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A Thankful Heart Series

Jobs Thankful Heart Lesson 6

Warm up: Say: We are going to pretend that you are Job seeking for help. You have outgrown all your clothes and you need some clothes to wear to school. You do not have any money so you cannot purchase them at the store. So what will you do? Assign a kid to be Job and three kids to be a storekeeper, a neighbor, and a pastor. (No one will help Job get some clothes to wear to school. He goes to the pastor last who helps him). Continue with Follow up: Say: This is a true story that happened to a family member of the author of this lesson. One time, there was a man who had four children and a wife. There was a great flood in his town and water flooded his house. The water rose higher and higher and it ruined most of all that he had. He tried to so hard going to different places to get , but he found it very difficult to get much. He had four boys and needed some furniture and people
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were not very helpful. How do you think it made this man feel? Finally, he got a little help, but not much.

Teachers Personal Reading: Book of Job chapters 1 & 42 Memory Verse: The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; Blessed be the name of the LORD. Job 1:21b

Kids Sermon Job was a man who lived in the land of Us. He loved God and served him faithfully. Job had seven sons and three daughters. He had lots of sheep, camels, oxen, donkeys, and a HUGH staff of servants who helped him with all the many animals that he owned. Job was a wealthy man! One morning, Job got up and decided to sacrifice to God. He offered an animal to God to forgive the sins of his large family just in case anyone had sinned. One of Satans angels was looking around for someone to tempt and he spotted Job who served God day and night. Ah ha he thought. He reported this act to his boss Satan, and together they went to God to see if God would give them permission to make things a little tough for Job. They were hoping they could get him so discouraged that He would give up serving God. Well, God did give them permission to put Job through some very hard trials. God knew already what would happen, and he knew that Job would come out stronger than ever before.
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Sure enough, some later, Jobs kids were having a party at the neighbors house, when a messenger came to see Job. The messenger told Job that someone came and stole his oxen and donkeys, and killed the men who were tending to them. No sooner than Job heard this bad news, then another messenger came and told Job that a bolt of lightning struck the sheep and shepherds killing them all. Yet still another messenger came and told Job that the Chaldeans attacked the camels and their drivers. Wow! This was a lot of bad news to get all at the same time, wasnt it? In all this, Job did not get mad, grumble at God or give up serving God. It would be nice if this was all that Satan did, but the worst is yet to come. Soon another messenger arrived and told Job that while his children were all at a party a tornado came and took them off into the dessert. They all died. Job was grief stricken. He did not understand why God had allowed this all to happen to him. This is what he said, Naked I came from my mothers wombs and naked I will return to the ground. God gives and God takes away, blessed be His name. Through all of this, Job did not sin or blame God for his great misfortune. He blessed God even through his pain and suffering. Job had a very bad time. Satan struck him with boils that were very painful, yet Job would not give up serving God. He had three friends who came to visit him during this time, and they did not comfort him like true friend should have done. They thought he must have sinned for God do allow something so terrible to come upon him like this.

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Though all of this, Job prayed to God trusting Him. Satan was getting upset. So he got Jobs own wife to tell him to curse God and die. But Job would not. God was upset with Jobs friends and told them to ask Job to offer a sacrifice for their sin for the behavior they showed toward him during his difficult time of affliction. Job did this and God forgave his friends. Because Job was a man of God and did not give up on serving him and because he forgave his friends, God blessed him greatly. God gave him many more animals, seven sons and three daughters. There was not any girls in the whole town that were more beautiful than Jobs daughters. Job treated them all equally his girls and boys. God allowed Job to live another 140 more years long enough to see his children and grandchildren four generations. He died an old man living a blessed life surrendered to God. Questions for Discussion 1. Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? 2. When bad things happen to good people, does this always mean they have sinned against God? 3. How should we respond to God when things happen to us that make us sad? 4. What do we do when Satan comes along to tempt us to do something that is wrong? 5. In what ways does God bless us?

