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The student voice of the Colorado School of Mines

Volume 92, Issue 8 October 31, 2011


The math of schedule-conflict resolution

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Halloween fun at the BooBooze Bash

Students dance to Michael Jacksons Thriller at the first ever Boo-Booze Bash hosted by Weekend at Mines.

Herman Cain point counterpoint debate

Opinion 11

Alumni honor East Asia cracks graduating seniors down on pirates

Katie Huckfeldt Managing Editor
For graduating seniors, many emotions accompany the end of their time at Mines. It is a time of celebration, but also a time of change and uncertainty for many students. In order to celebrate graduating seniors and provide a fun and informative experience, the CSM Alumni Association sponsored Choosing Wine With Confidence, Continued at Alumni on page 3 a wine tasting class and alumni COURTESY EVAN SWIGERT networking night. Serena Bruzgo, Deputy Director of the Alumni Association, started off the night with some kind words and introductions. Bruzgo welcomed students saying that the night was a way to celebrate all the graduating students. Bruzgo continued to talk about the involvement of the CSM alumni, and seniors upcoming transition from student to alumni saying, Once you graduate, you become a part of a very successful and very close group of alumni. The goal of the association, as Bruzgo stated, is to keep you connected to the school and connected to each other. The many alumni in the audience and helping to serve the wine were proof that the association is as connected as Bruzgo Red wine is bitter when young, said. After Bruzgo spoke, a few but sweetens with age. of these alumni took the stage to offer some advice to the students and talk about their own journeys after college. The alumni strongly encouraged joining the association and asked students to consider that, We are all beneficiaries of the rich tradition of giving back to the school. They ended by addressing the seniors saying, Youre here thinking about your legacy, or maybe its just the free wine but thats ok.

Deborah Good Content Manager


Japan, China and the U.S. have some overlapping interests and some conflicting interests in terms of maritime security in East Asia, said Dr. Yoichiro Sato, Director International Strategic Studies at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. Sato provided the Hennebach Program in the Humanities Department with a lecture entitled China, Japan, and Maritime Disputes in East Asia, in which he discussed his research on the maritime security. He first cautioned that such disputes can be difficult to quantify and understand. In the past, maritime

security issues have been divided into what Sato called traditional and non-traditional categories. Traditional issues were primarily on a national scale, often involving the military. Non-traditional issues were more closely related to private industry and include piracy, fishing disputes, and transnational crimes. However, as Sato explained, many of the complications in East Asian maritime security occur because the distinction between those [traditional and non-traditional concerns] starts disappearing; there is way too much overlap between these two categories. Continued at Pirates on page 3

Orediggers take 12 events in swim meet

Commercial oil tankers are one of many worries for East Asian maritime security.

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n e w s

october 31, 2011

Joshua Kleitsch, Staff Writer

Munich, Germany - Dreams appear to work the brain more than just in a visual way. Researchers at Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich, Germany, have found that during a dream the human brain reacts as if the body was actually doing the actions in the dream. To test this, the researchers recruited a number of people capable of lucid dreaming, those that are aware that they are dreaming and having some control over the dream. The researchers then put these people to sleep, had them signal when they knew they were dreaming, and recorded their brain activity. In every case, the brain was firing in the same way it would if the body were actually doing the things that the person was dreaming about.

Boulder, Colorado - Researchers at the University of Colorado in Boulder found that the Burmese python exhibits a unique trait when it consumes a meal. The massive predators often go months without eating, and when they finally do eat it is usually a very large meal, often a mammal such as deer. After consuming these large meals, the snakes hearts grow roughly 40% in size, presumably to keep up with the massive demand from the digestive tract. This remarkable heart growth seems to be the result of an influx of a specific blend of fatty acids into the bloodstream of the snake. When injecting mice with the same ratio of three fatty acids generated by the snakes, researchers noted similar results.

Lisbon, Portugal - The second-oldest case of prostate cancer was discovered in an Egyptian mummy dating to 250 B.C. The mummy, known as M1, was diagnosed with prostate cancer after a team of researchers performed a number of high-resolution CT scans on the body and found the characteristic small tumors spreading from the mummys lower back and lumbar. This new discovery is one of 176 cases of skeletal maladies showing up in the ancient dead among the tens of thousands of skeletons studied.

Crawley, Australia - Many species of Australian seaweed may not survive the century, according to a new study conducted in the Indian Ocean. The study offers evidence that many species of seaweed have been found moving farther south along the Australian coast, toward the edge of the continental shelf. This behavior is most likely a response to global warming. The seaweed appear to be moving to cooler oceanic climates, and in the process may be moving off the continental shelf entirely. The researchers involved in the study fear that as many as 100 species of seaweed may become extinct in the next 60 years.

Oredigger Staff
Ryan Browne Editor-in-Chief Katie Huckfeldt Managing Editor Robert Gill Business Manager Steven Wooldridge Webmaster Barbara Anderson Design Editor Zach Boerner Copy Editor Ian Mertz Asst. Copy Editor Ian Littman Asst. Business Manager, Web Content Carissa Summerfelt Asst. Business Manager Trevor Crane Content Manager Deborah Good Content Manager Stephen Hejducek Content Manager

Headlines from around the world

Joshua Kleitsch, Staff Writer
The United Nations Security Council has unanimously voted to end all foreign military operations in Libya by Monday. Libyan interim government leader Mustafa Abdel-Jalil asked that NATO forces remain until the end of the year to quell any uprisings by Qaddafi supporters, but the NATO commanders have said that they will honor the U.N. ruling. An International Criminal Court prosecutor has made indirect contact with the late Colonel Qaddafis last unaccounted for son, Seif al-Islam el-Qaddafi. Seif Qaddafi is wanted for crimes against the people of Libya, and will stand trial for the suspected killing of civilians in the early days of the uprising against his fathers government. The Israelis performed another prisoner swap last week, the second of its kind this month. One Israeli army veteran, held by Egypt, was exchanged for 25 Bedouin prisoners held by Israel. This move by the Israeli government is seen as an effort to heal years of bad relations between the two powers, following the ousting of former president Hosni Mubarak. The death toll of the Syrian uprising continues to climb as security forces supporting President Assad shot roughly 30 protesters last week. The death toll since protests began this March is now estimated at 3,000. In spite of the danger, activists still take to the streets, and the uprisings show no signs of waning. The Turkish government has extended a helping hand to a group of Syrian soldiers that defected from the Syrian military. Formerly one of Syrias closest allies, Turkey is now positioning itself in opposition to Assads government and is expected to begin imposing trade sanctions against Syria. The Euro-zone financial markets may be on the climb again as German chancellor Angela Merkel moved forward with what is being called the most comprehensive plan to boost the ailing Euro. Many have criticized Merkel for being slow in responding to the European debt crisis, but this move has shown decisive actionon her part. According to new census data, Americans are changing their migration habits. Before the global recession hit, Americans tended to move from places like New York and Chicago to what is known as the Sun Belt, specifically California and Florida. During the current economic downturn, however, people are staying put.

Local News
In Canon City, Colorado, a former Womens Correctional Facility that stopped housing inmates in 2009 has been reinvented as a federally funded training ground for criminal justice and penal systems in foreign countries. According to the Pueblo Chieftain reports, the Canon City facility teaches their foreign criminal justice officials interdiction strategies for slowing traffic of arms, drugs and humans and engaging inmates in a trade that will be marketable when they are released. The nearby correctional facility in Fort Lyon is now also scheduled to close and the state officials say theyre scrambling to find a new use for the site. Organizers were working to free arrested Occupy Denver protesters by Sunday afternoon. The charges stem from two different confrontations with police that led to pepper spray and batons being used on the crowd. At least one protester was sent to the hospital with minor injuries. In Avon, Colorado citizens were concerned when nearby Nottingham Lake mysteriously shallowed more and more each day. Citizen, Holly Kenney noticed that the rocky lake bottom was becoming more exposed when she took her dog for daily walks around the lakes shoreline. The town suspected that the lake liner was leaking because of a hole. Dive teams were brought in to find the problem but they could not locate the hole. Luck came when a local angler managing to spot the hole while out fishing. He noticed a leaf swirling as if going down a drain. The town plans to put in an expansive clay material that will seal the hole.







