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Definitions Define: trimensionalisation of class (classification) - to extend from the 1st dimension of name to the 2nd dimension of nation

and onto the 3th dimension of situation. This process anchors its local point of origin as the workers who make this definition (the 2nd locus is of course the organisation or 2nd dimension of their own definition ie the organisation in which they make this definition) Because: as dictated by the locus of forces concentrated at a point ion space time or class Executive: the worker who forms a locus of the point at which many workers become one (multitude into union)

CLASS, Arjuna, 12 Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 2AD, UK Alytus Art Strike Biennial, C/P A.D. #25, LT-62137 Alytus, Lithuania
Psychic Occupation: the Psychogeographical Passover 5772


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0 0 1 We welcome the call for a transnational meeting in Tunisia this week Bet mes nepripastame joki tautini ar rasini skirstym arab, afrikiei ar . 1 1 europiei problemas, o taip pat kategorikai atmetame naujosios Europos ar Arab But we reject the national and racial classifications of Arab, African or , pavasario idjas. European and the ideas of a new Europe or an Arab Spring : 0 0 . 0 - , We welcome dirbani, tiek and all wahdat of Mes sveikiname - revoliucij ir visuotin tiek - the revolution

Mes sveikiname i savait prasidedant transnacionalin suvaiavim Tunise.

ment that mobilises as defense against the White , Power (Juodj galios) judjimui, kuris (chattel slavery and power that is the basis of Capitalism ( ). colonialism).gali, kuri ir yra , mobilizuos prie Baltj A Black Power that does not limit itself to Na , tionalism but opens up to the Class struggle. kapitalizmo pagrindas (katorginis . 0 0 We welcome the attack on the financial sectors and supdarbas ir kolonializmas). Mes port for the student and teachers within the educational naujai Juodosios galios bangai, kuri kvieiame sector who create wahdat against the attacks made upon , neusiskls nacionalizme, bet isilies klasin kov. them . 0 1 1 But we reject thesektorius the university as a model helpMes kvieiame, atakuoti finansinius school or bei ing to build and fix all that separates us as productive or palaikome studentus ir mokytojus, besijungianius , non-productive entities vahdatus, kad apsigint nuo juos smaugiani antpuoli. e.g. artist/ activist/ etc. 0 1 , , / / .. Wekaip tolimesn organizacinpsychic workers those productive and welcome all wahdat with all model, nes jis 0 Bet mes atmetame mokykl, ar universitet unproductive ones mus visus skaldo produktyvius ir engaged in production, consumption, distribution and formuoja btant tai, kas - , neproduktyvius elementus, ; , devaluation of the general intellect - and we will do our utmost to
kaip antai: menininkus, aktyvistus ir pan. , , 0 meet with all those producing meaning of any quality, in any - , shape or form from anywhere within the world or without Mes kvieiame vahdat visus psichodarbininkus tiek produktyvius, tiek , , 1 neproduktyvius . - visus, kurie kuria, vartoja, paskirsto ir devalvuoja visuotin intelekt. We are against reducing the general intellect into a machine-like verbali1 Mes sieksime susitikti su visais, kurie gamina by academic intellectuals who produce nothing but the platform for zation bet kokios kokybs, formos ar

itekliais nesusijusius darbininkus. 0 0 1 We welcome and encourage the leading ambitions of ALL less organized Mes atsipraome, kad dl resurs trkumostructures, such as the FLPT (Popular Liberation Front of Tunisia). negalime dalyvauti Tuniso vahdate. , FLPT ( 1 0 ). Mes sveikiname, palaikome ir teikiame pirmenyb VIS maiau organizuot struktr 1 However, we agree with Sadri Khiari in that the , K ,Tuniso Liaudies Ilaisvinimo frontas) ambicijoms vadovauti (pvz.: FLRP - left is dominated by white privelidge and interest in Europe and we re , 1 ject the leading ambition of Taiau mes sutinkame su Sadri Khiari, kad iandieninje politinje Eurocentric and European nationalist groups kairje dominuoja , and so-called movements that are just elitist and in fact bourgeois and baltj privilegijuotos klass bei euronaconalistini grupi ar taip vadinam judjim , racist. interesai, kurie nra tik elitiniai, bet i esms buruaziniai ir rasistiniai. . 0 0 0We recognise that there has been a retreat in the Womens and Black , - m. vyko atoslgis tiek Moter, tiek Juodj Mes pripastame, kad nuo 1968 Liberation movements since 1968. We call for renewal in 1968 . ilaisvinimo judjimuose. Mes kvieiame We call foriuos Black Power moveatgaivinti a new . these struggles. (Black Power), , judjimus. Mes kvieiame naujam Black

