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Part III of the Collage Your Light Vision Board Workshop-in-a-Box

of the Collage Your Light Vision Board Workshop-in-a-Box Pamela Moss, PhD. Inner Vision Portraits © Pamela

Pamela Moss, PhD.

Inner Vision Portraits

© Pamela Moss 2007

This Let Your Light Guide You Handbook shows you how to use your Light vision board that you created in Remember Your Light as a powerful guide to living into your light.

You’ll discover here how to clarify what matters most and move towards your dreams. In the process you’ll bring new energy, authenticity, and joy to every area of your life.

Specifically, this Handbook shows you how to use your vision board to stay inspired and to create and attract new opportunities and support for your ongoing growth.

It’s all about letting your light shine.

to create and attract new opportunities and support for your ongoing growth. It’s all about letting

How to Use Your Light Collage Vision Board 3 steps to attracting and creating the life you want

1. Hang your treasure map where you’ll see it every day

-- perhaps near your bed, where you can remind yourself what you’re creating when you go to sleep and when you wake up.

Spend a few moments each day looking at your collage and experiencing what it feels like to have these experiences in your life. Also bring your attention to what there is to be grateful for in your life -- just as it is right now. Doing these things will powerfully motivate you to follow the other two steps and fulfill your intentions.

2. Starting now and through the coming months, be open

to receiving ideas, support, new openings for action, resources, inspiration, and opportunities. They may not come in a way you expect

Keep looking at your map and focusing your mind on what you want by asking: "how can I create x"? or, "given that I'm in this situation, what can I do to create x?" It is out of asking that the ways will be shown to you. Say “yes” to them!

Be willing to play and explore new possibilities.

3. Take actions in line with these ideas and openings,

actions that benefit not only you but also benefit others. (To get value, you have to give value.)

Let these actions come from a place of inspiration (pulling your good towards you) rather than “shoulds” (bowing to others’ expectations) or a sense of something lacking (trying to push away worry or discomfort, which is inevitably counter-productive).

Don’t think you can? You will develop whatever personal qualities you need to take these positive actions -- qualities like courage, persistence, initiative, enthusiasm, honesty, and flexibility -- and succeed in creating what you

want to the degree that you keep your vision board in mind

and focus on how it feels to experience your light.

Be bold about following through on whatever possibilities present themselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s big steps or baby steps; anything that gets you moving is great.

If you don’t take action, nothing will happen!

How to Use This Handbook

You can dip into this Handbook as a “pick-me-up” daily, or whenever you want to be inspired and reconnected to what matters to you. The exercises will help you experience more of what lights you up – today.

Or you can work through the entire Handbook to get clearer and clearer about what you want, and to help you live a life you love. This is how you apply the visionary work you’ve done in Seeing Your Light and Remember Your Light.

As you do the exercises, notice that your brain is a powerful problem-solver.

? ¿Whenever you ask yourself a question ? ? your brain

automatically begins to provide answers. It starts to:

find evidence to support your beliefs;

call up meaningful memories;

come up with fresh (maybe outrageous) ideas;

notice new openings – inspiring books or websites, jobs or classes, programs or grants you could apply for

connect you with new people who can further your goals and dreams -- and rediscover people already in your life who can help in ways you didn’t realize

create thought-provoking dreams

see what in your current life PREVENTS you from moving forward. (This can be painful. But it’s essential, if you’re ever going to express the full brilliance of your light and live a life of deep contribution, happiness, and fulfillment.)

The trick is to capture all the possibilities that start floating around when you ask big questions, like the ones in this handbook. Some answers conveniently turn up when you ask. Others show up unexpectedly, hours or days later, while you’re driving, showering, falling asleep, or having a conversation

Be ready to jot down these sudden inspirations whenever they come.

I recommend you keep a “fresh ideas” notebook in your pocket or purse, and another one by your bed; and start a “fresh ideas” folder on your computer or PDA.

It can be helpful to subdivide the notebooks/folders in a way that is useful to you, such as “partners,” “opportunities,” “current projects,” and “future projects?”.

Other ways to capture your ideas:

dictate them into a recorder;

sketch or doodle them in a journal (maybe while listening to music?);

type them into a Simplology Dream Catcher (see Resources p. 21 below);

film yourself talking about them;

the classic: writing/drawing them on a paper napkin over lunch or in a bar

However you do it, create a system that works for you to capture your “brainstorms,” whenever and wherever they occur.

