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A8CU1 1nL kCILC1

An organlzaLlon wlll have a number of producLs and servlces Lhey may
offer Lo Lhelr cusLomers uependlng on Lhe Lype of buslness or servlce offered Lhe
cusLomers may have several doubLs/ complalnLs/problems 1he LnLerprlse
8uslness Servlce Lnglne" helps Lo accompllsh Lhls Lask of solvlng and clarlfylng Lhe
cusLomer's querles 1hls producL faclllLaLes Lhe user Lo submlL onllne complalnLs
lndependenL of Lhe sysLem
A cusLomer always expecLs servlces Lo be offered as soon as posslble
and Lhe organlzaLlon ls responslble for maklng sure lLs cusLomers sLay saLlsfled As
mosL organlzaLlons are golng or are already onllne Lhe LnLerprlse Servlce
ManagemenL SysLem" wlll prove an added advanLage Lo Lhem ln Lhls lnLerneL
1he manual submlsslon of complalnLs and cusLomer servlclng has been Lhe
mosL Ledlous parL of Lhe buslness 1he Llme delay for a response and accuracy of
complalnL solvlng plays as vlLal role for cusLomer servlclng 1hls SysLem wlll allow
Lhe buslness process Lo run efflclenLly and wlll be used Lo asslsL or saLlsfy Lhe
cusLomer by glvlng a brlef soluLlon for Lhelr complalnL wlLhln a mlnlmum
Llme 1he CusLomer recelves Lhe soluLlon wlLhln a day onllne
1he cusLomers recelve Lhe soluLlons for Lhelr complalnL wlLhln a day and
Lhe cusLomer can also vlew Lhe sLaLus of Lhe complalnL aL any Llme uslng Lhe
complalnL no
The System can be broadly divided in to 5 Modules, as shown:
O AdmlnlsLraLor
O ;uery Analyzer (;A)
O CusLomer Servlce Lnglne (CS8)
O Servlce Lnglneer (SL)
O CusLomer
O dministrator Module

The administration module registers the employees, product and views the
complaints and assign to the service engineer. It also collects back
the solution submitted by quality analyzer. The administrator views the
employee grade and the solution and Iinally sends back the solution to the
O ;uery Analyzer (;A)
This module analyses the quality oI the solution submitted by the system
engineer and submit to administration module.
O CusLomer Servlce Lnglne (CS8)
These modules collect the Ieedback send by the customer and rank the
employee accordingly.
O Servlce Lnglneer (SL)
This collects the complaints send by the customer Irom the administrator and
provide the appropriate solution Ior the same. The solution is send to the
quality analyzer Ior analysis oI the solution.
O CusLomer
1he module reglsLers Lhe cusLomer posL Lhe complalnLs vlew soluLlon and sLaLus
and can send Lhe feedback

Software kequ|rements
lronL Lnd ASneL uslng c#
8ack Lnd MlcrosofL S; Server
laLform used neL
1echnology used ASneL
Web server llS 3(lnLerneL lnformaLlon servlce)
CperaLlng SysLem x
Web 8rowser lnLerneL Lxplorer 6

nardware kequ|rements
rocessor enLlum ll class processor 43 megaherLz (MPz)
8AM 36M8
Pard ulsk 48
D Drive : 52X D
Keyboard : 108-character keyboard
Mouse : Logitech mouse
Monitor : VGSVG


About NL1
MlcrosofL nL1 ls Lhe umbrella Lerm for Lhe MlcrosofL's sLraLegy Lo move
from a cllenL cenLrlc model Lo a neLwork cenLrlc model MlcrosofL's offerlng for
web servlcebased connecLlvlLy among buslness processes ls called MlcrosofLnL1
1he nL1 lramework ls a developmenL and execuLlon envlronmenL LhaL allows
dlfferenL programmlng languages llbrarlres Lo work LogeLher seamlessly Lo
creaLe wlndowsbased appllcaLlons and web servlces and appllcaLlons LhaL are
easler Lo bulldmanagedeploy and lnLegrade wlLh oLher neLworked sysLems
lL provlde a hlhly producLlvesLandardsbasedmulLl language envlronmenL for
lnLegraLlng exlsLlng lnvesLmenL wlLh nexLgeneraLlon appllcaLlons and servlces as
well as Lhe ablllLy Lo solve Lhe challenges of deploymenL and operaLlon of
lnLerneLscale appllcaLlon 1he nL1 framework conslsL of Lhree maln parLsLhe
common langage runLlme a hlerachlcal seL of unlfled class llbrarlres and a
componenL zed verslon of AcLlve Server age called ASnL1
1he nL1 lnlLlaLlve offers a compleLe sulL for developlng and deploylng
appllcaLlons 1hls sulL conslsLs of
O nL1 producLs
O nL1 servlces
O nL1 framework