- .

moments of wahdat, beginning from the labour of Mothers and of birth , moment bendradarbiavim: pradedant nuo Motinos darbo until the labour of death and beyond. Our struggles are one and the . same. And we see it as a priority for ones with access to resources to . , gimdant, ir baigiant darbais mirtant bei jau anapusybje.do not have access to resources Ms support those who , , . kovos tai viena kova. Mes j matome nuolatinje tarpusavio pagalboje, 1 1 , itekli darbininkai paremia tiesiogiai su Tunis as we cannot attend We send our apologies to the wahdat in the kai turintieji prieig prie the meeting due to lack of resources

minds, employed or unemployed and bedarbi mini vahdat (sjung). Mes sveikiname vis vahdatocollaboration between these

the state i political community to be hinged on pavidalo prasm, ir i kur jie bebt: i io pasaulio, arandanapusybs. , 0 , 1 We love, live and reject death ! . Mes kategorikai atmetame bandymus redukuoti visuotin intelekt akademini 0 0 intelektual mainizuot verbalizacij tai tra dar vienas bdas sutvirtinti iklibint , ! We welcome dead , poor and nobodies FULL ACCESS TO ALL HART pagrind valstybei ir jos politinms klikoms. 0 ISLANDS ALL OVER THE WORLD! , - 0 0 HART ! Mes mylime, gyvename ir nepripastame mirties! We welcome doubts! 0 0 1 ! Mes priimame mirusius, neturtlius ir tuos, kurie yra niekas REIKALAUJAME Tunjur Al Amali Al Fikriya Itihad Rabni Al 1 1 LAISVOS PRIEIGOS VISAS HART SALAS VISAME PASAULYJE! Anjuman Matan Karkan Aur Amali Karkoon 0 1 1 Mes sveikiname abejojanius! 1 Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its 1 Itihad Rabni Al Tunjur AlAberrant Bacillus Right Abroad - Committee (ABRACADABRA-C) Amali Al Fikriya (Alytus 0 1 Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant DAta Miners Travailleurs Psychique Anjuman Matan Karkan Aur Amali Karkoon Bacillus Right Abroad Committee //// ABRACADABRA-C) 1 0 (DAta Miners Travailleurs Alytaus bienals pervertimo kultros naikinim bei ios klaikios bacilos tarptautins Psychique //// DAMTP) sklaidos komitetas (Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution

of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad - Committee - ABRACADABRA-C)

mistertrippy says: October 5, 2011 at 10:45 pm It was bare chested, T-shirts and yellow light reflecting tabards for the three teams this year. In 2009 as far as I recall we were able to get teams of black, white and coloured T-shirts and yes, the Vilnius anarchists were the ones whod come dressed in black T-shirts. Definitely a nightmare to referee. Im not doing it more than once every two years!

Old Rope says: October 5, 2011 at 9:39 pm This sounds like a groove sensation! Id heard of 3-sided chess, but not football. It also sounds like a nightmare to referee. We probably played something equally chaotic in school, though less formal, just because we played all kinds of crazy rules and numbers in those halcyon days.Did the teams have sexy kits, or was it shirts, skins and skeletons?

mistertrippy says: October 5, 2011 at 4:48 am @ Michael there was a very interesting discussion of racism in contemporary white radical groups, post-cultural activism in contemporary Belarus, radical activism in New York in the 1960s, the suppressed AfroAmerican history of rock and roll, the theoretical basis of Debords Game of War, the revolutions in the Middle East, the role of the psychic worker. There was a lot! @ Unknown Psychic Worker That was mainly because I wanted to link back to the older blog and previous event, but didnt want to spent a lot of time explaining the discussion which was complex and will probably come together collectively from the ongoing discussions by email and in Berlin and elsewhere.

Michael Roth says: October 5, 2011 at 4:21 am Sounds like a good time. Im honing my 3-sided football skills, but so far Im the only team member. BTW, what were some to the discussions topics?

The Unknown Psychic Worker says: October 4, 2011 at 11:12 pm for me the greatest thing was the opening of new dimensions in becoming together especially emotional! interesting that you framed the event as Alytus Biennial rather than DAMTP congress!

mistertrippy says: October 4, 2011 at 10:19 pm We were in a different hotel from 2009, and I was on a different floor from the Vilnius anarchists this time, so I didnt see whether they had organised an orgy suite this year or not.. But now youve made me wonder why I didnt go up to see if theyd done that. Maybe someone who was on the same floor as the Vilnius anarchists knows the answer and can post it here. Or maybe the Vilnius anarchists can tell us themselves.

