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Robosoft Labs is the premier leader in Robotics and Embedded systems.

We Conduct Seminar cum Workshop on each and every field of Robotics and embedded systems. Robosoft Labs opened its doors with the dream of ushering in a new age of thinking robots. During the ensuing decades, we have experienced many research successes in intelligent manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, space-related robots, medical robotics, nano-machines, computer vision and graphics and anthropomorphic robots. Robosoft Labs with the goal of making it the best place on the planet to do robotics research. Robosoft Labs Now Introduces IP-2011 in Robotics with embedded C using 8051 And AVR microcontrollers. . Course Duration: 15 Days (36 hrs) 2 week Course Level: Advanced Robotics (Best suited for all B.Tech 2nd year to final year students) Course Certification: Certified by Robosoft Labs Course Fee: INR 2000 Service Tax: INR 240 Total: INR 2240

Discounted Total: INR 2200 Bank Name: - State Bank of India A/c No: - 30033902611 Branch: - New Guwahati Accountee Name:- Rakesh Kumar Roy

Discovering The New Perspective Of Technical Education

Course Content: * Introduction to Robotics o Future of Robotics o Current trends in Robotics o Robtics Aplications

* Basics of Electronics o Practical understanding of all major electronic Components o Working with Resistance, Diode, capacitor, LED, ZENER, Basic ICs

* Embedded System design o Introduction to micro controller And Embedded Systems o Difference Between micro controller And embedded system? o What are the different families of microcontroller And Its industrial projects?

Discovering The New Perspective Of Technical Education

* Introduction to Microcontrollers 8051 and AVR Architecture

o I/O ports. o Data registers o Interrupts. o Timer/Counter. o External/Internal clocks o ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion using uC).

* Introduction to Embedded C Programming o Embedded C-Programming for Microcontroller. o Introduction to C, flow control statements, functions. o Data types, operators and expressions. o Program structures and debugging. o Program burning and execution

Discovering The New Perspective Of Technical Education

* Interfacing of peripherals to Microcontroller(Atmega 8/16) o Geared DC Motor. o Stepper Motor. o Motor Driver. o Relays. o Solid State Drivers.

* Interfacing of various kind of Display devices o Displays. o LED. o LCD. o Seven Segment Display

* Interfacing various human interface devices with the microcontroller. o Input Devices.

Discovering The New Perspective Of Technical Education

o Switches.

* Interfacing and Study of Sensors o Sensors. o Color Sensors o Light Sensors. o Sound Sensors o Temprature Sensor

* Project Building and implementation of ideas o Designing o Development o Programming and customizing o Debugging * Programmable logic controllers o Introduction to PLC, PLC family, application of PLC in industry, benefits of PLC in industry.

Discovering The New Perspective Of Technical Education

o Introduction to PLC hardware o Source and sink wiring concept o Transistor and relay output concept o Introduction to PLC programming software o Addressing concept o Introduction to ladder logic o Basic programming instructions o Advance programming instructions. o Implementation of instruction and advanced * SCADA o Introduction about SCADA o Introduction about SCADA software o Creating graphics o Attaching control to graphic objects o Real time and historical trends o Communication with PLC

Discovering The New Perspective Of Technical Education

* Special Internship Features

o Black Line Following Robot (With And Without C) o White Line Following Robot (With And Without C) o Edge Follower o Wall Follower o Solar Robot o Sound Operated Robot o Obstacle Avoider Robot o Wired And Wireless Robots o Mobile Controlled Robots o Computer Controlled Robots o Digital Image Processing o 8051 Microcontroller And Its Interfaces o Embedded C In Avr Microcontroller

Discovering The New Perspective Of Technical Education

Register as soon as possible (only 20 Seats per center) (Selected participants will be confirmed via Email) DownLoad Registration Form or Register Online.

Regards Rakesh Roy +91-8750926202 Robosoft Labs Email: - robosoftlabs@gmail.com , contact@robosoftlabs.com, internship@robosoftlabs.com Website: - www.robosoftlabs.com Head Office:Bamunimaidan, Near Anuradha Cinema Hall Guwahati-21, Assam NCR Office:B-21, 2nd floor, Near Kukreja Hospital, Mayur Vihar-1, New Delhi-110091

Discovering The New Perspective Of Technical Education