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I am your Father Yahweh, Most High God. Draw close to Me, My Blessed Child; for a great fury is about to be unleashed upon the whole world. My Little One, look and behold, and write what you see. My Lord, I see a carriage, which is driven by two horses. These horses are running very quickly. Their eyes are wild, their manes are flying in the wind, their feet are digging up dust and their mouths are frothing. My Blessed Saviour, I see two people, who are accompanying these horses. Firstly, I see the Rothschild man, who holds the reigns of these horses; and beside him, in the front of the carriage is the Queen of England. My Lord, You have given me so many visions of these two, and through the many visions, You have shown me that these two are the main ones, who are behind all of the rebel uprisings of the Mideast and the overthrow of these governments. Oh, how dreadful are these two wicked ones. Yet, My Lord, I know that You show me these two, who are in a flight of fury, for reasons, perhaps reasons that are different than what You have previously shown. Father, please tell me more. Please show me more. Yes, my Blessed Child, I have shown you much about the Queen of England and the Rothschild man; and I have also shown you that Barrack Obama is their puppet. He does as they tell him to do and they make sure of it. For, he is their automaton. Yes, Father, You have shown me repeatedly how Obamas wicked controllers have wired up his brain. And, the evidence of such wiring is clearly visible in old photos, the evidence of this wiring being made apparent through the appearances of strange geometric markings on his head. Our Saviour Continues Warnings to the U.S.A. Now, you come, Oh America, to your crossroads. You would not listen to Me! Oh, you spiritually rotten people of America, you would not heed My warnings. You would not repent of your evil and wretched ways. And, though I raised up My prophets; and I gave

visions and dreams of your coming destruction to many, you still would not listen. But, the more I warned you to repent, the more you rebelled. The stronger My words were to you, the more you turned from Me. Blind, Deaf and Rebellious People! Yes, you, who have ears, which itch to hear what you want to hear, would not hear the words of My warnings, which came to you through My servant, Linda Newkirk. You flocked to those, who spoke the pleasant words. You loved those, who told you what you wanted to hear. And, you joined, one with another, to shut out and to exclude My true words of warning to you. The Blind Prophets Mocked the True Works of Revelation Twelve You, oh you wicked prophets, who call yourselves by My Name, rose up in mass to persecute My true servant, Linda Newkirk. While Satan and his many hoards and the wicked ones in the U.S. military and in the militaries of other nations persecuted and tortured her, you, oh you wicked prophets put a knife in her back and a shoe in her face. How you prided yourselves in your evil deeds! How you lifted up yourselves in your wicked ways. But, what seemed right to you then will now come upon you as a club to beat you down in your pride and in your self-righteousness. For, Linda Newkirk is Mine. She is My true prophetess. She is the earth mother of My very own Son of light and fire, the holy manchild of Revelation Chapter Twelve. She is your spiritual mother, oh you wicked house. She is My wife. She is My firstborn. She is and will be honored for all time and for eternity for her love for Me and for her love for you. For, it is through this tortured and persecuted woman that My kingdom is coming into the earth. Linda Newkirk is Mine and the hate-filled words of many of you against her will be for your own undoing. You, who hate her and who smear her name, will in no way enter into My kingdom. For, any, who enter, will enter in only through the Holy Seed, which is in her. Yes, you will enter only through My holy seed, which is in My Child, in My Son, who lives within her. Seven years to repent! You have had your time to repent. Seven years have been given to you to receive these truths of Revelation Twelve and to repent of your hate towards Linda Newkirk, to repent of your lies towards her, and to be found worthy to receive My holy son of light and fire, who is within her. For, he is your vehicle into eternal life. You must have his seed, who is My seed, before you can marry Me. But, you looked. You saw My words, but you still would not repent.

