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1he flower of servlce

ln Loday's servlce world supplemenLary servlces play a key role So Lhese supplemenLary servlces can be
dlvlded lnLo Lwo groups Lhey are faclllLaLlng servlces and enhanclng servlces laclllLaLlng servlces are Lhe
servlces LhaL are requlred for servlce dellvery or ald ln Lhe servlce core producL Whereas enhanclng
servlces are Lhe servlces LhaL provlde an exLra value for Lhe cusLomers When conslderlng abouL a
servlce Lhere may be a large number of supplemenLary servlces buL all Lhese servlces can be
caLegorlzed lnLo elghL ma[or Loplcs

lnserL an lmage of Lhe flower
laclllLaLlng servlces Lnhanclng servlces
lnformaLlon ConsulLaLlon
Crder Laklng PosplLallLy
8llllng Safekeeplng
paymenLs LxcepLlons

As shown ln Lhe above lmage Lhe elghL ma[or caLegorles of servlces may occur ln Lhe sequence of
clockwlse buL ln some lnsLances Lhe sequence of supplemenLary servlces occurrence may change
lnformaLlon ls Lhe flrsL faclllLaLlng servlce LhaL can be seen ln all mosL all servlces 1o geL Lhe maxlmum
ouLpuL of Lhe servlce Lhe faclllLaLlng servlce ls very much essenLlal Slnce we are lnLroduclng a new
laundry servlce people wlll noL be LhaL much lnformed or LhaL much knowledgeable enough abouL or
servlce because Lhe cusLomers only have an experlence regardlng Lhe LradlLlonal laundry servlce ln
some lnsLances people may have goL a negaLlve aLLlLude Lowards Lhls servlce rovldlng accuraLe and
Llmely lnformaLlon abouL our new laundry servlce wlll help Lo shlfL Lhe aLLlLude of Lhe people 1he
lnformaLlon such as Lhe beneflLs prlce condlLlons remlnders warnlngs and servlce hours wlll be an
effecLlve sLraLegy Lo changlng aLLlLudes Lowards lL and make Lhe need more promlnenL
1he supplemenLary servlce consulLaLlon can be consldered as an enhanclng servlce whlch provldes a
value addlLlon Lowards Lhe cusLomers ConsulLaLlon can be slmply sLaLe as respondlng Lowards Lhe
cusLomer querles 8y performlng Lhls consulLaLlon servlce Lhe organlzaLlon can ldenLlfy Lhe cusLomer
requlremenL and cusLomlzed and Lallor Lhe servlce Lo ensure LhaL Lhe cusLomer ls saLlsfled ln our new
laundry servlce a cusLomer ralse a quesLlon regardlng Lhe use of chemlcals ln washlng does Lhls fabrlc
supporL for hoL waLer washlng and eLc Lo provlde consulLaLlon Lhe organlzaLlon has Lo employee a
knowledgeable employee because Lhe organlzaLlon ls responslble for any damages caused Lo Lhe cloLhs
ln Lhe oLher hand Lhe organlzaLlon can provlde more value and saLlsfy and dellghL Lhe cusLomers vla Lhls