nL1 producLs
vlsual SLudlo nL1whlch ls a Lool for nL1 appllcaLlons by uslng
programmlng languages such as vlsual baslcc#vlsual c++wlndows
operaLlng sysLem and offlce sulL
1hese producLs alms aaL allowlng developers Lo creaLe appllcaLlons
LhaL are capable of lnLeracLlng seamlessly wlLh each oLher 1o ensure
lnLeracLlon beLween dlfferenL appllcaLlonsall nL1 producLs are LxLenslble
Markup anguage(xM) for descrblng and exchanglng daLa beLween


nL1 servlces
1he nL1 servlces wlll lnclude all Lhe web servlces and all Lhe
corporaLe servlces provlded by Lhe Lhlrd parLy vendorsA vasL rage of
parLners and developers wlll have Lhe opporLunlLy Lo produce corporaLe
and verLlcal servlces bulL on Lhe nL1 plaLform

nL1 framework
lL ls Lhe foundaLlon on whlch we can deslgndevelop and deploy
appllcaLlonslL's conslsLenL and slmpllfled programmlng model makes lL
easler Lo bullL robusL appllcaLlons
1he nL1 framework conslsL of web forms and console
appllcaLlonsand wlndows forms LhaL perLaln Lo presenLaLlon layer of an
Web forms used ln webbased appllcaLlonswlndows forms are used
ln wlndows based appllcaLlons foe provldlng an lnLeracLlve user lnLerfaceln
addlLlon we can creaLe characLer based console appllcaLlons LhaL can be
execuLed from Lhe command llne

1he SLrucLure ;uery anguage(S;) comprlses one of Lhe
fundamenLal bulldlng blocks of modern daLabase archlLecLure S; ls an
AnSl(Amerlcan naLlon al SLandars lnsLlLuLe) sLandard compuLer language
for accessslng and manlpulaLlng daLabase sysLemsS; sLaLemenL are used
Lo reLleve and updaLe daLa ln a daLabseS; works wlLh daLabase
programms llke MS Access u8lnfromlxMS S; ServerCracleSybase eLc

A daLabse mosL ofLen conLalns one or more Lables Lach Lable ls
ldenLlfled by name(eg"CusLomer" or Crders") 1ables conLaln
records(rows) wlLh daLa WlLh S;we can query a adaLbase and have a
resulL seL reLurnS; ls synLax for execuLlng querles8uL S; language also
lncludes synLax Lo updaLelnserLs and deleLe records 1hse query and
updaLe commands LogeLher form Lhe uaLa ManlpulaLlon anguage(uM)
parL of S; 1he uaLa ueflnlLlon anguage(uu) parL of S; permlLs

daLabase Lables Lo be creaLed or deleLed We can also deflne lndexes
(keys)speclfy llnks beLween Lables and lmpose consLralnLs beLween
daLabase Lables
MlcrosofL's offerlng for web servlcebased connecLlvlLy among buslness
processes ls called MlcrosofL nL1 1he nL1 lramework ls a developmenL and
execuLlon envlronmenL LhaL allows dlfferenL programmlng languages llbrarles
Lo work LogeLher seamlessly Lo creaLe Wlndowsbased appllcaLlons and Web
Servlces and appllcaLlons LhaL are easler Lo bulld manage deploy and lnLegraLe
wlLh oLher neLworked sysLems
lL provlde a hlghly producLlve sLandardsbased mulLl language
envlronmenL for lnLegraLlng exlsLlng lnvesLmenL wlLh nexLgeneraLlon appllcaLlons
and servlces as well as Lhe ablllLy Lo solve Lhe challenges of deploymenL and
operaLlon of lnLerneLscale appllcaLlon 1he nL1 framework conslsLs of Lhree
maln parLs Lhe common language runLlme a hlerarchlcal seL of unlfled class
llbrarles and a componenL zed verslon of AcLlve Server age called AS nL1

It deals with accessing databases. It is a new technology that runs within the
.NET environment. It uses the concept oI managed code. DO.NET provides
access to data sources like MS-SQL Server and OLEDB.
1he LradlLlonal dlfflculLles regardlng daLabase ls LhaL lL relles on connecLlon
based LwoLler model lnsLead programmers Loday wlsh Lo make nLler
appllcaLlons uslng a dlsconnecLed approach
In ADO.NET we open connections only long enough to perIorm a database
operation, such as a Select or Update we can read rows into a dataset and then
work with them without staying connected to the data source.
In ADO the record set can provide disconnected access, but ADO is
designed primarily Ior connected access.


