we will become, how wise, how loving, and how satisfied a person we will
become. Of course, spiritual attainment is not measured in the material sense or value, but it
is just the frustrating inability of anyone to express the greater value of insight. We have to
start somewhere.

Most of the people will ask me, “What is the use of practicing meditation or getting
enlightenment at all? If we are not enlightened, is that all right or not?” Yes, it is all right. It is
very, very much all right. But look at our world. Is it absolutely all right? If the answer is “no,”
that means, we are lacking something despite all our material comforts or our scientific
inventions. Our world is right in many other parts, perhaps in Australia, but not all right in
many other parts. And why? It is because of the lack of wisdom. It is because we cling to our
small, little knowledge and try to do things to conquer the world with this little knowledge that
we have. Should we have access to the whole wisdom, which is incredible, absolutely
unimaginable, then we would do things in a better way and the world would have become,
long ago, a paradise. Perhaps even better than the life we have in Australia right now!

We see even in the most advanced countries, technologically speaking, or perhaps materially
speaking, there are still a lot of uncontrollable incidents which harm human lives. When I was
on the way to you in this theater, one of my fellow practitioners in the Quan Yin method drove
me in her car, and she was thanking me, I don’t know why, for helping her to buy this car in
just five minutes. She said searched about half a year before, but anytime she wanted to buy
a car, someone would take it away. This time she succeeded, and she thought it was
because she prayed to me. I said, “Well, it is all your spiritual merit. It had nothing to do with
me!” But she couldn’t believe it. It’s all right, let it rest as it is. But I said, “Why did you have to
buy a new car?” She said because her car was stolen. I said, “What! In Australia, you mean
someone has stolen your car? I can’t believe it!” I thought the economic situation in Australia

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 72

is very stable; I was so shocked to hear that. But she said, “Yes, it’s true, they steal

The root cause of dissatisfaction

Why do people steal in such a very stable country where even the poor get looked after? No
one is going to be starving on the streets, really, in Australia. Am I correct? You have social
security benefits for the unemployed, is that right? [Audience: Yes.] Yes, also you get social
security money when you are temporarily out of work or without any means to support
yourself or you are sick or something.

It’s very secure, so why do people steal cars or things like that? It is not only because of the
car itself. It was an old car only, so it wasn’t the car. It isn’t the desire to steal that is to blame.
It is the dissatisfaction in the heart of any human who does such a thing. He is not contented
to accept the way his life is or what God has meant to give him. Dissatisfaction, and why
dissatisfaction? Because he is unenlightened! An unenlightened mind is a very unsatisfied
mind. Even if that person were given a better car, he might not stop there. He might want
another car or next, an airplane. It is because we are unsatisfied with ourselves. We do not
know the source of all richness, of all power, so we want this and that and other, even when it
is not very necessary.

Why do we want these things? It is because we have been in glory, in freedom, in richness
before, in heaven, before we descended into this lowly stage of thinking that we are just a
human being, that we have no power, that we don’t know anything, that it is very difficult to
attain heaven. But I can assure you that even now, we still can attain heaven, and very
quickly, fast, and right here, right where we live. We don’t need to go to the Himalayas. Even
though I did, it is not necessary for anyone to do that. I was probably destined to do so. Many
people have different ideas about asceticism. They think that if they forsake the whole world
and family, and go into a cave and meditate in the Himalayas, then they will attain freedom.
It’s not true. I did just because God wanted me to do so that I can tell you it is not necessary.
Otherwise, you would not believe me! Probably you would say, “Ah, you can’t do it yourself!
You’re afraid of the Himalayan cold; therefore, you tell us not to go because you, yourself,
can’t do it. You don’t have any experience!” I had these experiences in order to tell you it is
absolutely not necessary. Probably, I was more ignorant than you, therefore I did that.

No one needs to do anything at all. We can just stay right where we are and do what we do
now and attain our greatness inside. Then we will still live on earth, but we will live in heaven
at the same time. We discharge our social responsibilities but we have no desire for the
rewards, and we have no attachment to the possessions that we have or don’t have. We will
have no desire for the neighbor’s things or wives or husbands. Then actually, the so-called
precepts will just become a very natural way of life for us, and it’s not a precept anymore.
These precepts are only guidelines while we are still unable to control our minds. Once we
are in control of our minds, actions, and speech effortlessly, then these precepts are just
child’s play. We don’t keep the precepts anymore because there is no necessity to keep
them. We don’t do anything that is not “precepted” anyhow. And even if we do, we know why,
and we do not torment ourselves with the self-inflicted guilt that is not necessary in that

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 73

Before we can do everything effortlessly, we must attain the state of understanding, of

knowing the will of God, knowing the plan of the universe, that at which moment we should do
what and why. We have no resistance from within or without to accept life the way it is, and
also to go on with our business without a heavy burden, without feeling exhausted from just a
few hours of work. And even then, if we work a few hours a day, the effectiveness will be
much more than before when we put a lot of effort in and we couldn’t do much. Most of the
Masters, after enlightenment, do not advocate people to leave their families, their friends,
their business, to go into solitude or to become a monk and all that. It is because they have
seen that these outer things will not help us to attain the inner tranquility of mind. It is only if
we truly resign, renounce from within, that we can have an everlasting desireless state. If we
force ourselves too early to leave our family ties and responsibilities, just like a fruit which is
not yet ripe and we forcefully take it from the tree, then it is useless. We couldn’t eat it, and
the fruit will not last very long either. It’s neither good for the fruit nor good for us.

Most of our fellow practitioners in the Quan Yin method, meaning the method of contacting
the true heavenly Light and Sound which represent our true supreme wisdom within, are so-
called laymen, lay person. They are not monks and nuns but their levels of attainment are
incredible. It is difficult to measure their attainment unless you talk to them or see their way of
life and their enlightenment in action: Perhaps how they handle difficult situations, perhaps
how they tend to their family and help the social mission at the same time, perhaps in how
they deal with aggressive people lovingly, perhaps in how they discharge their duties in such
a quick, witty, and effective way, perhaps in how they look so contented and peaceful in any
situation that would blow other people’s temperaments apart. Perhaps in these ways we may
be able to perceive somewhat the difference between these practitioners and the ordinary
person. Otherwise, from the outlook, it is very difficult to know.

Perhaps you have read somewhere in those spiritual novels that after you practice some kind
of meditation a long time you become young, very youthful, forever young, and never die, are
never sick, are more beautiful than before, etc. These probably are true in some degree, but it
doesn’t happen to all spiritual practitioners because they don’t aim at these material
manifestations of wisdom. Perhaps it helps you to be healthier because you are more
carefree within your heart. You surrender more to the will of the universe rather than taking
the whole world upon your shoulders and can do nothing about it but just go around worrying
all day and age yourself quickly. Therefore, perhaps in this sense, practitioners look younger,
more relaxed and healthy, loving and happy. But I don’t think we should expect a practitioner
of eighty years old to turn into eighteen, for example, just because he practices a heavenly

But the people who eat vegetarian, who practice the Quan Yin method, do truly look better.
Some look immediately better after the initiation that even I, myself, am sometimes very
surprised. I am not surprised in the sense that I don’t expect this to happen, but I am
surprised that a person looks so different, much more different than expected, and so quickly.
All this because our wisdom, our supreme power, is starting to work and to correct whatever
misconstructions are within our body, within our mental sphere, or within our speech.
Therefore our appearances truly do look different, but this is not very important. All these fairy
tales do exist. For example, before, we have heard that such and such person in his dream,
or when he is in some difficulty, a fairy goddess or mother guardian will come and help him
out and things like that. All these things happen right now, in this century even, and all the

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 74

spiritual healing power and all kinds of incredible supernatural powers do truly exist. If we
practice the kingdom of God, the supreme wisdom, which is our birthright, it is always there
for us to achieve.

If we do not practice this, if we do not find a way to recognize our greatest inheritance, no one
will say anything to us. Absolutely no one has the right to say anything. It’s only we who suffer
the loss that we have a great treasure and we don’t use it. And we suffer so much or we have
some happiness but only very partial, very short-lived, and sometimes it is the cause of the
next sorrow of tomorrow. Therefore, the choice is for us to wake up into our glory or to sleep
in our darkness, denying ourselves all the things that other people everyday experience –
things which are good, which are excellent, for their environment, for their immediate circle,
and for the world at large. If we do not get enlightenment, we do not know our supreme
power, we deny ourselves the greatest privilege that even angels envy, that even small gods
in the lower heavenly regions are jealous of, and that is the great pity. We are the only ones
to be blamed.

Since I am here already due to my fellow practitioners’ kindness and invitation, I am willing to
share with you the way to regain your greatness, to experience your true self, to have all your
wishes fulfilled, and to live a more worthy life. Even though we all will die, so-called die later
or our body will decay, at least while we are on this earth we will live a heroic life – strong and
spiritual. We will be the tower for other people to look up at, and we will inspire other people
to rely upon their own strength that is inside, which is incredible, which I have no true words to

I think I have spoken enough. Thank you for your attention and maybe if you would like to tell
me something or ask some questions, you are welcome. [Applause] [MC: I know this has
touched a lot of people’s hearts and we would all like to thank Master Ching Hai.] [Applause]

Questions and answers

Q. Can You comment on this? It is universally accepted that Jesus was a great man. He
cured the sick, the blind, the lame; He raised the dead. These were proofs of His very
special qualities. Actions speak louder than words, [M: Right.] yet Jesus ate meat and
drank wine. Yet You exclude that. Why is that?

M. Where is it stated that He ate meat and drank wine? It was the Jews who ate not
necessarily Jesus. I have told you already, suppose you are very highly enlightened, as
Jesus, and occasionally eat meat, it won’t affect your stature. You can be enlightened
with eating meat as well, but the point is that to keep it, to keep the enlightenment state
and to be faster, you had better be vegetarian. Should you attain the height of Jesus’
enlightenment, you may eat anything you wish, but we are students yet. I have to set an
example for my students. When you are a student in the college, you exclude from
yourself many things because you want to concentrate on your studies. You exclude
nice clothes and even girlfriends, sometimes even postpone your marriage, just because
you want to have a high grade in the college and get your Ph.D. fast without so many
burdens in between times. Once you become a professor, it could be possible that you
still wear shabby clothes but it is allowed for you, if you wish, you can wear fancy
clothes, marry, have many children, which you have excluded from yourself before.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 75

But anyhow, my brother, it is not desirable to eat other beings’ flesh. Don’t you think so?
Why is it desirable to kill for your body? I do not condemn people who eat meat. The
rules are only the so-called secret method for people who want to get enlightenment
quickly and to preserve it. You may or may not follow it, as your own free will. We don’t
condemn people who eat meat. It’s just that if you want to follow this path, it is best for
you follow it completely and wholeheartedly if you are to expect the best results of it.

Q. How does one know he or she has been enlightened?

M. How does one not know? If you graduate from college, how do you know? Do you know
it? Yes.

Q. When one is enlightened, can there be circumstances that would lead to non-

M. No, when you are grown-up, you are grown-up. You can’t grow back to the infant stage.
You might stop or retard, but you will not grow back to the infant height again.

Q. Can You tell us of love?

M. No, I can’t. Why? Because these things are not to be told in language. Suppose you love
your wife, how can you describe that love? You can only know it between each other. To
the outsider, it means nothing. It doesn’t matter how you explain it.

Q. With respect, we would like You to explain about reincarnation.

M. Reincarnation is a so-called non-enlightened state of mind that seeks to fulfill the

desires, which that person has not completely fulfilled during his stage of a certain kind
of being. For example, if one is so much in love with someone in this lifetime and for
some reason the love is not fulfilled or not substituted in another way. Then, after both
person die, he will probably be reincarnated again and search for that old love that he
had cared so much about.

Q. If Allah, Buddha, or Jesus were alive today, would they be “Greenies”? A Greenie is
someone who is environmentally conscious.

M. That is a new party that protects the environment, right? Partially, perhaps, yes. We
should protect the greenery as much as possible for our own benefit but should not
become nature worshiper, whereby every tree is worth more than human beings. Trees
are for human beings. In case we need them, we should preserve them as much as our
space, time, and the population allow. In that case, probably Jesus and Allah, whoever,
would vote for that.

I’m also a nature-preserver. I and all our practitioners are not allowed to cut trees
unnecessarily, but if necessary, we cut them in order to build, in that space, some better
institution for other people. We cannot always preserve nature without concern for
human comfort. We better see to the situation – where we should preserve and when
and how much.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 76

Q. As You said, enlightenment will cause us to ignore everything, such as wealth, illness, or
a higher position in society. I agree with Your point of view about ignoring wealth, but
how about illness? We suffer every minute. Illness causes incredible pain and misery.
How can we ignore that?

M. We just do not feel so much suffering the way we did before enlightenment. That’s all.
We will tend to our body as much as we can, we give it as much comfort as it needs, we
give it medical care, and all that. But should we have to suffer from illness, our patience,
our enduring power, increases and therefore the illness doesn’t bother us much. I do not
say we ignore it completely; it doesn’t bother us that much.

And after enlightenment, many of our illnesses just disappear. It is not a miracle. It is
because our super power self awakens and regulates some misconstructed part in our
body and destroys it. Many people found themselves with no more cancer even though
they were already put on the operating table and the anesthetic needle was already
inserted in them. But then the doctors found, to their amazement, there was no more
cancer, so they were just pushed outside again. We don’t ignore the illness; the illness
seems to ignore enlightened people.

Q. I have the need to be more spiritual toward all life. How do I react to the negativity
around me?

M. If we have a spiritual tendency, then we have more tolerance toward all things, including
negative influences and also any negative outlook in life. We will be more tolerant, more
understanding, and also our positive self will radiate these healing energies which
correct somewhat the negative atmosphere. We don’t need to do anything, really, if we
are truly spiritual. Things will better themselves in some degree, and should that person
come to us for advice or want to better himself, also then we will be in a position to tell
him what to do or suggest what to do.

Q. You said during the course of Your talk that once we were perfect but now are not. What
circumstances led us to this situation?

M. We are lost in the circus, and we enjoy so much the circus that we forgot our home. If
someone comes and just taps us on the shoulder and says, “Oh, you don’t belong here.
You have enough now? Now you’re hungry; you’re cold; you should not stick here. Go
home and have some comfort.”

Q. Dear Master, there is always a fear of the unknown. How can one be certain that the
Quan Yin method is the right one?

Of course, you don’t know until you try. But as you see from our outlining principles that
even if the Quan Yin method doesn’t do you any good or you’re not certain of the benefit
of the Quan Yin method, one thing you can be certain is that it will do you no harm.
There’s no harm if you eat a vegetarian diet; at least you’re healthy. If you don’t believe
in any spiritual compassion at all, it’s proved scientifically that the vegetarian diet is
healthy for you. All the hospitals in the world are built for the meat-eaters. You know that.
Most of the meat-eaters are in the hospitals, anyhow. Okay, that’s one standpoint.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 77

And the so-called five precepts are to protect you from the uneasiness of mind. You
should have only a very loving, one-pointed relationship; you do not take what does not
belong to you; you do not gamble which causes misery to yourself and others and your
family; you do not take alcohol which makes your vision blurred; and you do not take
drugs that are no good for you.

From all these very apparent so-called material guidelines, at least you know that our
teaching, our method, will benefit you somewhat, and from then, you can start and get to
know it better. And at least we offer you a somewhat immediate proof of enlightenment,
and we don’t charge any money for it before, between, and after. You have no
conditions, no binding whatsoever. Suppose that even afterwards you don’t want us. We
also don’t do anything to you. So in any way, you don’t lose anything; you will only gain.

That is the symbolic thing I can tell you, but moreover you must use your intuitive
wisdom to ascertain which path to follow. It doesn’t matter what I say; you have to know
it and pray to your inner self, to God, to Jesus, to Allah, to Buddha, or whomever, to help
you decide. And if you see a stronger pull to come to us, then you know it is for you.
Should you not feel it or should you feel a stronger pull into the world, all right, then you
are not yet ready. It’s very simple.

Q. Are You connected with the great white brotherhood?

M. The white brotherhood originally denoted those who are highly advanced beings, and
probably in that sense, I also belong there. But we belong to the Almighty; we belong to
our self; that is the surest, that is the only certain answer I can give you. We belong to a
group of “making you, yourself, better,” “making you become a Master,” a white brother,
even if you are black. [Master and audience laugh.]

Q. Your students seem to worship You a lot and consider You like a God, a supreme being.
Do You have any comments on their worshiping attitude toward You?

M. I have no comment. They do what they want. They are free to worship or not worship
me. I don’t advocate worshiping me or anyone at all. I have always told them that, “The
greatness is yours. Whatever miracle you have, whatever things occur to you, it is
because you are on a spiritual path. It is because you practice yourself. Your own great
wisdom is awakened and helps you.” If they worship me or not worship me, it makes no
effect on me, but I can’t stop people. I can’t go to each one of them and repeat the same
thing all the time. I can only give a general guideline, but they are just the way they are.
People are like that. They will grow out of it, don’t worry. But that is good for them; they
are one-pointed. I do them no harm, and if they remember me, it’s better than if they
remember the devil.

Q. What do You think of sex? If You condemn sex, then You must condemn mud, but do
not forget that a lotus flower comes out of mud.

M. You repeat what someone else has said. If it is from you, I will accept it, but you repeat it
from another so-called master. I never condemn sex. Did I, in any lecture, ever condemn

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 78

sex? I guess you want to air your view, but it’s not your view. It’s someone else’s view.
It’s better that you get enlightened yourself and have your comment on sex. [Applause]

I never condemn sex at all, but I do not advocate teaching or encouraging or always
reminding people of sex. These are things that all the animals can do anyhow. What’s
the big deal about it that we have to condemn or worship? I don’t think we should even
mention it, never mind making it a theme of teaching or an important topic. It’s nothing
important. If I condemn sex, I wouldn’t be here, or my parents would be dead, and the
Buddha never born, and Jesus never came. Don’t talk nonsense. [Applause]

Q. How do you learn to love yourself?

M. Do we need to learn this? After enlightenment, we know that we are all right. That’s all I
can tell you. It’s all right the way I am. I don’t know if I love myself or not, I just know. I’m
all right. I’m okay.

Q. Just a question from Your sample booklet. On page 40, You say, “Never in the bible
have I found a sentence, which says that animals are your food. Neither the New
Testament nor the Old Testament says anything like that.” And You also go on to say
that God never said we should kill animals to eat. Reading from the bible, Matthew,
chapter 15, verse 17, Jesus said, “Are ye also yet without understanding? Do you not
understand that whatever goes in at the mouth, goes into the belly, and is cast out into
the drought, but those things which proceed from the mouth come from the heart and
they defile the man. It’s not what goes in that makes a man unclean, but what comes
from his heart.”

And the other reference I would like to turn to is from the Book of Acts which I’m sure
You are familiar with. Peter, as You know, one of Jesus’ greatest disciples, said that he
went into a trance and he became hungry and would have eaten. He saw heaven open
and a certain vessel descending unto him as it had been a great sheet knit at the four
corners and let down to the earth wherein were all manner of four-footed beasts of the
earth and wild beasts and creeping things and fowls of the air and there came a voice to
him, “Rise Peter, kill and eat.” But Peter said, “Not so, Lord, for I have never eaten
anything that is common or unclean.” And the voice spoke to him again the second time,
“What God hath cleansed, call not thou uncommon.” Thank You.

M. Thank you, too. In the first paragraph that you read in Matthew, it didn’t mention meat at
all. Probably, Jesus at that time mentioned that because some of the people were so
attached to eating pig or not eating pig. There were certain foods they don’t eat but other
foods they can eat. So probably, Jesus mentioned that, but He didn’t say meat at all.

And secondly, Peter saw all this, but in his vision only, and whatever God created
through God’s power in a visionary revelation is not real. It is not the material flesh that
God wanted him to eat. Similarly, in Buddhist scriptures, there was a paragraph in the
Surangama sutra where the Buddha mentioned that in the early days of His preaching
there were many monks who came from different backgrounds and countries. They were
not used to eating vegetarian food; therefore, He manifested some so-called meat for
them to eat through His power, magical power. But later on He said, “If any monks eat

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 79

meat, they are not my disciples because the meat I manifested to them was not the real

I guess in this sense, both the bible and the Surangama sutra of the Buddhists say the
same thing. In the Old Testament, God never mentioned that we should eat meat. Hes
said, “I created all the beautiful fruit for you in the field and all the herbs in the garden.
These shall be your food.”

Q. In the Buddhist sutra, the Buddha said that, “If you use the Sound and the Light to see
me, you do not see the Buddha.” Please tell me the difference between the Light and
Sound in the Buddhist sutras and Yours.

M. There are further explanations in that sutra, but the Buddha did not say the Light and the
Sound. The Buddha said, “If you use the phenomenal form to worship me, or worship my
phenomenal form, then you could not see the Buddha.” He meant that you could not see
the Buddha nature, but He did not mean the Light and the Sound which are invisible to
the eyes and inaudible to the fleshly ears. That’s the difference. These are
transcendental Light and Sound which will help you to become wiser, more peaceful,
and more loving. The Buddha meant that if we cling to the ordinary form of the Buddha,
it doesn’t matter how He appears on earth, or we cling to a kind of idol worship, then we
could never find our own Buddha nature. It doesn’t mean this Light and Sound.

Q. Dear Master, do You think that God discriminates against humans or not? If yes, why did
God not give everybody the same color of skin, the same hair, and the same language,
and that way humans would not have any problem about language, and any
discrimination of skin color that maybe leads to wars and violence?

M. God does give whatever you have just mentioned to us, but we have chosen to be in this
dual stage because we like it. Should you want to be equal again and each one look the
same again, in glory and beauty, then please join the heavenly hierarchy. That’s why I
am here, to show you how to do it, how to go back to the non-discriminating state. You
have the choice either to be here in this colorful dimension or to go into the dimension
where there is no discrimination between the sexes, between heights, between the rich
and poor, and the color of the skin, etc.

Why did God give us so much of these so-called colors? Because Hes is very loving,
because we want whatever we want, and we get it. Hes also gives us other choices;
therefore, we have many choices. That’s why Hes gives us also this kind of world and
also many other kinds of worlds. Like Jesus mentioned, “In my Father’s house, there are
many mansions.” So, if you don’t like this world the way it is, it’s all right, you come
toward the other world. We know the way; we can guide you. And those who do not like
to go to the other world, it’s all right the way you are. You stay here and do what you
want. We don’t force people to follow us at all. We just offer the opportunity for those,
just like you, who want to go into that kind of dimension. There’s no need to argue with
me, “Why this and that?”

Every world, every place, has its regulations and rules. If you want to abide by those
rules and regulations, then you stay in that place. If not, there are other kinds of

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 80

regulations and rules for yourself. For example, the Au Lac people or the Chinese who
immigrate to Australia, even though they are still so-called Chinese or Aulacese, they
have to abide by the rules of the Australian government, whether they like it or not. They
should never bother asking why we drive on the left side and not the right side. “In my
country, I always drive on the right side. Why so complicated that we drive on the left?”
But that’s the way it is. If you want to be in Australia, you just do it. Make it simple.

Q. Please tell me if the Buddha-sounds are music or the voice.

M. They seem like music, but they are not exactly like the music of our world. It is
indescribable; it has an indescribable effect on us. It is a symbol of the inner wisdom,
and the more we hear it, the better and the wiser we become. It is not the voice, not the
spoken word. Sometimes, it can be, but it is not generally.

Q. We want a good result in meditation. Do You think we need to receive initiation from a
real Master for protection and introduction? If we haven’t received initiation and we
meditate, what happens?

M. You have heard of many people that had trouble when they tried to meditate alone
without an experienced guide. It’s a little bit adventuresome, but if you can do it alone,
it’s all right. You will find enlightenment if you can do it alone. It’s just that, in general, it’s
better to have a teacher – just like you learn English with a teacher or you learn to play
kung fu with a teacher. It’s safer and quicker and saves a lot of time, and also saves you
a lot of unnecessary mistakes and downfalls.

Q. I have read Your book and lecture and recognize that You don’t discriminate between
religions. Can You tell me what religion You are advocating?

M. I do not advocate a particular religion anywhere because we have enough religions. If a

Buddhist should adhere strictly to the Buddhist rules and scriptures, he is a good
Buddhist already. If a Christian truly lives according to the commandments, then he is a
good Christian already. I have no intention, and it is not necessary for me to advocate
whether you should follow the Christian or Buddhist religion.

We have enough churches and temples to teach people to be Buddhist or Catholic or

Christian, but we help the Buddhists to get in touch with their Buddha nature, help the
Christians to know the kingdom of God, should they desire to know. Should they desire
to know. It’s an offer only, with no condition, no force, and no money – between, before,
and after. No binding involved. No religious background or meditation experience is
required. Absolutely unconditional.

Q. If I belong to a religion, such as Buddhism or Catholicism, and I want to receive initiation

from You, do I need to leave my religion?

M. No, you don’t need to leave your religion. You can go to the church every Sunday or
every day. I just teach you how to talk to God directly, in your “church,” if you wish to.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 81

Q. Dear Master, I don’t believe in any religion, but I have been a good chap to everybody,
and I try to make my neighbors happy, also my father, too. So if I die, can I go to

M. Sure, you can. This is the kind of person all of the religions teach us to be. Surely you
will be in heaven, but how long it will last, I cannot assure you because your merit is also
limited. If you are good to one father maybe for seventy years, then maybe you will have
seventy years of heaven and later on, probably you will have to go back again and do
other merit. But if we are truly enlightened and get direct contact with God while here,
then we can ask for anything. We don’t have to go back again if we don’t desire to go

I thank you for all your love and your excitement and all your questions. [Applause] Your
love, because you recognize I’m yourself. You are excited because you care. You care
about my lecture and what I said. Thank you for both. [Applause]

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 82

Seek you first the kingdom of God

Bankstown Civic Hall, Sydney, Australia,
March 17, 1993 (Originally in English)

I’m very sorry to have come late. I completely forgot. I have this terrible forgetfulness. I truly
apologize. I can’t tell a lie – no technical problems, no traffic jams, nothing, just me. I forgot
completely that I had an important thing to do today. I forgot, and this happens not for the first
time. Please forgive me. I don’t know what else to say.

I forgot until the attendant came and told me, “You just have to do!” I say, “Why?” I had
forgotten the time and the important appointment. This has happened many times; therefore, I
told my attendant to buy plenty of alarm clocks and put them all over the place. If you come to
my room, you’ll see my bed with two alarm clocks on both sides, and on the table another
alarm clock, in the bathroom one or two alarm clocks. And even then, I have forgotten. It’s
good that I had someone to remind me, otherwise, you wouldn’t have seen me today. I don’t
know what I would have done at home, but I just wouldn’t be here. I’m very sorry. I will make it
up to you. I’ll make a longer speech, if possible.

Public preaching is God’s will

It is not my wish to be in Australia, so whatever happens, please forgive me, even if I speak
something that you do not think you agree with, or that you do not think you like. It’s also all
the will of God, because I have no desire to come here. I would prefer to sit on the mountain
somewhere, or in my room, or next to the river, or do whatever – just be like you, having a
very quiet, ordinary life. I believe each one has God’s kingdom already, so there’s nothing for
me to do at all in this world. But God’s will is always different, and Hes dictates the way I look,
what I wear today, tomorrow, where I should go next month, etc. Hes is a troublecauser;
therefore, I have forgotten. That’s why I have come very late today.

In Indonesia, just a week or so ago, I had an appointment with the Indian Consul General in
Surabaya and also with the American Consul there, and the Japanese Consul, and there
were supposed to be a few more Consuls. It was for lunch at twelve o’clock. And a half-past
eleven, I didn’t even know about it. I forgot completely, and I had just said okay for the
appointment the day before. I originally didn’t want to come, but later I agreed at last. But then
I forgot all about it. Half-past eleven, I still didn’t wash. I just sat on my bed doing nothing.
Then my secretary, or attendant, came and knocked at the door, knocked so urgently, and
then I said, “What’s wrong?” She said, “You’re supposed to be going because you have an
appointment with such and such people!” And there I was still unkempt, undressed, and
unready, unprepared. So we had to apologize to the people and say, “Please, I’m coming

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 83

right away!” Things like that happen. And I don’t know why God wants to use such a person
like me who forgets everything.

I have just been reading some books, like about Ramana Maharshi. He passed away long
ago. Probably many of you know his name through books. He was a great enlightened person
and he never traveled abroad. I don’t blame him. He just stayed in his house and a few
people came and visited him; a handful of European and Indian people visited. And some
people asked me, “Why should the Master never go out and teach his way of enlightenment
for people if he is supposed to have compassion at all or wisdom at all?” At that time, I
thought, “Yes, they’re right. If the Master is enlightened, compassionate, and has love, then
he should come out.” But then he never did. He said, “What for, what for?” If he comes out
and people don’t necessarily believe him, then what can he say? He can’t introduce himself
as, “I’m an enlightened Master and I have such and such power,” and so and so. If he does,
people probably will think he’s telling a story, a fairy tale. And if he doesn’t, how do people
understand that he is enlightened? It’s very difficult for him to speak of himself even though
he is sure of himself.

When a Master or anyone goes out in the public to try to share something that they sincerely
believe in, they mostly meet with opposition or misunderstanding. That’s why people killed
Jesus, for example. But nowadays, in this century, it is ordained that no Master should be
killed anymore. We are in a more civilized age and no longer in a barbarous stage of
development. I’m glad that it is so, that it’s not necessary to shed blood in order to rescue the
so-called sinners. And we should not even demand that in any way, or we should not even
think that way anymore. In each century, human beings have continued to develop, as more
and more Masters graced our earth and brought enlightenment to the minds of the majority of
the people who were ready to forsake the flesh for the spirit, who would like to learn to die so
that they will begin to live.

Most of the time when I am willed by God to go around like this, exposing myself to the public
for all kinds of comments, I’m not unwilling to go. I’m not unwilling to go, but sometimes the
game is too serious. Most people play too seriously, so it’s no fun. Otherwise, I would have
enjoyed and combined business with pleasure and had a little bit more fun, by the way. But
most of us are too serious. We play the game of life and we learn the lessons in our worldly,
so-called drama, too seriously. Many people cannot laugh and they dare not cry sometimes
for fear that other people will take advantage of their emotion. But it is correctly so, because
emotion is the thing that we should fear.

Because of emotion, we tend to act over-excitedly about some matter that we do not agree
with, or we think that is not correct, or is not according to our opinion. Because of emotion,
some of the world wars have broken out. Apart from power struggles, of course, and
economical reasons, there is emotion in it. Sometimes it starts just between two or three
people or a group, and then we have war. It started from there. And sometimes religious wars
also started through, or by, or from, emotion. These are things, sometimes, we should take
time to consider and ponder whether it is worthwhile. Sometimes, some people suggest that
we forsake something or sacrifice something in order to attain something else maybe of
greater value, and we probably go berserk. We didn’t like it and we react very emotionally so.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 84

Of course, we have forgotten that we can’t worship both the world and God. If we couldn’t
forsake the flesh for the spirit, then we have not begun to live the eternal life. It is difficult for a
rich man to enter the kingdom of God. What does it mean by “rich man” – the comfortable life,
the easy-going style, the material fulfillment of our daily life. But these things we can all have.
We can all have. It’s just, probably, we can minimize them so that our life will become more
spiritual and more relaxed so that we become closer to God.

Forsake the meat diet for the kingdom of God

Take, for example, the vegetarian diet that I am always in trouble with. I wish I could give
initiation to you without it because it causes you more trouble than I am asking for. It causes
trouble everywhere, just because of that piece of beef – nothing better than that. For example,
that diet, it is scientifically proven that it’s good for our health even, and it’s economically
beneficial to the whole world. It’s not I who say it. It’s all these scientists and researchers who
say these things. You may look in the bookstores and find information concerning this
yourself, which are plentiful in your country, I believe. Today, in the English language, you can
find anything that is scientifically approved and tested.

And also, from any standpoints, if you have been associated with yogis and other practicing
peace of mind, you would, of course, know before I even mention it that they, all of them or
most of them, prefer or know that the vegetarian diet is better. It is the best when they
meditate, when they want to practice peace of mind because the flesh diet is more active.

There are many foods, just like medicines, that have different effects on the body. If we say
these don’t have any effect at all, then it is unscientific. If nothing affects us through the things
we put in our mouth, then if we drink poison, we will not die; or if we take an anesthetic, we
will not be unconscious for a while so that the doctor can give us an operation and we feel
nothing about it. So there are certain things in life that materially will affect our state of
consciousness as well as our body and also our mental state. When we take drugs, we are
very blurred and sometimes unconscious; we take alcohol, then we’re drunk, sometimes we
have a headache or we can’t walk straight.

Certain kinds of things in the material kingdom will affect us more or less. That you know.
Therefore, the food we take also affects us mentally, bodily, also spiritually, and this has been
proved since time immemorial. It’s not I who decide who eats what. I’m just offering you the
way to complete awareness of your own great self, should you be willing and like to take it.
And we do this with all our own financial resources. We do not expect anything from you at
all. I have earned all my money by painting, by interior design, and all my disciples have to
work so that we can make some contribution to the world to which we owe a lot of love and
nourishment since we were children. I am doing you no benefit. I’m just following the will of
God; also to contribute something to the world while I am still here. So, take it as our goodwill
or leave it as your free will, and we have no need to make a lot of fuss over a piece of flesh. If
you wish to eat meat, it’s fine. The whole world eats it. I can’t be concerned so much, and I
can’t tell everyone to stop it. I have no dream to do it. I’m only here because God makes me
to be here. Otherwise, to me, the world is all right. God runs it. I have no concern.

Before, I had illusions about saving the world. That’s why I left home and wanted to get
enlightenment, etc., because I saw so much suffering around the world. But after a few years

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 85

now, I understand it’s all God’s will and there’s nothing for me to do at all. But Hes makes me
do something. Perhaps if Hes lets me sit idly somewhere on the mountain, it is also no good. I
will also be rotten and also die one day, so Hes will make me die on the road, perhaps. These
things are easily understood when we are in a very calm state of mind and put aside our
excitement and prejudice.

Genuine Master and method are difficult to find

In the ancient time, if we wanted to learn this kind of enlightenment method, it was not easy.
Therefore, most of the people make a myth out of enlightenment: That it’s reserved only for
some exclusive people who look like an angel, and saintly, with beard flowing, white robe
flowing, walking in the air, and things like that, or should be. Maybe, judging from my
experience around the world, it should be. It’s so difficult to convey to the people at large how
easy it is since they have been so used to struggling and a complicated life. But I can assure
you again and again, it’s very easy.

If I can do it, such a small person like me, you can do it probably better. You have more
strength; your brain is bigger than mine – judging from size. You are taller, stronger, and you
have accomplished more than I have in your life. Your countries are more civilized than,
perhaps, my country, or supposed to be my “bodily country.” My “country” is much more
civilized than any country on earth, but that I can’t prove to you, so I don’t talk about it. I can
prove it to you if you come with me, yes, but I can’t prove it if you stay here and don’t want to
follow. I can’t show you London unless you come with me, for example.

In the old times, most of the Masters did not go publicly to preach what they know. First, for
the simple reason that any Master would believe that there’s nothing for him to do. They have
become accustomed to looking upon all brothers and sisters as God’s manifestations, and all
of them have God inside. Therefore, they feel they have absolutely nothing to do. Lao Tzu
said the same. He said, “There is nothing to do under the sun, under heaven.” But then, again
and again, sometimes people discover them, and then they will be in the spotlight. One by
one, two by two, and then the so-called Master will be forced into the open. But because of
the media and so many inconveniences about politics and the situation prevailing at that time,
not Masters truly were widely known around the world. We didn’t have enough
communication; we didn’t have enough convenient transportation. Therefore, most people,
whoever can know these kinds of Masters, look upon them a sacred, as holy, as rare, as
respected, a very rare species. Nowadays, if a Master does the same thing, then of course,
only a handful of people knows, but then, it’s still more than the olden days when there were
no communication systems available.

In the old times, we did not have enough material comfort; therefore, there’s not much to cling
to, not much to be attached to, or it’s not hard to put down. And today, we have too much of
these comforts available to us. It is very good that we have advanced to a greater height of
civilization, but sometimes on some occasions, it may be a great hindrance to our spiritual
quest. The Buddha also said, “If you have such a comfortable life, if you’re in heaven, it’s
difficult to practice to become Buddha,” meaning it’s difficult to attain the complete awareness.
We may be able to attain part of it, that’s what He meant, but not the complete enlightenment.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 86

The price of complete enlightenment

The complete enlightenment, of course, has its price. Our fellow practitioners also have many
different degrees of attainment. Those who truly dedicate their lives for spiritual practice – of
course, they forsake everything that is not conductive to spiritual attainment. Some would like
to just have a little bit of benefit without sacrificing too much, so we have two types of
practitioners. These two types, of course, we give them different guidance according to their

For example, in Singapore, we gave initiation to the people who would willingly commit
themselves wholeheartedly to the spiritual practice. And there were other people also who
said, “Oh Master, we like this very much, but we don’t know if we can be vegetarian yet, so
please, can we be vegetarian ten days or month or whenever convenient?” I said, “Yes, of
course, as you wish.” And then they also wanted me to teach them some so-called
convenient method. So we divided into two groups; one is completely vegetarian, and the
other is not. And they also can mix together and meditate and use the same center.

Most of us are so great inside, but we do not care to recognize it. That is all. Therefore, there
is a difference between the so-called saints and the ordinary people who are also saints. We
call some people “saint” when they are aware of their inner inheritance from heaven, and they
can make use of this power for their benefit, for the benefit of the immediate entourage, and
for the benefit of their country and the whole world. Such a saint does not necessarily go out
and preach to the public. He may just sit somewhere and people will go and find him,
although a little bit limited in number.

And for the saint’s teaching, it’s not necessary to use language. Language is very secondary
in nature in conveying the message of heaven. There is one way, the highest way, and that is
conveying from inside and using the wisdom, using the heavenly language to convey. That
doesn’t need the Master’s presence or the Master’s speech. But in our world, if we do not use
language, sometimes people cannot understand, cannot clear the doubts in their intellectual
understanding or in their minds; therefore, language is a second choice in some cases. But
when it comes to actual transmission or recognizing the self, the Master doesn’t need to
speak. Both have to be silent: The so-called Master, and the so-called disciple. Both of them
speak in silence, and that is the highest form of speech.

It’s only when any Master goes out in the public that people expect Her to speak, and then the
Master has to do so. But while speaking, there are other things, underground, in silence, that
are also given to the ready audience or the disciples. Therefore, some people will see some
wonders while listening to the lecture, or see the Master radiating Light, or the whole lecture
hall filled with Light and all the people kind of engulfed in the Light. In this material world, we
often ask for material miracles; therefore, perhaps sometimes, the Master has to resort to
miracles in order to attract people to come, and then give them something immaterial. But
that’s a very rare case.

For example, there is master who always works miracles and people don’t talk about his
greatness or his enlightenment; they just talk about miracles all the time. They say, “Do you
know such and such? Oh, he can do that. He can materialize that.” And all you hear about is
a ring, and a necklace, and all kind of things, and you hear nothing from heaven. That can

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 87

have a side effect on the people who are too materialistic-minded. Therefore, most of the
Masters avoid using miracles, or use them in silence and underground. Only the one who
receives it knows it. And mostly, the people around him or her don’t know, even the very close
disciples, or those close to the beneficiary do not know, except when they are together, for
example, in an accident or something like that. Then, they would know.

Many times, I am asked by people who come to a private interview that I should bless them,
heal their sickness here and there, one and another, and I was often just speechless. I was
thinking, “I am giving you the whole kingdom, and you only want that. You only want this
physical, ephemeral body, and even if I cure you today, you will get sick again tomorrow. And
eventually, we will die anyhow.” But most of the people who come to an interview are so
materially preoccupied that I can’t say much more, even if I told them that the whole healing
power is within themselves. If they would only turn into the kingdom of God within, they would
have everything. God will bless them with all kinds of things that we can’t even imagine we
will achieve even in the deepest prayer.

Ignorance of our great self is the only sin

I have found that many of us have no self confidence, no faith in our greatness, in our
supreme power, and that is the only problem. That is the only sin that we commit that is worth
talking about. Otherwise, in my opinion, no one sins at all. It’s just a force of karma that is at
work, which drive them to do this and that, to go here and there, to be good or to be bad.
Except when these persons, for some exceptional merit, come in contact with some saint and
sincerely sit in the presence of the saint and derive direct magnetic blessing, then they
change their life. They feel different, they feel love surging in them, they feel power stirring
within themselves. They feel the wisdom awakened.

Why are we often sick, or why do people have sickness despite all the medical advancements
and all the luxurious life that we can afford? It is because we are out of touch with our
supreme power that regulates all things, which runs the whole universe. We go against it, or
we are ignorant of it, and that is the cause of all our misery. I wouldn’t say that when anyone
has been initiated or is enlightened that all disease will disappear immediately, although on
many occasions that I know of, it happened with our fellow practitioners. In many occasions, it
happened immediately, that I know, but not because they came for physical fitness, but just
because they were so sincere, they tried to look for God so that even their physical discomfort
also disappeared. I wouldn’t say that everyone would fall into this category. But gradually,
each one will achieve this state of ease and comfort, and all the “disease” of the body, “dis-
ease,” disease of body, will disappear in a great percentage.

And even sometimes through their merit of remembering or merging in the supreme power
inside, they can even effect a cure or two in their immediate circle – not to talk about the
Master. This kind of curing or healing doesn’t bring about the karma of interfering with the law
of nature upon the shoulders of the disciple because he does it without knowing it. He does it,
but not by using any material or psychic power to boost his ego, or to make the one who
receives the benefit worship him as a healer. Therefore, the law of karma doesn’t apply in this

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 88

In many cases, should a healer use his own psychic power or the strength of mental power to
cure someone, then the “curer” himself knows about it, and the patient also knows about it;
therefore, it bears the karmic mark upon their minds. In our path, even though we don’t
advocate the use of miracle power, it happens anyhow all the time, and we do not accumulate
any karmic debt for interference with the laws of nature because we do it without doing. Our
egos would not grow greater and bigger every day because we don’t know when we cured
that person and how we did it. It’s just that we know there is grace from Providence that
probably goes through our body as an instrument, or our presence, to cure that person. We
might know it, but we can never be sure; therefore, our ego is not in danger of growing
oversized. Therefore, if we truly look for miracles or any power at all, we should look first to
the supreme power, and then everything else will come into our life without us wishing. That’s
why Jesus said, “Seek you first the kingdom of God and then all the things shall be added
unto you.”

All Masters work together

I wish I never had mentioned the name of Jesus or Buddha because they also cause me
trouble. Many people understand Jesus differently than I understand, and then that brings me
trouble. Many people think they understand Buddha better than I do and that brings me
trouble. But because I was brought up in a Catholic background, and also a Buddhist
background, my tongue slips and I mention these two great names.

Sometimes, they cause me trouble even though they know that I know, and I know that I
know them, but many people don’t think I know. I only mention them because you know them;
otherwise, I don’t need them. I’m completely independent. I know them just as I know my
friends. And many of our disciples also know them in meditation. Sometimes, Jesus will guide
them invisibly about things in their life when they’re in difficulty, or Buddha comes and blesses

All the Masters actually work together. “By their fruit shall they be known.” We teach people
all the good things that keep the social security in order, like you do not steal from people, you
do not commit adultery, and you do not take alcohol. We teach people meditation to quiet
their minds. And if you see our so-called disciples or fellow practitioners beaming with
happiness, with love from within themselves, then you know that it is the good fruit, and it
doesn’t matter what I teach, or if the path doesn’t agree with you, you should know that this is
correct. Any Master would only like to see the worldly people in this kind of condition:
Peaceful, loving, intelligent, and obedient to the law of Providence. That is the only proof, and
very solid proof. No need for me to talk a great deal, to argue with anyone, or to prove any
further about the correctness of our way of life.

There are, probably, other ways of life; I mean that many roads lead to the mountain. It’s all
right. It’s perfect. But some roads are more rocky, are more difficult to climb, and some roads
are easy. Our road is easy. That’s all! If you think your road is easier, it’s fine. It’s fine as long
as you reach the mountain, and then we’ll see each other. If someone is on top of the
mountain, he sees that there are no differences, but as long as he is not yet on the mountain,
he probably will argue.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 89

It is very strange that we could sacrifice a lot of things just to achieve some very temporary
purpose. For example, many people would undergo hardships, forsaking the comfort of their
warm home and also the many comforts that they can afford in their hometown just to climb
Mt. Everest, or other very difficult and cold and dangerous peaks in the world. Or to go into
the desert to make an expedition just because they like it. After they arrive, or when they set
about to climb or to go to the mountain, we know these people are truly serious. They’re very
sincere in their effort to achieve what they want. Similarly, if we truly love God, then we do not
mind any sacrifice at all, if it is truly a sacrifice even.

Many people ask me, “Why a vegetarian diet? I can eat meat and get enlightened. It’s okay or
not?” I say, “Yes, it’s okay, but it might not be smooth, and not complete, and also you
probably will have many side effects or hindrances on your path, and you’ll waste a lot of
effort. Probably you will not get very high, and sometimes, have trouble.” So now, they say
that they cannot believe me; they think I want to make trouble. What for? If you think about it,
wouldn’t it be easier for me just to give initiation at random to anyone at all who comes into
my hands, so that I get more famous, have more people, and more of everything? Just
because of the vegetarian diet, every time we lecture, not all of the people come, not even
half of the people come.

If you have difficulty with the vegetarian diet, I have even more difficulty in introducing it. So
think about it. I sacrifice everything that I have, finance, time, youth, family comforts, my
husband even, to expose myself to some of your, sometimes, criticism. Just for what? Just to
get this difficulty because of a non-vegetarian diet. So it must be something. You think about
it. I do not wish to make trouble for myself and have less disciples.

Some people would sell the initiation for some certain fee, so maybe you should look over
there. And they don’t care whether you eat meat or not. It’s very cheap, but it’s different in the
length of meditation and in the quality of initiation – that I might tell you, but I would not
mention the name. You find out yourself. There are many prices for different jewelry; so
please do not blame me, or get excited over this little piece of meat. It’s not worth it. It’s below
your dignity to do so. God couldn’t care less whether we eat beef, or we eat chicken, or we
eat cabbage. It’s we who care. We have to, at least, show that we’re determined to see God
above anything, let alone just a little piece of meat that is not forced upon us anyhow. If we
cook something and we put a few pieces of meat, or a few pieces of tofu, or other kind of
protein, it makes not much difference, or to me, anyhow.

It is very sad [Master sighs] that we have to always discuss these very small things, which to
some of you, or many of you, seem so important – more important than God, more important
than enlightenment, more important than all my sincerity and love offered at your door, at my
cost, and my convenience, and at the convenience and cost of all my disciples from Sydney,
Formosa, and from all over the world. They came to help me with their own money, their own
time. They sacrifice everything. Some of them are not going to get married; they live in tents
with me so that we can save enough finances to come here or other places to see you and
other people of the world, according to God’s will.

I hope today, after you go home, whether with or without initiation, you may ponder over
something which is above materialism, above the care and importance of these ephemeral
flesh cloths, which we change after a few years into where and which clothes we do not know.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 90

If you want to know, we offer you this opportunity, and you may select which planet you go to
later, which kind of place that you prefer to go to, according to your achievement. But if you
would not like to select it, if you prefer to go unknowingly with the angel of death or the angel
of life, then you may do so. And I wish you a good journey wherever you choose to go.

Thank you very much. You may ask questions now. [Applause]

Questions and answers

Q. Please briefly outline the Quan Yin method and why this method is better than others?

M. The Quan Yin method is not really a method because when I’m supposed to teach you
the method, I’m just in silence, and you will also be in silence. But then you will hear the
Word of God, the music of heaven, and this music will wake you up from the slumber of
your sleep. The God power within us, the supreme wisdom, will begin to work again in a
proper way.

We came to this human life just so that we can bless the world using the supreme
power. If we don’t use this to bless the world, then we’re often or mostly in misery. That’s
the cause of the misery of the world. That’s why, after the Quan Yin so-called “method”
transmission, most of the disciples, the “advance-quicker” disciples, they’ll be always in
happiness. And whatever they do is fast, efficient, and very clear. They have bliss and
security within because they have fulfilled their duty as human beings on earth.

We are not being human for nothing, not just to eat, to sleep, to have children, and to
die. It’s not the human purpose. The Word within us is the supreme power that we have
inherited from the God-Father, so we have to use it. We are human. Everyone says
human life is so precious, but in which way? Just so that we live until sixty or seventy
years and we die, mostly in sickness or misery, without any wish fulfilled? Is that all there
is to human life? Think about it. The Quan Yin method helps you to know your own
power and use it to bless the world – and bless yourself, of course, you’re included.

Q. How long does it take to get enlightenment?

M. How long? [Master snaps Her fingers.] That long. At the time of initiation, you just sit and
you get it.

Q. Animals are living beings, but also, plants and vegetables are living beings. They feel
and sense killing in a more subtle way than animals. So where’s the difference? And why
be vegetarian if we need the proteins, amino acids, and vitamin B12 of meat?

M. All these vitamins Bs you can find in yeast even. The plants have life, the same with
wood and everything else, but when you cut a branch of a tree or plant, it grows into two
or three more. When you cut the head off an animal, it doesn’t grow any more.

Of course, it would be better if we die, eat nothing and be saints. But it’s not necessary.
The Buddha also ate vegetarian. God has said that Hes gives us fruits and herbs in the
field for our food. So we shouldn’t reject Hiers offer. I think it would be offending to God if

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 91

we don’t take a vegetarian diet because Hes offered it to us. Go home and look at the
Old Testament, first page.

Q. Will everyone who gets initiated gain liberation or enlightenment?

M. For sure, provided he doesn’t desire to go back to his old way of life. But he will get
liberation anyhow – just that it will take longer and there’s more suffering for him
because he desired it.

Enlightenment, you get it right away – anyhow a taste of the enlightenment at the time of
initiation. It’s just like you go and learn French with a French teacher. If he doesn’t teach
you one or two sentences at once, how do you know if he is French teacher or if he
knows French at all? At lease you know some sentences on the first day of your class.
Similarly, when you come for initiation, you have a taste of enlightenment right way –
some portion, even a small portion of enlightenment. From then on, you go on becoming
more enlightened each day. You get a greater portion of enlightenment each day until
you completely realize that you are great, that you have the kingdom of God truly within

Q. Do You believe that the Supreme Master of the universe, Jesus, the only begotten son
of God, said, “I am the way, the Truth, and the life; no man cometh to the Father but by
me,” and that no one can enter heaven, God’s home, except by Jesus?

M. Yes, it’s true. Every Master says that. Jesus is the name of His body, and Christ is His
title. Every Master should have Her / His Christ power; therefore, in a sense, Jesus
never died. Jesus works through all the Masters throughout the centuries, throughout the
ages, to liberate and enlighten us, the ignorant who are still left behind. Jesus alone
cannot enlighten us if He is gone. Of course, He can in some degree, but we are
humans. We can’t get in touch with Him when He is in a higher sphere; therefore, a
physical Master is necessary. But the Christ power works through any physical Master
who is destined or posted to be at that time; therefore, when Jesus said Hes was the
only way and the only one, He spoke the absolute truth, but so does any Master, when
the Master is alive.

I know it’s a trouble with clinging to the bible – the same with many of the Buddhists. The
bible and the scriptures are excellent evidences of the past Masters, but also excellent
stumbling blocks for our intellectual attachments. I know it’s very difficult. I only can wish
you the best wishes, and I can only be patient to wait until the time comes that you
understand. The bible is only a record of a super Master who has graced our earth, but
what about those before Jesus and after Jesus? Those after Jesus, probably we say,
“Okay. We hear His name and we get redeemed.” But how about those billion, trillion
years before Jesus – there was no one to rescue them or what? Is the Father so
merciless as to send only one son and at only one time? Could Hes be so stingy, do you

If Jesus really redeems all of us – can you truly answer me, why are we still in
ignorance? There are many things we don’t know. Heaven, we can’t contact. Some
people can when they pray very deeply, sincerely to Jesus, and probably He appears to

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 92

them and teaches some of them, but very few. He doesn’t appear to all of us. But to our
disciples He would because we know how to contact Him. We can ascend up to His level
and get His teaching directly. I’m not teaching anything different. If you would like to see
Jesus and God, I just help you. If you would like to see Buddha, I help you. That’s all.
But only if you believe it, instead of clinging to a past record of a great Master, most of
which we do not understand.

Q. What is the deepest obstacle to achieving enlightenment?

M. The greatest obstacle is that you don’t want it. Otherwise, I offer it at your doorstep; no
cost, no condition, no binding, nothing at all, absolutely whatsoever, and forever, and
you still don’t want it. That’s the greatest obstacles that I can think of.

Q. Why do people call You “Master”?

M. Why not? There are so many masters. Why are you jealous of my title? [Laughter]
Master’s degree in science, master of smithing, master of jewelry, master of machinery –
any kind of master. If I am teaching them something and that has an effect for them, it
makes their life better, smoother, more beautiful, more blessed, more blissful, more
happy, more joyful, and more wise, why shouldn’t they call me Master? But it doesn’t
matter to me. You can call me brother or sister. Some people call me “small sister,”
some people call me “little Hai,” or “Ah Hai.” They call me many names. Some people
call me mommy or mama. They call me many things! I don’t mind. [Applause]

Q. What is the difference between You and me?

M. None that I know of. The only difference is that perhaps you have denied yourself of the
greatest privilege that our Father has endowed upon us both. You have denied it; that’s
the only difference.

Master power burns stored karma

Q. Does the karma of a person influence the enlightenment process, that is, when initiation
by You, Master?

M. Yes, it does to some degree. The past karma, which lies in the store of the
subconscious, we can use the Master power to erase it so that no trace of it remains for
future rebirths. But the present karma we have to undergo; otherwise, we would die
immediately after initiation. If we have no more take-and-give in this world, we can’t
exist. Therefore, the present karma, what is already written in this life that we have to
undergo, we should undergo. But due to the grace of the supreme power that is within
us after awakening, we will have it smoothed or minimized, or undergo it in dreams only.
For example, you’re supposed to be stabbed by someone, wounded heavily, but after
initiation you dream about it only; then you don’t have it in life. But when you wake up,
probably the wounded place is still hurting. If you forgot the dream, then you don’t know
why, but the karma will be gone – something like that.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 93

Karma, we must pay in some form or another. Maybe the Master sometimes takes some
part of it for you, or completely, depending on whether you can bear it or not. That’s why
Jesus had to sacrifice, because of the sins of many of His disciples, the persons that He
cured, and those persons that killed Him. He even forgave them. Therefore, He had to
undergo suffering. Many Masters do that, still do, not under the form of crucifixion, but in
different forms: Mental anguish, bodily discomfort, slandering, or demands of all kind of
sacrifices from the disciples, or from the world at large. For example, it doesn’t matter
how much the Master sacrifices, the people keep demanding more and more, and keep
tormenting the Master. It’s also a kind of crucifixion anyhow, but it doesn’t appear on the
cross; it appears in daily life or in the mission of the Master. You do not know this until
you become one, so don’t bother believing it even.

Q. Can one take the first initiation eating meat, then take the second initiation if one feels a
higher pull?

M. I would give you the second initiation instead and forgo the first. Wait until you’re ready,
and come, okay? Why force yourself? If meat is better than God, then you’d better wait
it. It’s all right. God gives us all free will. Don’t worry about that. God doesn’t get angry,
or doesn’t push us. We choose what we want to do, but do it wholeheartedly if you want
to succeed. You can’t just tell the girl, “Oh honey, I love you very much. We should just
pretend to get married first. I will have a couple of affairs, and then later when I settle
down, we’ll marry again. Is that okay?” Even in worldly life we can’t do that, never mind
making a deal with God. I think we’re too clever for God. That’s why Hes shakes Hiers
head and sits up there; Hes doesn’t want to come down.