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october 31, 2011

Alumni honor graduating seniors

After introductions the wine tasting began. The stage was turned over to Mark Hejtmanek, an executive wine sommelier from the International Wine Guild. Hejtmanek explained that sommelier, literally translated, simply means wine waiter. Hejtmanek went through extensive training to receive his title, and his tasting school is one of the top five schools in the US. But for the students in the audience, most barely legal to drink, Hejtmanek just hoped to give a little glimpse into the world of wine. Wine tasting, it seemed, was more complex than the audience has anticipated. After seeing most seniors immediately reach to drink their freshly poured wine, Hejtmanek quickly said, The hardest part of tonight will be waiting to drink until I tell you to. After putting down the glasses, the audience was led through the three-step process of proper wine tasting. When tasting wine you do it in three steps: sight, smell and taste. Always in that order, Hejtmanek stated. Starting with sight, students swirled their glasses above clean, white paper and looked for imperfections in color and clarity. Good wine should always be clear, and the color is an indication of the age of the wine, amongst other traits. Hejtmanek noted, White wines get darker with age, while red wine will get lighter with age. Next was the smell, which can be broken into two areas, the aroma and the bouquet. The aroma reflects the grapes, the soil, and the region in which the wine was produced. To smell the aroma, students placed their noses close to the surface of the wine. The bouquet reflects the actions the winemaker took in processing of the wine, such as what type of barrel was used to age the wine. The bouquet is smelled at the top of the wine glass after the wine has been vigorously swirled. In order to pick out the smells, it helps to look at a list of smells common in white and red wines. Hejtmanek explained that many wine experts will smell an entire pantry of spices to pick up the smells in the wine, saying, Its all about memorizing smells. The last step, taste, was by far the crowd favorite. In tasting, the students were asked to focus on sweetness, acidity, bitterness, and texture. Each different taste says something about the wine. For example, red wines taste very bitter when young, but taste sweet when aged. Hejtmanek talked about the balance of taste, comparing it to an orchestra, Its like the arrangement of a band. The sound isnt right when you shift the instruments around. Hejtmanek continued, Wine is the most complex food on the planet

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East Asia cracks down on pirates

Sato discussed at length boundary disputes, one the most contentious maritime security issue in East Asia. Countries may claim as part of their exclusive economic zones of up to 200 nautical miles around any land, even the smallest island. This naturally leads to overlap and debate over the definition of land. He said of Japans claim, The problem is that its disputed on every corner, except the eastern side because there is no neighbor [to the east]. Japan specifically has disputed maritime boundaries with Korea, Russia, and China. Of these disputes, the most heated and convoluted are with China. Chinas claim for the maritime area has been very ambiguous until recently, said Sato. In the last six, seven years the Japanese and Chinese government have been trying to solve or at least looking like trying to solve this dispute. Much of this border dispute is fueled by the fact that gas was found right along the border claimed by Japan. Currently, China has drilling rigs set up just on their side of the border and has resisted efforts by Japan to cooperate on drilling or share information. Also, China is now claiming that their land extends to the end of the continental shelf, not the current coastline. This is a complicated claim, as some Japanese territory actually rests on top of this continental shelf. The friction accrued by these continued disputes sometimes manifests itself. Several times in recent years, Chinese boats have entered Japanese waters and harassed Japanese boats, especially Coast Guard vessels. Of one incident in particular, Sato said, I dont think the Japanese government saw this as an act of individual fishermen. Sato felt the question was Is it the military acting on its own or the military acting with the consent of the whole government? Chinas contentiousness continues beyond simply territorial disputes with neighbors. China doesnt want to depend on the U.S. for maritime security, said Sato. The U.S. Department of Defense believes China is attempting to gain total control of the eastern pacific, starting at the first archipelagic line by 2020 then extending to the second archipelagic line by 2050. This is an issue, as Japan is within the second demarcation. Another contested issue is the safety of maritime passage. Although each country agrees safe maritime passage is important, the problem is China and Japan and also the United States have a mix of shared interests and clashing interests. This has meant that cooperation has been very limited to the lowthreshold non-traditional threats Most issues between countries can be points of contention, such as the sea lane communication network. This is secured by the United States Navy, not any of the local countries and therefore the U.S. controls it. China especially is unhappy with this situation and currently trying to build their own communication system. Another issue, which highlights the differing interests of the nations, is North Koreas illicit use of maritime passages. According to Sato, North Korea uses the sea for smuggling humans, drugs, and weapons and to insert spies into Japan. Japan, the U.S. and most other countries are concerned about this and desire to see a crackdown, but China tacitly supports North Koreas actions, increasing friction between the two. One issue on which most countries agree is piracy. The

with over 10,000 taste isomers in each glass. There were six wines sampled throughout the night, everything from a pinot noir to a sauvignon blanc, ending with a sweet dessert wine. Hejtmanek was an excellent teacher and showed enthusiasm for his craft. Whether or not students left feeling like expert wine connoisseurs is beside the point; the night was a fun way to say goodbye to seniors, and hopefully, hel- To notice imperfections in the wine, winelo to future alumni. tasters will swirl the glass over white paper.

U.S., Japan, China, they all dont like pirates. They all suffer from the economic losses due to piracy in Southeast Asia, explained Sato. Therefore, the countries collaborate to secure choke points like Indonesias Malacca Strait and to decrease losses. For instance, as Southeast Asia was not keen on U.S. run antipiracy organizations, Japan organized an information center in Singapore at which the Asian countries could share information

about pirates. Sato concluded by reminding the audience that the distinction between traditional and nontraditional governmental and private maritime security issues was blurred in East Asia due to the varying perspectives of the countries involved. Picture Caption (Picture will be in once I get home and can upload it): Dr. Yoichiro Sato discusses maritime disputes in East Asia.

Conflict analysis in cumulative scheduling

Will Parker Staff Writer
One of the most valuable commodities in todays society is time. The faster something can be done, the better. To discuss the value of time, Jens Schultz, a doctorate student at the University of Berlin, offered Mines a guest lecture on Conflict Analysis in Cumulative Scheduling. Schultz research searches for ways to help businesses maximize their output while minimizing the time required by using mathematical analysis. Schulz has been studying how to use math to efficiently assign and accomplish jobs. She defines a job as a task or a set of tasks that must be completed. These tasks can range from building a single part to assembling multiple parts together. Jobs typically vary by two factors, the number of workers and the amount of time necessary to complete them. By examining these two factors and using mathematical equations, it is possible to minimize the amount of time necessary to complete a job. This analysis can be done graphically through a process called time tabling. The required number of workers is placed on the y-axis and the time a task requires is placed on the x-axis. Each task is made into a box, with the height being the number of workers and the width being the time. Then, a limit is placed on the x-y graph. This limiting factor is equal to the number of workers for the total job. As Schulz said, Limited resources (workers) can only do so much at once. Next, each worker by time box is fit in under the limiting factor. Fit together like a puzzle, the boxes cannot be stacked above the limiting factor because the job only has so many workers available. An example of this would be a job requiring task one and task two to be completed with only four workers. Task one requires two workers and takes four hours to complete. Task two requires three workers and takes three hours to complete. Due to the limiting factor of four workers, both tasks cannot be going on at the same time. Thus the total amount of time to complete the tasks would be found by putting the boxes next to each other on the graph and adding the total time it takes, which is seven hours in this example. This is a very simple time tabling exercise, but the process becomes much more complicated when other factors are added. For example, if task two must be completed at the same time as

US Coast Guard and the Republic of Singapore line up during a surface gunnery exercise.

task one, it means that either the number of workers required for the task or the limiting factor must change. Limiting factors are relatively constant, which means the tasks themselves must be altered. If this exercise is repeated with a wide range of steps and tasks that have to be completed in a certain order, it can become very confusing. These table analyses can be applied to assembly lines, offices, or anything that can be quantified by the number of workers and the time required for completion. Conflict analysis, particularly time tabling, plays a major role in solving challenging scheduling instances efficiently.