System Ana|ys|s
Analysls lnvolves Lhe requlremenL deLermlnaLlon and speclflcaLlon llrsL we
have Lo analyze Lhe obLalned resources ln Lhe LnLerprlse 8uslness Servlce Lnglne
lncludes flve module Admln CusLomer Servlce Lnglneer (SL) CusLomer Servlce
8eprasenLaLllve (CS8);uallLy Analyser(;A)
Lx|st|ng System
CurrenL SysLem doesn'L exLend lLs funcLlonallLy for Cverseas 8uslness
rocess and CuLsourclng 1he cosL and human resource expenses Lowards
bulldlng CusLomer Servlces for 8uslness prosperlLy wlLh ln Lhe ocallLy are
undeslrable 1he sysLem cannoL be enhanced Lo provlde dlsLrlbuLlon of daLa for
dlfferenL servlces 1he complalnLs are dropped ln Lhe complalnL box and Lhey are
collecLed by Lhe respecLlve members for scannlng process and served on day Lo
day basls 1hls process model and buslness approach ls lnefflclenL and noL
dynamlc for Lhe fuLure growLh of Lhe organlzaLlon
Analyzlng Lhe Lmployee performance and generaLlng reporLs are done
manually whlch ls Llme consumlng Accuracy ln daLa malnLenance also becomes a
Ledlous Lask urafLlng requlred for Lralnees also done manually Searchlng for
lnformaLlon Lhrough mulLlple flles and daLa analysls also becomes a Ledlous Lask
Draw 8acks
O 1lmeconsumlng Manual generaLlon of reporLs and analyzlng Lhe Lmployee
performance ls Llme consumlng
O A Ledlous Lask Accuracy ln daLa malnLenance also becomes a Ledlous Lask
O Cause damage Lo Lhe brand lmage of Lhe organlzaLlon
O Slow updaLlng and reLrleval of lnformaLlon
Stud|es on roposed System
1he alm ls Lo develop a sysLem Lo asslsL Lhe cusLomers by provldlng
soluLlons for Lhelr complalnLs 1hls sysLem focuses on recelvlng Lhe complalnLs
from Lhe cusLomer dlsLrlbuLlng complalnLs Lo Lhe cusLomer supporL
represenLaLlves solvlng complalnLs based on some consLralnLs solved
complalnLs are verlfled by Lhe Leam leaders provldlng accuracy percenLage Lo

Lhe cusLomer supporL represenLaLlves based on fallure consLralnLs valldaLlon
englne whlch ls used Lo provlde Lhe soluLlon Lo a repeaLed complalnL
1he complalnLs are dlsLrlbuLed by Lhe dlsLrlbuLlon englne caLegory wlse
1he cusLomer supporL represenLaLlves are classlfled under dlfferenL caLegorles
1he dlsLrlbuLlon englne does noL dlsLrlbuLe Lhe same complalnL for more Lhan one
cusLomer supporL represenLaLlve 1he dlsLrlbuLlon englne malnLalns Lhe
complalnL deLalls of how many complalnLs have been dlsLrlbuLed Lo Lhe cusLomer
supporL represenLaLlve and how many complalnLs have been solved and how
many complalnLs have been verlfled 1he dlsLrlbuLlon englne malnLalns all Lhe
complalnL deLalls caLegory wlse 1he ComplalnLs are Lracked as when Lhe
complalnLs are dlsLrlbuLed Lo Lhe cusLomer supporL represenLaLlve and when Lhe
cusLomer supporL represenLaLlves solve Lhe complalnL 1he 1lme Laken for each
complalnL Lo be solved ls also malnLalned
1he soluLlon glven by Lhe cusLomer supporL represenLaLlves are forwarded
Lo Lhe Leam leaders who verlfy Lhe soluLlon 1he soluLlon glven by Lhe cusLomer
supporL represenLaLlve musL be followlng some consLralnLs LhaL are already
deployed ln Lhe sysLem 1he cusLomer supporL represenLaLlve can verlfy Lhe
cusLomer records LhaL are reLrleved as and when Lhe complalnL ls dlsLrlbuLed
1he 1eam eaders verlfy wheLher Lhe glven soluLlon has followed Lhe deployed
consLralnLs 1he 1eam eaders provlde accuracy percenLage Lo Lhe cusLomer
supporL represenLaLlve based on Lhe fallure meLhodologles 1he fallure
meLhodologles valldaLe Lhe career of Lhe cusLomer supporL represenLaLlve lf Lhe
cusLomer supporL represenLaLlves geL more Lhan a speclfled fallure percenLage
Lhe cusLomer supporL represenLaLlve wlll be Laken ouL from Lhe company 1he
1eam eaders wlll be noLlfled abouL Lhe Llme spenL on each complalnL solved
cusLomer supporL represenLaLlve 1he complalnL for whlch more Llme ls spenL ls
noLlfled Lo Lhe 1eam eader by hlghllghLlng Lhe complalnL no 1he cusLomers can
vlew Lhe sLaLus of Lhe complalnL uslng Lhe complalnL no generaLed aL Lhe Llme of
submlsslon 1he complalnL no ls submlLLed by Lhe cusLomer only afLer logln
Ma|n Cb[ect|ve
1he maln ob[ecLlve of Lhls sysLem ls access daLabase remoLely so LhaL
Lhe user can access hls daLabase and perform all S; operaLlons wlLhouL lnsLalllng
S; server ln hls sysLem Also geL a userfrlendly envlronmenL Lo perform S;
operaLlons wlLhouL have a deep knowledge ln S; commands

