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802.0 81.2-922 Test Your English Grammar. Self-Study Guide: / . .. . : . . -, 2003. 70 .

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Test Your English Grammar Self-Study Guide

802.0 81.2-922


, 2003

...................................................................................4 PART 1. DIAGNOSTIC TEST ....................................................................8 PART 2. PRACTICE SECTION ................................................................11 PART 3. PROGRESS TEST ......................................................................65 PART 4. ANSWER KEYS.........................................................................68
. , , , , . , , , , , , . , , , . , , . , . Grammar Problems Covered The Noun and The Article Morphological composition of the noun Syntactical characteristics of the noun The category of number of the noun The category of case of the noun Use of articles with common nouns Use of articles with proper nouns Use of articles in some set expressions The Pronoun Personal pronouns: I, he, she, it, we, you, and they.
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Possessive pronouns: my, his, her, its, our, your, their, mine, his, hers, ours, yours, theirs. Reflexive pronouns: myself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourself (yourselves), and themselves. Reciprocal pronouns: each other, one another. Demonstrative pronouns: this (these), that (those), such, (the) same. Interrogative pronouns: who, whose, what, which. Indefinite pronouns: some, any, somebody, anybody, something, anything, someone, anyone, and one. Negative pronouns: no, none, neither, nobody, no one, nothing, hardly, scarcely, little. The Adjective and the Adverb Morphological composition Syntactical characteristics Degrees of comparison The Verb Tenses in the Active Voice: Present Simple Past Simple Future Simple Present Continuous Past Continuous Future Continuous Present Perfect Past Perfect Future Perfect Present Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Continuous The Sequence of Tenses Reported Speech Questions and auxiliary verbs Conditionals: If sentences (present/future) type 1. If sentences (present) type 2. If sentences (past) type 3. The Passive Voice: The use of the Passive Voice The use of tenses in the Passive Voice

The Non-Finite Forms of the Verb: -ing Forms VS The Infinitive Verb + -ing (Example: Stop talking!) Verb + infinitive (Example: We decided to take a taxi.) Preposition + -ing (Example: I'm interested in doing it.) Verb + preposition + -ing (Example: They talked about going to France.) Expressions+ -ing (Example: How often do you go shopping?) Verb + object + infinitive (Examples: I asked Polly to help me. We expected him to be late.) Verb+Object (Examples: Jane often plays the piano. She likes children very much.) Used to do VS to be (get) used to doing Modal Verbs: Can, could, be able to May, might, be allowed to Must, have to, be to, should, ought Syntax Word Order and Embedded Questions Relative clauses Questions Tag-questions It vs. There

Part 1 1 Diagnostic Test , . , , . 2 Practice Section . . 3 Progress Test , . 4 Answer Keys , , . . 0,60,7 1 . Do the test and apply to the key-section. The numbers to the right correspond to the numbers of the questions in the practice section. The diagnostic test is to help you define your problem field. Directions: (Questions 1-500) In each question, only one of the four answers is correct. Choose the correct answer and mark it on your answer sheet. The example shows you what to do. Diagnostic Test

Example: 1. This ______ a book. A. is Answer: 1. A 1. ______ homeless are people who have nowhere to live. a) A b) Those c) d) The 1-25 2. Whose car is that in the drive? I dont know not ______. a) our b) your c) ours 3. Marys ______ of the four girls. a) tallest b) taller c) the tallest d) the taller 51-75 4. Oh, Ill buy this carpet! How much ______ here? a) it is costing b) is it costing c) does it cost d) it costs 76-100 5. Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Japan ______ a little robot dog. What wonderful news! a) develop b) has developed c) developed d) have developed 101-122 6. I ______ when the volcano erupted. a) slept b) was sleeping c) had slept d) used to sleep 123-130 d) its 26-50 B. are C. am D. be

7. I advised her to go on a diet as she ______ on weight. a) had been putting b) were being put c) put d) were getting 131-145 8. By 3 oclock I ______ the shopping. a) am doing b) will have done c) will do d) do 146-158 9. He thinks Ill feel better if he ______ to buy me an expensive gift. a) shall promise b) shall promise c) promises d) is promise 159-189 10. The father was singing to his three-week-old daughter _____ she fell asleep. a) as b) when c) while d) at 190-200 11. In Shakespeares famous drama, Macbeth receives the Scottish throne by killing Duncan in battle and ______ by Duncans son. a) is then defeated and kill b) then defeats and kills c) is then defeat and killed d) is then defeated and killed 201-231 12. Hamlet ______ by Shakespeare. a) supposes to write b) supposes to be written c) is supposed to write d) is supposed to be written 231-250 13. This picture reminds me of the Botticelli painting of Venus in Florence. Do you remember ______ it? a) see b) seeing c) to see d) on seeing 251-303 14. The car-spotter was really disappointed at failing to notice a white Jaguar ______. a) to pass b) to by-pass c) to passing d) passing 304-325 15. When we were kids, my mum used ______ us out on bikes all round the countryside. a) take b) taking c) to take d) to taking 326-350

16. You ______ knock before you come into my room. a) may b) can c) ought d) must 351-375 17. Dont you know ______ a) what the latest news about the situation in India? b) whats the latest news about the situation in India. c) what the latest news about the situation in India is. d) the latest news about the situation in India? 376-400 18. In this class, I was able to improve my results, ______ helped me feel better about myself. a) what b) whose c) which d) who 401-425 19. Whose ______ ? a) does the car belong to b) the car is c) the car isnt d) car is this 426-450 20. Miss Parker, do me a big favour, ______? a) shall we b) will you c) shall you d) dont you 451-475 21. Look up in the newspaper if ______ a good film on tonight. a) it is b) its c) there is d) its 476-500


Part 2 Directions: (Questions 1-500)

Practice Section In each question, only one of the four answers is correct. Choose the correct answer and mark it on your answer sheet. The example shows you what to do.

7. I dont usually have lunch but I always eat ______ good breakfast. A. the B. an C. a D. such 8. ______ thing that is happening on Green is the extinction of species. A. The saddest B. A saddest C. Those saddest D. What saddest 9. Environmentalists are making efforts to save ______. A. the whale and the panda B. whale and panda C. the whale and a panda D. a whale and a panda 10. ______ always has its requirements. A. The love B. A love C. Love D. Love of theirs 11. Perhaps it doesnt understand, ______ thought Alice. A. English language B. the English C. English D. an English 12. Neil has committed a terrible crime. He is to be sent to ______ prison. A. a B. C. an D. the 13. Wheres Mom? Its Sunday. She should be at ______ church. A. the B. C. a D. an 14. ______ Roosevelts have provided America with two presidents. A. B. The C. Any D. Those
15. Shes ______ university teacher. A. a B. an C. the

Example: 1. This ______a book. A. is Answer: 1. A 1. ______ Titanic, a British steamer, sank in the North Atlantic in 1912. . B. The C. A D. Titanic 2. There are environmental problems in ______. A. United Stated of America B. US C. the America D. the United States 3. I havent the least idea how many rooms there are in ______ Ritz and how expensive they are. A. a B. the C. D. theirs 4. The Titanic, a British steamer, sank in ______ North Atlantic last night. A. B. a C. some D. the 5. The smell of ______ fresh bread is so tempting. A. a B. yours C. these D. 6. The situation is critical. ______ president needs to do something. A. A B. The C. Yours D. An

B. are

C. am

D. be

D. one

16. ______ unemployed are people who have no job. A. The B. C. These D. Those 17. Yes, its ______ wonderful news. Congratulations! A. a B. an C. the D.