When you do, you’ll be rewarded with an increasing flow of insight and openings that will steadily draw you into the life of your dreams.

Like a shy friend, your innate inner wisdom – your light – speaks more freely when you really listen.

of your dreams. Like a shy friend, your innate inner wisdom – your light – speaks

Get ready

Find a quiet time to do these exercises when you will not be disturbed. Turn off your email and phone. You are giving yourself a real gift -- time to reflect on what matters to you, and an opportunity to literally create your day and your future.

You will need:

your Light Collage vision board from Part II, Remember Your Light

your written answers to Part I, Seeing Your Light

this Handbook. I recommend you print it out and write in it.


Every time you do an exercise in this Handbook, begin by taking a good look at your vision board.

Notice without judgment how you’re feeling right now, and what thoughts you’re having, and just let them go. Breathe deeply, and open your heart to the wisdom you already have within you.

As you look at this beautiful image you created, allow yourself to rest into this vision of your Light. Own it. Say to yourself, “At heart I am

(Seeing Your Light p. 12)

Allow yourself to know the truth of this statement, no matter what current circumstances may look like.

Example: “At heart I am Connection, Freedom and Joy.”

You may find the exercises fun, or you might find them challenging. Some of the questions may bring up things that make you uncomfortable. Don’t worry, it’s all good, all material

for growth; so just allow yourself to have whatever experience you have without judgment.

I have provided sample answers in brown, to guide you and stimulate your thinking; but your answers will no doubt look quite different. There is no right or wrong way to answer the questions or do the exercises.

There is an intention, though: to connect more deeply with your Light and see where asking the questions leads you

your Light and see where asking the questions leads you It’s helpful to approach each question

It’s helpful to approach each question or exercise by reading it first, and then thinking about it while you look at your collage. Let the collage -- the reminder of your Light – stir things up and inspire you.

The exercises begin on the next page. Make it easy -- do them in “bite-sized” chunks, adapt them to your circumstances, take them in whatever order you like -- go ahead, play!

OK, are you comfy?

Ready, set


The Exercises

Many of the exercises in this handbook make use of a simple but powerful principle for achieving what you desire: GRABS.


Release what you don’t want, Receive what you do

Acknowledge progress, Ask for guidance

Be your authentic self, Believe you’re deserving and already receiving


(This is Joyce Schwarz’s modification of The Law of Attraction, from The Vision Board: the Secret to an Extraordinary Life. I’m a contributor to this wonderful book.)

Use your vision board to help you practice these principles.

Exercise #1: Morning Gratitude and Acknowledgement

Look at your vision board each morning after you get dressed, and say “I’m grateful for this amazing new day!”

Then look at each part of your collage and acknowledge what you already have in your life and what you are creating.

Examples: “I am grateful for the support and love I already have, and for the new partner [or friends] I am attracting.” “I am grateful for the freedom I already have, and for all my new opportunities.”

Exercise #2: Release and Receive

To release what you don’t want, you must first look it square in the eye without resisting it or denying it.

So whenever you become aware of a limiting belief in your ”

or “I’m not smart enough

thoughts (such as “I’m too old to

” or “I’m

all alone” or “this won’t work”), first acknowledge this belief as something you tell yourself, rather than something that is True:

“oh, I’m telling myself I’m too old to find romance!”

Then look at your vision board. Breathe in the inspiring image you’ve created (literally – take a deep breath), and on the out breath release the belief and feeling your mind is generating, remember your Light, and trust that you are being guided to receive what you desire.

Example: “I release the belief and feeling that I’m too old. At heart I am Connection, Freedom, and Joy [or

whatever you wrote in Seeing Your Light p. 12] and I am

being guided to the love of my life.” [or what you desire].

Do this several times, allowing yourself to know the truth of your statement -- no matter what your current circumstances look like.

This is also a way to practice being and believing. If you have trouble believing in this moment, no problem; ask to have an experience of your Light today, or an experience of being guided.

Exercise #3: I Need a Quick Fix Now!

Get something to write with, look at your vision board, and answer the following 3 questions:

3.1 Given where I am right now, what would move me towards an experience of my Light?

(“my Light” is what you wrote on p. 12 of Seeing Your Light, and what your vision board shows)

Example: I feel stressed and exhausted. If I took out a few minutes to nourish myself and see the larger picture –- even though I have so much to do -- I’d probably feel a lot better.


