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Tuesday, April 39, IMS (DST). Suaset 7:42 p.m. Sunrise S:3S a.m. flirt tide today, 8.5 ft., 2:10 p.m. Hljth tide Wed., t.4 ft.. 2:25 a.m.



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EUROPE'S-FIRST HEART TRANSPLANT DIES PARIS (AP) Europe's first heart transplant patient, a 66-year-old retired French truck driver, died today 51% hours after he was given the heart of a young man. The new organ functioned well, doctors said, but the patient could not overcome an insufficiency of blood to the brain.

has voted unanimously not to the rumois of organized came letum anj indictments" infiltration > The ludge then thanked the jurois foi their efforts Powell of Hampton Falls, cllfton King- 5^ of Mouiton. said he was a \olunteer \v itboio, when told oi the juiy's ness, although earlier when decision not to indict< said T the investigation was suspended GOLD BOOMS AGAIN ON LONDON MARKET can > t beheve lt He and hls pending a state Supreme Court LONDON (AP) The price of gold on the London marjrother Norman King, 51, of ruling on a legal dispute which ket hit its highest peak today since free sales began April Meredith, had asked the iuiv Powell wanted settled Powell 1. The price also rose sharply in both Frankfurt and Zur;o exhume the body of then sis- had been under subpoena ich. ' tei Lomse 33 Methuen. Mass businessman The price at this morning's fixing in London was $39.10 * * George Kattar v ho has real esan ounce against Monday night's closing of $3875. This Clifton King said he doesn't tate interests in New Hamprepresented a steady increase during the past week amountknow what bod\ is buned "un- shire, resumed his testimony ing to"?1.45 an ounce. - -^ der a gravestone marked Lou- late Mondaj He had been on se King" m a Lakeport ceme- and stand Friday when the juiy EARTHQUAKE JARS WESTERN IRAN tery He wanted the jurors to took a weekend recess TEHRAN (AP) A severe earthquake rocked a large see if the body is that of Ins His total time before the jury. area of western Iran between Maku and Rezaeieh Monday "One voter in the town oi sister and, if it is, how she over the two dajs, was two night and officials said today 34 persons were killed. They Meredith may regard an invodied Her death Oct 9, 1967. houis and 25 minutes reported 250 persons injured and hundreds more homeless cation as purely ceremonial, an had been ruled an accident by! Also testifying on the final other as an historical throw fall in the bathtub of hei I day were Pappagiams' admimsLITTLE BOY KILLED BY TRAIN back to another day ana.anoth trative assistant Miss Nathalie Meredith home OLD ORCHARD BEACH (AP) Brian Girard, 2, has er as religious practice which He said, after the ]urors' de- Doiullette of Concord, state, been killed by a freight train while playing on tracks, acshould be forbidden. cision was disclosed, he will bank examiner George Wolf of cording to police. 'f 'f *f seek the services of an outside Deenng, who supervises small The child, killed Monday by the South Portland-Wor"But however any individual >athologist "with no local con- loans; Lakes Region General cester, Mass., train, was the son of Mr. and Mrs. James voter may describe the pracnections" and will "bear the Hospital pathologist Dr \ G Girard of Old Orchard Beach. tice, if is not, on" the facts oi costs no matter what" in a B. McLetdue ol Lacoma: Merethis case, an establishment of dine to get the body exhumed dith funeral home director Don.MANCHESTER BOARD MAKES OFFER religion proscribed by the esald Crumb, and Dr Mendon >y court order. tablishment clause of the First MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) The Manchester School The report of the grand jury MacDonald, former medical refAmendment in any pragmatic, Board has 'approved its finance committee's recommendamade no mention of the King eree for Belknap County. meaningful and realistic sense tion of a&ewx$5,500-$8,500 annual salary range for teachers >i others of that clause. Hojrever, this was one of three previous offers already Norman King said he told the Kattar, 49 had categoricalK rejected by the teachers. grand jurors that a truck driv- denied what his attorney "We conclude," wrote Chief er informed him during the branded as "press gossip" linkJustice Frank Kenison of ConEISENHOWER IN HOSPITAL past weekend that he dro\e ing Kattar with the Mafia 01 cord, "that all the virtues of the MARCH 'AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP) Former boat trailer to a shipyard in Cosa Nostra and saying Kattar First Amendment can be prePresident Dwight D. Eisenhower, suffering "some chest served and protected without Qumcy, Mass, about the time was a "front man" for crimindiscomfort,"-was flown to the March Air Force Base hospicondemning