18. Oh! It was such ______ terrible weather. A. a B. an C. D. the 19. Thank you for such ______ precious advice. A. a B. an C. the D. 20. Is ______ Times a daily newspaper? A. B. that C. the D. a

30. I like this painting but I dont think much of those ______ . A. rest B. other C. ones D. besides 31. ______ believes in ghosts is a bit crazy! A. Whatever B. Everybody C. Everyone D. Anyone who 32. Its not pleasant to hear oneself described by ______ employees. A. his B. theirs C. your D. ones 33. Please invite ______ you like to the reception. A. these B. anyone C. ones D. all 34. I often like to spend time ______. A. myself B. by myself C. on myself D. on me own 35. Do you need help? No, thanks. I can do it ______. A. on myself B. on my own C. by my own D. with yours 36. I hate that smelly dog of ______. Take it away at once! A. your B. yours C. you D. theres 37. Who are ______ people over there? A. that B. these C. those 38. Weve hardly got ______ cat food left. A. no B. some C. any D. D. a

21. Oh, Ive had such ______ curious dream! A. B. the C. an D. a 22. What ______ lovely dress! A. a B. C. an D. the

23. ______ doctor must make sure that the patient understands what is wrong. A. The B. A C. What D. 24. ______ Charing Cross Road runs north from Trafalgar Square. A. B. the C. a D. an 25. I have never climbed in ______ Alps in winter. A. B. that C. the D. this 26. Are there any volunteers? ______ whos tall will do. A. One B. Anything C. Something D. Anyone 27. ______ you say, I wont believe you. A. Whoever B. Whichever C. Whatever D. No matter 28. Did you enjoy ______ at the beach, Joy? A. you B. yourself C. your self D. yours 29. One prefers to shop at Harrods, ______? A. doesnt one B. doesnt it C. dont you D. does one

39. Do you want me to give you a helping hand? Thank you I can do it ______. A. on myself B. by myself C. my self D. without your hand 40. Could I have ______ drink? A. other C. the another B. an other D. another


41. Will you lend me some money? No, I cant. I dont have ______. A. some B. any C. none

D. One

53. Ive never owned ______ independent cat as this one! A. a more than B. such an C. a so D. as much an 54. I cant stand this weather. Its getting ______. A. more and more B. worse and worse C. coldest and coldest D. further and further 55. Paula has been working ______ than before. Her speed is amazing! A. quicklier B. slowlier C. more slowly D. more quickly 56. Brian has been working ______ since he was promoted. A. much harder B. as harder C. just as hardly D. more hardly 57. In some ways walking is ______ than travelling by bus or car. A. more less harmful B. much more healthier C. less harmfully D. much healthier 58. Hes a far ______ intelligent person than my brother. A. lesser B. more C. fewer D. much 59. You are working too slowly. Youd better work ______ ! A. a bit faster B. a piece faster C. a bit more fast D. an item more fast 60. Oh, I beg your pardon! cried Alice ______ than it was necessary. A. hasty B. hastilier C. most hastily D. more hastily 61. Because of the excellent faculty, King High students go far, ______ than students in other high schools. A. much far B. more far C. less further D. much further

42. Take your feet off the table ______ legs arent very strong. A. Your B. His C. Its D. Its 43. Paranoids talk to ______ a lot. Talking to oneself is the first sign of madness. A. each other B. themselves C. themselves D. himself 44. I dont want to go ______ too expensive. A. nowhere B. somewhere C. no way 45. Ill go and see the President ______ if I have to. A. on myself B. oneself C. himself D. anywhere D. by himself

46. A dogs intelligence is much greater than ______ of a cat. A. that B. its C. it D. what 47. The manageress spoke to me ______. A. by herself B. oneself C. on her own D. herself

48. Rachel has hardly ______ sympathy for her brothers drinking problem. A. some B. any C. no D. many 49. We never touched ______ of the money. A. no B. none C. any 50. Lets go ______ nice for a drink. A. anywhere B. where C. there D. some D. somewhere

51. I really think that apologising is ______ you can do. A. not as enough as B. a little C. the least D. as far as 52. How do you like your coffee? ______. A. More stronger the better B. The strong the good C. More strong more good D. The stronger the better


62. Alice wasnt ______ of the Liddle girls. There were three of them if Im not mistaken. A. youngest B. younger C. the eldest D. the elder 63. Andys the cleverest of them all, but Sue is ______. A. less lazy B. more lazy C. laziest D. most hardworking 64. German is ______ than English. A. not as difficult B. not as easy C. more easier D. more difficult 65. Shes much taller ______ me. A. than B. as C. then 66. A Ford is ______ than a Volvo. A. much expensive B. too much expensive C. much more expensive D. not so expensive 67. Living in the country is not ______ as living in the city. A. more expensive B. so expensive C. less expensive D. such expensive 68. I would sleep ______ if I werent worried about Tom. A. peaceful B. more peaceful C. more peacefully D. less peacefully 69. Can you eat a bit faster ______ that? A. then B. as C. so 70. The train isnt ______ than the bus. A. no quick B. no quicker C. twice as quick D. any quicker

71. You look ______ than usual. A. even more beautiful B. twice as beautiful C. not as beautiful D. not so beautiful 72. I have only a few debts, but my sister has even ______ debts than I do. A. lesser B. less C. more D. fewer 73. Shes twice as ______ as her sister A. livelier B. lively C. liveliest D. more lively

D. That

74. Nurses handle babies gently, but new mothers handle them the ______ of all. A. gentliest B. gentlier C. most gently D. more gently 75. Weve all got terrible voices, but I sing ______ of all. A. worse B. bad C. worst D. more bad 76. How much money ______ him this time? A. are you owing B. are you owning C. do you own D. do you owe 77. Look at her! She ______ the soup to see if it needs more salt. A. tastes B. taste C. has now been tasting D. is tasting 78. The milk ______ sour. Have you been keeping it for a long time? A. is smelling B. isnt smelling C. smells D. is being smelt 79. I tried a bit of the cake to see how it ______. A. tasted B. tastes C. was tasting D. is tasting 80. This soup ______ of disinfectant. A. taste B. tastes C. is tasting D. have got a taste

D. than

81. That bottle ______ petrol and we used it as an explosive. A. contains B. is containing C. containned D. was containing 82. What are you doing? I ______ to get this car started. A. am wanting B. will want C. will be wanting D. want 83. I love this hair-do my hair ______ so modern now. A. looks B. are looking C. are being looked D. look 84. Say it again, I ______ you. A. dont listen to C. am not hearing B. am not listening D. dont hear

90. Tom and Mr. Pitt ______ a stormy conversation. I wonder what they are talking about. A. has been having B. have had C. are having D. have 91. Who ______ champagne? Me, when I can afford it. A. has drunk B. drank

C. drinks

D. is drinking

92. What ______ at? A strange bird is flying over there. A. do you look B. did you look C. are you looking D. were you looking 93. Hi, Mike. Im in France now. Can you imagine what a great time I ______?! A. have B. enjoy C. am having D. have had 94. the violin now? Actually, thats the radio you hear now. A. Does your son play B. Who plays C. How long has your son been playing D. Is your son playing 95. Scientists believe the weather ______ now. A. is changing B. changes C. was changed D. changed 96. You know the current situation: cinema audiences ______ in the United States now. A. decline B. are declining C. decrease D. is decreasing 97. I cant interrupt him just now. He ____ a phone call to Australia at the moment. A. is being made B. makes C. is making D. has made 98. The telephone is ringing, Ann. Can you get it? No, I ______ dinner. Maybe a little bit later A. have B. am having C. am being had D. I had

85. Would you like a cup of coffee, Dr. Ho? Oh no, thanks. It ______. A. is smelling delicious, but I am not drinking coffee. B. smells delicious, but I dont drink coffee. C. is smelling delicious, but I dont drink coffee. D. smells delicious, but I am not drinking coffee at all. 86. This estate has no permanent owner! Who ______ this time? A. belonged it B. belongs it C. does it belong to D. is belonging it to 87. Come and sit by Leo and me. We ______ a boring gossip all about Clintons affair. Join us if you are interested. A. have been having B. have had C. have D. are having 88. I think it is a pity you dont take more exercise. You ______ fat. A. are getting B. have to get C. get D. had got 89. Look at this sign. It ______ here Leave your car here. Why not park our car here? A. reads B. is reading C. is writing D. is advising

99. Paris is wonderful! I like the food here, and so I ______ like mad. A. am eating B. have eaten C. had eaten D. am not eating 100. Whitman is a historian. He ____ on a history of cross-cultural dating customs. A. currently works B. works now C. is currently working D. currently write 101. Ill never believe another thing that Craig tells me! Last week he told me that he would cut the grass, but he ______ it yet! Its still there! A. didnt do B. hasnt done C. hadnt done D. hardly did 102. And here are the main points of the news again. The pound ______ against the dollar. A. have fallen B. is fallen C. falls D. has fallen 103. So far, we ______ no response to our inquiry. A. received B. have not received C. have received D. were sent 104. ______ much of Bob lately? A. Did you see C. Have you seen B. Were you seeing D. Had you seen