Speclflc Cb[ecLlve
1he speclflc ob[ecLlves of Lhls web appllcaLlon are
O CusLomers can reglsLer complalnLs abouL Lhe producLs
O Admln recelve Lhose complalnLs
O Admln asslgn some employee Lo solve LhaL complalnL
O Lmployee solve Lhe complalnL and send Lo Admln
O Admln send LhaL soluLlon Lo Lhe cusLomer
eas|b|||ty Ana|ys|s
A feaslblllLy sLudy ls a prellmlnary sLudy underLaken Lo
deLermlne and documenL a pro[ecLs vlablllLy 8esulLs of Lhls sLudy are used Lo
make a declslon wheLher Lo proceed wlLh Lhe pro[ecL or noL lf lL lndeed leads Lo
a pro[ecL belng approved lL wlllbefore Lhe real work of problem and Lhe
recommendaLlon on Lhe besL alLernaLlve
8uslness Servlce Lnglne ls an onllne slLe for Lhe
reglsLerlng complalnLs 1hls slLe also helps cusLomers for geLLlng lnformaLlon llke
soluLlon for Lhelr complalnLs 1he feaslblllLy sLudy was carrled ouL Lo flnd wheLher
Lhe proposed sysLem can be developed and lmplemenLed wlLhouL any problem
wlLhln Lhe Llme llmlL 1he followlng feaslblllLy was consldered for Lhe pro[ecL ln
order Lo ensure LhaL Lhe pro[ecL ls vlable and lL does noL have any ma[or
obsLrucLlons ln Lhls regard Lhe followlng feaslblllLy analysls were conducLed
O Technical Feasibility.
O Behavioral Feasibility
O Economic Feasibility

In this project technical Ieasibility was done to Iind
out whether the necessary technology exist and iI the equipment have the capacity
to hold data required by the use oI new system.

When doing project in an external Iirm there can be in
cooperation and other unpredictable egoism Irom the colleagues especially when a
new idea is being introduced. These are behavioral and depend upon individual
behavior oI person involved. Behavioral Ieasibility were done in order to analyze
the attitude oI the people who are directly involved with my project. My Project
guide Mr.shiq was highly cooperative and he has also came up with wonderIul
suggestions which helped my project immensely.
ln Lhls pro[ecL economlcal feaslblllLy were carrled ouL Lo flnd
wheLher Lhe exlsLlng resources are sufflclenL for dolng Lhe pro[ecL Lconomlc
feaslblllLy also counLs any exLra h/w whlch ls requlred should be affordable ln
Lerms of cosL lL also sLress wheLher Lhe sysLem can be bullL wlLhln Lhe
speclfled Llme lnLerval LsLabllsh cosL and schedule consLralnLs Lconomlc
feaslblllLy produced poslLlve resulL as no equlpmenLs was needed Lo purchase




