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This policy applies to all employees and contract employees (hereinafter referred to as “User”) when using the electronic mail (Email) of "Synechron Technologies Private Ltd." and on behalf of "Synechron Technologies Private Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as “Synechron” or “Company” and shall include its subsidiaries and affiliated companies). Every User has a responsibility to maintain Synechron’s image, to use these electronic resources in a productive manner and to avoid placing Synechron at risk of legal liability based on their use.

Synechron considers email as an important means of business communication and recognizes the importance of proper email content and speedy replies in conveying a professional image and Users are obliged to use this tool in a formal, responsible, effective and lawful manner. Users should take the same care in drafting an email as they would for any other written communication. When sent outside the organization, an email functions just like a business letter. Remember that the written word, unlike a conversation, can be interpreted / mis-interpreted very easily and hence choose your words carefully.

One should remember that email can / will be filed by a recipient for future use and will be discoverable in legal proceedings even if deleted from your computer. A seemingly innocuous email can attract damages for the sender as well as the organization.

All messages distributed via Synechron’s email system, even personal emails, are Synechron’s property. Synechron may, at its discretion, choose to intercept and scan any incoming and outgoing mail and/or remove any mail from any computer or network system that violates the terms of this Policy.

Synechron desires Users to adhere to the following Do’s and Don’ts with respect to email usage :

DO’S :

Be professional: use standard grammar, punctuation, capitalization and spellings. Use only English for all your communications. Use the spell checker before you send out an email. Explain abbreviations / acronyms as the recipient may not be aware of the meanings/full forms of the abbreviations.

Use an appropriate and meaningful subject line. If you are replying to an email and changing the subject, remember to change the subject line too.

Select your To and cc groups carefully and avoid marking mails to unrelated persons / departments / organizations. Do not forward emails or attachments with internal Synechron conversations / comments to clients.

Use Reply to All function sparingly.

Be concise and use proper layout and formatting.

Answer all questions and pre-empt further questions.

Keep your language gender neutral.

Respond to emails swiftly. Even if you don’t have time to “fully” respond to an email, acknowledge receiving the mail and indicate the time within which you will get back.

Read the mail carefully and check attachments before you send it.

Use the Out of Office Auto Reply Assistant if you will be out of office for a day or longer. The auto reply should state who your back-up would be and how to contact the back-up and also your contact numbers for any urgent work.

When forwarding an email, be aware that you are sharing a message written for you, with a third party. Consider whether the original sender would approve of your forwarding the message to the eventual recipient.

Great care must be taken when attaching documents or files to an email. Letters, files and other documents attached to emails may belong to others. By forwarding this information, without permission from the sender, to another recipient you may be liable for copyright infringement.


It is strictly forbidden to use Synechron email system for anything other than legitimate business purposes. However, occasional and reasonable personal use of Company email system is permitted, provided that this does not interfere with work performance.

Postings by Users from Synechron’s email address to newsgroups, blogs, etc. should contain a disclaimer stating that the opinions expressed are strictly their own and not necessarily those of the Company unless posting is in the course of business duties.

Company confidential messages should be distributed to company personnel only. Forwarding to locations / recipients outside Synechron is prohibited.

The marvel and danger of email is its ease of use. Beware of the emotional reply. Take some time before you reply.

Sometimes email gets in the way of good communication. Know when to handle a matter in person or over the phone. This would include discussing sensitive issues and emails where critiquing (especially relating to clients) is involved especially where this could be interpreted as criticism.

Words with judgmental tones are amplified in email. Avoid negative language / words to the extent possible.

User must not send, forward or receive confidential or Client or Synechron’s sensitive information through non-Synechron email accounts. Examples of non Synechron email accounts include, but are not limited to Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, Lycos, rediff mail and email provided by other Internet Service Providers (ISP).

User must not send, forward, receive or store confidential or Synechron’s sensitive information utilizing non-Synechron accredited mobile devices. Examples of mobile devices include, but are not limited to Personal Data Assistants, two-way pagers and cellular telephones.

Avoid using casual language and slang.

Don’t send or forward emails containing libelous, defamatory, offensive, racist or obscene remarks.

Don’t send or forward any emails that discriminate against employees or outsiders by virtue of any classification including race, gender, nationality, religion and so forth.

Avoid frequent usage of “Important” or ‘Urgent’ unless it is really required. Such overused pointers tend to be ignored by recipients after a certain point.

Avoid emoticons and netspeak (social networking style) or text messaging abbreviations.

Avoid using all CAPS as it is considered SHOUTING. Also avoid writing in all lowercase letters.

Avoid flaming (virtual term for sending inflammatory messages).

Avoid sending email, talk requests or messages to any User if that User requests that you remove him from any mailing list.

Don’t indulge in any act that will amount to Internet Protocol (IP) or email Spoofing, Phishing or Impersonation.

The User shall not send :

Chain mail that misuses or disrupts Synechron or client resources i.e. email sent repeatedly

from User to User, with requests to send to others; Harassing or hate-mail : Any threatening or abusive e-mail sent to individuals or

organizations that violates any rules and regulations of Synechron. Virus hoaxes

Spamming or e-mail bombing attacks - Intentional e-mail transmissions that disrupt normal

email service; Junk mail or unsolicited email or other advertising or commercial material to individuals who

did not specifically request such material. False identification : Any actions that defraud another or misrepresent or fail to accurately

identify the sender. Broadcast unsolicited personal views on social, political, religious or other non-business related matters.

Access copyrighted information in a way that violates the copyright
















Distribute, disseminate or store images, text or materials that might be considered indecent, pornographic, obscene or illegal.