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This week in Root beer kegger Colorado history provides safe craziness
Suspicious strangers and teacher training
Deborah Good Content Manager
Rancher E. Steffan and his wife became local heroes this week in 1906 when they captured an intruder in their home on Saturday, October 27, 1906. The couple had just woken up when there came a demand for admission from without and a burly stranger with a gun in his hand stepped in and demanded that he be given shelter, reported The Colorado Transcript. The intruder, George Sheperd, pointed his gun at Mr. Steffan, until Mrs. Steffan distracted the intruder, allowing her husband to grab the gun. Mrs. Steffan also threw the familys revolver out the door as she did not want Sheperd to use it and was not comfortable with using it herself. She escaped from the house and ran bare-footed and scantily clad, to the home of Caleb E. Parfet, nearly a quarter of a mile distant, where she was able to find help. Meanwhile, Mr. Steffan had been fighting with Sheperd, who used a jar of fruit as an improvised weapon, giving Steffan severe cuts. However, by the time help arrived, Steffan had exhausted the assailant. The Colorado Transcript wrote, Steffan was a well-known athlete in former years, but says he never had such a tough customer to deal with in

f e a t u r e s

october 31, 2011

Joshua Kleitsch Staff Writer

Put some WAM in your weekends

Lucas Quintero Staff Writer

any previous wrestling match. Once he was defeated, Sheperd was tied up until the sheriff arrived. Some proposed a lynching, but cooler counsel prevailed and Deputy Sheriff Dennis brought the man safely to Golden. His preliminary hearing only made the case odder, as he gave his name once as Sheperd and once as OBrian. He also implied he was an escaped convict. The city of Golden bound him over to the district court. On the same day as the Steffan family had their great adventure, the Jefferson County Teachers Association had its semi-annual meeting at Golden High School. More than fifty teachers attended in spite of bad weather during the previous week. In addition to the Jefferson County instructors, Superintendent Potter of Idaho Springs and Superintendent Miller of Fort Collins attended. Addresses included, Some Characteristics of a Successful Teacher by Mary D. Finger, School Discipline by Dr. Sanford Bell of Colorado University, and one described only as a source of great inspiration presented by the deputy superintendent of Colorado. The Colorado Transcript held that the meeting was successful due to the efforts of the executive committee, F.M. Montgomery, Bertha Tretfeisen, and Myrtle Songer.

To cap off the first ever Alcohol Awareness Week at Colorado School of Mines, Campus Crusade for Christ hosted a root beer kegger Friday night after the silent movie Nosferatu. The root beer JOSHUA KLEITSCH / OREDIGGER was from Tommyknockers brewery in Idaho Springs, CO. The kegger was put on to generate interest in a different kind of partying, one without alcohol. Rather than getting drunk, students had the option to come down to Friedhoff Hall after a tough week of classes, and enjoy a couple of glasses of good root beer. The party was complete with music, crazy dancing, and lots of snacks for thirsty moviegoers. CSM hosted a campus-wide alcohol awareness week from October 24 to October 28, 2011 to alert students to the dangers of alcohol In honor of Alcohol Awareness Week, CSM held a rootbeer kegger for abuse, with events students interested in a different, safe kind of partying.

designed to educate and entertain. Throughout the week, students had the opportunity to attend game shows, speakers, and comedians. The events concluded with a screening of the German silent movie Nosferatu which was filmed in 1922. Nosferatu was one

of the original vampire horror films, sparking an entire genre of the gritty, dark, slow-moving thrillers. The root beer kegger was an appropriate way to end a week of events designed to show students that alcohol is not a prerequisite for a good time.

Orchestra brings music to silence

Will Parker Staff Writer
The recent Twilight movies, which feature sparkly, romantic vampires are a stark contrast to the once ferocious movie monsters of the past. Vampires used to be scary, but now they are laughable. The Mines Orchestra under the direction of Jonathan Cullison, in conjunction with Dr. Robert Klimek on the organ, brought back to life the image of a scary vampire when they played the music for the 1922 silent movie classic Nosferatu. This German movie is one of the earliest examples of vampire movies and is, by todays standards, very simple. As a 90 year old silent movie, Nosferatu contains no clever dialog and contains no explosions. Yet, despite this, the movie still proves to be entertaining when accompanied by live music. The magic of the event was by far found within the music. The Mines Orchestra performed superbly, playing Perseus, French Carol, Brandenburg Concerto Number One, and Iditarod. Cullisons direction was perfectly in time with the movie. During the more humorous parts, the music was light and punctual. When there was a major event, such as when a sailor died, the music mirrored the scene and displayed emotion that could be felt by the audience. Towards the end, as the vampire was wreaking havoc in a town, deep, slow music expressed the suspense of the moment. The appropriate use of music gave the audience a tone and general emotion for every scene. Even though the acting was not as refined as that seen today, the movie presented a solid storyline which, when combined with the music, made for a memorable experience.

hypnotist. Both events were open to the entire Mines campus and were Weekends in the resident halls well attended with an audience of once forced students to either go at least 150 people. With such a welcome rehome or stay on campus to do homework, but now a new ini- sponse, it appears that WAM will tiative called Weekend at Mines be at Mines for years to come. The organization is already (WAM) aims to provide students with an escape from their week- planning an event with ASCSM and hopes to collaborate with end boredom. In past years, the Resident even more groups in the future as it grows. Hall AssociaWAM is tion (RHA) and WAM is also looking to also looking Residence Life branch organizations branch out and host events to out and host both tried to for students at off campus events for arrange these students at kinds of activities, such as locations by sponsoring trips off campus locations by social events to downtown Denver or west s p o n s o r following common hour ex- into the Rocky Mountains. ing trips to downtown ams. Denver or After poor attendance last year, RHA and west into the Rocky Mountains. WAM is giving students a reaResidence Life decided that they would try to use their money in a son to look forward to the weekend and the organization seems better way. As a result, the two Residence to only be getting better. WAMs next event will take Hall groups collaborated with the Mines Activity Council to create place later in November. InterestWAM. So far, WAM has hosted ed students should stop by the two events in its debut semester, Student Activities Office with any a video game tournament and a further questions or suggestions.

The Mines Orchestra impresses with the magical tunes of the 90-year-old silent movie Nosferatu.

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october 31, 2011

Jordan Francis Staff Writer

Curing madness through body bags

ture costs money and wastes paper. Many think that such a major game releasing without a paper manual marks the beginning of the end for physical instruction booklets, though not everyone is happy about this. Longtime gamers consider it a tradition to bring a new game home and spend the first few minutes before playing reading the manual. They feel that in getting rid of the manual, companies are saving money at the cost of a sacred ritual of gaming. No one had too much time to focus on this controversy before a second major one became apparent. In the space where a manual normally goes, new Arkham City games have a code that unlocks the Catwoman character. Anyone buying a used copy of the game will have to pay $10.00 to unlock her, preventing the company from losing money through re-sold games. While Catwoman is not essential to the storyline or any core gameplay elements, there are side missions that she is better suited to complete, and even trophies that only she can access. Losing profits from used game sales has been an issue in the game industry for a while, but many gamers are still crying foul that a major character who fills in what would otherwise be gaps in the storyline is not actually included in the game. Arkham City, in a nutshell, is an expansion on Arhkam Asylum, taking everything that that game did and expanding it to city-wide proportions. This includes gameplay, combat, mobility, characters, and storyline. The game does have the interesting perk of not taking away all the equipment players had at the end of the last game. The player starts the game with about three-fourths of the gadgets available at the end of the first game. The introduction to Arkham City allows the player to get a feel for the controls by providing an interactive cutscene starring the protagonist, and allowing the player to both adjust to the basic controls and catch up on the story. From there on, most of the city is open to the player and becomes their playground. Mission objectives and sidequests are clearly marked on the map, but the player is free to go wherever they wish; the only missions with time limits are the sidequests. The method of mobility is left completely open, as one can run around on the ground of the city, or clamber about and swing through buildings. It is completely possible for a skilled player to navigate from one end of the enormous city to the other without touching the ground. As the player navigates the city as Batman, and Catwoman, to a limited extent, conversations from those on the ground and roofs float up to the characters ears, giving away the location of bad guys and occasionally giving the player information about newly available sidequests and their objectives. If the player deems the conversations of sufficient interest, he or she can switch seamlessly from traveling to combat, with multiple different ways of sneaking up on and scaring enemies. Combat is, as before, very dependent on timing. Welltimed attacks and counters result in long combos, which in turn deal greater damage. Poor timing allows enemies to land attacks and break combos. Of course, Batman is only successful because of the number of people he has supporting him, and only as busy as he is because of all the villains that give him trouble. The game throws in just about every Batman character created, to the point of oscillating between a Bat-fans dream and a bit of overkill. Most characters are fairly fleshed-out, with nearly every sidequest villain giving the player a little time to interact with them, however, a few characters, such as Robin, are thrown in to say a few lines and leave, which disappointed more than a few fans. Throughout the course of the game, over thirty characters from the Batman universe, mostly villains, show up to interact with Batman in some way. Even by themselves, the story, the atmosphere, the settings, and other similar parts of the game are superb. The game is engaging, entertaining, and varied. The main storyline missions build on skills the player earns as the game progresses, allowing for varied gameplay, while the sidequests use a combination of new and old skills to keep gameplay from becoming stale. The game is advertised as having at least forty hours of content, though the main story can be

