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Being a bourgeois kid of Dhanbad, a small city at the heart of the state Jharkhand, India that riddled with its famous coal mines which never were much of an inspiration to me when it came to my future. The natural environment, minus the commotion of big cities, was liberating for some, but for me it was emptiness as I craved for the extraordinary. My father, being a government employee, had to travel a lot, along with the rest of the family of-course. After another few stops spanning over several years, we finally arrived on the New Delhi railway station in the summer of '93. Emerging out of the train, I found something different here, I noticed this was a city unlike any other, a city bustling with people of high aspirations. A few months later, my father being a computer enthusiast, brought home a PC sporting the latest MSDOS equipped with a snazzy screen and floppy drives. Over the following years, my father used it for running FoxPro and Tally, while I was busy learning all the CLI commands, breaking passwords that my dad put up, hacking into system files, and mostly playing games. It was an experience like none other, like discovering a map to undiscovered treasure. My eagerness to learn and experiment was soon noticed and remarked by both, my teachers and my parents. I eagerly took up science as my subject when I grew up, but I leaned towards Biology instead of Computer Science in high school as most of my friends were going for it. I soon realized that it was a mistake when it exacerbated my grades in school, and thats when I vowed to myself to keep my future choices where my heart was. After finishing school, I quickly applied for the Computer Science Engineering Bachelor's degree program at Maharishi Dayanand University, one of India's premiere centers of learning. Studying at Maharishi Dayanand University turned out to be a holistic experience. The excellent course structure has given me a sound conceptual basis across several subjects including Operating Systems, Programming Languages, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence and few others. I also covered subjects like C, C++, Java, Database Management and Data Structures which laid a foundation for developing my skills in programming. Apart from this, my interest in computers led me to experiment and learn additional languages like C# .net and Visual Basic, at home. It was, however, my internships at HCL Info-systems and the IT department of Punjab National Bank, that I really taught me how actual work was achieved in a corporate environment. It was an eye opener to me and taught me how to implement what I have learned so far. Working on actual projects such as the Employee Reimbursement Tracking System and Banking Management Systems, has given me an all-round knowledge of how things work in the real world. Later in my pursuit of knowledge and its applications, I ended up making a Voice Recognition and Motion Tracking System as my final year project for my Bachelors degree. But it didn't stop there: my knack for learning and experimenting into unknown territory led me to develop a Customer and Membership Management System for a local gymnasium as freelance work. I also created a voiceenabled Note-Taking application for the Windows Phone 7 platform in order to quench my desire to explore new programming environments. My interests lie in fields such as Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Visual Computing, and I would love to pursue them to the end. As Europe has been the epitome of technological advancements for the past decade, I would like to be a part of your university

because its resources, opportunities and research, will surely help me in achieving my dreams. It would therefore, be a proud privilege to secure admission and adequate financial aid to pursue graduate studies at your esteemed university. I am aware of the consistent commitment, planning and preparation expected of me in Graduate school and that only draws me more towards it.