Q. Can You tell us the practice that the disciples have to do after they receive Your

M. They carry on with the meditation that has been instructed to them, and they carry on
with their ethical conduct and the vegetarian diet. They meditate as much as they can.
They keep the precepts and do not deliberately violate the laws of nature. That’s all.
Whenever they have problems or obstacles in their meditation, they will write to me or
call inside for help. That’s what they do. And they carry on with their daily work just as
before. Just maybe more lovingly, more aware of their responsibilities in this world and
more effectively, since they have more intelligence and more original power from within,
not from the computer brain.

Q. How can You tell the difference between a frail soul and a bad soul?

M. You mean someone who does not deliberately want to do bad things, but just gives in to
temptations and that. Well, they’re weak. It’s not the soul, but it’s the mind that is weak.
And if they also have weak and tempting associations with them, then of course their
frailty grows greater each day. But if they associate with people of stronger characters,
who are more noble in bearing, manner, and thinking, then they will get stronger. There’s
no such thing as a bad soul. All souls are good – from God – only bad minds.

The mind, the computer, the brain, registers many things, bad or good, and he puts it out
accordingly each day. If a person associates often with the very so-called rough

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 94

background, then he gets acquainted with this kind of habit, and his brain registers only
these kinds of so-called bad actions. Later, in similar circumstances, or if they register
too much, they will give out daily the same information; therefore we call that person
“bad.” Actually, we should say that he has bad habits, not a bad soul. Whether our habits
are good or bad depends on whom we are associated with.

In India, people very much praise and hope for association with the great practitioner
who has peace of mind and who radiates invisible energy, who heals anyone who
comes to him or to her. This is what is called “satsang,” which means association with
those who know the Truth, who turn toward the Truth, and who understand completely
the Truth. They even go to the extent as to say that if such a person, who is always in
tune with the Truth, with God, with the supreme power within, just looks at you once,
your life is changed. So, association is very important. There’s no such thing as a bad
soul or a good soul.

Q. Why do some people never experience God even after so many sacrifices?

M. Because they go the hard way. God has prescribed a way for us to get in touch with
Hirm and we deny it. We show this to you. The way we show to you is the way to get
contact with God. There are probably other ways. If you don’t feel an appeal for this way,
then try to find another way. Whichever way you find, if that gives you the Light of
heaven and the Sound of God, that’s a correct way, because these are the signals from
heaven. These are the manifestations of our wisdom inside which can lead us back

Q. How does one overcome fear in daily life?

M. If we don’t know God, it’s difficult to overcome many things, not only fear. I was very shy
before. You wouldn’t know me. I hardly had any friends. I didn’t speak much and I was
often alone. Even now, if I did not come out to speak to you or if no one requests me to
come out to see them, I’m always in my room, or in my tent. I do not come out or go out
to plays or discos or shopping; I don’t do anything like that. I’m very shy. After seeing
people in the airport, if they don’t give me a quick exit, I will grow very moody because
I’m very shy to see people over a long period. I like to disappear as quickly as possible.

But then before, I couldn’t imagine talking to a large audience like that. I never talked! I
didn’t know how to talk, but God made me like this. God makes you overcome fear,
nothing else. Except that we turn back again to our birthright, to our birth duty to find
God, to bless this earth, we can hardly overcome anything.

Q. Can You please explain “Manjushri’s sword” and its application to everyday life?

M. “Manjushri’s sword” is the supreme wisdom. It’s the sword of wisdom, which is
prescribed in the Buddhist sutras. It means that when you have wisdom, you cut through
all attachments, entanglements, and obstacles in this world. It is likened unto a sword,
which cuts everything. He doesn’t actually have a sword, just the wisdom that cuts
through all things so we are not bound in this world anymore. That’s just a parable.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 95

“Manjushri” is a Sanskrit term which denotes a saint, a Bodhisattva, which means a

saint. In Shakyamuni Buddha’s time, he was one of His greatest disciples. His name was
Manjushri, and he was supposed to have a sword that cuts through all the obstacles and
everything. That’s called the “sword of wisdom.”

Q. If one is a practicing tantric worshiper of the goddess, working with the senses, how
would this path affect this practice?

M. It doesn’t affect it, but I think you have been graduated. You worked with the senses,
and now it is time to work with the soul. If you wish to go higher, then you just practice
this path. There’s no harm to forsake the secondary school when you aspire for high

Q. How many gods are there in this world?

M. In this world? Oh, trillions of gods. Look at you; all of you are gods, but it’s just that you
don’t know it!

How to get rid of the ego

Q. There are four principal points in Buddhism. First, suffering, second, the origin of
suffering, third, release from suffering, fourth, to approach salvation or enlightenment.
Later on, Shakyamuni Buddha found that the only thing to gain absolute emancipation is
to suppress the ego, self-denial, because the self is the origin of suffering. In Buddhism,
why is it necessary to suppress one’s ego when it is so crucial on most levels for survival
and self respect, in a practical sense?

M. The Buddha did not mean that we have to humble ourselves in the society or cut down
our success just because we want to suppress the ego. To suppress the ego is
accomplished not by mental practice, not by observation, not by doing anything; it’s just
by getting in touch with the kingdom of God. Get to know the higher ego, the higher one.
If you know something better, then of course, automatically you will not rely on the lesser
one. Suppressing the ego doesn’t mean we have to go through vigorous asceticism or
do anything about it, or have to wear very dirty clothes in order to show our holiness
inside or to make people think that we are having no ego.

To have no ego means you have already merged within the God kingdom – you do
without doing, you heal without healing, and you do things according to God’s will and
never claim credit. But still in the social life, we keep the same position. We do the same
work, perhaps, if that is God’s will. If God wills us to forsake our duty or job and do other
things for Hirm, then we would do it. At that time, we truly suppress the ego, but without
losing self-respect, position in the society, or the respect from other people. We would
just absolutely surrender and do many things without even knowing, without claiming any
credit for it. At that time we know everything is God’s doing. It’s the supreme power of
the universe which we are part of that does things. That is a true suppression of ego.

Q. What happens to a person after he dies and is waiting to be reborn?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 96

M. What happens to him? How do I know? Should I die and come back and report to you?
[Laughter] I think we’d better take care of the living.
If your deeds are truly pure, your mind is absolutely noble, your actions are high quality
and beneficial to the world, your wisdom is clear, then of course after you die, you know
where you go. You know right now, even. We just sit or don’t sit, and we know heaven;
we know where we will be after death. By the way, the initiated person will be informed
at least three days in advance before his death so he will know where he goes and to
prepare his worldly obligations before he leaves the world. At that time, probably, you will
inform me where you go or what happens to you. Otherwise, I don’t know now. Heaven
has not told me that I’m going to die in three days yet, so I don’t know. We’d better take
care of the living. Take care of ourselves while we live, and then we know how we die.

There’s no need for me to answer because each one is different. The individual death is
different; the individual way is different. Look at your present, and know what awaits you
in the future. If your life now is virtuous, clean, sympathetic to all, and respecting of the
higher spiritual values, then you surely will go to heaven and nothing will happen to you
after death. You immediately go to heaven. If otherwise, opposite-wise, then maybe the
angel of death already has your name on his waiting list for somewhere else below or
somewhere a little bit not very bright.

Q. Is it true that when a person gains enlightenment, the person’s family in six generations
benefit? Can You please explain further?

M. Five or six generations – it is just a saying. It could be more than that. Even friends and
those we love and sympathize with will get benefit as well, and get liberation or merit

Q. I’m a Christian. I have Jesus’ photo in my room. May I put Your photo next to it?

M. If you wish. I don’t think Jesus will be very jealous about it. [Laughter] I think He will be

Q. I’m already baptized. May I receive initiation from You?

M. Oh, sure! With honor. Why not?

Q. Is there any value in suffering?

M. Yes, great value, so that we learn to go upward, and we don’t sink to suffering again.
Sometimes, if God blesses us so much, we do not appreciate it, and we do not think of
God and do not remember to go back to the kingdom. When suffering comes, mostly
people will pray or remember God. So last time when I said “adieu” to the Melbourne
fellow practitioners, I said, “Remember me – at least when you are in trouble!”

Q. We already have God. Why does the world still have rich and poor?

M. [Master sighs] I told you already, we’re ignorant of our greatness. That’s why.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 97

Q. Where do we go after this life?

M. Where we go depends on how you live this life now. If you are virtuous and clean in all
means, your conscience is open and clean, of course, you go to heaven. And you go to
hell if you are registered there.

And if you practice the Quan Yin method of enlightenment, you go right to the farthest
end of the universe, the highest kingdom of God – the original one, from which you
never have to return if you don’t want to return. And should you return, you’ll be the
Master or Teacher of mankind.

Q. If there is a connection between spiritual life and physical life, then what method do we
need to follow in order to get the result within our limited life?

M. That’s a good question. We don’t use any physical means at all. That’s why when we
give initiation, we don’t speak, even. We may give some instructions before, like how to
sit so that you’re comfortable, where should you pay your attention, how to collect your
attention. That’s all. But when we transmit to truly help to remind you how to awaken
yourself, we don’t speak at all. Both the so-called Teacher and the so-called students
are in silence. But in silence, we receive the Tao, God nature.

We don’t use any physical means at all. Nothing of the physical, because from the
physical we can’t attain the nonphysical. From the ephemeral, we can’t attain the eternal.
That’s why all the methods that are concerned with the physical body are not very

Q. What is initiation?

M. [Master laughs and says to the MC.] You tell them, please. You know it! [Laughter]

MC. Initiation is, very simply, accepting Master as a Teacher. That’s enough.

M. Is that right? [Laughter] Is that a condition that I put on you when I give you initiation?

MC. That is not the condition for initiation. That’s what initiation is. As we mentioned before
Master arrived, Master is a guide, someone who has been there, who is offering to take
us to a certain place, level, whatever you like to call it. The condition for initiation is
outside at the initiation desk. That’s the five precepts which are – Master, can You
remember those?

M. Uh uh.

MC. We’re in trouble! [Laughter] Not to kill, not to tell a lie, no sexual misconduct, not to steal,
and not to take things which are unhealthy or things which are detrimental to the body.
And not to kill also includes, of course, the vegetarian diet. The other condition for
initiation is to meditate two and a half hours a day.

M. That can be divided.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 98

MC. It does not mean necessarily that it has to be two and a half hours at one go. It can be
an hour in the morning, half an hour at lunch, an hour at night, as it is convenient for you.

M. That is on the physical level only. Actually, initiation is the self awakening of your own
God nature. It’s when the time has come that you realize you’re greater than the body
and you would like to know more about your own great self. You truly would like to fulfill
your human duty on earth as God prescribed it. That is the inner awakening.

It’s not only the physical fulfilling of these precepts, and that and this and other. It is truly
the time that your self awakens, wanting to know more about your self; that is true
initiation. With sincerity, we want to know the kingdom of God.

Q. One of the precepts for initiation is to avoid sexual misconduct. What do You define as
“sexual misconduct”?

M. Well, it’s just like you already have one wife and you’re not satisfied, and probably would
like to share the neighbor’s without permission. [Laughter] It’s all right with permission; I
don’t mind.

Q. If good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell, where does that leave the not-
so-good people?

M. Probably they stay in between, or maybe they go to hell a little bit and go to heaven a
little bit – have fun on both sides! [Laughter]

They stay in between. They go back to the human life because they don’t belong to
heaven and do not belong to hell, so they belong to the human standard. They go back
and relearn the lessons that they have not learned while they are in the human form.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 99

You are the Supreme Master

Corinda State High School, Brisbane, Australia
March 20, 1993 (Originally in English)

I’m happy to have this opportunity to get to know you; otherwise, maybe for thousands or
millions of years we’d never know each other. [A video light begins to burn and then bursts.
Master asks what is wrong, laughs, and then says.] All the lights on earth go out now and
again, or burst. But the Light of God, which is forever inside us, will never go out whether we
know it or not.

Supreme Master is the name of God

In case you are still bothered about the name “the Supreme,” actually it doesn’t belong to me.
I long ago already dedicated my everything to God; therefore, this is not I who speak or who
do anything. “Ching Hai” is the name of the body; “Supreme Master” is the name of God. And
since it is stated that we are all children of God, you can also call yourself “the Supreme
Master” and add your name – “Smith,” “Jones,” “Churchill,” or whatever. [Laughter] It is not
what we call ourselves or are titled. It is how we feel about it. Humility doesn’t come with a
very humble title; it comes from within.

When we realize that we are all children of God, and we and the Father are one, that is where
true humility begins. Many people do not call themselves “the Supreme” but they feel
“supreme” all the same. Anyhow, they rightly do so; we all have the supreme power inside.
Whenever we pray using the name of God, or we happen to come across any name that
denotes the highest power in the universe, we should remember that this is where we come
from and this is where we belong. This is our inheritance; it is our true nature. Sooner or later,
all of us will realize this. And the more we realize this, the more humble we become.
Therefore, when Christ said to us that, “I and my Father are one,” or “It is the Father that does
through me,” we do not smell His ego. We do not smell His arrogance or pride. Do we feel
that? No, not at all. But when someone on the street or maybe our friends, or sometimes our
acquaintances say something – well, they don’t say that they are very great, but we smell
very strongly the fragrance of arrogance. So, this is not important – the name of the person.

In India, it is the custom that when children are born, they are given a very holy and great
name, for example, Indra, or some kind of godly name, even though they are born into a lowly
caste, or they have no spiritual background or spiritual discipline at all. It is because the
parents and the people in India would like their children and themselves to aspire to
something higher than just the body, higher than just the name, and it is also good. I think, in
the Jewish tradition also we have this – Mr. Godlove or something like that. It is very, very

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 100

nice. It is good if we have such a holy-sounding name and holy aspiration, but it would be
better if we ourselves, realize our true godly nature.

The kingdom of God is within you

If we have always heard that, “The kingdom of God is within you,” and that, “We are the
temple of God,” and “God always dwells within us,” then doesn’t it strike us to wonder where
might God be? Why don’t I know Hirm? Yes, we can come to know Him – or Her, if you think
it’s a feminine nature. We can know God through very, very sincere prayers, very deep
trance-like communion with the inner super nature, or we can do it in a quicker way by
following someone’s method who has already found this so-called supreme inner nature.

There are many ways to God, but there are quicker ways, safer ways and there are longer
ways. What we can achieve through austerity and fasting, prayers and silence, for over long
periods of time, we could achieve quickly in one minute or one second even, through a
correct and direct communion if we know how, or through the power of someone who has
experience in this field. They can help to pull us, give us a hand, and it is faster, quicker. Also,
we are looked after in a safer way while we are traveling into the kingdom of God within.

God is not something very farfetched. If we say God is love, it is true. But only if we know
direct contact with God, can we truly say God is love. We will feel, we will know, we will see
the love of God every day in our daily activities, in our wishes come true, in our wisdom that
blossoms day after day. Now, like our friend here, he had not seen me either before or after
initiation. But because he believed in what I had said in just this small booklet, probably he felt
a response deep within his heart that what I have said is what he has been longing to hear or
to know. So he just got initiation, became vegetarian together with his wife, and they both
practice meditation using the direct, inner communication. And then he has improved. He has
admitted this himself. I didn’t know how he was before. I had to ask him if he spoke as
eloquently before. He spoke very eloquently and very deeply, as if he understood something,
not just blah, blah on the outside. I was surprised to hear him, also.

Don’t think I arranged all this. Don’t think I read his manuscript before I came here. I am as
surprised as you are. It’s good – we do things spontaneously and enjoy them together. It’s
better. Of course, I know I’m coming to speak, but all the arrangements are by my fellow
practitioners, even the flowers and all that. The first time I have seen them is here with you.
Even though I have told them there is no need for flowers, they like to do it, so why not?
Otherwise, the florists won’t know what to do with all the flowers. [Laughter] And the flowers
will wither anyway if we don’t trim them and cut the unnecessary flowers away.

Now, like our friend, he has not known me, and I don’t personally direct him or direct his
thinking or his ideas about how to express himself, but he practices diligently. He sincerely
wants to know the Truth, so he improves. He met me the first time here yesterday, but all the
time, of course, we have been in direct contact. Now, saying, “direct contact” doesn’t mean
that I sit in Hong Kong or Formosa, pushing some buttons like that, directing who is thinking
what. It is the direct contact with your inner super nature, super power, or what we call “the
kingdom of God,” if you wish to put it that way. And then slowly, by improving like this, you
become the Supreme Master, which is your own right. This is the aim of every human being
because we have climbed the ladder up to now, and we have arrived at the highest peak in

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 101

the creation. Should we not realize this, then of course, we have to repeat our lessons again,
and that’s what people call “transmigration” or “reincarnation”.

If we stop to think for a moment, in every scripture from different religious standpoints, it is
always stated that man has the highest position in the whole creation. So, where is it? What is
it that makes us deserve this so-called highest position? Is it because we are born a little bit
different from the other beings in the kingdom of animals? Is it because we know how to make
airplanes? Is it because we can raise children? Is it because we can work? What is it that
makes us greater than other beings in the creation? It is the supreme power inside. It is the
right and the ability to travel from heaven to heaven, from heaven to hell, from hell back to
earth, from earth back to heaven, at will, any time. And it is the right, the privilege, to choose
where to be born in the next life, what to do in our daily life, and where to go after death.

It is this supreme quality that makes us different from other creatures, but only if we know how
to use it. I have learned to use it myself, and many of our fellow practitioners all over the world
have learned to use it themselves. We know the Truth that is spoken in the bible; we know the
Truth that was spoken in the Buddhist scriptures and Hindu scriptures, etc. We realize it by
inner experience, not by reading or reciting.

Therefore, we would like to offer this to you, free of any condition, charge, or any binding
whatsoever, because we know you will enjoy it also. You will realize that this is why we came
to earth; this is why we are born as human; this is why we are different from other earthly
creatures or other planet’s creatures, even that. Some of the scientific research has
suggested, or maybe found some evidence of life on other planets, but it is not yet for sure.
But we, ourselves, using this supreme power, can discover and we will enjoy the whole
universe at our leisure.

In the kingdom of God we are safe forever

Many people think that practicing a kind of yoga or meditation is very difficult, and that we
have to isolate ourselves in some place, some temple, church, the Himalayas, or something
like that. This we may do, if we want to – if we want to – for a certain length of time, but it’s
not necessary for everyone, and it’s not a prerequisite condition. If everyone goes to the
Himalayas, then what shall we do? Anyhow, the Himalayas are not limitless. If all the
Australians go there, we’ll have a traffic jam, and we’ll have an overpopulation problem.
[Laughter] So, we might just as well stay in this beautiful landscape that is a cause of envy of
many nations.

I forgot to say that you are living in beautiful surroundings, but probably you know this
already. You have a beautiful beach and lovely forest. I had a little tour yesterday, and I’d very
much like to live here also if God gives me the privilege to do, which Hes has granted to you.
Your country is beautiful everywhere. It is not only here that is beautiful, but also this is a very
ideal place. You have mountains, and you have the sea at your door so that you feel not very
oppressed. You can escape anytime to the sea. I like to live near the sea because I feel like
any time, if something happens, I can escape. I used to feel like that, but now if anything
happens I just escape inside, [Master points to Her wisdom eye.] to the kingdom of God, and
there I am safe forever.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 102

Many people ask me, “Do You know that in the year 2000, people have predicted that we will
have the apocalypse? So what will You do about it? What do You think about it?” I said, “I do
nothing. And I don’t think anything about it because when we die, our world ends anyhow,
sooner or later.” It’s the eternal kingdom that we have to find, and not try to protect this
ephemeral world, even though we could do it.

We are the ones who are to save this world

When I was in Hong Kong, about ten or some years ago, I meditated in a temple. I happened
to pass by and just stayed in that temple through knowing a friend. I just sat there and I was
thinking about the revelation in the bible that one day the world will be “kaput.”

I was very sad and I complained to God. I said, “You don’t have the right to do it. You have no
right to make people suffer. If You want to destroy the world, it’s fine, but do it in one second.”
In the bible it describes a lot of suffering and prolonged death which is terrible! I said, “You
are God. You can’t do that! Why do You do that? You have to talk to the people and let them
know something else greater than that. Let them change their ways. Take it easy! Give them
time! Give them more chances to behave themselves, to improve themselves. If You think the
people here are not behaving properly, then You have to teach them. You have to find some
way to teach them and make the world better.” That’s what I was arguing in some moments of
emotional disturbance.

So, God said to me, “Okay, then You do it.” Hes puts the trouble on my shoulders. I thought it
was a joke because, at that time, I didn’t have any disciples, and neither had it crossed my
mind that I would become a Master or anything like that one day. God said to me, “All right,
then You do it. You try.” That was it; the vision vanished, and everything went back to normal.
That was a long time ago.

So today, I would like to tell you, if truly you worry about the end of the world, then “You do it.”
You improve the people, improve yourselves, improve our earth, and make everyone realize
that God is the most important thing for us. God is that supreme wisdom within us. We have
to look for it, use it to make us happy, and to bless anyone that comes around us – visibly or
invisibly, verbally or silently.

Meditation is to open and make use of the supreme power

It is not the purpose of any Master to come to earth to tell people to worship Her, even though
people might do it in the early days of their practice. They identify the Master as their
benefactor. But I always tell my fellow practitioners that if any miracles happen to you, any
wish is fulfilled, anything you do better, any intelligence that you derive from your meditation,
it is your super power at work. It is your own greatness that has awakened, and it has nothing
to do with the Master. Well, it might have something to do, because the Master is just a guide.
Sometime when you don’t know which direction to go, you stumble, or you have a little
obstacle, then the Master will just give you a lift, but that’s all.

Everything comes from you. You are the greatest Master; therefore, Jesus has promised us,
“Whatever I do, you can do better.” Did He not? Yes. Why do we forget this? Why do we
always humble ourselves and pray for something that we don’t know? Why don’t we know

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 103

first, and then pray? I have discovered this age-old, ancient way to have direct communion
with the kingdom of God. It’s not my invention. This method or so-called communion, “direct
hotline,” is always available in this world – just from different places. Initiation is to remind you
of your greatest inheritance, and then you make use of your treasure every day instead of
relying on any Master at all, whether dead or alive. That is the purpose of our practicing
method, and there’s no other purpose besides that.

Remember our true greatness

We have so much suffering in this world, we have a lot of unsuccessful adventures, and we
blame maybe God sometimes for not blessing us. But actually, we should blame ourselves for
not making use of the power that God has given us since time immemorial. Because of not
using this power, we are still here; because of not using this power, we are suffering, or we
see the suffering around us; because of not using this power, we have wars with one another.
Only when we use this power, will we truly have everlasting place. But it is also better that
even some portion of the world population uses this power. It’s already very, very uplifting for
our earth. Otherwise, it would become hell. Hell is the place where no light can penetrate,
where the people completely forget the kingdom of God, forget their supreme position in the
universe, and undergo untold suffering from their own illusionary conscience. They punish
themselves because they think they are guilty.

The people who are enlightened do not think of guilt as such. They will see everything as a
drama, a play from God, and therefore, they try to play accordingly. Even if they have to
undergo suffering as other people, their spiritual power is so strong that they do not feel much
effect. Therefore, Jesus while being crucified in such agony, in such a tremendously painful
situation, was still Himself. He was still very centered, and did not pray for Himself, but prayed
for others – prayed to the Father to forgive them because they did not know what they were
doing, and to forgive and bless the fellows next to Him that they may know God. This is the
greatness of Jesus. He remained always even in any situation.

That greatness also lies within us. That’s what makes the saints different from us; that’s what
makes us worship all the saintly personages throughout the ages. But it is better that we
become one, like them, and then we can truly worship them because we truly understand
their greatness. Otherwise, we only understand intellectually, literally, but we do not know. We
do not realize it, and we can’t make use of this greatness to benefit ourselves, benefit our
relatives and friends, and benefit the world at large.

We would like to invite you to try to remember your greatness, because we were not born to
die. We were not born just to undergo stress at work and the responsibility of raising children
alone. We were born to know the greatness of our Father. We were born to bless the world
with our knowledge of this supreme power within. We were not born to live just a few decades
and then die – a waste of our human life, a waste of God’s creative power, a waste of the
heroic ideals inside our hearts.

We have to realize what we dream; we have to do what we wish to do. If we haven’t done it,
we would do it now through our supreme wisdom, not through our habitual thinking and
organization. Everything we learn with the human intellect, with the human system, is only

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 104

useful at the human level. If we want to be greater than that, we have to learn something
superhuman, which we have.

The human body is only our apparatus, only our office. It’s not our real self. Otherwise, if
someone lies there dead, you can’t make him eat, you can’t make him speak, you can’t make
him think, even though his brain is still there, his heart is still there, but it doesn’t pump
anymore. What makes the body function? That is the supreme power. We should make use
of it before it’s too late, before we have to undergo suffering again of birth, death, and old age
– to relearn all these from ABC. It’s all right if you want to come back and learn. But if you do
not want to, if you want to begin right now, we sincerely invite you with all love and nothing
else – no money, no fee, now, before, after, between, and after death, even. Truly, the Master
power will help you all the way through until you reach heaven, and never leave you or
forsake you until the end of the worlds. So, it’s up to you to make a choice, and now I’ll leave
time for your questions. Thank you for your loving attention. [Applause]

Questions and answers

Q. What do the nations have to do to stop killing each other?

M. Very good question. People make war with each other because they identify too much
with the body, with the immediate needs of the body, with all the demands from the
body; therefore, they kill each other. The only, and the best, solution is to find the way to
realize that we are not the body. Therefore, no one opposes us and we’re in no danger
economically or politically.

Enlightenment is the only answer. I mean that enlightenment is the true answer and the
lasting answer. Otherwise, we continue to identify with the body and we try to fulfill the
needs of the body. We worry that other people will come and steal our crops, take our
wives, or invade our nations. Some nations make war with each other because they
want to expand their economic war with another nation to gain more land, to gain more
economic markets, etc. It all has to do with the body. Even though we say it is the
difference between idealism, it all amounts to bodily demands. Therefore, if we are
enlightened at all, then these wars will stop by themselves. We will realize truly the
brotherhood of mankind.

Q. Where did You get Your spiritual knowledge from?

M. From inside. Where I get the knowledge from, you can get it. Maybe you need a Teacher
in the beginning, just to show you how or to avoid some pitfalls or where to pay attention.
That’s all. The knowledge is all inside you. You just have to take some time every day to
discover it and make use of it.

Suppose you have a big storeroom and inside it is full of wheat flour, and you never
have time to look into it. You just stay outside and are busy thinking, “I’m hungry,” but
never know how to make use of the wheat flour in the storeroom. Then it is no good. All
the knowledge lies within us. That’s where I get it.

Q. Can You tell us about God, the Father? What is Hes like?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 105

M. Hes is like you. Hes has two parts: The good part and the naughty part. The naughty
part Hes uses to make life go on in bitter and sweet and in all the follies so as to amuse
whoever likes to see these things. The good part Hes uses to give us strength, spiritual
knowledge, and all the holy, noble things that we can do.

If we say God is all good and love, it’s fine also, but then we can’t explain all the devils in
this world. There is actually no evil in this world. It’s just the way we look at things that
we do not know how to play the game with God, and that makes things turn sour and
become negative. If we learn to contact God, things reconstruct themselves, and then
we see things in a different light. We know how to mix them, just like some so-called
poison, even. The scientists know how to use it for the benefit of people’s health, but if
we use it in a layman’s manner, it kills.

God is not a person or not even a non-person. It’s the supreme power that pervades the
whole universe, and we are within it, also we are part of it, also we are the totality of it.
We know this God according to our diligence in searching, according to the grace of God
which comes in proportion to the sincerity of our thirst for knowledge of the kingdom of
God within. That is the temporary explanation about the so-called God. Otherwise, look
at your neighbor if you want to see God. It’s next to you. Look at each other and try to
see whether you find God within him, because the bible says so.

When you do something good and noble with all love to your neighbors or to someone
you don’t know, that is when you realize you are God or that is when God within you
awakens. When you do something you think is undesirable or harming some person,
that is when you allow the naughty part of God to take the upper hand. But it’s all the
game anyhow. We have to be enlightened to tolerate both, and to turn bad into

Q. You spoke about using Sound and vibration as meditation. Which mantras do You use,
and why have You not shared them with us?

M. I am wiling to share with you. But it takes a few hours with me so that I can tell you the
whole process – which elements to avoid and what to try to remember, and all that.

We don’t use any mantra. The Light comes from itself at the time of initiation. You just sit
quietly and it will come. I’ll show you how to sit quietly. It’s very simple, but we have
forgotten because we’re too accustomed with being busy, with being complicated, with
running here and there. We don’t know how to sit still anymore. We think when we sleep
that is when we sit still, or when we don’t do anything that’s when we sit still. It’s not so.

There is a little “connect,” and that’s what separates heaven and earth. We will show
you, but if you have time with us, if you are truly interested. Later on, after the lecture, if
you want to know the secret, I’m willing to share with you. At the time of initiation, we
have to sit together for a couple of hours to tell you everything – about the pitfalls on the
path, about where we go wrong, and where we should pay attention; that’s all. But the
enlightenment, the Sound or the Light, comes alone, not because of these instructions.
The enlightenment comes alone. It is the grace of God. It’s our self, our wisdom-self that

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 106

Q. I also have been initiated into the “light and sound” meditation; have been doing that
meditation for nearly ten years; was told when I was initiated, I could reach
enlightenment; did it faithfully; am still not enlightened. What makes Your system

M. First, why I regard this method as best: I have tried various methods and our fellow
practitioners, many of them, have already practiced different methods and they hadn’t
arrived where they have arrived now. And also, I, myself, searched for the Truth since
childhood and practiced various ways and means to reach God, but with this method I
got it fastest, quickest, and safest. Therefore, I say to you through experience.

The light and sound you have been initiated into, I do not know whether it is heavenly
Light and Sound, or just the outer mantra and the candlelight. Many people teach people
to look at the candlelight, and then to imagine many things, visualize things; visualize the
light and visualize the sound. Maybe it’s a little bit different from our method. The Light
and the Sound come alone without visualization, without any outer aids, without anything
to do physically or mentally at all. It all comes purely from God. There are many systems,
which they call also “light and sound,” but they tell people to go on the beach and listen
to the sound of the sea waves on the beach. No, we listen to it inside – the sea waves
are inside, the church bells are all inside, without any effort, without any mantra, without
any physical action, because we have the kingdom of God inside. It all comes from the
kingdom of God, not from human effort.

Q. Why do You regard natural forms of healing as magic?

M. Did I say magic? Probably, I said, “spiritual healing,” because if we lay hands on
someone and heal him, we steal the position from God. We make that person be
thankful to us instead of thanking God or turning within and trying to get to the healing
source of all healings inside. It’s probably not very ideal, and also it depletes us of our
spiritual power that we need to climb back to our glorious kingdom of God.

There are different healings; maybe some are magical healings also. With “magical
healing,” sometimes people can be healed today but it comes back again tomorrow or
next month in the same form or in a different form – a kind of postponement, not a true
healing. True healing comes when you don’t heal. For example, someone just touched
Jesus’ garment and she was healed. Jesus never claimed credit for it. He said, “Your
faith has made you whole.” He credited it to the Father and that is the best healing!

Many of my fellow practitioners claim that I healed them through my “transformation

body,” so-called. But I don’t know anything about it. I say it’s your virtue, it’s your wisdom
that is awakened that works for you through whichever form. It might go through the form
of Jesus, it might go through my bodily form, but that has nothing to do with the
individual. That is the best healing. When you heal the soul forever, then that soul is
forever free from bodily discomfort and never dies again but is forever in glory. That’s the
best healing; therefore, I say refrain from spiritual healing. But if that’s absolutely
necessary in some case, then you do so at your spiritual expense, and you might be
retarded somehow in the progress. But try never to claim credit for it, otherwise, you will
get the karma very heavily for interference with the laws of nature.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 107

Q. Master Ching Hai, to what degree does enlightenment come from self-effort, and to what
extent from the grace of God or the Master?

M. Actually, it comes from both. For example, we say we have to make an effort to purify
our bodies, speech, and minds through leaning more toward righteous conduct and
through having a more modest lifestyle, taking a vegetarian diet to minimize the
bloodshed on earth, and sitting in quietness to remember God. To this extent, we say we
do it with our effort but these are only still on the physical and moral level. And even
sometimes without doing that consciously, the grace of God still descends on us and
gives us enlightenment.

For example, if during the time of initiation you have not prepared yourself for a
vegetarian diet, but you promise to, that’s enough for me. You still get enlightenment, all
the same – without any preconditions or prerequisite preparation. That is the grace of
God. And after that, to keep the enlightenment, to purify yourself, and to progress more
rapidly on the path, you keep on with the virtuous living and the vegetarian diet in order
to minimize the side effects and to polish more our loving nature inside to include all
beings. Then we continue to get greater and greater wisdom, greater enlightenment.

Both are really necessary, but we do it without effort. It’s not because you sit there or you
eat vegetarian that you become Buddha, God – it’s not true. It’s just because of our
sincerity, and we show it through our sacrifice of the flesh for the spirit in some minimum
ways, like forsaking the palatable taste, doing some good work and things like that, or
reserving a few hours every day to sit in communion with God. Otherwise, effort is not
the main ingredient for enlightenment. Enlightenment must be grace from God, and that
we receive through sincere longing at the time of initiation, and continue throughout our

Q. How does the average person recognize an enlightened person?

M. If you have your spiritual eyes open, then you will see that an illuminated person is
illuminated. All over him, around him, and everywhere he resides, grace flows from him;
Light pours forth from him. But if we have not that wisdom eye open to some degree, we
can’t see it. Therefore, many disciples saw Jesus with halos around Him, but other
people crucified Him. If you want to recognize a spiritually enlightened person, you have
to be, yourself, somewhat enlightened. Otherwise, we can recognize that person through
his speech, actions, or maybe through our intuitive feeling or through prayer.

We can pray to God, “Let me know whether this person is enlightened enough to guide
me. Please, I just want the ultimate enlightenment.” Pray deeply to God and see how
Hes guides you. If the feeling is drawn more toward that person, then you know it’s
correct, that this person is all right. If you’re still more drawn toward the world or another
master, then follow it.

But you have to be sincere to get deep into your own wisdom to get the intuitive
response if you haven’t got the heavenly eye open to see. The Light from the spiritual
person is not material light, and it hurts your fleshly eyes if you are not highly developed
enough to see it. Otherwise, Christ would have saved the whole world, at least the

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 108

people of His time; Buddha would have rescued all India, at least. But we are blind. We
can’t see that clearly; therefore, the bible says, “Seeing you see but you do not perceive.
Hearing you hear but you do not understand.” That’s why we are in trouble. We have to
open our wisdom eye and see. We can help you to do that.

Q. Do You recognize different levels of illumination? If so, what are the tests or signs?

M. Yes, there are definitely different levels of enlightenment. In our method, we are showing
you how to verify it yourself at home. There are certain qualities of Light and Sound that
represent a certain level of consciousness. If you go through that you know which Light
belongs to which level. For example, in the astral world, which is very near to our earthly
consciousness, the Light is dimmer, just like the sunlight, maybe. But in the other, higher
levels, the Light is brighter, sometimes like thousands, millions of suns. That, you can
recognize very easily, but with practice, and you have to go through it to know. We’ll tell
you later at the initiation if you wish to know in detail.

Q. What should a non-compassionate person, someone who is not compassionate but who
recognizes that he is not compassionate, do with himself? Fake compassion or gain it in

M. I would recommend the second. [Laughter] If we don’t have it, then at least we start with
learning. I wouldn’t say fake compassion, but learn compassion. Just like a student who
has not been able to speak English, but he may repeat it from the teacher. Even though
he doesn’t know the whole vocabulary in English literature, at least he learns a few
phrases and memorizes a few pages each day until he completes his course. Each one
has to learn. There’s no one who is a fake or anything. It’s just that he hasn’t learned. No
one has taught him, and he has not practiced the art of compassion. Try to do it in a
small way and gradually increase until you’re completely being compassionate without
knowing, without self consciously being compassionate.

Q. Master Ching Hai, if God is all knowing, all loving, and all powerful, why does Hes not
communicate with us, despite our lack of effort and ignorance, and enlighten us with
Hiers power?

M. Hes does. We don’t want to communicate with Hirm; we’re too busy. We’re too busy
talking, too busy working, and too busy scolding the children, and scolding ourselves
and neighbors, and all that. Even when we go to the church, we’re too busy singing and
dictating to God what to do. “Oh, please God, my house is in disorder, my wife ran away,
my children are not obedient,” and all that and this. [Master and audience laugh.]
“Please, take them,” and do this and that.

We’re too busy and we aren’t quiet enough to listen to what God says. We ask, but we
don’t wait for the answers. So, I’ll tell you how to hear God’s answer, if you have the
time. After the lecture, whoever wants to know it, stay behind and I’ll give you the secret
of communication with Hirm. And you can blame Hirm for all the things that you want
when you know Hirm. Hes does communicate with us, but God gives us the free will to
choose to listen to Hirm or not to listen – that’s the trouble. We have to be clever and
choose the way.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 109

Are we one or many?

Q. Master Ching Hai, are we one or are we individuals?

M. What do you think? If we are one, I wouldn’t be speaking to you. If we are individuals,
then we deny that “I and my Father are one.” So, what to do? What do you think?

We are one when we know we are one, when we truly realize inside. When we sit in
meditation and lose ourselves in the oneness of all things, then we can say we are one.
But when we descend back into the duality of this earthly life, then we are individuals.
We have to play the game of life until we completely finish with our duties. Then we go
back to the kingdom of God and become one again forever. But we don’t lose our
individualities. Therefore, Jesus is still alive. He’s still teaching somewhere else. After He
finishes His job here, He got assigned somewhere else. None of us will die anyhow, we
just go in a different direction.

Q. Is there life after death?

M. Sure there is! Even without asking me, you have seen reports on television, newspapers,
and a lot of medical and scientific research, which is written in many books. It is much
more so available in English version. I’m sure you know better about this.

Q. Master Ching Hai, what are Your views on evolution?

M. It’s a necessary process, just like we have to learn in the class. After finishing
kindergarten, we go to primary school; then after primary school, we go to high school
should we desire to or should we be compelled to do so. Or, if we want to reach a higher
degree of knowledge, then we go to college. After that, we even continue to learn
through practice and experiences in our job, in our field.

Similarly, in our creation, we could stay here as human beings or we could raise
ourselves into the level of heavenly beings, or we raise ourselves to Christ-like status.
That’s why Jesus said, “What I do, you can do also,” and Buddha also said, “I have
become Buddha, and you will also become Buddha.”


Q. Are there any problems for people with health problems to get initiation and practice
Your Quan Yin method?

M. No problem for anyone at all. Maybe the problem is with the diet. After initiation, we cook
vegetarian. Instead of throwing a few beefsteaks inside, we throw a few tofu, [Laughter]
or vegetarian ham, vegetarian protein. If that makes any problem with you about the
replacement, then it might be called problems. Otherwise, I do not see any problem for
anyone at all.

Q. Can You explain what “faith” is? Doesn’t that bring us back to love? Isn’t it love that is all
there is?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 110

M. Yes, you’re right. How can I describe things that are so abstract? If you love another girl
or another boy, how can you describe this love?

Q. I have been a vegetarian for more than five months. However, my occupation needs me
to be in contact with meat regularly. I’m making meat pies in a bakery. May I still have

M. Sure, but I think that you will have a little conscience problem; so, you may find a better
job in the future. Slowly. When you find a better job for you, then you quit this present

Q. Master Ching Hai, have You seen God?

M. Yes, I have seen God, anytime – just like I see you. All disciples see God to some
degree; they see Jesus, Buddha, Indian saints, or other saints, and talk to them, learn
from them. They are representatives of God. We can know God, also, directly.

Q. Master Ching Hai, the manner in which You and Your fellow initiates have advertised
tonight’s event – large posters, hanging out pamphlets everywhere, is not the ideal
approach, to people’s understanding, of the Buddhist religion. Some people are upset
because they feel it is like a marketing industry. What do You think about this?

M. If they don’t do it, how do you know I am here? If they don’t do it, you say I have no
compassion and don’t share my knowledge with the people. If they do it, then you
complain that they do it. So what shall we do? Should I sit in the Himalayas? That’s fine
with me! [Laughter and applause.]

You see, it’s not what you do. It’s your intention. We can only offer you enlightenment,
and you take it or not take it. Why should you be upset? It’s you who have the problem.
Tackle your own problem and not ours. We don’t have any.

Q. To resolve past experiences, do we have to relive them to enable us to progress in this


M. This God power inside can erase everything, but we cannot because it’s registered
deeply inside our subconscious. Only when we use God’s grace can we erase anything;
otherwise, we just imagine things and understand at the intellectual level. So
enlightenment is the answer for that.

Q. You say that enlightenment comes from within us, and that it comes from God, and God
is within us. Does that mean that we are God? Or is God only what we believe Him or
Her to be?

M. That’s a very good question. In the bible, it is said that God made man in Hiers own
image, and then also it is said that God dwells within us. Truly, we are God. The body is
not “we” – it’s only the house that houses God. If we identify ourselves with the body,
then of course we are not God. But if we know the dweller of the house, the owner of the

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 111

house, then that is God. We are that, but it takes a long time to know if we follow a
complicated way of life. It takes a very short while to know if we follow the way of God.

Q. You say, “I invite you sincerely,” so what do I need to do now?

M. Just tell the information people that you want to come. Put your name down and we will
call you to come in. That’s all. And replace the beefsteak with tofu or [Laughter]
vegetarian protein. That’s it; that’s the only condition, nothing else.

And meditate as instructed every day. Find time for it. I know most of you say, “We don’t
have time! We don’t have time!” But would you like to spend all your time like that – not
knowing who you are and where you go after death, contented to let the world make a
slave out of you, using up all your time and energy for trivial matters? Even though you
have enough money, the world urges you to make more; even though you have a high
position, the world urges you to have a higher position, etc. even though you have a lot
of time, they will ask you to go and do this and that, wasting a lot of time.

You have to take time. You have to have the courage to be your own master and to
choose what you want to do. Would you like to live this courageous life, or do you prefer
to just wallow in this sorrowful state of aimless life and let every situation control you?
You make the choice.

Q. As I understand it, when practicing meditation, people must practice in a very calm
place. In this noisy, industrial country, is there any serious effect when people practice
meditation in such a noisy environment?

M. We, the fellow practitioners, meditate on the trains, on the buses on the way to work, on
the buses on the way home, and meditate in the park in the lunch-break hours. I
meditated on the airplane with all the hostesses and stewardesses running around with
meat dishes and ice cream and all that, no problem. I tell you, I have all the experiences
on airplanes while traveling, or buses, or wherever, in the busy supermarket even. It
doesn’t affect you at all. You’ll be surprised!

When you’re truly sincere, God is everywhere, always with you, and never leaves you.
Hes protects you from all situations and you’ll be always inside. Even though you work
outside, you’re always inward. It’s a very incredible state of mind that can hardly be
expressed by human language. I can only invite you to understand, to join in, and enjoy.
If I make a very beautiful apple pie and keep describing it to you through the telephone,
will it do you any good? No, huh? I can make a beautiful apple pie; I learned it in
England. [Laughter]

Q. About life after death: Is there a reason why we can’t remember living before and
remember past lives?

M. We have to learn to be enlightened. If we do not fulfill our purpose as a human being –

that is, to bless this earth, to make the living beings in this earth evolve into a higher
consciousness – then we have to come back again and relearn these lessons, until we
completely fulfill this purpose. That means we have to get in touch with our inherent

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 112

power within and use to bless the world. Otherwise, we have to relearn again and come
back again.

Q. Can You describe the stages from our first enlightenment to final enlightenment?

M. I can describe it. I describe it better at the time of initiation because you will experience it
yourself. I can say a little bit, like a framework, but it depends on the individuals. For
example, someone at the time of initiation is in the first level, the astral level, but some
other people are already on the third or the fourth level. Therefore, the time to reach final
realization is different for each person.

You start from the astral level, which is above our earth level, go to the intellectual level,
pass through the creative power level, through the great dark tunnel, and then go
through the kingdom of God – approximately like that. There may be five levels until you
reach the complete knowledge of the Truth. It depends on where you started at the time
of initiation whether you will reach it faster or slower.

Q. Master, please tell us about the ideal daily routine?

M. Try to do what you would like other people to do to you. Try to avoid what you think that
you yourself would not like other people to do to you. That’s the best.

Otherwise, enlightenment is the best. Then you will know intuitively what’s right, what’s
wrong, and have no need for any Teacher to point at you and say, “thou shall do this,”
and “thou shall not do that.” It would be better to be your own master; therefore, we show
you the way to know yourself.

Q. Please explain reincarnation.

M. Reincarnation is the leftover of the unfulfilled desires, be it spiritual or material. Suppose

if we have not been enlightened enough to pull ourselves together, back to where we
belong, then we will still be controlled by our material desires or unfulfilled promises. We
love someone and that one doesn’t love us and marries someone else, for example. We
keep this unfulfilled sentiment in our heart and vow to come back again, subconsciously
or consciously, next time, and try all the way through life to reach that unfulfilled promise.
That’s why we reincarnate.

The saintly people reincarnate also, but at their own will. If they want to come, they
come; if they don’t want to come, they remain in the kingdom of God. But we are born
through the force of our own desires, and that is the difference. After the initiation, we will
be in a less and less desirous state of mind. We just feel very detached from this world.
Even though we still love our families, we still do our work, we know, at the same time,
the state of heavenly beings. We see the better part, and the lower part cannot attract us
anymore. Therefore, we are free from desires at the time of our death, so-called death,
for we are free of everything. And anything that is light and free will float upward, just like
an air balloon. So the reincarnation theory does exist, but only because we are not
enlightened. That’s all. Otherwise, there’s no such thing as reincarnation. But there is to
the ignorant state of mind because we cling to things.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 113

Q. When I get enlightenment, how can I keep it forever? Can it be lost?

M. You can keep it, but we have to polish it by purifying our actions, our speech, and our
minds. If we are initiated by an enlightened Master, we will be taken care of, even if we
fail sometimes. If we sincerely repent and pray to the inner Master, we will be also taken
up. But in life, we will experience suffering, and the enlightenment seems to be lost
somehow, or it comes now and again only – not a continuous process of bliss and self
assurance, self realization.

For those who keep the precepts, keep the vegetarian diet, and practice sincerely every
day, they keep it forever. They keep it in their daily life, as well as the time of death, and
also in heaven. They continue to polish it until they become a Master.

Q. Master Ching Hai, please explain “heaven.”

M. Heaven: There are two stages, one on earth and one is in heaven. “Heaven on earth” is
when we are enlightened and satisfied and feel loving in whatever circumstances.
“Heaven in heaven” is when we leave this earth and then we reside permanently over
there, in a very blissful planet. We have no sorrow, no anxieties, and no desire for
anything because everything is there without asking.

MC. Dear Master Ching Hai, I think I speak in all of our names when I say thank You for Your
presence and Your blessings. May Your sharing keep with us. [Applause]

M. Thank you for your love and your supporting atmosphere. I enjoy very much being with
you and enjoy your blessing very much. Thank you.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 114

It is you who bless yourself

City Hall, Brisbane, Australia
March 21, 1993 (Originally in English)

Thank you for coming here. Thank you for making it possible for us to know each other;
otherwise, this might never have happened in many thousands of years. This morning, I was
interviewed by one of your television personnel and he asked me if I bring a new religion to
your country, or what I named my faith or my belief. I said to him that it’s not necessary to
bring another new religion because we have plenty already. And he said, “What is the name,
at lease, that You call Your belief?” I said that we also have plenty of names already. It’s not
important to have another name or another religion. Besides, the underlying principles of all
religions are one. It’s just like we call “water” in English and in French it’s something different,
“l’eau aqua minerale,” or German “vasser,” Chinese “shuai,” Aulacese, etc. – all different. He
asked me whether the religions are the cause of many of the conflict in this world. I said that
it’s not so. Religions do not cause conflict in this world, but it is some of our
misunderstandings about religions that cause the conflict.

Go beyond duality

Similarly, there are two so-called “forces” in the universe: One is the so-called “negative” and
the other one is the so-called “positive.” Actually, both are positive, but if we use them
negatively, even the positive power turns into negative. If we do not understand how to handle
some good chemical materials, then they can be poisonous also. But even some kind of
poison, used by experts, can become medical substances to heal people in some cases. We
are endowed with both positive and negative.

He also asked me if I have any intuitive knowledge about what the world is going to be like in
ten or twenty years’ time. I said that if all of us, or many of us, became enlightened, then the
world is going to be better. It’s already getting better; so it can only be better and better. More
and more people are practicing enlightening methods, practicing the presence of the greatest
intelligence, during their daily life; therefore, the world is bound to become better.

He said to me, “Are You going to the lecture with the strong intention of converting people into
Your belief?” I said, “No.” He was surprised that I didn’t have any intention. I said to him, “I
came here because of God’s will, and if people are converted or convinced…” “Convinced” is
better. You are already converted into your belief and that is right. I don’t need to convert you
anymore. If people are convinced by what I say, that is also God’s will. That is the collective
fate of our generation: That you might believe me or not. I have no desire to be successful,
nor will I be disappointed if I fail. I am only doing my job. If God doesn’t want me to do this, I

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 115

would as well do any other thing and just do it and enjoy it, not expecting any results because
the work itself is already rewarding. Any work we do, if we do it in a relaxed manner and
wholeheartedly try our best without expecting any reward, it is a reward in itself.

There would be no evil in this world if we only know God, think of God, speak about God, and
do only godly actions. And even if evil exists at all, there would be no problem. The problem is
we do not remember God very often, except when we are in sorrow. But if we are
enlightened, then God will be always with us, reminding us about Himself or Herself, if you
call that feminine, otherwise the women will be angry with me. [Laughter]

There are many methods of enlightenment, and it depends on how long you would like to
enjoy practicing it, or how long you like to long for enlightenment. If we like to do it slowly,
then there are plenty of methods. You can sit and do many things in virtuous way; or pay
money for it, and then do what the teacher says and wait for the enlightenment to come. It
comes by prayers, also. But sometimes these enlightenments are short-lived. Should we
know the exact way where to look for it, we will have it immediately, and it lasts forever,
because we will be renewing it every day, and we will be developing more and more. Actually,
it’s not “developing,” because we have everything already.

Many names for the one

I would like to present to you a very successful way to enlightenment, as well as for worldly
pursuits; that is, we get in touch with the highest power, which is dormant within us. We call
this the Supreme Master power, the Christ power, the Buddha nature, or the Tao, it’s up to
you. It’s just like in India, people call a Master, a “guru”; in English we call it Master, but many
people do not translate it into the English term, and they just say “guru.” And then after a long
time, everyone knows about it, and they know what a guru means. But if we didn’t know it, we
would think a guru is different from a Master. And if we don’t know it, we think the Tao is
different from the Buddha nature. That’s the only thing that makes a difference between
religions, if there is any at all.

Therefore, I have no intention to bring another religion or another name into our already
confused system of belief. But I would welcome you to stay where you are, and maybe
remind you to study deeply into your religion, and if you have time, study other religions in
order to have tolerance with each other, and understand more about our own nature. Inspiring
religious books or enlightening literature is always helpful and keeps us more in contact with
our inner self. Otherwise, if we are too busy with daily mundane affairs, then we are further
and further away from our inner nature or God.

Many people, after initiation, find themselves understanding almost all religious literature
without my having to explain it to them. Many of them have not even seen me in person. They
just have had initiation through another instrument and I have not even been there to
influence their thinking, or to tell them what to do, but they have found their own supreme
wisdom. And they have become more enlightened, more intelligent, and more successful,
even in daily life.

When we left Sydney, one of the couples showed their gratitude to me because their family
has increased in happiness and harmony between husband and wife. He told me that he

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 116

came to Australia and just met this woman. There wasn’t much passionate love between
them, nothing really very striking about their love relationship. They were together, and then
just kind of accidentally produced two children – that’s what he told me. [Laughter] But after
the initiation, both of them are initiated, suddenly, they found life and love pouring into their
relationship. They didn’t know that they could love each other. They didn’t know there’s such
thing as romance or a family united in spirit before, and after practicing the method, they have
found it.

But these are the mundane things; it is not very important to stress it. But actually, every
mundane thing, or every mundane success or expression, comes from the inside, comes from
our own state of mind. Therefore, if we truly want to have a successful life, then we should
start from the inside out – just like we water the plant from the root and not on top of the
leaves only.

If we are enlightened, all things will become easy; we think fast, we do things quickly, we
react precisely at the appropriate moment; and that’s the key to success. Most of us use our
intelligence at the brain level, the habitual level, the preconceived idea style of dealing. We do
not use the direct response, the ultimate wisdom, which controls all things in the universe and
makes all dreams come true.

It is not that I, personally, will bless you or any of the fellow practitioners. It is you that bless
yourself when you have discovered this blessing power within you. Therefore, we are here not
to bless you, not to teach you, not to be your Master, but to tell you that you can bless
yourself, that you can teach yourself, that you can become the Supreme Master. We all have
the Supreme Master within us. The only reason we don’t know is because we are being
cheated by the illusionary busyness of daily activities, by the false value of the material
importance that we have been taught to believe. If we know how to take time and where to
look for our supreme wisdom, we will find it, and we find it immediately. We can see our own
nature; we can see God face to face, just like you see me.

It is not difficult to find our own wisdom; it is just difficult to believe it. Therefore, if we see it,
then we believe it. If we see heaven inside, we believe it. If we see God inside, we believe it.
If we see Jesus inside, we will believe Him even more. If we see Buddha inside, we will
become more devout Buddhists. Therefore, I am not here to present a new religion, or to tell
you to become a Buddhist or a Christian, but to present to you what you already have but
have forgotten to use.

What is it that makes Christ different from other prophets? What is it that makes Him better
than us or stands above humanity? It is this supreme power. Jesus has promised us that what
He does, we can do. And He doesn’t say He is the only son of God, but He says, “You are all
the children of God.” But at that time, He probably was the only one, or one of the very few,
who had discovered His own princely inheritance; therefore, He was probably the only one.
And then after He realized that, He also realized that all of us have this inheritance, and He
said, “Whatever I do, you can do even better.” The Buddha also realized that all beings have
the same quality as He, and He was surprised and said, “Why don’t they know it?” Why don’t
they know it? Because they look in a different direction.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 117

The Master reminds us of what we have forgotten

If you put a ten dollar note into your pocket and search all over the house, can you find it? Of
course not. The Master is the one who knows that the money is in your pocket. [Laughter]
That’s the only difference. You have known it, but you have forgotten. If a person is in a state
of panic looking for something or trying to solve something in a hectic way, then he can’t think
straight, and he can’t find the thing he wants to find. And some other person, just an onlooker
who is pretty cool and has nothing to do with the whole situation, looks around and he sees it.
“There you are! It’s in your pocket!” That’s the only difference between the so-called Master
and the ordinary people. They put their attention in the other direction instead of where God
is, so they don’t know God. But God is always within us. It is promised to us like that, and I
have found it; therefore, we speak to you through direct perception, direct experiences.

Before, I was a religious person. I am now more religious because I know what is stated in the
bible is absolutely true, what is stated in Buddhist scriptures is verified by my own inner
knowing, inner seeing, and inner hearing – hearing without the ears, seeing without the eyes,
knowing without the brain computer, even. This is true knowledge, true perceiving, and true
understanding, and each of us has the capability to do that.

Therefore, if the disciples, the so-called “disciples” – I call them fellow practitioners or I call
them brothers and sisters, but sometimes they call me Master, and sometimes I forget and I
call them students. But most of the time I call them brothers and sisters. Most of them, if they
came and bowed to me, I would not like it. Sometimes I don’t react, but most of the time, I
react. I tell them to please stand up. Don’t make a fool out of themselves and endanger my
ego. [Laughter] That’s more important. Don’t let me forget for one second that you and I are
the same. Maybe I know that your money is in your pocket, but if you don’t know it, it doesn’t
mean that I’m better than you in any sense. It’s just that you’re busy with other things, your
mind is full of other engagements, and you have forgotten what you have.