Database des|gn
A daLabase ls a collecLlon of lnLerrelaLed daLa sLored wlLh mlnlmum redundancy
Lo serve many users qulckly and efflclenLly 1he general ob[ecLlve ls Lo make
lnformaLlon access easy qulck and lnexpenslve and flexlble for Lhe user ln a
daLabase envlronmenL common daLa are avallable ln whlch several users can use
1he concepL behlnd a daLabase ls an lnLegraLed collecLlon of daLa and provldes a
cenLrallzed access Lo Lhe daLa from Lhe program lL makes posslble Lo LreaL daLa
as a separaLe resource
Whlle deslgnlng daLabase several ob[ecLlves musL be consldered
O ConLrolled 8edundancy
O uaLa lndependence
O Accuracy and lnLegrlLy
O rlvacy and SecurlLy
O erformance

Input design is the process oI converting the user-originated inputs to a
computer-based Iormat. The design Ior handling input speciIies how data are
accepted Ior computer processing. Input design is a part oI overall system design
that needs careIul attention and iI includes speciIying the means by which actions
are taken.

system user interacting through a workstation must be able to tell the
system whether to accept input produce a report or end processing. The collection
oI input data is considered to be the most expensive part oI the system design.

Since the inputs have to be planned in such a manner so as to get the
relevant inIormation extreme care is taken to obtain the inIormation. II the data
going into the system is incorrect then processing and outputs will magniIy these

The major activities carried out are
ollection oI needed data Irom the source.

onversion oI data into computer accepted Iorm.
VeriIication oI converted data.
hecking data Ior accuracy.

The goal oI designing input data is to make the automation as easy and
Iree Irom errors as possible. For providing a good input design Ior the
application easy data input and selection Ieatures are adopted. The input design
requirements such as user Iriendliness, consistent Iormat and interactive
dialogue Ior giving the right message and help the user at right time are also
considered also considered Ior the development oI this project.


The output design is done so that the result oI processing could be
committed to the user and to provide a hard copy oI these results and
evaluations Ior later consultations. EIIective output design will improve the
clarity and perIormance oI outputs. Output design phase oI the system is
concerned with the convergence oI inIormation`s to the end user-Iriendly
manner. The output design should be eIIicient, intelligible so that system
relationship with the end user is improved and there by enhancing the process
oI decision making.
There are three types oI outputs
External output.
Internal output
Operational output.
Data Flow Diagram (DFD) is one oI the most important tools used by
system analyst. Data Ilow diagrams are made up oI a number oI symbols, which
represent system components. Most data Ilow modeling methods use Iour kinds oI
symbols. These symbols are used to represent Iour kinds oI system components.
Processes, data source, data Ilows and external entities. Processes are represented
by circles in DFD. DataIlow represented by a thin line in the DFD and each data
store has a unique name and a square or rectangle represents external entities
unlike detailed Ilow charts, Data Ilow diagrams do not supply detailed descriptions
oI the modules but graphically describes a systems data and how the data interact
with the system.
To construct a data Ilow diagram, we use

Open End Box.

n arrow identiIies the data Ilow in motion. It is a pipe line through which
inIormation is Ilown like the rectangle in the Ilowchart. circle stands Ior process
that converts data into inIormation`s. n open ended box represents a data store,
data at rest or a temporary repository oI data. square deIines a source or
destination oI system data.