Sexy Robot says: October 4, 2011 at 9:02 pm Can you tell me if the Vilnius anarchists organised an orgy room in the hotel this year like they did in 2009?

The fox grabbed the rabbit & did the bunny hug says:

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Produce I feel as doing something with some idea of further use in mind real evil no innocence! 0 devaluation of the general intellect 1 I think there is something wrong in it might be somebody will add more exact note there is no value in the general intellect because it is an active, living, impersonal, critical mind in itself this is a critique of abstract knowledge, it is in itself devaluation this is what the DAMTP is tending to be about 0 General intellect is another bullshit that derives from overestimation of the role of reason. Intellect is what fails the most. I would prefer general mind or conscious but I dislike also the general maybe: common? , shared?, Generated? 0 We welcome doubts! 1 There I remembered our discussion about skepticism what is about the doubt if communication is not verbal? 1 THEN NON VERBAL DOUBTS! 1 And to come back to the issues of the congress: Weve had experienced together verbal and non verbal communication Weve had experienced together panlinguistics and nonlinguistics Weve had experienced together created situations Weve had experienced individual and collective skepticisms (or doubts) mostly addressed to the (mis)concepts (worker, football, (in)comprehensible language/ message, spectacularity of marching, not structured topics, anthem ritual, skepticism itself etc) this shows nothing but how sick from capitalist relationships we all areand each in a different way and substitution of the words would not abolish the skepticism itself, because the words are never adequate to reality . 1 even when sick from these whatever (dont want to use the word capitalist without brackets or quotation marks anymore) relationships we still mostly think and act within their logic. 1 I do not think we are an organization and I never had any intentions on pushing towards it but so far we agree on many common things 1 This is why I started using the word convergents in place of comrades (even when the Czech meaning of the word kamarad is totally apolitical: means: a friend)
1 I am sure we can proceed further on forming the union the union of multitude of entities is possible even including all skepticisms prevailing, without chairmen, dues but with solidarity thanks to all of you for it. 0 This more reminds the also ugly word: network + before I will say: with best wishes one more explanation to zet-english I wrote this:

We love, live and reject death! But when I read it today I see it maybe means something different than I wanted the intended meaning was: We love death, we live death we reject death! Or We love and live death and we reject it! 0 reading all this what I wrote I see I have some problem with words 1 Rather than make triangular (which is two dimensional) trimensionalisation means three dimensional - going beyond the four dimensional straight jacket into an opening up of layered three dimensional trimensions - so a situation can be understood as having endless sensual dimensions of ever increasing complexity 1 this process involves concentrating and reducing one aspect of activity or work to zero dimensions eg point or event or letter

ber) its fucked up (differently than appealed FUCKING UP! From the Alytus slogan). I imagine joining beings for some reason and, for the duration of the reason without duty to follow the decisions in the moment they start to sound odd. No feedback responsibility! 0 General strike is a full scale and global refusal from participation in exploiting models. 1 This is too abstract and it would sink into endless debates where exploitation starts. when anarchists will start to tolerate each other they will start to tolerate all people. I think there is pretty enough to fight a wish to participate in capitalist mode of production, what is a biggest exploitation mechanism at present moment. 0 HA ! Here I must say that capitalism is dead and todays exploitation mechanism

deserves also a different name not even the different adjective like corporational , If to use something from past terms then maybe more suitable would be:neofeudalism, or: neoslavery, or: globalslavery (with mostly hiden masters). The history coming back, trying to apply the seemingly forgotten models, using the technologies and psychological knowledge of today. So: slavery supported by slaves, participating collaborating, involved with keeping the system (under different names and different cover ideas) running. 0 psychic worker that is a possible word to identify ones activities with 1 psychic worker is simply the producer of the meaning and differs from those who manage, own, simulate the meaning. I myself have distrust in the coept of to identify with - it has very strong dependence on bourgeois cultural system

to always to identify with some models and to play some role I would take the concept psychic worker as a key concept to understand the mechanisms proceeding in the capitalist system of production of meaning there I found myself located after many years of trying sincerely play the role of an artist and a teacher. 1 I agree with mistrust to identify with 0 I also mistrust to production of meaning by the psychic workers maybe attempt to search for meaning 0 Also start hating the word production that is the real evil. 1 This is very basic word and it differs from the machine called capitalist mode of production (that what leads towards gaining a profit). 0