The Shame of the Harlot Prophets! How greatly you grieve me, Oh you harlot prophets! In this great nation of America only one prophet has recognized the truth regarding My servant, Linda Newkirk. Only one prophet, only one of My prophetic sons in this nation acknowledges her. And, why does He acknowledge her? Why does he know that she is indeed the Woman of Revelation Twelve, that she is the earth mother of my very own son of light and fire. Why? He has sought Me and I have shown him. He knows because he has sought me. He has also been kind to my servant Linda Newkirk. He has blessed her and I have blessed him to know the truth. I drew him to know the truths regarding My servant, Linda Newkirk. I drew him to My servant, Linda Newkirk, and he knows the truth. I have made him see. I have revealed much to him through dreams and visions and he knows. But, the rest of you, who call yourselves prophets, and, who know of her, stay far from her. You are destined to fall and to suffer greatly. Great Judgements upon the Harlot Prophets Now, you may ask, why do You tell us this now? And, I say to you, oh you harlot prophets, who are none of Mine: My foot is in your back and My bridle is in your mouth and I shall bring you down, down where you belong. Except you repent in great ways, none of you mockers, liars and slanderers will enter into My kingdom. The Great Rush for the New World Order Now, My Little One, I know that you understand what you see about the Queen and the Rothschild man. Yes, they are in a very great hurry. They are in a very great hurry to bring down the whole world financial system. They are in a very great hurry to bring down and to destroy the U.S.A. and to destroy all freedoms to buy and sell. For, they do Satans bidding. Their eyes are upon you, My Blessed Child, Linda Newkirk, every minute of every hour of every day. My Little One, you know why their eyes are upon you! This has been your time of great suffering. The Stork and the Storm (My Dear Brother, this is the fulfillment of your dream.) Firstly, the Stork! They do not want to miss one of your thoughts. They do not want you to receive even one prophetic dream. So great are their assaults in your sleep and dream states. They do not want you to receive one prophetic word; and for all that I give you, they persecute you

greatly. They wait and they watch. Satan and all of his kingdom are in great angst. They wait in great despair; for they do not know when I will release the holy babes of light and fire, the holy seed of My Son, who lives within you. But, they watch. They wait. They know that you have received your third mantle. This third mantle will carry you into places, and through situations that no human has either been in, or has lived through. So great shall be My miracles in your midst. Many will come from great distances to be blessed by you, My Precious Child. As the great persecution, torture and wars come upon My House, I will begin to make you free in every way. Those, who have mocked you, will now suffer what you suffer, that is, if they live long enough to suffer these things. Then, the Storm For, as the communist/Satanist revolution is ignited in America, many, many will die. Many will also disappear, and will not be seen again. Many will be taken and will be carried straightaway to foreign nations. Many will be stacked into airplanes and into ships and will be hauled away as slaves. Many will become robotoids, mind controlled slaves, who will be used to fight against the rest of you and to create and sow discord, becoming the in-house spies, wrecking and ruining homes. The great rush! Yes, these two, the Queen of England and the Rothschild man are in a very great rush. They are frothing at the mouth to destroy any and all capitalism in the world! They will achieve their goals quickly; for they are aware that you, My Blessed Child, have reached a threshold, a threshold to very great works, My great works, works, which will not be confined to walls, or geographical barriers. They see and they know. Hear the sounding of that bell. The very loud sounding of that bell. That is the ringing of the death knell of the USA. It will happen quickly now and without much delay. For, it is time. Great Judgements upon America! Woe, woe, woe to the idolaters. You will be taken unawares. Woe, woe, woe to all liars and all hypocrites. Your place is in the burning flames. Woe, woe, woe to all, who worship strange gods. Your howlings will fill hell from one end to the other. Woe, woe, woe to all pornographers. If you will not repent, you will suffer mightily in the fires, even to your own destruction. Woe, woe, woe to all television addicts and to all, who love fantasy, who spend your hours in great fantasy, the fantasy of sex, of video games, of movies, of cell phones, of i-phones, and other addictions of fantasy. The greatest numbers

