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June 28 2002

Joanne, danny, hermes, azusa, ra,

We are willing and able to receive your questions.

W. Who am I speaking to?

C. At the moment we are recipients of the light rays of Elokaha of the Elohim of the sixth
dimensional ray of unconditional light and love of this localized universe sector.

W. Is this the council of A’an

C. It is not what you would say is the Council of A’an

W. are you related?

C. We are indeed related.

W. Could you explain the relationship?

C. It is as if there is an intergalactic council of the needs of the present system and their
origins of evolution. We work in the same league as the council. They are our brothers
and sisters in light evolution.

W. Could you explain why when we originally started we were told it was good to have
continuity with the same source , why it shifts to others?

C. It is a frequency availability at the present moment. We are not in any way

unsupportive of the information of each other. We work in a collective.

W.What does Elokaha mean

C. It is of the council of the sixth dimensional ray of service.

W. Thank you for coming

C t is indeed our pleasure to come and assist you at this present time. We are able to
facilitate the understanding of the questions you have prepared and answer to the best of
our abilities.

W. Can we expect to find the same access of information as the council of A’an and

C. We work in tandem with our brothers and sisters in the service of light. There is no
need on your part for concern or antagonistic thought.
W I don’t feel antagonistic. It’s important to qualify my source of information. Could you
explain how you experience time compared to how I experience time and in my years on
earth time , how long do you exist, do you reincarnate again or do you just exist without

C the question you ask is best understood from a perspective of cyclical motion. Time as
you understand it is a linear thread, but in actuality it exists not in such a continuous
nature but as focalized bits of consciousness. It is dependent upon awareness of the
energetic structure of the entity and his domain at that time and purpose to which an
intent must be given energetic focalization. Hence time is not continuous but rather brief
and not brief depending upon the import of…. Please continue with your questions.

W the instrument who you a re working with right now has some questions. What is the
significance of the tiredness in her body?

C It is an adjustment . We see malfunction, mal adjustment. We must take the entity

deeper into connectivity in order to answer the questions you are asking.

W What is the grounding process and why does she feel she’s swimming through

C This grounding process is part of a larger pattern, an overlay of energetic flow currently
enveloping large portions of the etheric space around you and said entity. There is an
amassing of energetic field templates which are being welded together to help stabilize
the etheric plate tectonics of this local western United states/As we speak now this
amassment grows larger and larger. You are helping to anchor the light grids of this
portion of your world. You are light anchoring seeds. This is why the entity feels as
though she swims through cement. She is indeed harboring large amounts of energy. Next

W. am I doing this anchoring with her. am I assisting her or is she doing it by herself?

C you are indeed . it is the two of you together which act as a common seed and enable
large amounts of energy to be pulsated through this local sector. It is vital that you
support and help one another and indeed good that you do it.

W are there any particular physical locations that we should make it a point to ]\

C Pasadena is of particular importance at this time

W does it matter where in Pasadena

C we register only the place

w. does this anchoring help delay earth changes in this area?

C. it could indeed. You play a larger role in this than you realize.

w. Can you talk about the arthritic conditions in her body and her hands . what causes it
and how to relieve it?

c. it is caused by old miasmic patterns releasing . it is of no particular concern ex\ept for

her discomfort level. As we have indicated prior she is to take mineral supplementation.
The duration of this should only last for another three or four months. By xmas you
should be approaching a new wave of stabilization of physical energies. This should
relieve much of the present physical discomfort.

W. Could you tell me something about the relationship between my two nephews Danny
and Jason?

• C/ You were their teacher in a former lifetime. We see lifetimes in Lemuria and
Atlantis. You are as a guide to them. It is rather important that you keep in close
contact especially with danny.

W were they together in that past lifetime?

C We do not register that they were together. You acted as an influence.

W. regarding my sister. She is having an operation on Tuesday. And first I’d like
to request any assistance for success in that operation.

C assistance is presently being given and offered through your auspices and your
helpful intervention requests.

W in that operation she has to make a choice whether to remove her ovaries or
not. Do you see any medical situation that she’s working with?