f e a t u r e s

page 5

The predecessor to the recently released Arkham City, Arkham Asylum gave the newer game quite a reputation to live up to. Touted as one of the only good Batman games, Arkham Asylum had an average review score of 91.67 and was revered by fanboys, die-hards, and casual players alike as an excellent and fun game. Therefore, the hype for Arkham City was immense and worries that Rocksteady Studios, the team behind the creation of the fantastic first game, would never be able to hit such heights again ran rampant. When the game released on October 18, 2011, swarms of fans rushed to see if Rocksteady had managed to strike gold twice with the sequel to one of the most popular games in recent history. Before discussing the actual content of the game, it is best to mention the somewhat controversial moves made by the people behind Arkham City. The most obvious controversy is the fact that the game does not actually come with an instruction manual. The manual and credits usually found in the inside cover of the game case can only be accessed online for this game. This is an interesting move, as many in the game industry have been debating about doing away with instruction manuals for years. Often, manuals are rendered redundant by tutorials at the beginning of games, and credits at the end, and their manufac-

Real Steel jabs Mines campus quarantined hard to top box office
Stephen Hejducek Content Manager
In the future, sports are violent and action-packed. Humans, unable to handle the growing violence, create robots to fight in their place. Real Steel follows the life of go-for-broke boxer Charlie Kenton, who uses robots to box odd animals and other robots in an underground fighting league. Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) has just acquired a new robot when his life is interrupted by the arrival of his eleven year old son, Max Kenton (Dakota Goyo). Charlie has not seen his son since he was born. Max has only one desire, which is to get to know his father. After losing his new robot in an all or nothing fight, Charlie is forced to destroy it at a junk yard. At the junk yard, he finds a sparring robot called Atom. From here, the story progresses to Atoms rise in fame, popularity, and glory as he eventually takes on the champion Zeus. Zeus has never been defeated in combat, and no robot has ever lasted more than two rounds when fighting him. Any more details on this fight, though, would spoil the ending. Comparisons between Real Steel and more traditional boxing movies are inevitable. Previous boxing movies like Rocky and Cinderella Man focus on the anguish and pain that boxers put themselves through physically and mentally. Human physical anguish is not possible in a movie about robot boxing, but the typical mental anguish is present. The trivial relationship problems, sexual tension, and father-son issues Charlie faces can be easily related to Rocky Balboas story in Rocky. Real Steel does attempt to add traditional elements to its story, such as that of David and Goliath, but hardly sticks to the standard criteria of what it means to be a boxing movie. The primary question is, Is this movie worth watching? In short, yes, this movie is worth the price of a ticket. Due to the unusual nature of the story, the actors had to really sell it on their acting talents. Jackman carried the cast and Goyo performed brilliantly, despite his 12-year-old age. The script was realistic and the editing flowed quite smoothly with the progression of the story. A great plus to this movie is the fact that the robots have great boxing attributes, and, unlike other giant robot movies, Real Steel is not padded with actresses who cannot act or unnecessary explosions. Real Steel remained tasteful, while still being able to deliver a great amount of action. For all these reasons, Real Steel earns a 7.4 out of 10. Wondering why there are students running around campus with Nerf guns and foam swords? Or why orange bandannas seem to be the latest fashion trend? Its just that time of year again folk, its humans versus zombies. Humans versus zombies is a unique game brought to campus by the Mines Urban Gaming Club. This game consists of two teams, humans and zombies, who are constantly clashing for survival. Humans remain alive if they do not get eaten, or touched, by the zombies. The zombies, on the other hand, must feed on humans every 48 hours or else they starve and die. To distinguish the zombies from the humans, each player is given an orange bandanna, humans wear theirs on their arms while zombies must wear them on their heads. Every day, the humans must run, hide, or dance their way to class. If they do not, then they will have a very good chance of meeting with a zombie hoard and becoming a zombie themselves. The game starts off simply enough, there a few alpha zombies, who look like regular humans for the first 12 hours of the game. After the first 12 hours, the alpha zombies move their headbands to their head to signify that they are actually zombies. It is at this point in the game humans are allowed to dawn their weapons. Weapons include Nerf guns, foam swords, and socks. These weapons stun zom-

done in just under a quarter of that time. Arkham City is a good game, though not as innovative as its predecessor. It does feel that the developers of Arkham City looked at what was popular in Arkham Asylum and built from there, creating multiple scenarios that are different from yet noticeably similar to Asylum. The storyline builds off of the ending to Asylum, although to the games credit, events of the first game are only referenced in the plot, rather than making them a staple of the storyline. The story of this game is meant to be more personally significant to the player and the Batman mythos in general, and the final boss fight is not nearly as anticlimactic as Asylums. However, with the multitude of side villains, the ending loses some of its intended impact and weight. Overall, Arkham City is a fun and engaging game. There is enough to do that if the player gets stuck, they have the option of doing something else before coming back to try the original objective. There is an abundance of references and characters put in for the benefit of fans, the fights are challenging and entertaining, the sidequests dont feel out of place, and the storyline is interesting and occasionally productive. This is a great game that can definitely stand on its own for fans of the series and casual, first-time players alike. However, in the context of Arkham Asylum, Arkham City feels stuck in the shadow of its predecessor.

Stephen Hejducek Content Manager

Mannie and Bos dishes up great Italian eats

Carmella Caltagirone Staff Writer
Entering Mannie and Bos Pizzeria at the corner of South Golden Road and Quaker Street feels like entering a slightly crowded Italian kitchen. The walls are covered in humorous Italian-style dcor and the entire building smells of freshly baked pizza dough. Recently voted the Best Pizza in Denver by ABC7s A-list, they are also known as the home of the 6-pound calzone challenge. Any person who is willing to take on the 6-pound meat lovers calzone and can finish it in under an hour owes no money, and is awarded a variety of other prizes as well. Known for all of their signature pizzas and calzones, Mannie and Bos highlights their Signature Sausage Pizza on their menu, Made one way and one way only: extra sausage and extra cheese, says the menu. The pizzeria also serves a variety of appetizers, including Bos Famous Green Chili or mozzarella sticks, and pastas such as

bies for 15 minutes, during which time humans have the chance to escape. If a human makes it indoors then they are safe from being tagged by a zombie. From the start of the game, each team is given a daily mission to perform. If the humans fail the mission, their lives become much more difficult later on. Missions often include snatch and grab jobs where Twinkies are hidden around campus and the humans have to find them. So whenever you see students running around campus with brightly colored headband on their heads and arms, do not be alarmed, for it is just that time of the year. The time when zombies roam freely during humans versus zombies.

ravioli. After a cheesy, delicious pizza, nothing is better than a slice of their Limoncello Cake topped with whipped cream. As a special offer to students, Mannie and Bos will give a 50% off discount on small pizzas and calzones with a valid student I.D. They deliver any day of the week and have multiple specials every weekday. They also have Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as text alerts for even more special offers. For great deals and great food, visit Mannie and Bos at 16399 S. Golden Rd.