Leve| 0

Lmp_8eg rd_8eg Cvlew Asslgn Svlew
Lmp Comp_8eg
rod CusL_Ass SoluLlon rade

Cus_8eg osL_Comp Svlew lposL
CusLomer Comp_8egl SoluLlon leedback
new user

Cvlew Solve
Comp_8egl SoluLlon

Cvlew Svlew

lvlew radlng
leedback rade
Customer Serv|ce


Va||dat|on and checks
SofLware valldaLlon ls achleved Lhrough a serles of LesLs LhaL demonsLraLe
conformlLy wlLh requlremenLs valldaLlon succeeds when sofLware funcLlons ln a
manner LhaL can be reasonably expecLed by Lhe end user 1esLlng ls necessary for
Lhe success of Lhe sysLem uurlng LesLlng of a program Lo be LesLed ls execuLed
wlLh a seL of LesL daLa and Lhe ouLpuL of Lhe program for LesL daLa ls evaluaLed Lo
deLermlne lf Lhe programs are performlng as expecLed
llrsL Lhe appllcaLlon goes Lhrough a phase ofLen referred as alpha
LesLlng ln whlch Lhe errors and fallures based on slmulaLed user requlremenLs are
verlfled and sLudled 1he modlfled sofLware ls Lhen sub[ecLed Lo phase Lwo called
beLa LesLlng ln Lhe acLual user's slLe or llve envlronmenL AfLer a scheduled Llme
fallures and errors are documenLed for flnal correcLlon and enhancemenLs are
made before Lhe package ls released
ln my pro[ecL valldaLlon and checks have been done ln order Lo ensure
LhaL Lhe developed sysLem ls performlng up Lo lLs expecLaLlon valldaLlons have
been done ln Lhe area of reglsLraLlon secLlon ln reglsLraLlon forms cerLaln rules
have been seL llke no fleld lefL blank 1he user name should have a mlnlmum of
slx leLLers password should conLaln a mlnlmum of seven leLLers and so on ln Lhls
way each fleld ln Lhe reglsLraLlon form are checked checklng for user name
avallablllLy and reporLlng sLaLus MosL of Lhls checklng ls done aL server slde ln
Lhe logln pages approprlaLe messages are dlsplayed when a user provldes an
lnvalld response

System 1est|ng
1esLlng ls Lhe process of execuLlng Lhe program wlLh Lhe lnLenL of flndlng
errors 1esLlng cannoL show Lhe absence of defecLs lL can only show LhaL
sofLware errors are presenL
1esL 1ype
1) luncLlonallLy 1esLlng
) usablllLy LesLlng
) lnLerface LesLlng
4) CompaLlblllLy LesLlng
1) luncLlonallLy 1esLlng
Checked all Lhe llnks
1esLed all lnLernal llnks and found Lhey are worklng correcLly
1esLed llnks used Lo send Lhe feedback Lo admlnlsLraLor
Checked lf Lhere are any orphan pages LhaL ls dangllng pages
l performed Lhe above LesL on all hyperLexL llnks and found LhaL Lhey are
worklng correcLly
1ested forms |n a|| pages
lorms are Lhe lnLegral parL and so Lhe nexL focus was on forms

llrsLly checked all Lhe valldaLlons on each fleld llke user name and password
should be of flxed lengLh verlfylng a randomly generaLed number code checklng
wheLher all mandaLory flelds are fllled and so on
ln search uLlllLy Lhere ls a LexL box and lL has no buLLon All users have Lo enLer
Lhe search sLrlng and press reLurn key So lL has Lo conLaln a defaulL sLrlng
search oLhers" Lo leL Lhe user know LhaL lL's a search box So checks for Lhls
defaulL sLrlng were also made
Checked by provldlng wrong lnpuLs Lo Lhe flelds ln Lhe forms and found Lhey are
respondlng approprlaLely Wrong lnpuL lnclude llke provlng an lnvalld user name
or password or boLh no emall ld ln mall message no message and so on
ln My roflle we can updaLe or creaLe proflles so checks have been made Lo
ensure Lhey are worklng properly LhaL we can do Lhe promlsed operaLlon
Database test|ng
Checks have been made Lo ensure wheLher Lhe daLabase funcLlons are
worklng lke when a new user reglsLers wlLh Lhe slLe Lhere ls daLabase query
regardlng Lhls So Lhese querles are LesLed by looklng lnLo Lhe acLual daLabase
wheLher all enLrles have been affecLed Lo Lhe daLabase lf Lhls ls noL Lhe case
query ls checked and recLlfled uaLabase checklng was poslLlve
usablllLy LesLlng
Web slLe should be easy Lo use ln my slLe lnsLrucLlons are provlded clearly
by varlous buLLons hyper llnks lmages and lcons 1hls has been provlded Lo for
easy use of Lhe sysLem by Lhe end users Checks have been made successfully lf

Lhe provlded lnsLrucLlons are correcL and help Lhe end user ln easy navlgaLlon and
use of Lhe sysLem
ConLenL Checklng
ConLenL should be loglcal and easy Lo undersLand ln my pro[ecL pleasanL
colors have been added and lL ls eye caLchy Lvery lmage ls of flxed slze l have
also checked for spelllng errors and Lhe overall look and feel of Lhe slLe
Interface 1est|ng
1he maln lnLerfaces are
Web server and appllcaLlon server lnLerface
AppllcaLlon server and uaLabase server lnLerface
ln Lhls pro[ecL S; server ls used S; server should hold all Lhe C# flles
whlch wlll be lnLeracLlng wlLh Lhe appllcaLlon loglc ln Lhe AS nL1 All Lhese
lnLeracLlons beLween Lhese servers has been checked and found Lo be worklng
properly Lrrors are also handled properly
Compat|b|||ty 1est|ng
CompaLlblllLy of your web slLe ls very lmporLanL LesLlng aspecL 1he followlng
compaLlblllLy LesL are done
8rowser CompaLlblllLy
Some appllcaLlons are very dependenL on browsers ulfferenL browsers
have dlfferenL conflguraLlons and seLLlngs LhaL our web page should be
compaLlble wlLh ln my pro[ecL mosL of Lhe valldaLlon happens aL server 1he web