How could I do this right now?

I could study my vision board and write down whatever comes to me. Get up to stretch or do some yoga. Make a list of 5 things I’m grateful for. Go hug a family member. Put on some music I love. Pet the dog.

3.3 What will I do right now?

I’ll get up and stretch, and then list 5 things I’m grateful for. It’ll only take 5 minutes -- I can spare that. Bye!

Exercise #3: Inner Wisdom Download

Brainstorm: what could I start doing or practicing to experience my Light more?

(“my Light” is what you wrote on p. 12 of Seeing Your Light, and what your vision board shows)

Keep a ‘gratitude journal’. Dance. Get more sleep. Appreciate and acknowledge everyone who contributes me. Go on a retreat. Have regular “dates with my Self” -- time alone in a place that inspires me (nature, museum, house of worship, garden) and/or with tools that inspire (vision board, art supplies, musical instrument, journal). Meditate. Savor food, chew each bite carefully. Listen without interrupting or judging. Practice compassion and generosity toward others, especially those closest to me – let love win. Random acts of kindness and anonymous good deeds.

Exercise #4: Power Your Light with Affirmations

Affirmations are thoughtfully selected, positive phrases you use to focus your attention and energize your intention. They “re-program” your subconscious mind to align it with the new reality you are creating, and empower you to grow.

” or “I

am becoming

healing statement that frees you from limiting beliefs of the past

and counters any opposition you might get from family or peers as you grow.

Create your own affirmation: Phrase it as “I am ”

Ideally your affirmation is an empowering and

Here are some examples:

I am courageous and willing to take risks.

I am a beautiful, sexy woman.

I am joyful.

I am a good person.

I am confident and at ease.

I am talented and creative.

I am generous.

I am a loving dad and close to my kids.

I am on my own hero’s journey.

I am at peace.

I am learning all the time.

I am the one.

I am becoming stronger every day.

I am becoming a best-selling author.

I am becoming fit and buff.

I am becoming debt-free.

If you can’t suspend your conscious disbelief that things can ever happen differently than they have in the past, that’s OK. Just add an “-ing” ending to your affirmation: “I am losing

weight,” “I am opening to a new relationship,” “I am handling my problems with grace,” etc.

Now brainstorm your own affirmation(s):

Pick your favorite affirmation(s):

Ways you can use your affirmations:

Say your affirmations in front of your vision board, as if you’re talking to the best part of yourself.

Write your affirmations in a journal and on sticky notes. Post the notes in unexpected places – the bathroom mirror, by your bed, the dashboard of the car, on your TV remote, on your computer at work, in your wallet.

Whenever you think of it during the day, say your affirmations out loud or in your head (depending on where you are).

Record your affirmations using an audio or video recorder or the microphone on your computer; listen to them daily.

Use technology: text message your affirmations, or add them to your computer screensaver.

Say them as mantras when you meditate, or as you’re falling asleep.

Exercise #5: What Lights Me Up in Life

(“what lights me up” is what energizes, inspires, or fulfills you, or what brings you joy and contentment – and maybe moves you to wonder or awe)

This exercise is a deeper look at the subject of Exercise 3 above. It gives you a sense of the many different sources of inspiration you have, the abundance of touchstones and resources you can draw on.

Study your collage vision board and answer the 4 questions on the following pages.

If you have trouble answering a question from your current or past experience, think of possible answers: things you dream of trying, places you want to go, people you’d love to meet, books or movies you want to read or see, etc.


What situations, places, or times tend to light me up, now

or in the past?

Example: The ocean, especially at sunrise. Improvisational dance classes. Painting and drawing, especially portraits. Conscious dreaming. Biking around town. Rituals. Meditating. Time alone in the woods. Big horizons. Gardening. Landmark courses. Retreats. The night sky. Harmonizing to music when I’m driving by myself. Cathedrals and churches, any “sacred space.” Big trees. Spring. Running water. Keeping a dream journal. Christmas Eve by the newly-decorated Christmas tree. Sufi dancing.

5.2 What kinds of conversations or interactions with others,

now or in the past, light me up?