temporal. In an authentic search for authenticity you seem to forget that you are not authentic... Capitalism and Communism being flip sides of the same coin is a basic "truth". Preventing Marxism from thinking it is superior. The coin being "materialism" itself. A "deadend' that has held us back for many years. b.m. Surplus culture (whatever it is intend to mean) doesnt fit to be substituted for bourgeois culture. Bourgeois culture is surplus in general, but surplus culture would be something to damage that bourgeois (or White, or serious) culture. Also similar effect could be reached totally striking any appearance of cultural (or that of civilization...again White) trace. Neither Black Power nor White Power is not to mean as only connected to skin's colour - that problem is much more complex - the problem is in s.c. White and eurocentrist civilization which is widely exported to the third world as well and everything gets even much more messed up. Today Black and white contrapositioning is getting much closer to the class conflict than ever before. The search for the meaning by using language as a systematic basis and continuously being lost in the meanings of the particular words - that is what the consuming of bourgeois culture is all about (the same is with other non verbal institutionalized cultural spheres), while the production of meaning tends towards demand to control the means of production; first term is about the respect to authorities, the second one is ignorance towards them; first is related towards individualization, while the second is open also towards collective attempts. Eurocentrist axis in the search for the meaning ...and particularly the symbolic forms of that "knowledge' that is what mostly misleads... doubt has only individual sense in the process of the search of the meaning, but it has a striking effect in the process of production. That was also the way how crusaders invaded the indigenous people they imposed the symbolic meaning to everything what surrounded those people...that is what the culture is about...search for the meaning has no sense anymore - its time to get rid of it...what does it means when you refuse from the spoiled words and choosing or inventing the new - the clean - ones ...very soon it will be spoiled in the same way

echos Bacon's concern, criticising the the real life greedy merchant bankers (finance capital) process. in a similar way, with his cognitarians replacing Bacon's noblemen (http://thenewobjectivity.com/pdf/marx.pdf) and gentlemen. Certainly Paul Virno poses an interesting Art precisely emerges with the renaissance, problem at the end of his text General with the rise of the bourgeoisie and the Intellect in Lessico Postfordista: identification of the artist as the goriginator of the work of art, whether they call Finally, our question is whether the peculiar themselves Bellini or Raphael. The public character of the intellect, which is renaissance humanism of which Bifo is so today the technical requirement of the proud comes from these gentleman, all time production process, can be the actual basis served artisans. So there is here a for a radically new form of democracy and public sphere that is the antithesis of the contradiction. one pivoting on the state and on its Likewise, it is worth understanding Marx's monopoly on political decision. There are passage in The Fragment on Machines in two distinct but interdependent sides to this question: on the one hand, the general the Grundrisse: intellect can affirm itself as an autonomous Nature builds no machines, no locomotives, public sphere only if its bond to the railways, electric telegraphs, self-acting production of commodities and wage labour is dissolved. On the other hand, the mules etc. These are products of human industry; natural subversion of capitalist relations of material transformed into organs of the production can only manifest itself through the institution of a public sphere outside the human will over nature, or of human participation in nature. They state and of a political community that are organs of the human brain, created by hinges on the general intellect. the human hand; the power of knowledge, objectified. The (http://www.generation-online.org/p/ development of fixed capital indicates to fpvirno10.htm) what degree general Perhaps it would be more useful to develop social knowledge has become a direct force of production, and to what a discussion from these points rather than SCEPSI statement. degree, hence, the conditions of the process of social life itself have come under the control of the general intellect and And it would also be useful if people understand that it is not a matter of looking been transformed in accordance with it. To what for things with which to compromise Bifo: degree the powers of social production the problem is that the shortcomings of his political viewpoint are so blatant that they have been produced, not only in the form of knowledge, but also cannot be ignoerd. as immediate organs of social practice, of

0[Andrius] The cognitariat seems to echo Richard Florida's propositions for the 'creative class', which are described by him as the main motor for revitalizing capitalism - ultimately in the form of gentrification. This curator appeared on the public sphere at the time between the dot com bubble in 2002 and the following house market 'crash'. Florida is quoted by mayors of Berlin, Detroit, Chicago etc. In my view, without recognizing the role of 'creatives' as such (often unconscious) agents, and inventing terminology for disparate political, financial, cognitarian classes, the possibility of grasping one's own function in complex social relationships is postponed. I also see Dovile's and Kasparas' responses simplistic. 'The uncontrollable alternative', if you put it together with claims for preserving European gems from sonamed financial class, sounds rather strange... I would recommend watching Pier Paolo Pasolini's 'Sal, or the 120 Days of Sodom', 1975 (http://www.imdb.com/title/ tt0073650/) - at this point I realize it would have been a good inspiration for a discussion in Alytus. The general intelect, in my opinion, does not begin and end with ourselves. Ourselves (in Kasparas' response) seem to stand for the preservation of certain privileges in a highly segregated world, such as those called 'creative autonomy outside of the realm of capital' - what are they eventually? Even if one thing is to live with dignity (in search for a better word) and quite different to ignore the persisting racism of Europe. The general intellect includes the whole human history and our particular place in it: both spatial &

related to 19th century and is hardly acceptable to us now simply not trendy. But the essence of the words is still the same that is why probably the biggest efforts from institutionalized academicians were brought to disfashion and to erase those concepts from the common usage. 1 Also I think that if someone dislikes the word that is an ability to translate it to his/her own language diverging from urdu, Russian or Arabic to zet -english or red-ass-english 0 Yes, it gives sense, but I see todays society not so clearly devided into the those who produce and those, who are managing the produced and l see the thing as