the invocation in f J\Iiss King's funeral and that al elements investing in legitital Monday night for treatment. this case as atf. encroachment IB was oidered to take along a mate business "We are not calling this a heart attack," his military on the First Amendment either )ox large enough to hold a Yesterday, in a side issue to aide said. minor, major or incipient." COPS RUSH PROTESTERS New York City policemen University's Low Memorial Library as they sought to remove >ody. The driver said both the the jury probe, two Executive rushed toward student protesters this morning outside Columbia the demonstrators involved in sit-ins at university buildings. boat and box were taken to Councilors got in a shoutLincoln had wanted an inQumcy, Norman King added. ing match after the Counjunction to restrain the town anc A cil took no action on a motion its moderator from the practice In effect, the jurors rejected asking Atty Gen George Papof inviting various local clergya plea from former Gov Wes- pagiams to stand aside in an inmen to open the annual and speley Powell. Powell, who testi- vestigation of organized crime cial meetings of the town with fied for 70 minutes Monday, by the Belknap County Grand an invocation. The Belknap told newsmen he informed the Jury in Lacoma County Superior-Court sent the jurors he hoped they would not Councilor James Hayes. Rcase Jo the. high court without adjourn but would keep their Concord, called the words of ruling.-^C~^~,~j-""* * " " deliberations open "pending a Councilor JFred Fletcher,. R-Mik, A Ing4We-agreement last night on-pay" noted that i representatives of raises for this year, ^-- "" ~* "invocations in' legislative bod- NEW YORK (AP) Police buildings to end a week-long lice men were injured, and one Hailem, had faded into one ol more thorough investigation of ford, "reprehensible" 'team* -* what has happened and could Fletcher, vrho entered the res- city workers came to an amica- ~ They agreed upon 15 cents an ies, in courts, state and federal, moved in force onto the Colum- sit-in. of them was hospitalized with a rebellion against Columbia dis-be happening." olution asking that Pappagiams hour raises for'ail .hourly, em- in the inaugurations of local, jia University campus at the More than 100 youths were in- heart attack ciplinary procedures after the King ordered Pappagiams to step aside, said, "This is no n i -TV--- ployes and $312 for the year state, and federal officers, and administration's request early jured and 638 were arrested, in- The demonstration, which be- students won initial concessions. make full investigation after 'NO BILL* for * salaried employes. The religious references in procla- today and routed student dem- cluding about 100 women, in the gan April 23 basically as a pro- At its height, perhaps 600 to Powell a had called for a blueraises will be retroactive to Jan. mations by mayors, governors onstratorssometimes violently 75-minute police action that be- test over construction of a gym 700 youths were involved, in1. The minimum wage, will be and presidents are not new in from five barricaded campus gan about 2:45 a.m. Fifteen po-1 in a park adjacent to nearby cluding some nonstudents. The nbboa committee to investigate (Please turn to page three) upped from, the present f 1.75 this country. Ivy League school as 27,500 stuto $2. . * dents - The recommendations of the "Reference- to the diety in During the police sweep a negotiators will have to be voted coins arid ^currency, in constitucrowd of nearly 2,000 persons The small and "independent upon by the Council afits next tions, 'on public buildings and gathered on the Ivy League taxicab owners -in Portsmouth regular meeting on Monday. -, plaques- 'has , not been considcampus overlooking Harlem. feel they are being -pushed to Requests by the city employes ered an establishment of reliThe bystanders clashed with pothe wall financially because of had been originally for 25 cents gion." lice after the last of the demona poor cab stand location on an hour for hourly workers and strators had been taken away In the Emergency Fund case, The contract for the $5 million Fleet Street. $500 for salaried. Vaughan Street urban renewa Rockmgham County Superior Court was treated yesterday Police used nightsticks freely ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) Gov. vised across the nation. It had This is what a number of There will also be a general the question arose because the project was signed at a special them told the City Council dur- study of the wage system, with closing of a parochial school in neeting of the Portsmouth to the story of a long love affair that ended in the gunshot death in breaking up the large crowd Nelson A Rockefeller became been known in advance that he and