C we do. The ovaries represent creative female energy. For her to part with the
ovaries is for her to give up a certain creative forward moving energy. However it
is as if she has already done this on psychological level. If it is indeed indicated
medically from your dimensional perspective to release this tissue by way of
disease, it is up to her. remember first exists the thought before the disease occurs
in the body. The issue is not the diseased tissue. The issue is with incorrect
thought. Your sister suffers from incorrect thought. regarding her ability to be a
creative force in her own and in other’s lives. She perceives herself as being
powerless when this actually is not true, however she has convinced herself of it .
and her body reflects such a state of false thinking.

W so it would be advisable to let her hear this information directly?

C it is of some benefit. It could be helpful to stir memories of her own abilities to
make choices.

W in relationship to the ovaries, the medical profession that although they are not
diseased in the moment they tells her to remove them because they might become
cancerous in the future.

C we register that this is incorrect thinking. This is fear based thinking.

W on the basis of that thinking if they are not diseased in the present it would be
better to leave them

C yes the ovaries are the source of the production of estrogen. If these are to be
removed the aging process accelerates tremendously and she would be forced to
go on artificial supplementation of estrogen which we do not see as beneficial as
the sources are not pure.

W any recommendations regarding any of her other health issues aside from the
fact they can be corrected by changes is attitude on her part?

C One goes in hand with the other. We see the lupus as symptomatic of a person
who feels the only way they can get love is to go into a space of contraction and
sickness. This can be rectified by an assertion on the part of the self that she is
indeed loved but first by the self. She must practice self love and self acceptance.

W is there a particular book you might recommend for her to read and help her

C for this entity, experience is more important than ideas however we could see
the works of such as mary anne Williamson deepock chopra and such as being of
some value to your sister.

W dapahne and myself had a very uncomfortable encounter last friday with a
woman named Geri. Could you explain to us what were the relationships of the
people who were present and the cause of that uncomfortableness?

C these are old karmically inbalanced relationships. The import of which is of

only passing concern. It is enough to say deviant energy was recognized for what
it is and has been predominantly released. we would ask that you and the female
entity be much more aligned in your purpose and determination as a couple and
rely far less on the inputs of others outside of yourself for your purposefulness is
not to be derived from said feedback from others but rather from your higher
selves. Thus making you immune to particular traps of illusion in the third density
and offering angelic protection.
W would it be best in the future to not be present with that particular group of
people or that particular person?

C we would say in general, disregard social encounters in groups. It is best to

have meaningful encounters on a one to one basis.
W It occurred to meet with terry brown and do a grid meditation in Pasadena

C this could and would be an affirmative

W I’m aware even in my own awareness that I have a large part of me existing in
other dimensions. Could you explain the dimensions that the part of me that I am
not consciously aware of exists in and the best way to communicate through to
those dimensions?

C We read the present entity is working on consolidating the alignments of 5th 7th
and 9th soul harmonics of overtones or said densities, It would be helpful for said
entity to realize that much comes to him in the dream states and to ask for
assistance from his celestial counterparts to aid in the downloading and translating
of the dreams into useful symbols in archetypes he can use in his waking
consciousness. He is indeed is able to do such things if he will let himself realize
it is there for the taking. His abilities are not so different from the present one who
channels. He needs only to let himself have the experience.

W what levels is the one who is channeling working on?

C We register presently the 9th 11th and 13th harmonics, the soul overtone

W Does that mean both of us are constantly connected to a huge source of energy
in those dimensions?

C we would say this is true.

W and we can manifest them in the physical plane by anchoring them in the
physical plane?

C there is currently an anchoring process going on. It is still a matter of some

months until the full thought forms will be able to substantiate in this particular
physical realm. Though you will see the beginnings of it in your music.

W So music is important

C it is the way

W that means music for others?

C we would say performance is important and desireable but it is important first
to work out , we would say give in love and give in service. It shall come of that.
Give love and give joy. It is not a matter of performing , it is a matter of giving
and with the intent to give , performance venues and particular expressions of the
music come naturally. You see it is intent, intent behind what you do and all else
falls into place naturally.

W I do see that

C pure intent makes for brilliance. False intent makes for everything collapsing.
Do you see

W yes performing perhaps, or a better word would be to be with people and let the
music happen and the entertainment happen just by being present without pushing
to do or be anything? Bring joy

C yes to share of your gifts there is no need to hide your gifts.