of you will not repent of it; for you are so far gone from reality; and sadly you will die in it. I have warned you for years through My servant, Linda Newkirk, to come away from these addictions, to come and to serve Me and to make your way straight; but you would not. Now, you are the subjects of the vast mind control networks. Many, many of you are already implanted with microchips in your brains, yet you have no clue. You are thusly being constantly monitored and constantly mind controlled. Through their vast networks of towers, computers, televisions, movies, etc., many of you are under very great mind control in this nation and all over this world. Most of you will succumb to it totally and you will die in it. You will not escape, though you could have and still could with great persistence; and with an anointed servant praying for you. But, sadly, even as I have said just now, you will not escape, but will die in it as their will has now become your will and through your own choices you have made it so. The Destiny of the Harlot Generation You would not listen to My warnings, oh you harlot generation and you still do not listen. The mark in the hand, or in the head, is looking you in the face. Those of you, who now mock these warnings, which are written by My servant, Linda Newkirk, may mock for your last time. A great carnage will sweep this nation, from one side to the other. So great shall be your losses! But, even so, did I not raise up My prophets to warn you, but you would not listen. Now, you will either repent, or perish. I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God, yes Jesus, Saviour of humanity. As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 23rd day of October, 2011, Linda Newkirk As some of you know by now, many of the holy babes of light and fire, the holy seed, the little men-children, were recently released by our Saviour. On the night following this message, on the night of October 24, 2011, these holy seeds of light and fire were released to some of you, who are ready to receive them. Remember Our Saviours words from Part I of this chapter. His words were that these streams of light, these holy babes of light and fire, which were released, are seeds, not weeds. Furthermore, since the release of the first part of this chapter, our Saviour has told me that only small numbers of people have received the holy, little menchildren of light and fire.

As some of you may, or may not know, this verse in the Bible refers to the release of the holy babes of light and fire. The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened. Matthew 13:33. From this verse, we can see that these babes of light and fire will be released in three significant stages. The manchild is the holy leaven. The first release is now underway, but still the greatest numbers of the first measure must still be released. So, stay very close to our Saviour. Pray and seek Him. Forgive everyone, even if they do not ask you. Truly love our Saviour above all. Obey Him and love others. Precious are those, who receive this holy, little son. You may not discern the presence of the holy manchild, at first. If you cannot see in the Spirit, you may not yet know that you have received one of these holy seeds. So, be very vigilant, be prayerful and be determined to do what is right with your life. Continue to dedicate your life to our Saviour, loving Him above all. Love others and forgive them for all things, so that your heart might be clean and stay clean. In Due Season, You will know His Presence Remember that the holy manchild, this holy seed, will produce much fire and heat within your body; and as He grows, you will feel a greater presence of this fire and heat within you. He also rotates; and as he grows, you will feel this most wonderful rotation within you and around you, much like ocean waves. Do not fight these waves, just rest in the waves, pray, love the holy manchild, and love our savior. And, when times are very hard and when you are so very persecuted because you have this holy seed, sing praises to our Blessed Saviour. Truly be thankful for all things and be determined to persevere and to receive your great gift of eternal life. For, all, who receive this holy seed, are then married to our Saviour. All, who receive this holy seed, can then truly say that Our Saviour is their husband. Oh, what marvelous times. Do not let the wicked ones steal your hope. Do not let them steal your joy. Praise our Blessed Saviour every day and all through the day, and pray, pray, pray about all things. But, when you are tired, then you must also rest, for these holy babes must also grow and as the holy seed has grown in me, the holy seed will also grow within you, through great suffering, even torture and persecution. For, Satan is wroth about these holy seed; and he is looking for each of you, who receive this holy seed. Remember the last verse in Revelation Chapter Twelve. Satan makes war against the seed of the Woman. But, even so, my Dear Ones, consider yourselves extremely blessed to be counted worthy to be persecuted for the love of our Precious Saviour and His precious holy seed.

Look at these words, which were given so long ago to the prophet, Isaiah: But yet it shall be a tenth and it shall return, and shall be eaten: as a teil tree, and as an oak, whose substance is in them, when they cast their leaves: So the HOLY SEED shall be the substance thereof. (caps are mine) Isaiah 6:13 Are these the ones, who will return to the earth, to rule the earth? We can only wonder. I give you also another very interesting verse. I also wonder about this one! Therefore, he will give them up, until the time that she which travaileth hath brought forth: then the remnant of his brethren shall return unto the children of Israel. Is our Saviour telling us that a remnant of our Saviours brethren, his apostles and those, who sat at his feet, the ones, whom he called his brethren, will also return. And, how wonderful when they return in their supernatural bodies! With much of the kingdom power, they will help to save many, many souls. It surely seems that we being told of those, who will marry our Saviour, go up to the marriage supper and then return to help rule the earth! The Bible is so full of mysteries! We can only marvel at so many wonderful teachings! How blessed we all are to be a part of such a grand heavenly event. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth, as it is in Heaven.. GLORY TO OUR BLESSED SAVIOUR FOREVER AND EVER. PRECIOUS IS HIS HOLY NAME! Big hugs to you precious ones, Linda

FROM THE MOUNTAIN PROPHECIES BOOK TWELVE CHAPTER 83 PART III More Visions and prophecies from our Saviour THE ROTHSCHILD MANIFESTO My Blessed Child, do you recount, and recount well, what I have just shown you?