moving it off campus. an active candidate for the Re- would announce his active canof one of the parties and a prison term for the slayer. ing an informal session last particular attention paid to ways June will cause the number of Housing Authority last night. Sentenced to a six-to-ten year term in State Puson was Mrs. Mounted police rode into the >ublican presidential nomina- didacy. night of compensating supervisory pupils attending the schools in The .Housing and Urban Dethe Greenville district to in- velopment document was signed Beatrice J. Robbins of Hooksett, a 32-year-old blonde mother of surging mass. :ion today, saying he had de- Shortly before he went before They also said there should personnel for overtime. Dan Pellegrin, president of cided to fight for the office be- the cameras, it became known be an tipping of rates and a There are occasions now crease 90 per cent for the 1968- >y PHA Chairman Saverio two. the student council, announced cause of concern over "the Originally Mrs Robbins was<8>where overtime pay puts some 69 school year, with "a conse- Giambalvo. revision of the various zones. GOP RACE io a crowd near the library that gravity of the crises" that conquent impact upon local taxes," Approved by the commission- charged with first d e g r e e Most of the owners'- believe workers in a higher pay catehe was calling a student strike ront the American people. murder hi the shooting of Gerald v they should be allowed to move gory than their supervisors, who the court noted. (Please tarn to page three) irs was an appb'cation for a starting today. the cab stand to High Street, aren't getting the overtime The high court ruled that the direct federal loan of 613.400 MacKinnon, 43, of East Derry. In a statement the university Abandoning the "available" need for funds voiced by the in connection with the renewal but that was reduced to first so they can all share in the money. OPENING FOR THE SEASON announced cancellation of class- posture he had assumed only 40 degree manslaughter jesterday Chairman of the Council's ne- Greenville district "is a need iroject business from incoming buses. WEDNESDAY. MAY 1 es this morning but added, "It days ago for a more aggressive by County Atty. Glen Graper. * i -' gotiating committee was Robert for aid to the district, rather * * * is hoped that a number of the role, the 59-year-old New York It was Graper who unfolded The YORKWAY They said the Fleet Street C. McEenna. Members included than for aid to any state de- Part of this sum will meet afternoon classes can be held.' governor explained: Route 1 t York Corner location is too far, for people Paul -McEacbern, Robert E. partment within the meaning indebtedness already incurred for the court the story of Mrs. CHICKEN FRY Evtry Thura. 11.55 "I frankly find that to comPISH FRY Every Fntfiy Sl.M to walk with luggage, and the Whalen and John E.'- Splaine if the Emergency Fund stat- and some of it will be used Robbins' storm-tossed l o v e CONCORD. N.H. (AP) Re- University President Grayson ment from the sidelines is not Kirk told a 6 am. news confer(COCMlib) taxi cannot be seen' by people Jr. Mayor Eileen Foley also ute." o initiate purchase of properties affairs with MacKinnon and a sat in on the session. The Greenville Public School within the renewal zone, ex- second man still identified only publican gubernatorial hopeful ence that he called police be- an effective way to present the getting off the bus. House Speaker Walter Peterson cause the unhersity "has beenalternativesthe alternatives They believe jCity Cab; urbich City union officials and other Board chairman, Alexander lained Walter J. Murphy, PHA as "Ralph." workers participated in the Taft, said a "quirk" in the executive director. Graper began his description said today the issue of taxes is paralyzed by the illegal acts of hat 1 believe can lead us out of FORD owns a'fleet of nine cars, has state foundation aid allotment He, stressed, however, that the of the eients that led to Mac- not a question of how much a minority of its students, aided our difficultiesto order and an unfair advantagelbecause the session. SALESMEN =^ -" [aw, which bases the distribu- overnment-had not yet given Kinnon's death with the com- revenue the state will need to- and abetted by an unknown jrogress at home, to peace and company has .an office on High understanding abroad." WILL ADD 2 MEN ment that there were "mitigat- morrow, next week or next number of outsiders." lite Portsmouth Harold tion in part on the previous s final approval of prices. Street, which" is near the buses. month. Kirk declared that granting Rockefeller told of the change TO OUR STAFF year's public school enrollment A number of technical resolu- ing circumstances" in Mrs. Rob ^ArdHlitr Station Kcftnnfs City. <3ab rented this office He added that there is no way !