0 (social) layer or caste in place of class 0 The relations within the society take again openly form of slavery, for which the rulers use the cover name democracy. We can speak about the democratic slavery (as it actually was in the very beginning of the use of this term was it in Athens?) 0 And again - one more trying: Bodies or minds could alternate the word workers keeping the psychic workers 1 I see a danger in those statements what was essential trick of all bourgeois revolutionaries the statement we are all humans the problem appears when realizing that there are different human beings those who produce and those, who are managing the produced that is where inhumanity starts and that is why we still need the concepts like worker and class. Of course, the etymology (I included that concept because I felt that it is essential position of miscommunication in the common debates) of those words is very much connected to obsolete contexts mostly

I completely agree on ideological and strategic level, but as I am scared from any ideology and I kind of hate total expressions like: forever, never, always, one more complicated in most cases both and the same, the only etc. for their mentioned are fire-able employees of intertwined system ruled but not clear- hypnotic ultimate value, I usually try to change them into something less paly appointable individuals. Its easier thetic. to define the worker even when in 0 some places of the world it really remember "communal" has a very differdoesnt exist anymore in the 19trh cenent meaning in India! tury meaning of the world, than the 1 other classes. Its so tricky that the cruciat enterprises are not in one hand Maybe we need to define "we" and "i" 1 and when we get We = west essex to shareus = united state holders etcwe are lost talking 1 there is enough of eight I to constiabout class. tute WE or to be more precise WE = 4 So I would obliques + 1 vertical + 3 transversals say : if we 0 leave the feudal counties like the UK, I still dont like the optimism as to and few others, the clear class structure doesnt exist anymore maybe this the Institute of organisation. Organisation is something which obtains in fact makes usage of words like class its essence the self-assuring, selfkind of outdated, more than the bad sound caused by their overuse in main- referring, self-supporting tendencies, which kill the healthy doubts and espely easteuro-asian totalitarian regimes cially in case of organisations appreof the 20th and 21st century. Yes I ciated suicidal inclinations. like the expression: psychic worker 1 very much, even when I am not sure about the optimism about finding It depends on how youll treat the word the meaning. 0 Individual in the sense that we appreciate the individual qualities, contributions, but do not overestimate them. The individual approach is the best instrument to fight the racism. 0 Communal in the sense that two is better than one, not speaking about more knowing that even one sometimes seems to be unreachable amount in times of not complex identities. 0 My vision of better future could be called PANTONOMIA system enabling parallel existence of different autonomous models, opened certain way that one could choose in which s/he/it wants to live. 1 individual and communal are not oppositions anymore organization could be as one-person as communal, temporary, or permanent that is a multi as an organism or as a corporation I tude into union. But there I must say found nothing bad in the word itself that I disagree with correction of the words one and the same into similar the substitution of the word with in the sentence Our struggles are one gatherings- here we step back to the and the same and we see it as a priori- same problem discussed above as described we all are the humans. Due to ty for workers and organisations with the corporational or capitalist mode of access to resources to support those the organizations structure there is who do not have access to resources a mechanism of self regulation as prothe problem posed by DAMTP: is exactly that our treatment 1 of our struggles But we reject from the conduct of those was as they are workers who are less organized then we are similar the 1 point is that it is the one struggle We welcome and encourage the leading by (different modes, tactics, strategies, less organized approaches, but its totally one) that is what the union is need for. The workers 0 problem is still that we are too much into the concepts and ourselves identi- Once the organization requires fication with it the point is not a the subordinaglossary of things to identify with, tion of the memthe point is doing things and then to bers (in case of find words for it good things done organization of can improve even mistrusted words. one: of its mem1


