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Introduction 1. Indian Army intends to outsource overhaul of Tank T-72 M1 and Infantry Combat Vehicle BMP-II to a capable vendor from Indian public / private sector. Presently, the Indian Army is carrying out overhaul of its armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) through its army base workshops (ABWs) as well as ordnance factories (Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi and Ordnance Factory Project, Medak). HVF Avadi and OFP, Medak are manufacturing these tanks/ ICVs and their variants under licensed production. Brief technical features of 2. Brief Details on Tank T-72M1 & ICV BMP-II/IIK Tank T-72 M1 and ICV BMP-II/IIK can be easily downloaded from internet from the http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/russia/t-72.htm and websites http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/india/sarath.htm respectively. 3. Maintenance Philosophy of AFVs Life cycle maintenance philosophy of AFVs in Indian Army can be broadly divided into three categories. These are as under:Carried out by light repair/ field repair / armoured (a) Field Repairs. workshops deployed in field formations. (b) Medium Repair (MR). Extensive maintenance, repair and change of certain major unit assemblies (MUAs) carried out at Corps Zone Workshops. Medium repairs are carried out three times during entire life cycle of an AFV. The periodicity of three MRs is dovetailed with the periodicity of base overhaul to ensure operational reliability of the AFV deployed in field. (c) Base Overhaul (BOH). Complete stripping, extensive repair and rebuild including fitment of new/ overhauled MUAs carried out after 15 to 16 yrs of equipment usage. Base overhaul involves restoration of equipment to as good as new, rendering a fresh lease of life for enhanced serviceability and operational reliability for residual life of an AFV.

Base Overhaul of Tk T-72 & ICV BMP-II/ IIK 4. Concept of Base Overhaul. Base overhaul of an AFV involves major replacement/ repair/ reclamation effort for each system / subsystem/ major unit assemblies/ component. While certain major unit assemblies are replaced with new

ones, other assemblies are either repaired or reclaimed. The decision to replace or repair a particular assembly/ sub assembly is based on manufacturers recommendations, criticality, wear and tear, cost of repair vs replacement and availability of spares. Similarly, decision regarding level of repairs in each subsystem down to assembly/sub assembly/ component is also guided by factors such as OEMs recommendation, cost, available expertise, time taken to repair, criticality and failure pattern. The bill of material for overhaul of each system/ sub system/ assembly/ component is formulated during the first/pilot overhaul of a limited number of equipment. The bill of material/ scale for provisioning of assemblies/ sub assemblies/ spares for further overhaul of equipment is prepared after pilot overhaul and termed as overhaul scale. Each assembly/ sub assembly/ component is thus provisioned as per scaled percentage to cater for yearly overhaul targets. The facilities required for carrying out overhaul have the following ingredients:(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Plant, machinery and requisite civil infrastructure. Standard and non standard test equipment. Tools including special maintenance tools. Spares including assemblies/ sub assemblies. Training of manpower. Technical literature including process documents. systems/

Major 5. Major Systems/ Subsystems to be Overhauled. subsystems overhauled in respect of tank T-72 M1 are as under:(a) (b) (c) Engine assembly.

Transmission system to include main, auxiliary and side gear boxes. Suspension and Steering systems

(d) Armament to include 125 mm smooth barrel main gun 7.62 mm machine gun coaxial with main gun and anti-aircraft machine gun 12.7 mm (e) (f) Optical sights for Commander, Gunner and Driver. Stablization system, Gun and Fire Control system.

(g) (g) (h)

Communication system & tank electronics. Instruments including navigation system. Protection system including fixing of ERA panels.

6. Existing in-house Facilities for Overhaul. Facilities for overhaul of Tank T-72 were established in 1994 at HVF Avadi being the OEM. In order to enhance the annual overhaul capacity, parallel facilities for overhaul were also created at 505 Army Base Workshop in 2005. Similarly facilities for overhaul of ICV BMP-II/IIK also exist at 512 Army Base Workshop and Ordnance Factory Medak. Ministry of Defence is now considering to further enhance the overall capacity to overhaul these AFVs utilizing expertise available with capable Indian public / private industry. Indian army is considering possibility of outsourcing overhaul of Tank T-72 M1 and ICV BMP-II/IIK at the scale of 20 during first year, to be enhanced to 30 during second year and thereafter 50 tanks with effect from third year. These facilities are required to be established somewhere in North India due to the major concentration of these AFVs in north as also their proximity to field units. Information Required 7. The following information is invited from capable Indian vendors:(a) Is the vendor willing to undertake overhaul of Tank T-72 M1 and/or ICV BMP-II/IIK in India? Vendor to submit company profile as per format attached at Appendix. (b) What is the expertise/domain knowledge available with the vendor in undertaking overhaul of these AFVs with regard to each system/ subsystem indicated at para 5 above? (c) How does the vendor plan to organize trained manpower for the overhaul?

(d) Is the vendor proposing to undertake the overhaul of Tk T-72 and/or ICV BMP-II as a Greenfield project? If yes, what are the implementation phases, and time plan? (e) Is the vendor ready to collaborate with Army Workshops in undertaking overhaul as part of Army Industry partnership? If yes then what would be the proposed model for this collaboration?

(f) Is the vendor proposing to undertake the overhaul in collaboration with a foreign and or Indian vendor? If yes, details of such collaboration and capability of foreign and or Indian vendor? (g) What is the proposed methodology for undertaking overhaul by the vendor? (h) What is the annual capacity of undertaking overhaul by the vendor and what is the proposed timeline for starting the overhaul? (j) How is the vendor planning to provision spares for overhaul of Tk T-72 and/or ICV BMP-II/IIK? (k) What is the vendors approach in carrying out a pilot overhaul? Is the vendor prepared to undertake pilot overhaul on NCNC basis? (l) Is the vendor ready to establish the overhaul facility in north India to carry out the subject overhaul? (m) What is the vendors plan on warranty repairs and customer support after overhaul of tanks/ ICVs? 8. Prior to submitting the proposal, vendors request to visit 505/512 Army Base Workshops and HVF Avadi to assess facilities required to carry out overhaul, can be considered on case to case basis. 9. Response to RFI be communicated latest by 15 Feb 2010 as under:(a) Dir EME (Prod) Dte Gen of EME, MGO Branch Integrated HQ of MoD (Army) DHQ PO, New Delhi 110 011 Tele: 23019341 Fax No 0091-1123019342


Appendix (refers to para 7(a) of RFI)


Ser No

Nomenclature of Equipment Overhauled

Country /Organisation

Annual Quantity of Equipment Overhauled


Annual Turnover of the Company (Rs Crore)