slLe uses cusLomlzed CSS LemplaLes 1hls ensures LhaL Lhose pages wlll be
dlsplayed wlLh Lhe correcL layouL as deflned ln all browsers 1hls web appllcaLlon
has been LesLed on browsers llke lnLerneL explorer 1hey are found Lo be worklng
1est Cases
Inputs Lxpected kesu|t Actua| kesu|ts Status
lnvalld logln
ogln should fall username/emall
does noL exlsLs or
and password do
noL maLch"
valld logln
ogln should
Member home
page dlsplayed
lf mandaLory
flelds leLf blank
Warn user username ls

Imp|ementat|on and Dep|oyment
SysLem lmplemenLaLlon ls Lhe consLrucLlon of Lhe new sysLem and Lhe
dellvery of LhaL sysLem lnLo producLlon lmplemenLaLlon ls Lhe sLage of Lhe
pro[ecL when Lhe LheoreLlcal deslgn ls Lurned lnLo a worklng sysLem lf Lhe
lmplemenLaLlon sLage ls noL properly planned and conLrolled lL can cause chaos
1hus lL can be consldered Lo be Lhe mosL cruclal sLage ln achlevlng a successful
new sysLem and ln glvlng Lhe users confldence LhaL Lhe new sysLem wlll work and

be effecLlve lL may lnvolve Lhe compleLe lmplemenLaLlon of a compuLer complex
or Lhe lnLroducLlon of one small subsysLem
1here are Lhree Lype of lmplemenLaLlon
O lresh lmplemenLaLlon
O 8eplacemenL lmplemenLaLlon
O Modlfled lmplemenLaLlon
nome page
lL ls Lhe flrsL page when we open Lhe slLe lL has some llnks wlLh oLher page 1hls ls
also faclllLaLes AbouL Lhe pro[ecL and Search abouL Lhe producLs
Adm|n page
Pe has goL all prlvlleges Pe can perform all Lhe acLlvlLles relaLed Lo Servlce
Customer |og|n
1hls ls for a new cusLomer can reglsLer lnLo Lhe slLe and Lhey can also add
complalnLs abouL LhaL producL
Lmp|oyee keg|strat|on
1here are Lhree Lype of employees ln Lhls pro[ecL LhaLs are Servlce
englneer(SL)CusLomer Servlce 8epresenLaLlve(CS8) and ;uallLy Analyzer(;A)


An organlzaLlon wlll have a number of producLs and servlces Lhey
may offer Lo Lhelr cusLomers uependlng on Lhe Lype of buslness or servlce
offered Lhe cusLomers may have several doubLs/complalnLs/problems 1he
LnLerprlse 8uslness Servlce Lnglne" helps Lo accompllsh Lhls Lask of solvlng and
clarlfylng Lhe cusLomer's querles 1hls producL faclllLaLes Lhe user Lo submlL onllne
complalnLs lndependenL of Lhe sysLem
1he LnLerprlse Servlce ManagemenL SysLem" can be used by a buslness
organlzaLlon Lo provlde onllne supporL Lo lLs cusLomers 1hls may lnclude
quesLlons abouL Lhelr servlces or even complalnLs Lhe cusLomers may have
AlLhough a manual sysLem can be done Llme plays an lmporLanL role ln cusLomer
saLlsfacLlon A cusLomer always expecLs servlces Lo be offered as soon as posslble
and Lhe organlzaLlon ls responslble for maklng sure lLs cusLomers sLay saLlsfled As
mosL organlzaLlons are golng or are already onllne Lhe LnLerprlse Servlce
ManagemenL SysLem" wlll prove an added advanLage Lo Lhem ln Lhls lnLerneL