the case, I would be grateful for their explanation of this Cognitarians) in the creation of a dystopia such as experienced across Europe during much of the twentieth limitation. century. Whilst the capitalist system - as a world system - is shaking with the impact of the crisis, there is no reason to believe that the EU "is on the verge of a final collapse" - on the contrary, it seems that the Eurozone will become more tightly controlled by Germany and France. Meanwhile the European External Action Service is approaching its first birthday as an EU I agree wholeheartedly with Redas that the loss of the erotic and social body can be found in the development of Cartesian thought and the split between mind and body which we started to discuss during the Scepticism debate on Saturday. The advent of the computer technology is simply the industrialisation of what had previously been acheived through handicraft production. I read Bifo's statement as being as much an attempt to organise "cognitarians" whose artisan status is being threatened by Taylorised work processes as anything else. As much an attempt to maintain a separation between the "cognitarians" and the working class as a whole, to maintain a caste separation - with all the privileges which that entails. In this respect the Eurocentrism may well be simply a smokescreen encouraging the critical reader to focus on the Eurocentrism - which Redas correctly identifies as bordering on racism - all the better to obscure the intellectual elitism inherent in the document. The use of the term "psychic worker" rather than "cognitarian" is linked to the fact that all work has its psychic aspect. It is linked to an approach which is not rooted in the linear thought which constitute "five centuries of humanist civilization and of scientific revolution" imposed by force of arms by European imperialism on the rest of the world. The discussion of the use of the term worker at the Alytus Bienniale was important, and I understand the well founded reservations expressed. It has been used so much in the past to glorify the position of the worker rather than looking to the supercession of the working class. However, no matter how despised or abused the term maybe, when faced with the intellectual elitism inherent in the SCEPSI statement, I find it a useful antidote to this post modern self-intoxication.

0[Redas] Your new statement [KAFCA:Knowledge Against Financial Capitalism under the umbrella of SCEPSI (European School for Social Imagination)] coincided with our next issue of Art Strike Biennial and the meeting of DAta Miners & Travailleurs Psychique shortly DAMTPs [or people in close with agreement to DAMTPs]. As I always had a bunch of disagreements to your statements this time I must notice it comes even worse. The all older our disagreements on europeancentrist (at some point racist) positions, and also due to prescription of leading role to white pro-western mode of knowledge and its propagators bourgeois artists, theoreticians etc. that never were followed by further discussions or even placed as a counter-positions in your well edited and selected insurrectionist thought even your coming couple years ago to Alytus was based not on doing something together, but rather on positioning to be listen But it was very good we had some discussions otherwise we would do not bother each other afterwards I disagree that common sense of sensual-erotic social body could be restored by the specialized theorists, artists, teachers, students and whomsoever and that is not truth that it was lost because of the process of virtualization and precarization prevailing in neoliberal mechanisms it was lost much earlier and because of the same the heirs of five centuries of humanist civilization and of scientific revolution. And they are not the promise of a future of progress, and freedom thats an opposite. Actually that is the cause of the institutionalized obstacle to prevent the society from real social imagination and to turn it on fetishisation. It is what the bourgeosification is about. What is we (DAMTPs) are calling for that is reproletrianization of the social intelligence the freedom for creation of the meaning without limitation in time and space and without capitalist specializations. You as an academician, or whomever else (in the same order as some queen of England as well) you[we] all can resign from your/our duties and join together for the striking the system prevailing nobody knows better the system as people who are involved into it. But instead I see just a call to restore privilegies for European worshipers of the SUN. What also makes distrust to your positions about defending the social civilization, the legacy of humanistic values, and the pleasure of life is that usually your (and that of other SCEPSIs) activities are based on what we call cultural white supremacist europeancentrist format whats about including the positions of the refugees from Nothern Africa, slavery of Eastern Europeans in the West etc. I am sure youre accepting only those who meet the level of civilization or in a best way what in neoliberalist ideology is called multi-culti i.e. civilized savages [they are usually are much more capitalists then capitalists themselves]. Might be its not a best thing to happen that intellectuals and lumpen intermingle for to go looting together, but intermingling of intellectuals with white bourgeoisie in defending of high values thats much worse. I think we at DAMTP would arrange a collective resolution addressed towards your upcoming event not sure how critical it will be, but definitely it will be very skeptic towards your SCEPSI 1[Dovil] Sad to read the misinterpretation by DAMPTs on SCEPSIs statement. If recuperation of students, researchers, artists, engineers, therapists, teachers is already not reproletrianization of the social intelligence, then who and how? Is it necessary to write

algerian researcher and street artist to be literally correct and not mixed with white supremacist something borgeous? It is something very much mixed in here.
Franco Berardi has not only intelligence and subtle thinking, but charisma of expression, so naturally he didnt need specially to ask the audience to listen. Just hard to believe that DAMPTs are so much into Mao ideals of doing everything together, like reading one book or listening one song, that even individual speach meets intolerance. Now I understand why we were shooting each other with black color in Alytus to be more tolerated in conference as guests from North Africa were.