108. Wake up, Alice dear! said her sister. Why, what a long sleep ______! A. you had B. youve had C. you have D. you got 109. ______ Gloria last week? A. Have you seen B. Did you see C. How many times have you seen D. Were you seeing 110. How often ______ in love in your life? A. have you been B. were you C. are you D. were you being 111. All the wars in history ______ us nothing yet. A. had taught B. have taught C. taught D. teaching 112. When ______ that goldfish? A. have you last fed B. were you last feeding C. did you last feed D. do you last feed 113. In recent years, many movies such as The Terminator and Blade Runner ______ robots as slaves that eventually rise up against their human masters. A. were portraying B. had portrayed C. have portrayed D. portray 114. I ______ with children before, so I know what to expect in my new job. A. have worked B. worked C. was worked D. work 115. Because the river ______ steadily since Sunday, the residents of the area have been advised to prepare for flood conditions. A. rose B. had risen C. is rising D. has been rising 116. Although robots may be viewed negatively in Western culture, in Japan the interest to stories about them ______ for the past several years. A. has been increasing

105. He has been quite different since he ______ married. A. has been getting B. gets C. got D. has 106. Do you know the news? You ______ the exam! A. passed B. had passed C. have passed D. pass 107. When ______ married? In 1974. A. did they get C. have they got

B. do they get D. had they got


B. increased C. is increasing D. has been decreased 117. The current robot craze ______ in 1996. A. has started B. started C. had started D. used to start 118. Although popular computer use exploded throughout the world in the 1990s, academics ______ by computer since the early 1970s. A. communicated B. had been communicating C. are communicating D. used to communicate 119. Three years ago I got my law degree, and since then I ______ in a small law firm where I am very happy. A. am working B. was working C. have been working D. worked 120. I want to break the news. Mary ______ a baby! A. had B. had had C. has had D. will have had 121. I cant come to your party because I ______ my leg. A. have been breaking B. break C. have broken D. broke 122. Ive known her since we ______ at school together. A. had been B. was C. are D. were 123. When I got home, I found that water ______ down the kitchen walls. A. run B. ran C. was running D. was being run 124. At that time we ______ in the caravan for about six months already. A. lived B. had been living C. had left D. were living

125. Mr. Sanders, what ______ between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM last Friday? A. you were doing B. did you do C. were you doing D. you did 126. When I ______ this morning the sun was shining, the birds were singing. A. get up B. was getting C. got up D. was being got up 127. Mozart died while he ______ the Requiem. A. had been composing B. had composed C. composed D. was composing 128. While I ______ in this firm one summer, I met a terrific man, whom I married the following year. A. used to work B. worked C. was working D. had been working 129. When the earthquake occurred at 3:49 AM, most people in the city ______ in their beds at home. A. slept B. sleeped C. were sleeping D. used to sleep 130. When you phoned I ______ in the garage. A. worked B. work C. used to work D. was working 131. I was tired because I ______ all day. A. have been working B. had been working C. worked D. was working 132. The headmaster entered. The boys ______ for him for a quarter of an hour. A. waited B. had been waiting C. were waiting D. was waiting 133. At six, when I got to the car park, I realised that I ______ my keys. A. lost B. has lost C. had lost D. was losing 134. Kate had dirt on her hands and knees as she ______ some gardening. A. had been doing B. hadnt done C. has done D. has been doing


135. In the morning all the roads were blocked: it ______ all night. A. snowed B. was snowing C. had been snowing D. has been snowing 136. All the people we had invited ______, and some that we had not invited. A. came B. come C. have come D. have been coming 137. Nobody came to the meeting as Angela ______ to tell people about it. A. forget B. forgot C. had forgot D. had forgotten 138. I told him that I ______ of the place before. A. have never heard B. never heard C. didnt hear D. had never heard 139. By that time, Sams photo ______ to the policemen. A. had already show B. have already been shown C. had already been shown D. were already on show 140. The lesson ______, when I arrived . So I excused myself and came in. A. already started B. has already started C. had already started D. never started 141. When we came to live in the US my father couldnt work as a dentist right away because he ______ the state examination yet. A. wasnt passing B. not passed C. hadnt been passing D. hadnt passed 142. By the time the ancient Egyptian civilization began to flourish more than 5,000 years ago, the onion ______ the main food throughout the Middle East for many years. A. had already been B. was already C. has already been D. would have been

143. In 1996 Honda Motor Corporation presented the world with P-2, a robot different from any other that ______ until then. A. appeared B. has appeared C. had appeared D. had disappeared 144. By the time my father retired last year, he ______ dentistry for thirty years. A. was practising B. practiced C. has been practising D. had been practising 145. When I found Mary, I could see that she ______. A. has been crying B. had to cried C. cry D. had been crying 146. Do you know when Mrs Greenleafs train ______? he asked. A. arrives B. will be arriving C. will arrive D. shall arrive 147. Look up in the time-table when the last train ______ the station. A. is leaving B. leaves C. will be leaving D. leave 148. By analyzing historical and current data, meteorologists can predict the number of hurricanes that ______ in the Caribbean in any given year. A. will appear B. are appearing C. will have appeared D. would appear 149. So youre visiting another country this year. You already have your tickets, and you leave next Tuesday at 4 PM. A week from now you ______ in the sunshine. A. will relax B. will have relaxed C. will be relaxing D. are relaxing 150. My dear husband promised that he ______ me a car for my birthday, but he didnt say which birthday. A. would give B. will give C. used to give D. gave 151. One manufacturer, Smart Transport, Inc., ______ a press conference every other month. A. holds B. had held C. shall hold D. is holding


152. Lucy ______ for a drink this evening. I invited her yesterday. A. comes B. is coming C. will come D. shall come 153. By early in the 21st century, one in four Japanese people _____ over sixty-five. A. will be B. shall be C. is D. is required to be 154. Ill think of you when ______ on the beach next week. A. Im being laid B. Im going to lie C. Ill be lying D. Im lying 155. The builders say they ______ the roof by Tuesday. A. will finish B. are finishing C. will have finished D. will be finishing 156. He promised that he ______ call my mother to wish her a happy birthday. A. will B. would C. used to D. would get used to 157. Before the construction of the English Channel, which connects France and England, most people didnt believe that travel by land between the two countries ______ possible in the twentieth century. A. will be B. would be C. used to be D. is going to be 158. Next year the taxpayers ______ over twenty-two million dollars for a transportation system that is already out-of-date. A. will spend B. will be spending C. will have spent D. will have been spending 159. Shell pay us back when she ______ a job. A. gets B. have C. will get D. shall get 160. Dont sweep the floor, before your parents ______. A. arrived B. arrives C. will arrive

161. Will you stay here until ______ off ? A. the plane will take B. shall the plane take C. the plane takes D. the plane have taken 162. I wont tell you my secret unless you ______ not to tell anyone. A. will promise B. dont promise C. promise D. wont promise 163. Whenever ______ a thunder-storm, the cat hides under the bed. A. therell be B. theres C. there was D. there will be 164. Your little robot dog will wag his tail if you ______ him on the floor. A. place B. will place C. had placed D. are placing 165. Your little robot dog will even bark if you ______ sound files info his body. A. put B. had put C. will put D. are put 166. Unless they ______ ticket prices, Im not going to fly anymore. Im not that rich. A. dont lower B. will not lowered C. will lower D. lower 167. If I was free for six months, I ______ around the world. A. travelled B. would travel C. travel D. will travel 168. Your roommate is really noisy. If I ______ with him, Id talk to him about the problem. A. lived B. will live C. live D. would live 169. If I didnt like flying that much, I ______ a pilot. A. would B. became C. wont be D. wouldnt be

D. arrive

170. He took me for his housemaid. How surprised hell be when he ______ out who I am! A. found B. will find C. shall find D. finds 171. Ill be surprised if he ______ an accident soon. He drives like crazy. A. wont have B. doesnt have C. will have D. has 172. If he ______ for you, hell be very angry. A. still waits B. will still wait C. will still be waiting D. is still waiting 173. If ______ you what youre doing say youre with me. A. nobodyll ask B. anybody asks C. nobody asks D. anybody will ask 174. ______ him Im ashamed. A. If I saw B. Whenever I see C. If Ill see D. Whenever Ill meet 175. If Bob ______ your letter, Im sure hell phone you today. A. will receive B. will have received C. has received D. receive 176. I would tell you if I ______. A. know C. knew B. had known D. would know