D Daphne had a question two dreams, one where someone was assassinated

C it is a warning not to get caught in the lower echelons of third dimension. You
have been cleared from this energy.

W another dream, she was at a hotel and she was checking out the following day
and she wanted to know what was the significance of $5.50 for a bottle of wine.

C we read the number as 555. it is an indication of change to come in a myriad of

forms relating to freedom and opportunity of unparalleled intent. We would say in
the next two to three weeks shall come a variety of opportunities to express
yourself creatively to travel and to make certain inputs into the community in an
artistic way. Which will come quite out of the blue and which will take your said
quiet existence quite into the mainstream of accessibility and even public scrutiny.
Prepare yourselves for being in the center of a lot of things happening.

W is part of this related to my book?

C part of it is related to the book. Part of it is related to your music. It goes hand
and hand. The truth is it the energy you produce as a couple making a huge light
bubble beacon to which others are attracted whether they know it or not.

W I had a question regarding terry brown regarding her brother

C what is the brother s name

W he is in rorchester ny . it is a question about his mental balance. She’s like to
know when the entity was young he was accused of certain things and it was
never decided if he culpable. Could you give me some information about that?

C as we read the entity now he was not responsible for certain things which were
leveled against him but rather was caught in a act of circumstance.

w Do you know what was leveled against him?

C we read certain emotionally violent acts within the family.

W i’d like to ask a question about the Syrian experiment. Do you know what that
is. Re david Suzuki. Did the Syrian experiment occur? Is it fact or fable

C we would say from your point of view of understanding it did occur.

W what occurred

C there was a fifth density translation of certain souls arriving from the sector
and moving off planet. This occurred 10,000 years previous.

W actually what you’re referring to is not the item I had in mind. In certain
metaphysical contexts, the Syrians are also seem to be the same as the oversoul
being Ra. is that correct.

C one could say yes

W in the history of what I’ve read about Ra , Ra speaks about being the ascended
population of the planet Venus. Would that also be correct?

C at one particular time, yes.

W at what point was ra connected with Sirius?

C the star constellation Sirius. It is a present ongoing conection

W was that connection made after the venus ascension?

C Ra is of the Sirius lineage. Has been and is presently. There is no disconnection.

W what is the difference between the Sirius lineage and the pliedian lineage?

C there are different stellar constellations with different vibratory tones. We

would say of the Syrians more intellectual, cerebral, male. Of the pliedians,
female. They work in tandem.
W the sirian experiment which I referred is something that drunvalo malc\hezadek
had spoken of where 30 years ago the earth was being bombarded by solar flares
and that the sirians protected the earth at that time otherwise the entire population
would have been destroyed and they created a holographic image so that everyone
alive couldn’t see the way they were protecting the planet. Is there any truth in

C we read the incident differently. We do not say it is untrue, however we read the
incident as having happened differently

W could you explain

C it is better to say that the collective consciousness of earth was shifted into a
different holding pattern

W and did the Sirians assist in this shifting?

C they assisted however they were not the soul perpetrators or the sole causal

W what year did that take place?

C 1973

W and could you describe how the consciousness shifted at that time

C we would say there was an opening to more rarifed possibilities than

previously. There was an opening beyond polarity which had a hard time being
real before.

W was there an event on the physical plane which I might know of that occurred
in tandem to that shifting?

C what event do you seek verification of?

W if there was a shift in 1973 was there something quantifiable that happened on
the physical signifying that that shift took place and did any of this have to do
with solar flares?

C we would say that some of it had to do with solar flares. More of it had to do
with people realizing that governmental structures are not to be completely
trusted. In your particular country, there was an event known as Watergate which
broke open people’s unmitigated trust of people trusting authority and looking out
for their best interests.

W was that in 1973

C approximately

W in general can the information from drunvalo be trusted?

C we would advise caution. There are hidden agendas at work and we would
advise caution.

W what is the connection between thoth and hermes

C one in the same

W was hermes a previous incarnation of jesus

C No

W did hermes incarnate as people who I might know?

C in your present time?

W in the last ten thousand years

C hermes represents the archetype of mERCUR the winged messenger, the

thinker. This is still the present archetype.

W but did hermes exist in a physical body?