Bifo wrote: 0[Fabian] What matters is the I found Redas response very good. But when I read Dovil's ability of minority (call response, I feel it missed some key elements of the SCEPSIs them political avant statement: -garde, call them organic intellectuals, "Interpretation follows semantic criteria in the realm of call them may be conjunction: the meaning of the signs sent by the other as she enters in conjunction with you, needs to be understood by tracing the intention, the context, the nuances and the unsaid, if necessary." Bifo Beradi: Connective sensibility (http://scepsi.eu/en/ schizoanalists) to find concepts, and words, and gestures that connective-sensibility/) give different people a common vision, and a common understanding of the real and of the possible. "The collapse that has jeopardized economic life and is destroying the social civilization of the European countries is This development of such a vanguard - whether in its Leninist an effect of thirty years of application of the Neoliberal form or its Sorelian form - has proved to be as much an philosophy." (Opening line of teh SCEPSIs statement) obstacle to human liberation as the "finance capital" that the SCEPSIs statement focuses on. What is disturbing is that this Although the impact of the collapse of the American subprime focus on finance capital as the problem - rather than market is mentioned, it is hard to understand why SCEPSI capitalism as web of social relationships, is often used to focusses only on Europe.The most obvious explanation is a encourage trust in intelligent and charismatic individuals eurocentric outlook. However as Dovil does not think this is leading a self-styled intellectual elite (here called the

1[Kasparas] I also distance myself from what Redas said and I don't want to be mingled among those criticizing what Bifo does. I think what autonomists do trying to think over the artists situation is not less useful than Art strikes. Moreover, Art strikes despite their magnetism also have their own problems. For example, it is always fun to make demonstrations or to play in concert which is conducted according to a principle "Everyone is an Foreign Office. The EU is becoming stronger, and being artist". On the other hand, there is always a comic moment of promoted precisely as a resolution of the current crisis. Hegelian representation which makes these demonstrations and concerts kind of artificial. As regards Bifo's intelligence, this actually creates a problem: If the focus on Europe is merely accidental, then we could I think in our discussion we must not only search for nonaccept the Eurocentrism as an error, and the document could alienation but also emphasize the material potentiality of a swiftly be superseded. However, if the statement is the worked creative person and to regain our lost possibilities which were out thinking of people of intelligence, I think we can safely recuperated by creative industries, financial capital, interface assume that the Eurocentrism is a central plank of this political etc. Instead of the artist alienation I would better focus on concoction. Whether this is a sincerely held belief in the material exploitation of artist workforce by using the techniques of creative commons and creative industries. These questions remain largely not discussed during the art strikes, but namely these questions, the questions of artists as living labor are most urgent nowadays. Dialectic critique and refusal to create art is not an answer, the problem is in the need to search for subversive acts that undermine capitalist domination. We must search for autonomy inside Empire, to create our free zones not by changing our own consciousness (by singing Art strike anthems instead of Lithuanian or any other imperialist anthem) but by constant insubordination to any subjugation technologies. And of course we cannot forget superiority of European "social civilisation", or merely a that the times they are a-changin' and we cannot always demagogic ploy to rally cognitarians around a red EU define our reality by Maoist or old orthodox Marxist terms. It is flag (Martin has already made one for them: http://martin- not enough to create "proletarian negative" instead of zet.com/en/2003.html). "capitalist positive", it would be more useful to celebrate the dionysian and uncontrollable alternative without any Dovil refers to some problem about "reading one book or representation. listening one song" but for some reason sees this as linked to "Mao's ideals". I find this odd. All across the world people I completely disagree here with you because you only search have developed ways of producing music in concert, and often for things that compromise the attitude of Bifo. I think he is have structured discussion around critically assessing a completely right when thinking and speaking about the particular text. Indeed conditions of contemporary artist or intellectual, because he is much of European speaking about himself. Should he do better if he spoke about thought has centred hungry children of Africa? Wouldn't it remind the tactics of around one book, the Bono or other noble artists involved in liberating all the world... Bible, the book whose instead of ourselves? Or all those trotskyite revolutionaries very name means the who forget themselves after turning on the BBC News. I book. Meeting the think we must begin with ourselves as collective force shortcomings trying to move out of social factory of late capitalism. The of the SCEPSIs art sabotage is not about constant reunion with working class statement with criticism who doesn't even know anymore that it is working class, The is not intolerance, it is a art sabotage is about destroying the identity of an artist and response. putting up with the identity itself, especially negative identity, it's about creative autonomy outside of the realm of capital. not for a week, but for life, it's about constant redefinition of value-making process and destruction of the law of value itself. I think General Intellect is about ourselves, about our place simultaneously in and out of the system, and it has a potentiality which yet has to be discussed. 0[Fabian] It is a very weak argument to suggest that anyone is demanding that Bifo speak about hungry children in Africa. The problem is that he is repeating the fictions of the bourgeois revolution. He is defing as a class the 'Cognitarians as "heirs of five centuries of humanist civilization and of scientific revolution" - i.e. the renaissance rediscovery of Cicero and Greek thought, followed by the rise of folk like Galileo and Francis Bacon. So the suggestion that this about "creative autonomy outside of the realm of capital" is a simple fiction. It is not, not even for a second. Perhaps it is woth reading Bacon's "On Plantations" to see how much this father of science is proposing the development of colonies funded by ecological destruction as forests are used to provide timber as commodity. True Bacon calls for these colonies to be run by noblemen and gentlemen rather than merchants - who he sees as simply wanting to make a quick buck. And here Bifo

