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TTBizLink is an IT-platform known as a Single Electronic Window (SEW) designed to facilitate business and trade. Companies/individuals who wish to import/export goods, apply for permits, licenses, register a business or conduct other business related activities can submit their documents online via www.ttbizlink.gov.tt. These are then sent to the various government agencies responsible for approvals and within a set period are processed electronically. WHAT IS THE MAIN OBJECTIVE OF TTBIZLINK? TTBizLink is about Business Made Easy by providing a convenient and state-of-the art electronic platform for the delivery of a range of government services within agreed services standards in a transparent and predictable manner. It is therefore meant to improve the international competitiveness of Trinidad and Tobago. WHO ARE THE MAIN PARTNERS OF TTBIZLINK? TTBizLink is led by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and developed by CrimsonLogic Pte. Ltd. of Singapore. The MTI has also partnered with the following Government departments and entities: Ministry of Public Administration (National ICT Company Ltd) Ministry of Finance Ministry of Health (Chemistry Food and Drug Division) Ministry of Food Production, Land and Marine A airs (Animal Production and Health Division and Plant Quarantine Services) Ministry of National Security (Work Permit Secretariat) Ministry of Legal A airs (Registrar General Department) Port of Point Lisas Port of Port of Spain Business Development Company Ltd The Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS) Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce WHAT SERVICES DOES TTBIZLINK OFFER? The following is the list of services o ered via TTBizLink: Import/Export Permits and Licenses Cargo Manifest Company Registration Fiscal Incentives HOW MANY SERVICES CAN I REGISTER FOR? Companies:- The Company/Business Application Form (B) allows you to register your sta for the relevant TTBizlink services (modules). a) An employee may be registered for more than one service. b) If you wish to have more than two employees registering for services, your company will be required to ll out additional forms for them. Individuals:- An individual may register for more than one service at the same time using the Individual Application Form (A). The services which are relevant to individuals are Work Permits, Import/Export Permits and Licenses, Certi cate of Origin and Company Registration. WHAT IS TTCONNECT? ttconnect is the O cial web portal of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It is part of a broader programme to improve the overall e ciency and e ectiveness of government service delivery through the employment of ICT. Visit www.ttconnect.gov.tt for more information. HOW DO I REGISTER TO USE TTBIZLINK? Step 1 To access any of TTBizLinks services you will rst need to have a ttconnect ID. To Sign-up for a ttconnect ID visit http://www.ttconnect.gov.tt and enter the required information. After creating an account at the above site, an email will be sent to you to activate your ttconnect ID online. Step 2 Go to the TTBizLink Portal Homepage www.ttbizlink.gov.tt. Download and print-out the relevant Application Form which pertains to you (A-Individual or B-Company/Business). Step 3 After you have completed Steps 1 & 2 you will need to visit any one of the locations listed below for veri cation purposes: LOCATION POS: Ministry of Trade and Industry Level 9, Nicholas Tower, 63-65 Independence Square, Port of Spain ST. JAMES: ttconnect Office NALIS Public Library - 31 Church Street, St. James PRINCES TOWN: ttconnect Office NALIS Public Library, 2A St. James Street, Princes Town CHAGUANAS: ttconnect Head Office Gaston Court, Gaston Street, Lange Park, Chaguanas ARIMA: ttconnect Office 1st Floor Pennywise Building, 10 -10A Devenish Street, Arima TUNAPUNA: ttconnect Office 2nd Floor Social Development Building, 107 Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna TOBAGO: ttconnect Office Milford Court Complex, Milford Road, Bon Accord a. CONTACT Tel: 800-4739 Email: ttbizlinkinfo@gov.tt Tel: 622-7254 Fax: 628-2960 Tel: 655-6015 Fax: 655-5006 Tel: 672-5858 Fax: 671-5196 Tel: 667-4465 Fax: 667-7053 Tel: 662-6447 Fax: 663-6517 Tel: 639-0430 Fax: 631-1853 Import Duty Concessions Goods Declaration Certi cate of Origin Work Permit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Remember to bring along at least two (2) forms of the following documentation: (a) Passport (b) Electronic Birth Certi cate (c) National ID Card

b. If you are an individual who will be required to access any of our services on behalf of a business/company (your own or that of your employer) the following additional documents will be required: i. Letter of authorization from the CEO/Managing Director ii. Copy of the BIR Certi cate of the business/company iii. Copy of the Business/Company Registration Certi cate Step 4 At the ttconnect service centre your documents will be processed and you will be registered for the TTBizLink service/s of your choice. HOW DO I DEREGISTER EMPLOYEES WHO WERE PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED TO TRANSACT BUSINESS ON BEHALF OF MY COMPANY? You will need to complete the TTBizLink form (C) - Deregistration and fax it to the TTBizLink Operations O ce at 627-2728. Note: This form can only be prepared by the Authorized Representative (Chairman/CEO/Managing Director/Corporate Secretary) of the company/business. WHAT IS A TTCONNECT ID? A ttconnect ID is a unique (single sign-on) electronic identi er that is issued by the National ICT Company Ltd (iGovTT). A ttconnect ID is required to access any of the services o ered on TTBizLink as well as other GORTT e-services in the future. WHAT IS THE COST TO USE TTBIZLINK? Currently, there is no cost to use TTBizLink. The normal processing fees charged by government departments for their speci c services will still apply. HOW SECURE IS MY INFORMATION ON TTBIZLINK? GORTT is committed to ensuring the protection of your privacy through responsible data protection practices. The collection and use of your personal information is in accordance with, and will be protected under, the Data Protection Act of 2011. All personal and other information collected will only be used by authorized GORTT sta to ful ll the purpose for which it was originally collected or for a use consistent with that purpose. TTBizLink does not share your information with other third parties except with your expressed consent or as authorized by law. GORTT will take all reasonable technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal data and information. TTBizLink will store all the personal data and information you provide on its secure servers. Information relating to electronic transactions entered into this website will be protected by encryption state-of-the-art best practice technology. WHERE CAN I FIND OUT MORE? Further information is available in the Privacy Statement on the About TTBizLink Section of this portal. You may also direct your questions or comments about TTBizLink to one of our representatives. Call: 800-4SEW or 800-4739 Fax: 1 (868) 624-9594 Email: ttbizlinkinfo@gov.tt