178. It would be nice, dear, if you ______ me a bit with the housework. A. do help B. help C. did helped D. helped 179. If I had gone to university I ______ medicine then. A. would study B. would have studied C. wouldnt study D. would be studying 180. If I married you, we ______ unhappy. A. would have both been B. would both be C. could have been D. will be 181. You ______ if youd looked where you were going. A. wouldnt have crashed B. would have crashed C. wouldnt crash D. crashed 182. It would have been nice if he ______. A. thanked you B. should thank you C. had thanked you D. thanks you 183. If I ______ a better dancer, I would dance solo in the Bolshoy Theatre. A. were B. am C. would be D. can be 184. If I won the lottery, I ______ you half the money. A. will give B. gave C. would give 185. Im sure he wouldnt mind if we ______ early. A. arrived B. arrives C. would arrive D. were arrived 186. If Janes nose ______ shorter, she would become a top model. A. is B. were C. had been D. would be

D. give

177. If we ______ a map now we should be able to get out of here. A. have B. had had C. had D. would have

187. If he hadnt spent so much on his holiday, he ______ enough to pay for the house repairs. A. would B. was C. had had D. would have had 188. If Bell ______ the telephone, somebody else would have done it. A. invented B. had invented C. didnt invent D. hadnt invented 189. If we ______ in a town, life would be easier. A. live B. will live C. lived D. move 190. ______ the time we find a spare minute to get there the exhibition will have closed. A. Until B. Till C. To D. By 191. Hes been here ______ 10 oclock. A. for B. at C. since 192. When did you leave school? ______ I was sixteen. A. As B. When C. While D. until

198. ______ the moment youve received this letter Ill have left this country. A. Until B. Till C. At D. By 199. She was studying law ______ the war started. A. while B. when C. since D. as 200. ______ 6 oclock this morning I was walking along the beach. A. while B. when C. since D. at 201. Our first Spanish and Japanese editions of Modern Reader ______ this year, and they have already found a large audience. A. published B. were published C. were publishing D. publish 202. Until after World War II almost all the automobiles driven in the US ______. A. made in Detroit by automobile workers B. have been made in Detroit C. were made in Detroit by automobile workers D. made in Detroit 203. The driver of the car ______ in the accident. A. hurt seriously B. seriously hurt C. was seriously hurt D. seriously hurts 204. The vegetables ______ up, what shall we do now? A. cutted B. have cut C. are all cut D. are cutted 205. The furniture ______ for firewood. A. was broke B. was broken up C. break up D. broke up 206. I ______ by Marys wanting to tell everybody what to do. A. annoyed B. was annoyed C. annoy D. had annoyed 207. The positive hydrogen atoms ______ to the negative oxygen atoms. A. attract B. are being attracted C. are attracted D. will never be attracted

D. As soon as

193. This flight is full. ______ someone gives up a seat, you wont get on this flight today. A. If B. Unless C. When D. Where 194. ______ May she was studying hard for her final exam. A. Since B. In C. D. Just as 195. How long have you been writing this novel? ______ five years by now. A. For B. Since C. Till D. More 196. He was cooking the dinner ______ I arrived. A. while B. as C. since D. when 197. Ive had this job ______ a month. A. in B. for C. since D. when


208. The traffic is so heavy nowadays that people ______ on the roads daily. A. are killed B. kill C. killing D. killed 209. Tickets ______ from any travel agent or directly from the airline. A. may be purchased B. may purchase C. purchase D. purchased 210. This method of decorating metal ______ invented in the Middle East and perfected by the Chinese, Japanese, and French. A. probably B. was probably C. had probably D. 211. The Great Wall of China was the only man-made structure on earth which ______ when they were circling the dirt. A. could see by the astronauts B. could be seen by the astronauts C. the astronauts could be seen D. could see the astronauts 212. The Battle of Hastings ______ in 1066. A. fought B. was fought C. was fighted D. being fought 213. My computer ______ viruses every six months. A. is being checked for B. checks with C. is checked by D. is checked for 214. Blair is not in his room, and his bed ______. A. doesnt sleep in B. doesnt touched C. hasnt been slept in D. hasnt been slept 215. Channels ______ by using the remote control. A. can change B. can switch (on, off) C. can be switching (on, off) D. can be changed

216. The cable TV ______ my personal computer. A. connects B. is connected C. is connected to D. keeps in touch with 217. CD-ROMS are much better than books because much information can ______ on them. A. store B. storage C. be stored D. be storing 218. The Internet should ______ the government. A. control B. be controlled by C. be controlled with D. be under the control by 219. I felt as if ______. A. I watch C. I was being watched B. I am being watched D. I have watched

220. When my mother phoned her Liz ______. A. interviewed B. was being interviewed C. is interviewing D. is being interviewed 221. Excuse the mess; the house ______. A. is being painted B. paints C. is painting D. is painted 222. What a pity! All the washing machines ______ now. A. are used B. are been used C. are being used D. are using 223. He ______ stealing the money by our sales manager. A. was B. is C. caught D. was caught 224. My resume ______ to the statement of purpose. A. includes B. attach C. is attached 225. A disqualified driver has ______ to prison. A. sent B. to send C. to be D. attaches

D. to be sent

226. The laws used to be so strict that people ______ for trifle crimes they committed. A. were hanged B. hanged C. get hanged D. hang


227. Every night the children ______ a fairy-tale by their aunt, who unwillingly chooses the same bed-time stories her parents would read to her. A. read B. are being read C. are reading D. are read 228. The Lord of the Rings ______ at our local cinema now. A. shows B. is showing C. is being shown D. has shown 229. I ______ a present for my last birthday. A. gave B. was not given C. has given D. am given 230. We cant use the sports hall yet because it ______. A. is still built B. is still building C. is still being built D. is to build 231. This picture ______ by a friend of my mothers many years ago. A. is painted B. was painted C. is being painted D. painted 232. Wasnt Gabe going to bring hot dogs to the picnic? He ______, but I dont think he did. A. was supposed to B. was supposed to bringing C. supposed to bringing D. supposed to be brought 233. The house ______ in 1486. A. believes to build B. is believed to be built C. believes to be built D. is believed to build 234. The rate of inflation ______ to rise. A. expects B. expected C. is expected 235. This picture ______ Rembrandt. A. is believed to be painted B. is painted C. was painted D. was believed to belong to

236. I am expected ______ for work at 5:00 PM. A. leave B. to leave C. leaving D. to leaving 237. The earth ______ the centre of the universe. A. was thought to be B. thought C. didnt think D. thought to be 238. Shakespeares famous drama Macbeth ______ on fact. A. bases B. is known to be based C. is known be basing D. knows to be based 239. Mary ______ for shoplifting. A. is said to arrest B. said to arrest C. is said to be arrested D. say to be arrested 240. In the past fresh air ______ to be bad for sick people. A. was considered B. is considered C. considered D. considers 241. The naughty child ______ by the parents. A. was expected to punish B. expected to punish C. was expected to be punished D. expect to be punished 242. In order to ______ for admission to some top universities, a candidate needs to get a high score on a well-known standardized test. A. consider B. be considered C. be considering D. consideration 243. He hates ______ a fool of. A. being C. being played B. making D. being made


244. Nobody enjoys ______ absurd measures and rules. A. being forced upon B. forced upon C. to be forced upon D. forces upon 245. The gift cost her 5 pounds, ______ the package. A. included B. with included C. including D. with including 246. People usually dislike ______ at home by strangers. A. telephoning B. to telephone C. to be telephoned D. being telephoned 247. Being ______ to foreign TV stations helps you to learn foreign languages. A. in connection B. in touch C. connected D. connect 248. I cant believe my eyes. Ive had my car ______! A. stolen B. stealing C. to steal D. be stolen 249. One of the great fiction writers in English, Charles Dickens writes about all problems of society, ______ child labour, debt imprisonment and others. A. which are including B. that they including C. included D. including 250. Why is Jane crying? She has had her tickets to Germany ______. A. steal B. stole C. D. stolen 251. Because of an extremely high accident rate, restrictions on teenagers ______ will be discussed at the next City Council meeting. A. drive B. having driving C. driving D. to drive 252. You were a fool ______. A. to agreeing C. agree B. agreeing D. to agree

253. I hope to have a chance of ______ you again. A. to see B. seeing C. having seen D. being seen 254. Im sorry to ______ you. A. disturbing C. disturb B. the disturbing D. disturbed

255. They were quite content with ______ where they were. A. stay B. to stay C. be staying D. staying 256. They agreed on ______ the profits equally. A. to share B. share C. sharing D. to sharing

257. We are in favour of ______ the bridge. A. build B. building C. to build D. having been built 258. I hate the idea of ______ old. A. to get B. get C. to become 259. There is a lot of work ______ here. A. doing B. to do C. do 260. She has a terrible fear of ______ alone. A. be B. to be C. being D. getting D. to not do D. to being

