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The Exemplary Husband Study Questions for Chapters Nine and Ten Chapter Nine: A Husbands Responsibility Leadership,

, Part 1 Your leadership as a husband is a mandate from God, and as such is a privilege and a responsibility. Christs way of leading is very different form worldly leadership and the fleshly leadership that comes so naturally. While poor leadership is the cause of many conflicts in marriage, good leadership can help bring peace and direction into marriage. We can learn all we need to know about how to be Gods kind of leaders in the home by looking at Christs perfect example in Scripture. 1. What is the critical difference between natural leadership and spiritual leadership? Hint: what is the focus of each type?

2. While God has given authority to husbands within the functional roles of marriage, in what ways can you think of in which that authority restricted?

3. In your own words, explain what it means to lord your leadership over your wife. In what ways have you been guilty of doing this to your wife?

4. In what ways have you let your wife take leadership in your home? How do you need to begin to reassume your God-given role of leader? What needs to be a part of that conversation with your wife and how should you go about having that conversation?

Chapter Ten: A Husbands Responsibility Leadership Part 2 The fear of decision-making seems to be one of the biggest reasons husbands are reluctant to lead. A husband may have a struggle with fear of failure, the fear of rejection, or the fear of the unknown. For many, decision-making is a very confusing and frustrating process that they would rather just ignore. This is a topic that has been extremely muddied by mans opinion and practices. Evenin the Christian community, husbands are receiving the wrong information about decision-making. The problem is caused by an overall lack of biblical thinking and discernment. Discernment is the ability or commitment to evaluate all ideas and practices by the objective truth of God (Proverbs 2:1-13; Philippians 1:9-11).

1. From your present understanding, what would you list as biblical goals a husband should have as the leader of his family? How are you attempting to specifically apply these goals to your home and marriage relationship?

2. Think of an area in which your wife is struggling and in which you should be leading her better. What would be helpful for you to do in growing in this area of leadership?

3. How would you give counsel in how a man with an unsaved wife should lead her?

4. What is the most recent decision you have made based upon subjective feelings rather than a clear biblical principle? How do we know when feelings are leading us correctly?