Yes, my Lord, and this vision was a most extraordinary vision for your people and for a great understanding of these truths, My Lord, I am eager to write of this vision. For, I am eager for a greater understanding of this vision. My Lord, You showed me a screw, which was embedded in the left cheek of Evelyn de Rothschilds buttocks. In the vision, I was given a bolt remover, like the kinds of bolt removers, which are used to remove tire bolts, or lug bolts. I attached the bolt remover, or the lug wrench, to the head of the screw, or the bolt, and with all of my power, I tried to unscrew the bolt, but could not move it whatsoever. Then, my Lord, your hand was brought down on the bolt remover, on the lug wrench, and the bolt began to turn quickly until it fell out of the left cheek of the Rothschild mans buttocks. (Pay attention. This is very important! Also, note the timing.) Then, I saw a passageway, which led in through the left buttock of the Rothschild man, where the large screw had been; and I entered into his rear end through that passageway. This narrow passageway carried me into a room, which was very old and smelled of dust and mold; and standing around the walls were many skeletal remains. I really wanted to exit this terrible place, but You told me to cross the room and to open a drawer. When this drawer was opened, I saw a pair of very sharp shears; and You told me to remove these very sharp shears. So, I then took these shears; and You then directed me to look to the wall, which was on my left, as I was then headed back towards the exit. And, on that wall, You told me to behold the Rothschild Manifesto, which was attached to the wall and hidden beneath a covering of clear, but heavy plastic. You then told me to take the shears and to cut into the heavy, plastic housing, which held the Rothschild Manifesto; and I did so. But, when I cut through the plastic housing, it seemed that I also cut the Rothschild Manifesto, and it appeared now as two pieces, like two rolls, which were thick, resembling sausage-like rolls, each roll perhaps three to four inches thick. Then, You told me to take the two rolls in my hands, one at a time, and to step forward and to put these two rolls, one at a time, in the grinder. Then, I saw that the contents of the rolls were ground into many pieces as they passed through the grinder. And, when the contents came out of the grinder, they rolled onto the desks of various individuals, as documents, or even books. I saw stacks of these documents on the desk of Bill Clinton. And, I saw shelves of these documents in the library of Queen Elizabeth; and I saw pages of these documents in the hands of many people in the street. And, I saw stacks of these documents in the hands of news broadcasters. All over the world, I saw pieces of these documents, pieces of the Rothschild Manifesto. My Lord, what does this mean? Why did you open the door, which is in the left buttock of the Rothschild man? What is the meaning of all of this?

My Little One, what do you see now? My Lord, I see a backwards R, a mirror image of an R. But, Father, what does this mean, as well? My Little One, it means this: The whole world only sees a mirror image of this wicked man and what he does, but a few see and understand him for who and what he is; for his true intents and purposes. His truths are hidden and few know and understand. My Lord, he is so evil. How long will you allow his evil empire to stand before you? Father, please bring judgement upon his wicked head! Have mercy on the lost and innocent. Have mercy on Your own people, who will suffer so greatly, and who have suffered so greatly because of this wicked man. Oh, Blessed Saviour, show me more. Now, My Little One, I have shown you a little. Yet, you have but a glimpse. Do you see the ring around his right, big toe? Yes, My Lord. And, I am now looking at this very big toe of the Rothchild man; and the ring around this big toe emits a very brilliant light. But, this ring only reflects light; for it has no light of its own. My Little One, what does this ring represent? My Lord, I do not know altogether, but I can only imagine that this ring represents Satan; for he is able to appear as an angel of light; but he is evil in every way. So, his light is not real. Nevertheless, he can give the illusion of light. My Little One, you have discerned well. Satan is the great ring of reflective light on his right, great toe. For, Satan is his god and his manifesto is Satans manifesto; and Satan empowers Him and has empowered him. But, My Lord, I ask you to bring down this wicked man and to cut down his power and to divide his wicked kingdom. My Lord, how long must the people groan beneath the weight of such unspeakable evil? My Little One, I tell you a truth, that the left ankle of this evil Rothschild man is swollen. It is red, a continuous pain and a great aching. This pain in his left ankle keeps him awake at night and he frets about this pain. For, this one pain is before him continuously and because of this one pain, he has no rest. For, he cannot conquer this pain. All of his resources and all of Satans resources cannot conquer the great pain in the Rothschild mans left ankle. My Lord, tell me about this great pain in the Rothschild mans left ankle. My Blessed Child, you are that great pain.

