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EQ-i - Emotional Quotient Inventory | The EQ-i 2.

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EQ-i - Emotional Quotient Inventory

Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i)

Reuven Bar-On, Ph.D.

Scales and Forms

The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i) is the first scientifically validated and most widely used Emotional Intelligence assessment in the world. Based on more than 20 years of research worldwide, the EQ-i examines an individuals social and emotional strengths and weaknesses. Respondents self-report on their life and workplace performance in 15 key areas of emotional skill that have been proven to contribute to proficiency in complex business activities such as conflict resolution and planning. By identifying the areas that need improvement, the client can immediately begin developing those areas. At the same time, areas where the client excels can be leveraged to their full potential to maximize effectiveness in daily tasks. A number of manuals are available to help you administer and interpret EQ-i results. The Technical Manual provides detailed information about the administration, scoring, interpretation, development, norming, reliability, and the validity of the EQ-i. The Users Manual is ideal for professionals who require only essential information on administration, scoring, and interpretation. The Administrators Guide provides users with step-by-step information on administration procedures, maintaining confidentiality, and obtaining informed consent. This guide is ideal for use during the administration of the EQ-i inventory. A number of different reports are available for the EQ-i to help you interpret scores and communicate results to clients. A 125-item EQ-i, with Negative Impression items omitted, is also available. Call for details.

Quick Facts
Age Range: 16 and older Administration: Self-report Administration Time: 30 minutes Qualification Level: B (North America Only)

Scales & Forms

Intrapersonal - Self-Regard - Emotional Self-Awareness - Assertiveness - Independence - Self-Actualization Interpersonal - Empathy - Social Responsibility - Interpersonal Relationships Stress Management - Stress Tolerance - Impulse Control Adaptability - Reality Testing - Flexibility - Problem Solving General Mood - Optimism - Happiness Positive Impression Inconsistency Index

Formats: Online (administration and Software (administration a Scoring Service

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EQ-i - Emotional Quotient Inventory | The EQ-i 2.0 Portal


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