Enlightenment is so simple and immediate because God is within us. The kingdom of God is
within us. “Know you not that you are the temple of God, and the holy spirit dwells within
you?” This, we must verify in order to know it. Many people ask me, “I believe in God already.
I know there is a creator, and I do all good things, and I live a virtuous life. Why must I have
this enlightenment at all?” The answer is that if we don’t have enlightenment, we suffer. We
don’t truly know our own position in the universe, and we suffer.

We suffer in different way because we can’t handle the positive and negative power, which is
inherent within us. Therefore, sometimes the positive power wins and then we do some good
things. We feel good and that’s when we act godlike. Or at least when we sleep, we’re just
like God; we’re doing harm to no one, thinking no bad ideas, and wishing no one bad things.
But when we’re awake, sometimes the negative power within us has the upper hand. And
then sometimes we stray, and we feel very guilty, and we feel bad, and sometimes it harms
us physically and mentally, and other people as well.

Everyone says that a human being is the greatest, the crown in the whole universe. But do we
know how great we are? Do we truly know? From what we see in our daily lives, we don’t
know. We are begging for any favor from God, from angels, from local gods, from whoever we

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 118

know for anything at all, while we have, all the time, the best possibility, the supreme power,
to alter everything, to make our wishes come true and to fulfill the wishes of other people.

Enlightenment brings true freedom

We have heard that the great Masters of all time can bless people, can cure the sick, heal the
blind, etc, or can give us liberation by just a glance of their eyes, a touch of their hands, or by
our merely thinking of their name. We worship all these personages, but why don’t we aspire
to be one? And then we can bless other people, bless ourselves, and bless the world. That’s
why we suffer. We don’t use our power and we’re always craving and craving, and feeling
some emptiness within our hearts for which no worldly possessions, no positions, and not any
of the earthly beauties can fulfill in the long term. That’s why people become so-called
“greedy” or crave for sex, for fame, for profit – not because they are bad in their hearts, but
just because they are too empty. They don’t know why they want money, even if they already
have enough; they don’t know why they have to wallow always in sexual unfulfillment; they
don’t know why they have to take drugs and all that. It’s just because they can’t find fulfillment
in this world.

These are intelligent people; these are truly some of the highly developed souls. They are lost
in the maze and they feel frustrated. Therefore, if we have enlightenment, if we find the power
inside which fulfills all desires, which is above all desires, then we are free from all desires.
We will have everything; we will have more things, but we don’t desire anything. And even if
we have less, we do not desire either.

Many of the sages of India or other nations sit in their houses or in their places, or go
wherever they are invited without any possessions, without any fixed abode, and without any
desire for anything, but they are always in peace. They are always in love, and they are
always in communion with God. And the man who sits in a palace somewhere with a
thousand and one servants at his command and billions of dollars, is not satisfied and is
always in sorrow, or has anxieties of some kind. Equally, for the poor man who has nothing.
He desires for things. He’s not happy because he doesn’t have enough. And the rich man has
a lot; he worries that something might befall him, someone would take away from him, cheat
him, and maybe take his life because of his property. Therefore, enlightenment is a must.

Enlightenment means knowing the Light within us. En-LIGHTEN. The Light within us will
guide every footstep in our life to the correct destination. The Word of God, the Sound, the
vibration, the music of heaven, will whisper to us all the wisdom in the universe and what we
can do in daily life until we fulfill our duty as the blessing-givers on this earth. Then we can
leave to a higher sphere in the universe, where we’ll enjoy what we would like to enjoy, where
everything is there without having to ask. We present to you, or we remind you, in this
process, just to become a self-master, just to gain back what you have forgotten or lost
through delusion in life, through the busyness of this world. We will see the way on earth, as
well as the way to heaven, through this Light, which is immaterial, which we can’t see with the

But we can sometimes. When we are more highly developed, we can see it with the open
eyes also. But now our eyes are not trained enough to withstand such terrifying brightness of
this heavenly Light. Therefore, sometimes God has veiled it to protect us. Do not say, “Why

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 119

doesn’t God let everyone see it?” We are not trained enough. Even Jesus had Light around
Him, but not everyone saw it. Even I have Light also, but not all of you see it; maybe some of
you see it. This is just for your information, by the way; I’m not proud of it. I’m used to it. Just
like you wear your clothes or you wear your long hair, it’s a very natural thing that we no
longer feel it; we’re too accustomed to it. The Light is within all of us. You’ll be shining, all like
angles, if you tune in with your own supreme power and know your own position.

Why do we have to be men of weakness? Why don’t we become great men again – like the
ancient sages, like the present saints that we worship, which we’ve heard so much about in
their biographies, their books, and their philosophy, that we so much enjoy? Why don’t we
become one and write our own books? It is not truly the books that are important. It’s not that
we want to be saints for the sake of being known, but it is to bless this world so that our world
will not be destroyed. If the prophecy were to be true, then the more so we must be

We must grace this earth with God power, which is given to us to do it. Otherwise, we live for
seventy years, sixty years, or one hundred years even, and what? Is that all there is to a
human’s life? Is it the many morsels that we eat, that we cling to, or the clothes that we wear,
that is so fantastic about human life? Or is it the sports car that makes our life great? Or what
else? Even our possessions, our many children, our wives, our husbands, also will be gone,
together with all other material substances.

I invite you to be great men because I respect you. I know you have what Jesus had; I know
you have inside what Buddha possessed. I know what I have gained, you have inside. It’s a
pity that you live your life without your greatness, without using it for our world. If we truly love
our earth planet, if we truly love our later generations, if we love our children, then we must
bless the world. We can’t bless it with our eight hours a day work. Plenty of people have done
that for centuries, and it hasn’t altered anything much. We have to bless it with the supreme
power, with God’s grace, which is in all of us.

If the purpose of our life is just to come here for so many days, eat some meals, have a car,
have children, and then die, I don’t think it’s worth it to worship God at all. If God created us
like this, just to make fun of us, it’s like a bad joke, and I don’t think God is worthy for us to
worship. What is it that makes us feel very awed with God? What is that? It is because Hes
gives us this incredible power, incredible love. We can’t love our neighbor until we find that
love, because any limited love from our brain, from our habitual conceptual thinking way of
doing, is limited. We have to love without love even, without the brain computer’s interfering
definition of “love.” We love then, but we don’t know that we love. It is the Father, it is the all
prevailing power, that loves. We work, but we don’t work; it’s the power that works. We give to
people, but we don’t think that we give anymore. At that time, then we truly love people, we
truly give in charity, and we truly fulfill our duty as a human instrument on earth, to bless other
beings to evolve into a higher consciousness.

Paradise on earth

In recent years, thousands, millions, trillions, of people are practicing the Light and Sound
method, so the world has become better. Political conflicts have minimized in all the nations,
and the people have less fear of a world war. We can heave a sigh and relax, and rebuild

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 120

where there is ruin. It might look a little bit chaotic at the moment, but it is the way it looks like
after pulling an old house down. It is messy for the time being, but we’ll clean it and we will
make a new house. Whenever you move your house or you make some drastic changes in
your environment, it looks messy at first. It looks very untidy and unclean, but that is only the
changing interim period.

I am sure if all of us walk godlike on earth, we would not need to seek paradise elsewhere,
especially in Australia where you have beautiful scenery and a land so vast. People are very
relaxed and open because the space is open; they don’t feel the pressure of the cramped,
crowned city. Therefore, I think that’s why the Australian people are more open than in many
of the other nations. And I think Brisbane people are even more open because you have a
kind of holiday atmosphere here. Every day is a holiday. You can go to the beach anytime,
whereas other people have to spend a lot of money to look at it for just a few days, or a few
weeks, while you’re living next door to it. And you have beautiful mountains and all kinds of
natural wonders.

If we have this super consciousness also awakened within us, and we use it to deal with daily
duties while we are sojourning in this world, then you will find even trees have life; they’ll
speak to you even. And when you arrange a fruit plate, it looks like it’s just been plucked from
the trees. It looks like it’s still on the tree even, so fresh and so lively. There is an energy
pulsating within these fruit dishes. And you see things differently; you experience God
everywhere – on the bus, on the airplane, on the train, and in the bathroom, even. Sorry, it is
the truth! And then we can say truly, “God is all pervading, God is everywhere.”

Did I overstay my welcome? It’s four o’clock. I think your questions will be more interesting, so
I will stop here, and please let me know what else I need to clear in your minds. I thank you
very much. [Applause]

Questions and answers

Q. How do the precepts define “sexual immorality”?

M. It is just to keep your balanced state of mind. If you have too many involvements at the
same time, you’ll be too busy and confused and probably too physically exhausted to do
any work in life, as well as spiritual practice. And also, it is maybe a painful feeling that
we give our neighbor if we take his wife without his permission. Don’t you think? What
we don’t like others to do to us, we don’t do to others.

Q. Why do children die?

M. Maybe they don’t need to suffer like we do, so they leave quickly. Maybe God wants
them quicker than Hes wants us. Actually, none of us die at all – only the physical body
changes. If we have something to do in this country for over a period of seventy years,
and this fate has been prescribed in our destiny, then we will live in Australia for seventy
years. If what we have to do here is only for a short while, maybe five or ten minutes for
some purpose, then we can only stay here for ten minutes.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 121

For example, I came just now from Formosa and I will be here only a few more days to
fulfill my purpose here in Australia, and then I am called to another country. I’ll be in
Hawaii, America, Europe, because I have other engagements. Similarly, we come and
go to different destinations according to the plan of the universe.

Q. Can You please explain, “He who sees action in inaction, and inaction in action, verily he
knows the scriptures,” from the Bhagavad Gita?

M. This “seeing” is not the seeing with the intellectual understanding, but is the inner
realization of “doing without doing.” Just like I have just been speaking to you that you
give but then you do not have the ego feeling of “I give,” and we love, but are not even
standing there analyzing that “I love my neighbor.” We will be full of love, but we don’t
even know it. We will be doing plenty of things at the same time, but in a very short
period, sometimes doing a thousand and one things in different places, but we stay right
here. That is the “action in nonaction.” That’s why, sometimes for example, after Jesus
had so-called “died,” many people saw Him in different places. Even before He died, His
disciples saw Him in different places at the same time, and so with the Buddha, Krishna,
and other great Masters who were sent down by God. That is “action in nonaction.”

Whoever realizes that power, the supreme power within, can “do without doing.” You
may be sitting here talking to the audience or doing anything, but at the same time you
appear in a thousand and one different worlds, different nations, and even different
galaxies to teach and help whoever needs or calls your name. That is “action in
nonaction,” because we don’t work anymore. It is the supreme power, the universal link
of the whole power that works wherever necessary, just like a network.

Q. Is there a step-by-step daily program to follow to experience the enlightenment You

speak of?

M. Yes, we have to discover day by day our greatest power. It’s not really a program; it’s
just like a habit. Just like every day you sleep two hours or work eight hours. We set
aside two or three hours to know ourselves, and that’s it. It’s not really a fixed program.
You may do the meditation intervals. In the morning you wake up a little early, you do
one hour or half an hour, accordingly, and at lunch break, another half an hour, while on
the bus, twenty minutes, on the train, forty minutes, or in the park sitting on the bench,
enjoying the breeze while enjoying your “inner breeze” as well. All together added up, it
will be even more than two and a half or three hours. It’s very easy.

Q. Why or how did we lose the ability to love our inner self and therefore others?

M. How? Because we’re too busy. We’re too busy with our daily life, we’re too busy with our
job, too busy with taking care of the demands of others, and we didn’t turn inward. But if
we know it, we can do it every day and everywhere. It’s very simple because our inner
self is always present. Every time we are born again, we are given the same chance
again: To remember our godlike self inside, but we have forgotten.

Q. There is a question from an eight year old child that says, “Do You believe that God is

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 122

M. I do believe, because God is here, truly. Look at your neighbors; God is in them. God is
in me, in you. The only difference, perhaps, is that I know and you didn’t take time to
know yet.

The limitless power erases limitless karma

Q. Isn’t it true that one must go through one’s own karma? In the notes, You say You
remove the karma with initiation?

M. That’s correct. It always happens and has been proved, verified, because at the time of
initiation we awaken the greatest power inside, which can erase all things. That’s the
way of erasing karma; otherwise, we can’t do it with the brainpower because it’s limited.

Because our karma is limitless, we have to use the limitless power in order to erase it.
It’s very simple, just like you know how to erase a computer program, you just push
which button and the whole thing is gone. No trace is left. If you don’t know it, even if you
stand there one thousand years, it’s still there – if the computer lasts that long!

Q. Why do You think that it is easy for an average person to become enlightened? What do
You mean by “easy”?

M. When I say “easy,” it means easy. You can get enlightenment just like that. [Master
snaps Her fingers.] Is that easy enough? Easier than you breathe, easier than you eat
your food, easier than you walk, easier than choose which clothes you put on Sunday
morning. Is that easy enough? Even six year old children, ten year old children, can do
it. So can it be called difficult?

We are too used to our complicated life and complicated way of getting things and costly
way of getting things so that when someone offers it free of charge and at our doorstep,
we kind of step back, “I… I…. haven’t seen this kind of thing before! Must be something
wrong!” [Laughter] But have faith in the goodness of God, in the grace of the universal

We are not here to pay for everything we want. We are the children of God; we should
have everything free of charge! But because we have not this faith – so all right, pay for
whatever you need to, but not to me. You don’t need to pay anything, and it’s very
simple. If you want to find a complicated way, then go elsewhere. Here, it is very simple:
At the time of initiation, you just sit there and wait for God power to pull you up and open
the kingdom for you. You will see Light streaming forth to you; you will hear wisdom; you
will change anew into a baby, and you will know everything differently. [Applause]

Q. How can we give more love and kindness to more people?

M. As I have mentioned, we must have this limitless love first; we must discover it. If we do
not have this limitless love within us, then we can’t give, even if we want to. So, please
get enlightenment! Get this love within you, the boundless love from God, and then we
give without people asking. We give without knowing that we give; people just feel love
from us.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 123

Q. What is the future of the world?

M. How do I know? [Laughter] And what for? I will be only here for, maybe another decade
or two, if I am that unfortunate. What for do I know the future of the world? It’s the
business of the “earthians” to worry about this.

But as I said already, if we are all enlightened, or many of us are enlightened, the world
will be bright; the fruit and everything will grow in abundance; the atmosphere of the
world will be clean and washed; and of course, the future will be brighter. If not, then
maybe God has to take it away and rebuild a new one. I don’t blame Hirm. If we don’t
clean our house, if we let our house degrade into an endangering state, then the
government will pull it down, if we don’t do it ourselves, and try to build a new house for

Q. How does one deal with violence and anger in people who are close to us, people we
live with?

M. Jesus has told us to return hated with kindness. That’s the only way. Anytime you feel
violence or hated, just close your eyes and pray to God. Pray sincerely.

Q. Why are we in a state of illusion?

M. Because we don’t want to be enlightened. It’s very simple. If you want to erase this state
of illusion, then please come for initiation. You will know right away. There is only one
hairbreadth difference between enlightenment and illusion.

Q. How did You discover Your method of enlightenment and how does it differ from other

M. God led me to discover it. But the method itself without an enlightened Master is not

What is the difference between our guidance and others? It is that we give immediate
enlightenment and that we give it without any cost – now, here, and hereafter. We give
without any conditions at all. And you have lasting enlightenment every day. You can
meditate every day and you can enjoy your wisdom every day. Then you become your
own master, instead of slaving to some master, whether past, present or future.

Q. Would You tell me why I always get worried, even though I don’t deserve it that much?

M. If you don’t deserved to be worried, then don’t worry. [Laughter]

Q. Some nations or religions find suicide heroic, some find it fatal for spiritual survival. What
are the spiritual consequences of suicide?

M. Suicide is mostly done in a very depressed state of understanding; therefore, it’s no

good. It is a kind of escape from reality and from obstacles, and a kind of impatient,

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 124

short-tempered solution. If we wait a few more days or maybe a few more weeks or
months or years, things become different.

Suicide is a very terrible crime because we take away the right of God, who will take us
when the time is right. At least at that moment, we have no God in our mind, we have no
faith, no aim in life; that’s why we take our life. Because of this depressing state of mind,
we will go to a very depressing level of existence. And there, we remain long, long, long,
until we’re fed up with it, until we awaken somehow, or through some merciful grace.
Then we can be given a new life, but that doesn’t mean we become intelligent; we’ll be a
little bit dumb and clumsy and depressed. So I would advise, for whatever reason,
please reconsider and live on, and see what God decides for us the next moment.

Q. Do You regard love between two people of the same sex as “sexual misconduct”?

M. You get me into trouble. [Laughter] How do I know? I am not in that category.

All right, then have one partner at a time. Only one, okay? Sexual misconduct in the
sense of an ordinary relationship between a man and a woman is that we should be
faithful and devoted to each other and help each other to realize God within both of us.
And in the special case, then forgive yourself. Do not think that you are a female or a
male, and then have one partner. Try to strive for a higher perfection, a higher love, and
a higher reunion within ourselves that transcends all sex, all races, and all creeds. That
is better for you. In the meantime, keep your relationship in a faithful and regulated

Love means respect, cooperation, and mutual support in order that we know a greater
love than the existing love at the present in our misunderstanding. In that case, it is all
right; we can’t help the way we feel if we are unenlightened. So, please get
enlightenment and then you will see there is no necessity for this so-called physical love.
Even if we still have it, there is a different feeling.

Q. If enlightened, do we have to experience earthly life again?

M. It depends on you. If you have a good Master, a very gracious one, you don’t have to
come back. But in case you want to come back gain, it’s all right, you will. If you do not
want to and sincerely would like to be liberated in one lifetime, you don’t have to, not at
all. Even if you failed in keeping the precepts, even if you failed with the instructions, but
you pray to the Master and the Master power, which is all merciful, you will be given
refuge and taken up forever. Maybe the Master will teach you and upgrade your level
slowly, but you will never be pushed back to the earthly life again.

Q. You say that Buddha and God and Jesus are one; yet, it is in the bible that God
denounces all other gods and false idols. How is this so?

M. If there is only one God, how can there be false gods? I talk about the one, that one. If
you have other gods, I can’t be responsible. I talk about the one, the only one, which you
talk about. Why bring other gods in? I said that there’s one God, but with different names

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 125

and forms, just like one God with different names and forms is in front of me here –
undiscovered God. [Master is referring to the people in the audience.]

Find time to work for our real self

Q. Master, You claim many of us work eight hour days and forfeit so much. The reality is
that many of us work far in excess of eight hours a day for survival and for our future.
How then do we find time for meditation, two hours daily, and enlightenment?

M. All right, then continue to work eight hours for the world and none for yourself. We can
find time if we love ourselves. Think of it. We work eight hours a day, forty hours a week
or more, and what do we get – a wardrobe full of clothes that we change with the fashion
every now and then, and a belly full of hams and chickens and all that every day. Then,
when we die, we will get nothing. Is that what we have to labor for every day? Fine, do it,
but save some time for yourself, for knowing your greatness. And then, even then, you
can use that greatness to work in eight hours and make it more successful, make the
world more brilliant with your wisdom. Not that I say you don’t work, but we can find time

We can sit on the train, the bus. If you drive a car, don’t meditate, otherwise, no
exception anywhere. [Laughter] You can sit while you are resting, and you can watch
less television or talk less on the phone, and save money even. Find time for yourself.
Otherwise, we can be enslaved in the world system at all times and without even serving
it properly. We are enlightened in order to serve the world better, to work better in these
eight hours or even five hours.

Our friend has introduced to you that before, in his work, sometimes something takes
three or four days. That is true. I have worked with many of the fellow practitioners, and
the way they worked and their reactions were so slow and so ineffective. But after they
train with me for a while, they’re very fast! What takes three days, we can do in, maybe
five hours. We do that; we built a garden in three days, with rivers and trees and
everything – with small rivers. We do that. We sometimes build houses for something in
a very fast way. It’s just that we become more organized within and we know what is the
main point, what to do first, what next; therefore, we don’t lose time. It’s very logical. But
we can only see clearly when we are “en-light-ened.” We have Light inside to illuminate
the whole process of everything we do.

If you want to truly work for survival at all, then please get enlightenment. You will find
that you survive better, and everyone will like your work because you do it better. You do
it more conscientiously, more effectively, but with less effort. And everyone will trust you.
Many of the bosses will be too happy to have you as employees. I know this from our
disciples’ circle. Whatever they do, people like it better. Even our disciples, when they
work with other people, they train people into better men also.

For example this morning, one of our fellow practitioners gave me a book that they had
printed recently with my photo or something. I said, “Wow! That’s beautiful! Very nice! I
didn’t know it was so nice! Where did you print it?” He said, “Well, in Formosa.” I said,
“Wow! This man does a good job.” The disciple said, “Ah, yeah. I trained him. He didn’t

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 126

do it well at first, but we trained him. We pushed him, we criticized, and we told him how
to do it. Sometimes he worked so slowly and we made him work faster.” At first, he was
just an ordinary printer, and then after a little time working with us, he was raised to
manager of the whole company. The boss trusts him now that he works so fast, so
quickly, and so efficiently. You see, there’s even an indirect blessing by working more
closely with our fellow initiates.

Q. The bible states not to worship any other god but Hirm – no idols. Please speak on this
in regard to people who wish to worship and idolize You and others.

M. Am I responsible for anything that anyone else does? They do not idolize me and they
don’t worship me. They are just grateful for the guidance that I have taken the time to
show them. They’re just grateful to have the chance to become their own master in their
house again. Therefore, they show it by flowers perhaps, or by wearing my photo to
remember me. Of course, if someone does something good for you, you try to remember
him. That is all.

But for me, myself, I do not believe in all this worship, because I believe you and I are
equal. It doesn’t matter what amount of worship you think people give me; it doesn’t alter
anything inside me. Sooner or later, all these people will realize that they are also the
Master, and that’s the end of it. But while they are still young, if they want to do
something, give me flowers or that, it’s all right. Otherwise, all the florists will go
bankrupt. [Laughter] If I don’t come here today, I don’t know how long they will take to
sell all these flowers. It’s all right.

Q. There are many questions that ask about the definitions of “reincarnation”?

M. Reincarnation is just like staying in one class if we can’t pass the exam to a higher grade
of education, or going a little bit further in a different class for a kind of retarded children,
for example. That’s it. We change the classroom and that’s what we call “reincarnation.”
We change from one form to another, change the lifestyle, and surroundings.

Q. Do You believe there is so much violence in this world because we kill animals for food?

M. That’s not the only reason, but one of the reasons. There is also hatred within our
hearts. Meat-eating is not worse than having hatred in the heart; poisonous thinking will
poison the atmosphere of our earth. Violent reactions or ideas in our heart and our mind
activate the whole atmosphere. And that, in turn, also gives the chance or opportunity for
the killing of animals and men. And that, in turn, breeds a more violent atmosphere into
the worldly surroundings. But mainly, if we do not kill at all, from the animal on, then we
would not have violence in the first place.

Live the way the bible teaches

Q. Some of the teenagers of this generation have no respect for parents. Is it because we
are not good parents?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 127

M. No, I don’t think so. It depends. I wouldn’t say that all parents are good, but most of them
are good. The teenagers, probably, in this generation, have not been groomed enough
in morality, in seeing their parents as representatives of God on earth and taking God’s
place to raise the children and to educate them. If the parents somehow hinder or
obstruct the children when they want to realize God, then we can say these are not very
good parents; otherwise, there is no such thing as “no good” parents.

Maybe the different outlook of our teenagers nowadays is because of the influence from
the bad news, from violent pictures, and from many undesirable means of
communication, and bad company, bad influences, bad friends, that makes the
teenagers the way they are today.

So the solution, again, is that we have to go back to the golden age. We have to live the
way the bible teaches us to do: The way of non-violence, the way of love, the way of
enlightenment. Then we can bring our children back to their innocence, back to their
ethical way of life. Even the children can get enlightenment, too, and then they know for
themselves and they will change their way of life.

When I was in Melbourne, there was a man, not a teenager but about twenty years old,
who took drugs and all that – a very handsome young man, strong, tall, and intelligent.
He didn’t get initiated because he was struggling with whether he should give up the
drugs and all that – because we don’t allow drugs in our group. After he decided, by then
I had left Melbourne, so he followed me all the way to Sydney and threw all the drugs
and even cigarettes away on that day. He struggled hard that day, but then he made it
and he was so glad that he did. I am sure he will become a good teenager from that day
on. He was very positive and happy. He was melted by the way we loved him and took
care of him. He stayed in my place one night and then we took him back by another
disciple’s van all the way back to Melbourne.

If all the children know the way of Truth, maybe they will choose it. Then they will
discover love within themselves and they will respect the parents more. In turn, if the
parents are more enlightened, they will be more understanding, more clear, about how
to raise their children. This is only my advice, my offer. Please don’t be offended if I say
something that does not suit your taste.

Q. Are You a Master in a line of spiritual Masters?

M. I am very shy. Don’t ask me this question. You can ask my disciples through their
experience. If I’m worthy to be called a Master or not, it’s through the lives, the
examples, and the success of the disciples. So, please ask them and don’t ask me. I
can’t say things about myself very much. If you ask so directly, I’m very puzzled, but
people say, “By thy fruit shall thou be known.” If my disciples have accomplished
something that is worth recognition by you, in a spiritual sense as well as in the social
level, then maybe you can satisfy your own question.

Q. Master Ching Hai, how do You feel about abortion?

M. You get me into trouble again. [Laughter]

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 128

These are social problems that are not easy to say yes and no. But of course, I am
against it. I vote for life in any government, but again, these are worldly problems, and as
a spiritual practitioner, I find it very difficult to condemn something or to support it.

In the case of many poorly-developed countries and over-populated nations, if I say “no
good,” then I don’t know whether I do justice to these poor people and the starving
children while they have no other solution and not enough intelligence or organizational
talent to feed them. If I say “yes,” that means, I am against my own principle of love. So
this is up to you, the earthly people, to try to find a way to solve it. It is best still that we
get enlightenment and always adhere to the principle of love and of non-violence. And
then if we truly believe in God and evoke Hiers power, every blessing will be there, and
we will find plenty of means to satisfy the population.

If God meant for the people to be here, Hes must know how to handle them. It is we who
stop the blessing power from God and the nourishing program through our own limited
faith in God’s ability, and that we do not find our own true wisdom in order to handle all
these population problems. Therefore, the answer is not yes or no; the answer from me
is enlightenment for everyone alike, for every nation, the same thing. Then we don’t
need to even ask this uncomfortable question: “Abortion or not?” I wish we didn’t even
have to raise this question. If we are enlightened in the first place, we wouldn’t.

So please help me. Together, we get enlightenment; we have to clean our world. If you
truly love these children, if you truly find no other solution for this problem, then we have
to help each other. We have to enlighten our atmosphere more, by more and more
people standing tall and walking godlike on this earth, walking with enlightenment,
walking with wisdom, doing things with love. Without enlightenment, I can’t discuss
anything that is truly beneficial because we will be in a mundane level only. We talk
about how to feed our stomach and how to take care of this ephemeral body which lasts
only a few decades. What can we do about it? We can’t keep always identifying
ourselves with this ephemeral body and then trying to solve every problem. We have to
solve it from the root; we have to see it from the top of the mountain – the whole view,
and then locate where we should do what things.

Q. Is enlightenment not a form of killing a part of you, a part that comes with being human?
Should we therefore not rather live life fully and thereby praise God?

M. Do I kill a part of myself? You see my arm missing or something? Am I looking abnormal
to you after enlightenment? Do I appear to be abnormal or lacking something? No, I am
more fulfilled now than before.

I know how to paint now; I didn’t know that before. I know how to make a lot of
handicrafts more beautifully. I couldn’t imagine I could do it before. I can decorate
interiors of rooms; I didn’t know how to do it before. I can build rivers; I didn’t know how
to do it before. I can make mountains; I didn’t know how to do it before. I can build
houses with my own hands; I didn’t know how to do it before. No one instructed me. I’m
just more full than before. More parts of me have been awakened, not taken away. After
enlightenment, we make full use of our power, worldly-wise as well as spiritually. So
please, do not be afraid; just stand up and be great. Be what you are and make use of

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 129

your talents which lie dormant inside. The more you are enlightened, the more fulfillment
you have.

I play the piano, and I write music; I couldn’t do it before. No one taught me. I paint; I
didn’t touch a brush in my life before. My paintings have sold a lot. Only copies. The
originals are very expensive and I don’t want to sell them anyhow. So you see, I am not
handicapped in any way after enlightenment. I am more fulfilled and more able to do
many things that are required me at that precise moment. I don’t overdo anything, but
whenever it is necessary or needed, I do it. Therefore, I can earn money and come here
to you without bothering you, without making you afraid that I’ll take donations from you,
or need your financial support, or anything. Without enlightenment, I couldn’t be here,
even. I have not enough money to go around the world. And it’s my nature not to ask
from anyone, for one penny even. Since I’m a child, I would rather go hungry than do

Q. Please explain that between human beings when one robs something from another who
is the real loser?

M. The robber is the loser in the long term. But if he is forced to do that out of hunger, or if
he really can’t do anything else, and he repents in his heart that he will change and give
charity later when he can, then he doesn’t lose also. He also will turn around, but he has
to truly repent and give back what he has taken, through different means of charity, or by
giving back to the owner.

Q. Rules of any kind restrict freedom. This must be obvious to You, so why do You suggest
that we should follow and live by Your rules, Your method, against the numerous other
rules and methods offered throughout the world and the world’s religions?

M. You may choose whatever rules or methods you want; we just offer our method. And
these are not my rules, not my rules at all. These are the secret codes of better progress
if you want to be enlightened quickly without any side effects, without disturbance in your
mental balance. These are not rules; if you don’t kill someone else, it’s no rule. If you
don’t steal, it’s no rule; it’s just ordinary behavior. You make it a rule; it’s no rule at all.
Actually, these are only the ancient rules. I just put it there, but it might not apply to you.

Actually, if you think about it, when you drive a car because you want to be free, you
want to be fast, to be somewhere else, don’t you follow any rules? You just drive all over
the place, and that’s called freedom? At the expense of others and of your own life, that
is when you say you have freedom? No! Freedom is when we know how to go inside the
rules that don’t hurt our freedom. If you drive all over and don’t follow the rules, you will
be “not in freedom, but in jail.”

These are the things that help you to go straight to the kingdom of God without being
entangled somewhere and being obstructed, or being in some jail; therefore, this is true
freedom. Just like when we drive the car in Australia, we drive on the left side, and even
Australia is different from France where they drive on the right side. But it doesn’t mean
because of that, you just drive on the right side because you are a Frenchman and you
don’t want to respect the rules here. Then you will be in trouble. That is all. The universal

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 130

rules, if we obey them, we will find ourselves in a greater freedom than what we imagine
freedom should be, but most of us misunderstand.

Q. Buddhism teaches enlightenment by effort and following the noble eight-fold path, but
You say it can be attained by Your transmission from Yourself. Can You explain this?

M. Yes, enlightenment is through your effort and also following the eight-fold noble path. I
do not teach you anything that is outside the eight-fold noble path. It is by your effort as
well because you have to sit every day. Not that I sit for you. It is without effort because
we sit there, but because we don’t do things. We don’t do any physical thing that makes
us enlightened. The enlightenment comes alone, therefore with effort, but without effort.
My path is the path of all the ancient Buddhas. Only after enlightenment will you know
what the eight-fold noble path is. Otherwise, we just talk about it; we don’t truly realize it,
and don’t live the teaching of the ancient Masters.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 131

Be practical and spiritual

Hawaii Cultural Plaza, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.
March 27, 1993 (Originally in English)

Aloha! [Audience: Aloha!] I love Hawaii. Everyone loves Hawaii, especially when they can
afford to have a nice and quiet room on a private beach. My disciples, in keeping with the
latest trend of recession, rented a room for me next to the highway, so I love Hawaii even
more. [Laughter] It costs double if you rent a room across the other side of the beach, they
told me. It’s good that I have known about all this before I was born, or Buddha has known, so
He reduced my size to fit in this small room and also with the environment. So I hope that
you, the other tourists, got a better room, more quiet. After the first day, I have tried to recess
the voice of the highway and blend it into the waves at the front door. Anyhow, I make a
change between both of them. When I’m fed up with the cars, the traffic noise, I go to the front
door and hear the noise of the waves and see the flashlights from the fishermen. They are not
supposed to do it, but they do.

How is everyone? This room is a little bit small because our honorable Mr. Chen intended to
have this room only for the Chinese audience. I don’t know where you came from – the white
ones. [Master and audience laugh.] I apologize for the inconvenience, but tomorrow I have
heard that we’ll have a bigger room. I have heard. I have not seen it yet. I didn’t see this room
either until now. I heard that there are only three hundred, and now it looks like double or
more, and more downstairs watching the video.

The Chinese from overseas have been well looked after materially by the government of
Hawaii. We have a good government here. You can see that by the cleanliness of the
environment and by the happiness and relaxed atmosphere of the people here. Therefore, I
guess, materially, we lack nothing or not very much in Hawaii. The same is true for the Au Lac
community, who are very happily settled here. And on their behalf, the Chinese and the Au
Lac people, we thank the government of Hawaii. Also, we thank the Mayor of Honolulu for
giving us such a big honor yesterday by being with us in a vegetarian restaurant. Maybe it
was the first vegetarian meal of his life but he ate it so joyfully. And he had two or three plates
of it, big ones, so I guess it must have been very tasty for him.

In that case you may also try it yourselves. We have some good vegetarian restaurants here
in Hawaii. One or how many? That’s the only one? Then we have to introduce some. [MC: It
was just opened for Master.] Opened for me? I don’t eat much. Today I ate only one
sandwich. That was my only meal today, and most of the time, it is similar in this direction.
Recession, you see. [Laughter] I have to be in the trend.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 132

The Buddha says that if you want to save sentient beings, if you want to talk to them, you
have to integrate with them. So I integrate in all ways, even with a sandwich. I don’t eat that
much. It’s not that I don’t want to go to a restaurant. I do not feel it’s very necessary to go to
crowded places. Very seldom, except when I have to serve you in this way, do I go out. Even
if I have nothing to do or nowhere to go, I just stay in my room. I didn’t even walk out of my
room today. All day long and night, I stay in my room and meditate or read books, holy books
of the different religions. I’m studying hard just like you.

Even though this room is very small, we feel the unity of all races. And this is very good; this
is typical atmosphere in Hawaii. No one minds the neighbor, what he looks like, and what
color his skin is, or what kind of job he has. Each one minds his own business and lives with
each other, happily and in harmony, and this is very good. But I feel especially so much
warmth and love for the Chinese. Everywhere I go it is the Chinese that have given me a lot
of honor and welcome, even when they don’t know me at all. Sometimes we have no time to
look for a room or hotel, or our initiate’s house is too small to accommodate the people who
come to see me privately sometimes, then the Chinese just pack their belongings, go to a
hotel themselves, and leave the whole house for us. Many place, it is like this.

Therefore, I intended today to speak Chinese. I was invited here by the Chinese community,
and I felt very obliged to talk in Chinese. I feel like speaking Chinese, not an obligation, but
then it was reported to me that there are too many white faces here. You are not angry with
me, no? Or, you can call me “yellow face” in return. [Laughter] We have to have some humor;
otherwise you will get too sleepy when I speak something very boring to you. So they said to
me, “So many English speaking.” They didn’t say, “white faces,” actually, but sometimes they
talk like this. The Chinese people don’t speak much English. They cannot say sometimes
“American,” they say “Amelican,” so they have to say “white face” so that I understand who is
who. And there are so many English-speaking people here that we do not have enough
earphones for the English language, so we have to arrange it for the Chinese. I said, “Okay,
but then give the Chinese people priority with the earphones and let them sit next to me, and
the Aulacese can sit elsewhere.”

Ancient Teachers and ethical traditions

I will be finished with the Chinese very soon, don’t worry, and then we go to heaven. It’s just
that I feel it’s very fair to introduce to you a very fine race of people. The Asian people, or
most of them, are very fine anyhow, but because the Chinese are all over the place, we just
have to know them better. Everywhere they go they bring business prosperity and also high
moral standards, family love and royalty to that country, or the environment where they live,
because they have a very age-old, ancient, ethical tradition.

And because since long ago, they have been used to Lao Tzu, Confucius, and Chuang Tzu,
and all the ancient teachings of the old masters, so at least in their subconscious, or in their
way of life, they have kept to a very good line of tradition. Therefore, God has blessed them
with high intelligence and diligence that makes them successful in every place they go, and
which makes them a target of envy of everyone else, to our regret. Anyhow, everywhere I see
that if a nation treats the Chinese immigrants well, then that country is well. And the Aulacese,

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 133

They are very beautiful inside; therefore, they dress beautifully outside. In the Ching dynasty
and the old traditions, they dressed like in a fairy tale. Why is that? Because in ancient times,
their people practiced the meditation method and they could get in touch with heaven. They
saw all the fairies in heaven and they described them in paintings, in art works, etc., and so
they imitated these people and dressed themselves just like them. Even the Chinese Quan
Yin Bodhisattva dressed beautifully with ornaments here and there, glittering and all that.
Even the Chinese Buddhas have to be beautiful, not just a very ascetic Buddha. They prefer a
beautiful Buddha. Probably that’s why the Quan Yin Bodhisattva descended to earth fully
ornamented, beautifully dressed and elegant; otherwise, the Chinese probably would not
have accepted her. [Master and audience laugh.]

They love beauty, precious stones, and things like that. Their handicrafts are very beautiful,
so much so that they are famous throughout the whole world. Why do I introduce you so
much about these things – to let us compare, to let us know why the Chinese people are
successful, intelligent, and diligent. It is because they are a little bit highly developed inside.
I’m not saying outside. I don’t know, maybe outside, also.

You ask me why the Chinese in mainland China or the Aulacese have had to suffer in the
past. It is because of their mission. They have to bring light and beauty into the world,
therefore, the negative force has been trying to control them, but it won’t be for long. As you
know already, the light has dawned in their land and it won’t be very long before they’re free
to express again what they’re supposed to do.

And the Au Lac people also love beauty. Every Au Lac person can sing, even though they
sing not very well sometimes, but they can sing. All of them love singing and they love beauty.
The way they dress is beautiful. The Chinese and Aulacese are beautifully dressed. It is
because those who love artistic things and beauty have something artistic and beautiful inside
them. It’s a little bit higher consciousness. That’s why they had to suffer for a while, because
the positive and the negative always struggle to have the upper hand.

Wherever they go, these two nationalities will bring beauty and goodness into the land that
they live in. That I have seen with my own eyes while traveling around the world and by being
in communication with the Chinese or Aulacese community. Of course, when they go into
different lands, then they wear just the same as other people to be integrated. But deep down
in their being, they have this appreciation for beauty, for everything that is of higher taste and
good quality. You know their china. The whole world loves their china, and the whole world
loves their silk and handicrafts, earrings, and all that. Even though we have all the precious
gems in different countries, the handicraft, the way they handle the gems and make them into
beautiful objects are different, very different. And the way a Chinese lady dressed in, for
example, the Ching dynasty, in the royal or the aristocratic dress, is even so different from in,
perhaps, the Occidental countries. Everything they do is more refined and more elegant. It is
because they have some inheritance in them. It is something inside that they have derived
from their ancestors.

Many of our disciples, if they are Chinese, then they would practice very fast and their level
goes very high. And Aulacese, also. But if it should be some other nationality, it may be a little
bit more difficult than with the Chinese or the Aulacese. And that is from my experience;
please don’t be offended. Maybe you have to prove it to me today that you are better. But

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 134

many of our disciples are from different countries also, but perhaps they’re not so used to the
so-called “oriental,” way of meditation. But actually, this is not oriental. This is continental; this
is international.

A balance of orient and occident is needed

Our life, if it should be fulfilled, then it must be two-sided. There are some things in the
Chinese that are lacking; there is something that we have in the Occident that the Orient
doesn’t have – the practical side. Therefore, the Occidental people have progressed more in
mechanical and electronic ways, and have many other civilized instruments or inventions.
And also their way of life is more hygienic, more organized, and more in order. Therefore, if
both of them, the Occident and the Orient mixed together and learned from each other, it
would be fantastic. The Chinese should learn the practical side of the European and
American people, etc., and vice versa. That is why God has placed the Chinese all over the
earth, and the Aulacese as well. They are both very similar in their way of life, taste of beauty,
and everything else.

If we are too spiritual and not practical, then we seem to lack some color in life. For example,
in India, many people practice meditation and they are very holy, but the practical side of
India is very much lacking. And that is, I guess, one of the many reasons why the Occidental
people stepped back a little bit when they saw this outward manifestation of an impractical
side of a so-called holy life. But we don’t have to be impractical to be holy.

Holy actually should mean “whole,” to be “wholesome,” a “whole” being; then we must have
everything. We should develop all sides, all the way round. Then we should, as well, take
care of our business, be successful in life, but be wise and holy inside at the same time. Only
then, I think, do we truly fulfill the purpose of a human being – that is, to know ourselves and
to beautify the world that we are residing in, however short. Otherwise, if we just take care of
the spiritual side, then we may be too out of touch with the world, and we may not care so
much for the beauty of this wonderful planet which took billions, trillions of billions of years to
come into existence. And it took trillions more years to become peopled and as beautiful as it
is today. Despite all the damage that has been caused by wars, by natural catastrophes, our
world is still very beautiful, especially Hawaii. I have not forgotten your land.

It would be a pity if we neglect this, even though ephemeral or illusionary, environment, but as
long as we live in it, and our children will continue to live in it, I think we should beautify it.
Therefore the women are putting on makeup, sticking some flowers into their hair, and
wearing their best clothes whenever they can or whenever they’re out with other people. That
is because of the natural tendency of love for Truth, beauty and goodness in us. And men
also love beauty in their way and express their beauty in their own way. But because men
don’t need to makeup to look beautiful, therefore they don’t do it. [Laughter]

People say women are the beautiful sex, but I think men are more beautiful because they
never need any make up. And all the women run after them – since ancient time. It was Eve,
who seduced Adam, not the other way around, according to what I understand. I may be
wrong, correct me please. [Laughter] Yes, and even then she succeeded only in half of it. He
swallowed only half of the apple, or maybe he only swallowed halfway, and it got stuck there.
[Laughter] That’s why I think many women are restless and worry about their husband’s

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 135

faithfulness. She feels somehow she can’t control him or possess him completely – 50
percent only. That is the instinct in us, I guess.

Two duties of human beings

In order to be complete within ourselves, we have two ways of doing things. First, we take
care of our worldly duty, and that we all do. Perhaps we have not done so wholeheartedly, or
we have not realized that work is also a blessing and that we could do away with our give and
take with the karmic relations between us and other people in this world. And it also helps us
to be strong in body and mind, since we have to use them for work. It’s an excuse for us to let
this machine run constantly. Just like a car, if we put it in a garage too long, it will be in
trouble. We have to run it now and again even if we don’t use it. So the first duty, all of us
more or less do already, maybe not very willingly at first, but after we finish the second duty,
the enlightenment, we will do the first duty even better.

Enlightenment is not a duty or a privilege of Himalayan saints or Indian sadhus alone. It is

everyone’s privilege. And it is available even to children from six years old. Our fellow
practitioners range from six to sixty, and sometimes over that. Sometimes children of five and
a half, or five and nine months, or eleven months and a half, five years old and eleven months
and a half came and bargained with me. They said, “Please Master, I have only half a month
more and I become six years old. Can I be initiated?” Now, who taught them all these things?
It is their own inner God nature that wants to find rest in its own resource. And many of the
senior citizens sometimes are over the age of initiation because of maybe having difficulty
taking a vegetarian diet, or not knowing if they can sit for so long, etc., so we have a limited
age for people, but then some of them come also and bargain with me and tell me all kinds of
excuses to kind of force us to give them initiation. Sometimes we make exceptions for
different people.

What is it that makes a difference between a so-called enlightened person and a not-
enlightened person? An enlightened person sees life in a different way. He’s more relaxed,
happy, and he knows what is in him. He knows what is the great power that makes all things
move, that makes one love the other, that makes the earth so lively, and makes life happier
for him. That is the Supreme Master power within each one of us, and when we awaken that
and use that only, then all other negative, depressing traces of our habits, or collective
memory from the past, will fade away. Just like a garden when we plant so many flowers and
useful things, then the weeds will become less and less, and also we pluck out the unwanted

Take a free vacation every day

If we only are active and center our life in only activities, then we miss one important part; that
is the wonderful inactivities, which make the activities more wonderful. It’s just like when we
have to go once a year for a long vacation. It is because our spirit, our body, our mind needs
a rest in order that when we come back to our job, we are more efficient and more willing to
do it. Similarly, if we take a rest every day after our work, then of course, logically, we can
work more efficiently the next day. That’s what makes us happy. No need to talk about
heaven or anything else. Logically speaking, we do not need to wait one year to take one
month’s vacation. Our body is already too exhausted; our mind is already too tired to enjoy

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 136

even that period of rest. And we rush out to Hawaii, rent a room, maybe next to the highway,
like me [Laughter] and enjoy all the traffic noise, the gas smell, and all that. And then we rush
in, book the airplane ticket, and sometimes we don’t get it, and then we rush here, rush there,
just to be on the beach and get a quick tan, otherwise people don’t know we’re on holiday.

That used to be the trend in Europe sometimes, when I was there about twenty or so years
ago. The people that come into the office with the brownish skin, we know they have money.
We know they can afford to go to Costa Brava – costa a lot of money to get there. Then when
we go back to work, sometimes we are not even recuperated from so much rush. The
husband has to drive long hours to take the wife and children to the beach and take them
back, and take them to the coffeehouse and teahouse, and what not. And then after the
holiday, he is more exhausted than before he left – some of them, not all, but most cases are
like that. The poor husband goes on holiday. Maybe you know better than I do.

We do not need to wait until our body is exhausted, our mind is already abused, very worked-
out, in order to go on vacation. We could do it every day by sitting in meditation. And we don’t
need to do that in one go, two and one half hours, even. We can do it half an hour here, half
an hour there. We can do it at lunch break, on the bus, while we are sitting on a train, an
airplane, on the beach while we are enjoying the sea, in the park while our dog is running
around or the children are seesawing.

Meditation is not a mystical way of life that we have to dig a cave in our cellar and make a
Himalayas out of it. We could sit anywhere, any time, in a quiet room, even in a bathroom if
we don’t have any other quiet room. Yes, we do that in some places or sit in a clothes closet. I
did that sometimes before when I was with a crowd of people, or in a big temple with gongs
and bells all the time, or in a very busy city. It doesn’t matter; wherever we are, we can
meditate. It’s very, very easy; that’s why children can do it.

And we don’t need to even cross legs like this. I’m supposed to sit cross-legged, otherwise,
you will think, “What kind of Master is that? Couldn’t even cross Her legs!” [Laughter] Well, I
don’t have to. But it is a tradition from ancient times because in ancient times we didn’t have
tables or chairs. And most of the Indian people cross their legs even when they do business
transactions. Most of the meditations came from India and China where people sit on the floor
and that is a habit, but we don’t need to do that. We could just sit like you sit now and if you
know how to meditate, just close your eyes and do your thing. Do your meditation anywhere
at all and no one will even suspect that you are a holy person. And that’s the best part about
it. If people know that we are holy, sometimes we get into trouble. I get into trouble all the
time. After I have been discovered that I can do some meditation then everyone wants to

The activities of life can go on without any question at all, and they must go on, but if we have
only activities and no stillness, then logically speaking, we are not in balance. That’s why
most of us experience a so-called unhappy feeling in life, unsatisfied. We don’t give ourselves
the time to rest. We think we sleep and that is resting. That’s fine. That’s also resting, but it’s
not enough because we are unconscious, like dead; whereby if we meditate, we are
consciously aware of our greatness, of our communion with the greatest source of the
universe. We are a part of it and we’re connected together with the whole universal power.
That’s why we will be strong, patient, and wise. Then we can do many wonders, and people

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 137

will look at us and think, “Wow! He can work miracles.” But it is not true. It is the universal
power that is at work while connecting us with it. It’s just like a radio or television network. If
we tune it, if we have an apparatus, and we are connected with the whole television network,
we can see the program from thousands of miles away. It’s not our TV set that has his
program. It is the program from the main station.

Ignorance of our real self is the only sin

Similarly, when we join in the saintly order, the universal circle, we are one of them. We’re
strong, we are united with the whole, and then we are no longer lonely. We no longer have to
use our individual limited power to do our daily work. Even our daily work will be taken care of
and watched over, helped, and blessed by this universal power. And if we don’t use it, it is a
very great loss to our life. It is the greatest mistake that we ever can commit. That is a very
unpardonable thing that we have done or are doing unto ourselves. No other enemies,
however cruel, however vicious, could be more cruel to us than if we don’t know our greatest
power which lies within us, all the time waiting to be wakened, waiting to be of service.

What makes a sage different from us? It is because he knows how to use that power. What
makes Jesus and Buddha objects of worship for thousands of years? It is because they knew
what they have, and they made use of this treasure, of this greatest power within themselves.
That is the power that makes all the kings even renounce their kingdoms, made the Buddha
walk out from His throne and never wants to go back. That is what made Jesus able to raise
the dead, heal the blind, etc. We all can do that, no problem. If I can do it, you can. You’re
bigger than I am. You can do bigger things.

A room is valuable not only because it has beautiful walls and a secure roof, but because of
its emptiness inside. That’s why we can sit here, we can put flowers, we can put valuable
objects inside, choice things for our pleasure. Similarly, we have to make our room empty. We
have to know the great emptiness inside, and then we can have our choice ideas, choice
wishes. Everything will come true if we sit and rest for a period of our busy daily life to
discover the greatest treasure within, which makes the richest person in this world look like a
poor beggar. We will have the whole universe at hand and we desire nothing at all just to
share it with the world, or just to complete our duty as a worldly citizen while we’re in this
world. We do without any desire for reward or any attachment to the success or failure that
we already try our best in our enterprises to achieve.

There was a great master that you know, Paramahansa Yogananda, he said, when we sleep,
we are like God, like an angle. We do nothing; we’re so pure and so innocent. That is
because in sleep we are in touch with our supreme power within. We are, at that time, one
with the Supreme Master inside. We do that unconsciously, but even then, after we wake up,
we feel better. We work all day long, and if we could rest for a few hours even, five hours, we
feel already much better. Why? Because we rest in the source of all happiness and healing
power, of wisdom. Therefore, we are innocent like a baby. Everyone sleeps innocently. And
when he sleeps, he looks just like a child. Even when he has just been murdering someone or
making some very tragic mistakes like that in his life, when he sleeps, he just looks like a
baby because he’s back again to his loving wise source.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 138

Now can you imagine if we do that consciously very day, then we are more conscious of that
greatest Master power which is inside of us. We can accomplish more in life with less effort,
and of course naturally we will be happier. When we sleep, we have desire for nothing and we
hate no one, because we are at the source of all wish-fulfilling power. Similarly, if we
consciously , while awake, get in touch with this power, then of course we are more conscious
while awake, while doing things in this world, and we have less and less desire, less and less
hatred, should we even have hatred subtly residing in our heart. That is only very logical, and
nothing mystical, nothing difficult, nothing that we should argue about it. If we do something,
of course we have to know the logic of it. We can’t just blindly follow someone, or some
method, or some theory, and then worship the guru or whatever. No need to worship anyone
as a guru, as a Supreme Master. We have this Supreme Master inside, and we have to know
it, and that is the only thing to do.

If we only work and work and have no rest, of course, then we become more restless and we
become less efficient in our work, because we get fed up, bored with one-sided life. But if we
work and rest at the same time, like most of our fellow practitioners do, of course will be
happier. Two or three hours of meditation are equal to many months of rest. In that time of
communion with God or that Supreme Master power, which is our original self, we recharge
all the energy that has been lost during the daytime. It’s more than when we sleep, because
when we sleep we don’t know anything. Of course, when we sleep, we don’t need to be
meditating or anything because we’re already godlike, angellike. The trouble is that when we
awaken, then everything starts. All the hatred comes back to us or comes toward us. Every
interrelationship between us and other people starts to breed troubles or unhappiness, and
then, because we are not sleeping at that time, we experience fully the consequences, the
effects, of all these happenings around us. The only solution to deal with this is that we are
consciously aware of that God presence, God power, which we’re unconsciously aware of
while we are sleeping. Therefore, we meditate.

Meditation is the answer; meditation is sleeping while we are awake. Sleep without sleeping.
Then we will find all the answers that we need to know about life and death, and how to deal
with our daily life, our family relationships, our financial business, and we do not fear even the
end of the world. We do not fear recession, we do not fear having no job, because at that time
we will know how to work according to situation without standing there stamping our feet, or
waiting for something that is not in our share. We will be happy, and we can have resolution
to every problem that faces us every day, and we will be happy in all circumstances. Many
sicknesses, many sorrows, will just leave us and all the worldly desires will also gradually say
“good-bye.” This is the only solution to every problem.

The problem does not lie only in having unemployment or having subway not yet built in
Hawaii, but the problem lies within our own discontentment because we do not know what to
do next in the new circumstances. And every day sometimes new circumstances come
without asking, without our welcome. So we have to be always prepared. And how to deal
with them, how to be prepared – that we know with the meditation. We know every day,
consciously or subconsciously, how to deal with every situation in life, and that’s why it is the
key to happiness. That is why we will be happy and surefooted, and we will never feel
disturbed or wanting. In the bible, it says, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” That
means we have no desire whatsoever once we know the Lord, once we have the Lord as our
shepherd. But do we know the Lord? We do not. That is why we have want.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 139

We would like to offer you a technique to know the Lord and the offer is from a very simple
and pure motive. We do that with our own finances, our own time, and our own willingness
and love for you and for the world. We want to prevent the end of the world. We want to
prevent wars and hatred between nations, between brothers and sisters. We want us,
including myself, to live a heavenly life while we are here. That is the only motive that
motivates us to come here, apart from the invitation from the Chinese community here, and
the longing of the Aulacese disciples.

I think I will leave some time for your questions, and I will talk further. Thank you for your
undivided attention and love. [Applause]

Questions and answers

Q. Would the practice of Tai Chi Chuan be dangerous in mixing with the Quan Yin method?
Some people consider Tai Chi a breathing technique.

M. No, it’s okay. It’s a kind of exercise.

Q. Where in Honolulu can one learn vegetarian cooking?

M. You can go to the restaurant that I have been to yesterday. What’s the name of that?
Buddhist Vegetarian Restaurant. You can look it up in the newspapers or the yellow
pages. I do not know about the roads in Hawaii. Also, you can come to our meditation
center and our disciples will try to “cook” you well. [Laughter]

Q. How do you deal with hatred in your dreams?

M. In the dream, you do not need to deal with it. It is only a dream. The problem is when we
have hatred in this big dream, the real dream that we have every day, then we should
deal with it. Every time we have this hatred for someone, we immediately realize it and
withdraw it; that is very simple. We can’t avoid hatred feelings sometimes. It is due to the
so-called karmic consequences of last life or everyday life, but we root it out immediately
the moment it appears. That is the only thing to do.

The purpose of life

Q. What is my divine purpose in this life?

M. It is to know that you are God, to know that you are one with the Father, and use that to
bless the world, and bless yourself with happiness. That is your divine purpose, and it is
the divine purpose of every human being in our world.

Q. How can I receive enlightenment and be like You?

M. Like me? What do I have that you have to imitate?

It is very easy. Whatever I can do, you can do better. Just get initiation and we’ll show
you how. You may be even better than I. I am just nothing.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 140

Q. How can I achieve joy and peace in my heart?

M. Get enlightenment. Get initiation.

Q. Master Ching Hai, should we supplement our vegetarian diet with vitamins if we feel the
need, minus the gelatin capsule, of course?

