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Installation of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R2

By Kavin Mehta on Nov 11, 2009

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g installation is broadly covered in 5 steps 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Create Repository Install Weblogic Server Install SOA Suite Configure SOA Suite Install and configure JDeveloper

I would cover this to help setup 11g on desktop/laptop to play around or do development. I have not covered DB installation assuming that it has been already taken care of. This is my overall configuration:

Dell 630 w/ Intel Core 2 Duo with 4 GB RAM Windows Server 2008 / Vista 32-bit Oracle Database Weblogic Server 10.3.2 SOA Suite JDeveloper

Step 1: Create Repository

Start rcu.bat (.sh), welcome screen click next

on step 1 select "create" and click next

step 2, provide DB details and click next

step 3 select schemas you want to create and click next

step 4 provide passwords and click next

step 5 accept default values click next

step 6 summary screen click create

Summary screen appears once process is complete. click close.

This completes our step 1 for

Step 2: Installation of Weblogic Server

Run weblogic server installer wls1032_win32.exe. Welcome screen appears, click next

Create new fusion middleware home directory, click next

Can't get my configuration working so skipping it. We can configure it later after install

Choose "custom" install type and click next

Deselect "Server Example" and click next

Select JRockit as default JDK (my preference). Can switch default JDKs even after install

Provide weblogic server installation directory and click next

Select "NO" service to be created for node manager and click next. We can create this service later

Make your selection for shortcuts and click next

Check summary screen and click next. This will begin installation of weblogic server

Wait for installation to complete

Installation complete screen appears, uncheck "run quickstart" and click done

This completes step 2, next step is to install SOA suite component.

Step 3: Installing Oracle SOA Suite

Run soa suite installer by clicking setup.exe. On welcome screen click next

Once it passes pre-requisite check, click next

Provide middleware home directory and folder name where you want soa suite to be installed

Verify summary screen and click install

Please wait for installation to complete

Once installation completes, click next

View completion summary and click finish

This completes our step 3 now the next step is to configure SOA suite

Step 4: Configure SOA Suite

Run config.cmd form FMW_HOME/<SOA_DIR>/common/bin. This will initiate weblogic domain configuration by initiating wizard. On welcome screen, select new domain and click next

Select components as per screen and click next

Provide domain name and click next

Provide admin username and password. Click next

Select startup mode and default JDK (I choose JRockit) and click next

Provide MDS information and click next. This would initiate test screen to validate settings provided for MDS

Once successful, click next on test component screen

Check all components on optional configuration screen. We have to do it because I will be installing all components in one server rather than default configuration of admin server, soa server and bam server. This runs better on my laptop. I would not recommend it DEV environment either.

Provide server name and click next

Delete both the servers from managed server screen and click next

Click next on configure cluster screen

Accept default values on configure machine screen and click next

Move your SOAServer to localmachine and click next

Check deployments and click next

Select services on cluster and click next

Accept default values for JMS Store and click next

Click next on security screen

Check summary screen and click create

When creation completes, click done. Do not start admin server right now.

Change memory arguments in setDomainEnv.cmd. Easiest option to do it to set USER_MEM_ARGS variable o set USER_MEM_ARGS = -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -Xmn614m -XX:PermSize=256m XX:MaxPermSize=256m Configure ORACLE BAM with custom port 7001 (default is 9001)

o o o

Edit file FMW_HOME/SOA_HOME/bam/config/BAMICommandConfig.xml <ADCServerPort>7001</ADCServerPort> Start Server Edit following file under MW_HOME\user_projects\domains\<DOMAIN_NAME>\servers\<SERVER_NAME>\tmp\_WL_user\oracl e-bam_11.1.1\<RANDOM_NUBMER>\APP-INF\classes\config\

BAMCommonConfig.xml >> <ApplicationURL>http://localhost:7001</ApplicationURL> Restart server

BAMWebConfig.xml >> <ServerPort>7001</ServerPort> BAMServerConfig.xml >> <ADCServerPort>7001</ADCServerPort>

Check all the components

Step 5: Installing and configuring JDeveloper

Run jdevstudio11112install Click next on welcome screen

Select FMW home and click next. Please remember to select the one where we installed weblogic 10.3.2 and SOA Suite 11g R2

Accept defaults at component screen and click next

Select JDK and click next

Choose installation folder and click next

Check summary and click next

Installation progress screen appears, wait for installation to finish

Click Done

Start JDeveloper 11g, choose default role and click ok

Click on Help > Check for updates and then you will be able to get all the latest updates. However if you want to download extensions and distribute it you can go tohttp://www.oracle.com/technology/products/jdev/101/update/center.xml (open it in IE) and download extensions for your version. Also http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/jdev/101/update/fmw_products.xml to download SOA, WebCenter, Team Productivity extensions.

"Select All" or select the ones your want.

After Installation completes, click finish

This finishes SOA 11g R2 installation.

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Hello, Does this version come as an upgrade patch to SOA Suite 11g R1 ? .. I have a R1 installation, and wanted to upgrade to R2. I did find an upgrade patch for WebLogic (from 10.3.1 to 10.3.2), I was hoping to upgrade the SOA suite in a similar fashion. regards, Rehan Yusuf
Posted by Rehan Yusuf on November 23, 2009 at 10:02 PM EST #

My apologies for a double post, I was also wondering, if we don't have a upgrade patch, could we run the R2 suite as another managed server .. in the same domain / or another ? regards, Rehan Yusuf
Posted by Rehan Yusuf on November 23, 2009 at 10:07 PM EST #

good 1