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The GVD4 Explosives Vapour Detector has been developed from the earlier PD3 series, and is similar to equipment supplied to the British Army under NATO Stock No. Z5/666599-225-1652. It is designed to facilitate searching people or objects to discover hidden explosives. The detector, which is completely selfGENERAL DATA contained and designed for single-hand use, Power input to charger: is supplied in an executive-type briefcase 220-240v or 110-120v 50/60Hz which also houses the following accessories:Battery Life: battery charger, spare battery pack, Minimum 4-5 hours constant use earphone, interchangeable probes, test 8-12 hours normal intermittent use sample in container, first line spares kit, Battery Recharge Time: cleaning tools and instruction handbook. 4-5 hours Dimensions: PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION Carrying Case - 430 x 320 x 110 mm The GVD4 is extremely simple to operate, the Hand unit - 337 x 67 x 50 mm number of controls being reduced to one - a Weight: weatherproof ON/OFF switch. The unit Case - black automatically adjusts to the surrounding Hand Unit - silver/black environment, thus alleviating possible Shipping Information: operator error. Warm-up time is only about Dimensions - 510 x 400 x 135 mm 10 seconds and a low frequency tone will be Weight - 6.4Kg emitted when the unit is ready for use. Ordering Information: GVD4 complete with case and When the equipment is switched on, a accessories continuous sample of air is drawn in via the Replacements Available: nozzle. A concentration of explosive vapour Battery Pack in the sampled air, exceeding 1 part in 10 9 Battery Charger by volume, will cause the instrument to emit Short Probe Assembly a high-pitched tone. The frequency excursion Long Probe Assembly of the tone is an approximate measure of the Test Sample concentration of explosive vapour sampled. Servicing Aids: The source can be located by passing the Service manual probe across the area from which the 2nd line spares - full list available on request response was obtained and listening to the variations in response. When desirable, the tone can be fed through the earphone so that it is audible to the operator only. A red light, which is visible to the operator, but not to the person being searched, also appears when a strong sample is obtained. The GVD4 is powered entirely from its own 12v rechargeable battery pack, which is connected to the unit by a quick release, weather-proof connector. A fully charged battery will last for at least 4 hours continuous use, or 8-12 hours when used intermittently during typical search conditions. NATO STOCK NO: Z5-6665-99-225-1652


The new Visual Search Inspection Kit is a new inspection kit which replaces the original SKM Search Kit. It is designed for use by professional EOD, Customs and Police Search operators for detecting possible explosive devices (IED's), contraband and crime evidence. The Visual Search Inspection Kit includes a side viewing endoscope for searching inaccessible areas through a gap of 10mm diameter. A10W halogen lamp in the tip of the endoscope provides bright illumination and enables inspections to be made over distances of up to 1.5m. Power for the endoscope is supplied from a secondary power socket in the fluorescent handlamp included with the kit. Search mirrors include a long telescopic model that extends to 1400mm for inspecting inaccessible areas in and above containers, for example, and a short fixed length model which is ideal for room searches. Both can be fitted with the range of interchangeable mirror heads supplied. The kit also contains a fluorescent handlamp to provide a wide area working light and two right angle torches with belt clips. Aselection of miniature mirrors and light probes and illuminated magnifiers are included to assist in the internal inspection of suspect packages and containers so as to cause minimal disturbance. Mirror sizes range from 4.5mm in diameter. The kit is supplied in a protective foam-lined carrying case complete with batteries and replacement lamps.
KIT CONTENTSAND SPECIFICATIONS: Handtorch Handlamp Endoscope Mirror Arms: With Torch, Telescopic, 500mm, 45 mirror angle, 2 D cell 1400mm open, 350mm closed Mirror The following light probes fit the battery handle: Lampholder Magnifier Light Probe Mirror Sleeve Light Probe Mirror Sleeve Light Probe Mirror Sleeve Light Probe Light Probe Light Probe Light Probe Converts battery handle to torch x 8 with lamp 2mm dia, 150mm length 4.5mm dia. mirror, fits 2mm light probe 3mm dia, 50mm length 9.5mm dia. mirror, fits 3mm light probe 3mm dia, 200mm length 9.5mm dia. mirror, fits 3mm light probe 8mm dia, 254mm length, right angled, rigid 14mm dia, 380mm length, straight, rigid 14mm dia, 380mm length, flex & stay 14mm dia, 380mm length, safety, acrylic Mirror Recovery Magnet Battery Handle Mirror Right angle, 2 C cell (2 per kit) Fluorescent, 12w, socket for endoscope 10w lamp, 9.65mm dia, 350mm, side viewing The following mirrors fit both UCM and CEM: Mirror Convex, glass, 140mm dia (3 per kit) Plano, glass, 64mm dia (2 per kit) Plano, glass, rectangular, 64 x 114mm dia (2 per kit) 2 C cell (2 per kit) NATO STOCK NO: NSN 1385-99-052-2484

Clip-on mirrors and accessories to fit 14mm dia. light probes: Extension Extension Mirror 380mm length, straight 203mm length, angled 64mm dia, adjustable ball & socket joint 38mm dia, adjustable ball & socket joint


An enhanced Hook and Line set that has been refined and updated to a new UK Ministry of Defence specification. The MKII has been extended to include a range of new components for dealing with the wide variety of improvised explosive devices now encountered. The comprehensive set includes two 120 m lines to provide action at a distance, devices for attaching the line to all types of object, and components for changing the direction of the line to give lift, avoid obstacles or gain safe cover.

The wide range of components make the MKII more effective in searching booby trapped vehicles.

With a cantilever gripping action the Allen grip is ideal for moving soft objects such as carpets.

Enhanced Hook & Line Set for the Reconnaissance and Disposal of Improvised Explosive Devices.

# Per Item and Set Description HAL 2/01 1 Case Constructed in 14 SWG aluminium, Hinged lid with toggle latches Internal compartments Carrying handles on front and both sides Max. dims incl. fittings: 135mm (height) x 520mm (width) x 300mm (depth). HAL 2/02 2 Reel Assembly Reel diameter 300mm. Self-supporting. Fitted with locking brake. Secondary self-adjusting anti-runout brake and rewind handle. Max. dims incl. Handles: 350mm (height) x 300mm (width) x 175mm (depth). HAL 2/03 1 Main Line White. Polyamide (Kevlar) rope Diameter 5.5mm. Length 120m. Spliced to swivel snap hook , Stretch approx.. 1 % at 30% full load. Breaking strength of rope 760kg (min.), splice 390kg (typical). Snap hook 100kg (typical). HAL 2/04 1 Main line Black. As HAL 2103. HAL 2/05 2 Treble Hook Sharply pointed, treble tang, barbed hook with split ring eye. HAL 2/06 2 Rope Strop Diameter 3mm. Length 2m. Breaking Strength 248kg incl. splice. Pre-stretched polyester rope strop. Soft eye each end formed with talurit splice. HAL 2/07 2 Rope Strop Diameter 4mm. Length 2m. Breaking Strength 396kg incl. splice. As HAL 2/06. HAL 2/08 2 Rope Strop Diameter 5mm. Length 2m. Breaking Strength 550kg incl. splice. As HAL 2/06. HAL 2/09 2 Wire Strop Diameter 1.5mm. Length 2m. Breaking strength 173kg incl. splice. Galvanised steel wire strop. Soft eye at one end, thimble eye at other end. Talurit spliced. HAL 2/10 2 Wire Strop Diameter 2mm. Length 2m. Breaking strength 340kg incl. splice. As HAL 2/09. HAL 2/11 2 Wire Strop Diameter 3mm. Length 2m. Breaking strength 538kg incl. splice. As HAL 2/09. HAL 2/12 2 Piton No. 1 piton (Short thin form, 60mm shaft) Nickel chrome molybdanum steel. Strong and re-usable. HAL 2/13 2 Piton No. 2 piton (long thin form, 80mm shaft). As HAL 2/12. HAL 2/14 2 Piton No. 4 piton (Long thin form, 80mm shaft) As HAL 2/12. HAL 2/15 2 Piton No. 7 piton (Extra long thin form, 100mm shaft) As HAL 2/12. HAL 2/16 2 Karabiner Carbon spring steel karabiner. Zinc plated. Offset. 'D' screw gate. Diameter 11 mm. Max. load 3000kg. HAL 2/17 2 Allen Grip Steel. sharply toothed crocodile jaw grip of modular construction for gripping soft objects Cantilever operation ensures jaws remain closed when under tension. Stainless steel wire belay for connection to other HAL components. Recommended max. working load 25kg.

# Per Item and Set Description HAL 2/18 1 Suction Pads Double suction pad anchor. Vacuum action device for anchoring smooth surfaces. Twin rubber suction pads, diameter 120mm each. Alloy body. HAL 2/19 1 Suction Pad Single suction pad anchor. As HAL 2/18, but single suction pad with steel back . HAL 2/20 3 Shock Cord Length 2m. Diameter 10mm. Elastic rope with steel hook at each end. HAL 2/21 3 Shock Cord Length 1m. Diameter 10mm. As HAL 2/20. HAL 2/22 1 Shock Cord Length 2m. Diameter 12mm. As HAL 2/20.2m. Diameter 12mm. HAL2/20. HAL 2/23 3 Shock Cord Length 1m. Diameter 12mm. As HAL 2/20. HAL 2/24 2 Seizures Stainless steel locking seizures. HAL 2/25 2 Vice Jaw Grip Adapted vice jaw grip fitted with locating eye. Length 180mm (7 inches). HAL 07 4 Snatch Block Spring-loaded snatch block of stainless steel and Tufnol construction to allow the line to be passed through without fouling. Provides lifting or line-turning facilities. Sheaf diameter 44mm. Closing the spring-loaded head automatically locks the line. Can be used in multiples to give a mechanical advantage of up to 4" (see Instruction Manual). Proof test load 600kg. HAL 10 2 Single Hook Single tang, plain hook. Diameter 12mm. Stainless steel hook silver soldered onto brass mount with male thread (3/8 inch BSF) Nylon covering over hook. HAL 11 2 Single Hook Single tang, plain hook. Diameter 25mm. As HAL 10. HAL 16 2 Double Hook Double tang, plain hook. Diameter 25mm. As HAL 10. Angled at 35 degrees to give a semi-grapnel effect. HAL 17 2 Double Hook Double tang, barbed hook. Diameter 25mm. As HAL 10. Angled at 35 degrees to give a semi-grapnel effect. HAL 18 5 Ring Stainless steel ring silver soldered onto brass screw mount with female thread (3/8 Inch BSF). Diameter 25mm. Nylon covering over ring. Used in conjunction with the hooks. HAL 2/26 1 Instruction Manual

HAL 2/00 1 Complete EOR Hook and Line Set Max. dim.: Case: 135mm (height) x 520mm (width) x 300mm (depth). Reels (two off case): 360mm (height) x 300mm (width) x 175mm (depth). Max. weight: Case (Incl. components) 14kg. Reels (Incl. main line) 6kg each. Total Set: 26kg.


The MINISCAN letter and small package X-ray security screening system is a compact, lightweight unit designed for desktop operation. The 80KVP, 3mA X-ray source is powerful enough to penetrate bundles of mail and small packages, and detail as small as 36 gauge solid copper wire can be detected on the 12" (305 mm) by 16" (406 mm) fluorescent screen. Over 300 pieces per hour can be screened. The MINISCAN is completely radiation safe and may be used in an office environment. Astandard electrical wall socket is all that is required. It is ideally suited for use in government offices and buildings, embassies or consulates, company mailrooms and prisons. Television viewing via a 17" monitor is optionally available at extra cost. FEATURES
? ? ? ? ?

Lockable Power Switch Thermal Overload Protection Dual Safety Interlocks Optional Television Viewer Optional X-ray Foot Switch

SPECIFICATIONS Inspection Chamber Size: Output: Definition: Fluoroscope Screen: Power Requirements: Weight: Cooling: Radiation Safety: Overall Size: Viewing Mode: Inspection Rate: 254 x 533 x 355 mm 3mA at 80KVP AWG 36 Copper Wire 305 x 406 mm 110 - 130V single phase AC, 50/60 Hz 2.5 Amperes Max 210 - 230V single phase AC, 50/60 Hz 1 Ampere Max 117 Kg Oil Insulated Air Cooled Meets all international standards for Cabinet X-ray System (less than 0.5R/hr radiation leakage at 5 cm from any surface. 1,040 (h) x 599 (w) x 508 (d) mm Direct (TV optional) In excess of 300 pieces per hour

Postal bombs, whether real or imagined, are an ever-present problem, not only to targeted people, but also to ordinary staff handling the mail. Identifying suspicious items in the mail is vital, but even when this is successfully done, there still remains the problem of how to minimise the danger to personnel and property. The Suspect Postal Bomb Container is the most cost-effective product that has been specially developed for this purpose. The container is designed so as to retain any suspicious item of mail in an upright position. An internally fitted net holds the item in such a position that removal, X-Ray and controlled explosion all remain viable options to explosive ordnance disposal staff. The container is made of special glass re-enforce plastic material with additional fire resistant resin, and is large enough to accommodate a briefcase. Blast will be directed upwards and an explosion device of up to 0.5 kg can be absorbed, which is more explosive material than any other postal bomb container that is available today can absorb. Most explosive devices that have been discovered so far have contained at least 0.5 kg of explosive material.

SPECIFICATIONS Height: Outside Diameter: Thickness: Weight: V 50: Colour: Service Life: 900mm 493mm 18/19 mm 50kg 480m/sec Matt Black 10 years (minimum)


The MSI8 EOD Bomb Disposal Suit is a new, state-of-the-art, up-armoured version of the MSI6 Bomb Disposal Suit which has been in use for many years in dozens of countries worldwide. The MSI8 provides the highest level of protection of any bomb suit currently manufactured, whilst at the same time offering maximum comfort and flexibility to the operator. The ballistic levels and materials used in the various components of the MSI8 EOD Bomb Disposal Suit are tested and evaluated to the full quality assurance standard laid down by the appropriate Government organisations. The suit consists of the following separate items which collectively make the completed garment.
? ? ? ? ?

Jacket with attached collar Spinal Protector Neck Protector Plate Chest Protector Plate Carrying Bag

? Trousers ? Separate overshoes

? Helmet with visor, air cooling fan and

aluminium carrying case ? Groin Protector Plate

All the ballistic inserts used in the MSI8 EOD Bomb Disposal Suit are made of waterproof-treated Kevlar HT which are enclosed in a special water-resistant and anti-ultraviolet membrane. The outer cover is made of flame-retardant NOMEX III. In hot and humid countries the MSI8 EOD Bomb Disposal Suit can be supplied in conjunction with the MSI Cooling Suit.
NSN 8470-99-990-0090


Helmet GRP skin with elastomeric aramid core and inner lining Integrated microphone & earpiece Ambient sound facility Air cooling fan Helmet-mounted torch with rechargeable batteries Anti-ballistic hardened acrylic/polycarbonate laminate visor Aluminium carry case supplied Jacket & Trousers Ballistic Inserts: Multi-layer, water-repellent Kevlar 129 HT stitched for an enhanced protection level Fire-retardant cotton (Nomex III) Navy Blue or Military Green Armoured steel plates with closed cell, linear foam. Armoured Steel

Outer Cover: Colour: Proprietary: Blast Plates

ARMOURED EOD HELMET The EOD helmet is made of a GRP skin with an elastomeric aramid core and is fully adjustable to various sizes for perfect fit by means of the three point suspension and the removable spacer pads that Velcro to the inside. The facility for a communication set consisting of a headphone and microphone, plus extension lead for attachment to any VHF radio transceiver, can be incorporated if required. An alternative communications system comprising a headset, microphone, 100 metres of cable and amplifier, for communication between the operator and his controller, can also be supplied. Also incorporated in the helmet is an air ventilation system which directs the flow of forced fresh air over the top of the helmet liner, across the visor and down over the operator's face ensuring efficient demisting and clear view. The addition of an anti-blast neck-guard to the bottom front of the Helmet closes any possible frontal gap between Helmet and Collar. JACKET The Jacket is a long-sleeved, side opening design filled with flexible Kevlar armour. Provision is made on the front for the attachment of rigid chest and groin blast plates by means of integral pockets with webbing securing straps. The high collar provides overlap protection to the helmet, visor and neck-guard. Immediate removal of the Jacket is achieved by use of the quick-release straps attached to the side and shoulder. TROUSERS The Trousers have fully adjustable supporting braces and wide Velcro waistband catering for small, medium and large sizes. Affixed to the front of the trousers is a flexible groin protector retained in position by Velcro and elastic. At the rear of the legs a full length Velcro strip is used in conjunction with the retaining straps to fix the articulated flexible armour in position.

SPECIFICATIONS Outer Cover: Nomex III Insert: Du-Pont Kevlar 129HT multi layer Spinal Protector Neck Protector Suit: 600 m/s (without armoured blast plates). Weight of suit: Approx 26kg with steel blast plate. Approx. 15kg without blast plates. Armoured Blast Plates: 1400 m/s (groin, chest and neck). Power Pack: 12v DC auxiliary output socket to power optional accessories such as helmet mounted video camera or torch. Mains AC and 12v DC provides 90% recharge within 15mins. Helmet: Level: Helmet: Helmet Visor: 4.7kg STANAG NATO 2920 600 m/s 740 m/sAnti-ballistic hardened acrylic/polycarbonate laminate. Helmet Compatible with any Communicator:communications system - radio or hard-wired. Air Blower: 200 litres per minute minimum, 3 speed, can accommodate an NBC canister.