{he protester's" key "demand o? n his political posture at a State Must hove highly luceexiful SaJB. 12 at. is at the heart of the problem. ions were also passed at last bins' favor. sometime ago. It does not from " punishment Capitol news conference tele- sales background, preferably 46 5 While there was a parochial night's meeting of the authority. Graper said. "The defendeni to predict the future and that amnesty have a cab stand, as such, on Temperature Wind Direction MV WSW school in the'town, the public! Federal approval for the 30- came to the deceased's place any candidate who closes the "would ha\e dealt a near fatal automotive. You cn expect High Street but people can wait Wind Velocity 2' 7 doors on the tax question at this blow not only to this institution earnings of S12.COO to LOST in the office for cabs*to be Barometer 29.71 2.5 school enrollment bad been too cre renewal project was re- of business on the day in ques- time is not being honest with but to the whole of American 515,000. tion . . . shp did not intenc low to earn the aid. I sived Feb. 21. (Since Sunday) called by radio. the people. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT higher education." to kfll him . . ." The Council made no decision Police Commissioner Howard BLACK LABRADOR TORETRIEVER BRADY FORD SALES Graper said that there "was * * * FEMALE. ANSWERS "MAHDY", last night, but the problems will Spauldin; Turnpike a reasonable doubt in favor of At a news conference the PetNO. HAMPTON LICENSE =10C, be presented to the Traffic and COLUMBIA he defendant' and describee terborough Republican said it RABIES TAG rTOJ. Ml H4~M4 436-1340 Parking Committee for recomthat icr condition on tiie day of must be remembered itself. taxa- <P'case turn to page three) And mendations, and possible Counlie killing as "highly nervous tion is not a cil action. he added that the question of j and agitated". * * * BUYING SILVER wibellier or not to tax is a deMrs. Robbins was also charg- bate over methods, not goals. At the conclusion of thev meetCERTIFICATES ed with aggravated assault in Peterson said there are two ing, Mayor Eileen D. Foley told 50% OVER FACE connection- with the gunshot key questions concerning taxes. Hos Immediate Permanent the cab owners that since tbere Dolloff Coin Center tround inflicted in MacKinnon's One is whether residents feel had been no revision in fares Full-Time Openings For Men Peita. co-worker, Janics Ashbarner, 61, state government is performing 116 State St. or zones for many-years, it 436-0332 of Bedford. DAY SHIFT OPENINGS FOR: effectively and efficiently. is probably time for some Graper described the woundchanges. ENVIRONMENTAL TEST LAB ing of Ashburner as "nol inArthur Capone said City Cab tentional." He said Ashburner had accused him and oilers TECHNICIANS was shot while Mrs. Robbins of "stealing customers" and was talanc her gun from her TIME STUDY MAN PIPEFITTERS PER there bad been threats to "put pocket, and lhjl in fact AshANNUM tacks in lay tires" and "punch SHEET METAL SMITH me in the nose.'' LOVE AFFAIR STOCKROOM CLERKS One argument used against (Please turn to page three) .High Street as a cab stand, GENERAL MACHINE OPERATORS when a similar request was NOTICE DAY and NIGHT SHIFT turned down some years ago, Walk-in service now. at the was thai it would be a fire ToniWFo Beauty Salon, 123 Daniel OPENINGS FOR hazard by obstructing fire St. 4364064. adv. trucks. ELECTRICAL/MECHANICAL Quarterly Dividends NOTICE Capone said cars are now Notice Not Required TEST TECHNICIANS Officers and members of parked on the staet empty and Frank E. Booma, Post 6, AmeriAPPLY IMMEDIATELY cannot be moved for fire tracks, No Minimum Balance Required can Legion and Auxiliary arc but If cabs were allowed a SUrad Accounts Insured to $15,000 By Contacting The requested to attend pre-burial there, the drivers weald be In PERSONNEL OFFICE, WASHINGTON ST., DOVER services for onr late membsr, the vehicles and could move or CALL 742-1120, EXT.. 268 CONTRACT SIGNING PmrtsMM* HslBf AtfOwrity chairman Sarerio Giamlrarro, cen- Mrs. Amber Woodtrorth at TAXI ROW | ter, last MfM stfiw* flw feiuvl cavtnd for the SS ilDon Vanfhan Street renewal project. Bacfcrniuster CJiapel, $4 Broad Monday thru Friday 226 STATE STREET An EotiaT Opportunity Cmptoyt-r ^tlS^T*11^^PH^ """fcsfcwst*, fc left, M*d I. Shaines, Frank Fate, Maurice SI, tonight at 7 p.m. * (Please tan to vafe ftree) i J. Moffcy Jr., awl Keiv E. Gffli*, vice ckdran. Mary King (Pres.) the panel completed questioning at 5 05 p m Monday, began deliberating at 5:12 and finished at 5 45 They \veighed the testimony of 30 witnesses One minute after they finished, newsmen were caUed to the second-floor courtroom

