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[Longhorn Review] What plagues Pakistan?
Material Type: All, Books Tags: Pakistan, plagues, what Posted on June 1, 2010 at 11:56 am

By: Bhatti, Tanvir Hussain The writer Mr Tanvir Hussain Bhatti has shown awareness to his surroundings and day to day events in and around Pakistan. He has also related these events to economic and political situation prevailing in the country. At relevant places he has suggested how to cope with problems and be a part of solution. He represents to me a good example of concerned citizen and we need more of this type. What Plagues Pakistan? is no doubt a potpourri of various problems and difficulties that the state of Pakistan is facing and which have not received due attention at the hands of state functionaries and nor of civil society. These issues must be answered. I am sure that publication of these articles in the form of a book will trigger debate, and be a catalyst for change. I am happy Mr.Tanvir is not neutral to wrongs, and holds a clear bias against what is unjust and unfair. He expresses himself loudly against those who are and were responsible for the present environment of despair. Mr.Tanvir Bhatti will do well to avoid prolixity in his future writings and I will recommend him now to also write about sunshine aspects of Pakistan. We are no doubt facing problems as mentioned by him but we also have great opportunities awaiting us. Let us explore them. I find the youth of Pakistan a great source of energy and hope. I find greater awareness amongst the masses. I find people of Pakistan are respectable and generous. So if there is bad news, there is good news too. About the WRITER: Senator S.M.Zafar Senior Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan Federal Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Government of Pakistan(1965-69) President High Court Bar Association, Lahore(1975) President Supreme Court Bar Association(1976) Chairman Human Right Society of Pakistan. Chairman Cultural Association of Pakistan. Reviewer: Longhorn Reviewer

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