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Jobs Thankful Heart Treasures from the Word


Teaching the Memory Verse: The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; Blessed be the name of the LORD. Job 1:21b Teacher: First - write the verse on the board. Underline each letter of the verse. Leave the blanks on the boards and erase only the letters. Have the kids guess a letter one at a time that is in the verse. If they guess correctly, write all those letters on the blanks. For example: if they say letter e fill in all the blanks that would be letter e. Worksheets are provided for extra activity. You can do these together, allow the kids to do alone, or let them work with a partner. Some children will need help with spelling words. You may want to write some suggestions on the board for them. Use your own discretion on how much help to give them.
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1. Distribute bibles for kids if they can read. Open bibles together helping them find the correct page number. It is important that children use their bibles and see you using you bible in front of them. Many may never see a parent reading a bible at home. 2. Read the memory verse together. 3. PASS THE Bean Bag. Practice saying the verse several times. Have the kids say one word at a time, and the next kid say the next word until they completed the whole verse. Give them a bean bag to hold as they say their word, and have them pass it on to the next person to add their word. Do this a couple times. 4. (Try to refrain from reading, but simply talk to the kids.) Say: God is good. We do not always understand why God allows bad things to happen to good people; God is sovereign. That means He is the supreme ruler over all people. He can do what He wants, but He will always do what is best for us. 5. Once there was a little girl who prayed for blue eyes. When she woke up and found out that her eyes were still brown she ran crying to her mother. He mother told her that God sometimes says No! Many years later when she became an adult, she went to be a missionary in a country far away. She would dye her skin with tea bags to look like the natives so she did not stand out with her white skin. They had brown eyes and since her eyes were brown, she fit in very well. If she the blue that she had prayed for as a child, Amy would not have fit in very well. See, God knew what he was doing. (Story of Amy Carmichael, a missionary)

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6. Pass out worksheets - one at a time. Do these together. Write the answers on the board for young children. Help them as needed according to their ages and ability.

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Fill in the Blank with the Best Answer

1. 2. 3. 4.

Amy wanted God to make her eyes _________________. Amy dyed her skin brown using ___________________. Amy served God as a _____________________________. What did God tell Amy when she prayer for brown eyes? _______. 5. When we pray, sometimes God says _____________. 6. God will always answer our ___________________.

Write a Prayer to God

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Our Prayer List

Think of something that begins with each letter of Jobs name to pray about.

J___________________________________________ O___________________________________________ B ___________________________________________

Jobs Thankfulness - Circle the Best Answer

1. Job was a man who loved___________________! God dogs snakes pizza

2. Who came along seeking someone that he could trick? God Satan Angels Dad

3. What happened to Jobs kids? Party Sick Mean Died

4. How did Job react when he lost his children? Got mad Hit the dog Praised God

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Jobs Story

Draw a picture story of the lesson today. Fold and make a book.

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SKIT FOR TWO PUPPETS: Jobs New Bike Job: Look at my new bike. Connie: When did you get that? Job: For my birthday just today. Connie: That is cool? I love that color. It feels so shinny. Job: Dont touch it! You might rub off the paint. Connie: Oh Im sorry. I did not mean to. Job: Watch me ride it. Connie: You look so nice on it. I bet you can go really fast with all those speeds. Job: Watch me! Zooooom! (Pause) Connie: It does go fast! Maybe you will let me try it some time. Job: I dont know..You may crash it and bend my nice new fender. Connie: I will be very careful. Job: I will have to think about it. Connie: Maybe you will let me ride it on my birthday tomorrow. Job: My mom said it was going to rain tomorrow; so, I will keep it in the garage. Connie: Okmaybe another time. Job: Hey! Can you help me with my homework this evening? I cannot think of anything for the project we have due this Friday. Connie: Let me ask my mom. She wanted me to babysit my little sister. If it is not too late, maybe I can come over when my parents get home. Job: Just let me know. I want to get an A so my dad is proud of me.

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Connie: Well..Id better mom is expecting me home for dinner. They need to leave right after dinner. Job: Ok. Maybe I will see you later. Connie: Sure! Bye. Some things to think about: Teacher: What kind of attitude did Connie show in the skit? What do you think about Jobs attitude regarding sharing his bike? What would you do in a situation like this if you were Job? How would you response if you were Connie and your friend treated you like Job did to her? How does God want us to treat others? What kind of attitude should we shoe when others treat us mean?

NOTE: See The Thankful Series Overview for ideas for music, snacks, and crafts.

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