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Geek Week
of the
Jordan Francis Staff Writer
While most of the world thinks of geeks as scrawny, super-smart, socially-impaired bibliophiles who spend half of their time studying and the other half playing nerdy games, Mines geeks tend to break stereotypes so thoroughly that only a combination of duct tape and Chuck Norris could put them back together. Christina Bailo is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Her status as a senior in Engineering Physics would imply she spends all her time inside studying. However, her interview with the Oredigger manages to eliminate that conception entirely. [Oredigger]: So, why did you choose Engineering Physics as your major? [Bailo]: Someone told me it was the hardest major at the school and I took that as a challenge. Were they right? I hear its a toss-up between Physics and Chem-E. I found it very difficult, but the subject is really interesting so Im really glad I picked Physics! What are you most looking forward to about your major? All of my senior design research. I get to grow an anti-reflective coating of nanowires on top of solar cells to make them more efficient. Im really looking forward to doing stuff like that; getting more into my degree. Whats been your favorite class and why? Im in a creative writing/poetry class right now and it really helps me look more at the creative side of my brain instead of the equation sidealthough I do get my nerd on and write poems about electrons and such. I just cant escape the nerdiness. I think my next goal is to write a poem thatll be a dramatic monologue from the perspective of a positron. Do you consider yourself a geek and why? I totally consider myself a geek just because I love the implication of being smart and I love being able to go up to people and talk about the geekiest stuff. Ill go up to people and talk about Physics and quantum tunneling and theyll look at me like Im crazy. Plus, theres stuff like Star Wars, pi What do you do with the five minutes a day youre not in class? Play video games on my computer. Im really into Portal and Portal 2 because theyre super awesome games. I like the idea of portals and often think of what Id do with them. Im now playing Dungeon Defenders, which is a tower defense game except its interactive. You build your towers and you get to call the wave and lead your creatures. What are some of your greatest accomplishments? When I was in eighth grade and we still had Pi Day, I memorized pi out to 210 digits. I also learned how to solve a Rubix Cube in high school and I still know how to do it. I dont go for the speed cubing, but I can solve it in a minute and a half. One does not simply walk into Mordor, so how are you going to get there? Im gonna use my portal gun. Ill probably fly above it and shoot a portal where I want to go. Then Ill go back somewhere safe and shoot another portal and just go in. Actually, I wont even have to walk, Ill just be able to throw the Ring in and then make a portal some-

f e a t u r e s

october 31, 2011

...Christina Bailo, Senior, Engineering Physics

Who needs the booze, dance the night away

Lucas Quintero Staff Writer
Promoting alcohol awareness, Weekend at Mines hosted a dance party called Boo-Booze Bash, in order to show that alcohol is not necessary for a great time. Partygoers were greeted by Michael Jackson, Doctor Who, LMFAO, and a man in a gillie suit. The party had a dance floor, food, non-alcoholic beverages, alcohol awareness posters, games, and prizes. The attendants were as varied as the costumes. There were several upperclassmen, some representing the Greek Organizations. Most of these upperclassmen came out of curiosity and stayed with pleasure. Junior Matt CongerEldeen said that he showed up because it was listed on the Whats Happening, but that he stayed for several reasons; I like the mocktails, and the food was really good. There was constant dancing and the dance floor overflowed on songs like Party Rocker and Im On a Boat. When asked what his favorite part of the night was, Max Mazzocchi, dressed as Michael Jackson, said best part is going to be when they play Thriller. Included in the night was a costume contest, with prizes for the best individual costume and best double costume. The single person category was won by Will Spaeth as Albert Einstein and the double was won by Sydney Rogers and Clinton Smith as the Phantom of the Opera. A crowd favorite that did not enter the costume contest was Jackson Bowie, a freshman who came as Doctor Who portrayed by Matt Smith. The costume idea, Bowie said, was given to him by his sister. When asked what brought him to the Boo-Booze Bash, he said he was just curious about the event. The party lasted until eleven and ended with plenty of people sporting smiles and exhaustion from a night of dancing and eating.

where else because portals are met him a couple times. He baked true. You can know book-smart awesome. me some muffins, but they turned things and be getting As, but if Whats your favorite thing out to be really burnt, so I portaled you cant imagine what youd do about life at Mines? him to the moon. But thats all in with those smarts or if you cant The fact that I can wear a hood- confidence, because I dont want imagine what youd do with a porie that says Nerds Rock and peo- anyone to find out I sent the Muf- tal gun, life isnt very fun. We need ple I dont know will be like Awe- fin Man into space exile with Space imagination to come up with new some hoodie! or I can wear my Core and Wheatley. things -- thats how discoveries are Schrdingers zombie cat shirt and Do you have plans for your made. people will be like, Thats such an future? Any advice for fellow geeks awesome shirt, and we can geek Im going to be a pilot in the and Mines students? out together about its awesome- Navy. Ive been accepted into a Dont be afraid to show your ness. degree completion program where geekiness every once in a while. If you could be dropped into theyve guaranteed me a spot once Therere some people here that reany movie, what would it be I finish college and boot camp. fuse to accept that theyre a geek and why? Do you have a favorite and then they turn around and talk Star Wars because Ive loved quote? about Portal or Minecraft. Dont be Star Wars since I was in 4th grade Einsteins Imagination is more afraid to show it because its so when Episode I came out and I important that knowledge, be- much more fun once you embrace saw how totally awesome Darth cause I really believe that to be it. Maul is. So Id JORDAN FRANCIS / OREDIGGER probably join the Star Wars universe and become a Sith because theyre awesome. Whats your favorite video game? Kingdom Hearts. I love that you get to play in the Disney worlds and explore [places like] Aladdins hangout, Agrabah, and Atlantis and Halloween Town while battling bad guys and having fun. Do you know the Muffin Man? The one on Drury Lane? Bailo advises fellow geeks, Dont be afraid to show [your geekiness] You know, Ive beause its so much more fun once you embrace it.


Jackson Bowie explaining his sonic screwdriver situation dressed as Doctor Who.

Max Mazzocchi dancing to the song Thriller, dressed as Michael Jackson.

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october 31, 2011

Haunted lab shows the spooky side of physics


f e a t u r e s

page 7


A disembodied head sits on a table.


A crazed ax-man tries to impale man with no face on bed of nails, fails.


A physics elf creates vortices in old soda bottles.

Ian Mertz Assistant Copy Editor

Morgans jazz classic that cannot be beat

A plasma lamp demonstrates a high voltage phenomenon.
The Sidewinder by Lee Morgan accomplishes the rare feat of hitting on every tune. Recorded in 1963, and released in 1964, it is a perfect example of the hard bop style. With catchy compositions and solos, the album can certainly be defined as a Jazz classic that anyone can listen to and enjoy. The blues influenced title track, The Sidewinder, has an infectious groove that envelops the listener and gets his or her feet tapping through its repetition. Piano player Barry Harris chordal pops set up the horns beautifully as Morgan, on trumpet, and Joe Henderson, on tenor saxophone, enter for the songs second chorus. The open and bluesy structure of the tune allows every musician, including bassist Bob Cranshaw, to stretch out and explore during the solo section. The Sidewinder concludes with a restatement of the main melody and a fade on the same great groove that opened it. Every part of the tune fits together into a great package. The interplay between the musicians is stellar, and although the song is listed at over ten minutes it does not feel that long. For the second song, Totem Pole, the feel of the album changes and becomes more exotic while keeping its roots in the blues. It again opens with the rhythm section, but this time with a rangy bass line and a piano solo instead of just chords. Morgan and Henderson join following the introduction, matching each other perfectly yet still keeping their own styles. The song lives up to its name as the horn players layer parts of the melody, creating what is in essence, a musical totem pole. Alternating between the exotic rhythm of the opening, and a more straight-ahead swing, drummer Billy Higgins ensures variety to keep the tune interesting. Solo space is filled perfectly by Harris on the piano, and the horn players use repetition expertly in their solos to keep them interesting. Like the tune that precedes it, Totem Pole is a ten minute song that never feels its length. After back to back rhythm section introductions, the third tune breaks up the repetition with a tense horn intro. Written in a straight ahead style, Garys Notebook features exceptional unison playing, angular lines, and use of tension and release, which are the hallmarks of a great hard bop tune. Harris accompanies Henderson with relentless piano chords as Henderson begins the solo section using the lower register of his tenor saxophone to great effect. Repetition is again used to keep the solo section fresh as each soloist plays exactly what the listeners ear wants to hear. The intensity does not let up until the song comes to a close. Boy, What a Night, the fourth tune, conveys exactly the message of the title with a bluesy, nostalgic opening played by Harris. Straight ahead drumming by Higgins and soul inspired chords give this tune a jump-and-shout feel. This is a song that makes the listener want to dance. During the solos, Morgan demonstrates a trumpet technique called halfvalving, which he uses to strain some of his notes. The technique is never over-used and adds great texture to Morgans solo. In a traditional blues style, the song ends with a slowing of tempo and some last second improvisation on the piano amidst a roll of cymbals. The closer to The Sidewinder is a tune called Hocus-Pocus. This straight-ahead tune is an upbeat and positive conclusion. Cranshaw walks a great bass line from beginning to end and supports the piece to keep it lively. While still a solid tune, HocusPocus isnt the strongest on the album. A highlight of the song is the solo trading that occurs between the band and Higgins before the beginning of the final melody chorus. Higgins uses his kit wisely, and makes his solo fit the style of the song even though he is the only one playing. Featuring a great collection of songs and excellent playing and soloing, The Sidewinder is a highlight of the 1960s and a