261. The Japanese art of origami is created by ______ paper into various forms. A. fold B. to fold C. to have folded D. folding 262. Lets just keep on ______. A. dance B. to dance C. dancing D. to dancing

263. What do you want to do tonight? I feel like ______ to a movie. A. to go B. to going C. going D. go 264. I am not good ______ letters. A. to write C. at writing B. to writing D. to be writing

265. Do you often go ______? A. to fish C. fishing

B. to fishing D. fish

275. This road is blocked for two miles north and south, so I suggest ______ an alternative route if possible. A. to using B. using C. use D. to use 276. Many of the early British settlers in Australia were criminals who were able to avoid ______ by agreeing to live on and develop the land there. A. be imprisoned B. to be imprisoned C. being imprisoned D. to imprison 277. The environment group hopes ______ the forest to its original condition by the end of the decade. A. restoring B. to restore C. to be restored D. having restored 278. Tom dislikes ______. Its just terrible! A. to cook B. Ann to cook C. Ann cook D. Anns cooking 279. Normally I cant stand being in a car with drivers who take risks but on this occasion I couldnt help ______. A. to laugh B. to be laughing C. laughing D. being laughed at 280. Helen doesnt mind ______ cigars in the bedroom. A. Tom to smoke B. Toms smoking C. Tom smoke D. to smoke 281. I cant stand ______ all the time when I am around them. A. them fighting B. they fighting C. them fight D. them to fight 282. Instead of collecting art objects, more ordinary people enjoy ______ stamps or coins. A. to collect B. collect C. to collecting D. collecting 283. The French impressionist painters attempted to depict visual impressions and they succeeded ______ brilliant results. A. achieving B. achieve C. to achieve D. in achieving

266. At the moment that the plane touched down safely, the passengers expressed their gratitude for having survived the terrifying flight by ______ the pilot and the crew. A. applaud B. applauding C. to applaud D. applause 267. I do hope itll make me grow large again, for really Im quite tired ______ such a tiny little thing! said Alice to herself. A. to be B. of to be C. being D. of being 268. Im looking forward ______ there in six months time. A. go B. to go C. going D. to going 269. She is very good at ______ problems. A. to solve B. solving C. get rid of 270. Her uncle suggested ______ a job in a bank. A. getting B. to get C. her to get D. her 271. I look forward ______ from you. A. to hear B. hear C. to hearing 272. I dislike people ______ me what to think. A. to tell B. telling C. being told D. to be telling 273. I dont mind ______ at home to look after the children. A. to stay B. staying C. stay D. 274. Would you like ______ the weekend with us? A. spending B. spend C. to spending D. to spend D. hearing D. to get rid of


284. The company has managed ______ profit this year. A. making B. in making C. to make


285. The people in the state failed ______ clean up the mess that the oil spill had created. A. to have B. helping C. to help D. helping hand 286. You wont succeed ______ your car at a profit. Its far too old. A. to sell B. in having sold C. selling D. in selling 287. At last, after three days, they managed ______ to the top of the mountain. A. getting B. get C. to get D. 288. Driving by a shopping mall on his way home, Steve stopped ______ his mother a birthday present. A. to get B. to getting C. getting D. get 289. How are the both of you getting on? Dont you know that weve stopped ______? A. to date B. dating C. dated 290. Fortunately it stopped ______. A. to rain B. raining C. to raining

294. I remember ______ my first bicycle, the feeling of delight still being fresh in mind. A. to buy B. being bought by C. bought D. buying 295. Oh, I forgot ______ the present for my sweet girl! A. buying B. to buy C. to buying D. buy 296. I regret ______ school at fourteen, it was a big mistake. A. to have B. to have left C. to leaving D. leaving 297. That night was terrible, to say the least of it. Jane remembers ______ all night through. A. to pray B. saying prayers C. to say prayers D. say prayers 298. The Oscar winner was so happy to receive the highest honour of her profession that she nearly cried during her acceptance speech. Dont forget ______ it in your report. A. writing B. to write C. on writing D. write 299. You must remember ______ Mr Lewis from the station tomorrow. A. fetching B. fetch C. to have fetched D. to fetch 300. Ill never forget ______ the Queen on that bright day in 1974. A. meeting B. to meet C. being met D. to be met 301. George regretted ______ Dick the money. A. to give B. to have given C. giving D. that was given 302. We regret ______ but your suggestion is not accepted. A. informing B. to inform C. inform D. to informing

D. date D. rain

291. When the teacher asked the students ______, they kept making noise. A. stop talking B. to stop to talk C. stopping talking D. to stop talking 292. Oh, dear! I forgot ______ the soap. A. buying B. buy C. to buy D. having bought 293. I remember ______ at the school gates with my mother on my first day there. A. to have arrived B. to arrive C. arriving D. to be arrived



303. The car needs ______. A. servicing C. serviced

B. to service D. to be of service

313. She watches me ______ football every weekend. A. to play B. playing C. to have played D. to be playing 314. I can hear someone ______ upstairs. A. to be talking B. to talk C. to talking D. talking 315. Im so scared that I can feel my hands ______. A. to shake B. shaking C. being shaken D. to be shaken 316. Did you notice anyone ______ outside when you left? A. to wait B. waiting C. to waiting D. to have waited 317. Even her getting fatter and fatter didnt ______ less. A. eat her B. make her eat C. make her to eat D. make her eating 318. Mr. Trager let us ______ our dictionaries during the test. A. to use B. use C. using D. the using 319. Eating and drinking too much didnt let ______ weight. A. her B. her lose C. her to lose D. her losing 320. Why wont you let ______ everything? A. me to explain B. me explain C. to explain D. do explain 321. She was tired, but we couldnt ______ accept our help. A. have made B. make her to C. making her D. make her 322. In 1938, Anna Freud was forced ______ from Vienna to England. A. emigrate B. emigrating C. be emigrated D. to emigrate

304. I expect ______ you working very hard when I come back. A. to find B. find C. to finding D. finding 305. Her parents dont want ______ married. A. her get B. that she get C. she will ever D. her to get 306. Be careful! I dont want there ______ any trouble. A. was B. be C. to be D. occur 307. Watch ______ over the stream. A. he jump C. him jump B. him to jump D. his to jump

308. I looked out of the window and saw Mary ______ the road. A. crossing B. to cross C. being crossed D. to have crossed 309. I had a strange dream last night. I dreamt I was in bed when suddenly I heard a dog ______ at the front door. A. to bark, then scratching B. to bark, then scratch C. barking, then to scratch D. barking, then scratching 310. I felt someone ______ my hand. A. to grasp C. to have grasped B. to be grasping D. grasp

311. I saw someone ______ the bathroom. A. to be entering B. enter C. to enter D. be enter 312. I once heard Brendel ______ all the Beethoven concertos. A. to play B. play C. being played D. to be played



323. She was allowed ______ Sally Tomato at Sing-Sing once a week. A. to visit B. visit C. visiting D. paying a visit to 324. He doesnt allow us ______ personal calls. A. to make B. make C. making D. to making 325. We dont allow ______ in the lecture room. A. smoking B. to smoke C. smoke D. to be smoking 326. I ______ to have an old Rolls-Royce. A. used B. would C. was used D. got used 327. When fashion changed I ______ to wearing short skirts. A. didnt use B. used not C. couldnt get used D. cant get used 328. Unfortunately we are less well-off now than we ______. A. got used to be B. get used to being C. used to be D. would be 329. From now on, we wont be able to go out as much as we ______. A. were to B. used to being C. used to D. get used to 330. In those days, trains ______ to have a guard in the last carriage. A. used B. were used C. got used D. would 331. I always buy tight jeans. I ______ them loose. A. cant use to wear B. didnt used to wear C. cant get used to wear D. cant get used to wearing

332. Jeans ______ just work clothes but then they began to appear on movie stars. A. are used to being B. were used to being C. got used to be D. used to be 333. I never wore tight jeans before, but now I ______ them. Its so stylish! A. am used to wear B. am used to wearing C. used to wear D. accustomed to wear 334. When we were little, we went to school in the sea. The master was an old Turtle - we ______ call him Tortoise A. were used to B. used to C. got used to D. would to 335. In earlier times, someone ______ home and was able to take proper care of the pets. A. has stayed B. used to stay C. was used to stay D. accustomed to stay 336. Before the train was invented people ______ travel mostly by horse. A. were used to B. got used to C. used D. used to 337. Seans ______ with difficult kids. A. used to dealing C. got used to deal 338. I ______ sleeping on the floor. A. never used to B. never be used to C. will never get used to D. will never get used 339. Ancient people ______ to believe that the earth was flat. A. used B. got used C. were used D. was used B. used to deal D. used