C not as you would understand a body

W is there anyway I could understand

C we would say it was more of an energetic archatypal manifestation. Of information

flow. Moving from one sphere to another. One entity to another

W I particularly asked the question because hermes came up in my book as

someone who was connected with Ra-Ta and Ra and the building of the pyramids

C yes of course however this was not third dimension.

W so hermes did not have a physical body in the third dimension

C no not as you would understand a body

W did Ra-Ta have a body?

C Yes again it is not as you would understand third dimension. There were inter-
dimensional things which were happening at that time.

W at that time were there a mixture of dimensions existing simultaneously

C Yes

W what was the purpose of the pyramids originally?

C Interdimensional portals . energy anchoring places. Places between the

dimensions. Light focalizing structures.

W is it possible to see other dimensions from the third density?

C if the requisite glands are open.

W which gland?

C the pineal

W edgar cayce predicted that John the Beloved was going to reincarnate again and
his name would be john Pineal. Are you aware of that prophecy?

C yes

W can you give any information as to the validity of it

C the one known as john the beloved has come and gone and left a certain legacy.
It is enough to say the truth of this which edgar cayce speaks of has been played
out in your present time.

W has some one come to represent john the beloved in this present time.

C there have been many

W and was the meaning of john pineal indicating the pineal gland?

C yes it is the opening of the individual.

W is there a common experience that will occur for people during this period of
ascension. Is there some way to know the experience beforehand so they can
prepare themselves.

C there is only an inner recognition. The experience is primarily individual

although one may talk about it with like minded others in an anticipatory way.
W I would guess that individuals would have a choice

C one always has choices

W is there information that is valuable for some to know so they can understand
the nature of the choice they are making. It seems if someone doesn’t understand
the nature of the choice, they might make a lesser choice.

C as they release the negativity and the misasmic impedence in the body, the soul
naturally hungers towards love. This is the natural choice of love.

W can you tell us anything about our physical location.

C for now we read a vibrational aspect of 4 .on a scale of 1-10 as we related

before, it a residence of a few months duration.

W so until Christmas

C we would say November

W then we should move?

C it will become apparent. At that particular juncture. The next move appropriate
to the energies being expressed through the creative continuum of the entities
environment. There is no need to jump the gun. Be aware of the present
possibility and expand into that and know that things are in a state of flux and

W could you give any information about political, economic changes over the
next mnth to two months.

C this is a very broad based question please specify

W ok how about focusing on the economy.

C we see the economy suffering further destabilization especially towards the

middle and end of august. More fluctuations in the stock market.

W in terms of poilitics anything expected , terrorism?

C we see more reaction and rethinking spurred on by economic instability. More

uprising in the middle east. Possible conflagration in your countries known as
Lebanon and Syria towards the end of august.

W are there outside forces such as Ra mitigating and involving themselves in

these changes
C As much as is allowed by the galactic council. There is a non interference
policy to a certain extent. Those of these higher frequency helpers are only
allowed to interfere in crisis situations.

W are daphne and I being constantly monitored by higher frequencies?

C we would say that this is the case .

W do we have any negative monitors watching us?

C as there is light, it so attracts the dark. We would say there is a collection of

many at this particular point.

W how can we protect ourselves.?

C constantly invoke the light and the Christ consciousness and those archangels
and beings who have evolution with love as the highest intent. You are doing a
fairly good job as it is.

W both of us. and essentially we are unfolding at the fastest speed in the best way
possible at this point

C we would say there is an 80% correlation

W is there anything else we could do differently that could assist us help us speed

C you could be wise to spend more time in natural settings. It would be beneficial
to spend more time in your place known as the ocean. It would be beneficial to
spend time in your place known as the Azusa park .

W the Azusa park -do you mean the on the way in the hills

C we would say the one which is in the mountains

W would it be good to just visit there or should we consciously do a grid healing.

C both

W I think you’ve answered most of our questions for the moment. will you be
speaking with us in the future or will we be speaking with others?

C We will be available at certain times and others in the galactic command are
also available. It is a matter of who is based suited vibrationally to answer the
particular questions you have.
W We spoke about Ra about being sirian and male and pleidian being female
energy. Would you align yourself with the pleidian energy.

C we consider ourselves rather androgynous, a melding of the male and female.

Similar to those emanating from the Andromedon more than the Sirian system .

W is it possible for this instrument to also communicate with Ra?

C it could be possible.

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