great way to become familiar with hard bop. The albums construction was duplicated many times by Blue Note records, the label it was recorded under, but none of these duplicates were as successful as the original. Its success speaks volumes, and is what truly makes The Sidewinder a Jazz classic. COURTESY LEE MORGAN

This jazz classic from the early 1960s is complete with catchy compositions and solos.

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The football informant: Apocalypse now, Tuscaloosa style

James Kegosian Staff Writer
After a sluggish start to the season that featured an eight-team logjam of unbeaten sides through seven weeks, the chaos of conference play has erupted in full. In quick succession, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Clemson, and Kansas State absorbed their first losses to drop essentially out of the national title picture, for now. Arkansas and Stanford barely held on to their spots in the pecking order, and suddenly the title chase is the clearest it has been all season. But upsets giveth, and upsets taketh away, and it would only take a few more critical slip-ups to create a chaotic mix of six or seven one-loss teams and an unbeaten Boise State. Speaking for all football fans, I would love to see the BCS sort that one out. Meanwhile, here is my second Top Ten ranking, which once again attempts to reflect which teams are the best in college football. 10. South Carolina Gamecocks\ Carolina has been unimpressive for the past few weeks, but they have shown that their defense can carry them when the offense fails. The Gamecocks may not be the best team in the SEC East right nowGeorgia has staked a solid claim for thatbut due to earlyseason results, Carolina is in the drivers seat, and only a road test at cardiac Arkansas and a home date against flat Florida separate Carolina from its second consecutive East title. Arkansas looks like a Good Bad Teamone that wins a lot of games against weak competition without actually being any good and Carolina should capitalize. 9. Georgia Bulldogs After struggling at the start of the season, UGA has ripped off six straight wins, but the Dawgs are still behind South Carolina in the SEC title hunt. Barring a Gamecock loss in-conference, Georgia is headed for second place in the East, avoiding humiliation against the West winner and achieving perfect contentment with a 10-0 finish and a Capital One Bowl berth. Mark Richt saves his job with ease. 8. Nebraska Cornhuskers This columnist thoroughly apologizes for calling the Huskers overrated last week. Nebraska dominated a very good, if tired, Michigan State team. Suddenly, the wins outweigh that competitive loss at Wisconsin, with the Huskers leading the Legends Division and a title game rematch with the Badgers in sight. On a neutral field, the Huskers claim the Big Ten title in their inaugural run. 7. Stanford Cardinal Of all the teams on this list, Stanford has played by far the weakest schedule. The Cardinals signature wins on the season are against Washington and USC. I will not penalize the Cardinal for playing close on the road at USC, in a game where the underrated Trojans had nothing to lose, but so far Stanford has been less impressive than conference rival Oregon. This does not look like a team that can beat an SEC juggernaut for the national title. 6. Oklahoma Sooners What a turnaround. After annihilating a very good Kansas State team on the road, OU has thoroughly responded to its wake-up call against Texas Tech. OU has several very impressive wins on its rsum, and is now in the very dangerous role of spoiler against rival Oklahoma State. Watch out for OU. 5. Oregon Ducks Oregon has demolished all comers since that opening-day debacle in Dallas, and is very capable of going into the not-so-hostile confines of Stanford Stadium and emerging with a win. Oregon should take the Pac-12 North, then obliterate Arizona State at home in a formality of a conference final. Lets not forget that Oregon was competitive for much of the game against LSU. Give the Ducks some credit. 4. Oklahoma State Cowboys OSU is the best all-around team in the Big 12. The Cowboys have played one bad half of football all season, the first half of a top-10 match at rabid Kyle Field against A&M. They are in the drivers seat for the national title game. They lead the Big 12 standings outright. In the end, that will be their undoing. If Oklahoma had been undefeated going into the season-ending Bedlam showdown in Stillwater, I would feel confident about OSUs chances. However, the Sooners are a psychological boogeyman to State, and Bob Stoops is at his most dangerous with nothing to lose. The Cowboys will drop Bedlam in heartbreaking fashion, again, ending their title hopes. 3. Boise State Broncos Nothing new to report here. Boise should roll to an unbeaten season with little difficulty, creating an unsolvable dilemma for the BCS voters. 2. Alabama Crimson Tide Dominant. Physical. Overwhelming. Stifling. Alabama has it all. They play smash-mouth power football and they are very good at it. They have one of the most devoted fan bases in sports filling the eighth-largest stadium in the world. They are led by one of the nations premier coaches. They are potentially better than any team since 06 Texas. What could possibly stop the Tide from hoisting that crystal ball at seasons end? 1. LSU Tigers Adversity. Confusion. Avoidable errors. Suspensions. Instability. The Tigers have overcome everything that they have thrown at themselves all season. As for their opponents, none have even bothered LSU into the fourth quarter. The Tigers have been utterly dominant on the field so far, and although they have a tendency towards late-season swoons, this year they seem to be improving week to week. LSU will not be rattled by 101,000 hostile fans in Bryant-Denny; they have faced hostile crowds all season. As a personal witness to the titanic LSU-Bama game last year in Baton Rouge, I

s p o r t s

october 31, 2011


Oklahoma State by 17 vs. Kansas State Oklahoma by 27 at Texas A&M South Carolina by 13 at Arkansas by 6 at Alabama

k 10 picks ee W
Game picks BCS bowl previews

can report that should LSU grab repulsive to many. In the end, I expect the lingering a late lead, Alabama will be hardpressed to pull even. The Tigers echoes of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, have an effective passing game for where Boise joined the big boys the first time in four years, and they by stunning Oklahoma, to consimply refuse to lose. In the end, vince the media poll voters and at that will be the difference in Tusca- least some of the coaches that the Broncos are deserving. loosa. The comAssuming that the sce- In the end, I expect the lin- puter rankings would likely be narios I have p r e v i o u s l y gering echoes of the 2007 Fi- comparable, and Boise laid out come esta Bowl, where Boise joined State would to pass, this finallyby the seems to be the big boys by stunning slimmest of the most likely marginsget layout for the Oklahoma, to convince the its chance. As big games at the end of the media poll voters and at least for the result, who knows? season. matter I think that some of the coaches that the No what hapBoise State pens, we will can finally slip Broncos are deserving. finally get an through for several reasons. Assuming that ev- answer to the Big Question that eryone else but LSU takes a loss, has dogged college football since the Broncos would be competing that fateful Statue of Liberty play against Oregon, Oklahoma, and four years ago. As an LSU fan, I admit that I Alabama for the #2 spot. Oklahoma, currently ninth, has would not be too heartbroken if a lot of ground to make up, but the Broncos sprung the upset afthey are the most likely team to ter all they have been through. The pass the Broncos. Oregon has al- Crimson Tide is another matter. To ready lost to LSU, and the voters borrow a turn of phrase from the would not likely set up a rematch. crimson faithful, Rammer Jammer Ditto for Alabama, as the idea of Yellow Hammer, Go to Hell Alaan all-SEC final is (understandably) bama. Geaux Tigers.

Rose Bowl: Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Oregon Ducks Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma Sooners vs. Stanford Cardinals Sugar Bowl: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys Orange Bowl: Clemson Tigers vs. West Virginia Mountaineers National Championship: LSU Tigers vs. Boise State Broncos

Do you believe science and faith are compatible?