Example: being honest about what I’m really feeling or wanting; listening deeply; doing portrait interviews; coaching clients; leading workshops; talking about what inspires me; listening for what inspires others; acknowledging and appreciating; being playful and silly; being moved by someone (in person, books, or movies); creating intentions for conversations or visits; deep talks with friends and family members; empowering someone to act on what matters to them; “letting love win” in an argument with my sweetie; facilitating spiritual gatherings


Who tends to light me up just by being around them or

hearing from them, now or in the past? (You can include people you know only from their books, TV. shows, workshops/classes, etc.)

Example: Joyce S., Joyce P., Kellie, Neal, Sara, Coowe, Dave H., Paul, Heather, Sigrid, John K., Margot, Diane, Madeleine, Cora, Ruth, Aunt Carol, Aunt Janice, Barack Obama, the Dalai Lama

5.4 What are my favorite books, movies, music, websites, art,

TV shows, plays, and concepts or ideas, now or in the past? (These tend to “light you up” and reflect your own Light.)

Example: Books: Eat Pray Love, Cloud Atlas, Vision Board: Secret to

Extraordinary life, Rumi poems, mythology, Jungian psychology, children’s picture books like Brambly Hedge series. As teen/kid:

Rubbiyat of Omar Kahyyam, Leaves of Grass, Narnia. Music: Samite

& other world beat; most jazz; Bach, Brahms’ cello sonatas, Chopin;

blues, soul and R&B; trance

Especially live music. Also making

music. Theater: Angels in America, A Perfect Ganesh. Art: German

cathedral’s carved wooden doors, Byzantine icons, Fra Angelica, Rothko, Judy Chicago, Persian miniatures, Alex Gray, Chilhuly. Concepts: Gods and goddesses, archetypes, anthropomorphic animals, mythical creatures. Utopias and intentional communities. Tree houses. Shrines. Alchemy, herbalism, arcane symbols.

The experiences in Exercise #5 are what you currently know that nourishes you. Be sure you experience them frequently – ideally several each day -- or to begin with, at least one a week.

Exercise #6: What Gets in the Way

Take a look at your vision board collage and let yourself remember and experience your Light, then answer the following 2 questions.

6.1 In what situations or circumstances in my life currently is it challenging for me to experience my Light?

Example: When I’m anxious or depressed about money or things that need to be done. When I’m really tired. When I haven’t gotten any exercise or been outside all day. When I distract myself and go semi-conscious by aimless reading, surfing the Internet, or mindless eating. When I tell myself self-pitying things like “No one helps me” or “This is hard” or “No one cares.” When I have to do a chore I dislike and forget be intentional and playful about it. If I watch a violent or disturbing movie. When I spend too many hours looking at a computer screen – even if I’m being productive. When the house is a mess. If I’m with someone who is complaining, cynical, or negative.

6.2 How can I:

avoid these challenging conditions, or

release the emotional charge attached to them, or

protect myself during them, or

become aware when I am in one (so I can remember I have a choice about how to react)?

Example: when I’m anxious or depressed I can stop to meditate, count my blessings, take a walk, or read something inspiring. I can avoid being really tired or feeling like a blob by being making agreements with myself about sleeping/napping times, and arranging daily exercise dates with a buddy or family member (or consciously accept the consequences.) As soon as I notice I’m distracting myself, I can admit it aloud and either give myself a time limit or ask myself what I’m avoiding. When I tell myself self- pitying things, I can notice that I’m doing this (it’s not True) and release the charge by asking my sweetie for a hug, or petting the cat, or refocus my mind by thinking what I’m grateful for. I can either try to turn a complaining, cynical, or negative conversation in a positive direction, or unapologetically step away from it. There’s nothing wrong with avoiding mental pollution.

Exercise #7: Vision Board Career Counseling

Look at the vision board collage you made of your Light and let yourself dream. Drink in the image and ask yourself, “what kind of work or play or lifestyle might express this?” Go wild

Example: Painting landscapes or scenes form my imagination. Hiking in the woods. Hang gliding (!). Performing in a dance group. Being in a spiritual community like a monastery or ashram. Living in a Mediterranean climate where I can bask in the sun like a cat. Telling stories or writing novels. Being part of a circle. Working with dreams somehow? Visiting Malibu and the CA coast in the spring. Studying architecture. Visiting cathedrals.

Exercise #8: A Game Called “If I had 5 Lives to Lead

Make a list of five things you would like to be in an alternate life:

Example: monk or Indian holy woman; jazz singer; elementary school teacher; animal sanctuary worker; abstract painter/fabric artist

These alternate lives probably express some aspects of your Light. Do yours? How?