1 DAMTP Berlin vahdat will attempt to extend Dadaist Jedermann sein eigner Fussball through the triolectics and psychogeography by situationists into surrealist dreamed marvelous convulsion of totality of the struggle, what many of us still individually use to consider as our own multiple similar fights. Stewart Home ate altibariai or cold borscht soup every day for the past week in Lithuania and is now suffering withdrawal symptoms... 31 Aug 0 MULTITUDE INTO UNION! MULTITUDE INTO WAHDAT! WAHDAMTP IN WAHDADAPOST! 0 BURNB B E R LI N BABYB BURN !

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0 a short presentation on geography & architecture in Berlin: a virtual skyscraper to replace a current building of Dadapost. Billboard & posters on sale/giveaway, advertising the building and deconstructing the role art plays in gentrification; 0 triolectical football in the yard of DADAPOST which by accident is very close to triangular all obstacles inside will be treated as psychogeographical; 0 freezing with Venom in Eternity (Isidore Isou's Venom and Eternity - remake by Karen Karnak) at the same time experiencing threeing by following the instructions in the best traditions of German ordnung definitely if there is a way to destroy capitalism in Germany that must obtain the form of ordnung first; 0 Collective chiseling of the soviet educational propaganda film about Marshal Zhukov in a lettrist way; Stewart Home Today in Alytus the dead walked with us from the graveyard all the way to the art school. Psychic workers of the world unite! 25 Aug Stewart Home Tonight the psychic workers gathered at the Alytus cemetery and watched the zombies rise from their graves at midnight.... 27 Aug

0 triolectic football (continuation) in the former airport of Templehof in South Berlin at the same time enjoying sacred site of Knights Templar, a site for Prussian & Nazi military parades, having one of the first concentration camps in Germany built and being a site for American airlift during the 'Cold' War planned as Sunday-noon-go-far-away-and-play-at-13-oclock event; 1 To try to conceive, abolish and/or to grab some propaganda or to leave your own come to DADAPOST by appointment whenever till November 13th. (Arrangements for new meetings included). 0 No doubts and skepticisms are awaited till the 6PM of October 15th just come and do! 0 Come and share, discuss or simply take whatever to spread the mist of ignorance or to light the fire of destruction of serious White culture or infect to initiate/help its decomposition. 0 Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad - Committee (ABRACADABRA-C) Stewart Home is sleepwalking through the psychic workers' seance at the DAMP Festival in Alytus, Lithuania. It's a somnambulist sensation! 23 Aug Stewart Home is coming to know life even better by getting down with death at the DAMP Festival in Lithuania. 25 Aug

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Stewart Home says forget banking reforms in 2015, we should strip bankers of their assets and wealth now, and return their booty to the people! 1 Sep

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1 DAMTP Berlin vahdat will trimensionalise the Antisituation of Amsterdam and Labyrinth of Alytus! 1 DAMTP Berlin vahdat will demon-strate the economic, scientific, cultural bankrupcy of the ruling culture through Situlogical Interferometrical Dark Power! 0 DADAMTPOSTBURNLINVAHDAT is not an art event, nor cultural, nor any other specialized activity celebrating gathering. 1 DAMTP Berlin vahdat is the place to further enjoy collective production of meaning of any quality in any shape and form from anywhere in the world and outside the world. 1 DAMTP Berlin vahdat calls for a Black Power concentration towards a defense against the White power that is the basis of Capitalism (chattel slavery and colonialism). A Black Power that does not limit itself to Nationalism but opens up to the Class struggle. 1 DAMTP Berlin vahdat calls for those, who are pissed of by continuous identification with White cultural clichs and are looking towards the situations where the new meanings spread-up.