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Part-time English classes for undergraduates and graduates Women's conversation program Private tutoring available

Contact info: Mountain Language Institute, 1212 Arapahoe St., Golden, CO 80401, -

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october 31, 2011

Mines swimming took 12 of 26 events at CSM-hosted swim meet

s p o r t s

page 9

The Colorado School of Mines swimming and diving team hosted Colorado Mesa and Morningside College on Saturday at the CSM Natatorium.

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Trevor Crane Content Manager

Athlete Massey,Week Volleyball ... Amanda Senior, Mechincical:

of the
Do you have any childhood athletic heroes? I never had any particular one like how most kids looked up to Michael Jordan, but my older brother always played sports and I wanted to match him. What has it been like to be the lone senior leading the team this year? At times its been surreal knowing that Im the only senior, but the captains, Holly [Hutchison], Grace [Bol], and Jackie [Stabell], all have the maturity level of...senior[s] so they definitely help with the process. What has it been like to see the incredible growth in the volleyball program throughout your career here? Its been pretty amazing. I remember my freshman year how one of our main goals was to make the RMAC tournament, and now I think our entire team holds the expectations that well make it to the NCAA tournament. We dont expect it to be guaranteed but we all know we have the talent and drive to make it. What has been your favorite memory playing college volleyball? Theres too many to count. Every day and every trip, so many funny things happen with the team that its hard to pinpoint one specific memory. Why do you enjoy playing volleyball? I love the pace of the game and the overall competitiveness What makes this years team special? Weve had a lot this year, so I think that makes everybody a little more tight-knit. Everyone plays a key role on the team whether they start or not. What is the hardest/easiest part about being a student athlete at Mines? Hardest, the time management can be tricky at points. When your coaches are expecting 100% out of you at the same time that all of your professors are, it can be a little overwhelming. Easiest, cant think of anything. If you could change one thing at Mines it would be... The parking situation. If they continue to take away spots, build a parking garage or at least make up for those parking spots elsewhere! As a senior, what advice would you give younger students/student athletes? Just keep pushing through. There will definitely be times when you question whether this is the right place or whether you can handle sports and school. It doesnt necessarily get easier, but Im definitely seeing the benefits of persevering right now.

s p o r t s

october 31, 2011


Weekly sports recap: 10/31

Trevor Crane Content Manager
Oredigger athletics results as of 12:00 AM Sunday: Oct. 23: MSoccer - Reigs 3, #23 CSM 2 Mines surrendered three first-half goals as they fell to the Rangers 3-2. Goalkeeper Manville Strand made six saves while Tesho Akindele scored his 13th goal of the year and Baski Baker scored his seventh of the year in the loss. WSoccer - #19 CSM 2, Adams St 2 2OT Adams State scored two goals in the final ten minutes to earn the tie. Goalkeeper Amy Hegarty made three saves and Megan Woodworth scored her sixth and seventh goals of the season in the tie. Oct. 25: Volleyball - UCCS 3, #21 CSM 0 The match was competitive, but #21 CSM fell in three sets to the UCCS Mountain Lions. Jackie Stabell had 13 kills while Melanie Wannamaker had nine and Sam Johnson added seven in the loss. Amanda Massey led Mines with 38 assists and Hannah Margheim had 19 digs, a team-high for the game. Oct. 28:

She was named the NCAA Division II National Player of the Week twice in September. Three times she has been named RMAC/Baden Player of the Week, and for the past three weeks has been awarded RMAC/Baden Setter of the Week honors. In four seasons as an Oredigger, she has accumulated a program record 2,912 assists. She is the lone senior member of the Lady Orediggers Volleyball team currently ranked 21st in the nation and her name is Amanda Massey. Massey and the Orediggers are currently 17-8 overall and 11-5 in conference play. With two games remaining, they are tied for third in the RMAC East Division as they look to build on last seasons NCAA Division II Central Region Tournament appearance with a deep postseason run. And while the success has been a complete team effort, Massey has helped to lead and anchor this team during their surge. For her efforts and success throughout her career at Mines, Massey is this weeks Athlete of the Week. [Oredigger] How did you start playing volleyball? I started playing in the 7th grade at Sagewood Middle School [Parker, Colorado]. I tried out on a complete whim.

Volleyball - CCU 3, #21 CSM 1 CSM won the first set easily, but fell in the next three for the loss. Anna Padget-Shields and Jackie Stabell each had 10 kills and Holly Hutchison added eight. Amanda Massey had 28 assists and Hannah Margheim had 19 digs.

Mines football wins 2716 at Adams State

Trevor Crane Content Manager
With the Orediggers leading late, it was the defenses turn to preserve the lead and stave off a late comeback as Mines defeated Adams State College 27-16 Saturday at Rex Stadium for their third straight victory. In the win, Clay Garcia threw for 296 yards and a score while senior receiver Jerod Doucet caught four passes for 84 yards and a touchdown. On the ground, Dan Palmer ran for 92 yards and a touchdown on 25 carries. Trailing by three at halftime, Tevin Champagne returned the opening kickoff of the second half for the Orediggers for 29 yards to the 35. Garcia and the Oredigger offense then marched 65 yards in a drive that took just over four minutes and ended with Tyler Palmer rushing five yards for a touchdown to put Mines ahead 20-16. The Orediggers never looked back after the Palmer touchdown, but this time it was the defense that shined, shutting out the Grizzlies in the second half after surrendering 16 points in the first. CSM forced four turnovers on the day, three of which were interceptions. They wasted no time with the first, as defensive lineman Sam Frazier picked off a Trevor Eggleston pass on the first snap of the game.

Amanda Massey (#10) sets the ball during toward the first of the 2011 season.

Oct. 29: Mens Soccer - CSM 8, Adams St 1 Alex Nass, Tesho Akindele, Philip Wilson, Tanner McManus and Seun Ogunmodede all scored while Manville Strand had three saves and Ben Thompson had two in the blowout. Seniors Cale Haas, Damir Trncic, and Philip Wilson each played their final game at the Oredigger Sports Complex. Football - #25 CSM 27, Adams St 16 Clay Garcia threw for 296 yards and a touchdown, Dan Palmer had 129 all purpose yards and the defense forced three interceptions, two blocked field goals and a fumble as #25 Mines defeated Adams State 27-16 for their third straight win this season. Womens Soccer - #23 CSM 2, #25 Metro St 1 Megan Woodworth scored twice in final ten minutes in the # 23 Orediggers comeback victory. Goalkeeper Penny Rogers made two saves on the day.

The offense failed to capital- less. ize on the opportunity, however, In all, the Grizzlies gained 216 losing 10 yards on the next three yards in the second half and adplays. vanced at least to the CSM 30 The defense held the Grizzlies on four possessions and inside to two three-and-outs on the next the 20 twice, all without putting a three possesions. It was a bend- point on the board. but-not-break style of play as On defense for the Oredigthe Orediggers surrendered 417 gers, Alex Vigil had 16 total tackyards of total offense and only 16 les while Ryan Wood added 10. points. Justin Neal had seven, Taylor On Adams States six second Jeski had six and Henry Kaetzer, half possessions, Mines forced Ian McFadden and Tyler Denson two interceptions, three missed each had five tackles. field goals, and a punt. With On offense, Doucet led the the Orediggers ahead 20-16 in Orediggers in receptions while Dithe third quarter, the Grizzlies amond Gillis had a monster aftermarched menoon with thodically down On Adams States six sec- 84 yards on to the CSM 14 eight catchyard line. ond half possessions, Mines es. A d a m s M a t t forced two interceptions, Brown finState looked to be on the verge ished with of regaining three missed field goals, and three catchthe lead when es for 53 a punt. Ian McFadden yards, Daintercepted a vid Pawelek Eggleston pass had three in the endzone to keep the Griz- catches for 31 yards, Palmer had zlies off the scoreboard. two catches for 37 yards and The play represented a huge Tevin Champagne rounded out momentum swing as Mines took the statistics with one catch for the ball and immediately drove 80 six yards. yards for their second and final Placekicker Colin Baker contouchdown of the game. nected on both of his field goal Two possessions later, the attempts from 29 and 44 yards. Grizzlies drove down to the CSM The 44 yard conversion tied his eight yard line and looked to cut career longest field goal. the Oredigger lead to eight before The Orediggers return to Senior Bunmi Adetutu blocked Campbell field Saturday against the 25 yard field goal to once Chadron State for their final home again keep Adams State score- game and Senior Day.