The MSI Cooling Suit is designed to offer a safe and cool environment for people who must maintain a high level of efficiency and concentration under extreme heat. The system is ideally suited for persons involved in bomb disposal and surveillance operations, as well as personnel in non-air-conditioned armoured vehicles, firefighters, mine workers, etc. The MSI Cooling System uses ice water to remove body heat produced during strenuous work, especially in hot environments. Made from fire retardant Kermel material. The MSI Cooling Suit also offers protection against heat and flash fire balls. Testing of the suit on the effects of over-pressure, fragmentation, ballistics, body impact and heat have shown this suit is suitable for use under bomb suits, chemical suits and many other applications where body heat removal is desirable. The MSI Cooling Suit comprises of a one piece garment covering the upper body upper arms and legs, as well as a close fitting open faced hood for head, a cooling pump and pouch, two water bottles, battery pack and carrying bag. One size fits all.
Specifications: Performance: Heat Removal Rate: 270 watts (full suit) Endurance min. 45 min at 35C (95F) Cooling Unit: Control: Pump: Cold Source: Power: Weights: Suit: Cooling Unit Dry: Ice Water: Pump Unit: Material: Garment: Compatibility: ? ? ? Worn next to skin under any clothing Cooling unit can attach to bomb suit via harness Second water/ice bottle supplied for stand-by

On/Off/Flow rate control 12v Solid Ice and water 12v from suit power supply

1.0 kg 0.5kg 1.5kg 0.5kg 1.0kg

Kermel stretch knit flame retardent fabric,


The EDU shield has been developed for use by explosive disposal and tactical teams. Years of research and attention to detail have produced shield systems that combine high protective capability and superb manoeuvrability. The EDU shield is now in use in many countries throughout the world. Developed to offer maximum over pressure and fragmentation protection during explosive disposal operations. The EDU is equipped with removable spring-loaded legs. In the stowed position, the legs hug the edge of the shield for easy storage and manoeuvrability. One easy motion releases the support legs into the deployed position, allowing the shield to be self-supporting. SPECIFICATIONS:
Materials: The shield is constructed of a multiple layer compression moulded Kevlar composite laminate. Ballistic visor is made of Lexan. V-50 rating using NATO STANAG 2920 test specifications. Shield only: 555m/s; Shield with cover: 630m/s. Ballistic protection rating against firearms available on request.

Ballistic Protection:

Overpressure Protection: Offers superior protection against blast overpressure, results available upon request. Impact Attenuation: Forehead and forearm impact attenuating ethafoam pads are built into the inside surface of the shields. These are designed to absorb shock from fragment/bullet and pressure wave impacts. 130 cm high x 76 cm wide Basic shield: 13.5kg Spring loaded legs: 1.6kg Optional shoulder harness: 1.0 kg Optional outer ballistic cover: 4.0 kg Optional edge shrouds: 2.5 kg

Dimensions: Component Weights:

NATO STOCK NO: NSN 1385-99-940-6443

Outer Cover:

The optional add-on cover is composed of Kevlar enclosed in a tough nylon sleeve. Backed by the basic shield, it is designed to boost ballistic and fragment capture capabilities. The shield includes interchangeable handles (hand and forearm) to facilitate left or right handed approaches, or a vertical mounted strap and foldaway handle system. Other handle configurations are available.


Optional Edge Shroud: Colour:

The edge shroud is made of flexible loose Kevlar allowing the otherwise hard
shield edge to conform to odd-shaped vertical surfaces (walls etc.) Standard matt black (custom colours available on request).

The Electronic Stethoscope has been designed to detecting very weak sound waves, such as mechanical timing devices and similar mechanisms, that can indicate the presence of an improvised explosive or incendiary device. It will detect sounds through solid materials, such as walls, bricks, glass, packing materials, wood etc. The ruggedised, portable, battery-operated kit comprises both contact and non-contact sensors. It's high frequency and very sensitive, impact contactless search head and amplifier, has been designed to filter out interference from extraneous environmental airborne sounds, and so can be used in noisy surroundings. It will detect weak sounds from a distance of approximately 8 metres, depending on the position, surroundings and type of timing device. The system is provided complete with the following items:
? Electronics casing with inbuilt battery

compartment, adjusters for gain and filter, socket for headset, socket for sensor
? Nicad battery, rechargeable 9 volts ? Dry battery 9 volts IEC No 6 LR61 ? Charger unit ? Carrying strap for electronics box ? Special headset ? Set of protective covers for headset ? Weatherproof impact sound sensor ? Coax connection cables, 1 x long, 1

x short
? Contact cap ? Contact needle ? Transit case ? Operation and service manual

SPECIFICATIONS Weight: Amplification: Temperature range: 2Kg 115dB at 4kHz (approx) -15 to + 55C

The TUM Trolley Search Mirror is a robust 'wheeled trolley' under vehicle illuminated search mirror, complete with a rechargeable battery, specifically designed for security personnel. The TUM has 300mm diameter convex wide angle mirror which is mounted on a tough, milled-steel wheeled base. The mirror is illuminated by a 12 volt 6 watt fluorescent lamp. The 'T' handle which assists in tilting the mirror is telescopic and folds across the base when not in use. The TUM is easily carried in one hand with the handle folded.


This mirror is probably the most widely used search mirror for people to search under their vehicles for possible car bombs. ? ? ? ? Powerful rubber torch Extends from approx. 18" - 5' 5" 5.5" Stainless steel mirror Interchangeable mirror


The VM/BD2 is a ruggedly designed illuminated inspection mirror, mounted on castors, used for searching the underside of vehicles. The large convex mirror has a wide field of view and is illuminated by an efficient fluorescent lamp. The VM/BD2 is widely used by the BritishArmy as well as by military and security units in many countries worldwide. Power is supplied from an integral 'D' cell battery pack, protected within a tough, splash-proof acrylic case, or an external 12V source such as a car battery. The handle folds for storage.


The VSM has been developed for security personnel who need to perform rapid but thorough searches of all types of vehicles. It is now widely used by defence and security establishments, and also at civilian locations where high security is important. ? ? ? ? ? Robust Exceptional lightness Maximum visibility and brightness Virtually unbreakable convex mirror Rechargeable 12V battery pack option


The MSI Bomb Blanket and Safety Circle is the most cost-effective and easy to use equipment currently available for containing fragments and shrapnel from explosive devices. It is in use by Armed Forces and Police units, as well as many large government and corporate offices, in many countries worldwide. The Bomb Blanket & Safety Circle has been designed for use by both unskilled personnel as well as by skilled Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operators when confronted with a suspect explosive device in a public area. The Safety Circle is placed around the suspect bomb and then the Bomb Blanket, which has four heavy-duty webbing carrying handles, is carefully placed over the Safety Circle surrounding the bomb. This eliminates any direct contact with the bomb and provides a safe environment for it's examination and disposal.

Should the bomb explode, the Safety Circle can help to direct the force of the bomb's explosion upwards, then the Bomb Blanket flexes and contains most of the bomb fragments. Two or more Safety Circles can be used together to contain larger bomb devices. The lightweight, highly protective equipment is made of multiple-layer ballistic material and folds up into a compact, easily carried bag.
? ? ? ?

Size: Weight: Protection Level:

1.5 x 2.0 metres Approximately 13.5 kg V50 17 grain steel fragment @ 400 m/s

Different sizes and protection levels can be made to order.

NATO STOCK NO: NSN 4240-99-811-9508


The AD10-2 Hand-Held Metal Detector has been designed for tough environment and constant use situations such asAirport and policing applications. The detector incorporates solid state electronics throughout, with the exception of our new minimum pressure pushbutton on/off micro switch which has a mechanical life of at least 10,000,000 operations (equivalent to 20 years' constant use at a major Airport). The electronics module is a further development of the proven TARGET 12 hermetically sealed unit which has been in full scale production for 3 years and is now operational in more than 100 countries. The AD10-2 model is backed by 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of metal detection equipment and incorporates Linear Detection Technology enabling all metals, ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel to be detected in any angle or plane.

Specification details of AD10-2 Sensitivity: Dimensions: Weight: Target size down to 0.10g L.362mm x W55mm x H30mm 262g (operational weight including battery)

General Purpose
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

NATO STOCK NO: 2 year guarantee NSN 6695-99-814-9664 Single push-button operation Instant response to all metals No false alarms - No metal present, no alarm Clear audible alarm (digital go - no go) combined with visual LED Battery inserted "cartridge" style - no wires or connectors Ultra high reliability electronics All equipment supplied complete with battery - Standard 9V battery Fully automatic self adjusting circuits Rugged construction - high impact resistant ABS moulded case All weather use - working temperature -20C +65C CE Approved Absolutely harmless to heart pacemakers, defibrillators and pregnant women


The AD18 Hand Held Metal Detector is claimed to be the most sensitive hand-held metal detector currently in production. As such this UK-developed unit is currently being supplied under contract to the Federal Bureau of Prisons in the USA and is specified for use by many other government organisations around the world. The AD18 incorporates Linear Detection Technology, which enables all metals, including stainless steel, to be detected at any angle or plane. It is particularly effective for locating tiny metal objects that may have been concealed, or even ingested within body cavities, with pinpoint accuracy. The AD18 has the ability to be a fully adjustable detector to allow maximum find capability. It also features a two-position rocker switch or 'Turbo Control' to the left of the on/off switch. In the forward position this switch enables the operator to fully adjust the detectors sensitivity by turning the Turbo, or sensitivity adjustment, knob. The operator can then conduct a super high sensitivity search sweep of the subject. However, when the operator wishes to continue the search to the lower leg and foot area, he/she simply switches the Turbo Control to the back position. This allows the AD18 to eliminate large amounts of static metal in flooring ( i.e re-bar or steel beams), walls and ceiling, while still being able to detect, for example a hand cuff key or small piece of razor blade in the stock or shoe area, accurately and reliably. With these kind of features, the AD18 Hand Held Metal Detector has now become the benchmark in super-high sensitivity metal detection and is now the preferred choice of hand-held metal detector for specialised applications.


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Simple push-button operation Instant response to all metals Auto ranging - automatically adjusts for optimum performance for any target size Clear audible signal (digital go - no go) combined with visual LED Fully automatic self-adjusting circuits Battery inserted "cartridge style" (spring-loaded Beryllium copper contacts - no wires or connectors) Standard 9V battery 2 position switch for Normal/Turbo All weather use - working temperature -20C +65C Absolute harmless to heart pacemakers, defibrillators and pregnant women

? ? ? ?

Ultra high reliability electronics. Rugged construction high impact resistant case. Supplied complete with Battery - ready to use 2 year warranty On/Off minimal pressure push button switch, has a lifetime warranty. Laboratory tests have proved a minimum of 30,000,000 operations, this equates to 60 years of continuous use. Dimension: L360mm, W10.5mm (probe), 55mm (body), H35mm Weight: 280g CEApproved

? ? ?

NATO STOCK NO: NSN 6695-99-842-1850


Regrettably, bomb attacks by terrorists, extremists and by special-interest groups are now an almost daily occurrence throughout the world. Letterbombs, often concealed in packages no larger than a book or video cassette, can have devastating effects. Unfortunately they can be difficult to recognise in amongst normal mail. Why let employees take the risk of opening unscreened mail when the cost of protection against these potentially lethal devices is now surprisingly low? The newSCANMAIL 10K provides such protection and yet probably costs less than most other office and mailroom equipment. SCANMAIL 10K is a new generation microprocessor-controlled mailscreener which will reliably screen all mail and courier deliveries up to about telephone directory size. It will detect virtually all known letterbomb detonation devices regardless of the type of explosive used, whether plastic or otherwise. SCANMAIL 10K is specifically programmed to automatically alarm on packages containing potentially dangerous contents, such as explosive devices, whilst reliably ignoring the normal office stationary items contained in the mail such as paperclips, staples and metal tags. This high level of selectivity is achieved without any loss of the forensic standard protection it provides. The sensitivity level is set at the factory and cannot be reduced by users. A special test card is supplied to allow customers to check the correct functioning of the unit each time it is switched on. In this way there is no false sense of security. SCANMAIL 10K employs simple touch pad operation and requires no specialist training. It will run off an ordinary mains socket and also incorporates its own internal battery should your mains power fail. The unit is completely portable and takes up as little valuable desk space as normal office printers of mailroom scales. In addition, it is completely safe to use and does not damage camera film, magnetic tape nor computer disks. ? ? ? ? ? Fast, safe and cost effective Excellent discrimination No special training required Reliable Easy to use

GENERALSPECIFICATIONS Switchable 220V/110V 50/60Hz Integral Battery: 12V nominal DC Internally fused at 4.0A Direction: The test card supplied shall be detected at a faster and slower rate than that normally deployed in mail screening operation. Backup Operation: Integral battery supplies power in event of main power failure. In the unlikely event of component failure 'malfunction' lights up on the face panel. Reserve circuitry can simply be switched on for continuous use and the faulty PCB can easily be removed and sent back for repair or replacement. Accessories: Mains lead Test Card Operating Instructions Operating Temp: 0 to 40C Dimensions: 40cm(l) x 45cm(w) x 22cm(h) Weight: 8 kg Power Supply:


The System 5335 is a compact, lightweight and ergonomic conveyor X-ray scanner designed to inspect briefcases, purses, backpacks, mailbags, trays and parcels. The System 5335 is designed and developed for the screening of small parcels for mailrooms, prisons, courthouses, government buildings, schools, hospitals and corporate offices. The tunnel opening of 21 x 14 (533 x 356 mm) was specifically designed to accommodate the majority of parcels. The system uses a high-resolution X-Ray detector array for improved image presentation and increased automatic threat detection. The System 5335 is a pc based system that incorporates latest electronic technology in an enhanced modular design. The unit utilises a high speed computer that implements advanced complex algorithms in real-time operation.

FEATURES Organic/inorganic material recognition Edge sharpening Pseudo color Variable intensity control Programmable zoom 2x to 32x Archiving of images (20,000) Programmable penetration levels 19" color monitor atomic number measurement

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS IMAGING Sensitivity: Resolution: Penetration: Contrast Sensitivity: Image display: 40AWG Guaranteed 1mm both vertical and horizontal 12mm steel guaranteed At least 20 levels visible as measured by a step wedge, 4096 gray level Colour, organic, inorganic, black & white, reverse monochrome, & pseudo colour

STANDARD FEATURES Automatic Image Archiving: Manually save Image: Print Image: Dose per inspection: Tunnel Opening: Conveyor Speed: Power Requirements: Density Threat Alert: UPS: X-RAYGENERATOR Voltage: Tube Current: Cooling: Duty Cycle: Beam Direction: X-Ray Detector: PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS Weight: Shipping Weight: Overall Height: Overall Width: Overall Length: Approximately 350 Kg (770lbs) Approximately 400 Kg (880lbs) 123cm (48.5") 76.2cm (30") 212cm (83.4") 100 kVp Constant potential tube operation at 90kV 0.7mA Sealed oil bath 100% Upward Vertically 1024 photodiodes in an L Shapped configuration Up to 20,000 images in a rotating buffer In windows format to view on personal computers or laptops Any users provided printer configurable by Win 2000 0.1mR typical 530mm (21") wide by 350mm (14") high 0.23m per sec (45 per min) 115-125 VAC, 50-60 Hz & 230-240 VAC, 50-60Hz Programmable Levels Shuts down computer 2 minutes after power failure

Processor At least a Pentium-IV, 3.0 Ghz with hyperthreading technology, 512MB RAM Advanced Video Graphics Card with 128MB RAM, 40GB Hard Disk Video display 19" SVGA high resolution, low radiation, ergonomic, flicker free flat monitor Health and safety The System 5335 is certified to be in full compliance with all international radiation safety requirements and external emissions limits. Typical leakage radiation is less than 0.1 mR/hr compared to a maximum of 0.5 mR/hr permitted. Film safety Guaranteed for high-speed films up to ISO1600 Operational standards Complies with all published international standards.

KAPPA XR5 Real Time Digital X-Ray System

? ?? ? ?? ?? ? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ??