Suggest|on for future Work
1op down programmlng Lechnlque has been adopLed whlle developlng
Lhe pro[ecL Lach Lask ls dlvlded lnLo separaLe modules Pence modlflcaLlon and
enhancemenLs can be easlly made wlLhouL affecLlng any oLher parL of Lhe
program 1he appllcaLlon ls deslgned ln such a way LhaL any furLher
enhancemenLs can be done wlLh ease 1he sysLem has Lhe capablllLy for easy

lnLegraLlon wlLh oLher sysLems new modules can be added Lo Lhe exlsLlng sysLem
wlLh less efforL ln fuLure work l would llke Lo add one funcLlon LesLer for Lhls
sofLware So lL wlll help Lo know Lhe lnLernal code processlng



1)Login- To store The Log inIormation


|e|dName Data1ype Descr|pt|on

username nchar username rlmary key

assword nchar assword rovlded

1ype varchar 1ype of user le Admln SL ;A CS8

2)Employee- To store the employee inIormation

|e|dName Data1ype Descr|pt|on

Lmp_ld lnL Lmployee ld rlmary key

Lmpname varchar name of Lmployee

LmpAddr nvarchar Address of Lmployee

Lmpueslg varchar ueslgnaLlon of Lmployee(SL;ACS8)

Lmphone numerlc hone number of Lmployee

LmpLmall nvarchar Lmallld of Lmployee

)ustomer-To store the customer inIormation

|e|dName Data1ype Descr|pt|on

CusL_ld lnL CusLomer ld rlmary key

CusLllrsLname varchar name of CusLomer

CusL Second
varchar Second name lf any

Address varchar Address of Lhe cusLomer

CusLhone numerlc hone number of CusLomer

CusLLmall nvarchar Lmallld of CusLomer

4)roducL lor sLorlng roducL deaLall


|e|dName Data1ype Descr|pt|on

rod_ld lnL roducL ld rlmary key

rodname varchar name of roducL

uC8 daLe uaLe of producL 8elease

asLupd daLe asL updaLed uaLe

8emarks varchar CLher lnformaLlon lf any


3)ComplalnLlor sLorlng ComplalLs deaLalls


|e|dName Data1ype Descr|pt|on

Comp_ld lnL ComplalnL ld rlmary key

Comp_deLalls varchar ComplalnL

uCC daLe uaLe of ComplalnL

CusL_ld lnL CusLomer ld lorelgn key references

CusLueLalls (CusL_ld)

rod_ld lnL roducL ld lorelgn key references

roducL (rod_ld)

SLaLus boolean ueleLed or noL

6)CompalnL_Asslgn lor sLorlng complalnL asslgned deLall


|e|dName Data1ype Descr|pt|on

CompAssg_ld lnL ComplalnL AsslgnmenL ld rlmary


Lmp_ld lnL Lmployee ld lorelgn key references

Lmployee (Lmp_ld)

Cld lnL ComplalnL number

uCA daLe uaLe of ComplalnL AsslgnmenL

)SoluLlon lor sLorlng Lhe soluLlon deLalls


|e|dName Data1ype Descr|pt|on

SoluL_ld lnL SoluLlon ld rlmary key

CompAssg_ld lnL ComplalnL AsslgnmenL ld lorelgn

key references CompAssg

uCS daLe uaLe of ComplalnL SoluLlon

SoluLlon varchar SoluLlon of Lhe complalnL

)leedback lor sLorlng feedback whlch submlLLed by cusLomer


|e|dName Data1ype Descr|pt|on

leed_ld lnL leedback ld rlmary key

Cld lnL ComplalnL no

uCl daLe uaLe of leedback

leedueLalls varchar leedback ueLalls


)rade lor sLorlng performance deaLalls abouL employee

|e|dName Data1ype Descr|pt|on

Lmp_ld lnL Lmployee ld lorelgn key references

Lmployee (Lmp_ld)

Comp_ld lnL ComplalnL ld lorelgn key

references Comp8eg (Comp_ld)

rade char rade of an Lmployee

Graphical Reports
Maln page

Admln logglng

Admln masLer page


SL masLer page


CS8 masLer page


Admln vlews Lhe complalnLs


Asslgnlng Lhe complalnL


SL vlew complalnLs


SL solves


;A Analsls


CusLomer vlew soluLlon


SoluLlon page


osL Lhe feedback


erformance gradlng



Webs|te keferences
4 wwwdoLneLspldercom
8ook keferences
8ook name AuLhor
1 SofLware Lnglneerlng and AppllcaLlon 8ogger S ressman
CompleLe 8eference S; !ames 8roff and aul nWalnley