340. Im not sure where to turn. I ______ driving this way. A. am used to B. am not used to C. used to D. didnt use to 341. Although I come from Russia I ______ driving in London. A. am used to B. used to C. am used D. got used 342. I ______ be shy when I was younger. A. am used B. am used to C. used to D. was used to 343. In the 19th century people ______ bigger families. A. have B. are used to having C. used to have D. used to having 344. Arent you ______ this far? Its only 5 miles. A. use to walk B. used to walking C. used to walk D. got used to walking 345. When we were children we ______ go skating every winter. A. use to B. were used to C. used to D. am used to 346. I used to write my letters by hand, but now ______ I typing them. A. got used B. got used to C. would D. used to 347. I ______ to belong to a cycling club when I was young. A. would B. got used C. was used D. used 348. I used to travel to work by train, but the fares got too dear so now I ______ coming to work on my bicycle. A. would B. got used C. am used to D. used 349. As a child, I ______ science fiction, and my mind was full of strange images. A. have been reading B. had been reading C. used to read D. was used to read

350. When I was a boy, I ______ to visit my aunts in the country. A. used B. would C. got used D. was used 351. Anorexia nervosa is a disease typical for young women who believe that they ______ to be as thin as the models in the fashion magazines. A. have got B. obliged C. could D. must 352. The coach has very strict rules about exercise: all students ______ exercise at least three times a week. A. have to B. should C. ought D. would 353. She ______ write the whole exercise. Ten sentences are enough. A. needs to B. need C. neednt D. mustnt 354. The sign Overtaking forbidden means that you ______ overtake. A. are allowed to B. arent allowed to C. dont have D. have to 355. Cold sufferers should stay at home, not only for their own health but because they ______ endanger the health of their co-workers. A. must B. have to C. might D. are supposed to 356. Although some desert plants can survive without water, most plants and all animals ______ have food in order to live. A. should B. must C. ought D. have got 357. It is generally agreed that when you travel in countries other than your own, you ______ conform to the local customs as much as possible. A. could B. might C. ought D. should 358. I hear youve been to Patagonia. That trip ______ been interesting. A. ought B. must C. must have D. had


359. I think they ______ consult a doctor as soon as possible. It can be too late. A. might B. can C. ought D. must 360. If she doesnt buy a ticket, she ______ go to the theatre tomorrow. A. wont be able B. wont be permitted C. cant D. wont be allowed 361. It was a nice evening, but Im afraid I ______ Aunt Mary today more than usual. A. might annoy B. could annoy C. might have annoyed D. could be annoying 362. Its rained a lot, so we ______ water the garden. A. dont need B. dont have C. neednt D. need 363. You ______ pay now tomorrows OK. A. neednt B. must C. dont need D. dont have 364. People ______ to drive more carefully. A. should B. ought C. must D. are allowed 365. ______ to work extra? A. Have I C. Need I B. Do I have D. Must I

369. I ______ work tomorrow. It is a good opportunity to go to the country. A. will have B. wont have to C. am allowed D. am not allowed 370. The sign Do not bring pet animals means that you ______ bring pet animals. A. are allowed to B. arent allowed to C. have to D. dont have to 371. The sign Non Members Welcome means that you ______ be a member to get in. A. are allowed to B. are not allowed to C. have to D. dont have to 372. Students ______ register at the tutorial office in the first week of term. Its our demand. A. must to B. ought C. may D. must 373. They knelt in front of the child who ______ one day rule all England. A. were to B. would C. hadnt to D. may not 374. People really ______ hard in those days. A. had to work B. must work C. may work D. was to 375. Theres the phone. Ill get it. That ______ be Tony. A. has to B. must C. ought D. is to 376. What ______ is that its not right to gossip. A. do I think about this news B. I think about this news C. think I about the news D. dont I think of the news 377. ______ is not my concern. A. Where is on earth Charlie now B. Where on earth is Charlie now C. Where on earth Charlie is now D. Where is Charlie now

366. I ______ to speak English fluently by the end of the year. A. will be allowed B. could C. will be able D. can 367. Residents ______ hang washing out of the windows. Its prohibited. A. should B. dont have to C. must D. must not 368. If you like this scarf, you ______ find it at any shop. A. must B. should C. ought to D. can

378. ______ doesnt matter at this point. A. When the money stolen was B. When did they steal the money C. When the money was stolen D. When was the money stolen 379. Im often asked ______. A. what students can do to become part of a team B. what can students do to become part of a team C. what can do students to become part of a team D. what to become part of a team can students do 380. ______ is none of my business. A. What did the boss tell her B. What the boss did her tell C. What her told the boss D. What the boss told her 381. When ______ does not interest me. A. are they going to arrest Charlie B. Charlie is going to be arrested C. is Charlie going to be arrested D. is Charlie going to arrest them 382. Why ______ A. do people laugh at one joke but not another depends on many factors. B. people laugh at one joke but not another depends on many factors. C. people laugh at one joke but not another depends on many factors? D. do people laugh at one joke but not another depends on many factors. 383. Everybody all over the world loves what ______ A. does a good joke do. B. does a good joke do? C. a good joke does? D. a good joke does. 384. And yet I wish ______. A. I could you show our cat Dinah to B. I could our cat Dinah show to you C. our cat Dinah could you show to D. I could show you our cat Dinah

385. Then it doesnt matter ______ A. which way you go. B. which way do you go? C. which you go way. D. which way you go? 386. I asked ______ A. where were the president and his wife staying? B. where were the president and his wife staying. C. what hotel were the president and his wife staying. D. what hotel the president and his wife were staying at. 387. He wanted to know ______ A. when could I start. B. when I could start? C. what time could I start at. D. what time I could start at. 388. She asked me if ______ A. I like the drink? B. I would like the drink. C. the drinks would like me. D. what would the drinks like? 389. I asked ______ something. A. what he had told me B. whether he had told me C. if had he told me D. had he told me 390. I dont know ______ A. why did he tell this story to everybody? B. why was this story told to everybody? C. why everybody was told this story? D. why he told this story to everybody. 391. I asked what ______ A. Peters address was? B. Peters address was. C. was Peters address? D. address was Peters?

392. I asked: ______ A. Do you have this costume in size 8? B. If they had that costume in size 8. C. Whether they had that costume in size 8. D. Did they have that costume in size 8? 393. I wondered ______ A. where was the bus station. B. where the bus station was. C. where was the bus station? D. where the bus station was? 394. You wanted to know if ______ A. I had met George Lamb. B. I had met George Lamb? C. had I met George Lamb. D. had I met George Lamb? 395. The driver asked ______ A. if I want to the town centre. B. whether I wanted to the town centre. C. whether I wanted to the town centre? D. the town centre if I wanted. 396. How ______ A. you get there is your problem? B. do you get there is your problem . C. you get there is your problem. D. you get there your problem? 397. The government has announced ______. A. will the taxes be raised B. taxes that would be raised C. that taxes will be raised D. that there will taxes be raised 398. Hes got a job in a new firm, ______. A. where dont they work such long hours B. there dont they work such long hours C. such long hours dont they work there D. where they dont work such long hours

399. Nobody told me why ______ A. did I have to sign the paper? B. I had to sign the paper? C. didnt I have the paper signed. D. I had to sign the paper. 400. Im surprised at ______ A. how fast can she run? B. how fast can she run. C. how fast she can run. D. can she run fast at all? 401. Concepts of modem nursing were founded by Florence Nightingale, an English nurse ______ to the care of the sick and the war-wounded. A. which dedicated her life B. which life was dedicated C. whose life was dedicated D. that life was dedicated 402. I have had many teachers ______ I have admired greatly. A. whose B. whom C. which D. what 403. It is not surprising that the person ______ influenced my life the most was a teacher. A. who B. which C. D. whose 404. Few visitors to Disney World in Florida know that much of its electrical power comes from the energy ______ by burning its own garbage. A. that produces B. what is produce C. which it is produced D. it produces 405. Tulips, ______ into Holland in 1554, were quickly and highly valued, and by the 1630s they became the objects of wild financial speculation in Europe. A. which introduced B. that they were introduced C. which introduced them D. introduced