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october 31, 2011

o p i n i o n
Lucas Quintero Staff Writer

9-9-9 gives tax cuts to few

Presidential candidate Herman Cain recently proposed his 9-9-9 tax reform plan which enforces a 9% sales tax, 9% income tax, and a 9% business tax. This plan is intended to give a fair flat tax and eliminate class discrimination by a varied tax rate, but studies have shown that the flat tax could actually cause more problems than it would solve. According to the Los Angeles Times the richest 1% in the United States currently pay about 35% in taxes. With the 9-9-9 plan this would equate to a $200,000 tax break for this 1% while on the other end of the spectrum, 60% of the poorest would see, on average, an increase of more than $2,000. A study by Professor Edward D. Kleinbard of the University of Southern California found that under Cains plan a family with an annual income of $50,000 will see a tax increase of $5,000, whereas a family who pulls in $120,000 would receive a $500 tax break. Cain argues that the lower class will actually see a tax break due to the abolishment of payroll tax, but the 9% business tax would effectively tax the income, as the tax will be applied after investments and the purchase of

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Minds at Mines Halloween

Ian Mertz Asst. Copy Editor
Students know that CSM is a very academically intense school. With few days off and classes even on Labor Day, it is very likely that students will have class every time it is scheduled. During snowy months, however, every storm brings hope of that elusive day off. It may take a miracle snowfall for classes to be cancelled, but with the unpredictability of weather in Colorado, any snow storm could be the one. To get a perspective on just what needs to happen for classes to be cancelled, Minds at Mines asks, How much does snow is necessary for a snow day at Mines?

9-9-9 makes business pay

WIll Parker Staff Writer
April 15th is tax day. To most Americans the approach of this day is filled with I-9s, W-2s, 1040s or 1040x, and a wide range of other federal, state, and local tax forms. This may all change though if Herman Cains 9-9-9 plan is put into action. Cain, a Republican presidential candidate, has jumped to the front of the polls in recent weeks with the buzz over his 9-9-9 tax plan that would institute a 9% corporate tax, a 9% individual income tax, and a 9% sales tax. The idea behind the plan is that the economy is driven by production, not consumption. So for the economy to grow, production must be increased. In his 9-9-9 Brochure, Cain argues that recent plans to stimulate the economy have been based on the idea that we can spend our way into prosperity. Government spending is to take a bucket of water from the deep end of the pool, pour it in the shallow end, then hope that the water level will change, said Cain. Instead of trying to create more wealth, the government is taking money out of the system from one place and putting it in another, thinking it will change the total amount of wealth. So far this has yet to work. Production on the other hand, generates more wealth, which creates jobs, ultimately driving consumption. Cains 9-9-9 plan is created to encourage production and get the, engine of the economy moving once again. According to the Tax Policy Center, the plan is revenue-neutral. That means it will bring in the same amount of taxes as the current tax system does, therefore further spending cuts will not be necessary. The biggest benefit of the 9-99 plan is the lower, fairer corporate tax. The 9% corporate tax will be applied to gross receipts less payments to other businesses. This means that businesses will pay their own consumption tax, or a 9% flat rate on everything they pay for, including income. The exception to the taxable income are payments to other businesses, for example buying raw materials to make a product. There are exceptions though. Due to lobbying for special tax breaks, many of Americas largest corporations pay much less than the standard percentage. According to the New York Times, General Electric, who had a

capital. Thus the business tax will become the new payroll tax. Not only is the suggested tax plan a tax increase for the lower class, but a crippling act for the US Government as, according to the Citizens for Tax Justice, the 9-9-9 plan would collect $300 billion less in total revenue. This plan may have the right idea to move toward a nondiscriminatory tax scheme, but for now, the 9-9-9 plan has the wrong audience and the wrong outcome. Rather than helping the many in need, the plan would help the few who can sustain, which in the end is adding to the discrimination by tax.

Because we do not get Labor day off, as well as many other holidays, we should get a snow day any time it snows. When it snows, classes should be replaced by snow fort engineering. Pete Roach

It doesnt depend so much on how much it snows, but rather what that snow does to the roads. If I had to give a number, I would say anything over pi feet should be a day off. Mitchell Thompson

Two feet. CDOT is just too good. They spray the roads before the big storms arrive and all of the snow melts before it can pile up. Josh Ratliff

On the origin of Bieber fever

Andrew Cook Staff Writer
Lately, it has been hard to deny the decay occurring in the art industry. In film, two of the top five earners for the week of October 24, 2011, Footloose and The Three Musketeers, contain plots identical to similar movies released in the past. In literature, Bill OReilly is the current owner of the most popular hardcover nonfiction book. And of course, in music, Bieber is the king. How did we get in this mess? Whats causing the destruction of these industries? A quick glance into the past yields the answer. Consider professions that are no longer needed, such as lamplighters, elevator operators, and bowling pinsetters. Advancements in technology led to the end of all of these jobs. Technology may be doing the same to the arts. Ask yourself, Would I rather have a $1000 laptop or a $1000 Picasso painting? A $200 iPod or $200 film script? For Mines students, and other students outside the Mines dungeon, the answer is obvious. The desire for technology is much greater than the desire for the arts. For further evidence that technology is destroying the arts, consider that in May of 2011, the National Endowment of the Arts included video games in its redefinition of what is considered a work of art. While I can see how the noise associated with chainsawing a locust could be confused with the music of Rebecca Black, I simply dont see how noscoping a n00b camper can be considered artistic in any fashion. Because of this decline in the arts, true greatness is going unnoticed. While we sit in our basement saying phrases like, Who needs Picasso when I can create an awesome pony in Microsoft Paint?, or Dude my GarageBand tracks awesomeness resurrected Cobain, and even Rembrandt aint got anything [a]on my Solidworks design, some of the most creative musicians and actors lie homeless on the streets unknown

profit of over $5.1 billion in American sales for 2010, paid no federal taxes. They managed to do so by spending tens of millions of dollars over the last decade in lobbying Congress for special tax breaks. In 2008, when Congress threatened to let one of GEs tax breaks expire, they and dozens of other financial companies joined together to write letters to Congress and hire lobbyists to ensure the tax break remained in place. Not surprisingly, it did. Cains 9-9-9 tax plan would not allow this. There would be no loop holes and GE would be forced to pay a flat 9% or $459 million in taxes. Beyond making sure that the giant corporations pay their fair share, the tax plan would make taxes on small businesses less. Unlike giant corporations, small businesses cannot lobby to get the amount of deductions GE receives, thus they usually pay close to the rate for their profit bracket, a minimum of 15%. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, businesses with less than 100 employees employ over 42 million workers, approximately one third of the U.S. work force. Under the 9-9-9 plan, these companies would all get a permanent tax reduction. Continued online at

There has to be enough snow for the yetis to come down from the mountains. Once theyre on campus, there is no way it would be safe to be here, and school would have to be cancelled. Ben Johnson

It would have to snow 4-5 feet over two days or maybe 8 to 12 inches in a few hours. Being closer to the mountains, they are used to the snow here and dont let anyone out of going to school. Also, the snow removal is very good. James Nunley
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to the public. While the previous example was obviously highly stereotypical and hopefully untrue, Mines students can be considered to blame for this mess. By striving to make better technology, we have helped benefit the world in a variety of ways, but by creating this technology, we may have inadvertently plagued the arts and helped the phenomenon known as Bieber Fever rise to power. Thankfully we are engineers, and we can help save ignorant pre-teen females and the rest of the world from this awful virus. The best way to get out of this mess lies in the appreciation of true art, not in the destruction of technology. Support musicians with creativity and passion, actors with skill and finesse, or visit an art museum. If we can bring those with true talent to the spotlight, the evil Bieber overlord may finally disappear from our culture, and perhaps if were lucky, maybe even MTV will switch from showing tramps back to showing amps.

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october 31, 2011

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