'Real time' examination of suspect objects Software-controlled by laptop computer provided Fully digital system Excellent resolution Fully portable No additional costs for X-ray films and development Kappa ImageBase software with image data base, image processing and measuring programme (overlay functions) Remote control option available Universal charging set/for X-ray camera/source

The XR5 is a fully portable digital X-ray camera system which enables the examination and storage of high resolution x-ray images of suspect articles. The image converter screen is a high resolution X-ray converter foil converting X-ray radiation to visible light. The X-ray image is guided via a mirror and a lens to the CCD camera. Due to its intelligent sensor the camera behaves like a film. As soon as there is X-ray radiation the camera starts to expose, stores the image automatically and displays it continuously. The stored image is available on the laptop for further processing or analyses. Contrary to a classical X-ray image intensifier tube with a connected video camera, this type of construction has only a slightly lower time resolution and it is actually lighter. It needs no internal high voltage and it shows excellent performances for rugged applications. The resolution is determined by the particle size of the X-ray image converter screen and the size and number of pixel of the camera. With the Kappa XR5 is easily possible to take stereoscopic X-ray images. With the X-ray source mounted on a moving table two images are taken, one image from a left position and one from a right position. These images are displayed alternatively on a special monitor and can be watched as a 3D image with a pair of polarizing glasses. TECHNICAL DATA Pick-up area : Pick-up device : Number of pixel : Resolution : Integration control and control of X-ray pulses : Signal to noise ratio : Gamma : TV-standard : Scanning system : Signal output : Horizontal frequency : Vertical frequency : Synchronization : Power supply : Standard equipment :
NSN 6635-99-605-8860

225 x 300 mm Interline transfer CCD with microlenses 752 (H) x 582 (V) effective Wire gage 38 AWG Via RS 232 >50 dB according to IEC 84 (CO) 103 0.45 CCIR (NTSC on request) 2 : 1 interlace Composite video, 1 Vpp at 75 15625 Hz 50 Hz Internal 12 V DC, 300 mA X-ray camera, XR200 X-ray source, cable 50 m, laptop, PCI interface, XR-control software, Kappa ImageBase software (image data base, image-processing software, measuring and overlay software)

X-RAY LEAKAGE 10 mR per 100 pulses maximum on the side of the unit, 3 inches from the centre of the unit. 3mR per 100 pulses 2 inches behind the unit. X-RA OUTPUT Y X-ray dose per pulse: Number of pulses per exposure: Number of pulses per battery charge: Number of pulses per second Expected life of XR200: X-ray sources size: Maximum photon energy: X-ray pulse width:

2.5 mill roentgens at 12 inches from front of unit 1 to 99 4000 10 (nominal) 100,000 pulses 1/8 in. (3mm) 150 KVP 60 nanoseconds

ELECTRICAL AND THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS Battery voltage 14.4 volts Battery type Nickel Cadmium Battery recharge time 1 hour Battery charger DeWalt 14.4 volt 1 hour charger (May be purchased in the users country for proper AC voltage interface) Temperature range -10 to 120 degrees F (-23 to 50 degrees C) Maximum duty cycle 200 pulses every 5 minutes(3600 pulses per hour) Warm-up None required

PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS INCLUDING BATTERY PACK Length Width Height Weight 12.5 in. (31.75 cm) 4.5 in. (11.5 cm) 7.5 in. (19 cm) 12 lbs. (5.5 Kg)


The new Passex 100M portable walk-through metal detection system is a sensitive metal detector for screening persons entering security areas. It detects dangerous metal items such as knives and pistols even if hidden in shoes. The Passex 100M is a mobile, rugged, walk-through detector gate designed for use in adverse working conditions or at restricted sites.
? ? ? ? ? ?

Portable and lightweight Weatherproof high grade steel construction Rechargeable battery No interference to heart pacemakers and magnetic recording material Adjustable sensitivity setting Automatic person counter

The Passex 100M is made of weather-resistant high grade steel components and operates on battery powered electronics, thus allowing use outdoors for several hours of operation independent of 220V mains. Mode of Action Aweak alternating current is induced into the gate, which generates a magnetic field of low strength around it. Metal objects carried through this field will cause a drain of energy to the sensor which is measured and transformed by the Passex 100M's electronics into an alarm signal. This alarm sensitivity can be gradually adjusted. The device is equipped with an automatic signal adaptor to ensure a reliable and secure sensitivity calibration for extended use. The detector is activated as soon as a person enters the sensor area, thus reducing the risk of false alarms from moving masses of metal such as reinforced doors when close to the gate. The detector gate is equipped with a person counter. Technical Data - Dimensions Gate: Electronics Box: Packing: Weight: Rechargeable Battery: Operation Time: Charging Time: Charger: Mains Operation: 2070 x 750 x 580 mm 90 x 90 x 450 mm 1250 x 680 x 450 mm 10 kgs with electronics 12V 1,3Ah Permanently on mains with rechargeable battery 25 hours 10 hours Lead gel charger 0,5A By buffered battery

Control and Operating Elements LED red / green: LED red: Sensitivity: Alarm device: Volume: Switch: Connector: Battery control Visual alarm Stepless adjuster 85 dB Stepless adjustable with On/Off switch ON/OFF Potential free


The Search Suit has been designed specifically for personnel involved in searching for and clearing of mines and terrorist explosive devices. Although the Search Suit does not offer the higher protection of the MSI8 EOD Bomb Disposal Suit, it is much lighter in weight, provides all-round protection, whilst at the same time being comfortable to wear and allowing virtually unrestricted movement. The outer material of the Search Suit is constructed of fire-retardant Nomex 111 and includes the latest Kevlar new technology fibres. The Search Suit contains a pocket into which an armoured plate can be inserted. The steel plate is an optional extra. COMPONENTS: Arms: Jacket: Separate adjustable sleeves provide optimum movement Provides front, back, side, shoulder and neck protection, with the addition of up-armouring pockets for inserting optional ceramic or armoured steel plates. Removable insert. The unique design provides freedom of movement and optimum protection to the legs. These, in conjunction with the search suit's high collar, provide maximum protection.

Groin Protector: Trousers: Helmet & Visor:

BALLISTIC SPECIFICATIONS: Arms, jacket, groin protector & trousers: V50 (17 grain FSP) STANAG 2920 - 475m/s Helmet: Visor: Colour: V50 (17 grain FSP) STANAG - 450m/s Acrylic/polycarbonate:V50 (17 grain FSP) STANAG 2920 - 450m/s Navy blue or olive green.


** Interscope: 12 mm diameter, side viewing only, portable **
The Interscope is a portable endoscope for searching inaccessible areas of buildings, ships and vehicles. The robust fixed focus endoscope can be used to inspect cavities and hollow structures internally through holes and gaps of 12mm diameter, with illumination provided by a bright 10 watt lamp protected within the tip. The endoscope is supplied with a lightweight battery pack, which provides 3 hours' plus continuous use when fully charged, and a combined charger/AC power unit. The Interscope allows the rapid internal inspection of cavities through a hole of only 12mm diameter. The powerful lamp protected within the tip of theInterscope provides bright illumination for searching dark areas.


Weight: Complete kit with carrying case - 4 kg Endoscope: Battery: Rechargeable lead/acid battery 12V, 2 3Ah Case: Leatherette case with belt clip Socket: 4-pin XLR socket Power: Charger/AC power unit Output 12V DC Input 110/120 or 220/240V AC Spares:

12.0mm outside diameter 360mm long Working length 280mm 30 degree field of view 10 watt quartz halogen lamp in tip Stainless steel construction 1 metre power lead 4-pin XLR connector Replacement lamp, 10 watt, 12V, quartz halogen

The new Telescopic Manipulator is an up-graded version of the original model, with a longer reach and the ability to lift and move a larger suspect Improvised Explosive Device (IED). The Telescopic Manipulator is manufactured from non-magnetic material and has been specifically designed to enable bomb disposal operators to handle explosive devices and dangerous materials from a relatively safe distance. It can be used in conjunction with the Explosive Distruption Shield to provide an even higher level of protection for the operator. The new model is provided with a manipulator "claw" for grabbing and lifting a suspect article. The equipment is hand-operated to ensure maximum control and is supplied with a shoulder strap, together with an adjustable counterweight. It is designed to help the operator to lift an article

Claw/Hand Manipulator Pole & Claw Counterweight Total Weight LENGTH Folded: Extended: MATERIAL Pole, Claw: Shoulder Strap: Gearing: POWER Claw powered.

1kg 9.5kg 8kg 17.5kg


NSN 1385-99-936-3585

Approx. 1.5m (4' 6") Approx. 5.8m (19' 0")

High strength aluminium alloy Nylon webbing High strength steel/brass


Terrier is a small, lightweight, low cost, tracked vehicle, that can investigate and disrupt suspicious objects in a variety of locations. It is remotely controlled through a cable, which also carries the CCTV signal to the colour monitor located in the operator's hand controller, or to a larger monitor when greater definition is required. A variety of attachments can be carried on the operating arm, including a camera, grab / manipulator, portable x-ray generator or a recoilless disruptor. Terrier is highly manoeuvrable and can climb steps, kerbs and most stairs. It is small enough to operate inside buildings and down aisles of aircraft, trains and coaches. It is battery powered and has an endurance in excess of 1 hour in normal EOD activities. With a disruptor fitted to its standard arm, it can locate and destroy devices from ground level (including those under cars) up to a height of 1 metre. With the aid of a quickly attachable extension arm, Terrier can operate at heights up to 2.1 metres, and deal with objects located in the overhead luggage racks of aircraft. The Terrier and all its supporting equipment can be carried in the boot of a car or hatchback. It can be quickly brought into use at the operational location and is easy to 'drive'. Although manportable, Terrier is strongly constructed with a tubular frame and although not bomb proof, it is well able to withstand the rigours of bomb disposal activities. N.B. Robot vehicles for specialist applications can be made to order. Technical Specification Length (with arm retracted): Width: Height (with arm lowered): Weight: Battery (sealed, maintenance free): Standard operating cable length:

970 mm 420 mm 420 mm 36 kg 12v 15Ah 60 m

NATO STOCK NO: NSN 2350-99-974-7377

CCTV - Colour camera feeding 4" monitor in hand controller, which is fitted with outlet socket for alternative larger monitor. Terriers are individually produced and modifications or additional features can in many cases be incorporated to suit customer's requirements.


Each training device is authentic in every detail to actual terrorist devices and contains fully functioning electronic and/or mechanical components as well as dummy explosive material. Each device also provides an accurate X-ray signature which makes it ideal for all types of EOD and search training. Typical devices include the following: Radio Cassette: IED based upon that used to destroy flight PA103 over Lockerbie in 1988. This device consists of approximately 300gms of simulated Semtex-H explosive, electric detonator, barometric switch, PP3 cell, arming switch, PCB timer and sound unit to simulate explosion. Car Bomb: This type of under vehicle booby trap has been used successfully to target individuals. The device comprises a mechanical delay to a micro-switch arming device and firing is via an adjustable mercury tilt switch to an electric detonator. Strong magnets normally enable the device to be fitted to the underside of a vehicle. Incendiary Device: This clear perspex container comprises dummy explosive material, flash bulb initiator, PCB long delay timer and arming switches, batteries and fuel capsules to enhance the incendiary effect. The arming warning LED will flash once the arming device is initiated. 35mm Camera Bomb: This explosive device is concealed inside a standard compact camera with dummy explosive moulded to fit the shape of the camera. An electric detonator is concealed within a modified film pack. Once the camera is opened and the film pulled aside a microswitch is revealed which arms the device once the back of the camera is closed. All standard functions of the camera, such as flash, shutter, winder, etc. work normally. Video Cassette Bomb: The video cassette inside a standard presentation case comprises dummy plastic explosive, electronic detonator, two AA sized batteries, electronic timer unit and an arming slide switch concealed under the front flap of the tape. Book Bomb: A hollowed out book conceals dummy explosive, electronic detonator, power cell, mechanical delay to a micro-switch arming device, with a dowel safety pin. The device is initiated once the book is opened by the target, thus releasing the micro-switch. The device is supplied with a buzzer to simulate detonation.

Audio Cassette Bomb: This incendiary device is cleverly concealed inside a standard audio tape cassette and comprises dummy incendiary material, modified flash bulb initiator, power cell, mechanical timer, modified slide arming switch and two fuel capsules to enhance the incendiary effect.


The System 6545 is an x-ray security screening system with a compact design, suitable for use where space is limited. Yet with tunnel openings of 45 cm (17.7") high and 65 cm (25.6") wide, the System 6545 is ideal for the screening of briefcases and packages. The System 6545 is ergonomically designed with operator comfort and ease of operation as a main feature of the system. The System 6545 is a PC based system that can be networked with other inspection systems and can transmit data via ethernet using the TCP/IP network protocol system. Images from eachSystem 6545 can be sent through a network to a central server PC where the images can be viewed, stored or printed. The System 6545 is ideally suited for embassies and mailrooms, government buildings, courtrooms, nuclear power stations and commercial facilities requiring briefcase and package screening. It is also equally suitable for carry-on baggage screening at airports where floor space may be a consideration.

SPECIFICATIONS General Sensitivity: Spatial Resolution: Penetration: Contrast Sensitivity: Dose per Inspection: Tunnel Opening: Power requirements: Conveyor Speed: X-Ray Source Voltage: Duty cycle: Cooling: Beam orientation: 160kVp constant potential tube operating @ 140kVp 100% Sealed oil bath Vertically upwards 36 gauge wire guaranteed 1mm using new ASTM F-792 test bag 22mm steel guaranteed 1T-H4 guaranteed, 4096 gray scale levels 0.1mR typical 25.6" (w) x 17.7" (h) 115-125 VAC, 60Hz (10 amp max) 230-240 VAC, 50Hz (5 amp max) 0.23 m per sec @ 60Hz 45 feet per minute

Computer Specifications: Minimum configuration: Pentium IV, 3.o GHz, Ram:256 Mb, HDD: 40 GB CD ROM Dual 19" SVGA high resolution, low radiation, flicker free flat monitor Appr. 450kgs Appr. 519kgs Steel frame on casters

Video Displays:

Physical Specifications Weight: Weight (crated): Construction: Film Safety Guaranteed for high speed films up to ISO 1600 Standard Features 2 x 19" Colour Monitors Programmable penetration levels Organin and Inorganic imaging Pseudo colour Automatic Z measurement Programmable zoom 2x to 32x Edge sharpening

? ? X-Ray Sensor ? 1280 photo diodes in an "L" shaped configuration ? ? Environmental ? Operates at -17c to 50c with less than 95% relative humidity. ? Conforms to NILECJ-STD-0601.00, meets FCC Class A
Standards for emissions.


The new SAFEWAY Bomb Containment Trailer System was developed by government Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) experts to enable relatively inexperienced operators to remove a suspect Improvised Explosive Device (IED) to a safe location where it can safely be examined or destroyed. The equipment is designed to safely contain and transport a suspect explosive object of up to 4Kg of TNT and up to 600mm x 800mm x 600mm in size. The unique design of the Safeway enables it to be easily used with a minimal amount of training. The Safeway Bomb Containment Trailer System consists of a specially designed bomb container mounted on a four wheeled trailer which can easily be towed. The container is made from two layers of high-strength, high-impact 40mm ballistic steel. The chamber space between the inner steel 'tube' and the outer steel wall contains sand, which together with the strengthened ballistic steel, helps absorb the effects of blast, thus enabling the Safewaycontainer to be used repeatedly. The Safeway's exceptional thermal and pressure-tolerant design provides high explosion suppression capability. In the event of an accidental detonation the tubular design of the container ensures that the blast effect will be directed vertically upwards, rather than sideways, thus ensuring no damage will be caused to the towing vehicle, trailer body and the surrounding area.

A suspect device is picked up with the aid of the hand-portable telescopic manipulator which is provided with the Safeway System. The operator places the device on the back of theSafeway trailer and the rotating hydraulic lifting arm is remotely operated to raise the package and gently place it inside the container. Once the Safeway is loaded with the suspect device the trailer can be safely towed to a convenient site where the device can be removed from the container. Shock absorbers help protect the container from any sudden movement. Removing the suspect device is done by reversing the loading process. Once removed from the Safewaycontainer, the device can be examined with the use of a portable x-ray or it can be harmlessly disposed of with the use of an explosive disruptor. Safeway is supplied as a complete system including telescopic manipulator. NATO STOCK NO: NSN1385-99-331-1632

SPECIFICATIONS Trailer size: 367cm long x 190cm wide Outer Container size: 100cm high x 100cm wide Inner Container size: 100cm high x 64cm wide Height: 142 cm Steel Thickness: 40mm Weight: 900 kg Protective Level: 4 kg of TNT


The new MD8+ Mine and Metal Detector is an up-graded version of the MD8 which was designed for use by the British Army and is also now in use with UK Police Forces for search operations. The instrument is a high sensitivity metal detector based upon very high speed pulse induction technology and has exceptional performance against minimum metal mines. Because the equipment is largely automatic in operation, being self adjusting to its immediate environment, it is very simple to operate with only a minimum of training required. All elements of the instrument (with the exception of an optional external earphone) have been integrated into a single unit incorporating a control unit, batteries and telescopic halo assembly. There are no separate parts, and consequently no cumbersome interconnecting cables. The equipment is totally sealed, waterproof and submersible. The instrument is controlled by a microprocessor, which permits very precise timing, rapid switching and sophisticated signal processing. This, in conjunction with the novel head design, permits detection of very small metallic objects even in the proximity of larger targets. Incorporated are comprehensive and automatic self-diagnostic procedures controlled by the microprocessor. A user initiated test facility is also present. The verification of these tests is presented to the operator by a confidence tone. The search head incorporates differential Rx coils which greatly reduce interference from external sources so enhancing the signal/noise ratio and permitting greater sensitivity. This feature also allows objects outside the area of the halo to be disregarded. However, the area of desensitisation is controlled so that signals from the sides of the search head are accepted. The use of differential coils greatly enhances the ability of the equipment to operate in traditionally hostile conditions, for example over mineralised soils, without loss of sensitivity. The halo is divided fore and aft by a 'sighting bar'. When the centre of the target is directly below this bar a very distinct null appears in the audio signal thus permitting the location of the centre of the target to within a few millimetres. The MD8+ electronics incorporate an automatic power supply that enables the detector to be powered by only three standard D-cell batteries. The power supply maintains a constant voltage to the electronics, permitting maximum performance, whatever the state of the batteries, and utilises the full capacity of the cells. Power Requirements Batteries: Control unit (incorporating batteries) 470 mm 1100 g inc. batteries 2 x RISC based 8 BIT incorporatingADC

3 x 'D' drycells IEE LR20. Manganese Length: Weight: alkaline Life: Max sensitivity - 12 hours continuous, 16 Microprocessor: hours intermittent Med/Low sensitivity 18 hours continuous, 24 hours Intermittent Low Battery: Indicated by two stage flashing LED and audio tone Soft Case (Haversack) NATO STOCK NO: Weight: 3kg NSN 6665-99-727-8434 Transit Weight: 10 kg Operating Weight: 2.4kg Operating Length: Max. 1560 mm Min. 1120 mm Max. useable detection: 0.05 g stainless steel at 75 mm Temperature: -25C to +70C (operation and Halo Probe: storage) Max. Length: Environmental: Humidity - fully sealed and Min. Length: submersible to 2 metres Weight:

1120 mm 700 mm 100 g


The STK2 is a new tool kit which is designed to assist during search operations conducted by bomb search teams and also Customs operators. It contains a comprehensive range of handtools to enable operators to dismantle equipment and machinery, as well as a range of cutters and saws to open gates and penetrate fences. When immediate visual inspection behind walls or panelling is required, the STK2 power drill enables inspection holes to be bored through all types of material and walls up to 250mm thick, allowing rapid internal inspection with an endoscope. The complete STK2 Search Tool Kit is supplied in two fitted carrying cases with a total weight of 40kg.