M. This is too extreme. It is okay if, now and again, you swallow one milligram of gelatin.
Don’t be too extreme. The point of being vegetarian is first to rekindle our compassion
for all beings and minimize our violent nature which is inherent within us from life after
life battling and struggling with nature and the environment for survival. If we can’t help it
on some occasion, it is fine; meditate more just to clean whatever little guilt you have
inside, and that’s okay. But there are many capsules made with fruit gelatin; it is not

Q. Do You take vitamin supplements?

M. Yes, sometimes when I’m so tired, I don’t eat much, and I have to go on tour, one place
after another, seeing different people all the time, I have to do something repairing to this
car so that it goes. [Laughter]

Q. How can you meditate without your mind wandering?

M. It takes some practice. Just like at first you learn English and you babble some Chinese
inside [Laughter] or Aloha language, but after a while you just select what you want to
speak. When you want to speak Aloha language, then you do it, and when you want to
deliberately speak English, you just flow English out. That’s a matter of practice. We
practice meditation and after some time we’re so used to it – the effortless tendency to
let go, we become ego-less, and the grace of God will pull us up. And we have to do
nothing, just become very easy, just like when we’re so tired that we just sleep without
any intervention of our mind or action at all.

Q. How do we know about the Lord?

M. The Lord is within us. There is a way to know the Lord. I told you already. We will show it
to you. I have seen the Lord. I can show you how to see Hirm. At the time of initiation
you will see Hirm. Some of the people get also the convenient method, that means they
are not fully initiated, they just want to try, and they will also see glimpses of the Lord.

Q. You mentioned that there is still much beauty left in this world. What do You perceive will
be the fate of this beauty with the current increases in population and environmental

M. You can’t say that Hawaii is very ugly, can you? It is still beautiful and clean, therefore
many people pay a lot of money to come here and run around on the streets and on the
beach, just to enjoy the beauty that exists in Hawaii. There are many other places in the
world still preserved in their beauty similar to Hawaii. So we cannot say that the whole is
completely in disorder.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 141

Of course, the more we preserve it, the more we beautify it, the better. The root problem
is that many of us are not enlightened. We do things blindly, sometimes even with good
intentions, but blind; therefore, we destroy many of our beautiful parts of the world. We
should sit still for some part of our life and think over, recognize, our way of life. We can
only do that with enlightenment; otherwise, it is very difficult to rescue our world from the

Q. How can I overcome my inner anxiety so that I can concentrate? Anxiety keeps me from
focusing with a single mind and my thoughts are scattered.

M. The inner anxiety comes also from the outer environment. We have fear because of
recession, because of the unemployment rate and because of the insecure atmosphere
of our world. Also, we have anxiety because of the seed of worry we planted within us
many lives ago, and in order to root that out, we must clear it from the time immemorial.
That seed, we have to burn out, and that we can only do by the Light of God at the time
of enlightenment. That is why enlightenment is necessary for everything – for the past,
the present, and the future.

That is why our fellow practitioners have no fear – just like this gentleman, he says he
fears no death. Death is the most dreadful thing for most of us. Still, we practitioners no
more fear death because we die daily. We can experience going out of the body and
coming back, going to different heavens and coming back. Therefore, we fear death no
more because we know dying is just coming and going, just like we step out of the door
and come back in the room again.

Q. Regardless of religious “labels” is there a universal Truth to know?

M. Yes, that’s why I do not tell you to change your religious beliefs, occupation, or way of
life. I tell you just to know the Truth. The Truth is inherent in all underlying religious

Q. Is there a destination we should arrive at?

M. That is the kingdom of God, nirvana. But there is no such thing as a stagnant station that
if you jump up, then you can get caught under the roof or something. Our human
language is very limited and powerless to express the powerful and limitless.

Q. Is existence serious?

M. What is all this “existence serious”? If you slap yourself and it hurts, you know it’s
serious. [Laughter]

Q. Am I in danger of not continuing to survive?

M. Why should you not continue to survive? I didn’t tell you to die immediately after
initiation! [Laughter] I am still here, sorry, and all my disciples are still here. We don’t go
anywhere. We stay here and get liberated from all of our desires, our hatreds, and our
unwanted bad habits. You are liberated already while living.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 142

Q. Will I survive spiritually if I do not follow a specific course toward enlightenment?

M. It depends. If you keep a very virtuous life, then of course, your spirit is uplifted
somewhat, to some degree. But if you would like complete knowledge of this Supreme
Master power within yourself, then it is better to take an experienced friend to help you. It
is faster, less adventurous, and more successful. Just like in every walk of life, every
business or new study, you need an experienced friend or teacher to teach you.

God is Light and Sound

Q. Please speak of the Light and Sound of God.

M. The Light and Sound of God come when we are in deep communion with Hirm, when we
sincerely want to be back to where we came from. It comes like a flashing, like
lightening, like thousands of suns, like colorful rainbows, like beautiful electric shocks. It
thrills your whole body; it thrills every nerve, every cell in your body, and renews your
body, spirit, and mind. It makes you become like a newborn baby. You are innocent, but
intelligent; you are patient, but very wise, very active, very fast reacting.

And the Sound is just a kind of condensed Light, more concentrated, more powerful. If
you sit in meditation after initiation, or sometimes when you are in very deep prayer, it
can happen that the sound vibration comes like thousands of musical instruments at one
time, but it does not deafen your ears at all. It does not hurt your eyes when you see
thousands of suns inside. It does not hurt your ears when you hear a thousand kinds of
violins or a great orchestra from heaven playing a tune. That uplifts you to the heavenly
abodes and lets you experience different dimensions of the universe. It lets you know a
different power, which is beginning to emerge within your own being.

That’s just about all I can simply explain to you; otherwise, these things are not related to
human experience at all. We have never experienced such things in human terms or
human existence; therefore, it’s difficult to tell you in words. I can just only invite you to
experience it. That’s why all of our disciples are so happy and so faithful, not to me, but
to the teaching that I have brought to them, to the guidance that I have provided to them.
If they look very devoted to me, it is because my teaching helps them. It truly awakens
their own power; therefore, they are grateful to me, not to this person at all.

Q. Does the negative force get stronger as you get closer to your Lord?

M. No, it’s not true. The closer we get, the less negativity, just like the higher we go, we are
further from the gravity.

Q. Why should I or anyone pray to You when enlightenment is inside us always?

M. All right, you don’t have to. Find your own enlightenment; I will be happy and
congratulate you if you can find it. If you see the Light of God, experience your own
power of wisdom, and hear the sound of heavenly music that lifts you to the sky, to the
different civilization, to the different levels of consciousness, then it is okay; you do not

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 143

have to come to me at all. I am just speaking to those who don’t have them and who do
not know how to have them. So we freely help you – no condition, no charge, no binding.

Q. What is Your method of meditation?

M. I’ll tell you at the time of initiation. It takes some time.

Q. Jesus Himself said, “I am the Truth, the Light, and the way. No man can come to the
Father except by me.” He also said that He was the son of God. What are Your views
about His statement?

M. He stated the truth, while He was alive. He said, “I am the Light, the Truth, and the way.”
Also, He added, “as long as I am in the world.” Don’t cut His tongue in half and just take
a half of your convenience. “As long as I am in the world, I am the Light, the Truth, and
the only way,” every living Master says that. The Buddha said the same thing.

Q. How do we learn how to meditate?

M. We’ll show you. There are two kinds of meditation. The first one is complete, what we
call the initiation process; we take full responsibility to help you until you reach your
highest destination – visibly and invisibly, until the end of the world. The other one is just
that you want to try to have a taste, or you cannot follow a vegetarian diet, or you’re not
very serious about existence, then we give you a so-called convenient method.

The convenient method is that you eat vegetarian at your convenient time, and you sit
about a half an hour a day in meditation. The initiation, you must take more seriously.
You must truly want to go back to the kingdom of God and to get to know it in this
lifetime, get to know it completely, and be liberated from everything. It takes two and a
half hours a day for meditation, at least, but then you can meditate five minutes here, ten
minutes there – anywhere you can anytime you have free time. Or when you do some
laboring work, you can always meditate. When you just sit there on a coffee break, you
meditate. When you sit in a restaurant while you’re waiting for your meal, you meditate.

The convenient method is for some people who just like to meditate a little bit and not
very seriously or don’t want to follow a vegetarian diet for some inconvenient reasons, or
are not yet strong enough to stay above the beefsteak. The initiated people throw away
the beefsteak and they put the tofu in its place. That’s all.

At the initiation, we will immediately give you the taste of the sound of heaven. It lifts you
up, and also you will see the Light accordingly – according to your sincerity, you see
dimmer Light or greater Light. Immediately, at the time of initiation, after we’ve told you
how to sit and just relax yourself, etc., then you’ll get that. But after the initiation – tofu
instead of beefsteak, and many other kinds of vegetarian hams, etc., or cheese. You can
eat nuts; you can drink milk.

In Hawaii, it is very easy to meditate. There are beautiful nuts here. Nuts are very
wholesome, very nutritious. Some yogis in India only eat nuts and milk, but in our

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 144

practice it’s not dangerous and does not require a very strict diet. It’s just vegetarian
because of compassion, also for health, so that your body will be more able to withstand
the greatest force when you tap inside. It also minimizes the side effects while meditating
because it is a long road.

Q. This is a long question. Many Christian ministers describe this period in our life, 1993
through the year of 2000…

M. Give it to me, I will read it. [Laughter] Wow! It’s truly a long question. He wrote a book
here! [Laughter] [Master is reading the question….] Many Christian ministers describe
this period in our life, 1993 to 2000, as being full of troubles such as earthquakes,
volcanic eruptions, droughts, famine, storms, and hurricanes, worse than we have had
so, children killing children and their parents or their other family members, an increase
in criminal behavior, wars and rebellions. What is Your insight about these predictions
and events?

Do I need insight to these events? We can have it outside in the newspapers.

Newspapers, radio, televisions, and all these often broadcast this news. This is, of
course, a very sad event. But this is the last warning from the heavenly hierarchy so that
the children from the earth will turn backward into their own safety, into the heavenly
security that God has already attached with us before sending us down. This is our “life-
preserver” already attached within our being to save us in any catastrophe, any
circumstances, bringing us back immediately to life. If we do not rely on this lifesaving
power that is within us, then no one, not even God, can help us. That’s why we are
running round the world and we keep telling you the message of how to save yourselves
– at our own cost, our own time, and our own inconvenience, in the hope that our
brothers and sisters will believe in our sincerity, and at least try it and help themselves.

Q. What do You recommend for healing cancer, specifically breast cancer?

M. Please ask the doctors, I am not professed in medical research. But nowadays, many
inventions have helped in this field and many people are cured. Also, people say that a
wholesome diet, like raw fruit and raw vegetables for some period of time, cures cancer
physically, in the physical level. And also some people recommend that sesame seed
and whole meal brown rice, chewed 100 times every mouthful, could cure cancer. Many
people have tried them and many people have succeeded. Many of our disciples get
initiation, practice the Quan Yin method, and cure themselves without sesame or raw
vegetarian food, even. It’s up to you to choose, or ask the doctors for the alternatives.

Q. With all the gurus and spiritual teachings available in this modern age, including other
past teachings and also the Light and Sound, how does one recognize with absolute
certainty a perfect master?

M. That’s your personal preference, just like when you see which girl you like best.
[Laughter] It’s your own choice. You must know instantly which one you like best. I can’t
help you. I am not advertising for myself either. If there are so many Masters, so much
better for us – you can shop around. But be certain to buy something quickly before all
the shops close. [Laughter]

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 145

Q. If one has severe food allergies, for example, unable to tolerate beans, tofu, diary
products, and can eat only grains, vegetables, fruits, fish, how can one maintain a strict
vegetarian diet? Is this a karmic problem?

M. There is no need for tofu. I am just saying it because they feed me tofu every day in
Formosa. I am fed up with it, so I want to transfer some of my karmic debt. Otherwise, I
tell you the truth, I was in India for several years and even in the Himalayas, we don’t
have any tofu. They just eat whatever is there. They cook lentils and mung beans, which
are staple foods in India, and just eat mung bean soup with rice every day. And they are
okay; you know the Indian people are healthy. No tofu is found in India, very rare. Tofu is
a delicacy in India. Tofu is a product of China.

Q. Is it really possible to clean up our karma for liberation in one lifetime, even with very
heavy, bad karma?

M. Yes, it’s possible. That’s what we’re here for. If you’re not weary and burdened with so
much karma, then you don’t even need us. If you are already an angel, if you are already
free of everything, then what is the path for? What’s the method for? Don’t worry about
your karma; it’s the past.

This room has been dark before we came. Maybe all day long, or many days it’s dark,
and many nights it’s dark. When we turn on the light, immediately there is no more
darkness. The Light of heaven will cleanse all the darkness for eons, billions, trillions of
years within our souls, so don’t worry. That’s why Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who
are heavy laden and weary, and I will quicken you.” I will help you.

Q. What is the universally used name for God?

M. [Master spells] G-O-D. [Laughter]

Q. Can Jesus forgive sins?

M. He can while He was here, just like any doctor can cure our disease while he’s alive –
that’s his job.

Q. Does the sin of the father follow the son?

M. To some degree, yes. We call that collective karma, meaning the collective retribution
within the family. But on top of that, each one has his or her individual collection of bad
deeds or good results from good deeds. Karma means both good and bad actions and
bad and good results – not only bad ones; most people use it in the negative sense.

Q. Will initiation help me to keep the five precepts? At first, sometimes it is difficult; what if I

M. It will help you if you are sincere. If you fail, then try again. We can’t just immediately
walk when we are born, but at least we try. And we try, and we try many times, and now
you are walking all over Hawaii, [Laughter] from these first failing steps.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 146

Q. Is there a life beyond death?

M. What do you think? What do you think I am babbling all these hours for? [Laughter] If
there is no life after death, I would be swimming on the beach every day, [Laughter]
sitting pretty in my tent at home, and saving all my money and buying three or four
private airplanes by now. If there is no life after death, what for am I working so hard?

Q. Tell us about reincarnation.

M. This I have told many times, but of course I have to start from scratch because many of
you are new. Reincarnation is just like retarded children who can’t catch up with the
ordinary class, or an advanced class, and have to stay behind or go to an even lower
class for retarded children.

If we get enlightenment in this lifetime, then we have upgraded ourselves to the saintly
class, the Buddha class, so we don’t have to be reborn again as human beings. If we
want to, and then we become a teacher, just like we already passed the exams and we
come back to be the teacher of high school. We are also in the high school with every
student, but we are the teacher.

Q. Do You believe in Jesus Christ?

M. Do I believe in Him? What do you think, yes or no? [Audience: Yes.] Yes, of course. He
wants a silly answer. [Laughter]

Q. What are the similarities between Buddhism and other religious, and what are the

M. There are no differences. The differences are that the Buddhist canons are plentiful –
thousands of them, due to good collection and the long life of the Buddha. And the bible,
there is only one because Jesus lived only three and half years to do His mission, for
example. Other religions, it depends on how many people collect the teachings of the old
masters that they become long or short, big or small volumes.

But all and all, the underlying principle is that there are two ways to life. First, the
ordinary life on the physical level, we have to fulfill our duty wherever we are, whatever
job we take, and do it wholeheartedly – loving our family, etc. On the higher level, we
have to know our highest ability, which is lying dormant inside. Knowing that power, we
can live in heaven while journeying on this earth simultaneously. Also, knowing this
power, we can do our jobs better on earth; we can be good guests on earth and live a
richer life while we are here. All religions teach us that – nothing more.

Q. How many levels of consciousness are there? How can you find out which level you are

M. Before we reach the highest level of Truth, we have to go through five levels of
consciousness. We can know that by recognizing the intensity of Light that we see
inside. And also by the scenery, the heavenly abodes that we see inside, we can

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 147

recognize which level. Another way of recognizing it is through the Sound. Each level of
consciousness vibrates at a different oscillation, and then by knowing which Sound is
corresponding to which level, we can more or less testify to our own achievement.

After sometime you become an expert; you don’t even bother about that. A person just
opens his mouth and you can judge him, even from his talk or from his way of doing
things, of his work even, you can judge that person. Not to criticize or to do anything, it is
just that if we should want to know that person’s level, we know it immediately, without
having to look inside to search for his Light or his Sound inside his being. And we can
judge our level of achievement inside by our own outward actions, like we become more
loving, more tolerant, more dedicated to the course of human beings at large; we
become more patient, just more enjoying. This we can know by daily observing.

Desirelessness comes from contact with our source

Q. You say meditation will lessen your desires of want, but no matter how happy my mind
may be I still have many wants. Can You explain why?

M. Do you meditate – the person who writes? Maybe you don’t meditate the way we
meditate. I can’t be responsible for that. [Laughter]

When I say, meditate, I mean the Quan Yin method of meditation because we are in
contact directly with our own source of all happiness, of all wish-fulfilling power. Then
and there you will be happier and have no want. Ask my disciples. But of course, some
of them get it slower because their level is different, but some get it quicker. Eventually
all desires will just go. We don’t reject things; desirelessness doesn’t mean detesting
everything in this life. It’s not true! We like things; we love things. We take care of things,
but we are not attached to things. Should things not be there at our request, we’re not
bothered. That is the desirelessness state.

But it doesn’t mean you don’t want to go and make money – no, no, no! Go and make it!
[Laughter] Be as successful as you want to be; work for it. Use your wisdom inside to be
more successful even. Earn as much money as you deserve and want; if you can’t use
all of it give it to me. I can make use of it. [Laughter] I’ll give it to the Philippine volcanic
victims. I’ll give it to the Au Lac refugees who have no clothes, no bedding, no mosquito
nets. I’ll give to the poor in Formosa, or in many other places.

We have many uses for the money, so don’t be a failure! Work for the money if you want
it. Buy everything you need; whatever is left over, give it to the Vatican, to the temple, to
me, or to the poor. No, don’t give it to me. I will not accept your money. I am just kidding.
But should you not know what to do with it, I’ll tell you what to do. That’s all. But you use
your money yourself. I don’t accept any donations.

Q. Why must one become a strict vegetarian to experience enlightenment?

M. No, you don’t have to. You can experience enlightenment without a vegetarian diet, but
to be completely enlightened and to keep the state of happiness at all times, we should
grant happiness to all beings as well in a complete way. Give them no fear, give them no

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 148

threatening atmosphere wherever you walk, and then you’ll experience free feelings and
a very, very loving atmosphere always around you. That is the more complete

Being vegetarian alone doesn’t bring you enlightenment, and doesn’t make you become
a Buddha. All the cows, the buffaloes, and the horses – they’re all vegetarian. [Laughter]
But that is the great way to help us to achieve complete enlightenment. Because a
Buddha without complete compassion is lacking. That’s all.

Q. Is there another living Master now who teaches the same method?

M. Why are you so interested in other masters? Am I not good looking enough for you? You
hurt my feelings, you know? You don’t know how to be good to a woman? [Laughter]

Okay, there will be plenty, go and look for yourself. Go to the Himalayas. It’s fine with
me. The bird has already come into your house, you don’t catch it, and you keep looking
for the bird in the sky. What for? [Laughter] Yes, laugh. Have a good laugh at yourself.

Q. Would You tell us more about the true teachings of Jesus compared to the Christian
teachings today?

M. The two are right. The Christ’s teachings in His time and the Christian teachings at this
time are right. Both are right. Maybe the present teaching of Christianity is missing or
has been censored in some part, but this I dare not say, in case I’ll be in trouble. The
other teachings of Jesus while He was alive may be more and recorded. According to
the Dead See Scrolls that I have read, supposed to be very ancient, recorded even while
Jesus was alive, some things are missing in the bible.

But on the whole, the teaching of Christianity today is okay. The only missing part is that
Jesus is not there. That’s the greatest missing part. Now we replace it with a direct line
to Jesus. Should you want to see Him, you can see Him; you can talk to Him; you can
learn directly from Him because He never died. If the church or any other organization in
the Christian body can help you to get in touch with Jesus and get a direct line to God’s
telephone number, then it’s more correct, more fulfilling, more complete. If not, then we
can supply this missing part for you. That’s all.

Q. What ideas of meditation should you input into your mind, any specific ones, to be in
touch with the universe?

M. If you would like to learn the convenient method, of course, we will teach you later. You
stay behind, and I will ask some of my disciples to teach you more properly. Otherwise,
you just pray very deeply, very sincerely, while you pray, anywhere, not only in the
church, but also in your house. Anywhere you go you must always try to remember God,
the greatest power within us, and pray very deeply. Close your eyes or open your eyes,
but pray very deeply and then that is also a kind of meditation. Now and again or often,
according to your sincerity, you will get the response from the Supreme Master power
that is within you.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 149

Q. We all need good water and air. Leaders in industrial countries pollute all over the world.
How can their awareness and actions be changed?

M. Tell them to go and get initiation. Otherwise, no use talking and debating all the time at
the intellectual level. Most of our intellectual understanding is very stubborn, clinging to
our own view and not considering others. That is why all these things happen, which is
very sad. I think all the people should get initiation, get enlightenment, and all the worldly
problems will be easier to solve.

Q. Do dreams in sleep have any teaching significance to daily life?

M. Yes, sometimes the dream is a kind of symbolic expression of some event or something
that we have to learn. But we have to be expert at it. If you want to learn about these
dreams, then go find an expert, because our dreams are plenty and sometimes they’re
meaningless. Sometimes they are just a following-up of the daily events while we are
awake and don’t mean anything.

Q. When people invade your psychic space, should we surrender to it or should we fight it

M. Of course not. Everyone has the right to his living room physically, as well as his
psychic. No one should invade other people’s psychic space; should it be done, you ask
sincerely that it should be gone. Ask the God power inside to help you. Protect yourself
with the faith of your religion, but be faithful enough, be strong. Otherwise, we have
initiation for you. Use the greatest power, and then everything will leave. In the presence
of the king, no other topsy-turvy being can be present.

Q. If I am taking medication under a doctor’s orders, can I still be a vegetarian and be


M. Yes, sure, why not? Medications are not drugs. What I mean by drug are the drugs that
your country forbids. Those I also forbid, for your sake. They ruin your life, cost a lot of
money, and make you a dependent wretch, where you should walk like a king, like a
God on this earth, and bless the whole world with your greatest power and wisdom

Q. How can one be happy?

M. After all these hours, I think your neighbor can tell you. [Laughter]

Q. How can I serve humanity?

M. By getting in touch with God, we serve best. Otherwise, do whatever is in your power to
express your love wherever you go, to your neighbor, help the needy, and fulfill your
duty in the family.

Q. How can I express my God Light?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 150

M. You can only express it when you have it. So, have the God Light first, and after initiation
then you can express it. We can’t show the money when we don’t know where the
money is. Even when we have it, we must know where it is in order to show it to people.
Even though you have God Light within you, you must know it first, contact it first, and
then you can show it to the people. I can show you the Light because I have the Light. I
am in possession of the Light. I know I have it. You have it, but you don’t know – that’s
the difference between us.

Q. I would like to find a good husband. Is it okay? [Laughter]

M. By all means, yes! Why not? [Laughter] I also would like to find a good husband.

Q. When meditating, how can you concentrate your thoughts without being affected by daily

M. It will become natural after some time of practice. It will just be effortless; you don’t even
know when you think or not think. You just sit there and it happens. The Lights will come,
the Sounds will come, and then you are oblivious of everything. Whenever you want to
come out of it, you will be aware of everything again. It’s very easy.

Or, does she mean that can she find husband as well, and then also meditate? It doesn’t
matter at all. Most of our fellow practitioners are married people; it’s no bother to spiritual

Q. Why must we have the initiation in order to know how to meditate?

M. Because you don’t know, that’s why. Just like if you want to learn any skill at all, you
have to go and find a skillful person and learn from him. We don’t want to be an
irresponsible guide. We have to teach you from the top to the bottom because you’ll be
alone when I am gone. You have to know everything about how to deal with the
problems. Sometimes the negative power within you arises, and you have to know what
to do. We have to tell you everything. That is the process you must know, but the
initiation goes without language. You just sit there and you get everything you should

The instructions are only for the mind, the intellectual doubts and all that. And all the
pitfalls sometimes encountered during the journey to the kingdom of God, we have to tell
you. But the initiation is nonverbal. During the true initiation I don’t talk to you, and I don’t
even need to be present at all. I could be in Formosa, in Japan, anywhere, and I can
place someone here to tell you the instructions and you get initiation from me all the
same. In initiation, the most important part is your own sincerity of wanting to know your
own self and that’s how you can get your own answers.

Q. Is it justified if I kill a murderer in order to stop his killing of other human beings? If not,
what should I do?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 151

M. Tell the police, because if you kill him, you are the killer and the police will be after you.
So tell the police to do their job because it’s not your job, all right? But maybe that
person will be repentant, so give him a chance. When he’s in jail, he might be repenting
or he might read some immediate enlightenment book and then he will turn his life

You never know what makes a person turn into a murderer. It could be many
complicated situations; it could be a very intricate system of society, or some kind of trap
which he falls into and then he can’t get out of. We can’t just take justice into our hands
without considering a lot of his background and the previous life’s karmic net between
the different people’s relationships. Sometimes we judge him unjustly. The murderer
came maybe to kill those who killed him before, and now, if you kill him, next time he will
come back to kill you. So it never ends, this devilish cycle. We had better not use
violence for violence.

Q. What is the difference between a monk and a lay person?

M. The difference lies in the heart, not in the outer outlook. If a lay person is very dedicated
to God while fulfilling his already given duty to him, then he’s also a monk. A monk is
more lucky. He’s official, and everyone knows that he’s a monk. Just like policemen, the
official police wear uniforms and look dignified, and some secret agents, they are also
policemen. Both are doing the same duties, so who can say what is better, what is
different. It depends on what you do and what you aim for in your heart. Your motive is
very important, not the outlook.

Q. What causes a person to become a monk?

M. How do I know? [Laughter] There are too many monks; I can’t ask them all. Go and
investigate. You better know your self; the monkshood is within you. The renunciation of
all renunciations, that is monkshood. That is truly what a monk is.

Q. Are there such things as evil spirits or demons or satan that possess people?

M. Yes, there are such things, but many of the evil spirits are within the hearts of the
people. When we generate hatred, when we generate oppressive thoughts toward other
people, we breed these unpleasant, electrical, invisible currents into the air, into the
atmosphere. They condense together and make it become a force that is frightening to
reckon with for whomever passes by, for whomever comes into contact with that
environment, which is full of hatred and full of dark, oppressing force. It is better that we
always think good, do good, and talk good. Think God, do God, and talk God. Even
realize God is better still.

Q. Do You advise people to seek counseling from psychics or fortunetellers?

M. That is for the people who are not enlightened. Of course, they depend on anything. I
can’t tell them to stop it because they will be going all the same. But the enlightened
people take matters into their own hands. They control their own life and they regulate

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 152

their karmic pattern. They need no psychic reading or no fortune-teller to tell them what
to do next.

Q. Are there ghosts or earthbound spirits? How can we help them?

M. Help yourself first, please. [Laughter] We are the living and we can’t help ourselves,
never mind the ghosts! We can’t talk to the living beings. It’s more difficult to talk to

Q. Please tell me why sometimes I feel very lonesome and sorrowful. Why can’t I be happy
and have no worry?

M. It is because we are incomplete. Everyone feels lonely now and again and often to the
point of suicide because nothing in this world, even the whole kingdom of earth, could
satisfy them. That is because they know they had better things before – before they
came to this world, before they got entangled in this maze and forgot their origin.

So, go back to where we belong. Find your greatest treasure, which satisfies every great
and small need in your life. Even the sexual appetite will decrease; even the greatest
beauty on earth will not have such enticing power over us as before our enlightenment.
Enlightenment is just that we know ourselves. We know how complete we are without
having to be combined with the other sex, or the other opposite force. Inside we have yin
and yang, we have positive and negative, we have the female and masculine aspects
within our being. If we unite them both, we balance the yin and yang, and then we’re
complete. We’re whole, we need nothing, and we never feel lonely.

I stay the whole day in my room and every day in my room for many months sometimes
if I don’t have anything to do or I don’t have to go out to lecture. I don’t feel lonely. The
more people I have to see, the lonelier I feel. The less I will feel not lonely because when
I’m with people I have to go outward – my tendency goes out, my energy goes out, my
focus goes out to take care of people, to listen to their needs, to feel one with their
trouble, sorrow, and their loneliness.

Then I’m lonely because I forgot my complete self, at least for the time being, or I have
no time to be one with that, or I separate a little from it. In fact, I’m never separated from
it, but at least my mind, my focus, my attention, is separated from this complete
happiness self; therefore, I am lonely. When I am alone, I’m playing with myself or I’m
merging with myself. I am just complete; therefore, I’m never lonely. So that’s the
paradoxical question for you. Try it and you will know it, but be enlightened first, please.

Q. If you are enlightened, can you heal the physical ailments of others?

M. You can, but it’s not the most noble aim for us, the enlightened persons. We come not
for physical reward but for the healing forever of the soul from all sorrow or sickness,
forever and ever. But the physical ailments do go away also. Many of them or some part
of them will go away, even cancers. Many of our disciples are healed automatically.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 153

Even when they’ve been already pushed onto the operation table and then injected with
the anesthetic injection, but then the doctor found that the cancer of yesterday is gone!
So they pushed the patient back out again and said “sorry.” Yes, some thing like that will
happen, but we should not aim for physical healing alone when we want to see the Lord.
We just ask for a very little thing if we do that. It’s as if we went into the king’s treasury
room and he said, “Take whatever you want,” and you just wanted a glass of cold water.
That’s a great loss to us; that’s all.

Q. In Christianity it says Christ is the son of God. In Buddhism, is there a relationship

between Buddha and God, and how are they related?

M. Buddha is also a son of God. All of us are sons of God. Jesus says that we are all
children of God, but some know it, and some are too young to realize it. Just like two
princes, one is grown up and ready to take the throne, the other one was just born and
doesn’t know he is the prince. Both of them are princes.

Q. How long do I need to meditate every day when I just get started?

M. Twenty hours. [Laughter] In German, they say, “Eins gut, al ist gut,” which means
whenever you have a good start, it will end good. You might start with twenty hours. I
give you four hours to sleep, eat, go to the toilet, and all that. [Master and audience

You meditate as much as you can for your own sake. Even if I say to you, two and a half
hours, it’s already very little. We work eight hours for a few thousand dollars a month that
feeds this body only for a few decades. And we couldn’t work for the whole kingdom of
the universe for two and half hours a day? That’s a very great bargain. Make your choice
and do what you want to do. I am only suggesting and helping you if you need, but the
choice is yours.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 154

We are the Supreme Master

Neal S. Blaisdell Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.
March 28, 1993 (Originally in English)

How is everyone? Aloha! [Audience: Aloha!] Have you had a nice morning? [Audience: Yes!]
Good breakfast – bread, butter, sausage, ham, milk? Bread and milk are good, but sausage,
ham, never mind! We eat whatever we think is proper and necessary to nourish this body. It’s
just that there are some foods that are a little bit more poisonous and not helpful to the body,
spirit, and mind. The other foods are more helpful to us in attaining something higher than life.
Similarly, there are many paths to enlightenment and we may choose whatever we think is
suitable to us so that we can nourish our soul and make it grow up and become one with God.

Anyhow, is this too serious? Should I crack a few jokes first? I don’t know much about Hawaii
jokes, and the jokes I told you yesterday about my apartment next to the highway due to my
disciples’ recession in our traveling budget, you heard already. Probably you read the
newspapers and have heard that there is a recession everywhere in this world now due to
economical problems. Therefore, they also recessed my budget for traveling. Everywhere we
go they rent a cheaper room, even if it is on the edge of the highway. [Laughter] Well, I
pretend to be a very “highly developed” person and I hear nothing from the outside world.
[Laughter] But that naturally provides plenty of lights and sounds; the lights from the cars at
midnight, and the sounds of continuous traffic. [Laughter] You can pretend that it is the sea
wave sound, and it’s also amusing sometimes. It’s okay. Meanwhile, I can also listen to the
Sounds inside by a special technique. Therefore even if I live next to the highway, it doesn’t
affect much our spiritual practice. So a special technique is also very necessary, similar to a
special diet.

Everything is God’s will

It’s not that we try to tell you what to do. It’s just that some of the ancient Masters have had
experience in experimenting with what is the best way for us to reach God, to reach the
Supreme Master, which is within all of us. It is the Master of all Masters. Without this Supreme
Master’s guidance, we do not know why we are here and what we should do. And whenever
we do something, we never can be sure whether it is correct or not. It’s not that we don’t want
to do correct things, but it’s just that sometimes, or most of the time we do not know what is
God’s will, or what is the proper action to take in different circumstances. Therefore, we make

We have heard that everything is God’s will. Even a hair falling down from our head is
according to the Lord’s prearrangement. But then why do we have to suffer for what we do?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 155

As the bible says, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Isn’t that paradoxical? Isn’t that too unfair
for us? Well, it isn’t. It is unfair in one way and not in the other. Unfair, because if everything is
God’s will, why should we be punished for the things that we do? But it is fair, because God
has given us a way to overcome all these fearsome, so-called punishments. It’s just that we
do not know how to use it, or maybe we do not want to use it because life after life we have
been used to the so-called “easy” way. We do what we feel like doing at that moment. We live
our life according to the dictates of our habits and the collected information that we have
through our eyes, ears, nose, touch, etc. We have forgotten God’s commandments.

Many of the people ask me, “Why do we have to practice? Why do we have to sit in
meditation?” Actually, we don’t need to “sit.” We can lie down just as well to meditate but then
when we lie down, we are just down! You know, lie and down? [Laughter] Instead of hearing
the inside Sounds, we might hear the outside sound – snoring sound! [Laughter] Instead of
seeing the vision of God or heaven, we see all kinds of dreams, nightmares sometimes, which
trouble us when we wake up. Therefore, when we sit, there is less chance of going to sleep.
Even if you do sleep, you will fall down on the floor and then wake up immediately. At least
you can sleep maybe five or ten minutes, and the rest you meditate.

There is a difference between sleeping and waking visions. When we sleep, sometimes we
have visions or dreams that are very useful for our daily lives. Or maybe they predict
something in the future and prepare us for some event that we may be able to avoid should it
be unpleasant, or to amend should it be a little bit grave for us. These are the dreams that are
sometimes true. But very seldom do people have the ability to analyze their dreams and make
use of them in their lives.

What is it that makes people sleep and dream these dreams that are so useful, which predict
something in the near future or some true events? It is because when we sleep, sometimes
our soul gets in touch with the source of all knowledge and peacefulness. Then sometimes
the mind, at that time, is not truly asleep; therefore, it can register some of the information that
we have still remembered it. Otherwise, most of the time we just remember vaguely that we
have dreamed, but we can’t remember the details of the dreams. If we bring this sleeping
information into the waking state, it would be more useful.

To meditate is to sleep, but in a wakeful state. Then all the information we have gathered
within the storehouse of wisdom, we can see clearly, consciously, and know what is what.
That’s why an enlightened person is wiser, happier, and content, because he knows what to
do. The subconscious mind also has all the information open to it to know even the past lives
and the future events. But that is just a between state; it’s not the highest state even, you will
be surprised to hear. When you reach the highest state, you go back to ignorance. [Laughter]
Is that very disappointing? Don’t worry, this is a different one.

There are two kinds of ignorance. One is the ignorant ignorance, and the other is the saintly
ignorance. Both look the same, but are not! It’s just like scientifically we all know that two
extremes look alike. For example, very intense darkness or very great light, both we cannot
see. In the extreme darkness, we don’t see any light, or in the extremely high frequency of
light, we also cannot see the light. Both look like darkness, but it is not so.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 156

The Light inside the Light of the extreme intelligence is without shadow and substance; that’s
why we can hardly see it with our eyes. Even if sometimes we see it with the wisdom, which
doesn’t need an eye, we still feel like it hurts our physical eyes. But then afterwards we will be
used to it. It will feel as if we are looking into very ordinary daylight, and it won’t hurt anymore.

The sage looks like the ignorant

One of the people asked yesterday what it is like when you go into the samadhi state. He
asked me whether the highest level is when you become nothing, and you are not aware of
your body, not aware of your environment, and all that. This is not even the highest state. In
the highest state, you are able to function in your daily life just as an ordinary being while
having a super awareness surpassing that of the mind-computer – an awareness of all things
that are going on in the universe. Therefore, your mind might not know about it and you will
look like an ignorant person. But everything is done at the level of soul consciousness,
universal consciousness. And every being who thinks of you, who prays to you, and who
needs your help, you will be able to help them, to hear them, to see them, to tackle their
problems accordingly without the interference of the mind.

The mind is just like a computer, only. Even if we use the mind, it’s not that great. It’s limited,
and we can’t be all pervading, omnipresent, etc. The sage looks like the ignorant; it’s like that.
And the sage could be always in samadhi, meaning in the absolute state, but he doesn’t look
like it. It’s not necessary that someone always sits there, cross-legged and unmindful or
unaware of everything going on, always in a blissful trance within himself. Not necessarily is
he the greatest sage or has he the highest attainment. If he is not yet able to function within
our worldly life as a normal being, then he has not yet arrived at the highest level. But then
that’s what makes it difficult for us to realize who is the highest one and who is not.

Normally, we have the conception of a sage or yogi sitting in the Himalayas and not moving at
all, like a piece of lifeless stone or something. It must not be so. Of course, if an enlightened
person has nothing to do, then he would sit in meditation, read books, just walk around, or do
anything – cooking, running, standing, or sitting cross-legged, or not cross-legged. This has
nothing to do with the state inside of a person. In our way of practice, it is difficult to detect.
Suppose a highly developed person sits next to you right now. Probably yesterday or just
before he came here, he had a very high vision of the Lord or high revelation of some kind,
but then now he just sits next to you and you do not know, do not see him as such. Even
though we may feel the very harmonious atmosphere, which generates from that person,
most often if we do not pay attention, we may not even notice. We just feel good, but we don’t
know why. You might think, “Today I am happy, my body is healthy, or I ate sausage, it was
very nutritious, or something that makes me feel good.” It’s not necessarily so. Therefore, in
our daily lives, if we truly look for God, we can see Hirm anywhere.

I may report to you that in this age of much trouble and disaster, we also have great hope
because God has ordained many saints to come to our world. And the messages are almost
identical; that is, we should seek the kingdom of God first, then everything else will fall into
place. Normally, we try to take care of the worldly problems first. We take things into our
hands; we try to run the universe. But we always feel very disappointed because even the
best leader in the political field can only satisfy people temporarily, and bring them some kind
of material comfort. We cannot take care of the whole world by just our political skill or any

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 157

other ability, and that’s the problem. It doesn’t matter how good our intention may be. It is
because we have to first seek the kingdom of God.

The kingdom of God means this supreme power within us. We have connection with it, and
that’s why it is said that God made man in Hiers own image. “Image” doesn’t mean our profile,
our body, or our way of life. It is the image of the invisible, universal power that we are made
of; therefore, the creative power and destructive power are also within us. Most of the time we
see disasters that come from heaven, for example earthquakes or anything else, and they
destroy a lot of houses, many things, many lives. Then we think, “That’s terrible! How terrible!
How could God do this to mankind?” But it was not as terrible as when we dropped an atom
bomb, and the effect was longer lasting. More lives have been destroyed in wars than in any
disasters. Is that no so? [Audience: Yes.]

Make good use of both powers

If we stop to think about it, most of the disasters are brought upon ourselves by our own
misunderstandings, our misuse of the power of God. God has given us the constructive power
and the destructive power for different uses. We should destroy what we need to destroy, and
we should build what has to be built. But sometimes we use them in the wrong direction. It is
because we do not know the better way; we are not illuminated by the Light of wisdom.

It is very simple to find God. It is very simple to know ourselves. The only thing that stands in
the way is our own ego – our own preconceived ideas about what to do, about what God is,
and how to find God. Actually we are endowed with this power, and it is no big deal to find it.
If we have something in our pocket, is it difficult to get it out? No. If I have these beads on my
neck, is it difficult to give them or to show them to you? No, it isn’t! It’s just because our
attention is always wandering around looking at lamps, seeking things and all, that we forget
what we have.

Therefore, I say “immediate enlightenment,” because it is there already. It’s just a matter of
turning the attention to where it is, instead of turning the attention all over the place. Why do
we have to turn the attention to this power? Because without this, we can’t work properly. We
make a mess of our world, of our life, and of everything we have a good intention to
accomplish. That’s why the world is as it is today.

Thousands, billions, trillions of years and we have not advanced to the civilization standard of
other planets. For example, other people have UFOs; we don’t. It’s all right to envy the
neighbor who has a Mercedes or Rolls Royce. Why don’t we envy the neighboring planet for
UFOs? It would be a faster and higher aspiration. Now other planets have UFOs for sale. The
price is reasonable, it’s just we can’t get there to buy them and they wouldn’t dare come here
to sell them. [Laughter] Some of the planet businessmen are very eager to come here to
establish their enterprise with our earthly people and to teach us higher technology, but they
dare not come. What with the polluted air of our earth, they would die when they landed. We
would probably rob them before they had a chance to open their mouths to talk about a deal.
Or we might shoot them because we’d think they were invaders. We doubt everyone except
our own ignorance. That’s the trouble with us.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 158

With all the money we have spent making rockets, trying to go to Mars and all that without
success, we could buy UFOs, because on other planets, the materials are cheaper and more
durable than ours on earth. For example, the diamonds there are in big blocks, so if you want
to wear diamonds all over your body, it’s fine. It is not necessary that we buy just a piece like
this [Master holds up Her necklace] and it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some good
ones cost a lot of money. But on these kinds of planets, they use diamonds to make UFOs
because they are more durable when they are in contact with the atmosphere. When it’s
rubbing with the air, if the substance is not durable enough, it will break.

Sometimes their techniques also have trouble; some of the first ones broke down a long time
ago. We have read in the newspapers that we have found pieces of these broken-down
vehicles and some of the fragments of the beings there. Maybe this was one being that was a
kind of robot anyhow. Other planets are more technologically advanced because they are
more in touch with their wisdom.

We thought that Jesus and Buddha died and then disappeared into nirvana; it is not the truth.
We can contact Jesus and Buddha if we have the ability to do so and if we can locate where
they are. What dies? Just the fleshly clothes. I wear this cloth, and after some years it will
become decayed, fall into pieces, and become dust again. Similarly, our body is just a
different kind of fabric. It decays a little bit; the decaying process is longer and just gives a
different smell. That’s all. It is not we who die. When we say so-called “living,” we mean that
we move, we talk, we love each other, we can feel each other’s feelings. When we so-called
“die,” the body is still the same, the brain is still there and everything is intact, but still we can’t
move, can’t feel anything through the body at all. The body just lies there just like a discarded
garment of no use. That is because the real “we,” the real “I,” just got out of it.

Similarly, in the meditation practice we come and go into the body at will, just like when we
take off the clothing that we wear and change into another or put it back on when we come
back. It’s very easy; therefore, children can do it. Children do it even better because they are
not so complicated, do not have confused preconceptions about what it is like, what it is not
like, about God and whatever. Everything they think is pure and simple. Therefore, if we turn
into a child, we can experience God faster. It is very simple to say, “I turned into a child and I
experienced God,” but it is not easy to do so if we don’t know how. It is very simple, but it is
not easy because we don’t know how. It’s just like you put your glasses in your pocket and
then you are busy doing some household work. Later when you want to find your eyeglasses,
you can’t find them. You look all over the place, you turn every stone up, table, and
everything, and you can’t find them. They are all the time in your pocket. If you don’t look
there, you can’t find them. That’s very simple.

Everyone needs enlightenment

Therefore, immediate enlightenment is nothing to question; everyone can have it, and
immediately. I will just show you where it is. It is inside you because the kingdom of God is
within us. God is all the nobleness, the goodness that all humanity generates together, has
created together. That is why God is within us, and that is the common good of all mankind.
We can make use of it or we don’t have to make use of it, it’s up to us. If we use it, it’s so
much better for us in our daily work even, and so much better for our planet. We can see how
fast we grow into the galaxy’s united spirit and work with all beings on different planets.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 159

Our life could be more meaningful, more colorful, more broad in every aspect, instead of
clinging to a corner of our earth and knowing not much about why we are born and why we
have to die after so much trouble of birth, growing, and enduring so much suffering and so
much misery that are not always entirely our fault. And we don’t even understand where we
come from and why we have to come. Therefore, enlightenment truly is a must for everyone.
Why should we live in darkness when we could switch on the light? If we know where the
switch is, the light is always immediately turned on. Similarly, the Light of the whole universe
is within us; we have to just plug in or switch on, and then we are in the kingdom of God, we
are in the Light.

We are here to offer you this knowledge of how to turn on your heavenly vision, television.
You can watch and see what else is there, apart from our ephemeral body, apart from our
limited earth, apart from our very small amount of knowledge. We always worship the saints
and sages of the past and the present. We envy them, love them, and adore them, but why?
It is because they have found their greatest supreme power. We are exactly the same as
these saints, not a little bit different, not at all different.

It is better that we turn and worship ourselves. Know how great you are and then worship
your self. Everything is there for you. You don’t even need to ask for any blessings. They will
flow into our lives every day because we are the source of all blessings, of all wisdom, and all
love. Then, whether the neighbors love us or don’t love us, we just love them. We feel fulfilled
in our giving and our loving instead of expecting any love from other people. People will be
also infected by our love and our wisdom; they will also become enlightened. Whoever even
looks at us once will be different, never the same again.

That is the power that we possess. We can use it anytime, anytime at all, if we know where.
Just like electricity, if we know where to turn on the switch for the whole house, the electrical
power is for our use. We can use it for cooking, turning on the fan, for the air conditioning, for
the refrigerator, for video equipment, for television, for everything we wish to use – but only if
we know that we have electrical power inside our house. That’s what we want to offer you – to
know what you have and how to use it. Otherwise, we do feel sorry that people live the way
they do, and they shouldn’t! They don’t deserve to live such miserable lives. They are God’s
children; they have God within themselves. They can let God rule and run their lives and do
everything for them in God’s wisdom instead of in the limited brain-computer power.

We run around ten hours or eight hours a day trying to do many things and trying to
accomplish a great deal but we can only do so much, and our world is still like this. Even if we
advance in some of the electromagnetic fields or in technology, we regress somewhere else
because we don’t do it with wisdom and we don’t enlighten the world with the true wisdom
that everyone has.

We try to copy some of the apparatuses from the astral world which people reject up there,
throw into the garbage, and here we pick them up and they become our top, best-selling
inventions. Most of our technologies are rejected things from the upper region. The best thing
is to enlighten all the people of the world, and then each one can use his own greatest power
to work together. Otherwise, if some person is working very hard here to do something, many
of the others are against him. Many of our techniques are very destructive. We cause a lot of
damage to our world because of our so-called intelligence.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 160

Intelligence and wisdom are different. Wisdom is wiser and we can see the whole universal
plan. Intelligence is just from the brain. We collect some information and we pull it out again,
very limited. That is what we learn and we see, the influences from other beings, and is from
very material information. If we use wisdom, we have the whole storehouse of the universal
plan and then we can pick up whatever we need to benefit our world and ourselves. We can
live in a higher state of thinking, a higher state of perception. It’s not the way we think as we
do now. It’s just like when we grow up, we think differently. We know things in a wiser way,
not like when we were children and we did not know what was behind many things.

To be enlightened is to grow up in spirit and to do things in an adult way. We have the ability
to do this if we just know how. Of course, after enlightenment you will probably see things
differently. You will see things just as dreams and have no more desire even to teach people.
But then because of the destructive world, because of the misery of the world, because
people call on you to help, you will have to do for the sake of other people. Otherwise, to the
enlightened sage, there is nothing to do.

Okay, I think I’ll leave you to ask questions. Thank you very much. [Applause]

Questions and answers

Q. Dear Master, some meditation practitioners claimed they saw a vision of a great disaster
in the world. During that disaster, millions of people were killed. Is that real? What is
Your opinion?

M. It will be real if many more of our worldly residents do not wake up and use their own
great saving power inside. God has given us the lifesaving power, but most of us don’t
use it. Of course, everything is created and will be destroyed in the proper time if we
don’t have enough creative power to sustain it, to restore it. Just like if a house is built,
but we don’t repair it, even if we have all the tools in the house, all the paint, and all the
equipment to repair the house, but we don’t do it, then the house will be pulled down or
damaged by itself.

Even if the house is pulled down and damaged, we have emergency exists and all that.
But if we don’t know them, and if we don’t use them, of course, we will be in danger.
Therefore, I would like to offer you this opportunity to save yourselves at least, should it
come to that. But how many people hear me? The thing is so simple, unconditional –
you just sit there and relax, just like you sleep, and then all this power will come to you;
all the knowledge of your past, the memories, will come to you; all the skills of life will
come to you. It’s so simple, but how many heed this?

They keep asking me all the time about the end of the world! We will end anyhow when
we die, so we might as well save our souls. If we want to save the world, we have to
contribute our power, the supreme power. We have to take it back and use it; otherwise,
who else can do this? The angels have their worlds, their duties to do; Jesus is teaching
somewhere else more advanced than our earth; Buddha has gone to Buddha’s land to
do His thing. Only we are here to rescue ourselves.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 161

If you are afraid of these disasters, then get enlightenment. Repair our house; restore
our world into a more moral standard and a more enlightened planet, then no disaster
will befall us. Otherwise, even if I don’t know anything about the future, I could say, “Yes,
everything could happen.” If the world is becoming so rotten a place, not fit to live, then
God would pull it down and create a new one.

We are the Supreme Master

Q. How do you develop the third eye?

M. You don’t develop the third eye. It’s already there. We can’t develop what is not material.
The third eye is just a way of speaking. There isn’t an eye at all. It just means that
normally we have two eyes and we see things in a limited vision, but if we have the other
eye, the third eye, we can see things in the whole universe. That’s why it’s called the
third eye.

The soul doesn’t need an eye to see, doesn’t need ears to hear, doesn’t need any
sensory apparatus to perceive things. That’s the highest truth. That’s the highest
perception, without having to use any fleshly instrument. That is our soul power, the
Supreme Master within us, which knows all things, hears all things in all ways,
everywhere. That’s what we have to find. We are the Supreme Master of all the

Can you imagine how great you are, and then how you live your life now? [Master sighs]
That’s why I feel very sorry for you. You come here to listen to me. You shouldn’t have to
do it! We are equals; we are exactly the same. We have the same power. You shouldn’t
even have to respect me. That’s a very sad thing. You will know it if you accept what I
say, and then you will know just what I know, what Christ know, what Buddha knows.

Q. Dear Master, how do we develop our wisdom as lay people?

M. Lay or not lay – do I look like a monk or something? [Laughter] I already grew my hair for
you and you are still talking about lay and monk. There is no lay, no monk. There is only
one, and that’s the Master, the Master power. The Master never has to be a monk.
That’s the God within you. God never needs us to shave our heads or do anything. It’s
just because we don’t know it. If we knew it, we would have already arrived there.

Lay person or not lay person, what are you talking about? I was ignorant when I became
a nun; you don’t have to be! A true monk is one without desires and you can do that in
daily life also. You have a wife – because you have her, so you continue being devoted
and faithfully love each other. You help each other to grow, to search for the “non-wife”
and “non-husband” within, the “non-feminine,” “non-masculine” inside, the everlasting
“we.” Otherwise, what is a monk useful for? He recites the sutras, and he eats
vegetarian food. That, you can do at home. Just because you have a little exercise with
your wife or husband, that makes no difference. God doesn’t need all these things.
These are at the physical level; we can go above that.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 162

A man who goes above the physical level is a monk. He can do things or he can not do
things. He doesn’t have to. These are just physical. We don’t talk about physical
exercise; we go above that. Of course after being enlightened, a great deal of desires
will fall out, and then you just do things without desire. If you have to do something, you
do it. If you don’t have to do it, you don’t do it. Very simple.

Q. What are Your views on reincarnation?

M. There is no reincarnation. The soul never reincarnates, but just our habitual thinking, our
desires, our attachments, reincarnate. If we know the soul, if we’re enlightened, if we
know the connection with the whole universe, we are not reincarnated anywhere. We’re
always right there. We’re never born and never die.

All this is theoretical talk. Just get enlightenment and you will know all things. No need to
waste my paper. All the paper that my disciples printed for you, I think is a waste of
money. Think about the recession of our time! Get enlightenment, save everything: Save
printing, save paper, save time, save the rent money for this lecture hall. [Master and
audience laugh.]

Q. Do You agree that the planet is entering a new age of enlightenment and that the
feminine influence will now prevail?

M. Why should the feminine aspect prevail? Just because you see me as a female Master?
I am perhaps the only female Master so I can’t beat all the male Masters in this world.

It is not the feminine aspect, but it is probably motherly love that prevails in our world.
God is both feminine and masculine. We are both feminine and masculine; do not
identify us with a woman’s body or a man’s apparatus. These are only the clothes we
wear. Sometimes it’s different. Just like I wear something like this, that lady wears
something like that, and the gentleman here loves sports – probably just came in from
running, so he wears something like that.

And if we enter the new enlightening age or not, it is up to you to decide. It’s not up to
me or anyone to say. If we are all enlightened, or many of us are enlightened, we would
enter a new enlightening age. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter who predicts what and who
decides what age we are in, what is the use? We are still living in darkness.

Originally we are one

Q. If we are all one, doesn’t Your enlightenment enlighten me also?

M. Yes, but you don’t know that we are one; that’s the problem. If you already know that I
and you are one, then of course my enlightenment is yours. But you don’t know; only I
know. Suppose the parents recognize a son that has been lost for many years, but the
son doesn’t recognize the parents, so all the property from the parents does not become
his. The son will not acknowledge them and has no right to receive anything. He has to
prove that right. The parents also have to try to prove to the son that he is their son.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 163

I am trying to prove to you now through the “immediate enlightenment” process that you
and I are one, and my enlightenment, you can get also; therefore, you can get it
immediately to prove that we are one. But now you sit there, I sit here; I can’t do much
for you. Yes, I do something, but because you sit there and your attention is fixed on me
and also on the outer world, you can’t know it yet. At initiation, I tell you to focus inside,
you know where it is, and immediately you see that we are one. What I have, you have,
at least to some degree. And then you discover more and more about your greatness,
day by day, with the daily meditation practice.

Q. How does one overcome mental abuse by parents and others? How does one know
whether he or she has indeed forgiven someone?

M. Each family is different. Sometimes family members misunderstand each other. The
parents try to do their best to look after the children, and the children sometimes look at
it in a different way, thinking the parents are too over-domineering, and therefore they
feel resentful. So we can never tell. The best way I can tell you is to be loving and kind to
your parents because they are the representatives of God. They take care of you in the
name of God. Their love for you is the love of God through their bodies and care. Pray to
God all the time, with all your might and sincerity, so that you see things in a different
way. And if your parents truly are unknowingly abusing you, they will change and
harmony will prevail within your family.

The second question is that when you truly forgive someone, you have no more hatred
toward that person, no more blaming, no more obstructive thinking – just very easy.
When you see him or her, or when you think of her, it is just like you think of anyone else
without any of the resentment.

Q. Master Ching Hai, does God sit upon a throne in heaven observing, judging, and
recording all our actions on earth to determine whether we shall rise to heaven or be
doomed to eternal hell?

M. No, there is no such God. All these things whether happiness or disaster are brought
upon ourselves by our own misunderstandings and abusing the power of free will. We
have to correct our ways, use our free will in a proper way, and then we will be all right.

By the way, I would like to mention again about the meditation subject. Everyone just
says, “I meditate and I can’t find anything. I can’t have peace of mind, or I am in trouble
and I am in a possessed state.” It is because you do it wrongly. You just call anything
meditation. Of course, everyone meditates. People meditate on money, fame, power,
political struggles, and all that. Everyone meditates on something, but please don’t
misunderstand that is meditation on God. Meditation has proper techniques and it is
safer to follow the footsteps of the great Masters of all times.

Q. How does use of psychic abilities hinder spiritual development?

M. Because psychic ability is still one corner of the whole. If we cling to one corner, then we
cannot attain the complete state. That’s it. Just like magical power and all that, these are
binding, golden chains.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 164

Q. Is it important for us to tell our families about You, or will You take care of becoming
known to them?

M. Do what you can in your power. Otherwise, why should God use us at all? We do what
we can, think properly, and leave the result to the universal plan. That’s the proper way,
not always sitting there and waiting for the Master to do everything, or thinking that
Master knows everything.

Of course, I know everything – maybe, if I am a Master, but you have to know it as well.
It’s your duty to know it. Your duty is to do what you have to do. Just like a student in a
class, the teacher knows everything, but the student has to learn all the same. The
student cannot say to the teacher, “Look, you know everything. You know all these
questions, why ask me?” [Laughter] Yes, it’s our duty; we have to know. We have to do
what we should do.