RESCUERS STILL TRYING TO REACH BODY FR'ANCONIA, N.H. (AP) A 16-man rescue team resumed its climb up the rugged Profile Cliffs of Cannon Mt. today to recover the Ibody of a Dartmouth College student killed Sunday in a-100-foot fall. , David Koop, 20, of Narbeth, Pa , had driven a climbing spike into;a~rock slab called "Sam's Swan Song," when a portion of it gave way, said his climbing companion Charles Eriksson, 20, of Bozeman, Mont., also a Dartmouth junior. , , '

The Portsmouth Herald School Denied Grand Jury Returns Funds 'No Bill' in Crime Probe
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CONCORD, N.H. (AP) The state Supreme Court today approved the invocational prayer said after the start of town meeting in New Hampshire, ruling that this commonplace prac- LACONIA, N.H. (AP) A ;tice does not violate the First grand jury, acting after hearing Amendment of the US Consti the final witness, returned no inJtution. dictments as it concluded a fiveI In another major decision to- day investigation of rumors that day, the high court told Gov the underworld had penetrated 'John VV. King and the Execu business and government in I live Council that the governor's New Hampshire. Emergency Fund cannot be used to provide financial assis tance to Greenville when th closing of a parochial school in creases the load on the town's public school system 'In the prayer case, brough by Alexander Lincoln Jr against Meredith Town Moder ator Harry Page, the Supreme Court ruled:

In Concord today, Gov John W. King and Atty. Gen. Geoige Pappagiams had no immediate comment in reaction to the unanimous decision of the Belknap County Superior C o u r t grand jury. The 20 men and one woman on

which had been used as the chambei toi the closed-dooi study, and jury foieman Chestei Gardner of Lacoma repoi ted to Judge Charles Flynn of Nash, , 'Fiom the evidence the grand has heaid in testimony it

15 Cents Hourly

Council and Union Agree on Pay Rates

Police Clear Buildings jQn Columbia Campus

^iL>^^^,._^-^-Hrf<-CB^-^V^-''- ~ *~ , . - - * ' . . ---, .^'M-^Mn-

Taxi Row Reviewed By Council

Contract Signed for Renewal

Blonde Slayer

Off Again. On Again

Stormy Love Affair Ends in Death, Jail

Taxes Not Only Goal - Peterson

Rockefeller Finally Enters GOP Contest



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