The kit contains the following equipment: Leather gloves Nylon cord, 150m Insulation tape (2) Steel measuring tape, 3m Retractable knife & spare blades Linoleum knife Scissors, 250mm Padsaw, with various blades Hacksaw Hacksaw blades (10) Tack extractor Claw hammer, 1lb Club hammer, 4lb Cold chisel, 250mm Wrecking bar, 18 x 600mm Pliers, combination, 178mm Pliers, long nosed, 203mm Pliers, side cutting, 152mm Pliers, slip joint, 254mm Pliers, vice grip, adjustable, 254mm Seizers, 150mm (2) Tweezers, mm Centre punch Releasing fluid Screwdriver, cross head, 150mm Screwdriver, cross head, 180mm Screwdriver, cross head, 215mm Screwdriver, cross head, 265mm Screwdriver, flat head, 150mm Screwdriver, flat head, 230mm Screwdriver, flat head, 335mm Wrench set, hexagonal, imperial Wrench set, hexagonal, metric Wrench, adjustable, 152mm Wrench, strap, 50-300mm dia. Cutter, capacity - 0.9mm (20swg) mild steel Cutter, capacity - 1.2mm (18swg) mild steel Bolt cutter, 610mm, capacity - 8mm HT steel

29 piece, 1/2 inch square drive socket set consisting of: Ratchet Sliding 'T' bar 125mm extension 250mm extension Ball joint AF sockets, sizes: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19, 22, 24, 27, 30mm Imperial sockets, sizes: 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, 3/4, 13/ 16, 7/8, 15/16, 1, 1 1/16, 1 1/8" Cordless drill, 1/2" chuck comprising: Drill with rechargeable battery Spare rechargeable battery Battery charger Drill bit, HSS, 5mm (2) Drill bit, HSS, 10mm (2) Drill bit, HSS, 12mm Drill bit, flat, 9.5mm Drill bit, flat, 13mm Drill bit, flat, 19mm Drill bit, masonry, 10 x 300mm


The Non-Magnetic Mine Prodder has been designed to locate mines buried in depths of up to 250mm. Primarily intended for situations where a magnetic device would activate a mine, the Mine Prodder can also be used where magnetic fields are not considered important. Designed and manufactured to DefStan AQAP1, the Mine Prodder is supplied as a kit fully tested in accordance with Stanag 2897, a necessary requirement for all non-magnetic EOD requirements. The kit consists of a spike holder assembly, handgrip, carrier web and tube assembly. 1 off Spike Holder Assembly 1 off Handgrip 1 off Carrier Web 1 off Tube Assembly NSN W8/1385-99-840-0190 NSN W8/1385-99-840-0191 NSN W8/1385-99-840-0192 NSN W8/1385-99-840-0193

TECHNICAL DATA Colour Prodder: Harness: Dimensions Short assembled length Long assembled length Length (stored in harness) Weight (prodder) Weight (stored) Mean diameter (main body) Mean diameter (spike) Diameter (spike point) Spike hardness 45/50 Rockwell C 510mm 1030mm 755mm 409gm 509gm 20.5mm 6.4mm 1.75mm NATO Green NATO Green


Developed as a dual role, De-Armer Disruptor, designed to defeat the threat posed by more complex, better protected, improvised explosive devices (IED's) and to deal with unexploded ordnance (UXO), the ABL1000 De-Armer Disruptor remains completely recoilless during operation. The ABL1000 utilises the standard electrically fired 0.5" cartridge XLIE 1. When used as a Disruptor the ABL1000 will be set up close to the suspect device and aimed at the firing circuit or detonator. On firing it will project a water slug into the device, disrupting the firing circuit without causing detonation of the device's explosive contents. As a De-Armer, the ABL1000 will project a variety of steel slugs into the fuses or pistols of air dropped bombs and some land service ammunition. A bolster slug enables it to be used against other UXO as well as being effective against metal-cased IED's. The ABL1000 De-Armer Disruptor is a multi-shot device, capable of many firings without distortion. It requires minimum maintenance and can be used for IEDD and EOD Personnel Training without detriment to its performance. The ABL1000 can be accurately positioned either on its robust, lightweight stand or on its own. When fitted to a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), no damage is caused since the recoil forces are not passed to the vehicle. The ABL1000 is constructed from anti-corrosion precision-machined parts which are subject to the most demanding quality control during manufacture. Flow detection tests as detailed in MFD601, then crack-detection and over-proof firing, are carried out before being accepted into service. Training and maintenance are simple and all tools and equipment are supplied. All spare parts and consumables are contained in the kit. With correct maintenance, barrel life is virtually unlimited. There is no difference between a service ABL1000 De-Armer Disruptor and one used for training. The ABL1000 De-Armer Disruptor is supplied as a complete kit, with the exception of the firing cartridges, in a robust shock-tested metal container. Cartridges XLIE1 are supplied in units of 77off packed in H83 Ammunition Containers.

TECHNICAL DATA Disruptor Overall Length: Weight: Container Overall: Material: Colour: 515mm 4.5kg 873 x 428 x 187mm Aluminium NATO Green

De-Armer Overall Length: Weight: Weight of Kit: 284mm 3.5kg 25kg


The SPRscan Surface Penetrating Radar is a revolutionary high performance system designed for detecting virtually any object concealed under the ground or behind walls. The equipment is completely weatherproof and can operate in virtually any type of soil condition. Depth of detection will vary on the object size and type of soil, but is typically up to 3 metres. The SPRscan Surface Penetrating Radar System has evolved over a number of years following a specific request of the British Ministry of Defence for ground penetrating equipment. SPRscan is now in full production and has a wide variety of applications, including Police and Military search requirements, VIP protection, electronic countermeasures as well as commercial surveying. It has been instrumental in the Police detecting buried human bodies in UK and Belgium. The SPRscan radar systems consists of 3 main parts, the controller (which in effect is a ruggedised PC personal computer), an antenna, and the TX/RX head electronics unit which transmits the information from the antenna to the controller. The standard system is supplied with a 500MHz antenna which has a typical penetration depth of 1.5 to 2.5 metres in good conditions - i.e. where sand and peat are good and salt water and clay are poor. The other antennas in the range are the 250MHz (typical penetration depth of 2.5 to 4.5 metres) and the 1GHz and 2GHz antennas. As a general guide, the lower frequency antennas (250MHz and 500MHz) are normally used for work below ground and the higher frequency for work above ground. As the penetration depth increases the resolution decreases. Hence the 1GHz and 2GHz are very useful for locating very small anomalies behind a surface such as a wall. The radar works by sending out pulses of electromagnetic energy and detecting the electrical echo caused by dielectric differences within the surface being investigated. One of the main features of SPRscan is that during a search, as the antenna is moved across a surface the data is shown in real time, in colour, on the controller screen. This means that an anomaly beneath the surface can be seen immediately the radar passes over it, thus making instant on-site decisions possible. The data can also be downloaded onto a thermal printer which provides a strip print of the survey, or it can be stored on the hard disk for processing and/or inclusion in a survey report. SPRscan is very flexible and can be used on a harness, mounted on a trolley or hand held if the smaller antennas are being used. It has a very wide range of applications which include the following: locating utilities, voids, bodies buried beneath the ground, caches of explosives/money/drugs etc. hidden beneath a surface, locating foundations in archaeological digs, pipes or cables etc. The main features of ground penetrating radar are that it is non-destructive (no digging necessary), it is non-evasive (everyday work can carry on around a radar survey) and it can detect non-metallic objects e.g. plastics, ceramics etc.


The MK1 is a basic hook and line kit recommended for clearing explosive ordnance. The kit was developed in conjunction with British Army bomb disposal teams to provide a versatile means of remotely moving dangerous objects in a wide variety of locations. Since then the MK1 has been deployed on active service in many areas of the world and has become standard issue for in any EOD teams worldwide, with it also being used on EOD training courses in both the UK and the USA. The varied components enable a line to be securely fastened to all types of munitions and IED's to facilitate their movement to improve access for many types of disposal operation. Alternatively the MK1 kit is often used as a means of 'tumbling' suspect objects when carrying out high-risk searches of hides or 'safe houses' which may be 'booby' trapped.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Robust Low stretch Kevlar line, 750kg breaking strain 5000 units in service High strength hooks In service with the UK and US armed forces Plain and barbed hooks Gated high strength snatch blocks Comfortable line pulling handles

Main Line. The 150m main line is constructed with a nylon outer sheath and Kevlar to ensure that the overall stretch is less than 1% when the line is fully extended. The main line is terminated with a spring gated 'snap' hook for quick connection to a wide range of hooks. Hooks. 12.5, 25 and 50mm diameter hooks are supplied, with both plain and barbed points for attaching the line securely to soft materials such as holdalls or fertiliser sacks. All hooks are constructed of non-ferritic stainless steel. Snatch Blocks. These have a side-opening cheek that allows the line to be loaded or removed from the block without having to detach the line from the object being moved. Snatch blocks can be used for changing the direction of the line or to achieve a mechanical advantage. Case and Reel. The reel is anchored to the case and is fitted with a locking brake to prevent excessive line run-out. The case is fitted with a number of anchor points with which to tie off the main line or to anchor the case itself to a tree or post. Both the case and reel are constructed of heavy gauge steel for long service and durability.


The MK4 kit provides a variety of components for attaching a line to a suspected IED and devices for anchoring snatch blocks to floors, walls and windows and door frames. Snatch blocks are self opening to enable IED's to be manoeuvred along complex routes in a single operation. The 120m line enables the removal operation to be conducted remotely. A sledge is included which can be used to improve the manoeuvrability of a suspect object on stairs or rough ground and to prevent snagging at corners. A telescopic pole which extends to 3m may be used to attach a hook and line remotely. All components fit into a compact carry case and can easily be carried by one man leaving one hand free. Kit Contents:
Belt Sling: 80x1400mm Pole: Telescopic, 3m extended Rope Sling: 3mm diameter, 2m, 240kg strength (x2) Hook: Single plain tang, 12mm gape male thread Rope Sling: 4mm diameter, 2m, 390kg strength (x2) Hook: Single plain tang, 25mm gape male thread Rope Sling: 5mm diameter, 2m, 550kg strength (x2) Hook: Single plain tang, 50mm gape male thread Wire Sling: 1.5mm diameter, 2m, 170kg strength (x2) Hook: Double plain tang, 25mm gape male thread Wire Sling: 2mm diameter, 2m, 340kg strength (x2) Hook: Sharp pointed, treble tanged, barbed with eye Wire Sling: 3mm diameter, 2m, 530kg strength (x2) Hook: 25mm gape, spring gate, fits telescopic pole Pulling Handle: Grips 5.5m diameter line Hook: 50mm gape, spring gate, fits telescopic pole Tools: Compact Set, pocket knife style Snatch Block with Jammer Cleat Screw Eye: Hand screw into wood (x10) Line Branch: Clamps to 5.5m line, with eye attachment Line: 5.5m diameter, 120m, 750kg, strength, low stretch Reel: 300mm diameter, winding handle, anti runout clutch Ring: 25mm diameter, female thread, fits to male thread hooks Grip: Spring action, 25mm maximum gape, 115mm o/a with eye Grip: Self Grip, adjustable, 25mm maximum jaw gape, 250mm o/a with eye Snatch Block: Self-opening, maximum load 200 kg, swivel eye (x4) Splitter Ball: Use with self-opening snatch blocks, fits 6mm line (x2) Karabiner: Screw Gate, 15mm gate, 2400kg maximum load (x2) Karabiner: Screw Gate, 23mm gate, 2700kg maximum load (x2) Shackle: 'D' shape, 13mm gate, 1000kg maximum load Piton: 50mm shaft length, 4 to 9mm shaft thickness Piton: 70mm shaft length, 1.5 to 6mm maximum shaft thickness Piton: 70mm shaft length, 4.5 to 10mm maximum shaft thickness Self Adhesive Anchor: 75x75mm, with eye (x10) Suction Anchor: Doubler Pad, 118mm pad diameter, eye, 315mm o/a Doorway Anchor: 700 - 1100mm with eyes (x2) Door Stop: Wedger Type, rubber, 120mm o/a (x4) Sledge: Rough terrain, accommodate a items up to 580mm width

Supplied in a reinforced nylon canvas (cordura) case 980 x 370 x 120mm, with separate reel and line. The line is supplied ready wound onto the reel. Components are also available separately.

The De-Mining Visor enhances the front face protection of a de-miner, or an explosives expert, working in an environment where there is a possibility of a mine or explosive device detonating. It will protect the wearer against blast and fragments. The De-Mining Visor has a cut-out area in the front of the mouth to enable the operator to communicate and to reduce fogging up of the visor. The De-Mining Visor is mounted on a headband. V50: 258 m/s

A heavy duty hook and line kit approved by the UK Ministry of Defence for moving vehicles and heavy improvised explosive devices. The HAL MK3 has been designed for use where the load limitations of the HAL MK1 and the HAL MK2 are likely to be exceeded. Components in the HALMK3, which includes slings, hooks and shackles, enables the 150 metre line to be attached to a suspect vehicle or container quickly and securely with the minimum of disturbance. Snatch blocks allow the operator to change the direction of the line to gain protection or to operate in confined areas. Ground anchors enable the snatch blocks to be used where there are no natural anchorage points. Kit Contents Reel: Line: Webbing Sling: Webbing Sling: Round Sling: Round Sling: Round Sling: GroundAnchor: GroundAnchor: GroundAnchor: Shackle: Snatch Block: Hook: 460mm diameter, rewind handle, anti-runout brake 10mm diameter, 150m, 3670kg strength, low stretch 50mm wide, 2m woven polyester, eyes both ends, max. load 2000kg (x2) 50mm wide, 6m woven polyester, eyes both ends, max. load 2000kg (x2) 1m circumference, polyester, max. load 1000kg (x2) 2m circumference, polyester, max. load 1000kg (x2) 4m circumference, polyester, max. load 1000kg (x2) 300mm, galvanised steel, angle section (x2) 500mm, galvanised steel, angle section (x2) 1m, galvanised steel, angle section (x2) Width 32mm, depth 64mm, max. load 3000kg (x4) Max. load 2680kg, swivel eye (x2) 120mm opening, fixed eye (x2)

Supplied in a reinforced canvas case, with separate reel and line. Weight of accessories in case: 25kg. Weight of line and reel: 21kg.


The competitively priced Rigid Endoscope Search Kit has been developed for use by specialist Police, Customs and military operators for a wide range of applications, including narcotics and contraband detection, IEDD and EOD. The Rigid Endoscope's very high quality optics tube is made of extremely rugged stainless steel. It has a diameter of 12mm and a working length of 300mm, with a 90 lateral direction of view and a 30 field of view. The focus is fully adjustable from 10mm to infinity, and the integral high power fibre optic lighting provides bright and safe 'cold light' illumination, so there is no hot lamp at the end of the Endoscope's tip. The 50 watt quartz halogen lightsource couples directly to the endoscope body, and is powered by a belt mounted battery pack. Kit consists of: Knowall Rigid Endoscope: Rigid Endoscope 12mm diameter by 300mm long stainless steel insertion tube. 90 direction of view with a 30 field of view. LH50 Light Handle: 50 Watt quartz halogen, fan cooled light handle with SCMI female connection and 1 metre lead to battery pack. LH50BP Battery Pack: 2.5 Amp/Hour waist mounted battery pack, provides 30 minutes continuous run time. Push button battery condition indicator. Charges in approximately 13 hours using LH50BPC. LH50BPC: 240 volt mains input, 12 volt 330m A DC output charger with LED indicators to show when charger is on and when battery is fully charged. Carrying Case Optional Accessories: ZRA3 Right Angle Viewer: Add on viewer eyepiece to give right angle positioning for user's eye. CH-CT-CH Lens Adaptor: Lens adaptor for fitment to front of standard camera lens. 32-END35 Camera Adaptor: Dedicated focusing lens adaptor to magnify image directly from Endoscope to the camera film plane.