But, how so, My Lord? For, how did I get into his left ankle? My Little One, you did not get of your own accord, but they placed you there. It is not your choice to be there, but their choice to make you their prisoner. Do you not know that the very great war against you comes not just through the President of this nation, or even from the leaders of other nations. This great war against you comes through this man, Evelyn Rothschild, Satans number one man in the whole world. So, Father, tell me about this pain. My Little One, the great pain is one great obsession in this Rothschild man because they cannot kill you. They cannot eradicate you. They cannot stop My works in you. They cannot succeed in their great efforts to destroy you. They cannot succeed, though they come at you full throttle. You, My Blessed Child, are their obsession, night and day, day and night. You are their obsession. Do you not know this by now? Do you not see how this man makes his every move based on what I tell you in visions and dreams? My Little One, you are at the head of the world agenda. You are their obsession. Not their wealth, not their possessions, not even their great powers. You, My Little One, are their obsession; for through you come My Holy Sons. Through you comes My holy little son of light and fire. Through you comes My infant kingdom. Oh yes, My Blessed Child, you are their obsession, night and day; and you are also their very great dread! For, they well understand whom you serve. They well understand that they cannot defeat Me and My power. They well understand that all of their weapons against you have failed. For, you are Mine. You are married to Me and I fight for you. You, My Blessed Child, are the very great pain in the left ankle of the Rothschild man and the pain will grow. It will not lessen, but will grow and consume his whole left leg, until he has no left leg, and must then have a wooden leg and will then walk with a cane. For, my work through you, my will be done and My kingdom come into the earth, will absolutely cripple him. And, in due season, he will be as dust in the wind and all of his manifestos will be as dust in the wind. For, My Kingdom of pure and holy fire will destroy him and all of his wicked servants. And, this, My Little One, you well know: that the righteous inherit the earth and holiness is ones true offering to Me. Blessed are you, My Precious Child; for I have created you and even from the Garden, I called you to be mother of My people. You fell, but now I shall raise you up high, high above all of Satans dominion. For, through your suffering, you have paid, and continue to pay a very great price for the birth of My Kingdom, for the freedom of My people, and for their advancement into the eternal life. For, My Holy Son, who lives within you, is the very bridge of the righteous into eternal life.

For this reason, they seek sleep. They seek rest, but it escapes them. For, they know that Mine win; and for their crumbling kingdom and for their lives, they fight. I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God, As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 16th day of September, 2011, Linda Newkirk The Rothschild Manifesto is Unfolding, all over the world! Note the date of this message from our Saviour. Also, note the time of the escalation of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Watch how quickly these so-called protest movements escalated all across this nation, and even elsewhere around the world. We are witnessing the Rothschild Manifesto as it unfolds around the world. The Occupy wall Street Movement is firstly the pride of the Satan, secondly the pride of the Rothschild man and his sidekick, the Queen of England. Thirdly, this Occupy movement, which is sweeping the nation, is President Obamas pride and joy! He is happy to do his masters bidding. The Rothschild Manifesto: Order out of chaos! Dont go among these protest crowds! Stay away from these crowds! Violence will overtake them! These wicked Satanists have baited the people to come forward and to stick their necks out. But, they will pull a switch on the protesters, in typical satanic fashion. This is one big bait and switch game! Many of you protesters will soon be hauled off to parts unknown, and you will not be seen again. Violence will erupt around this nation and all over the world. In the midst of such instability, Rothschild and his world elitists will crash the world markets. Then, they will bring down the iron curtain all over the world. This is how the Rothschild Manifesto will spread and cover the nations. Get your spiritual houses in order. Repent. Stop doing evil! Come away from the lusts of the world; or you will die in them. There is little time left. We are seeing the beginning of the end! THE BLACK THRONE I stood up high, up on the rocky side of a hill, and as I looked up into the early evening sky, a bundle came falling down into my arms. At first, it seemed to be a round bundle, but then the bundle began to change shape and the weight of the bundle began to pull it downwards until it slipped out of my arms and went tumbling below. I watched as it went down, down, down and then crashed on the side of another hill, its contents now spreading into the cracks and crevices of the hillside. A gooey, dark stuff

