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CS10 A1

CAvlnC 8eglna 8 Ms MldeLh 8 Ablsado

LCL l 10 CcLober 2011
Coverage ChapLers 1 2 (pp 3638

ChapLer l
2 Nome two lopot Jevlces keyboard mouse
4 wby ls secooJoty stotoqe oeeJeJ? Secondary sLorage ln Lhe forms of Cu's uvu's flash drlves floppy
dlsks eLc are needed because once Lhe compuLer shuLs down all Lhe daLa sLored ln Lhe maln memory
wlll be losL
6 wbot ote tbe two types of ptoqtoms? 1he Lwo Lypes of programs are sysLem programs and
appllcaLlon programs SysLem programs conLrol Lhe enLlre compuLer llke an operaLlng sysLem of one's
personal compuLer AppllcaLlon program on Lhe oLher hand conLrols lndlvldual and lndependenL
appllcaLlons such as word processors games eLc
8 wbot ls o sootce ptoqtom? Source program ls a program wrlLLen ln a hlghlevel language WlLh hlgh
level language we mean Lhose Lypes LhaL are easy Lo remember and undersLand by Lhe programmers Lo
avold errors ln one's Lasks
10 wbot kloJ of ettots ote tepotteJ by o compllet? 1he compller's [ob ls Lo LranslaLe Lhe hlghlevel
language lnLo machlne language for Lhe compuLer Lo undersLand Powever when Lhe programmer
lnpuLLed a wrong code Lhe compller ls Lhe one Lhe deLecLs lL Compller checks Lhe source program for
synLax error Powever lL ls noL Lhe [ob of Lhe compller Lo correcL lL buL sLlll Lhe programmer Cnce Lhe
codes are correcL Lhe compller can now successfully LranslaLe Lhe hlghlevel language lnLo machlne
12 wby woolJ yoo ptefet to wtlte o ptoqtom lo o blqblevel looqooqe totbet tboo o mocbloe looqooqe?
As dlscussed machlne language ls ln blnary code conslsLlng of only 0's and 1's WlLh Lhls Lhere ls a huge
probablllLy LhaL programmers wlll end up havlng errors ln Lerms of how many 0's or 1's does a speclflc
code have WlLh LhaL hlghlevel language ls lnvenLed so LhaL programmers wlll undersLand lL preclsely
glven LhaL Lhey are ln a readable and a more comprehenslve form LhaL even lf nonprogrammers vlew
lL Lhey can aL leasL geL a good lnslghL of whaL's Lhe source code ls abouL

14 wbot ote tbe oJvootoqes of ptoblem ooolysls ooJ olqotltbm Jeslqo ovet Jltectly wtltloq o ptoqtom
lo o blqblevel looqooqe? Llke any oLher problem programmlng requlres greaL plannlng noL LhaL lL ls
recommended Lechnlcally buL lL also helps you Lo do Lhe [ob efflclenLly and ln Llme uo noL geL me
wrong problem analysls and algorlLhm Lake Llme Loo Powever dlrecL codlng ln a hlghlevel language
wlLhouL prlor analysls on whaL problem one ls golng Lo solve may lead Lo more errors LhaL he/she mlghL
encounLer ln Lhe mlddle of Lhe work 1here mlghL be compllers Lo deLecL your errors ln Lhe process buL
Lhe debugglng lLself and LesLlng requlres more Llme So Lo avold Lhese lncldenLs and compllcaLlons
problem analysls and algorlLhms are suggesLed
16 ueslgn an algorlLhm Lo converL Lhe change glven ln quarLers dlmes nlckels and pennles lnLo
1. Cci amouniQuaricr
2. Cci amouniDimcs
3. Cci amouniNiclcls
4. Cci amouniPcnnics
5. Convcri amouniQuaricr inio amouniPcnnics
amouniPcnnics amouniQuaricr 25
6. Convcri amouniDimcs inio amouniPcnnics
amouniPcnnics amouniDimcs 10
7. Convcri amouniNiclcls inio amouniPcnnics
amouniPcnnics amouniNiclcls 5
8. Convcri amouniPcnnics inio amouniPcnnics
amouniPcnnics amouniPcnnics

18 ueslgn an algorlLhm for Lhe average mlles per gallon from Monday Lo lrlday
1. Cci amouni of gasolinc cvcry day. (amouniMonday,
amouniTucsday, cic.}
2. Cci iIc avcragc
icniaiivcAvcragc amouniMonday + amouniTucsday +
amouniWcdncsday + amouniTIursday + amouniFriday
avcragc icniaiivcAvcragc / 5

20 ueslgn an algorlLhm for heron's formula
1. Cci a.
2. Cci l.
3. Cci c.
4. Find s.
s (1/2}(a + l + c}
5. Cci iIc arca.
icniaiivcA s - a
icniaiivcD s - l
icniaiivcC s - c
icniaiivcAnswcr s icniaiivcA icniaiivcD icniaiivcC
arca sqri icniaiivcAnswcr

22 ueslgn an algorlLhm for Lhe A1M glven condlLlons
1. Cci amouniWiiIdrawal
2. CIccl amouniDalancc
3. CIccl if ossillc
If amouniWiiIdrawal > $500
Prini 'Maimum amouni of wiiIdrawal is only $500'
Co lacl io 1.

If amouniWiiIdrawal > $300
amouniEccss amouniWiiIdrawal - 300
Prini 'TIcrc will lc a cIargc of 4% for iIc amouni ovcr $300. Prcss 'ycs' if you
wani io coniinuc, and 'no' if don'i.'
If 'ycs'
amouniWiiIdrawal amouniWiiIdrawal - amouniEccss
Co lacl io 1.

If amouniWiiIdrawal > amouniDalancc
Prini 'You do noi Iavc sufficicni lalancc. If you wani io wiiIdraw iIc
rcmaining lalancc, rcss 'ycs', if noi, rcss 'no''
If 'ycs'
amouniWiiIdrawal amouniWiiIdrawal - $25.00
Co lacl io 1.

If amouniDalancc 0
Prini 'You Iavc 0 lalancc. You arc noi allowcd io wiiIdraw anyiIing.'