ZNOSE 4200 VAPOUR TRACER & ANALYSER The state-of-the-art zNose 4200 Vapour Tracer and Analyser is a powerful tool for the detection of explosives, chemical and biological weapons, narcotics, contraband, hazardous industrial materials, improvised explosives and flammables. It is the only portable, realtime analyser that can detect and identify all types of vapours and traces of organic, biological and chemical compounds accurately and extremely rapidly. The zNose 4200 Vapour Tracer and Analyser has received validation from both the US Environmental Protection Agency and the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy as well as being recommended for use by The US Homeland Security Task Force as a major tool in the fight against terrorism. It has even been chosen by NASAfor use in its space laboratory to assist in the search for extraterrestrial life on other planets! The electronic nose and vapour analysis technology is based upon SurfaceAcoustic Wave (SAW) sensors and flash chromatography. This highly sophisticated technology allows, for the very first time, the fragrance, odour or smell associated with virtually any chemical process or product to be chemically analysed and quantified with part per billion accuracy within seconds. This ability to analyse compounds in great detail is the primary difference between the zNose and a conventional bomb detector. Conventional bomb detectors are designed to see very narrow bands of material, typically containing nitrogen, such as TNT or RDX, however, the zNose is able to detect the complete spectrum of compounds within an aroma or odour, including those that do not contain nitrogen, such as TATP. TATP has, until recently, proved almost impossible to detect, explaining why it was the terrorists explosive of choice during the recent London bombings. The zNoses unique software includes an expandable library of over 700 chemical signatures, so that in the event of a new narcotic or explosive being identified, once profiled, it can be added to the software library keeping the zNose abreast of all known threats. SPECIFICATIONS Sensitivity: 10-second analysis time with sensitivity in part per billion for most compounds. Detects hydrocarbons in the range of C4-C25. Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW). Quartz Microbalance. Temperature: 0- 125C. Internal Sample Pump. Sample Introduction: .5ml/sec. Helium. 300 tests per helium charge. 9.1kg 30 x 25 x 15 cm.



Carrier Gas: Weight: Size:


The new Miniscan 2 Mail Screening System is designed for remote inspection of letters and small packages via the Miniscan 2's inbuilt high definition monochrome CCD camera. The camera is connected by a six foot cable to a 17" black and white monitor which provides enlarged images of the article being examined. The Miniscan 2 letter and small package X-ray security screening system is a compact, lightweight unit designed for desktop operation. The 80KVP, 3mAX-ray source is powerful enough to penetrate bundles of mail and small packages, and detail as small as 36 gauge solid copper wire can be detected on the 12" (305mm) by 16" (406mm) fluorescent screen. Over 300 pieces per hour can be screened. The Miniscan 2 is completely radiation safe and is designed for an office environment. A standard electrical wall socket is all that is required to power the system. The system is in use with United Nations agencies, government offices and buildings, embassies or consulates, company mailrooms and prisons in many countries worldwide. FEATURES
? ? ? ? ?

Lockable power switch Thermal overload protection Dual safety interlocks Optional television viewer Optional x-ray foot switch

SPECIFICATIONS Inspection Chamber Size: 254 x 533 x 355 mm Output: Definition: Fluoroscope Screen: Power Requirements: Weight: Cooling: Radiation Safety: Overall Size: Inspection Rate: 3mA at 80KVP AWG 36 copper wire 305 x 406 mm 110 - 130V single phase AC, 50/60 Hz 2.5 Amperes max, 210-230V single phase AC50/60 Hz 1 Ampere max 117 Kg Oil insulated air cooled Meets all international standards for cabinet x-ray systems (less than 0.5R/hr radiation leakage at 5 cm from any surface 1040 (h) x 599 (w) x 508 (d) mm In excess of 300 pieces per hour


The Pigstick Disrupter is a well-proven item of equipment originally developed for the British Army as a means of disrupting thin-walled improvised explosive devices (IEDs). It is extensively used worldwide by bomb disposal operators and is designed to provide a high probability of avoiding the detonation or explosion of the suspect device. The Pigstick Disrupter is a multi-shot device, capable of many firings without any distortion of the main body and requiring minimum maintenance. Training of EOD Personnel can be carried out using the equipment without detriment to its performance. The Pigstick is positioned using an anti-roll clamp or an optional lightweight stand to ensure accurate positioning. It can easily fitted to a remote operated vehicle (ROV). Preparation of The Pigstick can be carried out behind cover, or away from the vicinity of the IED to ensure operator safety. The Pigstick is constructed from anti-corrosive precision-machined parts which are subject to rigid quality control during manufacture. The main body material is subjected to the flaw detection requirements of MFD 601 before manufacture and overproof firing, and crack-detection procedure prior to acceptance. The Pigstick is supplied as a complete kit in a canvas holdall with stitched pockets to secure all the items detailed below:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Split sleeve adapter Contact cover Disrupter main body Disrupter rear body Water bottle Loading tool Cleaning brush Cleaning rod Screwdrivers Anti-roll clamp

TECHNICAL DATA Total Weight of Kit: Barrel Overall length: 485mm Weight: Holdall Overall size: 500mm x 300mm x 200mm 2.95 kilo NATO STOCK NO: 1385-99-207-8890 4kg


The 36 Piece Non-Magnetic Tool Kit is designed for EOD operations. All tools are manufactured from beryllium copper alloy and conform to Stanag 2897 standards. All tools are supplied in a heavy duty fabric carrying case with non-magnetic fittings, with all tools having individual cutouts in foam trays which provide an effective tool control system which clearly shows if any tool is missing. All tools are suitable for contact use and are supplied individually certified

The 36 Piece Non-Magnetic Tool Kit comprises the following: 200mm Tweezers 200mm Probe 255mm Scissors Hacksaw Hacksaw Blade Putty Knife/Scraper 37mm x 191mm Wire Brush 4 Row Pliers Flat Nose 155mm Pliers Snipe Nose 170mm Side Cutters 165mm Ballpein Hammer Club Hammer with GRP Shaft Cold Chisel 16 x 165mm Cold Chisel 25 230mm Pry Bar 16 x 455mm Swan Neck Bar 455mm Replacement tools can be provided individually. Approximate weight 13kgs.
NSN 5180-99-589-3534

Screwdriver 3 x 150mm Flat Screwdriver 4.5 x 150mm Flat Screwdriver 6 x 100mm Flat Screwdriver 8 x 150mm Flat Screwdriver 10 x 300mm Flat Screwdriver Offset 6 x 150mm Screwdriver Offset 6 x 130mm Screwdriver Offset 10 x 140mm Screwdriver Crosspoint No. 1 Screwdriver Crosspoint No. 2 Screwdriver Crosspoint No. 3 Screwdriver Crosspoint No. 4 Adjustable Spanner 19 x 150mm Adjustable Spanner 28 x 255mm Adjustable Spanner 28 x 355mm Knife


The twisted pair black and brown Firing Cable was devised for use with an electronic exploder, such as the Shrike, to activate a disruptor, de-armer or detonator. MSI Firing Cable is designed for high strength, good electrical conductivity and concealment. is supplied in a reel, we can supply lengths from 100 to 1000 metres according to customer requirements. MSI Firing Cable is manufactured in the UK to Defstan 6112 Pt.17 standards.




The 85 Piece Non-Magnetic Tool Kit is designed for EOD operations. All tools are manufactured from beryllium copper alloy and conform to Stanag 2897 standards. All tools are supplied in a heavy duty fabric carrying case with non-magnetic fittings, with all tools having individual cutouts in foam trays which provide an effective tool control system which clearly shows if any tool is missing. All tools are suitable for contact use and are supplied individually certified. Replacement tools can be provided individually. 36 Piece and 100 Piece Non-Magnetic Tool Kits also available.
The 85 Piece Non-Magnetic Tool Kit comprises the following: 190mm tweezers- straight & right-angled 200mm probe Knife 225mm scissors Hacksaw Hacksaw blade Putty knife/scraper 37mm x 191mm Wire brush 4 row Screwdriver 3 x 50mm flat Screwdriver 4.5 x 150mm flat Screwdriver 6 x 100mm flat Screwdriver 8 x 150mm flat Screwdriver 10 x 300mm flat Screwdriver offset 6 x 140mm Screwdriver offset 4x 125mm Screwdriver offset 10 x 160mm Screwdriver crosspoint No1 Screwdriver crosspoint No2 Screwdriver crosspoint No3 Screwdriver crosspoint No4 Pliers combination 203mm Pliers flat nose 155mm Pliers snipe nose 170mm Side cutters 165mm Wire nippers 150mm Pliers round nose 150mm Pliers 200mm Adjustable spanner 19 x 150mm Adjustable spanner 28 x 255mm Adjustable pipe wrench 28 x 355mm Ball pein hammer with GRP shaft Club hammer with GRP shaft Cold chisel 16 x 165mm Cold chisel 25 x 230mm Pry bar 16 x 455mm Swan neck bar 455mm Ratchet sq. Sliding tee bar sq Extension sq x 100mm Extension sq x 250mm Universal joint sq Socket sq 10mm Socket sq 11mm Socket sq 7/16 Socket sq 1/2

Socket sq 7/8 Socket sq 3/4 Socket sq 13/16 Socket sq 15/16 Socket sq 1 Socket sq 1.1/16 Socket sq 1.1/8 Hex wrench 1,5mm Hex wrench 2mm Hex wrench 2.5mm Hex wrench 3mm Hex wrench 4mm Hex wrench 5mm Hex wrench 6mm Hex wrench 8mm Hex wrench 10mm Hex wrench 1/16 Hex wrench 5/64 Hex wrench 3/32 Hex wrench 1/8 Hex wrench 5/32 Hex wrench 3/16 Hex wrench 7/32 Hex wrench 1/4 Hex wrench 5/16 Hex wrench 3/8 Hex wrench 7/16

Socket sq 12mm Socket sq 13mm Socket sq 14mm Socket sq 15mm Socket sq 17mm Socket sq 19mm Socket sq 22mm Socket sq 24mm Socket sq 27mm Socket sq 30mm Socket sq 9/16 Socket sq 5/8 Socket sq 11/16

Approximate weight 22kgs.


NSN 5180-99-427-0622


The Bomb Search Kit is an inexpensive kit designed for IED search operation. It contains a portable endoscope/boroscope, portable hand lamp, portable drill, as well as an assortment of tools. When immediate visual inspection behind walls and panelling is required, the portable drill set enables inspection holes to be drlled through all types of material, allowing rapid internal inspection. The kit provides a range of tools for removing panelling and inspection covers and is suitable for carrying out general searches in vehicles and ships. Large and small adjustable inspection mirrors are also included to facilitate searches in confined spaces. The Bomb Search Kit is supplied in a fitted carrying case.



Contents: Leather gloves Trimming knife (retractable with spare blades) Scissors Mini saw ( + 10 blades) 450g Claw Hammer Phillips No 1 screwdriver Phillips No 2 screwdriver Phillips No 3 screwdriver Phillips No 4 screwdriver Slotted head 3mm screwdriver Slotted head 6mm screwdriver Slotted head 10mm screwdriver Hexagonal wrench set imperial Hexagonal wrench set metric Wrench adjustable 6 x 150mm Self-grip universal pliers Combination pliers 180mm Tweezers Releasing fluid HSS drill bits 5mm HSS drill bits 10mm HSS drill bits 12mm Flat drill bit 19mm Flat drill bit 13mm Flat drill bit 10mm Drill bit container Masonary drill bit 10mm x 300mm Telescopic illuminated am 140mm dia convex mirror 65mm dia plano mirror 65mm x 115mm rectangular mirror Endoscope (powered by handlamp) Handlamp Cordless drill chuck, 2 batteries 240v/110v, 14.4V Densimeter


The Infrared Telescopic Camera System is a portable search kit ideal for use by police, customs and special forces for searches of buildings, ships, aircraft and vehicles for firearms, explosive devices, contraband and criminal suspects. The Infrared Telescopic Camera System can also be used for short-term surveillance. The Infrared Telescopic Camera System is highly versatile, comprising a high-resolution monochrome camera integrated with a powerful infrared illumination system mounted on a telescopic pole. The infrared illuminator enables the operator to 'see' in small, confined areas of total darkness. The displayed image is viewed on a compact monitor, which is fitted into a chest worn pouch to maximise mobility. Alternatively, a head-up display can be used, avoiding emission of any stray light. Power is supplied by a rechargeable, battery pack within the chest pouch. FEATURES Excellent range up to 12 metres in total darkness Battery Powered up to 2 hours continuous use High-resolution monochrome monitor Automatic gain control no adjustment necessary for differing light levels Fixed focus with large depth of field no need to refocus Highly portable and robust Simple to set-up and easy to use Video output allows use of ancillary equipment Lightweight comfortable to use and carry for extended periods Robust carrying case protects the equipment for both storage and transportation Standard set contains: Telescopic pole with camera head/illuminator, control unit 4 monochrome monitor, 1 x battery pack, battery charger, chest pouch, carrying case and instructions: TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Viewing head: Size: 215 x 38x 62mm including illuminator Camera: Monochrome 500H x 582 lines resolution Sensitivity: 0.2 lux at fl.2 Illumination: Infrared LED array 950 nm Power: 12V DC 4 Ah, supplied by battery in chest pouch Telescopic pole: Type: Lightweight telescopic Length: 390 1470 mm extended Weight 0.5kg Monitor: Type: Monochrome CRT Size: 135 x 235x 100mm with 4 screen Resolution: 500 lines

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


MSI supplies a range of NATO-cased, electrically initiated power cartridges for use with the Pigstick and other disruptors and de-armers. Disruptor Cartridges are supplied and shipped in approved MOD ammunition containers.

The Shrike Exploder is a fully approved hard wire exploder which is currently in service in more than 44 countries worldwide. From the arctic to the tropics it has proved itself as a safe, reliable and cost-effective system for the initiation of explosives, mines, pyrotechnics and other electro-explosive devices (EED). Spring-loaded terminals connect the four independent firing circuits. Circuit continuity is checked by operating the appropriate TEST button. Operating the PRIME button causes the READY LED to flash, indicating that the circuit is primed. This typically takes two seconds. While the READY LED is flashing, the load circuit may be fired by operating the appropriate Circuit Select and FIRE buttons simultaneously. The short recycle time of the Shrike permits rapid, individual firing on all four circuits, giving seven to eight times the potential detonating power of conventional dynamo type initiators. Battery chargers are available for use with the Shrike. The Shrike must be primed before any circuit can be fired, and firing requires the operation of two independent push buttons. The output is inhibited when the initiator is not fully primed, thus preventing partial firing. The output energy cannot be released in a circuit whose resistance is more than 40 Ohms, well below that of the human body, therefore completely eliminating any electrical hazard to the operator.

SPECIFICATIONS Size: Unit Weight: Case Material: Finish: Output Connections: Controls: Indicators: Operating Temperature range: Storage Temperature range: Immersion: Output Voltage: Output Energy: Output Load: Arming Time:

140mm x 95mm x 45mm 420g Impact-Resistant Plastic Non-reflective drab olive Up to 4 separate circuits Pushbutton LED -40C to 55C -55C to 70C 0-100% splash proof 319 400V Typically 12J/ Minimum 6.8J Up to 400Ohms each circuit 2 seconds




The top-quality Flexible Colour Video Endoscope is supplied as a complete, fully portable system specially designed for search professionals to use in areas that are difficult to access, such as inside fuel tanks and behind concealed panels. The Flexible Colour Video Endoscope has an 8mm x 3 metre, fuel/watertight, illuminated, crush-resistant Endoflex vertebrae core, tough polymer outer with Viton covered tip bending section. The endoscope has 4-way remote end tip with 120 up/down and left/right articulation. A full colour CCD camera chip is connected to the tip, and the image can be viewed on the colour monitor supplied. The Camera control unit comes in heavy-duty aluminium tilting case, including detachable locking storage compartment lid. the integral camera control unit has on-board auto-electronic shutter, 144mm diagonal recessed LCD colour monitor and twin switchable 20w and 100w halogen lightsources. Also available in 10mm and 12mm diameter shafts at the same price.

SPECIFICATIONS Onboard power: Front panel controls: 12vDC 13 amp hr rechargeable battery and charging unit. Colour, contrast, brightness, lightsource select, illumination intensity, 3-way standby, run and recharge select and Battery condition indicator. 90v -260v Ac 50/60Hz auto sensing, 12v DC

External power outputs:


The DUS20 Digital Ultrasonic Distance Meter enables a search operator to identify concealed false panels by electronically measuring the exact distance of cavities and containers by emitting a laser beam to ascertain the true interior and exterior dimensions. The battery-powered DUS20, an invaluable tool for professional search operators, is easy to use and provides an instant display showing the exact distance between objects.