Q. Is pain a part of God?

M. No, pain is what we have inflicted upon ourselves by doing something not according to
the plan of the universal intelligence. It is a reminder that we should correct our ways.

Q. How do parents help children become enlightened?

M. Well, just get them initiated and they will get enlightened themselves. They have
enlightenment within themselves just like the parents do. We are all equal, actually.

Q. Is there any universal language? Is that Sound close to Aum?

M. The universal language is the inner current that unites all things and brings all beings to
understand each other without language. The sound Aum is the Sound of the second
level. It is not the only Sound, and it’s not the highest Sound in the universe.

Q. Why do we need to meditate? What is the advantage? People say that if we don’t
meditate right, we will have trouble. Please explain.

M. Look at our world and answer yourself. Look at your state of mind and answer yourself.
Look at the way you live your life, look at how miserable many of us are, and answer
yourself why you have to meditate, why you have to have enlightenment. It’s not my
problem; it’s not that anyone has to tell us to get enlightenment. We just have to rescue
ourselves and rescue the world.

Of course, if you meditate at random as I have already mentioned, you will run into
trouble. If you tap inside the great power without knowing how to handle it, you will run
into trouble. If you tap the wrong side of power and run into the negative force, you’ll
have more trouble. Therefore, it is best, of course, to have an experienced friend or
Teacher to help.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 165

The omnipresent, great enlightened one

Q. What is the difference in the life of an enlightened person and an ordinary person?

M. What’s the difference between Jesus and other priests? He is different. What’s the
difference between Buddha and the other monks of His time? He is different. He knows
His supreme power; He is one with the universal power. He can do what He wishes,
saves whom He wants to save, knows what He wants to know, and lacks nothing in life.
He is happy wherever He is; He’s omnipresent; He can help whoever calls on Him. That
is the difference between an enlightened person and a not-enlightened person.

Q. Can one have enlightenment just by listening to the inner Sound?

M. Sure, that is the enlightenment itself to some degree, until you recover your complete

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 166

The communication with God, all of us can attain

Central Cultural University, Mexico City, Mexico
April 1, 1993 (Originally in English)

Muchas gracias, good evening. The communication with God, all of us can attain. There are
many ways to reach God-realization or at least to have communion with God. We can do that
through very deep and sincere prayers, or very deep longing for communion with God, or
someone might do it through some meditative process. There are many ways, but there are
some ways shorter, some ways longer, some ways more secure, and some other ways are
short-lived. If we are in very deep and sincere prayer, we may have a glimpse of the kingdom
of God, and if we have the grace of God, we will also have a glimpse of Hirm. But if we know
precisely where God resides, then it is easier to find God and to find Hirm every day. That’s
what we are here tonight to share with you. While I was in meditation this day before I came
here, there was much information coming for you, and I hope I can remember it all.

In the eyes of the enlightened person, the world is perfect. We always have heard sayings like
that, but then why do we see suffering? Why is God very loving and kind, but does not make
the world apparently perfect? But the world is very, very, very perfect. It is because we do not
turn into the “perfection nature” of the world that we do not see it. The true world lies beyond
our sensory perception; the world we see around us is only a poor coy. That’s why I say the
world is already perfect. Most of us do not see the perfection of God’s creation, but we can by
sincere longing and by a precise technique.

It is just like God assigned women to bear children; God also assigned a certain way to have
communication with Hirm. It is a little difficult to convey all this, but I’ll try my best. The inner
perception and outer language sometimes do not match. In the bible, it is stated that, “God
made man in Hiers own image.” It is exactly just that. I’ll tell you why. As I have mentioned,
this world around us that we can see, we can touch, is a poor copy of a true, perfect world;
nevertheless, we go from the copy and then we can compare it to the true one.

“God made man in Hiers own image” means we have the creative power just like God and we
have all the qualities that God has. Now, we started from the lower level. We humans have
many qualities as a copy of a perfect quality. We have temperament, we have emotion, we
have intelligence, intellectual intelligence, we have creative power, we have free will, and we
have a holy quality. We have a little bit of each. Of course, we have some negative habits
also due to our collecting them from outside, but that was originally not there. That was the
outcome of our interactions with each other and between us and the world at large.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 167

Qualities of God

Let’s begin with our emotion, intellect, and free will, etc. And the negative tendency, it’s not
the thing that God has created, so we just leave it aside for the moment. Whatever we have in
our life, in the apparent, outer life, we have it rooted in the invisible, perfect world of God’s
creation. If we do not have the perfect side of our nature, then we have only a part of it and
we are not a complete being; therefore, we cannot be perfect as our Father in heaven who is
perfect. And of course, we cannot see the world as perfect. All the suffering, all the
misunderstanding, all the misery in the world is not God’s fault and it’s not God’s will. It is our
lack of understanding the perfect side of our nature and the perfect side of God’s creation.
God has given us a way to know; before we were born, God placed it there within us, but we
have forgotten.

There is nothing negative about being emotional, or being too intellectual, or even being
greedy about the things of this world. In God’s creation, there is nothing that is negative. It is
just that we misuse or we do not understand how to handle our quality that it looks negative.
In order to perfect our life and to see the perfect side of God’s creation, we can learn to know
ourselves. Just like the car, if we know how to drive, it will go smoothly and it will carry us to
our destination. If we do not know, the same car will bring us disaster and maybe loss of life.

For example, our emotions – in our life, our emotions cost us a great deal. Sometimes they
cost the loss of a nation or lives. It is because we don’t know how to handle them. If we raise
ourselves above the coarse level of emotion to the finer level of perfect emotions, then we
know how. Then emotion becomes a good tool for us. At that time, we dare to laugh and we
dare to cry with perfect harmony, and we have no artificial restraint about feelings anymore.
We just know exactly how to react emotionally at the right moment, which brings relief to
ourselves, and brings joy or maybe relief to other people.

Further up, we have the intellectual quality. If we just have the learned intellect from books,
from the society, and from our worldly information without getting in touch with the real root of
our intellectual source, the true intellectual power which is beyond words, beyond literature,
beyond book knowledge, then many times we just babble forth what we have learned or what
we have remembered by heart, without understanding the essential meaning of what it is. And
most often, we repeat what are other people’s opinions without our own taste or our own true
realization. If two or there or many of such people are together in such a coarse level of
intellect, which is rooted in our perfect world, then it is different. At that time, we have
heavenly eloquence; we speak only when necessary, and whatever we speak drives directly
to the heart of the listeners and uplifts them to the finer level of understanding.

If we climb further into the perfect world of ours, above the intellectual level, then we will find
the creative force, which creates all things in this world and two more worlds beyond. All of us
have creative power in human existence; therefore, we can make life more comfortable with
many kind of technological equipment. But above that, we have creative imagination – that is,
we imagine many things but we cannot bring them into fulfillment. But if we reach the finer
level, the higher level of our creative power that is inherent within us, we can make them
come true. We can even relinquish our so-called “karma,” meaning the guilty feelings that we,
most of the time, carry around with us, and instead, we even create heaven for ourselves,
create glory of our life. That is the finer level of creative force.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 168

Should we climb further up into the kingdom of God, to the perfect world, then probably we
will encounter difficulty because God places something there to test our courage. And as God
is infinitely fearless, there’s nothing beyond and above God, Hes wants us to be fearless.
Therefore, Hes places something there to discourage us, but at the same time, to encourage
us, to make us realize our fearlessness, to make us realize that, “I and my Father are one.”
And as God made us in Hiers image, we should be exactly perfect and fearless as Hes. This
fearsome and dark region, we will also pass through, but with an experienced guide, of
course it would be better, faster, and safer.

After that, we arrive at the border of reality, the world of perfection. We can have the whole,
the general view of the true world. We can explore further up the whole kingdom of God. We
can see how perfect our world, our universe, already is. Then we can see that all the
sufferings, all the apparent miseries, are just illusion, just a dream, or just like a drama, and
there’s nothing to worry about.

But before that, we can have a taste of the reality from the first step, second step, third step,
and so on. We begin to already have a very firm conviction that the world is not as we
perceived it to be. The real world and our apparent world are just like a real man and his
shadow. If we only know the shadow and do not know the real man, we only know the
illusionary nature of the man’s shadow. The saint and the enlightened persons enjoy both
worlds, and detachment comes easily to them because they know the real. When I meditate, I
see things in a more flowing and smooth manner, but when I put it into language it is so
clumsy that I feel a little frustrated. [Master laughs] Please, forgive me, but did I make myself
a little clear to you? [Audience: Yes.] Thank you.

If we take some time to ponder, then we will realize that in some moment of our life we nearly
glimpsed God, we nearly realized our true nature. Or sometimes, we have sorrow and very
deep depression, and we pray very deeply to the Father and we feel uplifted into some
different world than the world of our own, a world of happiness, of joy, of Light – a brilliant
Light. Or sometimes, we had a glimpse of Jesus Christ and He had words of comfort to us; or
for the Buddhist, we might see the Buddha, etc.

Actually, Jesus and Buddha are all sons of God. There must be different appearances to suit
different tastes. Because our Father is very rich and generous. Hes can make thousands,
billions and trillions, numerous appearances to please Hiers children. Therefore, sometimes
our initiate fellow practitioners see different things. And God is very humorous; Hes makes the
Buddhists see Jesus and makes the Moslems see Krishna. And I can just laugh. [Master and
audience laugh.] What can you do in the situation that the Christian, who had never a
tendency to believe in Islam, would see Mohammed, for example? That is the joke of God.
But when we see these holy personages inside, we have no feeling of discrimination
anymore. We just feel too grateful, too happy, for God’s grace that we shed tears, because
together with the appearance of Jesus, Buddha or Krishna, there is the accompaniment of
Light and joy, wisdom and an uplifting in spirit.

I think some of you will understand what I mean. When we have deep prayers or at least a
very uplifting feeling of joy, no sorrow or suffering of the world could ever touch us that
moment. That is the time when we are in touch with the true world, the perfect world, and
have at least a moment’s contact with the real world. And after the vision has left us, the

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 169

feeling has left us, we feel a great loss and we long for it again, because to most of us, these
visions are very, very rare. But if we want to keep these visions, we have the way to do it.

We have come to share with you the way to get hold of God permanently, and do not let Hirm
escape. That is the way to eternal happiness. And once we have that firmly in our grasp, we
never fear anything whatsoever, because we are always with the Father. We are often in the
real world, and see the drama of this world as just a play. We may enjoy it, or we don’t enjoy
it; it doesn’t matter, because we have the real thing. Just like when we have grown up, and if
we lose a little plastic toy, it doesn’t matter. We may play with the children. We use the plastic
toys. We play with them just like the real things, but we are not attached to these children’s
toys anymore, and that is true renunciation, true monkshood.

Most of the time we have heard that the world is already perfect, there is nothing to do, or “Be
you perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect”. But we always wonder how, simply
because we do not have the chance to know the reality. After we know, we will say the same
thing. In case you have not known it, or you have forgotten, then we may remind you. Should
you have found it by yourself or by another means, then it’s perfect with us. Then together we
may work for the world; we may share our knowledge with other brothers and sisters, those
who have still forgotten how to do it. That’s the purpose of our presence in your friendly,
lovely, beautiful country.

I have been here three days, and I enjoy every day with your company. Every day, the people
of your country came and showered us with love, with trust, with friendship, and with open-
mindedness. I feel so different in your country, very different, and all of the questions that
have been posed to me are super intelligent – nothing of the petty, material level. And it was
so comfortable for me that for the first time I don’t have to always explain to people why I
wear like this, why I do like that. For the first time, I feel that I am in good rapport with the
friends that come. Well, it’s not the first time, but I mean it’s one of the rare times. It’s truly
very pleasing for me. So much that this morning I even had an illusion that maybe I will stay
here for good. [Applause] Thank you for your love. It’s just an illusion, I guess. Well at least, I
have to go around the world for two more months. So I have to put aside my illusion for the
time being, but I truly thought like that this morning while I meditated. I was smiling alone
when I thought of the moments being with you, the kind of feeling that you have trusted

What else should we talk about apart from having a permanent residence here? Is it
possible? I have a British passport. What’s the condition – maybe, one thousand US dollars
or no, one millions US dollars, in the bank on deposit? [Laughter] With that I have no problem.
I will sell my paintings, and I’ll have it. Just a little bit of joking to make you relax, otherwise,
everyone will have a stiff neck. [Master and audience laugh.]

Happiness comes when we know God

In order to know the kingdom of God, we should know our whole quality, as I have stated
before. Only after knowing ourselves completely do we know God, because God made us in
Hiers own image. If we live a life of misery and suffering, it’s our own free will because even if
we have forgotten how to know ourselves, God has always sent someone to remind us.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 170

The seed of wisdom is within us. If we know it, we are more fearless than any great hero of
our history. If we do not know it, everything could upset us, everything could frighten us, and
we never feel happy even if we possess the whole world. That’s why we have greed and we
have desires, because we never feel truly happy. We think if we have more possessions,
more money, then we’ll be happy; or we think if we fall in love often, then we’ll be more
happy, but we end up more miserable than before because nothing can replace the pleasure
in the kingdom of God. That’s why we must seek the kingdom of God and all the things shall
be coming unto us. By knowing our holy quality, our perfect self, we will enter the kingdom of

When we sleep, nothing in the world affects us because at that time, we are unconsciously in
communion with God, with our real source, with the true world. But when we are awake, we
forget. We are dragged down into the material existence, and we are swimming in the
illusionary vision. If we could bring this “deep-sleep” state into the “awakened” state, then we’ll
be happy twenty four hours a day. That’s why after we sleep, we feel refreshed and
recharged, and in sleep, we have no hatred for anyone, very rarely. If we sleep deeply, we
don’t have any hatred or any dreams because we are unconsciously in contact with the true,
perfect world.

The method of Quan Yin, or contemplating of the real world, is to bring this unconscious state
into conscious awakening in daily life, and therefore bring us happiness twenty four hours a
day. The more we practice, the more we become expert, and the more we are happy and
fearless because we are the Master of the real world. In the whole universe, we will reign
supreme; therefore, who can do anything to us? Even if something happens, we know it’s just
a play because we have life eternal in our hands. If we lose the body, it’s just like we lose one
pair of trousers, and we know we have plenty in our closet. For example, I design my clothes
myself. It’s cheaper, and more beautiful. I love beauty, truth, and virtue. Who says God is
ugly? [Laughter] I have many clothes, and should I lose one, I can design another. I would
never feel terribly depressed if I lose one set of my clothes like this, because I’m able to make
hundreds of them and I can have a new set in two hours, one hour. In the kingdom of God,
we can have things faster than that.

If we are in possession of our creative power again, we can do anything. That’s why we have
heard that Jesus or Buddha can help many people – bring them from hell to heaven, heal the
sick, cure the blind, rescue all His disciples into the kingdom of God, and fulfill their wishes in
many different places simultaneously. It is because Jesus has the real power from the true
world. He has become one with the Father. He has become perfect as the Father.

Of course, we do not crave for the fulfillment of these material comforts, nor does the Master
care to display all this power that He has. It is more important that He show to the disciples
the real world, and not create toys in the material level for them to play with. But in case it’s
truly necessary, absolutely unavoidable, He would make a few miracles or two, one or two.
Therefore, He didn’t go around the world and cure all the blind, heal all the sick, and raise all
the dead to life. He raised only Lazarus, as you know. You know the bible; you know better
than I do.

Also, many people ask me, “Jesus had great power, why didn’t He make all the world see the
true world, all the world go to the kingdom of God at once, instead of having to go through

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 171

suffering like that?” That’s the free will. Each one has to choose to go back to the Father, or
stay here and play around. If we do not make good use of our free will, we create trouble. But
it’s all right; God is infinitely patient. Therefore, Hes just lets us play and does not destroy our
world. Well, Hes does sometimes; part of it, just to tickle us into remembering that life here is
ephemeral and full of disasters and sufferings, and the only way to escape is to return to the
true world which is perfect and eternal. But because the majority of us cannot see the true
world, we cling to this world and we don’t let go. If we have a glimpse of the true world, and
often have such glimpses, then of course we don’t have any more attachment to this world.
Therefore, many Masters have come and offered us to see, to have a glimpse, into the real
world, so that we might have less attachment for the illusionary world.

We also offer the same. First, see the kingdom of God, and then you can even decide, but
mostly after seeing the kingdom of God, we just want to stay there. And we can have both the
real world and this world at the same time, should we be still a little unsure or still afraid to let
go. Yes, we can have grown-up things of the adult, but we don’t have to throw away our
children’s toys. It’s all right. Therefore, many adults still keep their childhood teddy bears
when they sleep. It’s fine.

The method of meditation does not necessitate us to leave home, to go the Himalayas. You
may go for a ten day excursion, and we don’t need to go to be a monk in the temple. We can
be if we want to. One person asked me yesterday, “How can we combine spiritual practice
with daily practical life? We have to work; we have to take care of our family, and fulfill our
duty in the world.” And he said, “Enlightenment seems like only for those who stay in the
monastery and have a good and a tranquil life. Otherwise, for us, it’s not possible.” I said to
him, “Not all the people in monasteries are necessarily enlightened, and not all the people
who walk beside you on the street are ignorant.” In these days, most of the practitioners of
this method are just ordinary, like us. I have even tried to put on earrings so that you think I’m
normal [Laughter] – that I’m not an extraterrestrial or something from heaven. [Laughter] All of
us can meditate and keep a very ordinary life.

In these days, many of our fellow practitioners have come from different countries to see me. I
think I can name a few to back up my introduction. A Chinese, Hung Hai – he worked for the
Chinese ambassador in Costa Rica. He just quit because he didn’t want to go back to
Formosa; he loves Costa Rica. Now, I don’t know who else there is. A couple from Panama
but I don’t know what they do. What is your job, brother? [Brother: Engineer.] An engineer
from Panama, and a couple of medical doctors from San Jose and Costa Rica. I don’t see the
husband but I see the wife is here. Some medical doctors, and then some others. Many,
mucho, mucho. These are professors and a Christian priest from Honduras. And I see Marcos
over there; he worked for the American embassy. I can’t remember any more. That’s just
about it. There are too many to mention.

So, now you know all the saints are sitting around with you. They live in the real world at the
same time as in our world. They are enjoying heaven while fulfilling their duty as citizens in
this world. Therefore, be assured and be at ease if you would like to join the kingdom of God.
And then together we will work to beautify our world and bless our world with the Father’s
power that is inside. The initiation includes five, six, seven generations. You can bring them to
heaven with you after their time is up. And it’s all unconditional: No charge, no binding,
nothing, now and never, ever.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 172

All right, I think I have spoken enough for now. If you have any more question, I’ll be happy to
elaborate further. Thank you. [Applause]

Questions and answers

Q. How can I get rid of the negative and only keep the positive?

M. By always turning to the positive. But it would be easier when we know how. That’s why
at the initiation, we will tell you. If not, every time you have a negative thought, stop it,
and pray immediately to the Father or whatever faith that you have, and replace it with
the contrary positive thinking. And don’t let it become action or speech. Even if it
becomes action or speech, stop it. Don’t go further.

Q. Dear Sister, I have recently heard that we should also learn how to forgive God.

M. That’s very generous of you. Hes would be appreciative. If we want to forgive God, first
we should learn to know God. And then we know where Hiers bad quality is in order to
forgive. But I’m afraid you’ll only know Hiers good quality, and you will only love God.

Q. There is a lot of abstract thought in spiritual realization. How can I get to know myself in
a very practical, straight forward, and easy manner?

M. Our method is not a thinking method. It’s just direct contact with God’s power, with the
Light of heaven, with the Sound of God. At that time, there is no need for reasoning
anymore. Just like we talk a lot about water, but when we drink it, “finito.” So we invite
you to come to drink the water.

At the time of initiation, apart from just casual instructions, the real initiation takes place
in absolute silence and you are left alone with God, without any intellectual interference
of any kind. And in silence, you will see the Light shine forth from heaven without using
the eyes; you will hear the Word of God without using the ears – direct contact, merging
in the real world.

Q. Can we overcome negative karma by means of the Quan Yin method?

M. Of course, that’s what it is for. Otherwise, what is the use? At the time of initiation, all our
past karma and negative burdens will be burned away by the Light of God. And we just
live out our life waiting for the time to go Home. Not only us, but also our five, six, seven
generations, and our friends, our loved ones, are liberated. Even if they are in hell, they
will be pulled up to heaven because of the tremendous power from the kingdom of God.
The Truth will dispel all falsehoods; the grace of God will erase all negative traits.

Q. Frequently when I am in meditation, when I am praying, tears will come to my eyes. Is it

good to cry? Why does one cry?

M. If you cry and you don’t know, how do I know? [Laughter] Usually, it denotes cleansing
of our impurity, and we’ll feel much more relieved afterward. But don’t cry too much; you
will dry up. [Laughter]

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 173

Q. Do You think that we human beings will ever be able to understand the Truth and know
why we are here? And will there be an end to the misery and the suffering?

M. Sure! Definitely! That’s why I am here – to remind you that we can. If I can, you can. If
our disciples can, you can. We are no different: The nose is between the eyes in both of

Q. Could You elaborate, please, on the fact that when one gets illumination, he takes with
him five generations?

M. More than that, I just say five in case you think I am exaggerating. Even your friends with
whom you have sympathy, strangers, anyone in connection with you, the Father also
takes care, because God is very generous, very merciful. Whomever you love, Hes

The purpose of a vegetarian diet

Q. Can I get to know God even if I eat meat, especially small wild life? This is a part of the
Mexican culture to be in communion with nature. So even ingesting meat, could I get to
know God?

M. Sure you can, but then it will breed some side-effects and your vision might not be as
pure as it should be. Therefore, according to the law of God, “Thou shalt not kill,” it would
be best to keep to a pure vegetarian diet, if possible, if we would like to know God
completely, if we want to awaken this tremendous power within us, we have to be
prepared for it. Just to prepare us with a certain special diet, certain medicine, etc., and
we should not transgress.

The vegetarian diet is not only to nourish our love for all beings, but also to give us a
very enduring strength in order to receive, to deal with this tremendous power, once we
tap within. It has been proved since time immemorial that a man who wants the complete
kingdom of God, complete oneness with the Father, should refrain from a meat diet. But
if you would like to have a taste of it or just a partial experience of the true world, we will
help you in another way. We have an expedient method that will be taught to you if you
present yourself at the information desk. And of course, you are to be vegetarian
whenever it is convenient for you in that direction. For the complete realization and to
prepare for initiation, we should adhere to the vegetarian diet.

Q. Do You have any opinion regarding the statement that Mexico is a very important
country for the future of the world?

M. Every country is important for the future of the world. Without one or another, we are not
the world. Of course, if the Mexican people are more spiritually advanced, then in the
future, your good country will contribute a great deal of help and blessing to the world.
We have the power to do that; just know God, and then we bless the whole world. It’s up
to you to make your country become the most important country of this universe. If we
are just proud of ourselves and do nothing about it, then it’s no use. We have to have

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 174

something in order to be important. We must earn money in order to be able to help


Q. Master, is it possible by the law of karma to adopt an animal body after human life?

M. Yes, it’s possible. If our life standard is below human dignity, which means
subconsciously we desire a kind of animal life, then we will be granted this experience
until we think, “Okay, we’ve had enough of it!” Then we’ll be lifted up again. Similarly, if
our standard is above the human standard, then we will enter the angelic circle or
sainthood. It is a matter of choice.

Q. Our life is a gift from God; what we do with it is our gift to God. I once heard that through
dreams God communicates Hiers wishes. What do You think about this?

M. Do you think it is like that? All of you think? Yes or no? [Audience: No.] No. Maybe in
some rare cases, occasionally we can have a glimpse into the will of God, but most of
the time that is just a karmic reaction. Of course, God accepts whatever action we do,
but it is we who reap the consequence. God says, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”
Therefore, we just take care that we do not reap a very undesirable result; that is all.
God doesn’t care.

What we see in dreams sometimes concerns events in the future. That is because in
sleep we access into the storehouse of cause and effect and then see what is written
there. It is not necessarily the almighty God that conveys the message to us. In the
casual world, there is library that is a place where everything is recorded and if we
somehow pass by, then we’ll see. Some people have access to that library any time they
want. Some do so occasionally in dreams or in meditation. If we practice our method, we
can sometimes pass by and have a look at it if necessary.

Q. The people that today get their initiation, how will they keep contact afterwards?

M. We contact inside; we don’t need physical contact. We contact through the real channel,
not through the illusionary channel. I don’t need to be here or to be there at the time of
initiation. We do it through the inner communication, through our own wisdom, which
understands without listening, sees without the eyes, and hears without the ears. But of
course, you can contact me by writing, by phone, by fax. Today, it’s very simple.

After initiation, every time you ask a question you have abided by the instructions, every
time you ask a question you have an immediate answer. But in case the mind still
doubts, then write or ask physically. I could also send some advanced disciples to help
you in solving some basic questions. Our world is very small; don’t worry that I’ll escape

Q. What is the importance of music in our life? Does it have any importance?

M. Yes, it is very important. That’s why many people in mental hospitals use music as one
of the healing instruments. And sometimes after a hard day’s work, we listen to some

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 175

soft soothing music and it’s very relaxing and recharging. In some of the factories, they
put on music so that the people will work better, but that is only the outer music

Can you imagine how much more beneficial it is if we listen to the inner Sound, the
Sound from heaven that the initiation will help you to rediscover? This Sound is the Word
of God. It will give us more and more wisdom, more and more intelligence, each day.
Together with the Light of God, it will bring us closer and closer to the Father, and then
tell us everything in this nonverbal language of how to handle our daily life. That’s how
the lives of the initiates become better, more comfortable, more intelligent, and nearer to
God each day.

Q. We thank the Lord for having someone like You. Thank You for sharing with us Your
words and I would like to share with You this publication. I hope You enjoy it.

M. Thank you so much. Thank you.

Q. Could You tell us whether, in this audience, there is somebody that has fully seen God?

M. Fully, maybe not, but some have seen a lot from God: The one who stands in front of
you, the ones who sit around here, many of them. You raise your hands. They are
disciples. You see them over there? They were all outside because they were taking
care of the information. Also the other people sitting or doing the equipment, and sitting
around on the staircase there, or standing here. All of them have seen part of God,
either in manifestation body, or in Light or Sound.

Q. How is it possible that You have been so illumined? Are You afraid of anything?

M. How come I am so illumined? I don’t know. I got in contact with the real wisdom; I see
things with the real eyes. It’s just like when we see the ordinary surroundings with the
ordinary eyes. We see the super world with the “super eye.” “If your eye be single, your
whole body will be full of Light.” This is the eye that we must use to see the kingdom of
God. If the body is full of Light, of course you are illumined. It is a matter of using the
right apparatus. Just like we use our hands to grasp things, our eyes to see each other,
we use the wisdom eye to see the real world, the wisdom of God. I can show you and
you will be the same because you and I are equal. It’s just that you forgot how to use
your own wisdom, and I have regained it through the grace of God, through effort, and
through sincerity; otherwise, we are the same.

Q. Are You afraid of something? Are You fearsome of something?

M. What shall I be afraid of?

Yes, I’m afraid you might lose your life before you know your self. I am afraid that you
may spend your life in suffering and poverty while you are the son of God. I fear for your
life if you are not yet enlightened – not really afraid, just a feeling sorry for your suffering,
for your unnecessary sorrow. That’s the only thing that bothers me. To see you suffer
makes me suffer.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 176

Q. Dear Master, for many years now I have been trying to meditate. I have not been able to
have a vision, and this would be the most important thing for me – to be able to see the
Light. And I pray and I pray. How can I be successful?

M. Then maybe you need initiation. It’s quicker. Yes, with praying, sometimes it takes years
to have the vision of the Lord; with initiation, it takes minutes or seconds.

Q. Master Ching Hai, could all the masters of the world unite and create and forge a
universal morality in order to avoid suffering and evil?

M. Yes, if all of us are enlightened, it’s possible. If only a few maters are enlightened, it
wouldn’t make much difference because it is not necessary to change our world. It’s not
necessary to change the world, just tune inside the real world, see the real world; then
we would see that the world is perfect. Because, for example, if I am enlightened and I
see the real world, I am happy. I see that everything is perfect, but you still are in
suffering because you don’t see it. Buddha was here, Jesus was here, but in their time
people still suffered in ignorance, and even were ignorant enough to harm the only
savior of the time. Therefore, each one of us must be enlightened, or at least the majority
of us, then the world will be different. At least, when we are enlightened, the world is
different to us. That’s what is important, not to change the world.

Q. Do You agree that God’s plan is to save all human beings?

M. No, Hes doesn’t plan anything because the world is already perfect in Hiers plan. It’s we
who forgot to use the perfect eye to see the perfect creation of God. But whenever we
human are crying for the real vision, then God will send one or two of Hiers messengers
to remind us where to look for it. Otherwise, God has created a perfect world. I have
seen it perfect. Except when I’m with you, I know you are still in your own vision, and of
course I know for you the world is not perfect. And because of love for you, I share this
suffering with you, and I suffer also the imperfection that you suffer. Otherwise, in my
own opinion and view, I don’t even have to come here and talk to you because I see
everything’s already perfect.

Right now, you go outside and register and then we will call you later, by name. There is
an information desk outside, one for initiation and the other one just for part-time
enlightenment – for those who cannot put down the piece of beefsteak. [Master and
audience laugh.] If you want initiation, please go out and register now. After I finish this,
we’ll call you in. I will be with you later.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 177

We must find our real self

Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, U.S.A.
April 3, 1993 (Originally in English)

My dear brothers and sisters, especially the Au Lac brothers and sisters, please allow me to
speak English because we are in America. Is that all right? [Applause] I wish you a very
pleasant evening together.

We have always heard that the kingdom of God is within us and the Buddha nature is inside
all of us. The Buddha nature and the so-called kingdom of God are not two different things.
They are different names to describe the same thing. It is just like in different languages we
call flowers with different intonations. If the kingdom of God is within us, why couldn’t we find
it? It is because we have forgotten how great we are, how true happiness can only be found if
we really know ourselves.

True happiness comes from self realization

Many people are happy, they think they are happy, because they have a lot of money or they
are proud to be in a very high social position. And we sometimes are proud of being very
educated, having a vast knowledge of many things pertaining to life on earth. But these things
are not permanent and are not the whole knowledge of the universe. If somehow we can
forget these ephemeral matters for the time being and deeply contemplate on whom we are
and why we are here, on what we are made of, then we will be able to know our greatness, or
the kingdom of God, which is within ourselves, or the Buddha nature if you are allergic to
God. If we want to be proud of ourselves, I think we should be proud properly, because we
are the greatest in the whole universe. And if we know that, then we should truly be proud.
But of course, after knowing ourselves, we do not feel any pride at all because it is just a very
normal affair. It’s just like if we place something in our pocket and then we now rediscovery it
after searching all over the house and not finding it.

True happiness is not offered by the high positions of the world, by the knowledge that we
gain from books or from society, or from the possessions that we have. True happiness can
only come with self realization, with enlightenment. Then when we laugh, we truly laugh, and
when we cry, we are truly touched. All our emotions are worked out in a harmonious, natural,
and perfect way, leaving our body and mind relieved of all burdens and unnecessary
pressures which cause a lot of unknown illnesses or many mental disturbances.

After enlightenment, when we understand something, we truly understand it – very deep, very
profound, very satisfying. And then we truly know happiness, even though in life we still

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 178

encounter a lot of difficulties, a lot of undesirable situations, but within ourselves, we are
unshakable. We might shed tears but we are not miserable. We are not weighed down by the
misery, the sorrow that we encounter. We might laugh very heartily but we will not be
attached to the fleeting happiness that the material world offers us. We enjoy things but we do
not possess them. We sympathize with people but we do not bind them to us. We love
everyone without feeling a possessive impulse to bind people around us all the time. This is
then the true happiness.

Many of us think that to attain the kingdom of God takes a very long time or it is impossible –
only Jesus or Buddha can do it. But if we remember very clearly in the bible, Jesus has stated
that, “Whatever I do, you can do. You can do better.” And the Buddha said, “I have already
achieved Buddhahood. You will achieve Buddhahood.” What is this “Buddhahood” or the
“Buddha nature”? We can call this the great intelligence, the great wisdom, which is inherent
within all of us. By the rediscovery of this wisdom, there is nothing we cannot do, no space we
cannot traverse, no task is too difficult, and we do things without effort. We can rescue many
people from hell, we can bless the world with our spiritual Light, and we can ascend to
heaven whenever we wish.

And even in our daily life, we will attain true happiness through having realized our wisdom.
Our situation in life may change or not change but still we have a very deep happiness within
us, which nothing, no situation, can shake. We might appear to be shaken in some situations,
but then within our soul, our heart, there will come forth, will radiate forth, a very stable peace,
a very solid tranquility, which makes us happy and content in every situation. Sometimes in
dealing with our daily affairs, we cannot help but feel some frustration or dissatisfaction. But
still, if we are enlightened, we have a very different attitude because we know that God’s will
shall be done. We know that this world, however charming, however real it looks, is only a
shadow of the true world which is within us, which is only one hairbreadth again. We can walk
back into that reality anytime to console ourselves, to verify to ourselves that anything that
happens in this world is illusionary and we have a choice not to stay within this dark world –
because we do.

A visit to an intensive care unit in hell

This morning at brunch time, one of my fellow practitioners sat with me and was chatting
about his experiences. It’s nothing much really; you may be surprised and disappointed
because he talked about hell, not heaven. Of course he has gone to heaven other times too,
and he told me already, but this morning, I don’t know why, he talked about hell. He went to
hell probably out of curiosity to have a look. Probably he was fed up with heaven since he had
been there many times, so he wanted to have a change and went to hell. Luckily, he didn’t go
to a very, very deep and horrible one, just to the kind of outskirts of hell. So he went there and
he saw that the streets were very small and dark, slippery and depressing. The houses were
similar to ours here, but very dull, very dark, very dim with no light. And the sky above,
instead of being blue and bright like our sky was dark and depressing, and there was no light
in it. The houses were all covered with moss and they were wet and damp and very

As soon as he entered there, he felt such a depression, such a pressure within his soul that
he wanted to cry, but he couldn’t even cry. It was such a depression that he could not even

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 179

cry out to relieve himself, and the tears would not even fall down. He just felt like choking,
without anyone doing anything physically to him, without anyone ever speaking anything or
any abusive words to him; he just felt oppressed. He walked around there, opening his mouth
and wanting to cry, but he couldn’t even cry out. He walked around there all the time and then
he remembered the method that I have taught him for such situations. Of course he made use
of it, and then he felt better, and he came nearer and nearer to the entrance.

Before he got to the entrance, he came to a point where the road separated into two: One
was going up, a wider road and brighter, going up, and the other one went deeper
underneath, must have been into a more intensive care hell. It’s just like a hospital; hell is a
kind of hospital to repair some people with perverted views about life, about heaven and earth
and all that, which are contrary to the Truth. So there are some intensive care stations in that
kind of hospital which are very, very depressing, a lot of suffering, indeed, and sometimes it
could go on for a long time if the person is very sick, mentally or psychically.

Now, when he encountered that crossroad, he was very frightened and oppressed within his
heart, so he prayed to the Master power and then he was able to walk toward the lighter path.
Otherwise, he was kind of rooted there and feeling very, very frightened, very depressed,
without anything happening to him. It is just the atmosphere in that hell that makes people
depressed without ever doing anything.

He was asking me why, so I kind of explained it to him that because the atmosphere is
different from your own, therefore you couldn’t bear it. If you go deeper, it would be terrible
and probably not easy to come back. Just like we are human beings and if we happen to go
under water, we could bear it for a while but still we feel the pressure of the volume of water
above and around us. Therefore, we couldn’t bear it very long and we will be suffocated
without anything being done to us.

Similarly, if a human being of a dignified standard goes to hell to have a look, then of course
he will suffer this difference in vibratory current. Therefore, he felt very, very uncomfortable
and near dying. It felt like mountains upon you and you couldn’t move; you couldn’t get away
from it. This experience I’ve known also sometimes, when I have to go there for some reason,
maybe shopping to see who is a good soul to bring up. Shopping in hell can be very
uncomfortable. But that was not a very deep hell.

Now, when he turned to the wider and brighter road, he saw a very big gate and outside the
gate was a different world altogether – bright, happy, clear, everything is normal and beautiful.
Inside the gate is the world of darkness, of depression, of suffering. So he just walked out of
the gate and he was in the Light. Of course he saw many other things, but I don’t think I will
take up your time this evening because we’re not advertising hell tonight. [Laughter] Yes, you
can laugh if you want, it doesn’t matter. Express your humor.

He walked out of the gate and then into the Light. So simple is that, but then he even had to
pray to the Master in order to walk out. You would think it would be very easy but it is not. If
you go to such a place, your feet seem to root there. And if we are not very highly virtuous, or
if we do not have any reliable source of power beside us, it is not easy to get out. That’s why
most of the people, when they fall into a state of lower consciousness like the so-called “hell,”
they can’t help themselves to get out.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 180

Even though it’s just a door apart, they can’t go out. And no one is at the door to guard the
door at all, but no one could ever walk out. They don’t think of walking out. The atmosphere is
so binding, so confining, that everyone is rooted inside and can’t get out. We feel very
depressed when we’re there because we are human and we are not used to such low
vibratory currents. It’s just like the animals, for example the pigs, they’re very happy in their
den. They’re rolling around in filth and all that and they feel happy, but if we were to be in
there for even a few minutes, we would not feel content and we would like to walk out.

So, there are different levels of consciousness, which manifest in different kinds of worlds for
different beings to satisfy their subconscious levels of understanding. We can regress for a
while – not regress, just probably go around a different corner for a while that may be darker
than where we stand for a while. That is the lower world of hell. And we could walk directly
into the Light and therefore step up our consciousness. It’s all up to us. And if we could not do
it ourselves, we should try to find someone who has experience in such business and they will
help us.

Enlightenment immediately is no big deal – just know-how, just like everything else in life. If
we know how to operate a very complicated computer, it’s very easy, but for a layman, it’s
almost impossible. Immediate enlightenment, since ancient times people already have
experienced it, but more so in this century because the media, the communication systems,
are great. Therefore, we have all the good news available to mankind at large.

Why is it so easy to get enlightenment? It is because our nature is enlightenment, because

we are wisdom, we are great. It is said that God made man in Hiers own image; therefore, it is
said that the Buddha and all sentient beings are equal. But the difference is that the Buddha
knows it, knows His treasure, knows His wisdom and can make use of it, and the other
sentient beings do not know or have not yet come to know it. If a sentient being knows these
things, then he’s immediately merged within his own greatness, or the Buddha nature. He will
realize immediately, or sooner or later, how great he is, that he and the Father are one, and
then he is the Buddha.

Look beyond the shadow to the real thing

Someone asked me, “Is there any difference between God and a Buddha?” I said, “Yes and
no.” All things come from God; this is the source of all beings, this is our own nature, the
original source, before we were born into this physical world. Actually, we were never born;
we were never born at all. It’s just a different room that we have stepped into. Just like the
story I narrated before about our disciple who first was in the dark world and then came out
into the Light world, which was only one door apart. The Buddha is the God power that is
manifested into a shape in order to guide us into the Light. Jesus is also the same. He is the
manifestation of God power on earth in order to remind us that we can be the same. Jesus
and Buddha did not come here to make us worship them or to enjoy our glorification of them.
They came here to show us that we can be the same, that we can be connected with God,
and be great as Buddha and Jesus. And we can walk back into the Light where we have
come from and not be deluded by this shadow of the real world, of this poor copy of the real

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 181

I have made an example of a very beautiful girl. Miss Universe, for example would probably
stand inside a room somewhere with the light behind her and her shadow on the floor, and
someone outside the room saw only the shadow and not the beautiful girl. Now if he looks at
the shadow, of course it is kind of tortuous and not beautiful, but even then, it probably seems
beautiful enough. Maybe the nose was very high and the figure was very proportionate, etc.,
and probably we would think, “Wow! What a beautiful shadow!” But it is only a shadow. If we
get to know the real girl, we would not marvel at or attach to the shadow at all, and we would
think, “Wow! This is truly what it should be!” Because we do not step inside to find the real
beauty, we think the shadow is beautiful, but it’s not good. It is twisted here and twisted there,
the legs are too long, the head is too big, etc., because all shadows are like that.

All shadows are very poor images of the real thing. Therefore, we don’t need to change the
world because the world is only a shadow of the real thing. If we get to know the real one,
then we do not care about the copy, about the shadow. That’s how we gain detachment from
the world. That’s how we will be truly happy because we have discovered something precious
and real. Nothing of the shadowy world could affect us anymore – be it twisted, be it long, or a
very funny shape, representing the misery and suffering of this world. We would not feel very
disturbed because we know it is only a shadow. As soon as the light is turned out, the shadow
is gone, because only the real thing is forever there. The real girl is always there, whether the
light is on or not on, whether the shadow is there or not.

The God nature, the kingdom of God within, the real world, exists all the time, eternally. What
is destroyed is only the shadow of it – just like when the light was out, then the shadow of the
beautiful girl also disappeared. Therefore, when we say that we die, or the end of the world
will come, and catastrophes will come, etc., we, the practitioners of the Quan Yin method,
never worry because we know the real and the eternal world. Our life is bound to be always in
happiness. Even though we apparently show some of kind emotion, it is only the wave on the
sea’s surface; it’s not the whole sea. And soon the waves will subside and go back into the
sea, all tranquil, all great. Therefore, if we want to find true happiness in life, we should turn
inward, walk through the door that separates the shadowy world and the real world.

The door is here. [Master points to Her wisdom eye] We call this heavenly gate, the wisdom
eye, or the gate to nirvana, everything behind, everything that is unsatisfactory, everything
that is false, illusionary, and causes unhappiness. Then we will always know what true
happiness is. Even if we do not search for heaven, or even if we do not believe in heaven, at
least our life here on earth would be very smooth, content, and happy, the way it should be.

Ignorance of the real world is cause of suffering

The world is full of suffering but it is not God’s making. It is not the lord of karma who makes
troubles, as we have learned to know. It is not the law of cause and retribution that makes us
reap what we sow; it is our own ignorance of the real world that brings us all kinds of
unhappiness. We keep chasing the shadow, wanting it to be straight, to be more full, to be
more beautiful, to be more proportionate, but it is only a shadow. If we get to know the real
person, we care not what the shadow looks like. Is that not so? Similarly, if we know the real
world and how beautiful, how eternal, how free of every disaster and suffering it is, we care
not whether this ephemeral drama is going on in which way. We know it is a distorted picture,
a projection of the real and beautiful world; therefore, whatever it looks like, it doesn’t concern

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 182

us that much. But if we do not know, of course we would always attach ourselves to the
shadow, wanting it to be this and that and other, which is impossible. The shadow may be
straight, may be bent, may be twisted, may be long, may be short, according to the situation
of the light that is behind the real object or above the real object. It is not important anyhow
because the shadow is only a shadow. That’s why it is ephemeral. That’s why it is illusionary,
and it should be so.

There is nothing that is such a big deal about the world, about our life, about our body,
whether it stays here or it disappears one day at death. We can create plenty more. And the
shadow may be short today, long tomorrow, but our self still remains the same and that is
important. We must know our real self and not go chasing after our shadow and wanting to
change our shadow because it’s useless. The shadow will always change and it’s always
short-lived. In the morning, it is very long when you stand facing the sun or with your back to
the sun. At noon time, it becomes very short, almost unidentifiable on the ground, almost
clinging to the shape of the body. In the afternoon, it’s again very long or twisted, depending
on the position of the sun. Why would we worry whether the shadow becomes like this, that or
other? We know we are not the shadow.

After enlightenment, we know the real world. We walk through that door of darkness
separating darkness and Light, and then we know happiness. We’re very stable. That’s why
most of our disciples are very happy. Not because they gain more money, it could happen, or
not because they have better positions but that happens, also, but because after we know the
kingdom of God, all the things shall be added unto you anyhow as a bonus. We have wisdom,
we have illumination that shines on all things so we see things in a better perspective.

Things just become better automatically. There’s no magical power, nothing mystical about it.
It’s just like a person who was lying ill all the time so he was unable to fix his car, or to do
something in the house, but once he’s strong again, he’s clear in the head and he can eat, he
can drink, then of course, he can tackle many things easily. So our soul, our mentality, is ill
without enlightenment, without the proper food to care for and nourish it.

After we have enlightenment, we have plenty of strength and then everything we can do
automatically using the greatest wisdom instead of using only the title limited computer brain.
Therefore, of course, everything will be better. Our lives will become brighter, happier, and
everything we do will be smoother. Not to mention that we also have the transformation body
of the Master, who always helps us or sometimes tells us what to do, if we have not yet
reached the highest state of realization and are not in possession of our whole wisdom. So
we cannot be anything but happy. We can’t escape from happiness, and that’s the reason
why our fellow practitioners are shining. It doesn’t matter in which walk of life and in which
position they are in, deep down within them, they have this happiness. They will be the best
citizens of the world. We’ll miss their company. [Applause] Thank you. You are awake after
all? I thought I was talking to shadows. [Master and audience laugh.]

Whether we want to go to heaven or we just want to be a good citizen of the world,

enlightenment is a must. It is our birth right, our possession, and if we deny that right, it is very
pitiful for us. Why should we not make use of our treasure when we have it instead of going
out begging for a morsel or two of food on the street? If we have the treasure, the great
limitless treasure, why don’t we make use of it? And it is so easy. It’s not that we have to go

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 183

out begging for something or do something about it. Just sit at home and then we have

Therefore, we invite you to know yourself. We invite you to return to your own greatness in
order to bless yourself, bless the world, bless the hell people, and ascend to a higher level of
world, a higher level of consciousness, when we finish our duty on earth. This we can do
easily through a definite method. Thousands, millions, trillions of people have already tried
and have succeeded, so you may also try. Even children can do it; no one would be denied
this privilege. And I am always there for your convenience and for anything you need at all.
[Long applause]

Thank you for your loving attention, and now you may ask questions.

Questions and answers

Q. Will there be world peace?

M. The world is already in peace. We are not at peace. [Applause]

Q. Dear Master, when we have a few problems, how do we know which one is fixed karma
and which one is Master’s testing?

M. Actually, there is no testing for us. We test ourselves. Just like when we have some
hardship we say, “Oh, God has tested me,” but it is not true. It is because of our karma,
because of our tendency toward negative ways, that we experience hardship. The only
way is to turn back to the positive and then we experience a different way. We can do it
by self discipline or by prayer, and then we turn everything to a better way. Whether it’s
karma or God’s testing, it will be better.

Q. Lao Tzu said, “The more you know, the less you understand.” Understanding comes
from meditation. Do we need to continue reading scriptures to collect more knowledge?

M. You can if you want to, but the true knowledge is from within and it’s not from books.
Books can inspire us to a nobler ideal, to a better way to follow. But if we stop at the
book level, then we are only attaining worldly knowledge, at an intellectual level, and we
can’t pass through into the non-knowing knowledge. Just like Lao Tzu said, “The more
you know, the less you understand.” What he meant is that what we know in this world,
we do not truly understand the real meaning, and we do not understand the Truth.

Q. When one meditates, can he sit for the first five minutes in meditation without having
distractions? Is this true, how can You prove it?

M. You can not only sit five minutes without distractions, but you can sit for five hours,
sometimes five days, five months, even. If you have the chance to learn how to do it and
if you have nothing else to do during this time, you can enter into samadhi and forget
every other thing. That is possible. I don’t need to prove it; many of the people from
ancient times up to now have done these things and my disciples can do them. It is no
big deal about sitting five minutes. Probably you never sat before, and that’s why you do

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 184

not know such things are possible. But we can show you. Of course, it is different
between different people, but five minutes are nothing.

Real freedom is living in universal harmony

Q. The key to a happy life, what does it really mean to you? I thought that the only key to a
happy life depends upon you and whether you live your life the way you want it. Is this
necessarily true?

M. It’s not that we live our life the way we want that brings happiness. This most often
brings disaster. If we live our lives the correct way, yes, then we are free. Then of course
we will be happy, not because we do what we want. [Applause]

In everything, there is some judgment and some kind of definite way. For example, if we
say, “I have a car, and I can drive anywhere I want,” that will bring problems. But if we
drive within the proper roads and with the proper attention, then of course we’ll be at our
destination very fast. If we run all over the place, we’ll bring trouble to ourselves, even
though we call that freedom.

Freedom without discipline will bring disaster, and the way many of us lead our lives
brings misery, as you see all around you. Therefore, there is a definite way to lead our
lives in order to have true and lasting happiness. That is the life of a gentleman. That is a
life of the sage who does things according to the universal harmony and not according to
the dictates of the restless mind.

Q. Why are some people in hell? Is it from their thoughts, their actions? How can we help
them and ourselves?

M. People go to the hell because they are sick. They’re not healthy in their thoughts, deeds,
and words. They have done something below human dignity and standard because they
do not understand better. They’re sick mentally; therefore, they have to be treated in that
special ward for intensive treatment. That’s called hell, with a lot of suffering. Just like
when we have a very grave illness, we have to be admitted to the hospital and the
doctors give us a lot of medicine, injections, and sometimes cut our body into pieces in
order to cure us. But that causes suffering.

In order to help them, first you must help yourself. Be enlightened, and then you can
walk into hell and rescue them. Otherwise, it’s very difficult to reason with them. It’s
already difficult enough to reason with the people in the world who are not so much in a
very dark state of understanding.

Q. When will I consciously enter samadhi?

M. When? When you enter, then you will enter and you will know it. When you’re very deep
within your self and merging with your own great virtues and wisdom, at that time we are
free from the body and we could sit there not moving for many hours on end or many
days even; it depends on how deep we are within. That is when we consciously enter
the samadhi state.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 185

Q. I’ve eaten meat most of my life but I’ve recently stopped for good. I will no longer eat any
meat, poultry, eggs, or dairy products. My question is how can I rid myself of the toxins,
guilt, and resentment that I feel from my past actions?

M. Just forgive yourself. No problem. Whatever we have done in the past is already past.
What is now and in the future is important. Just like when a child was very young, he
didn’t know what is what, and he walked all over beautiful clothes or put everything dirty
in his mouth. But that now he’s grown up, he doesn’t do it anymore, and no one would
scold him or blame him for what he has done as a child.

In our different stages of development in consciousness, maybe we have done

something that we should not have done, but we were only students. We were learning
at the time, and if we know it is improper and we stop it, that is already excellent. You
could congratulate yourself. You should be proud of yourself and love yourself more for
being able to understand this, instead of feeling guilty and blaming yourself. It’s

Q. As children go through today’s educational system, how can parents guide them in
learning and growing toward the Quan Yin method? How can we help children pick up
less pollution from the modern world?

M. You have to set up an example. First, be a shining example, then the children will follow.
No need to force them. One example is better than twenty years of talk. [Applause]

Q. Death is supposed to be the happiest moment. How can that be? When a person dies,
You said that You would come and make the individual forget their loved ones so that
they would leave this world. Isn’t that a cruel thing to do? How do You go about doing
this thing?

M. Is it a very cruel thing to do? Should I make them remember their loved ones and linger
in the world and cry together all year round because they can’t do anything about it any
more? Is that better, yes or no? [Audience: No.] Okay, thank you. [Applause]

Q. Is being ambitious wrong or bad?

M. No, it’s not bad; it’s not wrong. It’s wrong to be wishing for an unsuccessful life, because
God has placed us here to do something. Whatever we’re gifted with or whatever
business we undertake, we must do it wholeheartedly until we succeed. Of course, if we
do not succeed, then we try again. But do not think that whatever we do, if we are
ambitious, that this is no good. We have to be ambitious. Otherwise the world will go
under if no one is ambitious and attentive to his enterprise.

Q. Is there any place here in Los Angeles to go to follow the path of enlightenment?

M. Why do you ask me? You are the one who stays here; I’m a foreigner. [Laughter and
applause.] If you want to join us, then of course we have a place here in Los Angeles
and after initiation you could go there for more information or for meditating together. But
if you would like to ask for other places in town, then please look in the telephone book.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 186

Use of magical power violates the laws of nature

Q. Is magic an acceptable way for gaining enlightenment?

M. It’s not a good tool because it will bind us to the ego pleasure – that we can do this or
that, we can turn or move an object, that we can make things disappear. All that affords
us a mental pleasure that binds us to the mental level of consciousness and keeps us
from going higher. Therefore, magic is not regarded as a very good way to show off our
enlightenment, or through which to attain enlightenment, because we will stop at a rather
low level.

The Buddha also discouraged the use of magic. He often told His disciples not to use
magical power, but one of His disciples, being too proud of his achievements in the
magical field, often made use of them, and so ended in a very tragic death. Jesus also
made a few miracles or two when He was forced to do so, but He was very reluctant.
Therefore, He didn’t go around and make all the dead come back to life again, or cure all
the sick, or heal all the blind. He only did it occasionally when it was absolutely
necessary, without feeling proud or accrediting the power to Himself. Therefore He said,
“Your faith has healed you,” or “It’s the Father in me that does,” etc. He never went
around doing miracles all the time just to show off. It is very clear that enlightened people
always adhere to the rules of the universe and respect the laws of nature without
interfering too much for their own ego’s sake. [Applause]

Q. Dear Master, thank You for enlightening me that this world is just an illusion and that all
human accomplishments and material riches are meaningless. My question is that if this
is the case, does this mean that we need not worry about the beauty of this land by not
abusing the environment, and we need not waste our minds searching for solutions to
solve this social ills in order to make this a more peaceful world?

M. No, enlightenment will only help us to know how to do it better. And we will do it without
much effort and have better results. In our meditation centers around the world, things
are kept tidy and beautiful. We plant trees. We don’t allow pollution and litter around our
centers. We keep our body, spirit, and mind clean. And I love spotless cleanliness. Every
disciple knows this. Also, we plant trees and we plant grass. We do whatever possible to
beautify our world.

I told the disciples they could beautify their bodies also to make them look more beautiful
with a little bit more happy face. And if they have beautiful clothes, they can wear them. I
didn’t tell them to go in rags or to eat grass instead of going to work; it is not true. We are
very practical, but in a very enlightened way. Therefore, we do things better, we are
more beautiful, and we enjoy the world, but we are not attached to the world. We do
things better than before. [Applause]

Q. I would like to know more about how to live a happy life and have peace of mind. I am
very bored with this life and I am not happy no matter what I do. I need spiritual help to
be happy and lead a happy life. Thank You.

M. Yes, go and get initiation. [Applause]

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 187

Q. How many hours per day should I meditate in order to get out of this earth in this

M. It doesn’t depend on how many hours we meditate actually, because some people just
sit five minutes and they’re out of the body for a short time, and then they come back
again to work. They gather better information from the real world in order to serve this
world, even though it’s ephemeral, because we are here for some purpose. Therefore,
we continue to serve the world, but in a wise way after we know what to do, after we
enter the true world and know how to correct the shadow to suit our taste.

If we want to have true happiness, happiness can only come when we know the true
world. It’s always in a happy state. If we’re chasing happiness in this world, sometimes
we have it, sometimes we don’t; most often we don’t. If we do have happiness, it brings
sorrow afterward or it is very short-lived.

Q. Is the Quan Yin method the only way to achieve happiness and enlightenment?

M. You could say it’s the last way, the last step of any way at all. It’s just like it doesn’t
matter what kind of food we cook and how many vegetables we chop together; the last
thing is to eat it. So, the Quan Yin method is the prepared meal for your spirit. Therefore,
of course, it’s the best. [Applause]

Q. If our true Home is with the Lord, why and what motivated our souls to come into

M. Just because we wander around. Like my disciple this morning, he went to hell just to
have a look. He didn’t have to; he wanted to. We wanted to experience different things.
And why not? It’s fine, but just remember to go Home afterwards. That’s all.

Q. Master, I’d like to devote my full time toward achieving Buddhahood like You did so that I
can serve humanity more efficiently like You do. Please help me. What can I do to
accelerate the process?