406. Cork, the second largest city in Ireland, is the site of many industries, ______ automobile manufacturing and whiskey distilling. A. two of whom are B. which two are C. two of which are D. two of that are 407. Because of the success ______ I had in this class, I became more confident and at ease. A. B. whose C. what D. whom 408. ______ we need is a big fridge. A. That C. Whom B. Who D. What

415. The dentist had to pull out two of my teeth, ______ was a real pity. A. that B. what C. which D. 416. Ill give you my address and phone number but I need something ______. A. I can write B. that I can write C. I can write on D. what I can write on 417. She is lucky, ______ much she eats, she never gets fat. A. whatever B. however C. whoever D. whenever 418. I liked ______ you said at the meeting very much. A. which B. what C. that D. than 419. Where is the book ______ I bought this morning? A. whose B. what C. that D. whom 420. ______ caused the accident, nobody knows. A. Which B. What C. That D. Whichever 421. ______ Id like most is a home computer. A. That B. Which C. What 422. Sergeant Brown, ______ was very polite. A. whom I showed my license, B. which I showed my license to C. to what I showed my license D. who to I showed my license 423. Where is the man ______ I saw this morning? A. who B. this C. whose D. which 424. There is the driver ______ overtook us five minutes ago. A. whom B. whose C. which D. who 425. He is a man ______ falls a heavy responsibility. A. on his shoulders B. who C. whose shoulders D. on whom

409. Martins garage, ______ the car had been taken to, was not far away. A. what B. who C. whom D. where 410. The Olympic Games, ______ in 776 B.C., did not include women participants until 1912. A. who first played B. first played C. that they were first played D. they were first played 411. They gave me ______ I asked for. A. that B. what C. which D. when

D. Who

412. Theres the man ______ took your coat. A. which B. who C. D. whom 413. Its certain to be a good game, ______ wins. A. whichever B. whatever C. however D. whoever 414. The people in Canada were very friendly ______ we went. A. whatever B. however C. wherever D. when


426. What ______ A. effect does the speed of telling the joke have on its success or failure. B. does the speed of telling the joke effect have on its success or failure. C. effect does the speed of telling the joke have on its success or failure? D. does the speed of telling the joke effect have on its success or failure? 427. Why ______ A. you laughed at the last joke that you heard. B. did you laugh at the last joke that you heard. C. did you laugh at the last joke that you heard? D. you laughed at the last joke that you heard? 428. ______ they live in? A. Whos house do you say B. Whose house you say C. Whose house do D. Whos house do 429. ______ you wanted for your birthday? A. Which did you say B. Whose did you say C. What did you say D. What you said 430. What ______ A. the factors are that make a joke funny to someone? B. are the factors that make a joke funny to someone. C. are the factors that make a joke funny to someone? D. the factors are that make a joke funny to someone. 431. Why ______ go out for a meal tonight? A. we dont B. do C. dont we D. we

B. Call C. What you called D. How you called 434. ______ do you wish that you had married, then? A. Why B. Whose C. Which D. Who 435. Dont touch that ! Why ______? A. shouldnt I B. to keep it untouched C. not to touch it D. should I 436. Anns very unhappy. But ______ care?! A. why have I to B. why not to forget of the C. why should I D. how should I 437. Which ______ more the blue one or the gray one? A. did cost B. does cost C. costs D. have cost 438. How many people ______ in your office ? A. did work B. did use to work C. work D. do work 439. What most ______ help, your textbook or your dictionary? A. give you B. do you give C. does you give D. gives you 440. ______ do you think we should wait? A. How much B. How so far C. How long D. How many 441. ______ time to go to London this weekend ? A. Do you have got B. Have you got C. Do you have to D. Dont you have got

432. ______ today? A. Is William feeling some better B. Dont you think William is feeling some better C. Is William feeling any better D. Is William feeling something at all 433. ______ him, Andrey or Andrew? A. What did you call

442. It was a terrible party ______ A. Was it as terrible party? B. Was it so? C. Did it? D. Was it? 443. Ive never seen Ann. What ______? She is very pretty. A. is she doing B. is she C. does she do D. is she like 444. What ______? He is a writer. A. has Ben done C. is Ben doing 445. ______? Much better now. A. What does Helen do B. Who is Helen C. How is Helen getting on D. What is Helen 446. ______ are you looking after? A. Why B. How C. Where 447. What ______? Is he a writer? A. has Ben done C. is Ben doing D. Who

450. ______? Short, dark and cheerful-looking. A. Hows your sister B. How does she seem today C. What does your sister look like D. What is your sister 451. We know nothing of others and little of ourselves, ______? A. do we B. dont we C. isnt it D. are we 452. George cant have noticed it, ______? A. can he B. has he C. have he D. did he 453. We hardly know who invented the wheel, ______? A. didnt he B. did he C. dont we D. do we 454. Nothing can be changed, ______? A. cant it B. can it C. cannot it D. isnt it 455. Dont leave anything behind, ______? A. do you B. will you C. dont you D. can you 456. Lets have a drink, ______? A. shall we C. wont we B. shant we D. dont we

B. does Ben do D. Ben likes

B. does Ben do D. Ben likes D. What

448. ______ are those men laughing at? A. Why B. Where C. Whose 449. ______ Much better now. A. How your school is? B. Hows your school. C. What your school is like? D. How are you getting on at school?

457. Lets go to London next weekend, ______? A. wont we B. shall we C. dont we D. shall we not 458. Answer the phone for me, ______? A. dont you B. shall you C. do you D. will you 459. You dont happen to know how this computer works, ______? A. are you B. dont you C. do you D. isnt it


460. Dont drive too fast, ______? A. shall you C. will you

B. do you D. can you

472. Im causing you a lot of trouble, Doctor, ______? A. arent I B. am I C. am not I D. shall I 473. Catholics have to go to church on Sundays, ______? A. havent they B. hasnt they C. dont they D. shouldnt they 474. I neednt take the medicine, ______? A. do I B. need I C. neednt I 475. Richard's bought a new bike, ______? A. does he B. did he C. has he 476. ______ seems foggy today. A. Its B. There C. Its D. It D. dont I D. hasn't he

461. Let the jury consider their verdict, ______? the King said, for about the twentieth time that day. A. shall we B. will you C. can you D. dont you 462. Youre never happy, ______? A. are you C. werent you B. arent you D. wont you D. havent C. hasnt she D. isnt there D. am I D. isnt that D. is there D. has she

463. Nobody phoned, ______ they? A. didnt B. did not C. did 464. Cathys still got curly hair, ______? A. doesnt she B. does she 465. Thats the law, ______? A. is it B. isnt it 466. Im cooking tonight, ______? A. am not I B. isnt it 467. Nice day, ______? A. is it B. isnt it C. is that C. arent I C. is that

477. ______ must have been a lot of fog then. A. Their B. There C. It D. Its 478. ______ nothing much to do in this town. A. Theres B. Its not C. Theres not D. Its 479. Suddenly ______ a strange figure dressed all in black. A. there entered B. it entered C. where entered D. there come in 480. Do you think ______ snow? A. it is like to B. theres likely to C. there is likely to D. it is likely to 481. ______ drinks if you wait for a bit. A. It will be some B. There will be C. It will be any D. There are 482. ______ terrible everybodys got colds, and the central heating isnt working. A. Theres B. Its C. Its D. It has

468. Theres a light out there, ______? A. isnt it B. is it C. isnt there

469. You never say what youre thinking, ______ you? A. dont B. arent C. are D. do 470. Im looking better today, Doctor, ______ I? A. amnt B. am C. dont D. arent 471. You have to wear a tie at work, ______? A. do you B. havent you C. arent you D. dont you


483. ______ trouble when she gets his letter. A. It might be B. There might be C. There be D. Its 484. ______ nothing more to be done. A. It remains B. It doesnt remain C. There is D. There doesnt remain 485. ______ has been nothing in the newspaper about the accident. A. There not B. Their C. There D. This 486. ______ will be snow on high ground. A. Their B. Theres C. It D. There

495. ______ seems to be no time left. A. There B. It C. Their

D. Its

496. ______ is only one thing left to do now. A. There B. Their C. It D. This 497. Put a coat on, ______ a cold wind blowing outside. A. its B. theres C. theirs D. Its 498. ______ a hole in my sock. Give me another pair. A. Theres B. Its C. It is D. There was 499. ______ is hard to believe that Peter is already three years old. A. It B. Their C. There D. Here 500. I believe ______ be solved. A. there can C. there cant B. it can D. one can