DIMENSIONS Measuring Range: Operating Temperature: Laser Type: Laser Class: Battery: Weight (with battery): Size:

0.6m to 20 metres -5C to +50C 650nm 1.5mW 2 1 x 9V Approx 230gms 157mm x 65mm x 36mm


The PPE-100 Mine Boot is a comfortable, practical and rugged boot designed to offer an advanced level of protection for personnel involved in mine clearance, reconnaissance and de-mining operations. The PPE-100 Mine Boot has been designed with the wearer in mind to maintain maximum mobility, durability and comfort in all climates. The PPE-100 Mine Boot system comprises an outer boot, incorporating TABRE blast protection, a pair of inner boots and can also include an optional set of fragmentation protection gaiters. This provides protection from the knee down and the provision of spare inner boots ensures that the operator remains comfortable for each phase of the de-mining activity. Based on a well-proven alpine climbing boot, the PPE-100 Mine Boot is well suited to rough and uneven terrain. The optional protective gaiters can be supplied in various colours, or camouflage pattern, to suit specific requirements. The PPE-100 Mine Boot system has been tested at the Cranfield University Ordnance Test and Evaluation Centre COTEC, run under the auspices of the British Armys Royal Military College of Science at Shrivenham.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Strong durable construction Available in full range of mens and womens sizes NATO approved VIBRAM sole Good ankle movement Stable and comfortable Enhanced limb survival and recovery Further clinical data available on request. Incorporates the patented TABRE system for maximum blast protection and performance


The Elex-7 Single Channel Electronic Exploder is a pocket-sized, single channel highenergy electronic initiator designed for activating detonators and fuses. It is suitable for military (EOD, IEDD, Engineers) and Commercial (demolition and excavation) use anywhere where there is a need to use electric detonators, and has been proven to be extremely reliable over the 15 years that it has been in military use. The Elex 7 uses standard 9V alkaline batteries and is supplied in a robust and water-resistant protective cover enabling it to be used in harsh environments. The unit is easy to operate and has extensive safety features. FEATURES ? High Energy Output:- capable of firing a standard commercial detonator over 2 km of cable. ? Water-resistant. ? Very compact and robust: high impact covering ? Ergonomically designed: fits snugly into hand. ? Uses standard 9V alkaline batteries. ? Extensive tests and safety features. SAFETY Inadvertent firing is almost impossible because of recessed spring loaded-controls, and the design feature that requires two controls to be depressed simultaneously and in sequence for firing. De-priming occurs automatically if the device is not fired. Despite the high energy output there is no danger to the operator touching the output terminals or conductors even in wet conditions.Any combination of detonator and cable can be used. The Elex-7 has an inhibit circuit to check that the total load is less than 400 ohms. This ensures against misfiring as well as against electric shock. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 1. Output Energy: Voltage: Capacitor: Contacts: leads.

> 6 Joules > 350 Volts 100 microfarad Spring-loaded terminals for quick

connections of

2. Power Supply Two 9v alkaline batteries Capacity: More than 250 firings from a set of new 3. Physical Characteristics Width: 79mm Length: 155mm Height: 32 mm Weight: 550g 4. Environmental Operating Temp: Storage Temp: Drop:

batteries at 25 C

-20 to +60 -55to +85 2.5m


The Customs Rummage Kit is a basic set of tools for Customs rummage and search operations. The kit provides a range of tools for removing panelling and inspection covers and is suitable for carrying out general searches in vehicles and ships. Large and small adjustable inspection mirrors are also included to facilitate searches in confined spaces.

The Customs Rummage Kit is supplied in a fitted carrying case containing: 63 piece socket set & bits 25 piece hexagon spanner set, metric & imperial 24 piece combination spanner set, metric & imperial Vehicle door trim/panel removing tool Combination pliers 7 insulated Telescoping search mirror pole Mirror to fit telescoping pole- 63.5mm diameter Dental mirror 22mm diameter Adjustable spanner 300mm Wrecking bar 340x45mm Safety torch suitable for zone 0, 2xD cell Screwdriver - 400mm, 5.5 mm flat tip Screwdriver - 400mm, 8mm flat tip


THE CMT is a truly compact vehicle search mirror and torch designed to fit into a pocket or handbag. With a unique telescopic handle that is completely rigid when extended, as well as an integral torch that can be used when the mirror is opened or closed, the CMT Pocket Mirror is a valuable aid to personal security. Complete with batteries and spare bulb Lightweight Telescopic handle Convex mirror Integral torch


The De-Mining Apron was designed specially for UN de-mining operators. It is provided with add on arm and shin protection, as well as a headmounted flip-up ballistic visor providing protection against shrapnel and anti-personnel mines. People entering minefields expose themselves to possible injury caused by stepping on an anti-personnel land mine. Injuries caused by an explosion are difficult to treat in the field and the victim may die from blood loss before they can be stabilised or taken to hospital. The DeMining Apron and Visor has been specially designed to reduce and limit the injury caused by fragments (shrapnel) and blast from the detonation of an anti-personnel mine. The De-Mining Apron & Visor is manufactured from KevIar, which is specially designed for protection against fragments. The lightweight construction and the revolutionary design enhances wearability and comfort. The front area of the torso is protected, but leaves the back exposed, which enhances airflow and reduces heat build-up. Care is also taken to give sufficient protection to the de-miner in the kneeling position as well. The De-Mining Apron & Visor was developed in conjunction with input from United Nations de-miners wearing the equipment under operational conditions.

SPECIFICATIONS Apron: Arms: Shins: Total: Visor: Cover material: Protection: Apron: Visor: 3.9kg 3.4kg 1.7kg 9.0kg 2.4kg Colour or type optional STANAG 2920 V50 450 m/s STANAG 2920 V50 258m/s


This top-of-the-line Non-Conductive Flexible Endoscope is designed for search applications, such as the examination of fuel tanks, where it is essential that the shaft of the endoscope is completely non-metallic and non-sparking. FEATURES OF FLEXIBLE ENDOSCOPE
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

4-way Articulation Ruggedised High resolution image guide Ergonomic handgrip with diopter focus adjustment 0 direct forward direction of view, 60 field of view Integral 1.5 metre long light guide cable, with BS/ACMI male light-source connector. BS.31.75mm solid tapered eyecup, photo adaptable 4-way +/- 120 remote tip articulation

FEATURES OF PORTABLE LIGHTSOURCE ? 100w quartz halogen 12vDC. Waist-belt mounted lightsource ? Screw interchangeable BS/ACMI female lightguide boss ? Shutter light control, push button LED battery condition indicator ? Lightsource supplied complete with one fitted 10 Ah rechargeable battery pack and charger, battery pouch with integral adjustable waist-belt SPECIFICATIONS Diameter: Working Length: 6mm 1500mm (other lengths available)


NSN 6650-99-353-0763


The EVD-3000 is arguably the most advanced explosives detector available today. The system has been in use in dozens of countries worldwide for many years and is wellproven equipment. It is ready to operate in only 60 seconds and provides a response in 15 seconds. The EVD-3000 is capable of detecting the presence of plastics and high vapour-pressure explosives, making it one of the most sensitive detectors available worldwide. The EVD-3000 detects traces of both particulates and vapours, allowing for non-invasive searches of luggage, personnel, mail and containers. N.B The new E3500 Portable Explosive Detector will also detect home-made liquid and volatile peroxides, including TATP and DADK, chlorates, ANFO and pipe bombs, which are popular in suicide and truck bombings. OPERATING THE EVD-3000 The EVD-3000 is a flexible and easy to operate explosives detector, offering both vapour and particulate sampling without the use of a radioactive source or external carrier gas. Vapours are sampled directly via the sampling nozzle. Particulates are sampled by swiping a suspected object with cotton gloves or wipes and then transferring the traces to a screen, which is inserted into the sampling port. The EVD-3000 starts processing samples immediately and gives results in just seconds. DATA DISPLAY All results are indicated on the LCD and by a volume-adjustable audio alarm, making detection a simple one-step process.

SPECIFICATIONS Detection Principle: Detectable Compounds: Electrochemical (Thermo-Redox) detection. No radioactive source. Most military and commercially available explosives such as C4, TNT, Dynamite, PETN, Semtex, EGDN, DMNB and Nitro-glycerine, including ICAO Taggants (DMNB, EGDN, o-Mint, p-Mint). Vapours and particulates. 10 seconds. One minute, with regular use. None required. 12 volt DC rechargeable battery pack. External battery pack. 12 volt AC adapter. -5 C to +55C. 3 kg. (LxWxH) 51 x 14 x 11 cm. 12kg. (LxWxH) 57 x 26 x 39 cm.

Sampling Capabilities: Typical Analysis Time: Warm-Up Time: Carrier Gas: Power Supply:

Operating Temperature: Weight and Dimensions: Shipping Weight: Shipping Dimensions:


The EOD Heavy Lift Tripod has been designed to enable a bomb disposal operator to remotely lift a suspect improvised explosive device (IED) weighing up to 750 kg, from recesses such as trailers, culverts and drainage holes. The EOD Heavy Lift Tripod offers a far greater lift capability than the standard EOD Tripod and therefore is a must have for any serious EOD Team. The telescopic legs of the EOD Heavy Lift Tripod can be adjusted to the appropriate height, allowing for flat or sloping ground, and then locked into position. The foot of each leg can be secured to the ground by spikes or self-levelling pads. The top of the tripod is fitted with a triple block, or pulley, with bearings for easy lifting of heavy objects, through which a rope with a karabiner at one end is fitted. Lifting tackle is attached to the karabiner and the operator can lift the suspect article. There are four different lifting options, ranging from a ratio of 6:1 to 12:1. The rope runs from the karabiner up to, and through, the triple block or pulley at the top of the tripod and then down then down to the base of one of the legs where another triple block with a jammer is fitted. This ensures that when lifting the suspect object, the lift is provided via the base of the EOD Heavy Lift Tripod ensuring that the tripod cannot topple over.

Specifications: Materials: Lift Capability: Total Storage Weight: Lifting Height: Overall Height: Storage Length Non-Magnetic. 750kg. 30kg. 2.2m (5 heights available). 2.6m 1.5m (In two bags)

MSI Security Products Ltd also supply a heavy lift EOD Tripod capable of lifting articles weighing up to 750 kgs. This unit lifts articles up to 2.5 metres and is slightly larger in size and is 30kgs in weight.




The MIT Hands-free Metal Detector is designed to allow the operator to search for metallic and non-metallic objects simultaneously. Its silent vibrating alarm offers covert detection and is able to discriminate between large and small metal objects. The MIT Hands-Free Metal Detector comes in one universal size, which fits both the left and the right hand. It is simple to use and requires no additional training.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Standard 9V Battery. 100% Finger Dexterity Fully Automatic Ideal for Body Searches Silent Vibrating Alarm Medical Implant Friendly. Non-Interference to magnetic recorded material.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Construction: Weight: Sensitivity: Operating Time: Battery: Alarm: Neoprene / Velcro 0.4 lbs (incl battery) Target Size 0.5grams 150 hrs continuous at +25C (alkaline battery) 80 hrs continuous at +25C (rechargeable battery single charge) Standard 9 Volt block battery or equivalent alkaline disposable or rechargeable. Signified by vibrating tactile indicator. After detection automatic reset. Short Pulse Small target Long Pulse Large target.


The DCU500 Detonator Container is designed to provide the safe transportation and storage of up to 8 electric, non-electric and forensically recovered improvised detonators.
? ? ? ? ? ?

UN Hazard Classification 1.4s Safe isolation, movement and containment of detonators Standard NATO approved container with TABRE inner lining Full containment of fragments, overpressure and product gases 7 minute fuel-fire rating Larger sized containers available

Dimensions Size: Weight: Colour: 145mm x 185mm x 280mm 8kg Red


The Special Search Camera Kit, or Telescopic Colour Zoom Camera System as it is also called, is a portable, lightweight system designed to provide crisp, high quality full colour images for EOD/IEDD search, as well as SWAT and fugitive surveillance operations. It is ideal for searching shipping containers, ships' holds, cabins, vehicles and any dark, inaccessible locations. The Special Search Camera Kit consists of a 5 section telescopic pole, which extends from 390mm to 1470mm, with a flexible joint fitted with a watertight colour camera head 60mm diameter x 107mm long which is attached to a 2.5 metre camera cable. Ultra bright light illumination is provided by an LED ring light array in two mixed, switchable banks. A separate control unit with adjustable neck strap allows hands-free operation and comfortable viewing of the 6.8 colour TFT monitor. The control unit contains controls for camera zoom, power on/off and light switching, as well as the monitors press buttons for controlling mirror image, rotate, brightness and colour contrast. In addition the control unit contains an integral 12v DC battery, external 12v DC input and 240v AC input for the battery charger

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Image device: 1.4 inch ITCCD 752 x 582 pixels Horizontal resolution: 470 TV lines Auto focus: Yes S/N: Less than 50db Min focus distance: 0mm (wide angle setting) Optical zoom: x10: 4.2mm - 42mm (f1.8 - f2.9) Temprature: 0 - 50C


The Hard-Wired Communications System is designed specifically for EOD teams using the Mk5 EOD Bomb Disposal Suit. The system provides communication between the bomb disposal operator and his back-up team. It consists of a plug which connects to the helmets in-built earpiece and microphone, 100 metres of twisted core signal cable mounted on a spool, a headset, speaker/amplifier, and carrying bag.


The new (Year 2003) IED Demolition Kit was developed in collaboration with British Army bomb disposal experts as a man-portable kit, which can be easily carried in a rough terrain. The IED Demolition Kit is designed for infantry, engineer and EOD use for the safe carrying of all equipment necessary for activating a detonator, fuse or a disruptor/de-armer to destroy a suspect bomb mines and other unexploded ordnance. The kit, contained in a specially modified bergen back-pack, is not provided with live detonators, but comes with a NATO-approved container which has been specially developed for the safe transportation of live detonators. Equipment supplied includes: Elex-7 Electronic Exploder Detonator Container Pliers 2 x Hand-Held Radios Crimper with Cutter Wire Cutters Electrical Tape Duct Tape Stanley Knife Wooden Cutting Board Measuring Tape Small Hacksaw (with spare blades) Screw Drivers Hammer Cable Ties Mini-Maglite Torch Bergen/Rucksack 250 metres of Firing Cable




The Comprehensive Hook & Line Kit provides a bomb technician with a wide range of equipment that can be deployed to gain access and remove, manipulate and handle suspect explosive devices contained inside buildings, vehicles, as well as in open areas. Included in the Comprehensive Hook & Line Kit is a wide range of tools and equipment designed specially for a bomb disposal professional to successfully dispose of hazardous devices. The portable Comprehensive Hook & Line Kit is supplied in case with a foam insert and contains components for attaching line, anchoring pulleys and manoeuvring dangerous objects to a safe position The components of the Comprehensive Hook & Line Kit were developed in conjunction with BritishArmy bomb disposal experts, as Hook and Line rigging equipment is recognised worldwide as an integral component of any EOD teams inventory. Size: 112 x 40 x 54cm Weight: 35kg



The portable Endoscope Search Kit has been designed as a competitvely priced search kit for use in buildings, cars and vessels. The Endoscope Search Kit is provided in a foam-lined carrying case and consists of the following components:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

12mm diameter rigid, lamp-lit, endoscope Battery charger Rechargeable power pack with belt Telescopic arm for use with mirrors (extendable to 1.5m, 480mm when closed) Rigid arm for use with mirror (overall length of 0.5m) 2 x SM-140-C 140mm diameter mirror 1 x SM-R-P 115mm x 65mm mirror Spare lamp Foam lined fitted case


The Viziscope is a widely used fibrescope with a 600mm working length and a finely tapered, 1.6mm diameter pin-hole tip. This tip provides an outstandingly bright image with a seemingly endless depth of image sharpness. The equipment is supplied as a complete kit, complete with a high-resolution monochrome CCD camera, hands-free monitor, as well as an infra-red illumination board and carrying case. The Viziscope Fibrescope uses an infra-red light source and the portable mini-monitor, which is supplied with a waist and neck strap for hands-free use, the Viziscope Fibrescope can see up to 4 metres in areas of complete darkness. This makes the equipment ideal for covert surveillance and search tasks, such as looking under a door to examine the contents of a room or container, looking inside cavities and voids etc. Viewing is 0 directly forward, with a wide angle 70 field of view. The infra-red illumination board, which is powered by a belt-mounted rechargeable battery, provides black light which is invisible to the naked eye and thus cannot be seen by the occupants in a room. However, with the use of the high-resolution CCD camera an image can clearly be seen on the mini-monitor. Optional 30 and 90 field of view are available.