Example: the main aspects of my Light are connection, freedom, joy. Hmmm, monk/holy woman = connection to the divine and the joy of a life dedicated to spirit; jazz singer and abstract artist = freedom and joy of expressing my creativity in new ways; teacher = connection with children, connecting them to new ideas and skills, expanding their freedom and joy; animal sanctuary worker = connection with animals and the joy they give me.

Pick the alternate life that most appeals to you at this moment. What could you do to give yourself a taste of it?

Example: [I’ll give several here, you can do just one.] Monk: a 2 hour silent “retreat” outdoors or at home. Singer: buy a slinky piece of clothing (at the thrift store?) or sign up for voice lessons. Artist: spend 2 hours playing with new art materials, in a new way (suspend judgment!).

Brainstorm ways you could play around with your alternate lives – and then be bold and schedule time to do one!

Exercise #9: Show and Tell

Share your vision board and your dreams with the people in your life.

After all, they are the ones who can best support you to achieve what you want. If you can get them to see the possibility of your dreams or aspirations being fulfilled, they will naturally be inspired to look out for resources and opportunities to help you along.

The more people you do this with, the greater your support system -– and the more likely you are to achieve your heart’s desires. (And it may require some courage and vulnerability to share what you really want.)

Simultaneously, share yourself with others – be generous and support them to fulfill whatever matters to them.

Exercise #10: My “To be” List

Instead of starting your work day with the usual “to do” list, consider starting it by letting your vision board inspire who you want to BE today. Express it in the present tense:

Example: “Today I am CENTEREDNESS” or “today I am LOVE” “today I am PEACE” “today I am BOLDNESS” “today I am DEEP LISTENING” etc.

Then list things you could DO today to BE more of that:

Example: “Today I am CENTERED: I meditate, I spend time alone, I really taste my food and chew it thoroughly, I take a deep breath before reacting to anything, I nourish myself with exercise and time in nature.”

And, of course, do them!

If you find that you’re not taking action, first be compassionate with yourself (there’s nothing wrong), and then simply return to looking at your vision board. Let it inspire you again, right then and there, and see what you are drawn to do.


mmmmm! mmmmm


I’ll leave you with some Tips on the next page.

I recommend you print out the tips page and post it where you’ll see it every day, along with the vision board you made of what lights you up.

Look at your vision board every morning, even if just for a moment.

Re-presence the qualities of your Light. See what it says to you today. Then go live your day in light ;-) of it.

Share your vision board and your dreams with the people in your life.

After all, they are the ones who can best support you.

Take some action every day, no matter how small, aligned with your experience of your Light.

Don’t know what to do? Keep asking yourself, "How can I experience my Light today?” It is out of asking that ways will be shown to you.

Remember that only you can shine your light. And if not now, when?

only you can shine your light. And if not now, when? You are the one you

You are the one you have been waiting for.

"A true knowledge of ourselves is knowledge of our power." -- Mark Rutherford


Here are some rather random resources I personally recommend:

1. For goal-setting and turning your dreams into goals that you achieve through small daily steps:

http://www. Simpleology.com. It’s free.

2. For ongoing awareness and centering: a daily meditation routine. There are lots of approaches out there. I like a program that provides special CDs which automatically put you in a deep meditative state:

https://www.centerpointe.com/ You can get a free demonstration CD; the actual program costs money.

Apparently there are also free software programs on the internet that let you create similar CDs yourself.

3. Powerful tools for living a life you love:

http://www.landmarkeducation.com/landmark_forum.jsp You can attend a free introduction to this transformational education online, or at hundreds of locations all over the world; actual programs cost money.

http://www.ihaveavision.org/ The website for The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life by Joyce Schwarz. (I’m a featured artist in this bestseller). Resources and events about vision boards, the Law of Attraction, Beyond the Secret, etc.

4. Draw people into your life who appreciate what lights you up and support you to grow and develop. Like me. Email me at pamela@innervisionportraits.com or visit my website http://www.innervisionportraits.com I love to hear from you.

You can find them also on the free social networking site Gaia http://www.gaia.com/ dedicated “to inspire and empower you to realize your purpose, so that you can do the same for others, and so that, together, we can contribute to a better world.”

5. If you run your own business where “you want to make a difference but you need to make a profit,” check out this “heart-centered” approach and online community: