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ODUDUWA of Oregon oduduwa_of_oregon@hotmail.com

PO Box 1716 Fairview, OR 97024

WEBSITE: OduduwaofOregon.org

Date: Contact Person, Company Address (or email contact address) City, State, Zip Dear ______________, Have a direct advertising link to your website!! At our very low introductory price per year. Its important to have a web presence. Our non-profit organization, Oduduwa of Oregon has ad space and companies, such as yours have ads. At a very reasonable price, our website can reach the exact audience you want. Advertising and support of organizations with a widespread membership brings so many customers to you, and that is what we are offering. We will give you the best ad placement, and are requesting your patronage for space. We have and are anticipating numerous hits on tour website, which will lead to the inquiring individual to see your ad and have a need for your product or service, i.e. food markets, art, financial information, transportation, phone cards, travel, etc. As a non-profit organization, ODUDUWA of Oregon, founded over 5 years ago, consists of a growing population of professional businesspeople, health-care providers, students, homemakers, laborers and entrepreneurs dedicated to the education and self enhancement for our youth and community. ODUDUWA of Oregon promotes positive lifestyles, focusing on children and families. For more information please visit our website: oduduwaoforegon.org We are addressing you to invite you to participate as a Advertiser on our website at an introductory price of $175 for one year of continued advertising. This provides you with 3-5 lines (limit 25 characters) or Your LOGO and link to your website. Tracking information is available upon request. Please complete the form below and return with your payment. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at detola@oduduwaoforegon.org . With sincere thanks, and genuine gratitude in advance for your consideration and participation. ODUDUWA of Oregon is a non-profit organization, Federal ID#74-3067407. Sincere Regards,

Faith ___________, ODUDUWA of Oregon, Secretary PO Box 1716 Fairview, OR 97024

ODUDUWA of Oregon is a non profit 501(c) (3) organization. Thank you.

Please make check payable to: ODUDUWA of Oregon Mail to: PO Box 1716, Fairview Oregon 97024 Yes, Sign me up! Contact me through information below, check enclosed Ad Space Amounts:

$175One Year

$90 Six Months

$25 monthly

No, I need additional information, but very interested

Name:_______________________________________________________________________ Company: ___________________________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________ City: _______________________________ State: __________________ Zip:_____________ Phone: ______________________________ Fax: ___________________________________ Optional:Email Address: _____________________________________________________


Thank you

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