General Specifications: Insertion Tube Diameter: Insertion Tube Lengths Available: Insertion Tube Bend Radius: Insertion Tube Field of View: Interchangeable Tips available: Eyepiece Configuration: Eyepiece focus: Pixels: Optional: Higher resolution Viziscope with 50,000 pixels also available 4.0mm 600mm (others available on application) 250mm minimum 70 (others available on application) 0 forward, 30 and 70 oblique 31.75 standard European eyecup Diopter Type 30,000


? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? Inexpensive Audio and silent vibration alarm High sensitivity to ultra small targets Ultra lightweight Powered by a single 9volt battery Advanced poly-carbonate construction

The new (Year 2003) AX777 High Sensitivity Ground Search Detector is manufactured by longstanding experts in the field of metal detection and is a ruggedly constructed, competitively priced metal detector designed for ground search operations. Although originally designed for Police search operations, the AX777 has surprised British and U.S. military experts at its ability to detect buried items with minimal metal content and its ease of use. TheAX777 is tested and approved to EEC EN5008-1 table 1, EN50082-1 table 1:1.1 radiated emissions (CE marked) and conforms to international standards IEC, NILEC, FCC, FAA. The detector has been medically tested and presents no risk to persons with pacemakers and no interference with magnetic recorded materials. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Probe Diameter: 20cm (8") Height: 36 Handle to floor (short mode) 56 fully extended Weight: 1.5kg (3.2lbs) Power: Standard 9 volt alkaline battery Construction: Combination of compound Polycarbonate, aluminium and ABS. Ultra strong & rugged construction throughout the unit. Sensitivity: Fully adjustable sensitivity Target size better than 0.5 grams Operating Temp: -20C - +65C Storage Stemp: -30C - +80C Humidity: 98% Ingress Protection: IP64 (IEC 529) Power Source: 1 x standard 9 volt alkaline battery Power Consumption: Standby Current: Nil Active Mode Current: Less than 1mA (no detection) Alarm Mode: 6.5mA (metal detected) Alarm Indication: Alarm indicated in two modes with a 2-way rocker switch (a) Audio Visual (beeper and red LED) (b) Vibration only tactile vibration from the handle of the detector to the hand of the detector. Detector beeps only when metal is present Detection Speed: Ultra fast Detect Alarm and reset ready for another target in 0.1 seconds Battery Management: Precision battery monitoring. Low power is signaled by yellow LED indicator on main control panel. Totally exhausted battery is indicated by continuous red and yellow in alarm mode, after detecting metal. Battery Life: 9 volt battery up to 240 -mA hrs or longer with normal use. (disposable alkaline) (less in vibration mode) Controls: On/Off rocker switch (greenflashing LED indicates ON). Red LED indicates alarm mode. Yellow LED battery power is low. 2-way switching between A/V & VIB mode. Minature sensitivity adjustment knob. Target Types: Instant response to all metals


The Viziscope is a very competitively priced flexible endoscope designed for covert search and surveillance applications where only a tiny viewing aperture, such as a key hole, under a door, or even a pin hole, may be available. Having an image bundle with 30,000 pixels, each of only 8 micron diameter, the Viziscope gives outstanding image resolution and exceptional light response, making it suitable for use in low light conditions. An operator simply inserts the 4mm diameter tip of the 720mm long flexible endoscope through a suitable aperture. The eyepiece has a diopter focus adjustment or, for long-term applications, one can simply attach it to a CCTV camera via the "C" mount adaptor provided. The fully flexible Viziscope has a tough polyurethane protective oversheathing.

General Specifications: Insertion Tube Diameter: Insertion Tube Lengths Available: Insertion Tube Bend Radius: Insertion Tube Field of View: Interchangeable Tips available: Eyepiece Configuration: Eyepiece focus: Options:
? ? ?

4.0mm 600 and 900 mm (others on application) 250mm minimum 70 (others on application) 0 forward, 30 and 70 oblique 31.75 standard European eyecup Diopter Type

Special silent running light source with fibre lighting oversheath. White or IR lighting Low cost Viziscope - 12,000 pixels Higher resolution Viziscope - 50,000 pixels, 300mm length

? ? ? ?

C/CS camera adaptor with adjustable focus Monochrome 0.02 Lux camera Monochrome 0.5 Lux camera 9" Format 750 line resolution monochrome monitor


VISOR is a new, competively priced security system designed for the detailed inspection of the undersides of road vehicles. The system produces, within a few seconds of the vehicle passing over, a single colour image of the entire underside from a portable and lightweight unit capable of being deployed within minutes. VISOR uses advanced imaging technology to construct a single image from video sequences from each of the systems five cameras. The user interface allows the operator to browsethis image and view the original video frames at full resolution. This feature enables the user to inspect areas of interest from differing viewpoints. VISOR has been designed to be portable and self-contained. The complete system comprises two units - an imaging unit and a viewing/control unit. Both units can be easily carried in the trunk of a car. The imaging unit can he positioned temporarily or it can be permanently installed in any place where there is vehicular traffic. Installation simply requires the user to deploy the imaging unit, connect the cables to the viewing unit, and apply power and start to use. The system can operate from a 12v car battery and as such may be used in locations without access to mains power. The VISOR system is suppplied as a complete system including a high specification, small-format computer with large storage capacity, cables and carry cases.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Single image of entire vehicle underside in seconds Compact, lightweight and portable Easily deployed by one operator Completely self contained and ready to use within minutes Simplicity of operation Detailed inspection of original video frames Integrated lighting allows usage under any conditions - day or night 110v/220v, 50/60 MHz mains operation Low power consumption - can operate from portable power sources Up to 20m distance between imaging and viewing units Weatherproof (IP 65 Rating) Storage and/or transmission of data for future analysis Extendibility of performance through software enhancements The imaging unit provides complete coverage of vehicle underside allowing viewing into the wheel arches Simple user interface allows easy viewing of underside details at full video resolution. Results may be saved for later inspection and comparison. Future upgrade will offer automatic number plate recognition capability.


Video frame from single camera


? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ??
Accurate Discreet Reliable Cost-effective Easy-to-use Negligible false alarm rate

The KD60 Explosives Test Kit is in service with the UK government and is an extremely simple-to-use system, with a negligible false alarm rate, designed to detect all types of military explosives. Because of its relatively low price it can be issued to security forces in far greater numbers than conventional explosive detectors, which tend to be expensive and usually require the operator to have had some technical training. The KD60 Explosives Test Kit will test for Semtex, C4, TNT, RDX and PETN in less than three minutes, providing a fast and extremely accurate result. A Separate KD40 Test Kit is also available to detect home-made explosives. The test is specific for each of the components listed above and gives a specific positive indicator. Built to military standards, the easy-to-follow instructions on the inside lid minimises training requirements. English instructions supplied as standard, however other languages can be supplied as required. Test per Kit 4 x sachets each containing tests for RDX,PETN and TNT 4 x swabbing tool. Dimensions Size 167x72x28mm (LxWxH) Including hanging tab

TABREshield 1000 Explosive Isolation Unit

The TABREshield 1000 Explosive Isolation Unit has been designed for the safe containment of postal bombs, explosives and IED devices and has been developed in consultation with UK Government EOD and IEDD experts. The units are designed to accommodate a wide variety of packages and parcels, including calendars and drawing tubes. TheTABREshield Isolation Units are simple-to-use, intrinsically vented steel boxes lined with the unique TABRE blast attenuation materials. Each unit has a fail-safe, three-catch, positive closing system allowing one to immediately identify whether the TABREshield is closed correctly. The units are small enough to fit under most work surfaces, thus allowing them to be discretely hidden away. The TABREshield 1000 has a number of applications due to its excellent manoeuvrability and versatility. These include the safe storage of confiscated fireworks and pyrotechnics at sporting events and the more standard EOD/mailroom applications. One additional benefit of the TABREshield is that all blast fragments are contained within the system, thus allowing for the fast and effective collection of forensic evidence. The TABREshield works as if resembling a 'sponge' - the labyrinth of tiny air pockets in the TABREshield 'sponge' traps energy from the explosion and breaks-up and absorbs the shockwaves from the blast, capturing it in the air pockets and forcing it through a convoluted path to escape. The two other layers in the system catch any fragments and resist the pressure of the expanding hot gases.

SPECIFICATIONS External dimensions: Internal dimensions: Longest internal diagonal axis: Internal capacity: Weight:

630 x 650 x 680mm 475 x 380 x 350mm 700mm 63.175 litres 100kg

Knight ROV
particularly well-suited as a: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Hazardous duty robot (hazmat robot) EOD robot (explosive ordnance disposal robot) Bomb disposal robot (bomb robot) IEDD robot (improvised explosive device disposal robot) Surveillance robot SWAT robot (special weapons and tactics robot)

The Knight ROV is a new generation of ruggedised, medium-sized, hazardous duty robot, which provides excellent precision and dexterity. Police, Military, Emergency Response Team, Fire, Nuclear, and other Hazardous Response personnel can utilise the multi-purpose Knight ROV. It can also be used for surveillance, reconnaissance, handling of hazardous items, manipulation of suspected packages, neutralizing and handling such items as Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Hazardous Chemicals, and Radioactive Materials. The Knight ROV is an all-weather, all-terrain mobile robot for indoor (buildings, public institutions, airports, homes, etc.) and outdoor environments (terrain cluttered with obstacles, ditches, gravel, snow, mud, etc.). It is remotely controlled, and consists of a robust platform, a dexterous robot arm, operator control station, communication links, and a variety of operational tools and accessories. Special features of the Knight ROV are: quickly-removable tracks, quickly-removable articulated wheels in front and back for better stability on stairs and slopes, precise independent joint control, long reach, high payload, and expandable to autonomous navigation.

Knight ROV SPECIFICATIONS Suitable for operating indoor (buildings, homes, airports, train stations) and outdoor (urban settings, rough terrain, in obstacle-cluttered environments, ditches, stairs, mud, gravel, etc). The wheel/track system is very reliable. The tracks are mounted around the wheels so that the contact between wheels and tracks prevents damage or run-away of tracks when pieces of stone or gravel enter between the wheel and the track. The tracks are extremely durable due to a heavy-duty design and strength. An operator can dismount the tracks in few minutes, and use only wheels when there is no need to climb over obstacles or up/down the stairs. A pair of articulated wheels prevents rollover while climbing or descending stairs, and help mounting high or wide obstacles. ? Can be used with weapons and tools for neutralisation of improvised explosive devices, handling of explosive materials, suspicious parcels, and inspection of trapped vehicles. ? Robot arm is unique in the sense that it provides servo-precision motion allowing the operator to approach to handle or hit a target with sub-millimeter accuracy. The operator can control several joints at once allowing the end-effector (gripper, weapon, tool) to move in any desired direction. ? Manipulator can have 7 joints: turret, shoulder, elbow, wrist base, linear extension, and wrist roll. Various accessories can be attached to the arm. The tools and modules are quick-to-connect/ disconnect units. Knight ROV consists of: Platform, Manipulator Arm, Wrist, Gripper, Cameras, Control Station, Communication (cable and/or wireless) with Video and Audio links, and Accessories (Disrupter, X-Ray, Shotgun and Window Breaker, etc.) ?

DIMENSIONS: Width 27.5 in (70 cm); Length 50 in (127 cm); Height 31 in (79 cm) WEIGHT: Standard configuration 550 lb (250 kg); with accessories 660 lb (300 kg). CLIMBING ABILITY: 45 stairs or slopes with tracks; Tracks can be installed and removed within a few minutes by one person; Obstacle height: 11.8 in (300 mm); Obstacle width: 11.82 in (300mm) MANEUVERABILITY: 360 turns in a 55 in. (1.4 m) circle; allows turning while driving; Precise speedcontrol for each joint; incremental motion of each joint allows 1 5 mm SPEED: 0 22 in/s (0 to .56 m/s); 0 2.0 Km/h.; Higher speed possible with geared transmission. OPERATING RANGE: Wireless RF 1640 ft (500 m) open-area; 200 m urban area; Onboard fiber-optic or coaxial cable 656 ft (200m). DURATION OF MISSION: 3 - 5 hrs. TOOL KIT and BATTERY CHARGER: Various tools for Knight ROV maintenance; Battery charger is a smart-charger, which recharges battery pack in 3 hours. OPERATING & USER MANUAL: Supplied. REACH: Vertical: 98 in (2.5 m) from ground (Standard configuration) Horizontal:69 in (1.75 m) from front edge of platform (Standard configuration) LIFT CAPACITY: 55 lb cc (25 Kg) With arm fully extended 264 lb (120 Kg) Above edge of platform WEAPONS/TOOLS: Disrupter mount and disrupter Shotgun mount assembly and shotgun X-ray mount assembly and X-ray unit Window breaker assembly Charge drop reel assembly Other accessories made to order Firing circuits (0/24VDC with safety switch and timer delay): 2 on Arm, 2 on Vehicle Relay circuits (open/close, 24VDC): 2 on Arm, 2 on Vehicle COMMUNICATION: Wireless link (2-way Data and Audio, 1-way Video); Also Onboard Fiber-optic or Coaxial Cable Automatic Winding. ENVIRONMENTAL: Operates in all types of weather conditions, day and night, and various types of wet and dry surfaces; Operational temperature range from 20 to +45C; Environmental humidity up to 95% at 25C; Storage temperature range from 0 to 45C; Weatherproof. MODULES: Vehicle, Turret, Arm (Shoulder, Elbow), Wrist (Base, Pitch, Roll), Linear Extension, Gripper, Cameras, Cable & Wireless RF Communication, Control Station, Accessories such as Disrupter and various other attachments. ARM CONFIGURATION: Manipulator is a 2 to 7-axis robot with the following joints: Turret Rotate the arm about vertical axis Shoulder Rotate the arm about horizontal axis Elbow Additional rotation about the horizontal axis Wrist base first wrist rotation Wrist tilt (pitch) Second wrist rotation axis STANDARD CONFIGURATION OPERATOR CONTROL STATION: Portable; Enclosed in a weatherproof enclosure; Control panel with joysticks and switches to control all robot functions; Colour LCD monitor (diagonal 15 38 cm); VCR connectors (for an external VCR or TV monitor); Operates at 12 VDC or 110/220 VAC; 2-way audio communication (microphone and 8-W speakers on the vehicle and at operator control station or headset. VIDEO DISPLAY: Camera images (4) picture-in picture; battery status; diagnostic messages. PLATFORM: Six-wheel drive for all terrain with two 24 V or 48 V drive motors controlled by high-quality servo drivers. Optional: articulated wheels (up 90 down 45) mounted on the back and front panels for added stability on ascent or descent of stairs and maneuverability over obstacles; Lights: Halogen two 20 W lights on front of platform, one 20 W on the surveillance camera. Speaker and microphone; battery pack: 24 V or 48 V removable with four gel-cell batteries; 64 Ah; battery duration 3-5 hrs; onboard charging; Battery charger supplied.

TRACKS: For stair climbing, steep slopes, and rough terrain; mounted over the rubber wheels; can be removed and installed in 4 minutes. ON-BOARD ELECTRONICS: The on-board electronics and computer is based on the latest generation of Intel Pentium processors and stack of PC/104 boards for controlling the platform, arm, and communication. The electronics is very rugged and capable of withstanding all-terrain operation in out-door environments. ARM: Shoulder or back-arm allows rotation of the arm in vertical plane (215); Elbow or forearm (260); Forearm is used to attach interchangeable modules (Wrist & Gripper, Cameras, and Accessories etc). WRIST ROLL: Roll joint (+/- 100). GRIPPER: Standard gripper up to 12 in (0.3 m) fully open; poportional gripping force; max. gripping force 36 Kgf (80 lbf). ARM (RELOCATABLE) CAMERA: Color; wide-angle lens; auto iris. SURVEILLANCE CAMERA& EXTENSION: Color CCD; remote zoom (72:1); remote focus; auto iris; pan +/- 170; tilt +/- 170. Optional: extension parallelogram arm: 60 cm. DRIVE CAMERA: Color; wide-angle lens; auto iris. CABLE REEL: 656 ft (200 m) of standard cable on a reel assembly; free wheel unwind and manual rewind. OPTIONS ARTICULATED WHEELS: Two 2-wheel frames connected to back and front panels of the platform; rotates Up: to 90 and Down: to 45. TURRET: Rotation (-120 to 180). WRIST BASE ROTATE: Roll joint (+/- 100). WRIST PITCH (TILT): Tilt joint (+/- 100). LINEAR EXTENSION: Linear joint extending 150 mm. HEAVY-DUTY GRIPPER: For extreme ruggedness. GRIPPER CAMERA: Color; wide angle; auto iris. EXTENSION ARM: For surveillance camera 600 mm. INFRARED CAMERA: Enhanced low-light vision; small weatherproof IR- sensitive camera with LED illumination; For 10 ft in total darkness; external illumination unit can be added for longer distance. ON-BOARD CABLE WINDING SYSTEM: Mounted on vehicle; free wheel unwind and automatic rewind; fibre-optics or coaxial cable: length 656 ft (200 m). WIRELESS RF COMMUNICATION LINK: 1640 ft (500 m) open area; 200 m urban; 2-way data and audio; 1-way video. ACCESSORIES DISRUPTER MOUNT: Dual mount with quick-connect mechanism; manually adjustable tilt angle. DISRUPTER AIMING & FIRING SYSTEM: Precision pan and tilt unit; direct laser aiming; resolution: +/- 0.02 in at 10 ft (+/- 0.5 mm at 3 m). DISRUPTERS: User selection. SHOTGUN MOUNT LASER ASSEMBLY: High power laser-pointer assembly (visible in bright sunshine); for recoiless disrupter or shotgun mounts. SHOTGUN: 12 gauge Franchi or user selection. LASER RANGE FINDER: Distance measurement to 100 ft (30m); accuracy 1/8 in (3 mm). X-RAY MOUNT: X-ray system mount with quick connect mechanism. X-RAY EQUIPMENT: Golden XR200 or user selection. WINDOW BREAKER ASSEMBLY: Held by gripper; used to break windows in cars, walls, and doors. CHARGE DROP REEL ASSEMBLY: Low friction reel that can lay down 50 ft (15 m) of wire.