M. First, we have to get enlightenment, and later we continue to get more enlightened.
Then, if God’s willing that we should serve the world, and in which way, that will be
determined later. It’s too early to talk about guarding something from the thieves before
we have any possessions.

Q. For years, many religions, for example, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, have existed.
On the contrary, Your group has only come into existence recently. What principles in
Your meditation group preclude the other religions as acceptable?

M. Do we have to be ten thousand years old in order to prove to you that something is
effective? We have ships, we have cars which existed before I was born, but are these
better than today’s airplanes? You are talking nonsense! [Applause] Besides, we are not
against any religion. We just bring forth to you the essence of all religions to make you
know that all religions are one and are pointing to the same Truth. And if you don’t know

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 188

that Truth, no religion will help you; it doesn’t matter if you follow ten religions or one.

Q. Dear Master, if Jesus and Buddha had all the power of God, why did they not use it. Why
did not Jesus save Himself from death? Why can’t they use their powers?

M. He didn’t have to; He didn’t want to. For Him, life and death are just a matter of walking
to different rooms. Why should He resist one room and not the other? Why should He
attach Himself to one room and not to the other? All rooms are His. He walks in and
walks out any time He wants. Besides, only His body died; He never died.

If you meditate with us in the Quan Yin method, you can contact Him; you can talk to
Him. He will teach you many things. Dying is only the ephemeral clothing. Just like I
wore different clothes yesterday, today I wear these clothes, I can change any time I
want, and that doesn’t affect me, the real person who wears it. And so, Christ never died.
That is a very great misunderstanding. Buddha never died. Many of our disciples still see
Buddha and Christ nowadays. Any day when they sit in meditation, they can learn with
them, learn the Truth from true Masters, not from scriptures alone. [Applause]

Q. Would You please explain why Your teaching contradicts the teaching of Jesus? In the
bible, Jesus said, “I am the way, the Truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father
except through me.” It is an exclusive claim. There is only one way to God, through
Jesus, and not many ways.

M. Fine and where is He now? I want to go with Him and through Him. If He’s the only way,
tell Him to stay here and never move. If He moves away, how I can go if He’s the only
way and He’s gone? [Applause]

He says one more sentence besides that. You forgot, “As long as I am in the world, I am
the Light of the world.” [Applause]

Q. How do You, Master Ching Hai, bear all our karma? Did Jesus not already die for all our
sins? If we are such great beings, why did Jesus have to die for our sins?

M. We are great inside, but the things we do outside are not always great. And that weighs
down on our conscience, makes us feel guilty and uneasy, and that is what we call
karma; that is what binds us in the suffering world. Jesus liberated us from this feeling
when He was around.

Otherwise, you can see even Jesus died and if you believe that He died for the whole
world, then He died a wasteful death because we still are suffering here and are
ignorant. He died at that time for His disciples, for the ones who believed Him at that
time. And after Him, there are comforters who will come. They are the different Masters
of different times. We have to go to the living Teacher and worship the passed-away
Master, but not wait for Him because His job is done. [Applause]

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 189

He asks how do I clean the karma of the disciples, and also how do I bear the karma?
Well, this is my business. If you go to the garbage collector and ask him, “How do you do
it? Why do you do it?” It’s his job. You don’t worry about my job. [Applause]

Q. Are You the messiah?

M. It’s up to you to answer, to verify it, because if I say, “Yes,” you might not believe me,
you might crucify me even. If I say, “No,” then what am I here for? [Applause]

Q. If a person is devoted to their religion, say Christianity or Buddhism, would it be

necessary to receive initiation and practice the Quan Yin method? Can they find their
hidden true self through their own religion?

M. If you can, then you don’t need initiation. But if you haven’t, then you do.

It doesn’t matter if you are Buddhist or Christian or what. Finding the true self will make
you become a better Christian, a better Buddhist because you know the true Buddha
nature and you know the true Christianity within you. Otherwise, the Christians tell us,
“Be you perfect as your Father in heaven who is perfect.” But are you yet a perfect
Christian, never mind about as “perfect as the Father in heaven”! The Buddha said, “You
will become the Buddha. You have to know your Buddha nature.” Do you know your
Buddha nature yet? Have you known anything about Buddhahood yet? If not, then come
to me. [Applause]

Q. What are the differences among Your world, Buddha’s world, and God’s world? Thank
You, Master.

M. We have the same world. When you go up, you will see Buddha also if you wish to see
Him. You will see Christ if you have an affinity with Him or longing for Him. And this is
our world, the world of the Masters, and the Masters include Buddha, Jesus, etc.

I told you that if you wish to see Jesus you might see Him, or if you wish to see Buddha,
you might see Him. But sometimes it’s not like that actually, I have to add, because God
is humorous. Sometimes during initiation, the people sit during the transmission in quiet,
no talking, because there’s no talking in initiation, only silent transmission, and some
Muslims would see Buddha, or some Christians would see Buddha, or some Buddhists
would see Jesus, without wishing to do so. Therefore, God sometimes makes jokes.

Q. How do we stop anger?

M. Just stop it. It’s difficult. And sometimes anger is also justified, if you do it in a cool spirit,
in a view beneficial to the opposite person, instead of doing it with hatred. For example,
when your children are very naughty and they repeatedly do things that they should not
do, and being a responsible parent, you have to teach them a better behavior. So
sometimes you take anger or you truly show you are angry, and that sometimes is
beneficial to the children.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 190

So it’s all right. You have to look at the situation, because sometimes in a justified
situation, if you do not show a proper attitude, be it anger or be it concern, then the
people may not even understand, may not even know what you mean. They will
continue in their way with hurting both parties. We have to know with wisdom, not always
judging what is wrong and what is right.

Q. Is there a connection between the rising violence in human society and the increasing
killing of animals for food? Have these animals with strong desires for vengeance come
back to our society by way of reincarnation to make mankind suffer through violence and

M. Well, you answer yourself by the question. In the Buddhist doctrines, the Buddha said
that killing animals, eating meat, etc. will breed wars and a vampire kind of atmosphere.
And these in turn will harm sentient beings, eat the sentient being’s flesh, etc. During the
war many people were killed anyhow, and that is also a kind of “vampiring” – eating
people’s flesh. Therefore, it is undesirable to have animals killed for our animal body.

Q. Dear Master, Your disciple before said that if one is initiated by You, his karma for at
least five generations will be erased. Could You explain further to us about this and how
is it possible?

M. We came to this world having many relatives and friends because we have karmic bonds
with each other for give and take. Therefore, if one person is enlightened and enters into
the circle of sainthood, of this great mercy and grace, then other people, the beloved
ones, will be also pulled inside, because you have nothing more to give and take with
each other. They were there because you were there, and now you are gone, they can
be gone with you.

Also, God is merciful. Whomever you love or care for, Hes will take that person into
consideration also because of the bloodline, the blood connection. And the karma,
however heavy, will be erased because God’s power is greater than anything – greater,
greater, infinitely great. Therefore, a little karma, however great, is nothing in the infinity
of God’s mercy. We turn to God and we’re taken care of. Everything we have done in the
past is forgiven; otherwise, how would we call Hirm God? [Applause]

Q. If this world is but a shadow, then is the fight to conserve it worth our efforts?

M. But what else should we do here to pass our time anyhow? Even though we know the
drama or the movie picture is only temporary and only lasts a short span of time, should
you go and tear the silver screen off, or what? Since we are in the movie theater, we
watch it and enjoy it. All right? [Applause]

Q. Dear Master, I was told that the Truth is very simple. How simple is that?

M. When you get initiation, you’ll know it. It’s simple like that. [Master snaps Her fingers.]
Because we already have it within us, and language cannot describe the things that are
so abstract but very powerful, therefore, we just have to know it. Just like drinking water
is very simple. How simple is it? Just drink it, then you’ll know. [Laughter and applause.]

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 191

Q. What is the meaning of life?

M. Don’t you know it by now? If you can write this question, you would have known it
already. Life apparently is just a bundle of experiences – from suffering to happiness,
from existence to nullification. But the true life is beyond all this ordinary comprehension.
We have to step into the invisible gate that separates us from our true nature, and then
we know what is the true meaning of life. Otherwise, I can elaborate on it all day long,
but what is the use to you? What use does it serve? [Applause]

Q. If we find that our lives are meaningless, can we be born again?

M. If it’s already meaningless, why do you want to be born again? What for? It’s a
meaningless question. [Laughter and applause.]

Q. If we and the Father are one, so we are God and Buddha. Why are living Masters
necessary? If the power of God is within us, why are we not our own living Master?

M. Right, that’s what I want to ask you. Why are you not your own living Master, instead of
living a life ignorant, miserable, and knowing nothing about life and death, knowing
nothing about the Father who you want to be one with? Did you ever see Hirm yet? See
Hirm first, and then be one with Hirm. All right? If you didn’t see Hirm yet, come and let
me help you. [Applause]

Q. Dear Master, we normally do not know our previous lives, so how do we know our
progress in the following life?

M. We can know if we want to. In the second world, the second level of existence, we have
a place called the Akashic library. If you go there, you can have a look, a glimpse into
your past and future if you want to. You can do that by any kind of meditation practice or
by deep prayer also, and by the Quan Yin method, you will also pass by there.

If you’re interested to know your past life, you can have a peep inside. But I’m afraid
after that you will only be interested to know the present and the future. Knowing the
past life is not that necessary. That’s why God draws the curtain and doesn’t let us see –
to minimize our suffering. It is better to go forward into the future and not regress into the

Q. What is the role of humans in this world?

M. Eat, sleep, raise children, and die. [Laughter and applause.] Most of the people do that.
If you don’t want to be like that, get enlightenment. [Applause] The questions are very
cute. I enjoy them. [Laughter]

Q. Is there any value to hearing the various Sounds as chakras open? Is yes, what is the
value? What benefit is there to our body?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 192

M. The Sound is the Word of God. It’s the teaching of the Buddha, in silence, without
language. The more we hear it, the wiser we become, the happier we will be, and the
more beneficial to the world.

Q. Why do we have to go through this world to reach enlightenment? Why couldn’t we exist
initially enlightened?

M. Because we already came here, so we have to go back. That’s it. If we were there, then
we were there. You have already walked through this door, so later you have to walk
back out again to find your car.

Freedom of choice is a dream

Q. Dear Master, all things come from Buddha nature; if so, is there really free will or free

M. No, we just dream that we have free choice. We make a lot of messes with this free
choice, which we should give up in the beginning anyhow. But we can only do that with
sincere devotion to God or whomever we believe in. And we can only do that through
enlightenment because then we know it’s not we who do things; it is the universal plan.
Then we will not reject our job, we will not throw away our wife or children or get
divorced or anything. We will know what it is and we will lead a more contented and
happy life.

Free will is this: For example, God’s plan is that I have to put my umbrella here, but now
I don’t want to put it here. Why should I put it here? I feel that I should put it there.
[Master points to a different place on the table.] Why not? Now I upset the environment
and our plan for a while. Then I feel very uncomfortable and my umbrella will break over
there, and I don’t know why. If I had put it here, it wouldn’t be broken. So now,
eventually, I will have to bring it back and put it here.

Suppose you divorce your wife or husband, or reject your job, and think, “I am free.
That’s it, fantastic! I’ve taken the matter into my own hands, and now I am free of her or
him.” You think you have done decisive things and are very wise. But what happens,
maybe a few days or few months later, you will meet someone else, maybe worse than
that one. [Laughter] So the experience you have to go through anyhow. Maybe you think
you have changed it, but no, just postponed it. Or maybe God lets you turn around the
corner, but only to go back to the same road again. [Applause]

Q. How are thoughts formed and how do they enter the mind?

M. You open your mind and let them enter. I guess that’s what it is. Our mind is like a
computer, a brain computer system, and any time it can pick up anything. If we do not
take care to guard it or to select the better information for our use by special attention
and a technique, then of course, we pick up all kinds of things, good or bad. And then
accordingly, we react later on positively or negatively in our life and reap the results.

Q. If you have received initiation, can you back out? Is there any punishment for doing so?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 193

M. Yes, you punish yourself for not getting further enlightenment. That is grave enough,
graver than any other punishment. To deny ourselves wisdom, to deprive ourselves of
the greatest privilege in heaven, is the greatest punishment already. I will not do
anything to you. You are punished enough. [Applause]

Q. Can a simple person meditate and be enlightened?

M. Yes, many of our senior ladies and gentlemen are very simple. Many of our children of
six, ten, twelve – they are very simple, but they all get enlightenment, if done correctly.
We will teach you how.

The body is what you make it

Q. Could You explain Your understanding of the physical body? Some religions consider
the body as something dirty, of no value, and almost something to be rejected?

M. What shall I do about it? Should you kill yourself to be pure or what? Should we get
killed immediately after initiation [Laughter] and go to heaven? Actually, the body comes
from the great self also. Everything comes from God. Pure or impure depends on our
attitude and on how we make use of it. Without the body, how can we get enlightenment,
how can we bless the world, and how can we love and be loved by others? The body,
when used rightly, is a blessing. It is as pure as anything else. But if we abuse it, indulge
in sensual pleasures without turning to the “real body” within to know the more noble
purposes of human life, then of course the body is just a very impure, very filthy vessel.
And it’s fit only to be thrown away as soon as possible. [Applause]

Q. Why is Quan Yin the greatest method of enlightenment? How can I start it? Are there
any requirements or preparation needed?

M. It is the greatest because it shows us enlightenment and the true way of life. All you
have to do is put your name down at the information desk outside, and then we will call
you after I finish with this work. It’s very simple; no preparation needed. Just after today,
you should replace the beefsteak with tofu. [Laughter and applause.]

Q. How was a human first created?

M. Don’t ask me. You go and ask God. I’ll show you the way to go to Hirm and then you ask
Hirm. All right? It’s none of my business. [Applause]

Q. In Christianity, a murderer can be forgiven if he believes in God. In Buddhism, can one

get enlightenment or be forgiven if he has lied and cheated, and / or committed a crime?

M. Sure. When Buddha was alive, there was a person who had killed 99 human beings and
he wanted to kill the Buddha also, to make it one hundred. And then the Buddha forgave
him and he was enlightened and he became an arhat in no time. In every religion, it is
the same – love prevails. Love is above everything, above all law. [Applause] [MC: No
more questions, Master.] Finished? Thank God.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 194

Master power brings enlightenment

Vasa Park Resort and Ballroom, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
April 7, 1993 (Originally in English)

Good morning, how are you? [Audience: Fine.] We could have done better, and would be
doing better, if we had more equipment. Just relax, and prepare for some good jokes. As you
have seen, our group is very funny, very humorous, so there is nothing to fear. In German,
they say, “A saint who is miserable is a miserable saint.” [Laughter] So we try to be happy

When you listen to our friend here, you will be frightened that every day we will feed you with
tofu and vegetables. There is much more in the vegetable kingdom than only tofu, but no
doubt, tofu is the most nutritious food. A soy bean has 36 percent protein compared to beef,
beef probably 25 percent, and pork 16 percent, etc. So actually, when we eat tofu, a soybean
product, we have more protein. Of course people think vegetable protein and meat protein are
a little different. Yes, they are different; vegetable protein is more digestible and healthier, and
this has been proven by today’s scientists. But nevertheless, I will not elaborate more on this
great stomach philosophy, but we will go a little bit higher than the solar plexus chakra. Are
you familiar with all of these big words – chakras, nirvana, samsara, and all that? If not, then
I’ll just put them aside. I just use them so that you know that I am very learned. [Laughter]

Merge into the noble philosophy of the ancient saints

Just maybe a couple of decades ago, or several centuries ago, our life on this earth has not
been so beautiful. We did not have so many highways, we did not have electricity, and we did
not have airplanes. If I were born a little bit earlier, say a hundred or so years ago, or maybe
two hundred years ago, I would probably have no opportunity to be here with you tonight in
such a quick and relaxed way, and to share with you the atmosphere of the ancient sages of
the golden age, where in a few hours we would forget at least some of our sorrows, our
hatred, our pressure in order to merge ourselves in the noble philosophy of the ancient saints.
You are invited to join into the golden moment of a higher purpose of life.

Our world is very very beautiful compared to many other planets that we know of, or maybe
not know of. Just pretend that we know some. Scientifically speaking, there are a few more
planets that have been discovered which are not as beautiful as ours. So we could
congratulate ourselves for having such a little paradise, where we have enough water,
greens, and air. Even air, because in some of the planets the air is not alive. Sometimes it is
very contaminated and living beings cannot even stay there. Our world has been beautified
day after day until we reached today’s comfort. So we have a better kind of life with electricity

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 195

and with all kinds of civilized inventions. That is just in material comfort. Similarly, if our spirit,
which is more important than the flesh even, would be equipped with more of the very
comforting instruments, then our life would be much better still.

Our human life consists not only of the material appearance of the body, or the thinking power
of the mind, but we have also something beyond these two, which is the spirit. The spirit, the
wisdom, or the supreme power, which is within us, is that which makes all things come to life
and sustains them. Therefore while we are so-called “living,” we can move, we can talk, we
can think, we can love, we can investigate, we can do many things. But when the so-called
“spirit” leaves us, then even if the same body exists, we cannot do anything. So if while living
we learn to know this spirit that is the dominating factor behind all of our living activities, then
we will be wiser, more enlightened, and of course, more satisfied.

Modern era opens ancient secrets to the masses

Otherwise, even though we have a lot of comforts in life, and our civilization has reached such
heights in history, most of us are still unhappy. Many things we want to do in life, many ideals
we want to fulfill, and we do not know how to begin. And even if we know how to begin, we
are not certain whether it is the true direction. Therefore, many times we are unsuccessful
despite all our sincerity, our prayers, and our good will to serve the world at large. It is difficult
to reach our goal. It is because we do not recognize this spirit, or the supreme power, which is
dormant in all of us. It is just like a person who has a great treasure in his house and doesn’t
know where it is, and therefore could not make use of it for the betterment of his life.

I am sure all of us here, and most of the people in the world, long for peace, true happiness,
and beauty, inside as well as outside. But why it is that most of the time we spend a lot of
money and time on some matter and it cannot be accomplished? It is because we do not
approach the problem at the right angle. It is because we do not use our supreme wisdom in
all of our undertakings.

Is that correct English? You have to bless me because I am in the Chinese community, eat
Au Lac food, and talk in all kinds of languages all day long. [Laughter] Despite all my wisdom,
language outside is still a problem. Actually whatever we learn outside, same with each of us,
whatever we try to learn with the mind, which is our super computer, we cannot accomplish it
in a 100 percent way. Besides, there are so many things to do in life, so many projects we
want to accomplish with only the very limited power of this computer. Even though it is the
best quality, sometimes it is out of order – like when we put some wrong fuel in it like too
much whisky in one day, then it zigzags, and it doesn’t work maybe for one or a couple of
days, or we put in too many drugs or something that is very detrimental to the thinking power
of our computer.

If we do things with our great wisdom, with the central intelligent force, which is connected
with the whole universal network, then we can do many wonders, and yet we don’t use any
effort. This is what Lao Tzu called, “Doing without doing. Action in nonaction.” How do we
accomplish this? It is very simple. All the Masters in the past have promised us that whatever
they do, we can do also. If they have become the Buddha, we can also become Buddhas.
Whatever they have, or they had, or they discovered, we have also. All human beings are
born equal. It is up to us to make use of our treasure or not. God, if there is one, would not

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 196

push us because we are the most respected creation in the whole universe. We are the crown
of creation and our free will is absolute because God has made man in Hiers own image, and
therefore man’s will is God. Nevertheless, sometimes we have forgotten to use our free will to
better our life or to bless this world. Instead, we have abused this power, and therefore many
times we have brought disasters into our beautiful planet and then into our lives.

The difference between heaven and earth, or heaven and hell, is only a hairbreadth apart.
The only difference is that in heaven, our attention withdraws inward instead of spreading
outside, and then we know the kingdom of God. Most of the people think this is impossible,
while the experienced practitioners on the path know that it is very easy, very simple,
therefore even children from six years old can do it. And old people up to sixty, sometimes
over, could even do it. Everyone can do it, because everyone has this power within them.

The Buddha said, “I and all beings are equal. Why do they not know it?” And Jesus said,
“What I do, you can do better.” Better doesn’t mean we will be higher than He. Better means
that in the future we will be allowed more freedom to exert our power, to communicate this
good message to more numbers of people, whereas He was limited to only three and a half
years of technical developments in order to communicate to the masses. Therefore He said,
“What I do, you can do better,” is a prediction for a more liberal future.

In the time of Jesus, religious activity or the Truth was feared, persecuted, and hidden from
the mass of the people because the politicians at that time feared anyone who had power to
move the masses. It didn’t matter that the power was for the good of mankind or not. It was
just a power struggle, and that’s why in the ancient times, or maybe up to recently, we do not
have much chance to know about spiritual secrets, which are actually not secrets at all.

Many hundreds of years ago in Au Lac, we had no electric lights, and one of our
ambassadors or maybe a delegate from Au Lac, went to France to study. And when he came
home, he reported that in the West people had the lamps upside down. Before, we had oil
lamps, which had to stand on the table, but he said in the West, the lamp is upside down, and
the water came from the wall – the tap water. And the king cut his head off because the king
and the whole hierarchy, the whole royal household, could not believe that it was the truth,
and so they accused him of blasphemy or not respecting the king, of making a fool of the
royal lineage. Not only was his head cut off, but many of his relatives and family members
also lost their heads. Such was the punishment in the old time for someone who was
suspected of not being loyal to the ruler of the nation. Today luckily, we don’t have such
injustices, and today the majority of the people in the world know that the upside down lamps
is very normal. Thank God.

Similarly, many centuries ago, spiritual attainment or becoming enlightened was something
very mystical, very impossible, very farfetched, a kind of visionary dream. But today, it is a
very common theme that people sometimes even talk about in coffee shops, in the park, on
the train, on the bus, etc. This is good. The age of our world has changed, and we are
beginning to live in another kind of atmosphere where many more people will be enlightened,
and peace will be more accessible to mankind. And let’s hope that in the future generations
all the rulers of the earth will not rule with armed force but with wisdom and love, because all
men are brothers. The different countries are different rooms, which the whole family has the
right to share with each other, and to live with each other in harmony.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 197

The future is in our hands

As long as the majority of us are not enlightened and not using this super wisdom within us to
take care of the world and to do everything, whether big or small, our world will not become
what we dream, or what we expect it to become. Therefore, the future of the world is in our
hands; it is not only in the hands of the political figures of any great nation. Please remember,
even if there is one great king who rules the whole planet, who has great wisdom like that of
Solomon or King David of old, if the whole masses of people are swimming in ignorance, he
can’t do much. When Jesus, the Buddha, or other Masters, were still living, because the
communication was very poor, the enlightenment message was not very widely spread
among the people. Therefore, even if we had the son of God on earth, even if we had the
Buddha, the world at that time was still chaotic.

Today, thanks to the many wonderful inventions, we have beautiful communication systems,
and we have fast transportation methods. Therefore, many of the people of the world,
thousands, billions of people, have been enlightened through different saints, different
messages from different spiritual schools. And therefore we can see the hope of the golden
age at the horizon. Many of the great conflicts between powerful nations have ceased,
somehow. So each one can breathe a sigh of relief because we do not fear much of a third
world war or fourth anymore, at least for the moment. It is because in this age many people
have become enlightened, and use the wisdom to bless the world or to enlighten their
neighbors. And one will lead to the others, and then soon many, many more, and the majority
of the people will be living in the wisdom of their birthright, and using it to bless the world to
make it become heaven. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how much we try with our limited
knowledge of books, or of experience in our field, we can only do a very small amount of
service to mankind.

Jesus was great and was worshiped by the whole world up to now, due to His wisdom, this
supreme wisdom, within Himself. Buddha is still alive within the hearts of the people of the
world. It is due to His supreme wisdom, or the Buddha nature, which both of them stated that
we also possess. We know all this. We have read all this. We have learned all this from many
Teachers, from many books, but we never wonder, “How could I get it? Why don’t I have it?”
The answer is that we do have it. We can have it, and we always have it, already, but we do
not know how to make use of it. We are too busy, too busy with the worldly knowledge that
we learn from books. We are too proud of knowing many things, but the greatest wisdom we
have neglected. It is just like the prince, the son of a king, who has forgotten his heritage, and
goes out begging for some morsel of food. It is very pitiful, and then we blame God for not
helping us, we blame the Buddha for not blessing us.

God and Buddha have already blessed us, have told us what to do, but we do, most of the
time, the opposite. Even if we just talk about the very simple precept like, “love thy neighbor,”
or “thou shalt not kill,” even that many of us couldn’t keep. God has prescribed the way of
heaven: “If you love me, keep my commandments.” If we did this, our world would have
become a long ago a paradise. If we blame God, we should think twice. Everyone asks me
wherever I go, “If God is almighty, why doesn’t Hes turn the world into heaven? Why doesn’t
Hes make everyone better, become angels and so on?” Yes, Hes has told everyone to be an
angel, but we do not listen. We do not want to keep the commandments of God, which can
make our earth become heaven.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 198

Why is it so that we know it, but we can’t do it? We can’t keep the precepts? It is because we
lack the supreme power. We don’t have the strength to resist so many of the temptations of
this world. That doesn’t mean that after initiation or after enlightenment, you don’t eat, you
don’t sleep, and you throw away all your property. It is not the case. All the worldly, created
phenomena, we can enjoy. We just enjoy more because we know heavenly life, which
enhances our life more. Just like before, we did not have electricity, we did not have electric
lights, and our world was still going on, but in a little bit more darkness. Now we have
electricity, we have lamps all over the place, and we can work all night long without any
problems. And that makes our life more comfortable and more enjoyable. Similarly, our life
here is already good, but it would be best for us if we have enlightenment.

Characteristics of an enlightened person

Enlightenment means more Light into our life, not artificial light, but the Light that is
everlasting. And then in every activity, in everything we do, we are very clear. Not clear at the
level of the mind, but clear at the level of super consciousness. Therefore, we will always be
in the correct direction. Even if we make mistakes, it is not a mistake. We will know it is just
“apparently” so, but it is actually the plan of the universal brotherhood.

Many people fear that after enlightenment they cannot do their business, or they may not be
able to get married, or they will have trouble of any kind. But it is a wrong conception of
enlightenment. Enlightenment should be that we will be more beneficial to the world, more
efficient in whatever we do, and more happy in our life. Enlightenment doesn’t mean we have
to spend our life in misery, or in ascetic practices, smearing ashes all over the body, and all
that. Yes, you could do that if you are in that. Whatever we do, whether we smear ashes on
our body, whether we shave our head, or we wear rags or we wear beautiful clothes, it should
accompany enlightenment, and that is all we lack. We don’t have to change our way of life.
We just have to adjust to a correct way of life. We just have to add more Light into our spirit.
And then once we have discovered electricity, we can use it in numerous ways – television,
radio, light, refrigerator, etc.; everything we want is available.

Electricity has not been the invention of mankind; it has been just a discovery. Similarly,
enlightenment is not an invention of Buddha or Christ, and it is not a gift from any Master. It is
a birth right. It is an inheritance within all of us, and at each moment we want to have it,
provided we have an experienced friend to show us the first time how to do it, then we have it.
We can have it all the time. Just like if you walk into a new house, or your house, and you
have never known where the switchboard or the electric switch is, so it is very difficult to go
around the wall touching here and there trying to find it. But if someone who has been in that
house and who knows where the switch is just tells us, then we can even close our eyes and
do it every day because we know exactly where it is.

Most of us live in this life trying to go through it in a hard way with a complicated method.
When we hear someone say, “Enlightenment is easy, is immediate, is free of every
obligation,” we feel very reluctant to believe it, but why not? If the thing is already in your
pocket, and someone points it out to you, why is it so difficult? It has been there all the time.
Therefore, in the bible, it is even said, “The kingdom of God is within you,” and then “Seek
you first the kingdom of God, and all the things shall be added unto you.” Truly, it is like that.
We go through life spending a lot of energy, time and finances trying to find happiness and

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 199

wisdom through different material means and through gains in possessions, love, or business,
but we never find it. As soon as we are satisfied with one point, we want the next one. And we
will never stop. Deep down within our heart, there is always something that is not satisfied,
something empty. It is because our super conscious knows that we have missed the greatest
part of our life – that is the supreme wisdom that is there for us to use. We should use it! We
must use it if we want to live a true life and if we want to experience true happiness.

See heaven on earth

If we step beyond this material existence into the world of Light and reality, even for just one
moment, we will know that this life is not the only one, and is not the best life there is. It is only
a copy of the real life. Then we will lose the attachment or the competition that we have for
this very ephemeral life. That is why, when the sages of old are enlightened, they forsake
their whole kingdom. They could do that. It is because they have gained a greater kingdom
within. Jesus said, “My kingdom is not on earth; my kingdom is in heaven.” Where is that
heaven? How do we get there? It is right here, and we can get to it any time, provided we
sincerely want it. If we do not see heaven now in this life, who can be sure that we will get it
after we die? Do you ever work for a company and then the boss says, “You just work on, and
after you die I’ll give you all the money you need?” [Laughter] Will you agree to that condition?
Yes, you do. You do. You always believe in a hereafter heaven, which we don’t see.

You are invited to see heaven on earth, and then to see that everything we have seen in this
life is only a copy, a shadow of the real. Then we will enjoy even the shadow better, because
we know the real is beautiful. Suppose you know a beautiful girl and you know her personally,
then even when she comes near you, even just seeing her shadow, you have not seen the
girl, she was inside the door, and the shadow was projected outside, even seeing the
shadow, you are thrilled. Because you are connected with the real person, and you know that
it is the shadow of your beloved. So you love even a shadow as well, and you welcome the
shadow also, because you know the shadow comes from your beloved.

Similarly, we have many things in life and we try to enjoy them, but most of the time the
enjoyment is very shallow and short-lived, and sometimes it brings another misery along. But
if we know the real happiness, then even this life, the shadow of the real life, we also enjoy
because we know we are from this life. And we know even how to adjust the shadow to make
it more real. Before, we did not know how to stand where the angle will make the shadow
more beautiful, and now we know. Then we go through life contented, happy, waiting for the
time to come that we step into the eternal reality and leave behind all this so-called suffering
in the shadow world.

If we do not know this real life while we are still here, it is very difficult to say whether we will
know it after we leave this world. Because we don’t know it, we come back again and again
searching for this life, for the enjoyments that are never fulfilled. We hope to get it in the next
birth, etc., and therefore comes the reincarnation. An enlightened person never reincarnates
except at his own will, for some noble purpose, in order to help some other suffering brothers
and sisters who are still mired in illusion.

Most of the people reincarnate because of the pull of their previous tendencies from past
lives. They can’t resist being reborn because many unfulfilled desires, many ideals, have not

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 200

been accomplished. But using the limited knowledge, which is passed from one to another in
the same world, recycled all the time, the same thing, we can’t know the whole universe. We
can’t tackle the thing from the root of its problem. It is just like we water the plant from the
leaves and never the root. To be enlightened is to know the root of all things, and therefore,
whatever we do, it is correct. People will be also affected by us and then turn into the Light,
and then the whole world will be bright.

Break through the material barrier

Originally, when we first came here, we were living in Light and happiness and glory. Then
after some time, we have been entangled in the enjoyment of this world, to everything in this
world. We became curious. We wanted to know, we wanted to taste, we wanted to touch, and
we wanted to experience everything that is around us. Then slowly, we get in contact with
these material phenomena or appearances, then we become more affected by the material
side of nature, and we become more and more material. And then eventually we are mostly
material and the Light disappears from sight.

The Light does not truly disappear or vanish; it just becomes enveloped in the gross material
case. In order to find the Light again, we have to break through the material barrier, and that
we can do with a definite method. Just like every scientific thing, if we have a method then we
can do it. It is just like women can bear children and men cannot. Therefore, there is one way
to be enlightened and the others are not so effective. The sages of old times have discovered
this method. Actually not discovered, the method was conveyed from heaven through
different sons of God at different periods of time, to remind mankind of their glorious, original
state, and that they should not forget their origin, and should not wallow in their suffering
which is unnecessary.

We are here today to share with you this good news and very simple technique to break
through the material cover and to get in touch with your true glory again. And if you have any
questions, you are very welcome to ask. Thank you very much. [Applause]

Questions and answers

Q. Dear Master, please tell us how to reach the eternal happy heaven?

M. We will show you at the time of initiation. It’s very simple and very fast, but it takes a few
hours because we will also tell you what to do every day to renew it, to remember it all
the time, and how to avoid pitfalls and all that. Therefore, it takes a few hours, but the
enlightenment comes in a few seconds.

Q. Is it true that normal persons only use a small portion of their potential brain power?

M. Right. That is scientifically proved already. Therefore, we do not know much of the things
in the universe.

Q. If it is so, when or how can one fully utilize the power?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 201

M. That is why there is initiation. We will show you how to make use of your super power
which is within yourself. And it will be done in quietness and togetherness, but in silence,
not by verbal language.

Q. Why is the spirit hidden from us?

M. Why? Because we just look outside and we don’t look where the spirit is. Suppose I am
sitting here and you are always looking at the back door. Would you see me? No. That’s
it. I am not hidden from you. It is just that you don’t want to see me, for example. It is a
similar thing with our spirit.

Q. If we are to live in harmony, why have we created the fear that causes us to fight?

M. We do not create fear. We have fear because we do not have the power to resist fear.
We have not known our greatest strength that is within ourselves. As soon as we know
this, all fear vanishes. That’s the best way to conquer fear – to know our greatness, to
know our strength, our super wisdom.

Q. Is there any difference between God and Buddha?

M. Yes, there is a difference. But there isn’t any difference. God is the unmanifested aspect
of the cosmic power. Buddha is the manifested one. Within the Buddha, there is cosmic
power. The Buddha came from the cosmic power, and also possessed this cosmic

Q. Why does the Buddha pray to God?

M. Does the Buddha pray at all? I didn’t hear about that! [Laughter] He did not tell me that
He prayed, but if you hear Him praying, please ask Him.

Q. How can I overcome my being so frightened that I do not accomplish my simplest goals?

M. As I told you already, it is because you do not rely on your greatest strength which is the
cosmic energy within yourself, and which is connected with the whole universe. If we
have that, if we rediscover that, we fear nothing. Death is the most fearsome enemy;
even then, we transcend it. We die every day while we are living, so we have no fear of
anything at all.

Q. Must a person be fated to achieve enlightenment?

M. Fate is in our hands. If you always go around all your life, thinking, “I will be fated to do
that and this and other,” then you will never do anything. We always have to do our best,
do what we want to do, and then see what fate has for us. Then we will know; otherwise,
how do we know?

Q. Can we all be masters? If so, what does the word mean?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 202

M. I think you want some silly answers. [Laughter] What does the word “master” mean? The
word master means master. Master means you already know how to master yourself,
and you’re not torn apart by different obstacles in life.

Q. Thank You for Your wisdom. Please tell me about the role of evil in life?

M. Evil? We did not invite him in tonight, [Laughter] but since you mention it, he is around
the corner.

Evil is an extra force that we have created together with other beings while having
interrelationships in our lives. For example, I am alone here, I have nothing to do, and I
have no business with anyone. Then suddenly someone else comes and asks
something or wants to do something. And we have a misunderstanding, we create some
very aggressive atmosphere, and then that person probably punches me in the face. If I
couldn’t punch him back because of my weakness, I would try to remember that all the
time, and try to get any chance to give him back what he has given me as a “present.”
So that breeds hatred. Hatred wasn’t there in the beginning, but it was created because
of the interrelationship between me and that person. So that is evil. Originally evil did not
exist. Evil existed after we failed in our effort to keep to the positive side of our nature,
after we failed to remember our goodness and forgiveness, after we failed the test of life.

Q. Is this evil the play of the ego?

M. No, it is our own creation. Similarly, we could create heaven if we wanted to. Every time
we extend loving kindness, tolerance, and understanding to others, at that time we
create heaven.

Q. Does the ego need to open to evil or integrate it?

M. The ego is evil itself. The ego is the feeling of individual pride, of self-arrogance;
therefore, we should not even bother about that. We should know our greatness instead
of being proud of our little knowledge and accomplishments. Whenever we are proud of
our little accomplishments or knowledge in this life, that is when the ego comes to take a
place in our spirit. This is no good for us. We should do without any sense of pride or
asking for reward.

Q. For enlightenment, is service in love to humanity as important as meditation? Or is

service more important or less important than meditative practice?

M. Both have to go hand in hand. We meditate because we want to do service better. We

want to be clearer in what we do; therefore, we will be more efficient in our work and
more of service to others. Without meditation, sometimes we have the very best intention
and we are willing to serve people, but we do not know what is the best way. Meditation
is a helping factor to true selfless service.

Q. Dear Master, I have seen You many times in my dreams. Is this true?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 203

M. You see me now also in your “big dream.” Is it true? [Laughter] If it were not true, you
would not be repeating it. You would have forgotten. Many people claim to see me even
before I was famous. Before I became known as Master, they had seen me already in
dreams or in visions. I guess you are one of those people who have an affinity with me.

Q. I am from Alaska. The beauty of the land signs in my heart and fills me with peace. This
year I have seen the presence of angels profoundly in my life. How can I invoke my
guardian angels to help direct me on my path of peace and love? Bless You in all You

M. You can be more concentrated, more sincere in your deep prayers, and then, maybe the
angels will come back again. Or you can join us in the initiation process and get hold of
the angels at your will. Both are possible. One is a little bit risky and adventuresome.
Initiation is more sure and quicker.

Q. Dear Master, is Jesus also a Buddha?

M. Yes or no? [Audience: Yes.] Thank you. The Buddha is the one with wisdom and
compassion as far as the Buddhist terminology definition is concerned. Jesus was a
manifestation of both wisdom and compassion. How do we know He has wisdom – by
His teachings, by His wise teachings which are still preserved until our days. How do we
know He had compassion? At the time of His departure, He was nailed on the cross,
suffering, thirsty, rejected, and very unloved by the people of His age. Still, He forgave
His so-called enemies. He prayed to the Father to forgive them. This kind of noble
attitude can only come from a so-called Buddha. The Buddha was also as
compassionate as Christ, so both of them are Buddhas, or both of them are Christs.
Christ is the Hebrew name for Buddha, and Buddha is the Sanskrit name for Christ. It is
just like water in English and l’eau in French, both say the same thing.

Q. Why do ghosts appear, and should we pray for them?

M. Better pray for the living first because we are still alive and we still have the way to know
ourselves, and to enter the kingdom of God. And we aren’t saved yet, let alone the
ghosts, beings, including the ghosts. But ghosts are actually some kind of wandering
energy, which is housed within a shell, and astral shell of some deceased person. It
might not be that person at all. For example, I cast off my clothes somewhere outside
and someone else without clothes came and picked them up and wears them. Then he
looks like me from the outside, but he is not I. He might be just any wandering person;
similarly, ghosts are like that.

Q. What can one do when one’s life is surrounded by problems and there are no solutions
to them?

M. My friend has already advised you. He said he got initiation, forgot the beef, and are only
the potatoes and tofu. Get enlightenment and then all your problems run away because
they cannot bear potatoes and tofu. [Laughter] They will go after the beef. [Laughter]

Q. What do You know about life on other planets?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 204

M. What do I know? I know so much I don’t have the time to tell you. There is already a lack
of time when I want to tell you about things on our planet, never mind life on other
planets. But you could go and visit them via initiation. With enlightenment, we can visit
many galaxies and different Buddha’s worlds, different heavens, and without buying
airplane tickets and no need for UFOs, even. [Applause]

Q. Would You please discuss some of the powers that You have developed through the
use of Your mind?

M. I don’t use my mind, brother. I use my mind only when I want to go to the bathroom, or to
eat some food [Laughter] or to make a telephone call. I don’t use my mind to develop
this power, because I already have this power, which encompasses the whole universe
and includes all magical abilities. You have it also. You have it. [Applause]

Q. Do You know if beings from other planets reincarnate as humans?

M. Sure, there are such things. You are one, for instance. You came from higher developed
countries in different galaxies. You come here for a while and then you will leave again.
And if you want to know where you came from, get enlightenment. Let us help you if you
do not have it. [Applause]

Q. Do You believe that the universe is a supreme being?

M. No, the supreme power is within and permeates the whole universe.

Q. Dear Master, I would like to know why the universe exists? Since I am only ten years old,
I do not understand.

M. Then wait until you grow up and then you will understand. [Laughter]

Why does the universe exist? It is because we like to look at it. Suppose the universe
doesn’t exist and today we don’t have the chance to speak with each other, or we do not
have the chance to play with each other, to love each other, or to do something to enjoy
our existence. It has some purpose. And if you do not want the universe to exist, then
you can sleep all day, all night; you can see nothing.

Get to know our real self through initiation

Q. Is it possible to lead a life completely free from doubt and fear forever? If so, what does
one need to do or not do?

M. Fear and anxiety come only from darkness, from ignorance, from the fear of the
unknown. Once we get to know the stable side of nature, the real side of our life, all
fears and anxieties disappear. We only fear because we think that after this life we have
nothing. We fear because we know only the ephemeral existence of this world. If we
know that life is eternal, if we know that we are the greatest being in the universe, then
we will have no fear at all. So, I invite you to get to know yourself through the means of

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 205

Q. God is a concept, an idea, but its reference is to that which is transcendent or beyond
worlds, which are always qualifications and limitations. Infinite, universal, and eternal, life
is only in the present. Eternity is an aspect of here and now that thought and time block
from our experience of life. So I think that we can only experience in the present, so that
this life moment is the most important. What do You think?

M. Sure, but you do not experience it; you only repeat what other people say. “Eternity is in
the present time” is true. For example, now if I close my eyes, I don’t close my eyes, I
see reality, and I stay in the dual world at the same time. Therefore, I can say to myself
and to you that “Eternity is here, now, present.” But as long as you don’t see it, you only
see the duality, you only see the material world, therefore, here, now, past, present, or
future, is just the same to you.

Reality is different from this world, different from what we know since we were born into
the material existence. If we do not see it, we cannot claim that reality is right here and
now. What we see around us now is not reality. Reality is something beyond this life,
beyond what you see here, beyond the material bodies that we know. If we see it at the
same time as we see this body, as real as seeing this body and these surroundings,
then we can claim we see reality here and now, all the time.

Q. How do we know that there is reincarnation? Is it a fact, or what is the basis?

M. There is no need to ask me even. You can read about it in the newspapers or in the
many books that do research in this field, and get the proof for yourself.

Reincarnation is a state of transit from one experience to the next. And in order to
experience something, we need to use a tool that is mostly a human body. While we
have the human body, we experience many pleasant things and unpleasant things, and
many unfulfillments. We want to re-experience or experience more because we are not
satisfied with one life, and in order to do that, we have to reincarnate. We seek another
body to use as the tool for further experience. That is the process of reincarnation. The
enlightened person has no more desire for experiencing anything, therefore, he does not

Q. The Buddhist bible says that people who eat meat will pay for their sins. If a person who
is a vegetarian cooks meats for others in the family, does that person have a sin?

M. No, because she doesn’t eat it. She was forced to do it. It’s not that she willingly
advocated the meat that people like to eat. Besides, people have the freedom to choose
what they eat. If you are a vegetarian, it’s fine. If other people are not ready for a
vegetarian diet and they choose a meat diet, it’s their free will and right. Of course, you
try to help them to understand that it is better for our health, our spirit, and our
enlightened state of mind if we take a vegetarian diet. But we cannot force everyone to
be the same because even God does not do that. God only guides and tells us the
precepts, and then we keep them or do not keep them. It is our responsibility. But, of
course, it is better that we keep them so that the world will get better and become a

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 206

Q. I usually see red Lights in my room. Sometimes I can see the red Light emitted from my
body. Is there anything wrong with my practicing meditation?

M. No, there’s nothing wrong. It’s just that your level is not very high yet. Red Light
sometimes stimulates anger within the person. It’s an astral level of consciousness.

Q. If I continue to meditate for several days without eating or sleeping, will I get into trouble?

M. Yes, you will be hungry and sleepless. [Laughter]

Q. If my level is low but I break into a higher level, will the Light and the Sound kill me? Can
Master save me in time if that happens, or will I come back to earth with my brain out of
control? [Laughter]

M. You have to do it the correct way. Get to know the correct method and not just do it at
random. The Light comes in accordance with your level of understanding and in
accordance with your ability to bear it. Therefore, do not feel in a hurry. If a child of two
years old is forced to eat a lot of vitamins and nutrients in order to grow fast, it is no
good. So take it easy. Do your meditation as you learned from your teacher, whomever
that may be, and wait for the time to come.

Q. I love my original master very deeply and usually recite his name. If I continue to do this,
will I lose Your love and blessing? I love both of You with no difference because without
my original master I would not be alive to sit here and listen to Your lecture.

M. I am not in competition with anyone. You can love ten more masters if you wish, no
problem. Just be enlightened. That is the best way to show gratitude to your previous
master, and no need to even be grateful to me or anything. Whatever you do, I love you
all the same. It’s you who probably do not love yourself because you will think, “I do that
very badly. I do this very badly,” and it is you yourself who stop feeling being loved.

Q. I am an initiate of Kirpal Singh Ji and correspond with and love Sant Ajaib Singh Ji of the
Punjab. It sounds like Your path is the same: A vegetarian diet, five sacred names, and
spiritual diaries. Is it an insult to another liberated master to be reinitiated by You? Also,
since he has taken responsibility for my going to Sach Khand, how would my initiation by
You change my life, for I know that I am God, however I am not yet totally liberated?

M. You should have more faith in your master. Kirpal Singh was a great soul and if you
were initiated by him, that is fine. You should have more faith. Faith is what you need,
not another master. And our path is similar, but if you wish to join us to have more
reinforcement and more encouragement for your spirit, you are more than welcome.
[Applause] It is not an insult to Kirpal because I will take care of you for him. That is all.
All great Masters have no sense of individuality and possessiveness. Don’t worry about
that. Whatever you do, if you are happy, if you progress in your spiritual path, that is
what your master, whomever that may be, wants you to have. So if I can help you, he’ll
be happy. As long as you are happy, he will be happy.

Q. If enlightenment is truly possible for anyone, why do we need You?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 207

M. Because you are not enlightened, yet! [Applause] It’s possible for everyone because if
everyone comes to me or any of the experienced Teachers, it’s always possible. But if
they don’t come, it is not possible because they don’t know it themselves. If they know it
themselves, it is fine, but most people don’t know.

Q. Can one who believes in Christ also believe in Buddha at the same time?

M. Yes, but one is enough. One is enough, because both of them are the same. Both of
them are one. All the Masters are one.

Q. What will happen after death?

M. You’re too hurried. [Laughter] It won’t be long before you know. And how do I know? I’m
not dead yet. [Laughter]

To find the eternal heaven, find the eternal source of merit

Q. Dear Master, how can I get rid of bad thoughts?

M. To get rid of bad thoughts, you have to replace them with good thoughts. It’s very simple.
If you don’t want to wear black, then throw it off and wear white.

And by the way, I was just joking with you. I know you sincerely want to know what
happens after this life, so I will try to explain to you even though I am not completely
dead yet. I’m half dead. [Laughter] With the world tour and busyness, I am always half

What happens after death depends on you. For example, if we are very virtuous, correct,
loving, and kind while we are living in this world as a human being, then after so-called
death we are taken into a deserved mansion which is called heaven. But this is not
eternal because our merit is not eternal; therefore, the heaven corresponding to it is not
eternal. To have eternal heaven, we have to find the eternal source of merit, which is the
greatest kingdom within us, and that is itself eternal merit.

If, in this life, we are doing the opposite things, things that are contradictory to the
commandments of God and below the standard of humanity, then we probably will have
to regress into a lower level of consciousness, of existence, in order to re-experience
what we lack, what we must supply to our knowledge. And after some time, we will be
lifted up again to a human standard. If we are better still, above human standard, then
we will be lifted to heaven. And the initiates are the ones who enter the eternal kingdom
and will not reincarnate again on this earth or any other earthly world.

Q. Master, please talk more about the Buddha nature within us.

M. The Buddha nature is the so-called Supreme Master power which moves the whole
universe, which makes all things alive and beautiful, which makes us wise and loving,
and which leaves our body lifeless after it decides to withdraw from it, and not use that

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 208

instrument anymore. If we know this Buddha nature, there is nothing that we do not
know, and there is nothing that we want, nothing that we would desire.

That doesn’t mean we become a wooden stick, a wooden statue. We have all things that
human beings have. We have emotions, we have feelings, and we have the taste of
enjoyment of beauty, of Truth, and of virtues, but the emotions that we have now are
under control. We use them whenever necessary and we withdraw them whenever we
want. That is the difference between the ones who know the Buddha nature and the
ones who don’t. The one who knows Buddha nature is always in happiness. It doesn’t
matter in what circumstances – he may be very poor, he may be very rich, he may be in
a top political position, or he may just be collecting garbage. But he will always be
absolutely free of anxiety and fear, always contented in whatever situation he finds
himself in. That is the difference.

Q. After initiation, if something goes wrong, something against Your instructions and
regulations, what is going to happen – a disaster or something else?

M. Sometimes yes, if you don’t have courage, then you would fear. But actually, the worst
disaster is that you stop there. You were given a great treasure and then suddenly you
don’t want to use it. So what kind of disaster befalls you – that you are poor, you have
nothing for yourself! You deny yourself the greatest possession and that is the worst
disaster already. If you don’t know it, it is not that bad. But if you already know it and you
deny yourself or you make some mistakes so that you use it or you have no way to use it
again, that is already the greatest disaster.

Q. How important is chanting for enlightenment?

M. If you had been enlightened by chanting, you wouldn’t have asked me this question. So
it is not important at all. Enlightenment comes not through chanting, not through praying,
not through anything, but through our own sincerity, our own very deep longing for it.
And then we know where it is. Therefore, during the initiation, we don’t speak. I will not
speak anything to you, and you will not say anything to me, and then enlightenment just

Q. Please let me know what is the end of meditation practice?

M. What do you think? [MC: Enlightenment.] The end of it is the outcome of peace,
tranquility, love, having no desire. Even though we still work in the world, we still possess
things, we do not have desire, and we do not have the torment of wanting many things
and never having enough. That’s the outcome.

Q. How long must one meditate to reach enlightenment?

M. Enlightenment comes immediately. As soon as you sit down with a Master and sincerely
want it, it comes immediately, even before immediately. Sometimes I have not finished
the instructions and people already got enlightenment. Some people are in a hurry, you
know. They have no time to wait. But the meditation takes place daily, because we
always want to be in the enlightened state, and we always want to renew our

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 209

acknowledgement of enlightenment. And also we want to strengthen it, to expand it until

infinity. Otherwise, even if you meditate for one hundred years, you don’t get any

Meditation does not bring enlightenment; the Master power does. During initiation or
during your so-called meditation in our method, you do not meditate because meditation
means effort. But in our way, it is effortless. You may sit there sometimes even sleepily
and then enlightenment comes, even then. Or you’ll be enlightened during sleep,
because the Master power will wake your soul during your sleeps. While your mind is
asleep and your body is at rest, your soul will be awakened into the world of Light and

Therefore, meditation is not a means to enlightenment, but for lack of vocabulary in this
world, we have to call it meditation. Actually you just sit there receiving the grace of God
and acknowledging your own supreme power. There’s no meditation actually that is
involved, because anything that is earned or is the result of some kind of action is still a
worldly production. It’s still within the material framework. Therefore, our meditation is a
non-meditational meditation – effortless meditation. [Applause]

Q. What makes You the equal of the other great Masters?

M. The same thing that makes you equal with other great Masters makes me equal. If you
do not acknowledge this, it’s your problem. All of us are equal. You are as great as
Jesus and Buddha, if you want to be, if you want to know, if you know where your
greatness is. I know, and that’s what makes me great. If you don’t know, okay, it’s fine. If
you want to know, you’ll be as great as any. [Applause]

Q. Master, You said mistakes are not really mistakes, but part of the unfolding plan of the
brotherhood. Does this mean that everything we do is part of the universal plan of the
unconscious becoming conscious?

M. Yes and no. In the universal action field, there are two kinds of actions, one is positive
and one is negative. If we turn to the positive side of nature, or the universal plan, then
our actions will be always positive. If we stay somewhere vaguely in between or don’t
know, then sometimes we’ll be positive, sometimes we are negative. And should we be
always on the negative scale of the universal plan, then we always do things negatively.
And of course this is preplanned, but we are in the negative side. Whatever we do is
also preplanned, but why should we always do the negative things, instead of turning to
the bright, the beautiful, and the Truth?

What seemed like a mistake is a positive step to another unfolding of the universal plan.
So then it cannot be called a mistake, even though, in that, not very completely
enlightened state of our mind, we may think that it is a mistake. But everything is in the
positive framework. If we want to be used in a positive position in the universe, then we
turn to the positive, get enlightened, turn to the Light. And if we want to be used for the
negative action of the universe, then we stay where it is, or do negative things. So both
are right, but it’s different in merit and outcome and our responsibility or our enjoyment of
the result is, of course, different.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 210

Q. Being a vegetarian is part of living a healthier life; what other things can we do to obtain
and help others to attain a high level of wellness?

M. First we have to attain our high level of wellness, then we can help others.

Q. There’s a continuation: I wish to become a chiropractor, is this a good way?

M. Yes, it’s good. I have a fellow practitioner who is a chiropractor. He’s a doctor. He’s
staying in our center, and now he has no job. He thought he’d come there to help people
but we’re too healthy for him. He just stays around, meditates, and teaches the
Taiwanese English.

Q. Can the evil satan be changed into a good being by God’s power or Your method?

M. Yes, it’s just a matter of turning in a different direction. You are as evil as you turn in to
the evil direction, and you are as positive as you turn in to the positive power. Being
initiated into a saintly way of life, or in the saintly level of consciousness, is turning in to
the positive direction.

Q. When we gain immediate enlightenment, will we be masters too?

M. It depends on what God wants you to do. But at least you’ll be the master of yourself, of
the life course that you undertake, and you’ll have no problem.

Q. When You say “they” can become Buddha, my question is who are “they”?

M. Did I say “they”? I probably meant “we,” forgive me. I thought you’re more intelligent than

Q. When we first come here, where do we come from?

M. We came from our Home, the Father’s House, the original place of glory.

Q. What is everlasting life, and how is beneficial to human life?

M. You still ask this question by now? If it’s not beneficial to mankind, I wouldn’t be
bothered to come here, spending all my money, energy, and time, with sleepless nights
and fruitless days, if it’s not beneficial to mankind. If it were not beneficial, Jesus would
not have sacrificed His privacy, Buddha would not have renounced the kingdom. It is
very beneficial. I’ve told you already that we need wisdom to serve others, to do
everything in our life without making mistakes. We serve in love and wisdom if we are
enlightened. If we have good intentions but do not have wisdom, sometimes we do
wrong; we do it in the opposite direction. So, that’s it.

Q. Would You tell us what some of the other worlds or levels are like?

M. I’ll tell you at the time of initiation. Otherwise, it takes too long a time to tell you, because
each world is a vast storehouse of knowledge. I can’t just tell you in a few minutes.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 211

In the lecture at the United Nations I have mentioned it, so maybe you go look for that
tape. Also I remember, I think in Singapore, I have spoken about different heavens, so
please look for these. They are all in English.

Q. Do You believe in simplicity and austerity? Which are the principles of Buddhist

M. Neither of them. Buddha had led a very ascetic practice before He reached
Buddhahood, but then He realized that it’s no good, so He forsook it. Simplicity of life is
very good, of course. But that is a matter of personal taste also. If someone is so used to
living in comfort and can afford all the comforts in life, why should he consider simplicity?

Simplicity means we live a life without want, without desire, in whatever environment we
are in. If we are rich, we live a rich life. If we are poor, we live a poor life. That is

Q. Dear Master, hate and greed are bad habits. But hatred is everyone’s habit. Can You
show me how to avoid that and make everybody happy?

M. I have said something similar before. When you have some bad thoughts, replace them
with good ones. So whenever you discover yourself having hatred, then immediately root
it out and replace it with loving kindness. Try to do it, and then it becomes a different
habit. It’s just like brushing your teeth everyday or not brushing them everyday. You try
to replace a bad habit with a good habit.