487. If the police didnt close the road, ______ a bad accident. A. it could be B. it could occur C. it could happen D. there could be 488. In a small town in Germany ______ a poor shoemaker. A. it used to live B. it once would live C. it once lived D. there once lived 489. ______ might be rain later. A. It B. This C. There 490. Are ______ tigers in South America? A. there B. where C. their D. Its D. it

491. ______ no need to worry everything will be all right. A. Theres B. Its C. Theirs D. Its 492. ______ some beer in the fridge. A. Theres B. Its C. It has 493. Isnt ______ lovely here! A. that B. they C. it D. Theirs

D. there

494. ______ was somebody looking at her in the room. A. Where B. It C. There D. Their
63 64

Part 3

Progress Test

c) What is Jim d) How is Jim 10. Lets have a party, ______ we ? a) shall b) let c) let not 11. ______ some problems. a) There seems to be c) It seem to be d) will

1. Shes ______ mother of my best friend. a) a b) his c) that d) the 2. ______ you do, dont tell Harry that weve lost his camera. a) Anything b) What c) Whatever d) Its better 3. The fish is ______ the meat. a) as tasty as c) more tasty b) so tasty as d) most tasty

b) It seems to be d) There seem to be

12. If he had not been a film-star, he ______ the President of the US. a) wasnt b) could be c) wouldnt be d) wouldnt have become 13. Would you like ______ racing at the weekend? a) going b) to going c) go d) to go 14. Tom Sawyer was able to make ______ by pretending that the work was a specific privilege. a) his friends painting the fence b) his friends to paint the fence c) his friends paint the fence d) the fence paint his friends 15. Before photography ______ people had their pictures painted. a) had invented b) was inventing c) was invented d) inventing 16. On the day of our 25th wedding anniversary he told me that we ______ such a wonderful life together. I wished he were sincere. a) had had b) had c) have had d) were having 17. Rasputin ______ responsible for many of the ill-fated events that happened during the reign of Czar Nicholas II in Russia. a) believes to be b) was believed to have been c) they believed him to be d) was believing to be

4. ______ is no concern of mine. a) What will happen to Charlie b) What will they do with Charlie c) What to Charlie will happen d) What will Charlie do with them 5. In a few years, computers ______ think better than we do. a) can b) will be allowed to c) will be able to d) shall be able 6. Dont touch the book. It ______ to me. a) is belonging b) doesnt belong c) belonged d) is always belonging 7. I ______ with children before, so I know what to expect in my new job. a) have worked b) worked c) was worked d) work 8. Shes been floating on the air ______ the day of her engagement. a) since b) when c) for d) during 9. ______? Tall, good-looking, a bit shy. a) Whats Jim like b) How does he look today

18. Middle-aged people usually regret ______ some of the mistakes of their youth. But what is done is done forever. a) to commit b) the committing c) committing d) that committed 19. ______ I like is illegal, immoral or fattening. a) Whoever b) Whatever c) Whenever d) That 20. I ______ to buying green jeans and wearing them to work! a) used b) did not use c) used not d) am still not used

Part 4
1. B 11. C 21. D 31. D 41. B 51. C 61. D 71. A 81. C 91. C 101. B 111. B 121. C 131. B 141. D 151. A 161. C 171. B 181. A 191. C 201. B 211. B 221. A 231. B 241. C 251. C 261. D 271. C 281. A 291. D 301. C 311. B 321. D 331. D 341. A 351. D 361. B 371. D 381. B 391. B 401. C 2. D 12. B 22. A 32. D 42. D 52. D 62. C 72. D 82. D 92. C 102. D 112. C 122. D 132. B 142. A 152. B 162. C 172. D 182. C 192. B 202. C 212. B 222. C 232. A 242. B 252. D 262. C 272. B 282. D 292. C 302. B 312. B 322. D 332. D 342. C 352. A 362. C 372. D 382. B 392. A 402. B 3. B 13. B 23. B 33. B 43. C 53. B 63. A 73. B 83. A 93. C 103. C 113. C 123. C 133. C 143. C 153. A 163. B 173. B 183. A 193. B 203. C 213. D 223. D 233. B 243. D 253. B 263. C 273. B 283. D 293. C 303. A 313. B 323. A 333. B 343. C 353. C 363. A 373. B 383. D 393. B 403. A 4. D 14. B 24. A 34. B 44. D 54. B 64. D 74. C 84. D 94. D 104. C 114. A 124. B 134. A 144. D 154. D 164. A 174. B 184. C 194. B 204. C 214. C 224. C 234. C 244. A 254. C 264. C 274. D 284. C 294. D 304. A 314. D 324. A 334. B 344. B 354. B 364. B 374. A 384. D 394. A 404. D

Answer Keys
5. D 15. A 25. C 35. B 45. C 55. D 65. A 75. C 85. B 95. A 105. C 115. D 125. C 135. C 145. D 155. C 165. A 175. C 185. A 195. A 205. B 215. D 225. D 235. D 245. C 255. D 265. C 275. B 285. C 295. B 305. D 315. B 325. A 335. B 345. C 355. C 365. B 375. B 385. A 395. B 405. D 6. B 16. A 26. D 36. B 46. A 56. A 66. C 76. D 86. C 96. B 106. C 116. A 126. C 136. A 146. A 156. B 166. D 176. C 186. B 196. D 206. B 216. C 226. A 236. B 246. D 256. C 266. B 276. C 286. D 296. D 306. C 316. B 326. A 336. D 346. B 356. B 366. C 376. B 386. D 396. C 406. C 7. C 17. D 27. C 37. C 47. D 57. D 67. B 77. D 87. D 97. C 107. A 117. B 127. D 137. D 147. B 157. B 167. B 177. C 187. D 197. B 207. C 217. C 227. D 237. A 247. C 257. B 267. D 277. B 287. C 297. B 307. C 317. B 327. C 337. A 347. D 357. D 367. D 377. C 387. D 397. C 407. A 8. A 18. C 28. B 38. C 48. B 58. B 68. C 78. C 88. A 98. B 108. B 118. B 128. C 138. D 148. A 158. C 168. A 178. D 188. D 198. D 208. A 218. B 228. C 238. B 248. A 258. D 268. D 278. D 288. A 298. B 308. A 318. B 328. C 338. C 348. C 358. C 368. D 378. C 388. B 398. D 408. D 9. A 19. D 29. A 39. C 49. C 59. A 69. D 79. A 89. A 99. A 109. B 119. C 129. C 139. C 149. C 159. A 169. D 179. B 189. C 199. B 209. A 219. C 229. B 239. C 249. D 259. B 269. B 279. C 289. B 299. D 309. D 319. B 329. C 339. A 349. C 359. D 369. B 379. A 389. B 399. D 409. D 10. C 20. C 30. C 40. D 50. D 60. D 70. D 80. B 90. C 100. C 110. A 120. C 130. D 140. C 150. A 160. D 170. D 180. B 190. D 200. D 210. B 220. B 230. C 240. A 250. D 260. C 270. A 280. B 290. B 300. A 310. D 320. B 330. A 340. B 350. A 360. C 370. B 380. D 390. D 400. C 410. B



411. B 421. C 431. C 441. B 451. A 461. B 471. D 481. B 491. A

412. B 422. A 432. C 442. D 452. A 462. A 472. A 482. B 492. A

413. D 423. A 433. A 443. D 453. D 463. C 473. C 483. B 493. C

414. C 424. D 434. D 444. B 454. B 464. C 474. B 484. C 494. C

415. C 425. D 435. A 445. C 455. B 465. B 475. D 485. C 495. A

416. C 426. C 436. C 446. D 456. A 466. C 476. D 486. D 496. A

417. B 427. C 437. C 447. B 457. B 467. B 477. B 487. D 497. A

418. B 428. C 438. C 448. D 458. D 468. C 478. A 488. D 498. A

419. C 429. C 439. D 449. D 459. C 469. D 479. A 489. C 499. A

420. B 430. C 440. C 450. C 460. C 470. D 480. D 490. A 500. B


Answer Keys to the Diagnostic Test

1D 12 D 2C 13 B 3C 14 D 4C 15 C 5B 16 D 6B 17 D 7A 18 C 8B 19 D 9C 20 B 10 B 21 C 11 D

Test Your English Grammar Self-Study Guide

Answer Keys to the Progress Test

1D 11 D 2C 12 D 3A 13 D 4A 14 C 5C 15 C 6B 16 A 7A 17 B 8A 18 C 9A 19 B 10 A 20 D

.. .. 18.06.03. 6084 1/16. . . 4,4. .-. . 4,8. 350 . 395.

- 644077, . -77, . , 55,





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