was covering the nooks and crannies of the rocks with a thick, grey covering. And, some of this dark covering was then making its way into the lighted streets. My eyes were drawn again to the side of the hill, where the bundle first crashed. There among the rocks, hidden within a rocky niche was President Obama. I looked intently at him and saw that the dark covering from the now burst package had settled around him and was draped all over the rocks. President Obama stood there in the shadows of the darkness; and to my amazement, there in that darkness, amidst that dark cover, I saw that a chair began to take shape. And, quickly this chair began to grow in height and width, a chair, which was dark, like ebony, but quickly had grown to resemble a throne. I pondered this chair before our Saviour and wondered how a chair could grow so quickly to become a throne. So, I walked behind the chair and began looking for a lever, or a handle, which one might use to quickly raise up a chair in this way. As I looked behind the chair, I found a handle, which could be used to raise the chair, but as I tried to turn the handle, I saw that it would only spin around. The gears in the handle were stripped. Then, our Saviour told me that this chair has not grown so quickly into a throne because of others, who might be standing visibly behind this chair. He told me that this chair has become a throne because of those, who are beneath it. Then, I was carried beneath the chair and found myself in an underground meeting room. There, beneath the chair, in that room, I saw those, who were growing the chair. There, beneath President Obama and his black throne I saw many reptiles and also some of Satans own human children, like Bill Clinton, the Queen of England and others. And, though I did not see him, I knew that Satan was hiding in the shadows. Then, so many things made a lot of sense: President Obamas disdain for the Constitution of America; his disdain for the flag of this nation; his disdain for the U.S. Congress; his disdain for Christianity; and his disdain for all freedoms of the people of this nation, to name only a few. President Obama has been given his throne; and his chair for this nation, the presidency, means little to him. This nation and all that it stands for is but dust under his feet. This must surely be why so many photos of President Obama have surfaced, photos, which show his great disrespect for the office of the presidency: many photos of this man with his dirty shoes draped over furniture, over the sides of antique desks, alongside tables and on other kinds of White House furniture. President Obama has brought a greater filth to the White House than all of the rest of the presidents combined. He knows that he is not there because of the will of the people, but because of the will of Satan. So, he wipes his feet on its history.

President Obama knows who he is, that he is the antichrist. He is well aware of his throne; but few others are aware it; for his throne is hidden in the crevices of the rocks. It is well known in underground circles, but still in this world, few accept the truth of who he is. Father, what would You add to this vision that You gave to me? My Little One, I would add this: 2+2 may be four, but it this case 2+1=4. How so, My Lord? My Little One, through this man, all will receive more than they ever bargained for. For, I have told you, My Blessed Child, who he is; but few believe. His throne is in the shadows, but not for long. My Lord, why did this package come to me in this vision? My Little One, this comes to you as you are faithful. My Blessed Child, his throne is because you are. If you were not, he would not be. My Little One, this is but one way of showing you, that this comes about because you are. Understand? Yes, My Lord. I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God. As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 15th day of September, 2011, Linda Newkirk But, even so, oh Blessed Saviour, I fully understand that I am but a little human and I know well that I am but a vehicle for Your holy son to come into the earth. Truly, oh Lord, if I did not have your holy Son, this great war would not be, not at this time anyway. And, so it goes, My Blessed Child; but you are in the earth, and you are the vehicle. Therefore, you are also the target. Happy reading, Dear Souls! I love you very much. Linda P.S. More is coming in chapter 84. So, keep watching!