Q. Master, are You a Buddha? And does it require a lifetime of dedicated meditation to
become a Buddha?

M. Am I a Buddha? Should I say yes, would you believe me? [Audience: Yes.] [Applause]
All right, thank you. If many of you say yes, then who am I to say no?

He asked, does it require a long life of dedication? It doesn’t. It depends on the

individual. Some people will take a lifetime, some people will take many lifetimes, and
some person will take many hundreds of lifetimes. It depends on the background of the
individual. Therefore, Shakyamuni Buddha became a Buddha after six years, and Jesus
also after a dozen years, and other Masters after eight months, like the sixth patriarch
Hui Neng, and many other Masters after nine years. Some would not become Buddha in
this lifetime, but become just a saint. They get some degree of sainthood. So it depends
on the individual.

Q. Dear Master, after initiation, will all my bad deeds be removed, and will I have to pay for
my sins?

M. The stored karma will be erased, but the karma that you need to live on in this life will be
left alone. Otherwise, you would die immediately. Therefore, you take care that you do
not sow some more bad seeds in the future by keeping the precepts, by meditating every
day to erase some of the newly accumulated karma, and also to expand your wisdom.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 212

And also to be a vegetarian helps to terminate future connections with other beings. Past
karmas will be burned out so you don’t have to come back again.

Q. Are there any generalizations that can be made about the past lives of people who have
very angry, intolerant natures?

M. Probably they just came from a tiger; their last life was a tiger or something like that.

Q. What is the best way to cope with these people?

M. Just don’t cope. [Laughter] Recite a prayer, go and do something else, or just look at
them with loving eyes, and then after they’re tired of scolding, probably they’ll cool down.
Otherwise, how do you cope with a tiger? Run away, no?

Q. Dear Master, I meditate thirty minutes a day, but I cannot concentrate after ten minutes.
Is it because of heavy karmas that I have?

M. No, it’s just a habit. Most of us are so used to looking outside and paying attention to
outer things that when we try to withdraw all our attention inward, it is difficult. It’s used to
running out again. After ten minutes, it’s already very good. Most people cannot even do
it for ten seconds; so continue and then you will improve.

Q. How can one who feels little love become more loving?

M. You go and buy some more love from the supermarket. Is there anywhere that has love
for sale? [Laughter]

Get enlightenment, and then we’ll be more loving. That is the purpose of enlightenment.
Enlightenment makes us more loving, more tolerant, more understanding. That’s the
best outcome.

Q. That’s all the questions.

M. Thank you so much. I’m liberated. [Applause] This is gradual liberation. It’s not very
humorous today. I am very sorry that people are so serious. Thank you. [Applause]

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 213

To appreciate life, start with enlightenment

Denver University, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.
April 10, 1993 (Originally in English)

How is everyone? Still recognize me from the last time? Is there anyone from last time?
Please raise your hand. [Part of the audience raise their hands] Fine! So, I don’t have to start
from scratch. Is this still very early for you? [Audience: No.] No? You don’t work today?
[Audience: No.] Oh, fine, and I have to work.

The real homeland of the soul

I had a lot of inspiration about what God is, and how to better our world, and how to better
ourselves, and how to be in samadhi, etc., but I lost them all when I came to Colorado. I
guess it’s because Colorado people are very spiritual and the environment here looks like the
Himalayas. I think all of you are yogis, so you don’t need to prove that to me by any funny
gestures, or mudras, or anything. [Laughter] This is one of the places where I might consider
staying and making myself at home. “Consider” only, because I have many other people who
“consider” that I should stay at their hometown. And I can never win because I am alone, and
there are so many people. But today I would like to take some of your time to introduce you to
our “real Hometown,” or maybe invite you to have a look at it.

Many people believe that God creates only goodness. And then other people believe that God
creates also evil because, they say, everything comes from God. What do you agree with?
The first one or the second? [Audience: The first one.] The first one, right? Then where does
evil come from? [Audience: Humans.] Ah, humans, so you’re very enlightened indeed!

This place, which is called our world, is not the original plan of the universe. It has become
like this, with all kinds of sufferings and all kinds of undesirable situations, because of the by-
products of the humans and other beings’ interrelationships. If evil has truly existed, then it
couldn’t have changed from one place after another, or from one country to the other, or from
one period of time to the other.

Humans can stop evil

In the old time, we did not have guns, and we did not have atom bombs and all kinds of things
that could destroy mankind in no time. So actually, the evil that exists in this world is not God-
made. It was not already there. Therefore, it changes from time to time and from different
countries. Why are we talking about this? Because we must realize that if evil is man-made,

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 214

then man can also stop it or avoid it, instead of blaming God all the time, or waiting in a corner
of the church for God to descend and do something about it.

For example, between me and Mr. Smith, whoever that might be, we never met each other
and nothing happened between us. And suddenly one day Mr. Smith came to see me, or I
went to see him. Suppose we are both very ignorant and we both wanted to do the same
thing. We both wanted to arrive at a position which is very lucrative and profitable, famous
and all that, for ourselves. Then both of us are in competition for that objective. And then if
one of us wins, of course, the other will feel very frustrated. If he is a bad-tempered man, he
might try to take revenge of some kind, or make trouble for me. And therefore, in this process,
we breed another kind of atmosphere between us and apart from us.

Originally, both of us had no hatred, but now we have hatred, and that hatred is the third
energy, which is born from both of our energies. If we come to think about it like that, we
couldn’t blame God for anything that is unfortunate in this world. Most of the people think that
God made everything, including evil. I used to think that way, but as I am getting older, I have
more sympathy for the Old Man. You develop more understanding for old people as you grow
older. [Laughter]

It’s just like you and your wife or husband, normally both of you have no children, but you got
together and then the third kind was born. Those are your children. And your children may be
exactly like you in character, in intelligence, in ambition, or virtues, but they might not be. And
they might cause you a lot of trouble and headaches. So these are not your making, not
entirely. Maybe some of it is your making, but if you are very virtuous parents and very
exemplary, but your children are the opposite, then it is not your making.

Similarly, our world has become sometimes intolerable. It is our own making. Now, in order to
improve this or repair the world, or the house, the “big house” that we live in with so many
rooms which are the nations, then we should know that evil is avoidable. Evil is avoided by
doing good, by keeping the commandments, by loving thy neighbors. But because our mind is
so used to an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, it is difficult to do what we think we ought to
do, or to treat others in a very loving, kind way. Therefore, we need a stronger force to help
us, to pull us out of our habitual thinking and actions. That is why enlightenment is necessary.
It is just like a woman who is already very beautiful, and if she dresses herself up, wears a
little bit more jewelry, and learns to walk in a graceful way, then her beauty is more enhanced.

Everything in this world is beneficial to us

Everything in this world is actually also good for us, even evil. Evil is our mistake, but then, we
don’t have to stay in the mistakes forever. At least the mistakes are a kind of shock. When we
receive the effects of our mistakes, we will be shocked into realizing that this is not a proper
thing to do. They cause us misery and unhappiness, and therefore we turn around. All things
in this world which are beautiful and enjoyable are reminding us of our true happiness within,
in our true Home. It’s not a sin to enjoy the things that God created for us, but if we always
feel very attached to these things, then God will remind us that this is not proper. And
therefore, we will sometimes experience unhappiness or misery from the things that we
cherish most.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 215

It is wrong to deny the world. But it is not right to sink deep into the world all the time because
we miss the better half of life, which is spirit, and is more enjoyable than anything this world
can afford. Everything in this world is just a reminder of the true happiness, the true glory, and
the true life that we should have, and that we should know, because we have forgotten. Many
people ask me about the woman and man relationship, and sexual pleasure, and things like
that – whether it is sinful. I say, “It is not, but you should know that there are many more
pleasures than that.” For example, sexual pleasure is only a copy of the true pleasure when
you are in union with yourself, when both forces within you, the feminine and the masculine
aspects within yourself, are united. The union between man and woman is just a duplicate of
that one.

So actually, God sends us into this world not without any instruments to remind us of the
kingdom of God. It is just that we have forgotten that these are the reminders only, and we
just love the copy and forget the original. That’s what makes our life miserable, and even then
we do not enjoy the copy completely. Therefore, many of the man and woman relationships
are rocky, and the sexual relationship between you is not that holy, not that mutually
respecting. Sometimes it’s kind of abusing, and sometimes just a frustration release, a kind of
instrument. If we truly want to enjoy this life, we should enjoy the true life, which is a hundred
thousand times better than the life that we know on earth. And by knowing that life, we can
also enjoy this life.

More intense feelings after enlightenment

Just like one of our friends, just expresses her opinion that after initiation or enlightenment,
she enjoyed life also. She would feel whatever is there with very intense awareness. And
when you are happy, you are truly happy. You have no reservations for your laughter. You
are not constrained and not feeling ashamed for laughing very loud, very heartily with your
friends, and even alone. And when you feel sorrow, you truly can weep. You weep all of your
emotions out and then you get relief. Not that after enlightenment we become like wood or
stone and have not feelings whatsoever.

Some people keep asking me whether I fall in love sometimes. Are you interested, by the
way? If not, I don’t talk about that. It is private. Are you interested? [Audience: Yes.] Okay. I
thought it was too personal. You come here to talk about Buddhahood and God and all that,
and here I bring things that sound very mundane. Never mind. I say, “Yes, off and on, now
and again.” Or maybe I don’t know if that is falling in love or not. Well, when I see a person
probably I like him and then after he is gone, good-bye. Is that being in love or not? Steve,
you have more experience. [Laughter] Is that falling in love, Steve? [Steve: Yes.] Yes, really?
But not in Colorado though, I haven’t.

But before enlightenment, I didn’t know this kind of feeling. I never missed anyone. I didn’t
love anyone. I didn’t care about anyone. I did not enjoy friendship with people. I was a very
lonely child, very quiet. I did not feel lonely, though. I was just a very alone person until now.
Until I was forced into this job, I was a very quiet person. I could not talk. I mean that I didn’t
speak; I didn’t make friends. I enjoyed myself. I felt I needed nothing. And you know what it’s
like in our society – you work, and then one month a year, you have a vacation. Even if you
don’t want to, you have to. It’s the law.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 216

When I was alone there, I wasn’t married then, and then this forced one month vacation was
the time I had trouble. I didn’t know what to do because I had no friends and there was
nowhere I wished to go. But you had to go because if you didn’t come back with a tan, people
would not respect you that much.

So you spend all your money and go to Costa Brava or whatever, and you lie there, bake
yourself to death, spend all your time in the sun, and get burned, get peeled, get scorched,
and do whatever you can with the cream and all that to comfort yourself. And then you go
home to show people, “Here I am from Costa Brava,” cost a bomb, cost a lot of money.
[Laughter] That was the kind of life that I had. Probably some of you experienced the same up
to now. And then after I became the “main bro” in this “office,” I became more talkative. I
changed; I became an entirely different person than if you knew me before, maybe five, six,
seven years ago. You wouldn’t recognize me now.

When I was married, my husband had a lot of friends from this medical doctors’ circle, and
they talked a lot to him about many things. Also they talked on the phone a lot. But I hardly
could speak anything to him. And sometimes I stood around and felt very envious with these
friends. I said, “If I could just talk half of the time like them, I would feel already very good.” I
felt a little bit inadequate because I couldn’t speak. I mean that I am not a talkative person. I’m
always quiet; I do my job and have feelings, but nothing more. And even the love for my
husband, I don’t know if it was love or not. Well, I missed him when he was away and I was
happy when he was around but that was it; that was just about it. It was not a very kind of
passionate thing that you read about in a romance novel or watch in the movies, things like
that. I thought that, “Oh, it looks like I am not a person of this world, I don’t belong here.”

The fabulous network leading to God

But after enlightenment, you feel that your feelings, your emotions, your affections, and your
everything are very sharp. You realize more that you are truly living beings. Many people fear
that maybe after enlightenment they would shave their heads, cast off their beautiful clothes,
and go into the Himalayas, or find a cave in Colorado somewhere. But it is not true. Maybe
you do that in the beginning because you are too fanatic, too eager, too eager to know God,
forgetting all the while that Hes is always here. Because you are God, you are the
representatives of this God power, and we are all connected together in this marvelous
network. And should we forget that, we will be very lonely. Deep in our hearts, we will never
be satisfied. It doesn’t matter how many friends we have, how much money we earn, or how
busy we are, many of the moments of our lives will be in loneliness and dissatisfaction. We
just don’t know what is it that is lacking in our lives. So we do feel something missing. That is
because we have forgotten to tune in with this network that connects us as the whole, with the
whole universe. And therefore, whatever we do, we do alone. We work alone, and we feel a
great burden on our shoulders.

That’s why Emerson says, “A great burden falls from our shoulders when we let God run the
universe.” To let God run the universe doesn’t mean we sit there and wait for bread to fall
from the sky. It means that we work together with the whole universe, and whatever we do, it
will be blessed, watched over, and helped by the whole power. Therefore, we will be the great
beings. And everything within us, including the so-called “human emotions”, will be very alert.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 217

We feel, for the first time in our lives, that we are truly alive, and we truly enjoy everything that
God gives us in this life.

There is no denial of the world, not truly. I don’t think an enlightened person is so negative in
this attitude. I feel, I see, and I know that my fellow initiates, you can call them disciples, that’s
your word, are very alive, they are very alert, and they are happy. They know that life is all
right. Not all of them are, but it is very seldom that they want to run away from life. Maybe in
the beginning because, before, I used to wear nun clothes and looked very serious, so people
thought to be serious and become a monk is the means to the end of Buddhahood. After I
realized that, I changed, because that was a wrong conception. It’s okay that I wear the
clothes if I want to but that is not the leading condition for enlightenment.

Enlightenment solves all problems

Enlightened people are very happy and they accept the situation, whatever it is. And I have
the very positive knowledge that if all people are enlightened, then we don’t need to change
the world at all. We don’t need to make India become rich; we don’t need to change
communism into capitalism because everyone will be contented under whichever
circumstances they are in. We don’t have to change anything. We don’t need to even vote for
a new president every four years. And Mr. Clinton can stay there forever, [Laughter] whether
he is good or not, because we are good. That is important. One president, however good, can
not do much. But the whole nation is strong when people in that nation are all together, at
oneness, because of the connecting network. And the whole world is all together in unison
because they’re all connected with that network. And then the president cannot help himself
but to be good. He has to behave. I don’t mean Mr. Clinton. Please don’t tell him! He might
not give me a visa next time. [Master and audience laugh.]

The problem in this world are not to be blamed on politicians, not to be blamed on the
economic system of any country, or any “ism” of any nation, but to be blamed on the
ignorance of our self nature – that we do not know how great we are, that we do not know that
we are the contentment incarnate, that we do not know that we are love personified.
Therefore, enlightenment is a cure for all illnesses, for all worldly problems, for all wars, and
they are once and for all finished! And as long as all of us are enlightened, the world will
never come to an end.

Everyone predicts about the end of the world. I mean everyone worries about it; just some
people predict and make many people worry. But even if the world comes to an end, the
enlightened people will never feel bothered. They know this world comes and then it will go
one day, but the life eternal always goes on and nothing can affect it. Life eternal is what we
are; wisdom is what we possess. Love is what our nature is and that cannot be destroyed with
any bomb at all. It cannot be limited by space and time. Therefore, the Master doesn’t have to
always be where the disciples are to help the disciples and bless them. And the disciples will
grow into mastership and also can do the same. So whatever I do, you can do also. That was
what Jesus said to us.

But can we do it? Can we do what Jesus did? No, not yet, because we have not learned what
He learned. We have not tuned into the kingdom of God. We have forgotten our Father who is
perfect; therefore, we live in imperfection. Now, to correct this is very easy. If we want to go

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 218

northward, then we have to face north and continue, begin and continue to walk or to go
northward. But if we want to go south, then of course, we have to turn back and face south
and begin to go there. It’s very simple. Every day we face the world; we walk toward the
world; we think toward the world; we merge ourselves in the world. All our attention, energy,
emotions, and best talents face the world. We don’t face God. Now it’s very simple. Turn
around. I will show you how at the initiation, and there you are. It’s very simple.

This world is the shadow of the kingdom of God

You will ask me the question that if you face God, then do you have to turn your back to the
world? It is not so in the kingdom of God because actually if there is no kingdom of God, then
there is not this world. This world is only a copy of the real thing, of the real life. Therefore,
you do not have to forsake the world in order to know the real, but you have to know that the
world came from the real by realizing the real. Just like you get to know a beautiful lady
instead of chasing after her shadow; then you have both. If you want the shadow that much,
you can include it because the shadow comes from this beautiful lady. It’s no good always
clinging to the shadow and not knowing the real, but as soon as we know the real, the
shadow also belongs to us.

Since ancient times we have always heard many stories about how fantastic a Master like
Jesus is. “Jesus – He is great, fantastic!” He can do many things and we admire Him, but He
should not be the only one in this position because it is said in the bible, “Know you not that
you are the temple of God, and the holy spirit dwells within you.” We house God. Do you
understand that we house the Almighty within ourselves? And here we are having nothing of
this almighty glory. It is because we face the other way. We face the shadow, we chase after
the shadow, and try to correct the shadow to suit our taste – that the legs are too long, the
head is too flat, or the ear is too pointed. It is because of the light that projected the real and
made it become the shadow. And if we chase that all the time, trying to make it different, of
course we make trouble for ourselves. We exhaust all our energy and we achieve nothing.
We might be able to adjust a little bit here, a little bit there, but this is only a shadow;
tomorrow the ear will be pointed again. In order to truly enjoy ourselves, we have to correct
the real. We have to know the real one and adjust accordingly.

If you know where the beautiful girl stands, then you can even make the shadow become
more beautiful if you wish. You can make the light behind her go a little bit above or under,
and then her shadow will become very much like the real person, or you can do some
technique to adjust the shadow. But if we do not know the real and try to adjust the shadow
from the shadow itself, then we always have problems. That is the problem with the world.
That’s why our world is always in trouble. We try to correct the shadow and not the real

A peaceful world comes if everyone is enlightened

Many heroes have come and gone. So many great kings have reigned in the world, but the
world is still the way it is. If you have fixed some problems here, other problems will breed
themselves elsewhere. If you have enough medical care for the people, now you have
incurable diseases like AIDS, for example. It’s troublesome. And so we never come to an end
without problems if we always try to fix the world.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 219

I have known one person. He is very much interested in our teaching and wants initiation and
that, but he told me that he would like to stay in the world, to remain in the world as worldly
people, in order to understand their problems, and in order to help them. Many of the heroes
of our history have thought the same thing, and the world has not become a paradise. Even
though we have a lot of better equipment and a more civilized society, we have other more
troublesome problems.

So you see, our brothers and sisters, what the conclusion should be. It’s not that after
enlightenment we forsake our political career, or leave the president alone in the White House
and all the aides will go out because they’re all enlightened. But we stay there and we do a
better job because we know how to adjust the shadow now. Or we don’t bother at all to adjust
the shadow anymore. Whatever the shadow may be, fine, because we know it’s not
important. We may feel amazed at the shadow, its changing shape and size and color at
different times of the day. We might watch it with amazement but we no longer chase after it,
and we no longer put great importance upon this shadow.

That’s why people should be enlightened. The world will be at peace and no other thing
needs to be done. I don’t know if you agree – yes or no? [Applause] I tell you from my
example, not sheer talk. For example, now you look at me and I’m wearing beautiful clothes.
Actually, I designed them myself, and I have seamstresses who are monks and nuns.
Together, I mean we are those who live together and do not have family ties and that, so we
work on everything together without wanting any wages or any position. It’s very inexpensive
anyhow, but it looks beautiful, right?

So now I am happy because I am beautiful, fine. But when I am alone and I do not have to
see you at such a great event and important gathering like this, then I just wear whatever it is
– very old clothes, but very comfortable, and old shoes, flat. And I don’t even care to wash
them very carefully because I would just pitch my tent next to the river and put my clothes in
the bucket and some soap and river water, and I use my feet to stamp on them while I clean
my teeth at the same time. I use my feet to just walk in the bucket, walk on the clothes for a
while, and then bathe and I swim, I just shake them loose and get the river water to clean
them. Then I throw them on the rocks and after some time, they are dry. And that’s a life of
beautiful enjoyment that I most cherish. But nevertheless, when I go out, sometimes I stay in
hotels, sometimes I stay in a very beautiful mansion which some of the disciples lend us for
few days, and I also enjoy that. I also enjoy the freshly cut lawn and the beauty of the flowers
that you plant around in your gardens, and every so-called luxurious thing that you have, I

An enlightened person conforms to circumstances

Therefore, enlightenment affords us the enjoyment, not the situation. So I enjoy in both cases.
I do not deny luxury and I do not cling to asceticism because each has its beauty. Whatever is
there, you accept it, and that is the simple life. Some people ask me if the simple life means
going to the forests and living in caves and eating weeds, and all that? I say, “No, a simple life
means you stay where you are and enjoy whatever you have.” If you are rich, you enjoy your
rich life and share whatever is left over, too much, with other people. If you are poor, enjoy
your simple life and be happy that you don’t have to worry about thieves. [Laughter] And that

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 220

is simple living. Stay where you are, enjoy what you have, that is, in my thinking, simple living.
Do you think that’s all right? [Applause]

If we try to change our life, it makes us “not simple.” You are so used to living with clean
bathrooms and all that. And now you have to punish yourself and adjust to a kind of outside
open toilet and it freezes in the winter, and maybe you are not used to the cold. You’d get
cold and you’d get sick, and is that simple? No. Then you have to be administered to a
hospital and get all the needles in your tongue, in your knees, and wherever necessary.
[Master and audience laugh.] And that looks very complicated indeed, at least from the
outside. Therefore, simple living means you are comfortable where you are.

But of course there are some things we adjust in our life. For example, if we meditate a lot,
then we cannot afford to eat meat too much because that excites our energy, stimulates the
passion, and we would like to sit still in order to know our own treasure and wisdom. If we do
not follow a simple diet, then it will have some side-effects. Therefore, some people who
meditate at random and do not adhere to the vegetarian diet come into a kind of disturbance.
Many people have mental derangements. It is because of violating the law of nature. The law
of nature teaches us to be vegetarian. You know all of this. I think in the sample booklet that
you were given, it has already been proven scientifically that we humans are a vegetarian
species. Our teeth and our intestines are made for vegetarian beings, and the meat-eater
beings are different in body construction; the inner organs and the digestive system are all
different. Anyhow, I’ll be long about enlightenment and short about diet, okay? In case you
are allergic to the vegetarian diet, I won’t mention it anymore.

Quan Yin method is the ultimate method

But be enlightened anyhow, by all means and by whatever you can afford in your environment
and in your mental state of preparation. There are many ways to enlightenment, but there is a
best way, quickest way, or longest way, safer way, or a little bit risky way. Just like when you
climb the mountain, there are many roads but some roads are even and some roads are more
rocky, and some roads are dangerous. I have found that the Quan Yin method, the method of
observing the inner Word, the inner Sound, and the inner heavenly Light, is the best and is
the ultimate, because ultimately we have to arrive to the Light of God and to the Word of God
in order to get the wisdom. All other roads are leading you to that state: That you could hear
the Sound of God and could see the Light.

All other methods have this same goal, but we are right here – the teaching directly – and you
immediately experience the enlightenment taste, you see immediately. So you get this Light
and Sound right away at the time of initiation, whereby with other methods, you have to take a
long time, many years, or do many ascetic kinds of sacrifices in order to arrive there.
Therefore, actually this is not a method. It’s just a fruit and the meal is already prepared for
you hungry guests. The others, maybe they are not hungry so they try to mess around with
their food or cook all the time and not eat it.

Many of our people who stay permanently in our centers around the world, their lives are very
simple, but they are very happy. Our life is so simple that, when compared to the most simple
lifestyles in other countries, theirs seems pale!

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 221

The other day we were speaking with some of the people who work with the government in
Au Lac. They are not governmental officials but are just doing business-wise work, and so we
had a chance to talk about this. And then, I said, “Actually the people in Au Lac, if they were
enlightened, they wouldn’t feel so troubled about communism even.” I said, “Because actually
I am a true communist; whatever I earn I share it all with people.” Communist means you
have everything not for yourself, but for the community; you live in the community. Therefore,
actually I don’t talk communism, but the communists should give me the best medal for it
because I live what they preach. [Laughter] I live in a tent. I live a simple life. I don’t earn
money for myself. All the money runs around the world for the sake of my disciples, for the
enlightenment of others, and for the poor and needy. And even my clothes I design for myself,
so it’s cheaper. [Applause]

Changing ourselves is changing the world

It’s not what we have in life, but to what degree we are contented with life. To tell you
honestly, I do not have a better life than any of the people who live in the communist system.
For example, from thirty-six or forty hours until now, I have only had one meal, and that wasn’t
much. There was only maybe half a bowl or one bowl of rice, just a few tofus, and a few
vegetables. That’s all there was. And I am working so very…, you cannot say it’s not hard. It’s
hard work because we run from one place after another and we are always packing and
unpacking and talking to hundreds and thousands of people all the time. I seldom rest my
voice, very seldom.

I’ll tell you my schedule. For example, the night before last, I was in Seattle talking to
thousands, and after that, talking to the disciples and non-disciples, etc. I did not go to bed
until about five o’clock in the morning. Before that, I meditated for a while and then slept a
little bit, and got up again at nine or something, got ready to go to the airplane. At the airport I
had to speak to hundreds of people and make them happy. [Laughter] What are you laughing
at? It’s true, because if not, then they are not happy. And in the airplane, I have to talk again
to the neighbors because they ask me where I come from, what I do, and all that. Fine, and I
enjoy that also. Then I had a little rest, maybe ten minutes. And again, came down to the
airport and hundreds of people were already there waiting for me to talk again. Okay, I talked
until nine or something, and we went home and I had a little rest. And then came the
telephone, and I talked again for about one or two hours, one hour at least. And then I came
out, and all my disciples and their immediate friends, the Americans, wanted to be exclusively
treated. So only Americans were around and I talked only in American language for a while.

And then I took that meal that I told you, and that was it. I had nothing from that meal until
now. And before that I didn’t have meal. Before that meal I nibbled two mouthfuls of bread
and two mouthfuls of milk. That was before I left Seattle. And I came to last night and had that
meal, my only meal, until now. So therefore, I had, in forty hours or fifty hours, actually only
one meal and nothing more. If the communists are proud of their teaching, they should be
more proud of action and give me a best medal. [Laughter and applause.] Actually, I am too
proud of myself. It’s my ego at work but don’t worry, I’ll put it aside later. [Laughter]

So the problem is not to change anything of this world, but to change ourselves. I would have
complained before. Without enlightenment, I would have complained. I would have loved to
have my beautiful house, my lovely husband, and my “whatever” that is mine. And I couldn’t

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 222

just sacrifice like that. By the way, doing this, I do not even feel that I sacrifice, but I just feel
very natural and very happy to do it. Of course I am tired and I complain sometimes because
of some of the unnecessary, tiresome questions or demands from people and disciples. And
sometimes it agonizes you having to accompany kindergarten children while you are teaching
in college. Yes, it is very difficult also, but I get through; I get through. That’s a reasonable
complaint, no? Is it not? [Laughter and applause.]

Enjoy the world within and without

Thus, if the people in any poor country or in whatever situation, get enlightenment, they would
not feel suffering. Some of our disciples are relived of even the most dangerous sicknesses
after initiation or after they practice for a while. It depends on also their sincerity and karma;
some of them have to undergo sometimes this retribution, but they go with smiles on their

Yesterday when I was in Seattle, one of the women told me she had to undergo an operation
and she had already prepared herself to go to play in heaven while the body was undergoing
the operation. She told me, “Fine, I know already. I will go and let the doctor inject me and
then, meanwhile, I will go to Buddha’s land and have a look around.” [Laughter] Yes, that’s
what she said and she had no fear whatsoever. Yesterday, some of you heard it. Were any of
you in Seattle yesterday? Yes, you heard this? That was an Au Lac lady about my age,
maybe younger, but don’t make me feel very old. Yes, that’s what they do.

And sometimes some of our fellow practitioners, their lives are not rich like yours. Perhaps, in
Formosa, they drive a taxi, but while driving the taxi they can see Buddha’s land or heaven,
the kingdom of God, at the same time. Therefore their lives pass very quickly, and whatever
they do, they do it in joy. They enjoy the real life and the shadow of the real life because both
will blend together; there is no separation, no rejection of any kind.

The beauty of enlightenment

When I was in Indonesia, or some other country, some people said, “Oh, You look beautiful.
Would You consider remarrying?” What do you think? Do I have time for that? [Master and
audience laugh.] Yes, but I said to him, “Why do you ask this question?” He said because he
thinks that enlightened people would not care so much about these things, no love, very dry,
and all that. I said, “No, if you consider, you should propose first. You propose, and I will put
you on the marrying list.” [Laughter] But then, that’s the last I heard of him. [Laughter]
Probably after a close examination of my face and figure and whatever, and my lifestyle, he
thought he had better not take the adventure. [Master and audience laugh.] My disciples
everywhere are enough to scare the biggest heroes on earth. They would run away, you
know. [Laughter]

When you are at home and you have only one husband or wife, and if the third person comes,
you already feel very scared, very frightened that your love would be shared. How much more
if they see my disciples! They hang around twenty-four hours, they eat everything with me,
and they interfere with all kinds of privacy, except when I am in the bathroom. [Laughter] My
door can never be locked. Always coming up and down, and my room is just like a restaurant.
So whoever dares to be my husband should prepare for war. [Master and audience laugh.]

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 223

So, that’s the life it is, and whether you have or you don’t have, it’s fine. It’s very fine with you
because you are contented within yourself. You do not reject life, but you do not sink into life
deeply so that you know nothing else except the material existence of life. And that’s the
beauty of enlightenment. [Applause]

All right, I am ready for your questions because there will be more talk by the way. You can
ask anything and I am free to answer or not, so don’t worry. It is a very good atmosphere
today. For the first time, and you can laugh so much. I think we don’t charge money for the
lecture, but we charge for the laughter because this is very rare. [Laughter]

Questions and answers

Q. In the bible, Jesus Christ said, “I and my Father are one,” but how can I reach this state?

M. Get enlightenment. Get initiation; that’s what we are here for, to help you.

Q. Dear Master, I never eat vegetarian, however after I listened to Your videos and read
Your magazines, I started to eat vegetarian once or twice a month. [Master: Big deal, big
deal!] Can I meditate? If yes, is there any danger?

M. Fine, it’s already a big improvement. From thirty days to twenty-eight days! [Laughter]

Q. Dear Master, how can we live a happy life?

M. Didn’t I tell you that to get enlightenment is a sure way of a happy life? Okay, I am very
patient. [Master and audience laugh.]

Q. Could You please explain Your precept against killing, specifically against abortion?

M. You get me into trouble. [Laughter]

“Thou shalt not kill” is the precept of all religious scriptures, not only Christians; it’s even
in Jainism, Hinduism, and other religions also. If they truly take this, “Thou shalt not kill,”
in the true sense of the precept, abortion, of course, should be avoided. And the doctor
should be very precise in determining what is the special situation in which people
should undertake this, because maybe sometimes it’s dangerous for the mother or
dangerous for both. So the doctor should be fair in determination that situation.
Otherwise, I think we should save life in any way we can.

Whatever is your special circumstance, you have to answer with your own self
conscience, and the doctor has to determine that. I am not here to condemn anyone
because I know life is very hard and it’s very difficult to say what is right and what is
wrong. We also are all under the sway of karma, of the law of cause and retribution, and
sometimes it is very difficult for a person to go above that to be saintly and to be decisive
about anything in life. But bear in mind that if we have faith in God and in all our wisdom
and if we are enlightened, no circumstance is difficult, no situation is hard to handle. So I
just propose enlightenment and no condemnation for anything. [Applause]

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 224

Q. Is it okay to receive initiation from more than one Master?

M. It’s okay, but why is it necessary? For example, if your Master has already taught you
the Light and the Sound within you, and you are satisfied and you’re making progress
with that path, then you don’t have to be initiated by another Master who will teach the
same method. But nonetheless, if you are not completely satisfied and you are more
convinced in some other Master, of course you may do so.

Respect the talent and qualities of other people

Q. Jesus ate fish; why do You not?

M. You always put fish in Jesus’ mouth! [Laughter] All right, suppose He ate fish, He is
Christ. He can do many other things that you cannot do. Why do you look at the piece of
fish only and not at His qualities and His holiness? As soon as you become as holy as
He is and as powerful as He is, you can eat human beings, if you are that desperate for
meat! Oh God! [Laughter and applause.]

We always compare the things that other people do to suit our tastes but we do not
respect their qualities and their talents. We have to know what we have and what other
people have, and then we can say what we can do or not. The president can stay in the
White House. He has a lot of bodyguards, and he has power over the whole nation. So
some things he can do, we cannot.

Q. Are pain and illness always the result of present karma? If so, how do we clean them

M. We clean it out by enduring it, because it’s already too late now to reverse the wheel of
karma. But we could minimize it; we could lubricate it, by being enlightened, by
meditation on the perfection of the Father every day through the guidance of a Teacher.
Through initiation, we minimize a lot of things.

Q. Do You feel that initiation is important? Why can it not be done on our own?

M. The question answers itself. If you have done it yourself, then it’s not necessary to get an
initiation. But if you can’t do it, if you haven’t seen the Light of God and heard the Sound
of heaven, then initiation is necessary. Besides, there are many steps to heaven so that
you must know verbally the instructions and so many pitfalls that you should avoid. If you
do not know that, you will waste a lot of time and sometimes it’s dangerous.

Q. Who was Your Himalayan Master and of what lineage?

M. I think I talked about that already in some of the tapes. You go and have a look. Now I
am here, and you keep asking about my Master all the time! I’m jealous! I am so
beautiful and you don’t care about me! [Laughter] You care about an old man with
wrinkled eyes and a cranky mood, who doesn’t talk to anyone, doesn’t accept disciples.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 225

Q. Master, specifically what is the difference between enlightenment and the power to
initiate, and which one did the patriarchs of the bible have?

M. The power to initiate came first. You will have the power of initiation also if you are
appointed by the Master; because the Master will initiate through you. And also you have
the power, the true power, the perfect power, not the borrowed one, when you become a
Master. When you reach the fifth plane of consciousness, then you become Christ or
Buddha; at that time you can initiate. But enlightenment is a part of it, part of the power.
And you will expand this, and will get to know more of your greatness, more and more,
until you realize your complete self. That is the time you’ll know God. That’s the time
you’ll be able to initiate people.

In the state of samadhi

Q. Dear Master, is it right that we have to be at or beyond the second level of spiritual
practice to have a samadhi experience?

M. No, it’s not true. It’s just a deeper or shallower samadhi. If you see the Light or hear the
Sound, that means you’re already in samadhi. It’s just a little bit not very deep. And
sometimes you’re in very deep samadhi and you sit there and are only aware of the
inside, and sometimes you are aware of both the inside and outside.

Q. If initiated, can one practice meditation an hour in the morning, half an hour in the middle
of the day, and an hour at night? Or does one have to meditate two and a half hours in
one continuous sitting?

M. No, you can separate it. You can do it on the bus, in the park, on an airplane, on a train,
etc. to make up the hours that you need.

Q. Please explain the reason for not eating or using eggs, and how do eggs represent life
and death?

M. An egg is a symbol of life and death; in it contains life. And many of the black magicians
or white magicians use eggs to withdraw some of the negative possessive spirits within
some people. Therefore, if we eat eggs too much, we tend to attract this negative force
toward ourselves. That’s one of the reasons why we should not eat eggs.

Q. Do You have homosexual disciples?

M. Yes, do I have to report to you their private business? [Laughter]

Homosexuality is just a misconception about their awareness. They misunderstand their

body’s function. When they become enlightened, this will be less and less because they
will identify themselves less with the body, but more with the spirit. Therefore, there is
nothing wrong with that. When the children are very young, they play with their plastic
models and they cling to their teddy bears, but when they grow up, they will leave them.
So do not worry about your misidentification with your body or with your birth

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 226

appearance. It’s all right. Just get enlightenment and everything will fix itself in due

Q. Master, I often see that in meditation it is my mind watching my mind. I lose faith that I
can go beyond this technique. Any advice? Thank You.

M. Of course, it’s not a very suitable technique for you, perhaps. If we use the mind to watch
the mind, we are still inside the mind, and inside the creation’s destroying and nourishing
process. We should go beyond the mind; therefore, in our meditation, we don’t use the
mind at all. That is the most advanced technique. So maybe try ours, okay?

Q. What happened to Your husband?

M. Thanks for your concern. We have lost contact for; I think, several years now. He waited
for me six years, and then he remarried after six years. And during the time, we wrote off
and on, half a year a letter, or one year a letter, and after six years he got married again
with a vegetarian doctor wife. Then he got a son and he reported that to me. That was
the last I heard of him. If you are interested to know, maybe I’ll go into the second level
and have a look at his future. [Master and audience laugh.]

Q. Master, how important is it to see the Light eighteen inches in front of me? I only see it
close to my forehead. Thank You.

M. It’s fine. It’s a good beginning. Don’t worry, it will grow further.

Why Bodhidharma sat facing the wall for nine years

Q. I don’t know if it’s my business to understand, but I’d like to find out about Buddha’s
message when He came from India and sat facing the wall for nine years.

M. The patriarch, Bodhidharma, sat facing the wall for nine years because He had nothing
else to do. If it weren’t for you, I would probably sit and face the ceiling for nineteen
years. [Laughter] You see, if they have things to do, they will do them wholeheartedly. If
they have nothing to do, they just do what they want to do. That’s it. And if he loved the
wall so much, why not? [Laughter and applause.]

Of course, I make a joke about it. But to elaborate further, you should understand that an
enlightened person is very content within him or herself, and does not desire to do
anything when it’s not necessary. For example, if I don’t come to you, or if I don’t lecture,
or if no one requires me to come out to see them or talk to them, I am always in my
room. Of course, sometimes I like to take a walk in a garden or in a forest whenever it’s
there. If not, I stay in my rooms. I do nothing; I am just happy. I may read books or not
read books, I might meditate or not meditate, I may sleep or I may be awake, I may eat
something or not eat something; I’m fine within the walls.

That’s the problem with prisoners. Because they are not enlightened, they feel walls
separate them. If they were enlightened, they would sit pretty well in there and never
probably want to leave prison. That’s why the patriarch sat there and felt good. At that

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 227

time probably there was no lecture hall for him and not many people understand him, so
he just sat there and enjoyed himself. He could have done other things but it wasn’t
necessary at that time.

There was a story about a Zen Master and his disciple. I am afraid to take up your time,
is it okay to tell? [Audience: Yes!]

One Zen disciple, very enlightened perhaps, came to see his Master after some time and
then his Master asked him, “What did you do all these months? You had a summer
vacation, now what did you do?” He said, “In my backyard, there is a big piece of land. I
cultivated and planted some vegetables. They tasted so good. They looked good, and I
feel very good about it.” The Master praised him, and said, “You did not waste your time!
You know how to use your time. It’s very good.”

And the disciple asked the Master, “What did you do during this time that I was not
here?” And the Master said, “In the day time I ate and read books. In the nighttime, I
slept.” The disciple nodded his head and said, “Master, you also know how to use your
time. You didn’t waste your time. You are very useful.” Yes, it’s very comfortable. It takes
an enlightened mind to understand an enlightened mind. That’s what it is with the
enlightened people. If they have work to do, they do it. If they don’t, they don’t miss

Whenever we are on tour, we are sometimes in a kind of very famous place. Like when
we were in Mexico, we were next to the pyramids, and of course people would like to go
there. It was about one hour from our place, and my room was in the middle of the city
with all the noise and all the narrowness, everything. But still, I didn’t long to go to the
pyramids, so we never did go, even though I stayed there for six days and lectured only
one day. I saw people every day, of course, but I had no longing to go see the pyramids
or anything else. I stayed always every day, every minute of the day, in my room.

And so, as I have told you again, and again, enlightenment is the only cure of everything
in this world. Otherwise, if anyone else, you put them in a room like that and you don’t let
them go to see the pyramids, or some other things, they will be unhappy. But we are not.
I and my disciples, the immediate crew, no one wanted to go to the pyramids. I told
them, “If you want to go, you are free to go. You don’t have to wait for me or ask my
permission.” But no one wanted to go. They are just happy to serve. They sleep when
they have time, and when they wake up they go and prepare the equipment and all that
for the lecture. No one longs to go sightseeing or anything. It is because we are very
contented within ourselves. Therefore, the first patriarch Bodhidharma, the Buddhist who
came to China, faced the wall for nine years. It was the same situation.

Why the ego exists

Q. During meditation, do we need to keep ourselves awake so that we know that we are
meditating? If I fall into a state of not fully being awake or I fall asleep, is there any good
in my meditation at all?

M. Yes, it’s a good sleep. [Laughter]

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 228

Q. I have been on a vegetarian diet for three months, but I can’t cross my legs because
there is a problem with my legs. So am I qualified for initiation? And can You comment
on posture when meditating?

M. Then don’t cross your legs, for God’s sake! [Laughter] Do what you want with your legs. I
don’t want your legs; I just want your enlightenment.

Q. After initiation and if Master is not with us, if I have any problems with my meditation,
what should I do?

M. The Master is always with you. The Master is not the body; we are wisdom. We are
connected with the whole universe. And the Master who is worth His name is
omnipresent, so whenever you are in trouble, the Master knows. And the Master is
always helping you to progress. Whether you see the Master or not depends on your
power of samadhi. Otherwise, the Master is awake and taking care of you twenty-four
hours a day, so don’t worry.

Q. Master, You are very beautiful and have much to offer. I am glad to be here. My question
has to do with the ego. What are we to do with it, if anything, and why does it exist?

M. The ego doesn’t exist, actually. The ego comes from the information that we collect
during our time and during our interrelationships with others, or with all things around us.

For example, when you were born, you had no ego, but when you grow up and then you
know yourself to be beautiful or handsome, then the ego begins to grow. And everyone
praises you, “Oh, you’re beautiful!” And then, “You have a Ph.D.!” You grow more in
pride, and that is the ego. But don’t worry about it. It’s just a good accessory sometimes,
and you can throw it away anytime you don’t need it. But you have to have
enlightenment first in order to know when to wear it and when to put it down.

Initiation is the only way to reach the fifth world

Q. What kind of Light and Sound can I hear when I reach the fifth level? I mean, what
symbol will let me know if I come to the fifth level of meditation?

M. That, I will tell you at the time of initiation because I cannot just tell you like that at
random. I don’t know what kind of meditation you do. If you want to elaborate further,
maybe it’s better. The fifth level is meant for the initiated people only, not for other than
disciples; they couldn’t even reach the first.

Q. Dear Master, I am married but I sometimes have dreams of being with other beautiful
girls. How do I prevent these dreams? Am I creating heavy karma?

M. It’s all right, enjoy your dreams. [Laughter] Just don’t do it in the reality, otherwise your
wife will not let you enjoy it. And keep it a secret. What can we do with dreams? Forgive
yourself; it’s okay.

Q. How can it happen that we are born as a twin?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 229

M. It is because you like to stick together, I guess. You have affinity with each other and you
want to go out at the same time to have companion. No problem about twins. We are
twins ourselves; we have both feminine and masculine aspects inside, and if we reunite
that, we’re happy. Forget about the physical aspect.

Experience is better than empty talk

Q. Dear Master, please let us know more about energy, the relation between energy,
peace, and love? The only thing we know from science is that energy cannot be
destroyed or created. Energy can be transformed from one kind to another kind. Some
say God is energy; God is love. What do You think?

M. I think these are only sayings. Before you experience them, all sayings are empty. I do
not like to be a living dictionary, but an example of the true knowledge. When you are
enlightened, you understand this energy and all the metaphysical questions.

Energy is of many kinds, negative and positive. When we are enlightened, we balance
both and make use of them for the purposes in life and in the right time, the right
situation. I told you already if we are enlightened, the world will be at peace and there is
no need to change anything. Of course that is the peaceful energy that we radiate after

Q. How do we influence a beloved, such as a husband or wife, to be a more moral person?

Is there a special method to help them?

M. Yes, enlightenment. Enlightenment helps you to be sharper in all feelings. And you will
be a better wife, a better husband, even. Many of our initiates claim that their married life
became much better after both of them practiced God’s presence – the Light and Sound.
Before that, they just had a kind of very lukewarm relationships, or cold as ice cubes.
And after enlightenment, they knew how to care for each other, and they felt more loving
toward each other.

Q. Dear Master, I had a lot of nightmares in childhood. Now the nightmares are gone, but I
still dream frequently every night. Please tell me, are these dreams involved with my

M. Maybe you had a very rough life before. You lived a truly nightmarish life; therefore, the
influence still lingers until now. Well, I sound like an advertising manager; but
enlightenment is also for everything. If you want to live a fearless life, a dreamless life,
then of course, enlightenment is the answer.

Q. Were Hermes, Zoroaster, the Essenes, and the Gnostics great Masters? Who were the
first Masters?

M. All Masters, all true Masters, are one. They come from one source. The highest Master
is the Supreme Master, the Almighty, which is in all of you. When we first came here, we
were Masters before. We came here, we blessed the world, and we forgot all about our

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 230

power and our glory. Our energies were also exhausted because we paid attention to
outer phenomena.

All the Masters who come here are the ones who are awakened in this awareness, and
know their true glory. They can travel the road Home frequently and they can lead us
back Home. So there’s no need to discriminate between any Masters. All the religions
are founded after the Master has gone; therefore, we have Christianity after Christ,
Buddhism after Buddha, etc.

Q. Enlightenment always seems so lofty. In what ways will I be different after

enlightenment? How will I know?

M. Oh, you’ll know it; you’ll know it definitely. You’ll know it, just like when you walk inside
the door and when you walk outside the door. It’s very definite and very beneficial to
your daily life. Just like between an educated person and an uneducated person, there is
a great difference.

Q. Is it true that to become fully realized, one must practice the highest yoga, Tantra, and
the secret mantra? And did Buddha perform these before full realization?

M. I didn’t see anything like that in the scriptures. I only saw that He sat under the Bodhi
tree for forty days or more, and He saw the stars at the time of realization. If you want to
have the same realization as Buddha, you can have it right now.

And about Tantra and “tantrum,” [Laughter] I do not know. I did not see anything in the
Buddhist scriptures referring to the Buddha’s practice before He was enlightened. I only
know that He saw the stars and He saw the Light. If you want that kind, we have it.

Q. There is a vow to refrain from intoxicants. What about chemicals on fruits and

M. Oh, my God! You are fanatic! Wash them with salty water and eat them; otherwise, you
die. [Laughter and applause.]

Q. Since I started the vegetarian diet, my son who is seven years old asks, “Is it another no-
meat day?” I realize my son was born with the great nature of not eating meat, but due to
my wrong conceptions, I started his meat-eating habit. How can I restore his greatness
and reduce my guilt?

M. Then take time. You have taken much time and effort to force your son into meat, and
now you have to take the same amount of effort and time to reverse it.

How dictators emerge

Q. Dear Master, please explain what kind of karma it is when there are dictators like Hitler,
Lenin, and Ho Chi Minh, who caused wars that killed millions of people, and made
millions of others suffer?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 231

M. That is the collective karma of mankind which, as I told you, consists of the by-products
of the interrelationships between humans and other beings in this world and other
worlds. Those kinds of by-products become a kind of very forceful, strong energy,
hanging around our earth’s atmosphere. And when it is too condensed, then it has to
manifest into some kind of visible form, such as a very great dictator who kills millions,

Since you have asked, so therefore, these people are not to be blamed also, in a sense,
but we ourselves are to be blamed. If each one of us leads a life of virtues, keeps the
commandments, and refrains from killing of any kind, including indirect killing by keeping
the vegetarian diet, then the world would never have bred these kinds of dictators in the
first place. These are there to remind us of the virtuous way, and if we are not awakened
yet, then these things will continue to remind us until the whole of humankind is

How to eradicate anger

Q. What is anger? Why does it boil inside of us, and how do we release this anger?

M. Sometimes it helps to release it outwardly. Sometimes between husband and wife, or

between men, or parents and children, there exists some kind of tension and after you
have cleared it together, you clear the air. It’s also helpful.

Whatever comes naturally, just let it be. If you cannot control it or you cannot control it
completely, just try not to bear hatred in it. Just express what you feel. Express it in the
best manner that you can, because sometimes anger, when swallowed too much of the
time, will breed disease within the body. So the best is that first we have the virtues of
God, and then other passions like anger, greed, attachment, will subside by and by.

Q. You said only human beings can become Buddha. I want to know if, when a disciple
passes away and he is on the fourth level, does he need to come back to this world to
be a human being and after that to study until he becomes a Buddha?

M. No, he doesn’t have to. He studies from there. The Master will continue to teach the
disciples and never leave him until the disciple completely realizes himself. [Applause]

Q. You said You denounce immorality. What is meant by sexual misconduct? Is that

M. I do not denounce anything. I just propagate a correct way of life and you are free to
follow it. I do not denounce anything. If you feel that it is a denouncement. It’s not true.
It’s just that you go in the wrong direction. Now you should go back to the right one if you
want to arrive at your destination, which is the kingdom of God.

Too much sexual abuse and indulgence tire your body and exhaust your mental power,
which should be conserved for the greatest enlightenment and to help yourself and to
help mankind. It is more noble that way. That is all. Sexual misconduct means you have

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 232

too many girlfriends, too many boyfriends, too many husbands or wives. It exhausts your
storehouse of energy.

Q. How do You suggest that a person go about attaining enlightenment when that person
lives in extreme and almost constant pain?

M. There are many drugs that can help you with pain these days. You do not have to
endure that. You can take medicine in order to prevent the pain, and then when you are
calm and peaceful, you can meditate.

Q. Please let us know if the comforter that God sent, the spirit of truth, is only one comforter
or are there a few comforters. If there are a few, please let us know how many.

M. You want to shop for enlightenment! [Laughter] One is enough for you right now.
[Applause] Because even if there are a few, who knows if they will come to you and
when, and whether you are still alive when the other comforters come.

Q. Master, I have a hard time meditating because my head hurts when I start to meditate.
Please tell me how to stop the headache.

M. Maybe you try too much. You should not have any effort. But I don’t know what kind of
method you study, so it’s difficult to tell you. But whatever you do, relax. Just do it like
you are mowing the lawn or eating breakfast. There is no need to put strain on your
brain for concentration. In our method, we do it without effort. We just sit there and the
Light comes; therefore it is better.

Q. What does it mean when some people are absentminded when someone talks to them,
and they just don’t react, or they instantly forget what you have just said? Is it because
they’re too mental or they use their mind too much?

M. How do I know? You ask them!

Q. Dear Master, when You die, where does Your soul go and what happens to Your energy
and karma?

M. Me or anyone? [MC: It says when You die.] I will tell you after I die. [Laughter and
applause.] It’s too early. I mean that I am still very young.

Heavy karma incurred in meat eating

Q. If, after being initiated, I still make a mistake like eating meat or having an evil thought,
does it mean that I will be disconnected from God or suffer some bad punishment?

M. An evil thought you might not be able to control immediately after enlightenment
because it’s similar to stopping a car. When a car runs at sixty miles an hour and if you
want to brake it, do it slowly. So it’ll probably take some time to be able to purify yourself
completely. But the meat, you can avoid. Except when you don’t know it and you eat it
by mistake, then that’s fine. But you have to meditate more on that day to clean it

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 233

because that is a very heavy karma. That’s what makes people ill, what makes our
bodies suffer, and what makes us go to hell afterwards to repay for the suffering of other
beings. [Applause]

Q. Dear Master, I sincerely thank You for the lecture today. I wish You to take care of Your
health so that You can continue to give lectures for the rest of the world and save who
have sincerity to find the way back to God’s Home. Thank You again. Please take care
of Yourself.

M. Thank you. God takes care of me. You take care of me. Because you have love for me,
you have good thoughts for me, you have loving wishes for me, and therefore you take
care of me.

I can’t take care of myself. I just flow with the water. Wherever there is demand, I just
have to fulfill it. I have no time or actually no very fixed schedule to say that I can take
care of myself. Never mind I am okay. I work hard and I am all right.

Q. This question is about discipline. I find that I am very devoted to trying new techniques
for a period of time. When I do not see results or when I get too busy or too tired, I just
give up. I don’t stay with the discipline. How can I push through my weakness and
continue with a daily routine and mastery?

M. Of course, if you have a method and it doesn’t work very well and also maybe you do not
follow the practice regularly, and diligently and sincerely, then you will lose your faith. So
try to do what is instructed and then your faith will grow more with the results. Of course
if you don’t have results, you don’t have faith, and the less faith you have, the less
results. So you’ll be going in a circle.

Q. Master, sometimes during meditation with the convenient method, I feel a chill from my
spine going up to my head, and then there seems to be a feeling of energy encircling my
head. What does this mean? Is this a bad or good sign?

M. It’s okay. It’s your kundalini at work. Afterward, you will be used to it. It’s only the
convenient method and still it works so much because of the Master power blessing you.
Other people practice many years to try to awaken the kundalini and they can’t do it.

Q. Did Jacob receive bad karma for tricking Isaac into giving him the blessing? Did
Benjamin receive bad karma for tricking his brothers into bringing this father to Egypt?

M. He talks about the bible?

Q. Yes, the Old Testament.

M. What do we know about these people? Why do we care? They are all gone. [Laughter
and applause.]

Okay. That’s it, no more questions? I am relieved? Thank you for your attention.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 234

Enlightenment is the tool for everything

Georgetown University, Washington D.C., U.S.A.
April 14, 1993 (Originally in English)

I’m so overwhelmed by your love and the welcome program. I was very tired after my journey,
and also because of many days of sleeplessness. But I feel very, very blessed and joyful to
join your congregation tonight. I am sure we will know each other as we have known each
other, and there is nothing new to all of us tonight. Let’s just remind each other of what we
might have forgotten or what we have placed in some very remote corner of our soul and
didn’t have the opportunity to reopen – that is the enlightening nature of our great selves. I’m
overwhelmed, not only because of your love, but because of the realization that I am sitting
before the Buddha and God’s manifestations, and that brought tears of joy into my heart.

It’s not always that I am blessed with such a realization while sitting with a multitude of
people. It’s just that tonight it happened, and it is beautiful, especially when sometimes I’ve
been also kind of discouraged. In the last few days I was thinking whether what I am doing is
truly worthwhile. But tonight, because of your love and your very highly developed spiritual
wisdom, I feel I will continue. I know I will continue. [Applause] And if in the near future during
my tour, if I have any success in bringing people happiness and God-realization, I will
remember Washington D.C.’s people. Thank you so much. [Applause] I really need it tonight.
It’s very good. [Applause]

Enlightenment is already there waiting for a Master to open it

Enlightenment is already within us; therefore, whatever our fellow initiates credited to me, I
should not accept because it is all yours. Whatever greatness, whatever blessing, you receive
during the course of development in your spiritual training or rediscovery, it is all yours. But
because humility is the nature of a highly-developed spiritual brotherhood, they always
credited all the miraculous power, all the blessings, to the Master, whoever that Master may
be that happened to be experienced in the path, and showed them how to rediscover it
themselves. If you were not already enlightened, if your nature were not Buddha, I would
never be able to make you a Buddha. If God were not already within you, I would never be
able to show you God inside you. I cannot make a stone into a diamond however long I polish

So with all my humbleness, I just would like to tell you that you are very great. You are the
Supreme Masters, and we are all one. There is nothing I should teach you except to point to
you your precious jewel that you have placed in your pocket and you have forgotten because
you’re too busy looking elsewhere for it. Many a time you do that. You put things in your

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 235

pocket, your eye glasses, money, or whatever important things and you forget. It’s so near to
you. You keep looking and search the whole house, every corner, and you never find it, and
so you think seeking for your own treasure is so difficult. Actually it is not true. We just don’t
know where to look for it, and that is all. And some friends stand around and just say, “Hey,
it’s in your pocket,” [Laughter] that is the job of the Master, so-called “Master.”