In use with the British, US and many NATO countries, the GA-72CD Magnetic Locator is designed to withstand the rigours of daily on-site usage in a wide range of environmental conditions. It is so rugged and dependable that it is backed by a 5 year warranty. Designed for one-handed operation, the on/off, sensitivity and volume controls are on the underside of the cover to provide easy access and protect the control knobs from damage. The GA-72CD Magnetic Locator has an easy-to-read digital and bar graph which displays the signal strength and polarity. Once the target has been located using the audio signal, the digital readout and polarity will help to visually pinpoint the target.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Enhanced target definition Unsurpassed detection range Piezoelectric speaker Clear, sharp, detection signal pinpoints the target Five individual sensitivity settings No response to aluminum, brass or copper Ease of operation reduces search time 40-hours operation on two economical 9-volt batteries Modular construction Weather protected controls 5 year warranty

Size: Weight:

8 x 8 x 100cm 3.2 kg


The Vulcan consists of an easy-to-use kit from which a small point-focal and explosivelyformed projectile shaped-charge can be assembled. The Vulcan's plastic body is internally shaped to contain a plastic explosive charge and is provided with a detonator well. Various types of projectile are available and these are selected according to the intended application. User-filled charges can be transported and stored as a set of inert components, then assembled by the operator to meet specific applications and then filled with plastic explosive. Explosive loads vary between five and fifty grams according to application. The lightweight plastic body construction of the Vulcan ensures ease of portability, so an EOD operator can carry a large number of charges which require no heavy means of support. The Vulcan charges may be deployed by hand or by the smallest of remotely controlled vehicles. Since the Vulcan will disintegrate upon firing, there is no recoil. Freedom from dangerous fragments is an advantage of the plastic body components, thus greatly reducing incidental damage behind and to the side of the exploding charges. The Vulcan is supported by means of aluminium wire legs that can be configured into a bipod or tripod, as the situation allows. Alternatively, the devices may be laid directly on the ground. Initiation and Body Variants The detonator well is ordinarily sized to take the British in service L1A1 and L2A1 detonators, standard US military detonators and the detonating cord booster (DCB); it can also accept commercial detonators and shock-tube initiators. The system can be adapted to accept other military and commercial detonators, as required. All detonators are held by a universal detonator holding screw. The Vulcan Kit is supplied in a pentapod-shaped container and contains: 10 Vulcan Body Assemblies A Loading Tool Set (3 pieces) A pack of 30 Aluminium legs

Various Types of Projectile are available. These are selected according to the intended application of the charge. The system can be adapted to accept other military and commercial detonators, as required. All detonators are held by a universal detonator holding screw. MAGNESIUM INCENDIARY CONE The jet formed by this cone is less penetrating than that formed by the copper cone but it is a less powerful initiator of detonation. It is used to penetrate even thick-walled shells or bombs and ignite the explosive or pyrotechnic filling. For this application the Vulcan is much less likely to cause inadvertent high order detonation than other, more conventional, charges. Vulcan thus provides a reliable means of bringing about a low order deflagration event. The usual explosive load for this purpose is between 30 and 40g. COPPER CONE Using the jet-forming copper cone, the charge produces a jet which may be used to pierce holes, typically through 75mm (3 in) of mild steel or greater thicknesses of concrete or brickwork. It may be used for causing the detonation or deflagration of steel-cased ammunition without any risk of inadvertent disturbance of the target before firing. The usual explosive load is between 20 and 50g. COPPER EXPLOSIVELY-FORMED PROJECTILE A wide angled copper cone, essentially a slightly domed disc, generates an explosively-formed projectile (EFP) which may be used to penetrate robust targets at much greater ranges than the jet-forming cone. This enables the Vulcan to be used as a de-armer and disruptor device. It punctures 10mm thick steel at a range of at least 1,500mm. WATER PROJECTILE A conical cavity is formed in the explosive, water is poured into the cavity, and a plastic cone is inserted to retain the water. The charge thus becomes a shaped-charge, able to penetrate steel-cased munitions with thicknesses of up to 10mm, and to disperse their contents with minimal risk of detonation. Charges are quickly assembled and robust. ALUMINIUM PROJECTILE The aluminum projectile is able to deliver a powerful blow to shell fuses and bomb pistols, thus removing them or jamming their mechanisms. It thus provides a low-priced, disposable alternative to de-armers using heavy steel barrels. NOZZLE The Nozzle consists of an elongated, plastic cone which fits onto the open end of the Vulcan body assembly. This provides a highly pressure-resistant stand-off space and makes it possible to use the charge as an underwater disruptor which is very much easier for a diver to handle than are conventional steel underwater disruptors. The nozzle also limits projectile impact to a very restricted zone and greatly facilitates aiming with pin-point accuracy even in conditions of zero visibility. Integral sights enable the device to be used effectively at great stand-off distances. TREPANNING ATTACHMENT The Vulcan body may be fitted with a trepanning attachment which enables the charge to cut a disc approximately 37mm in diameter from a munition case for inspection or flooding. WATER JACKET The penetration of any of the projectiles can be significantly increased without increased explosive load by application of the water jacket.


The BootBanger is a shaped-charge using detonating cord or sheet explosive as the propellant and water as the projectile. It is contained within a plastic briefcase and projects an extremely disruptive jet of water. The water penetrates the floor, or the sides, of a vehicle and ejects and disrupts the bomb or explosive materials without causing their initiation. The device is provided empty and is loaded with explosive and water by the user. The BootBanger was originally designed for the British Army to use in anti-terrorist EOD operatations. Applications The BootBanger is typically placed under a vehicle known, or believed, to contain a bomb. When activated the BootBanger projects a jet of water vertically with such force that the bottom of the vehicle is penetrated and the bomb ejected through the boot lid or the roof. The detonating cord is severed by the jet without being initiated. Delivery to Target The BootBanger case is only 106mm deep, so may easily be placed under a car, even with deflated tyres. Two lugs on each on the end of the case allow a pair of prongs attached to a remote-controlled vehicle to carry the BootBanger to the target, deposit it at the chosen point, and withdraw, leaving the charge in place. The loaded device is light enough for manipulation by small vehicles. Explosive Load & Performance The BootBanger's explosive load is variable over a very wide range. Using 10g/metre detonating cord, a typical loading might be 250g of explosive. Such a load can be used to blow two aluminium beer kegs from the closed boot of a car to a height of approximately 10 metres. The spare wheel is typically also ejected, and a half-full petrol tank ruptured and emptied without ignition. Dimensions & Weights Size: Approx. weight empty: Approx. weight full: Total water content: Volume of projected water: 440 x 310 x 106 mm 2.3kg 19.0kg 13.6 litres 6.8 litres

Sheet explosive can be used to give much heavier loads if required.


Developed for the UK Ministry of Defence, the Dragon is a high temperature pyrotechnic torch similar to the one used by the British Army for EOD operations. It is designed to destroy, by means of burning, plastic and thin-cased metal anti-personnel and anti-tank mines and other ordnance, such as sub-munitions. Method of Operation A Dragon is placed close to (but not touching) the target ordnance and then activated electrically via a firing cable. Once initiated Dragon produces a high temperature flame that burns through the case of the target and burns the explosive fill of the ordnance. Characteristics Burn time 30 seconds Flame temperature 1000C Can penetrate through 3mm of steel UN Hazard Division 1.3S Contains no high explosive or detonators Safe to use, transport and store Low intrinsic cost compared to high explosives Minimal training required


The EOD Crimping Tool is a hand-held tool, which is used for crimping a detonator to a safety fuse. It is capable of single-handed operation by either right-or left-handed users. The Crimper is corrosion-resistant and incorporates a wire stripper and cutter, as well a screwdriver blade. The EOD Crimper provides crimping facilities for:

? ?

Crimp Igniter Safety Fuse Electric (ISFE) and Safety Fuse Secure Crimp Detonator Flash L1A1 to Safety Fuse

The EOD Crimping Tool will withstand a pull-off force of 75N and remain intact, and will not impair the integrity of either the ISFE or the detonator. No training is required in order to use this equipment.


The Lightweight EOD Response Pack was designed and developed by a serving senior UK EOD Operator. Rigorous field testing in the Balkans, East and West Africa, Afghanistan and recently Iraq have ensured this product will meet 'real time' requirements of EOD teams deployed on hostile and demanding operations in harsh climatic conditions. Designed for a typical two man EOD team, in a light scales role, it provides a significant sustainable capability, while minimizing weight and bulk. This allows the team to carry an EOD capability in addition to normal field equipment. The product utlilises a two pack approach which enhances equipment sharing and also provides product segregation which is essential for equipment of an explosive nature (detonators and bulk charges). The modular design of the kit provides complete flexibility by allowing additional equipment and explosives to be carried. The Lightweight EOD Response Pack adheres strictly to EOD doctrine and philosophy and provides capability in the following EOD operation phases: Reconnaissance and survey Search and location Access Identification and Diagnoses Render Safe Procedures Final Disposal Additional equipment can be supplied to enhance capability for improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) threats. Key features include :

Innovative Hook and line Kit Advanced Metal detection Takedown Mine Prodder with hand protection Search Equipment Explosive Tools Modular Construction

The Lightweight EOD Response Pack can be utilised by Police and Military, EOD Immediate Response teams, Deployed Light Scale Operations and NGO De-miners/EOD teams. It will provide a much needed vital capability when a heavy role kit is unsuitable or unavailable while simultaneously providing the EOD operator the ability and functionality to react to a full spectrum of EOD tasks, in a practical and significantly safer manner.




The Backpack- Mounted Hook and Line Kit has been designed to negate the need for an assortment of hook and line kits. It brings together much of the functionality of the entire MSI Hook & Line Kit range into one easy-to-deploy backpack. The Backpack-Mounted Hook and Line Kit comes with a detachable smaller bergen, which is ideal to take forward for subsequent, smaller, specified tasks. The kit has been designed in co-operation with British army experts. It includes 100 metres of high strength Kevlar rope, a range of hooks, anchoring devices and attachment tools, including the advanced automatic pulley opening system. This system allows suspect devices to be maneuvered along complex routes without the operator having to return to the hazardous area. The kit also includes a selection of search mirrors and telescopic arms.

1. 100M long 5.5mm dia line with snap hook 2. Hook, small single plain 3. Hook, medium single plain 4. Hook, medium double plain x 2 5. Hook, large single plain 6. 25mm eye x 4 7. Rope sling, 3mm dia x 2m long x 2 8. Rope sling, 4mm dia x 2m long x 2 9. Rope sling, 5mm dia x 2m long x 2 10. Shock cord, 10mm dia x 2m long, soft eye x 2 11. Shock cord, 10mm dia x 1m long, soft eye x 2 12. Piton spearpoint 55mm long x 2 13. Piton spearpoint 80mm long x 2 14. Piton chisel 55mm long x 2 15. Piton chisel 85mm long x 2 16. Self grip forceps x 2 17. 10 Self grip pliers with eye x 2 18. Karabiner (alloy) 18mm screwgate 27kN x 4 19. Door stop plastic wedge x 4 20. Tools compact set pocket knife x 1 21. Pulling handle x 1 22. Rope eye 23. 1.5m 4 sec telescopic pole 24. Hook spring gate 15mm 25. Hook spring gate 50mm 26. Light-weight spring grip x 2 27. Belt sling 28. Large IED net 29. Automatic opening snatch block x 4 30. Torpedo release 31. Sticky eye x 10 32. Rope 3mm dia x 100m 3 strand polyester 33. 1.6mm dia x 5m long stainless wire x 5 34. Clear cable tie 368 x 7.6 x 100 35. Red cable tie 200 x 4.8 x 100 36. Duck tape 50mm x 50m 37. Safe-C security mirror 38. High intensity pocket torch 39. Telescopic inspection mirror with 140mm convex mirror


The 725 PA Underwater Metal Detector operates on a new pulse induction technique that provides detailed information on detected objects by means of an audio signal. The Pulse Analysing (PA) system evaluates the response signals from a located object concerning its state of decay and characteristic shape. Small objects with short response signals will cause a continuous indication in the headset. Large objects with high conductivity will cause additional pulses, which are indicated in the headset and on the LED display. The PAtechnology allows the 725 PADetector to be used on interfering, non-cooperative soil and will clearly indicate objects with high conductivity despite interference from the ground or from other close objects. Total length: 750/1350mm Weight: approx 1.7kg

The Mine Shoes are the culmination of years of research and have been designed and developed by a team who have tested and used them in the field. They represent a totally unique concept and can be assembled and dis-assembled in seconds. The Mine Shoes enable the wearer to traverse a minefield over mud, water, or any terrain in safety simply by slipping the compact unit out of his regulation pack, inflating the air cushions and continuing on his way in seconds. The Mine Shoe is the successful result of research and testing. Now in use as part of the regulation army equipment of very IDF soldier and are used by UK EOD teams in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as other armies world-wide. The Mine Shoes are built on the theory of air cushions, which support the body while reducing the pressure in relationship to the minefield. The shoes fold up into a small lightweight package that can be easily stored in a rucksack. The Mine Shoes are made of sturdy nylon, nylon-reinforced PVC, coated aluminium and steel alloys; the five air cushions are of specially designed, patented material created for maximum strength and resiliency. Features Fully inflatable/deflatable in seconds. Foldable into a small 360 x 160 x 120mm pack. Lightweight 2.3 kilos. Completely portable. Made of tough nylon, nylon-reinforced PVC; air cushions of PVC-type L 152. Upper rigid frame of aluminium and steel alloys. ? Self-locking, error-proof device with no moving parts eliminates maintenance problems. ? Metallic parts will not interfere with mine detector apparatus. ? Can be used to traverse any terrain: water, mud, swamp, or bush
? ? ? ? ? ?


The WD-100 Wire and Cable Locator is the latest addition to the MSI range of metal and cable detectors. The WD-100 is designed to detect the presence of both buried and surface laid command cables or wires that could be used to activate Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). The WD-100is lightweight, durable and easy to operate. It has a unique ergonomic design, which means that the operator can use the unit for long periods over all types of terrain. The detector is powered by 3 standard LR20 batteries, which provide 8 hours of continuous operation. The WD-100 is supplied packed in a sturdy IP67-rated transit case. During operations the equipment can be carried in the haversack, also supplied, which is water-resistant.

Weight: Complete in transit case:

Short version 0.9kg Long version 1.2kg 4.0kg


The Sun-Lite Universal Marker is a solar-powered flashing LED marker that is designed to mark hazardous areas or objects. Each marker operates automatically on a dusk-tilldawn cycle, switching on as soon as it gets dark and switching off at dawn. Two LED colours are available for the Sun-Lite Universal Marker in red and green. Red is normally used to mark landmines, unexploded ordnance, booby traps, mine fields and submunition strikes. Green markers are used to mark safe routes through a hazardous area. SPECIFICATIONS Weight: Length: Width: Height: Visual range naked eye: Flash rate: Diode life: Case: 25g 85mm 58mm 30mm 200m .75 - 1 sec 100,000 hours stabilised polycarbonate.


The new (Year 2005) Robotic Telescopic Manipulator has been designed in close consultation with serving British Army EOD experts. It is designed to provide the operator with a 3 metre stand-off capability, thus significantly increasing operator survivability should a device detonate. The Robotic Telescopic Manipulator allows EOD operators to manipulate suspect devices and objects at a stand-off distance of 3 metres. Tube sections are linked together, with a powered claw attachment at the operating end. The final section has a frangible joint, which fails in the event of an unplanned detonation. This ensures the load transferred to the operator is reduced. A fragment shield, forward of the operator, offers extended protection in the event of an unplanned detonation. A counterweight tube assembly is behind the operator, which balances the manipulator. The claw opens/closes and rotates under powered control. The angle is adjusted manually with locking screws. The manipulator collapses down, and is stored in a 1700 Pelican case. OPERATIONAL SPECIFICATION: Distance of operator from claw: Maximum weight that may be lifted: Manipulator weight, assembled, ready for use: Manipulator weight, collapsed down, and stored in case: Claw maximum opening: Claw rotation: CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATION: Claw: Material: 6082 Aluminium Finish: Anodised Tube Material: 6082 aluminium, Finish: Anodised Number of tubes: 8 Number of tubes forward of operator: 5 Tube connecters: Polyacetal tapered locking collars Electrical connecters/wire Material: Polyacetal, gold plated brass, gold plated phosphor bronze Wire: 5Amp, 24 strand 0.2 diameter Claw Control specification: Claw open/close and rotate functions: Non-latching toggle switches On/off control: Latching toggle switch NATO STOCK NO: Continuity test: Non-latching toggle switch 1385-99-905-07663 Adjustable load control: Potentiometer Charger specification: Counterweight Input: 110V/240V Material: Stainless steel Plug style: To suit end user Mass: 10kg Motor specification Style: Carbon brush Stall current: 9A Battery specification 12V 3Ah Nickel metal Hydride

3metres 15kg 14kg 21.5kg 200mm 360 degrees continuous