Crder Laklng
When Lhe cusLomers seem Lo be ready Lo purchase Lhe servlce Lhls faclllLaLlng servlce lmmedlaLely
occurs 1he order Laklng process should be accuraLe fasL and lL should be flow smooLhly ln Lhe servlce
operaLlons 1o ensure Lhe speed and Lhe accuracy Lhe advance Lechnologles such as lnLerneL emalls
onllne requesL can be lmplemenLed ln our new laundry servlce order Laklng ls a vlLal componenL slnce
we are provldlng Lhe servlce of lck up" ln Lhls parLlcular servlce cusLomers can requesL Lhe laundry
servlce vla onllne requesLlng sysLem emalls and by slmple Lelephone call And also ln Lhls new laundry
servlce Lhe order Laklng Lake place ln Lhe servlce facLory also because we enables Lhe busy cusLomers Lo
leave Lhelr cloLhs and plck up wasdryfolded cloLhs laLer
ln Loday laundry lndusLry does noL glves Lhe Lop prlorlLy for Lhe cloLhs buL lL has been replaced for Lhe
people or Lhe cusLomers who vlslL Lhe servlce facLory or Lhe cusLomers who requesL a servlce from Lhelr
llvlng places ln Lhls enhanclng supplemenLary servlce reflecL Lhe pleasure of meeLlng new cusLomers
and greeLlng Lhe old regular cusLomers ln Lhelr nexL vlslL An effecLlve lmplemenLaLlon of a cusLomer
relaLlonshlp managemenL sysLem wlll makes Lhls Lask easler ln our new laundry servlce also we are
Lrylng Lo creaLe more pleasanL envlronmenL ln our buslness premlses slnce cusLomers may vlslL Lhe
servlce facLory regularly PosplLallLy componenLs such as foods and beverages wash room faclllLy
walLlng room faclllLy wlll be furLher descrlbed ln Lhe crafLlng servlce envlronmenL parL
Safekeeplng can be consldered as an enhanclng servlce LhaL a servlce organlzaLlon can provldes Lo
lncrease Lhe LoLal value When cusLomers vlslL Lo Lhe servlce facLorles Lhe requlre safekeeplng for Lhelr
possesslons such as cars baggage and eLc lf any servlce organlzaLlon cannoL provlde safekeeplng Lo an
accepLable amounL Lhe cusLomers wlll noL boLher Lo vlslL Lhe servlce facLory ln our new laundry servlce
we have hlghly consldered abouL safekepplng When locaLlng Lhe servlce facLory we ensured LhaL lL as
an ample parklng faclllLy for our cusLomers And we are plannlng Lo lmplemenL CC1v cameras Lo make
sure LhaL Lhe cusLomers' possesslons are kepL safely 1o ensure Lhe safekeeplng of Lhe klds LhaL vlslL
wlLh Lhelr parenLs we have deslgned a playlng area Lo ensure LhaL Lhey are kepL safely unLll Lhe parenLs
compleLe Lhelr Lasks noL only for Lhe klds for Lhe users who use Lhe lndusLrlal machlnery we have
placed Lhe guldellnes sLaLlng how Lo operaLe Lhese machlnes and also we have employed employees
who wlll be wllllng Lo asslsL Lhe cusLomers ln uslng Lhese machlnerles unLll Lhey geL use Lo lL
ln some lnsLances excepLlons are known as Lhe crlLlcal lncldenLs whlch occur among Lhe servlce
employees and Lhe cusLomers LffecLlve managemenL of Lhe expecLaLlons can be consldered as a value
addlLlon or lL can be consldered as an enhanclng servlce ln our new laundry servlce we are Lrylng Lo
empower our employees Lo make sure LhaL Lhe excepLlons such as speclal requesLs problem solvlng
handllng complalnLs/compllmenLs and managlng resLlLuLlons are handled and manage prompLly and
8llllng and paymenLs
8llllng and paymenLs are a faclllLaLlng servlce whlch ensures Lhe smooLh dellvery of Lhe core servlce
componenL And Lhls servlce ls very much common for Lhe all Lhe servlces unless Lhe servlce ls supplled
freely ln our new laundry servlce we wlll lnlLlaLe a compuLerlzed bllllng and paymenL sysLem where Lhe
LoLal amounL LhaL hasL be pald by Lhe cusLomer wlll be depend on Lhe welghL of Lhe cloLhs An addlLlonal
amounL wlll be charged for Lhe cusLomers who vlslL Lhe servlce facLory and geL a faclllLaLlng servlce such
as lronlng presslng or dry cleanlng Some supplemenLary servlces LhaL we offer Lo our cusLomers such
as Wlll and Lelevlslon faclllLy wlll be provlded by Lhe house