The Masters since ancient time, if they are called by the name, by the title “Master,” by the
disciples, actually they are just like one of us. They should be very humble, and they have all
the human qualities that we have. They do not know that they are the Master, but because of
the experiences of the disciples people credited that one as a Master. Just like we say, “By
your fruit shall you be known.” So anyhow, “Master” or “not Master,” is not important. The
important thing is that the experienced friend whom we call Master can show us where our
greatness is and then we make use of it.

The difference between the enlightened and non-enlightened

There is such a vast difference between an enlightened person and a non-enlightened

person, even though both of them are exactly the same in quality, have exactly the same
wisdom, and possess the same greatness. I just could not tell you how different. I just know it
is different, and many of our disciples know that after initiation. Right? [Audience: Yes.] Some
of you would know. And then after that, if you talk to other people who are not yet initiated,
have not yet rediscovered the partial quality of their wisdom, you will see a vast difference
between them even though on the outlook, there’s no distinction.

Enlightenment can be likened unto someone who has already stepped inside the house. It
doesn’t matter how near he is to the door, or how far he has already advanced into the depth
of the house in order to discover how much treasure there is inside, once he steps inside the
house, he is out of the cold, out of the danger of the wolves, the tigers, and all the other
natural disasters, should they come by. There is a very big difference. Once we are in the
house, we know what is inside. If we are near further into different rooms of our house, we will
discover the treasures, all the furniture, and all the precious things that are within the house.
And we may go back outside and tell the people what is inside.

The people outside of the house may listen to the story and may repeat it again to someone
else, that something is there, such and such are in the house. But there is a difference
between repeating, and seeing and enjoying, and also deriving the benefit from the safety of
being inside the house.

Some people ask me, “I don’t need enlightenment; what for? Is it okay not to be enlightened?”
I say, “Yes, it’s okay.” There is no choice anyhow. But when we are outside the house,
sometimes it is safe, sometimes it is sunny, but sometimes it is raining, sometimes there is a
typhoon, and a lot of things happen. And once we know we have a house, we can even step
outside sometimes, but whenever we want, or when it is necessary, we step inside.

There are such wonderful things inside the chamber of our soul that no worldly treasures can
equal, and nothing of this world can bring such happiness to us as when we discover our true

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 236

Everyone has a share of this wisdom

The more we discover how great we are, the more humble we become. And that is a very
paradoxical thing, but it is like that. We will become like a child; we will become like a very
innocent person. The great sage is like a very innocent person. And it seems like you can tell
him anything you want, about your talent, your ambition, your intelligence, your degrees, and
he will never object to you. It’s not that he will always try to force his wisdom upon you. It only
comes naturally, by circumstances, or by request. And after speaking most probably the so-
called Master will forget everything that has been spoken, completely or maybe just
remember one or two sentences, because the wisdom comes from the universal storehouse
and is for the common use of all beings. It doesn’t belong to one person or any group of
persons. It belongs to the ignorant as well as the enlightened. It belongs to the child as well
as to an aged, senior citizen. Everyone has a share of this wisdom, but only if they truly want
to know it.

By knowing this wisdom, we do not forsake the world; we will not lack the enjoyment of the
world. But actually, we enjoy the world more when the opportunity is there, and even when
the opportunity is not there, we will be happy all the same. And that’s the difference. That is
the only difference because if we do not know our enlightened nature, we always crave for
some things that will bring us happiness, or that we think will bring us happiness. Therefore,
we become sometimes ambitious, seeking fame and name, seeking property, seeking beauty,
seeking ephemeral love, etc., thinking that these will bring us happiness until we realize that
these only breed sorrow most of the time.

Only when we are truly enlightened can we enjoy anything. Whatever comes, we enjoy. The
good things come, then we take them as gifts from God, and we enjoy wholeheartedly without
any guilt, without any reservation, without any obstacles whatsoever in our heart or in our
thinking. The nature of the enlightened person is very free, very carefree, and very easy. Just
like a child, if you give him something good, he accepts it. He will not think that you want to
trick him or whether he deserves it or not; he just accepts.

And when the circumstance does not allow that we have comfort or richness in life, then we
are also happy to carry on that way. We have no desire for material greatness, but that
doesn’t mean that we do not strive to work for the society and that we do not try our best to
fulfill our obligations as a citizen of the world. We do; we do, all the same. We do more
effectively and with total willingness to contribute our part to the whole world. The difference is
that we do without desire for reward, without desire for praise. And should we fail, we still can
bear it. We will not have any suffering in our heart.

Many of our fellow practitioners have told me that after enlightenment they are much different
from before. They know more than before. They understand many things that they never
understood before and they are so different from what they were before. I have forgotten what
it’s like to be “before” or to be “after” enlightenment, so sometimes it’s difficult for me to know
what they are talking about. But sometimes I happen to meet and talk or stay and integrate,
with some of the non-initiated people and then I realize what they were talking about; then I
know what is the difference between an enlightened person and a not-enlightened person.
That is not discrimination. It’s just a statement of what it is, of the reality; therefore, it’s not a

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 237

proud statement. It’s just a realization of the difference between a person who steps inside
the house and the person outside.

The greatest way of a gentleman is enlightenment

If I have not the opportunity to truly have a very deep understanding with the non-initiated
people, sometimes I would forget, because most often I see people as myself. I forget
whether I am enlightened or they are not enlightened. I never remember these things when I
meet people. That’s why sometimes, apart from feeling some kind of discouragement during
my mission, I also feel in my heart, deep down, that there is no need to teach anyone. There’s
no need to run around the world, no need to answer the invitation of my disciples worldwide
and tire myself out on smoky airplanes, in crowded airports, and with all these hectic

I think there’s no need to do it because I don’t see any necessity, but then, just when I think
like that, sometimes the almighty power would remind me that it is necessary. Because there
is a big difference between knowing you have a treasure and making use of it, and just
knowing you have a treasure but without knowing where and how to use it. There is a big
difference. Therefore, if I continue to travel around the world according to the sincere request
of the disciples, it is because of these instances that I know some people do not know that
they are great, and they long to know.

It is not because we want to be proud of our greatness, but because it is a duty to know our
heritage. We cannot just be born into this world, live a few decades of hectic schooling,
working, sweating, earning money, struggling with children and family problems, and then be
“kaput,” finished, [Laughter] and nothing more to it, nothing more to life, nothing more to the
great meaning of human life.

And worse still, at the time of leaving this world, we suffer. We suffer because of the
attachment with our family members, we suffer because we do not know where we are going,
and we suffer because of the fear of the unknown. And all the family members or the beloved
ones are just standing around helpless seeing us suffering. Therefore, the great way of a
gentleman is enlightenment. We must know where we come from and where we are going,
very clearly, very decisively, because we are great human beings.

We live the life of a hero. We walk the life of God on earth. We should not live like slaves to
our money, to our possessions, to our “whatever desires” that the world has labored and
found a way to stick onto our minds. We were not born with desires, we were not born with
hatred, we were not born with racial discrimination. We were born innocent and beautiful, so
we should remain like that. And we should even be wiser, apart from being innocent. That’s
the way of a gentleman; that’s the way of the great beings.

What Jesus and Buddha could do, we can do, also

If we worship Jesus, if we adore Buddha, if we long to worship, to bow to the sages of the
Himalayas of the ancient time, then we should know that we could be one of them. There is
no difference between a sage and ourselves, only one hair apart, very thin. And when we
traverse that, we are there in the circle of sainthood. And if we stay behind, just one hair

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 238

apart, we are ignorant beings bowing down to all the pressures of the world, fearing all kinds
of things, persons and beings, knowing not what we are before and after our life. Even though
we have eyes, we are just like the blind. We have ears, but we are just like the deaf because
the heavenly teachings, we do not hear. The heavenly kingdom, we do not see. Our
greatness, we cannot perceive. It is a pity if we continue our life like that.

We want so much to help the world. We want so much to bring peace to our earth, to make it
into heaven, but how do we do it if we don’t have wisdom? How do we do it if we are not
above average? How can our head keep from being wet if we are not above water? So
enlightenment is the tool for everything in this life and the life after. We’ll travel far and wide
into the galaxies of the universe; we’ll know things by which even the most brilliant scientists
in this world are dumbfounded. That is the ability of a human being.

A true human being is not flesh and bones only, not the outer appearances of beauty and
charm, but is the great storage of wisdom, of almighty power that can move mountains and do
all kinds of marvels. Whatever Jesus has done is child’s play. Whatever Buddha has cared to
demonstrate while He was on earth is just a joke because what He and Jesus can do is
above all that even. It’s a billion, a trillion times greater than that.

And we can, that’s what I discovered and that’s what I would like to remind you, as soon as
we pray, we draw our attention inside, and don’t care much for the material comforts and
possessions. It doesn’t mean we leave them. We stay in the same house, eat the food that
we can afford, wear the clothes that we think are fit for the occasion, but our attention is not
there anymore. That’s the important thing. It’s not the things in themselves that are the
obstacles to our sainthood; it is our attention that’s the obstacle. Therefore, the attention we
should withdraw inwards, and then we will know everything that Jesus knows, that Buddha
knows, and all the sages of old and the future will know. This is because our nature is like

Just like if you put a diamond in your pocket and then you look all over, even if you look all
over the world, you’ll never find it. Not only your house, you search the whole world, you will
never find the diamond if you don’t know where it is. Meanwhile, all the while, it’s in your

The world would not be in the state that it is right now if all of us are enlightened, or at least
half of us are enlightened, and better still, the majority of us are enlightened. And then there’s
no need to talk about peace; peace will come. No need to want anything because we have
wisdom. Wisdom is the Lord. “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” The Lord is within
us. That is our almighty power which stays there dormant, and we can awaken it anytime and
make use of it, at least to our own contentment.

Enlightenment brings happy lives

Enlightened persons never know “uncontentment,” never know want, never know
unhappiness, at least not for long. In the beginning of the practice when we are not yet stable
in our habits and the mind still has the upper hand, sometimes we might think we want this
and that, but then immediately we realize our mistake. It is not like before enlightenment when
we don’t even realize that we have desire, let alone stopping it. Therefore, the difference is

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 239

very obvious. All these things I tell you from my experience. It doesn’t mean that after
enlightenment you sit pretty, cross-legged, somewhere on the sofa, and all things become
heaven. No! We still have to undergo a little bit of give and take of the karma, the law of
cause and retribution, while we are on earth. But we have a great power behind, backing us
up, and it doesn’t matter what kind of rain or typhoon we encounter, we are very stable, safe,
secure, content. We know nothing can happen to life eternal. Something may happen to our
body, but not the real self. If we want another body, we create one. And that is a very, very
definite feeling of the enlightened person.

The enlightened person does many things, but never feels he is doing anything. Even
physically, he gives away many things but he never feels that he is a giver; he endures many
things but he never feels that he has patience. He might show his temperament now and
again, but he never feels guilty because it is fit for the occasion. Therefore the way of the
enlightened person is free, happy, and wise. That is the life that all of us should remember
because that is our self.

It’s not the life that we think we are now, full of worry about every little thing, about electric
bills and telephone bills, and every little thing makes us trouble. After enlightenment we still
have all these bills coming, no doubt. [Master and audience laugh.] God will not take them
away because they are yours. [Laughter] But the attitude and the means to overcome them
are entirely different. We will find life more relaxed, and it will be easier to meet the demands
from all sides. If we truly, truly sincerely seek for our wisdom, that’s what I can promise,
because I have learned to know this myself. It’s not from books, it’s not from any teacher. It is
from my own experience. Therefore, whatever I share with you is absolutely true, private, and
at no cost, because it’s from me. I don’t borrow it from the bank, no need for interest. [Master
and audience laugh.] And then you will come to realize all these things and more for
yourselves according to the capacity of your demand and of your work, and of the way the
universal brotherhood sees fit to give you because of your mission in life or your position in
this world.

Therefore you see sometimes, when Masters reach mastership, they are equal, even that, but
you see slight differences between Masters and masters. You can see that through their
discourses, or through the progress of their disciples, or through the way he expresses his
understanding about the inner realization. Therefore, there is a slight difference between
Masters, even. Why? Not because they are different in the quality. It’s just because of the
different background or positions. Such a Master could make use of so much, so he has that
much or he draws that much from within himself to give out. And other Masters in different
circumstances, in different generations, different nations, will need more or less of different
kinds of qualities of speech, of explanation.

Therefore we have many of the so-called religious doctrines, and many different names for
different religions which point to the same Truth. After enlightenment we will know that very
definitely. We will know that the underlying principles of all religions are the same. We will
know what they taught when they were alive – the founders of these religions. We will know
Buddha and Jesus taught just the Quan Yin method. We will know that what Lao Tzu talked
about in the Tao Te Ching is the Quan Yin method, about the Light and the Sound of heaven,
which lift us up above mundane ideas, above all the pettiness of our computer mind, in order

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 240

that we meet with the higher level of consciousness, and then we know our selves. Then we
know God.

I am just so happy today. I don’t know if what I’m saying is suitable for you or not. I just bla,
bla on. [Master laughs and audience applauds.] I think I’ll just stop now and then you might
ask me questions, and I’ll have the opportunity to explain further. Is that okay? Thank you so
much. [Applause]

Questions and answers

Q. Jesus is no longer on this planet earth. Does He have the power to reach those who
believe in Him now? Can we have two Masters at the same time – a Master who left this
earth and a Master who is still on this planet earth?

M. Yes, we can. Fortunate are those who meet the Master who is still living, but who also is
the inner Master at the same time. But while you meet the living Master, you can meet
the ascended Master also. If you reach up to the level where Jesus resides at this
moment, then you can see Him. Many of our disciples saw Jesus, and many of our
disciples saw Buddha. Is that not so? Are there any disciples here? [Fellow initiates:
Yes!] Anyhow, sometimes the Buddhists will see Jesus or Mother Mary, and sometimes
the Christians will see Buddha or Mohammed.

Q. How do I go about suppressing my ambitions that have been burdening and obsessing
and bothering me so much?

M. It is because we are not enlightened, and the nature of our ambition is the urge for
enlightenment actually. There’s nothing else, nothing of a very base nature. It is because
we know in our subconscious that we are something greater than that. We used to be
the boss; we used to be the “president of the universe,” and therefore, it is difficult to
remain lowly while we are on earth. That’s why we have greed and why we have
ambition. After enlightenment, you will know how to handle your ambition for the good
use of your life, as well as for the world. There’s nothing bad about ambition, just the way
we handle it. If we handle it wisely with wisdom, it will be of very good use.

Q. What is happiness and how long can it last?

M. All of you know that worldly happiness is ephemeral. It lasts how long according to the
person and the circumstances. But the true happiness, which is derived from our true
nature, is everlasting. That’s what we would like to introduce to you, that which is already
within you.

Quan Yin method takes us to the source of all beings

Q. What are the steps to enlightenment, and what level of enlightenment does this
technique take us?

M. It will take you to the source of all beings, where you came from and where all beings will
return. Between this earthly level and that absolute level, there are five levels of

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 241

consciousness, or different planes of existence. And if we, through the practice of the
heavenly Light and Sound and the guidance of an experienced Teacher, pass through
these five levels, then we arrive there, at the house of the Masters. This plane is where
all Masters come from and return to after their mission, and where we also will come
from in order to help other beings, should we desire to return to earth or any other
earthly planet in the universe. So the first step is to get initiation, and then everything
else will come.

Q. Is the only way to go to God through initiation in the Light and Sound?

M. Yes, it’s the last part of the journey. You have many other ways also, but if you don’t
reach there, then you’re not there. Just like the door of the house – it doesn’t matter from
which road you traveled if you do not pass through the gate, you do not enter the house.
So we start from there because we are more fortunate.

Q. Is there more than one initiation?

M. No, only one. Only one physically, but many inwardly, inside. It depends on the
individual. At the time of initiation, the Master, or the representative of the Master, gives
the same verbal instructions, but the initiation doesn’t come from these instructions. The
initiation comes from within, from the awakening of your own nature. And even then the
levels are different. Therefore, two persons sitting in the same place or next to each
other will have entirely different levels. Also, the Master will, from inside, teach each
individual differently, and only he inside knows what the Master teaches him. And his
experience is different from that of his wife, or his kids, or his father, brothers, etc. So
you can call that different initiation if you wish, but I would say that it is the continuation
of learning by different individuals.

Q. Master Ching Hai, I have at times a strong desire to become nonexistent. Please share
Your thoughts, if there are any, on this desire.

M. Oh, I’m also like that. I’d also like to be nonexistent so that I don’t have to travel, and I
don’t have to be such a great “Master,” and all this and that and others. But since we are
already in this existence, we stay. We stay to see what happens next. Meanwhile, we get
enlightenment so we can be in the existence level and the nonexistence level at the
same time. But that nonexistence level is by no means empty, by no means
nothingness. It is a life full of richness, full of splendor, full of glory, full of happiness, full
of creative energy. We will enjoy that life more than the so-called existing life, which we
know as the human life here. But we can have both at the same time. It’s very wonderful!
Very wonderful.

Q. My children are very important to me. After initiation will I be able to continue to love
them, and not merely share an existence with them? What changes will occur in that

M. Oh, my God! [Laughter] You have become like a child. Do all my disciples throw away
their children or what? What do you do with all your children after initiation? [Audience:
Love them more!] They said they love them more than before. So you are safe, okay?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 242

Keep your children. Don’t worry; I don’t want any. [Master laughs and audience

Q. Is there such a phenomenon as soul mates in this world? If so, what is the spiritual
significance of this for the people involved?

M. A soul mate is someone that when you meet him or her, you feel a very great attraction
to each other and you both will be able to complement each other in life and especially in
spiritual progress. That is what is called a soul mate. But in the world of non-duality,
there is no soul, no mate. It’s just the talk of this world. So, whomever you feel is very
attractive to you and very helpful to your daily life activities as well as spiritual
endeavors, then that is your soul mate – while we are here, if we need a mate at all.

True Master awakens our true self

Q. How can we tell true Masters from false masters?

M. Oh, that I don’t know. I haven’t met any false ones. I’ve met only true Masters. False or
true, it’s up to you.

There are many ways to discern a true Master. When the so-called master just clings to
one part of the Truth and forsakes the rest, and then teaches the disciples only one part
of that from the whole Truth, then we call him a false master. But actually, the name is
not very correct. Maybe he is a kind of “partial master,” “part time master,” but not false.
[Master and audience laugh.] And when a Master teaches you the whole Truth that is
within yourself and awakens that which already exists within you, that is the true Master
because he awakens the true Master within you. That is the true Master.

And what is your true nature? What is the true Master within you? That is God. That is
the spirit that dwells within your church, your temple. When that God manifests, we can
hear the teaching through the heavenly music; we can see Hirm through vision, through
abundant illumination like thousands of suns sometimes. That is our true nature when it
is awakened. If any Master can awaken these heavenly wisdom vibrations and heavenly
Light within you, which is your self-nature, which is your self-mastership, then that is a
true Master. It takes one to know one.

Q. Regarding the five requirements you must follow in order to be initiated, what would
happen if you don’t follow them?

M. When you don’t follow them, what happens is that you don’t follow them. What else can I
do? Then try again. If you think that it’s good for you and good for others, and it’s a kind
of protective fence around your spiritual sapling, then you keep them and don’t make
any damage to your just-grown sapling. But otherwise, no one is there to condemn you
or do anything to you, except your own conscience. So try to keep to that and whenever
you fall, stand up and try again.

Q. What is the easiest and safest path to take to self-realization and God-realization?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 243

M. This method, "immediate enlightenment,” “Quan Yin method.” That’s the best, the
easiest, and the quickest. You get enlightened immediately, without any preparation,
without any cost, without any condition, today after the lecture. And if you don’t get
enlightenment immediately, money-back guarantee. [Laughter and applause.] Oh, by the
way, there is no money-back guarantee because we don’t charge even a penny.

Q. How should we protect ourselves from the violence of nature and the violence of man?

M. We don’t need to protect ourselves. What do we have that we should protect? Before
you were born, what did you have? After you die, what do you possess? What is it that’s
so valuable that we should protect? Throw everything away. Let it be; whatever comes
will come. If your body dies, your body decays, you’ll have thousands, billions more.
Don’t worry about anything. If a possession should be yours, you can’t even get rid of it.
If that girl should be yours, ordained by heaven, no one can replace you. Don’t worry.
Just relax. Get enlightenment. [Applause]

All these fears keep us from living a happy present moment. Therefore, all guilt, all
conflict, all hypocrisy, arise out of this fear of the self, of the ego-self, that I have this or I
have that. I have fame; I can’t lose face. I can’t do that because I am in this position. I
can’t scold people because I’m the Master; I am supposed to be very graceful, very soft-
spoken, very gentle, etc. Just throw everything away, and be at the moment. Whatever is
required at that moment, do it wholeheartedly with faith in God and with faith in the
whole plan of the universal project. [Applause]

Q. Christianity teaches that we are all sinners. Are we still sinners when enlightened? If so,
does it ever end – our being sinners?

M. Yes, we are sinners because we believe we are, because we have no way to raise
ourselves above the sinful level, above the mud. If you are in the mud, of course you
look muddy, dirty. But if you rise up, what does the mud have to do with you, whether it’s
there or not? So rise up, be enlightened! [Applause]

Q. How can an enlightened human being who is living in a society which is in conflict, for
example Northern Ireland, help to remove the conflict in their society?

M. Very difficult. We can only remove the conflict within ourselves. If everyone does that,
there is no conflict to remove. Therefore, even though Jesus was so great, and Buddha
was so grand, they couldn’t remove the conflict within their own borders. And even
sometimes disasters will also affect their lives. It is because the majority of the people of
the world were not at peace, were not enlightened. Therefore, enlightenment is the only
requirement for any illness of this world, for any wars, for any conflict. Nothing else is

True nature is without anything, no dust can cling to it

Q. I’ve heard many people say that when you are enlightened, you are supposed to shave
your hair and wear no make-up. [Laughter] What do You think of this?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 244

M. What do you think? Is that correct? [Audience: No!] They said “no!” [Laughter and
applause.] I give an “A” for you. Beautiful! Beautiful! I love that. You are very open, very
enlightened, at least to some degree.

If you are still clinging your attention to any thing of this world, whether it’s there or not
there, you obstruct yourself. Your nature is without anything. No dust can cling to your
nature. No make-up can cover your Buddha nature. No lipstick can blur away the Light of
heaven. If you have eyes, you’ll see I am radiating Light now. Even if I put a whole box
of charcoal on my face and make myself black, I am still very white and bright.

So, if you shave your head, then you are enlightened? Is that right? Why don’t you do it
if it’s so easy? [Laughter] All of you do it. Steve, your hair is too long for enlightenment.
God doesn’t care whether your hair is long or short. It’s stupid! [Laughter] Never mind,
do what you like. It doesn’t matter. Otherwise, all the beautiful Miss Universes cannot get
enlightenment, or what? [Laughter] And if we say that, all the barber shops, all the
beauty salons will close. We will create unemployment even more! [Laughter] Is that the
life of an enlightened person? If I preach like that, Mr. Clinton will not be happy! He will
not give me permission to preach in America. [Laughter]

Q. The ego is a strong force. How does one overcome the ego?

M. By being enlightened. Ego is the clinging attention to a small self, which is like, “Oh, I am
a doctor; I am a scientist; I am a teacher; I am such and such intelligent and high-
positioned person.” That is the ego. But when we know our greater self, the ego lessens
in size because we are not only the doctor, we are God, or at least God’s children. We
are Buddha. That’s the only way to melt the ego within the greater frame of the self.

Q. What is the source of the world?

M. I don’t know; it takes too long to research. Why don’t we just live today, get
enlightenment, and then we can see for ourselves? If I were to tell you, it would take a
long time. You know that our world, at least geographically speaking, has been in
existence for trillions of years. And if you want to make a research about it, I’ll never
have time for the lecture. The truth about the world’s existence lies within us. We have a
library inside and when we get to the second level, we can look at it. Then we know
everything – not only about this world, but about many worlds in the universe.

Q. If one is initiated by You, Master Ching Hai, do we remain Your disciple forever? What is
the job of a disciple?

M. The job of a disciple is to become a Master. [Laughter] Therefore you don’t need to be
my disciple forever. You don’t even need to be my disciple; you are already a Master.
You just don’t know it, so I tell you how to recognize your self again, that’s all. There are
no disciples actually. It’s just a name that we call ourselves in this physical world.

Q. Could You please explain to me what the mind is?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 245

M. The mind is nothing but a bundle of attached thinking, and ideas and information that we
gather in our daily relationships with other beings, and that we call “me,” or the mind.
And then we cling to all that, and say, “Oh, I am like that. I brush my teeth three times a
day; that’s me. I never apologize even when I am wrong; it’s me. I don’t fear anything; it’s
me.” But all these are what? They are just collective information. Before you were born,
you didn’t brush your teeth. You had no teeth! [Laughter]

Therefore, mind is nothing, and we would be very unwise to listen to this kind of so-
called mind. It’s just the collected habits, information from others, from society, and from
our own interrelationships. And then we think we are like that. “Oh, I have to eat this. I
have to drink coffee, because it’s me; it’s my way of life; it’s me.” But who is that “me”?
Who drank the coffee before you were born? Coffee wasn’t even there hundreds of
years ago, for example. Therefore, these things are very unreliable and very
nonsensical. They are not you. And that is what most of us call “me.” That is the mind.

Q. Once you become enlightened, can you lose consciousness of your enlightenment?

M. Oh, yes, it’s possible – when you sleep. [Laughter] Yes, sometimes when you meditate
and then you sleep, the Light comes, enlightenment comes, but you’re not aware of it.
[Laughter] And, when you are not asleep, then you’re aware of it.

Q. How do we quickly give peace to our previously-made enemies?

M. Hug him and kiss him. Give him a candy. [Master laughs and audience applauds.] That’s
what I did this morning, because some people cannot be enlightened by words, or by
explanations, or by initiation even. Some people need that – just direct love – physical as
well as mental as well as emotional.

Q. How do I escape from my flesh and love desires toward the opposite sex?

M. No, don’t get away from it; otherwise, we’ll have no more children? [Laughter] Just stay
cool. Have one at a time. Have one partner only, okay? If you have a soul mate that you
found who is good for you, and you have three-dimensional love – physical, emotional,
and mental, it’s fine. And then the so-called fleshly desire will lose some of its stronghold
on you after we regulate it with a stable relationship or within marriage. So don’t worry.
It’s just the beginning, and afterwards it will die down. It will lose its attraction. Just stay
cool. Have one partner; it will be enough. [Applause]

Q. How can we best help someone who is experiencing serious illness?

M. The car has trouble sometimes. The car sometimes burns out, sometimes the tires blow
out, sometimes the fender is scratched or something. What do you do with the car? Try
to repair it, and so the same with the body. And if sometimes the car is irreparable, it
costs more to repair than to buy a new one, then buy a new one. Same with the body.
Whatever you can do with the car, this car, the body, do it; if you cannot, then just leave
it, and God will give you a new car – a new body. [Laughter and applause.]

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 246

Most people pay so much attention to this car, and they have all kinds of fears and
troubles because of this car. They kill each other for survival just because of this car.
They hate each other just because of this car. They do many things that are against our
own conscience just because of this car. We have to realize that this is only an
instrument just like a car that you buy.

Q. If a person has a desire to get liberation or go beyond the three worlds, is this desire
different from ordinary desire?

M. Yes, it is different because by having that desire alone, all other desires die down.
Otherwise, we have too many desires and then we have trouble because we are pulled
from different directions. Whereas if we have only one upward desire, we’re pulled up,
and then we’ll be happy. We will reach our high nature.

Q. Is love intoxicating? And if so, must we refrain from it according to precept number five?

M. Oh, no. Intoxication means drugs, alcohol, and all the things that make you become
addicted, make a slave out of you, also blur your vision, damage your brain cells, and
impair your ability to think, to see, and to do things clearly. These are drugs; these are

Q. In what way can we get energy from meditation?

M. In the effortless way. The energy from meditation is already within us. By the power
through a Master, at the time of initiation, it is awakened. Therefore when we do the
meditation in our so-called “method,” which has no method at all, we get the direct
energy without doing anything. It is a very effortless effort. That is the best way, the
natural way, because we get what we have. We don’t borrow, we don’t try, we don’t
steal, we don’t force things to happen, but things come and happen because they are
already there.

Q. Is enlightenment another term for Zen Buddhism?

M. Yes, if you need that title so much.

Q. How likely is it that the few enlightened humans on this earth now can affect the
awakening of the sleeping or distracted masses?

M. They will have some impact, yes. But of course, it’s best when the majority of the people
are all awakened.

Q. Would You please address the issue of karma and how we resolve our previous karmic
debts, and how that relates to enlightenment?

M. Karma is the Sanskrit term for the law of “As you sow, so shall you reap,” which is the
law of the lower universe. When the Master gives you initiation, He pulls you up further;
therefore, the karma downstairs can be burned and doesn’t affect you. The Master just

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 247

leaves a little bit for you to carry on this life, which is already smoothed out and
lubricated by the Master power.

After initiation you have no more stored karma so you don’t have to be reborn again if
you don’t want to. If you want to be reborn again, it’s very easy. We can create karma or
we can borrow it from many other sentient beings and use it to come down. Initiation is
the destroying of all karmas in the past so as to leave no more opportunity for the beings
to come back in the future.

Q. What do You mean by immediate enlightenment after initiation?

M. I mean “immediate enlightenment.” Instant! [Master snaps Her fingers.] Like that.

If I show you something, which is in your pocket, can you immediately take it out or not?
Yes. That is what it is because you have it within you. I just point to you where it is so
that you may get it.

Q. Master, there are billions of people alive today who will pass from this life without being
initiated into Your program. Does this mean they cannot reach enlightenment in this
lifetime by any other means?

M. Yes, they can, but the degree is different. Sometimes in deep prayer, they have glimpses
of enlightenment but that is flickering, and sometimes it’s gone again and they don’t
know. Again, they are back into ignorance, but initiation means permanently. You know
definitely where the switch is and you switch it on anytime you want, and you are inside
the circle of Light.

But enlightenment from other ways is not always permanent and sometimes it’s
dangerous because people do not know how to handle the newly discovered energy.
Therefore some people become mentally disturbed and all kinds of queer things, or they
start abusing magical powers, which are from a lower level, and become anything –
magicians, healers, any kind without reaching the highest level of consciousness.
Without the guidance of the Master, we do not know where we are heading and then we
stumble around and we play around with all kinds of things, and sometimes it’s
dangerous. The path of enlightenment is full of tricks and pitfalls that we should avoid.
And with the experienced guide, it’s easier, faster, safer.

But what can we do? The world is like that. That’s why it is the world. If the worldly
people are all enlightened, we wouldn’t call this earth “world”; we would call it “heaven.”
And the atmosphere around us will be different. Everything will be different. And then we
don’t even need to work for food. We don’t even need to want anything. All things will be
there, just like in heaven, because our merit will be different, will be many folds, a
thousand fold.

Up to now, just a few millions of people are enlightened, and the merit is not enough to
cover the whole earth population. Therefore, we still have disasters, we still have war,
even though it’s less than before. And all the “politicalisms” have already lessened in

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 248

intensity, and the threat of a fourth world war or fifth world war is far away now. It is
because the majority of the people have a higher awareness in the present century due
to the mass media broadcasting the messages of enlightened Masters around the world,
and due to the large numbers of people who have joined the enlightened circle of the
sage. Therefore, our world is better.

Q. Jesus spoke not just of such wonderful ideas as peace, love and eternal life, but also
about the scary idea of eternal punishment. Do You believe that God would ever
condemn someone to eternal punishment?

M. No, he condemns himself. If he refuses the Light, then he stays in darkness. And as long
as he refuses it, that’s as long as he will stay in darkness. He can stay eternally if he
refuses the Light eternally. So it’s up to the individual. [Applause]

Q. As human beings on earth, we have to fulfill earthly obligations such as food, clothing, a
roof over our heads, and make enough money to pay the Internal Revenue Service. How
can we break away from this and start nurturing our spiritual needs?

M. You still keep the roof above your head. Don’t take the roof away! Just get
enlightenment. Don’t worry about material comfort! I stay in a tent and I am still all right.
Sometimes the tent blows away, no roof is there, but I am still okay. [Laughter]

We had a meditation hall, very large, accommodating about 7,000 people. But last year,
some people said some things and then it was pulled down. Okay, we let it be pulled
down. We did not protest; we did not complain; we did not explain the ungrounded
accusations. We didn’t bother. And now we plan to bring raincoats when it rains, and
bring umbrellas when it shines, and just sit there and meditate all the same. But when
we are enlightened, all things will be okay also. Jesus has promised, “Seek you first the
kingdom of God, and all the things shall be added unto you.” I promise you the same.

Q. Is it true that if a woman doesn’t have a child of her own, she doesn’t have a complete

M. He wants a nonsensical answer or what? Do you agree? [Audience: No.] They say “no.”

If God doesn’t ordain you to go through the terrible labor pain, then you should be
grateful for Hiers blessing! [Applause] We have enough children in the world.

Q. It is hard to quiet my mind for meditation. It is like a monkey that wants to run and play,
but not sit quietly. How does Your meditation help quiet the mind to realize the true self?

M. I just put the mind to sleep by the Light and the Sound. The music will nurse him to
sleep, the Light will comfort him, and then he’s fast asleep. Only the soul will be awake.
But nevertheless, continue with your meditation if you do not want to join us, and you will
get used to it a little bit more.

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 249

The thing is, if you sit in meditation and you use all your effort to concentrate on the
breath, or on the heart chakra, or whatever chakra, all over chakra, and you get nothing
in return, then of course the mind will get bored. It’ll say, “Hey, what are you doing? You
make me sit here for what? I want to see the cinema; it’s even better than this. I want to
go and drink coffee and talk with friends; it’s better.”

I have a fellow practitioner. She is pretty old, about sixty, oh no, fifty something. Before
she met me, she had many other masters and they taught her many methods. “Continue
with the breath, sit in Zen for fifteen hours a day,” and all that, and “eat one meal.” She
said she sat and sat until she could sit no more and her bottom was about to fall off, and
she could get nothing! Therefore, she couldn’t bear it. And after she got enlightenment,
she said sometimes she sits for four hours and she’s so happy, tremendously happy.
Because of her happiness, her whole family of eight members is all happy. They told me
this, even though they were not initiated. They told me how beneficial it is – my work. So
they encouraged me to continue. The non-initiates, yes! [Applause]

Q. Why is being a vegetarian so important to enlightenment?

M. It is important to you. You can get enlightenment without being vegetarian because I
don’t require you to be vegetarian before initiation, but after only. Therefore you get
enlightenment all the same, through the grace of the Master. But we have to keep a
loving attitude toward all beings because they are ourselves. If you eat all of your body’s
members, afterward you’ll realize you have nothing left. [Laughter]

And also, we should not sink so much into the material tastes, but be immersed in the
bliss of heaven. All beings deserve life and therefore we grant them the happiness of

Q. I believe I could achieve a closer relationship to God if I could erase the idea of God in
the sense of being a person. Will Quan Yin help me in this regard?

M. Yes, that’s what it is for. We erase completely the separation, the individual self, and
then we don’t do, but God does through us.

Q. I cannot believe that intelligence exists on this planet alone. Do You?

M. Yes, true, it doesn’t. It exists on all planets, to a more or less different degree. It depends
on the location. There are some other planets more intelligent than we; there are some
other planets that are less intelligent.

Q. How am I to know my mission in life?

M. I suggest that you get enlightened first, and then you can see better.

Q. Do You work with the white brotherhood or the universal brotherhood?

M. Yes, I also work with the black brotherhood. [Laughter and applause.] We don’t

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 250

Yes, of course he meant the white brotherhood. It is the title for those enlightened beings
that help the whole universe. It was just a joke only; there’s no black, no white, over

Q. When one becomes a Master, will he or she ever have fear, doubt, or anger? We call
Jesus a Master, however, according to the bible, Jesus was frightened the night before
He was crucified. And before His death, Jesus cried, “Why, God, have You deserted
me?” Please explain. If Jesus had fear and doubt, how can we have no fear and doubt?

M. Yes, they probably would have fear and doubt, but that fear and doubt are not deep-
rooted like in us. If Jesus had no fear of the crucifixion, then His sacrifice was not so
great. He had fear, but He accepted it. Whereas when we have fear, we run away and
we try to blame it on others, or we try to escape. We try to put that cross on someone
else. That is the difference.

We might have fear; we might have emotion, but we can withdraw it anytime, or we can
make use of the fear or emotion for the benefit of other beings. After enlightenment, all
the feelings or the emotions are still there because we are made to have these in order
to use them to understand other brothers and sisters. If you have no feeling, no emotion,
how can you understand human beings? How can you help them? But the fears of the
Masters are different.

The fear of the Masters sometimes is also affected by the fear of the disciples. He takes
the fear from the disciples, so the disciples are fearless. The Master will take some
degree of that fear, but that is only very shallow and not deep-rooted – only illusionary.
And the Master on one hand has fear, but on the other hand definitely has no fear. He
knows He has to have fear, but He doesn’t fear the fear. [Applause]

Q. What does Quan Yin really mean? Please explain.

M. Quan Yin, in our group, means the observation of the inner Word, inner teaching, inner
music, heavenly music.

Q. Can love be truly unconditional? If God loves those who don’t sin and loves and forgives
those who do, why are we spending our lives trying to avoid sin?

M. Because it hurts us, not because it hurts God. Whenever we do something that we know
is sinful or not correct, we hurt ourselves. Our conscience will scold us, make us trouble;
therefore, we try to avoid it. God loves all alike. Therefore, the sun shines on all, and the
rain doesn’t desert those who are poor, or sick, or sinful. It’s just that we, ourselves, are
responsible for the feeling of separation between us and God if we do something
unrighteous. Therefore, we should avoid it. Also, it is our duty when we live in this world
and we have interrelationships between each other, we have to keep an orderly society.

Q. The beings that live on other planets or those that come in UFOs, do they share the
same fate as human beings, the same vulnerability to suffering, the same need to reach

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 251

M. Yes, to some degree, but less than our earthly “earthians” because they are more
advanced. They are closer to the Father. They have more Light, more wisdom.

Q. Once one becomes initiated does one need to denounce one’s religion?

M. No! No, please do not. We say that with initiation, you don’t need to change your
profession, you don’t need to change your way of life, and you don’t need to change
your religions. No problem; don’t change anything. Just eat vegetarian. That’s all.

Q. Will we meet our beloved pets and animal friends in heaven after our life’s journey is

M. Yes, if you want them. If you want them and if you are enlightened, you can take them
along. But if you are not, you have no force to bring them, you have no power. You
couldn’t even bring you, yourself, to where you want, let alone your pet.

Q. What is the purpose of epidemic diseases such as malaria, AIDS, etc? Are humans
interfering with the natural process by trying to find cures for these diseases?

M. Yes, you find some cure for these and another disease will breed itself out. Only when
man realizes that he should surrender to God, to the almighty power which is within
himself, only when man realizes that in him there is a great healing power for all
diseases and that he should rely on that power alone, then all the diseases will cease.
All these are warnings to tell us that we should return to God.

Q. How long does it take to become enlightened, to reach the highest level of God-

M. It depends on you, and how diligent you are, how much you want it. And also it depends
on the Master. Is the Master powerful enough to take you through these levels of
consciousness and lead you to where you want to be?

Q. How many kinds of samadhi levels are there?

M. Oh, many. There are many levels of consciousness, and therefore also many levels of
samadhi. But the last one is the “non-samadhic samadhi.” It means that you carry on
working in the world just like an ordinary person, but at the same time you are always in
samadhi, and that doesn’t smell. It doesn’t give out any odor so you can smell that the
person is in samadhi. That is the highest samadhi.

Q. Can one separate religion and science successfully and believe in both? I mean by this,
can I believe in God and evolution at the same time?

M. Sure. The evolutionary theory supports the spiritual progress of mankind. It is the same,
very similar, in science and religious theory. The only difference is that sometimes
science reaches only a certain height and stops there, and religion goes further and is

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 252

Turn inward and listen to the heavenly teachings

Montreal University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
April 17, 1993 (Originally in English)

I am very honored to be in this great country, this country of prosperity, of peace, of loving
kindness, and humanitarianism. Your country has what many countries do not have – warmth
and human love between each other, as well as very elevated spiritual standards. I was very
touched to know that in your country there is no death sentence. That shows that in this land,
love rules above all things. Let’s hope that other countries will learn from your example to let
God rule justice and not to take revenge.

I had the opportunity to speak to some of the people who live in this land – the immigrants, for
example the Au Lac refugees who have been welcomed into your country with love and
nondiscrimination. They’re all very happy in this country. I am sure this will add more merits
and blessings to the great nation that you happen to reside in. Only a very spiritually elevated
country can possess such qualities of loving kindness, of nonracism, nondiscrimination. If
every nation were like this, at least our world would become a small paradise. But
unfortunately, there are many other things that prevent people from understanding the basic
truth that “Love is the greatest law in the universe,” and therefore, many people do not enjoy
life the way they should.

We are God

The more we cling to life in a forceful way, the less we can enjoy the flavor of it. Therefore,
enlightened persons are happier and more contented, and from this very stable state of mind,
they can do many wonders because they are quiet enough to understand where their wisdom
lies, where their greatness is, in order to make use of it. When we are very busy, or we are in
a panic, or in a hurry, most often we forget what we want to do, or we do things in an
incomplete way. Therefore, the tranquil mind of an enlightened person can see things more
clearly. That’s the only logic of this science.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Who is that “I am”? That is the one that resides within us.
That is the true self, and therefore we are God. This realization doesn’t come through hearing
people saying that or through believing alone, but through self-realization. And just as in any
other science, there must be a special technique. Everything we learn and master in life is all
done through self-experiencing. Similarly, enlightenment can be achieved through some
persevering self-experiencing, and therefore it will be lasting. That’s the reason why we have
heard a lot of saints and sages of all times saying that God is within us. If God is within us,
that means we and God are one. If we and God are one, we are God. But even then, we have

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 253

heard so often and we have read so many bibles and so many statements from such great
men life Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, etc., but we do not truly believe that we are that and we
cannot find the God that is supposed to dwell within us. It is because we lack self-experience;
we have not known it by our own discovery but only by hearing.

In the old times, when science had not reached the height of today, we had many problems.
Even the rain would trouble us; even the snow bothered us. Anything, any small thing, big
thing, obstructed our daily activities, even the rain for example. Now we have umbrellas, we
have raincoats; we can walk in the rain. We can even enjoy the rain and we can work in the
rain. Better still, we have cars, we have buses; we have all the things that protect us from the
different weather changes in nature. Therefore, we are very comfortable. In the ancient times,
if we were to hold a meeting like today, many of you who live at a very, very long distance
could not be here. Not because of the distance only, but because of rain, because of weather,
and all that. So in the ancient times, people hid themselves in caves, in mountains, under
trees, to protect themselves from natural disadvantages. Many people still do today in some
of the underdeveloped countries, but that must not be.

Enlightenment is like that. It’s just like we add more comforts into our life and be happy in
whatever condition. Suppose we don’t have a raincoat, we don’t have an umbrella, we don’t
have a car, if it rains today, we are stopped from all our activities, from all the things that we
love to do and want to accomplish. Similarly, life is fantastic if we have enlightenment. There
is nothing in this life which could be named suffering, terror, or trouble. It is only because we
lack protection that it seems to be so. Take for example the rain, if it doesn’t rain, we don’t
have water and all the trees, the flowers, cannot grow. All the crops that we need for survival
would never be there. Therefore rain is not terrible in itself, but it is if we don’t have an
umbrella and we walk miles in the cold. We will shiver, we will catch cold, we will be ill, and
we may lose our life even, though it is such a very harmless and useful, natural phenomenon.
Even a very natural, beautiful phenomenon becomes harmful to us if we lack the equipment
to protect ourselves.

To change the world, change ourselves

Many people want to change the world, to change the way we live our lives. But the sages
with enlightened spirits say, “No, change yourself!” because if we change ourselves, we
change the world round us. Even if the world still stays the way it is, we are not affected. If
each person changes in this way, there’s no need for any wars and there would be no
disasters. If everyone has an umbrella, a raincoat, what is the need to change the season, to
stop the rain, or to make magical power to control the rainy season? Many people would like
to learn and possess this magical power. It can stop the rain, can make it last longer, can
push it to another direction, and it takes a long time to learn this magical skill. But why bother?
We just wear the raincoat – it’s cheap, it’s simple, and everyone can use it.

Once the Buddha wanted to cross a river by boat, and the boatman did not want to take Him
because He had no money. At that time He was, of course, a renunciant, a monk, still, who
possessed no property, so the Buddha had no choice but to walk over the river. These days,
quite a few yogis in India, Tibet, and elsewhere still can do that. Many people ask me about
magical power because people are curious about things that they cannot explain, and also
about things that they scientifically think are impossible. So I tell them, “Yes! These things do

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 254

exist.” But nevertheless, they are not to be used at random, and also not to be done for show.
Even Jesus, who possessed a lot of magical power, didn’t always use it. He was very
reluctant; therefore, He raised only one dead person to life, He cured maybe only two or three
blind persons, and did not run around all the time raising all the dead back to life. That will
bring the natural law into a chaotic situation. That is a thing an enlightened saint would not do.

Each one has to yearn within his heart to know himself, to know God, and then the kingdom
of God will come, and the Master will come to help that person. If we use magical power or
any other supernatural way to convince people, we unknowingly lead people astray because
we limit God’s power within these magical skills, which could be learned by some experts.
Also by doing that, we interfere with the flow of nature and, of course, will bring some
disasters upon ourselves. What we seek are the eternal things, like wisdom, love, and the
greatness of the universal power, not the small corner of these low level gains.

Greatest miraculous power is to do without doing

When we possess the great wisdom, we also possess numerous miraculous powers. But at
that time, we have so much, too much, that we might not even know how much we have, and
things just come out from us automatically without us intentionally doing anything. That’s why
the saints do things without doing, without even thinking, without even wanting to do it. It’s just
like a very, very rich person, he has no idea how much he has. He can never count it, and can
never see all of his treasure.

Therefore, the enlightened person is always happy. At least most of the time he is happy. And
even when he encounters unhappiness, brought to him by his very close contact with
someone he loves, maybe then he is affected. Because of the love for that person, he may
share the suffering or unhappiness of that person, but even then, he is very, very calm inside.
He knows that the unhappiness is only of an ephemeral nature. He’s not kind of dragged and
sunken into this unhappiness like most of the people are. Therefore, if we even want just to
be happy in this life, we should get enlightenment.

Of course, I should tell you that you have to seek God for God’s sake alone, not because of
wanting happiness in this life. But I do think that these things come together. If you are
enlightened, you are happy, and the more happy, the more you believe in enlightenment and
the more you will appreciate God’s nature anyhow. What is the use of expecting an
everlasting happiness in heaven while we grovel here in darkness and in misery every minute
of our lives? An enlightened person enjoys both worlds – enjoying heaven at the same time
as enjoying the world. Why? Because he knows that whatever is manifested in this world is
also the will of heaven, and it’s also a copy of the real manifestation in the higher kingdom of
God. Because he is very relaxed, has no fear, no anxiety whatever, he enjoys, he enjoys to
the utmost.

Many people think that after enlightenment, maybe you don’t know how to love your wife, your
husband, or children anymore. It is the opposite. Only when you are very happy and know
your true worth, can you truly love another person because you will see your refection within
her. You will respect that person and love all the good qualities that God endows in that
person because you have realized what God has given you yourself. Then you know that God
gives all beings the same amount of qualities. But we choose sometimes to go in the opposite

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 255

direction; therefore, we suffer and then we blame God. We say, “How come God has such
almighty power and cannot turn this world into heaven?” The power doesn’t lie in God’s hand.
It lies in your hands. I know all this through experience, not through books and not through
any bible. I know this also through the experiences in the lives of my disciples.

Sharing the bliss of enlightenment

We are seeing each other today due to the kindness of my disciples. They want to share with
you what they have discovered. So, they have gone through a lot of trouble, expense and
time to organize this day’s congregation. We do not do this with a very burning ambition to
convince you to come into our path, but we do it with a very happy attitude of just a happy

Therefore, we do not care to wear very special renunciative dress to impress you. We do not
try to make a very holy appearance of ourselves to convert you. We do not try to give
anything to you, gifts or any kind of magical power, to let you come in into our circle. We do it
as a duty of a brother to another brother. And we just do it for the sake of doing it. Actually,
we’re happy whether you are convinced or not convinced. We will be contented whether you
come or you go because nothing is that deadly serious to us anymore. We do it or not do it; it
is the same thing to us. I could be sitting pretty on top of a mountain in Formosa and enjoying
my samadhi power or I could be sitting here knowing more of the people of the earth planet;
it’s the same to me.

If you feel that you’re ready for this happiness, which is the true happiness because it comes
from the root, because you know the whole thing from heaven to earth and hell, you know
everything, then you choose what you would like to enjoy. Therefore, your happiness will be
true and lasting.

Otherwise, most of the so-called enjoyments in this world, we are not free to choose.
Sometimes we are forced to get married because of some political or business reasons, and
try to make the best out of it. Sometimes we’re dragged along with a big family, trying to feed
them, working from morning till night, and we think that we are great because we are taking
care of the family. But it’s not always a choice; therefore, we do not feel happy in many things
we do. Somehow we feel that we are not the one who controls all this. We are not the host;
we are just like a guest. We are blown with the wind, and go along with whatever the situation
is. We lose many interests and joys in life through not knowing why we are doing all this and
that. But after enlightenment, it’s different. Whatever we enjoy, we truly enjoy. We understand
the values of life as well as the values above this life.

There are two lives on any planet; one is of material existence, and the other is of an
everlasting nature. If we know only one, and we lack the other, just like most people in the
world, they enjoy only the material existence of so-called life, but they do not know the real
picture of this projection. They know only the shadows, so they enjoy the material life and fear
losing it. But the truly enlightened person knows both, the everlasting and also the copy of it,
and he can enjoy both at the same time. Or he can choose to enjoy one and not the other, or
he can choose to enjoy both. But I think while we are already here, we might just as well
enjoy it. And there’s nothing in this world that we should not enjoy, really, except those things
that are harmful to the lives of other beings. Therefore, we just suggest a vegetarian diet, so

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 256

the fish can always swim in the sea as much as he pleases and the cow can graze in the
pasture until nature calls him back to where he belongs. We can enjoy them and they can
enjoy us.

Some of the enlightened persons, I don’t know to what degree, choose to live on the inside,
on the other side of life, the spiritual side of life. And therefore they give the impression to
people that all enlightened persons have to be like that – have to go to the Himalayas, have to
go into the cave, have to forsake all the beautiful things in this life in order to be an
enlightened being. But that must not be so, because we will be too aloof from this world, and
many people will find it difficult to associate with us. If they find it too difficult to associate with
us, how can they help themselves? How can they know what we know? Of course, maybe it
is more pleasant for a saint or an enlightened person to stay away from the hustle-bustle of
the world and to be carefree in his or her own way. But on the other hand, there are many
other brothers and sisters who need our assistance.

Stay in the world but remain above it

Everything in this world is of some use and if an enlightened sage becomes a useless being,
then it is a waste of nature’s product. Therefore we would just stay in the world but remain
above it. We can have our house, our cars, but we no longer are slaves to these possessions.
If we have them, we enjoy them. If we don’t have them, we just don’t. It’s a very simple life. I
had beautiful cars when I was in Formosa but I just sold them before I went on the world tour,
because we were a little bit short of airplane tickets, so I sold them. And in the future, should I
not have any more of these beautiful and expensive cars, it would be fine. I’ll go by bus. Or
my disciples have many cars, and I can go with them. No problem. I can borrow one day from
this person and the next day from another person. Why should I have my own car, anyhow?

Therefore the things in this world, we will enjoy if they are there, and if they are not there, it
makes no difference to us. That is the way of the enlightened. Not that we have to run away
from the material existence, but we remain above it. I think that this is more practical for most
of the people on this planet because we are in the material surrounding; we are in the
material existence. Wait until we leave this physical world, then we can enjoy completely the
spiritual atmosphere of the real life. So why be in a hurry? If everyone gets enlightenment and
runs into the Himalayas to stay there forever, soon we would have no more enlightened
persons left. And the others would never know of enlightenment because everyone is gone.
No connection; no message; no example; no one who walks beside us, who shares with us all
the ups and downs of the world, who encourages us to walk in life as an angel, as God

In the old days, it was very difficult to know where the Master was, and who was the
enlightened person. People had to climb mountains, to cross the sea under a lot of hardship
and trouble in order to find an enlightened person. Therefore, our world did not develop in the
ancient times. People lived in poverty, and lacking of a lot of comforts, so I think that it’s not
very ideal. I think the enlightened person must live in this world; must do whatever he has to
do; must take care of whomever God places in his hands, and be happy, be enlightened.
Even if we run away into the forest, we can’t run away from the universe. We are still in here,
where can we run away to?

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 257

Many people think an enlightened person must have a very special appearance, maybe a
very long beard. I happen not to have one, but today with technological advancements, I think
I could grow a beard even with some chemical stuff. [Master and audience laugh.] Or maybe
an enlightened person has to just stay in the Himalayas. There are maybe some enlightened
persons who stay in the Himalayas but it must not be like that; it must not be that all of them
are doing so.

I don’t want to cite the bible or scriptures anymore; otherwise, I will be in trouble. I’ll just talk
about what I know and forget about the scriptures. I was going to cite a Buddhist scripture for
you, but I thought I had better not. The less you know, the better, the more simple. [Laughter]
Then you don’t add more complicated intellectual nonsense into your brain because the bible
cannot enlighten us. The menu cannot satisfy our hunger, but what we need is the direct

Turn inward and listen to heavenly teachings

There are two kinds of teachings. One is the theoretical doctrine, which comes from the
Master while the Master is still alive. That is to teach His disciples about how to behave in the
society. It is just for the mind and just to suit the customs and laws of that nation at that
particular period of time, and also to correct some of the bad habits of the disciples and to
guide them in many aspects of life, like in politics, business, marriage, and things like that. But
these are all worldly; all are within the level of material existence.

There is another teaching, which is the real one – the original and the lasting one. This
teaching is nonverbal and can be done through what we call thought transference when the
disciples turn inward and listen to the teachings from heaven. At the time of initiation, we will
tell you how to do that, and not because we tell you that you can do it but because you’re
ready for it. The Master power will switch on the button of your age-old wisdom, which has
lain dormant within yourselves, life after life until now. Just like we switch on the light, all the
darkness will disappear instantly. That is the immediate enlightenment process and that is
very possible for everyone who is sincere and who wants to know how great he is, how he
connects with the whole universe, how God dwells within himself, which he didn’t know all this
time. Then everything else in life will take care of itself. Truly!

I have asked all of my disciples, and none of them said that they are not happier than before;
that they are not more contented than before; that they are not more intelligent than before;
that they are not more capable, more powerful, than before, even just a few weeks
afterwards, or even a few days afterwards, depending on the person and how receptive that
person is. Even after initiation, just a few minutes, even within initiation, you know you’ve
changed forever, and you accelerate. You are no longer within the human standard, but you
enter the circle of sainthood without changing any appearance, without running away to
anywhere, without doing anything dramatic in your life. Just be where we are and enjoy both
worlds. Enjoy the real as well as the ephemeral nature of the projection of the real life. That’s
what we have discovered, that’s what we continue to discover, and that’s what we would like
to share with you. [Applause]

The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom 258

Questions and answers

Q. What do You think should be done about hatred and violent in everyday life, for
example, prejudice and racial discrimination? How do we get the message to those who
don’t want to listen?

M. I think all these phenomena are the result of the non-enlightened mind. If we are
enlightened, everything is solved without having to speak with each other, without having
to preach at all. So actually, all these things such as anger, hatred, greed, and all that,
come from the lack of enlightenment in that person because he is so unsatisfied with
what he has in life.

He is so discontented within the framework of his life, so it becomes natural that he is

agitated. He’s aggressive, he’s angry, he’s greedy for more, because he thinks these
things will satisfy him more and make him more happy. Actually, the deep root of all this
is the yearning for a happier state of life. It is a deep yearning for enlightenment.
Therefore, if we want to cure all this illness, we have to introduce enlightenment in